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Chapter 221

I just turned off the phone and pretended that I hadn’t seen it.

Back downstairs at Jiang Rhodes’s house, I was afraid she would ask me, so I bought some fruits and prepared to go upstairs.

As soon as I arrived in the corridor, I saw a person standing at the elevator entrance playing with a mobile phone.


I carefully confirmed that it was really Ziyi’an.

He saw me, his eyes lit up, “Oh, sister-in-law, you are out, great, you take me in?”

“Don’t call my sister-in-law, I have nothing to do with him. If you want to call your sister-in-law, just call Lanquan.” After I said this, I said, “I can’t do the thing about bringing you in. Now, this is not my home.”

“Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, how can I, my eldest brother and Lan Quan, that are really childhood sweethearts.” Although Ziyi’an is older than me, I am not embarrassed to call my elder sister-in-law, “Really, my elder brother is the only one in my heart. He told me this time!”

Originally, I was ready to press the elevator.

Hearing what Ziyi’an said, he retracted his hand and looked at him.

The man saw that I stopped and continued, “Really, that time I went to drink with my eldest brother, and he drank too much, so he told me, for the rest of his life, if he will get married, he must be you.”

Looking at Ziyi’an, I couldn’t say that it was complicated.

But I soon realized that this was a lie he took him to meet Jiang Rhodes to deceive me. I barely curled my lips and smiled, “Next time Mr. Yi lied, first do his homework. Mr. White only refused me a few days ago. Marriage proposal.”

“Huh?” Ziyi’an looked surprised.

At this time, the elevator reached the first floor because there was someone coming down from above, and the door opened.

A woman came out.

I stepped up, Ziyi’an wanted to come up, and I took him outside the door, “Mr. Yi, you should understand Jiang Rhodes, you will only make Jiang Rhodes even more angry.”

After listening to what I said, Ziyi’an stopped the steps he had planned to enter.

Standing at the door watching the elevator door close, there was no further action.

When I got home, Jiang Rhodes was doing yoga in the living room. I told her about seeing Ziyi’an. The woman just rolled her eyes and said, “He just called me, and I didn’t answer it.”

During the day, Jiang Rhodes is going to train.

When I was at home, thinking of Ziyi’an’s words made me unable to calm down at all. When I found out Yin Shijie’s phone number, I hesitated…

Even if it is to make yourself give up!

I was cruel, put on makeup very carefully, completely covered the scars on my nose, still put on a mask, and went to the movie theater.

In order to pretend it was a chance encounter, I bought the latest cartoon in other halls online in advance.

When I entered the cinema, I didn’t rush to check the tickets, but waited by the side, because it was daytime and there were not many people in the cinema.

I waited for a while, their movie was about to begin, and Norven White and Lan Quan did not come.


When I was a little skeptical, I heard someone next to me say, “Look, that man is so handsome.”

I looked in the direction of the finger of the person beside me.

Sure enough, I saw Norven White.

The man is wearing casual clothes today, and Lan Quan next to him is dressed in aqua blue sweater, and his white coat hangs on Norven White’s arm.

Two people came side by side.

It looks so dazzling to me.

“Miss Rhodes?”

When I looked at them, Lan Quan found me unexpectedly.

Take the initiative to say hello to me.

Norven White’s gaze also looked at me, slightly moved, cold and terrifying, and seemed a little angry.

For a while, I was at a loss.

When the two came to me, Lan Quan asked me naturally, “Miss Rhodes, are you also watching the movie?”

“Hmm…” I raised the ticket in my hand awkwardly, and grinned reluctantly, “I’m bored by myself, and I don’t go to work, just watch a movie…”

“Oh.” Lan Quan’s gaze stayed on my movie ticket, “Miss Rhodes is a cartoon. I didn’t expect Miss Rhodes to be such a childlike person.”

“In our business, we must understand everything.”

I explained.

Lan Quan heard it and said with a smile, “Have Miss Rhodes ever watched this “Yu Ai” movie, we are a private room, if you don’t want to watch this, you can also come to see us.”

“I’m making a reservation for you.”

Before I spoke, Norven White on the side spoke first.

In a word, it felt like a sharp knife slammed into my heart, so it hurt, and even breathing became a little difficult.

I smiled wryly, “Yes, Mr. White will book the venue for Miss Lan. It’s okay for me to be a light bulb.”

“No, we…”

“It’s okay, I’m starting this, I’m going in first.”

I said that I interrupted Lanquan impolitely and went straight into the cinema.

The entertainment effect of cartoons on TV didn’t amuse me at all, and Norven White’s words circled in my heart.

It hurts my heart again and again as if it is thorny.

Finally got to the end of the movie.

I came out alone, afraid of meeting them again, so I took a taxi and left.

Sitting in the car, I asked myself over and over again.

Jia Rhodes, did you wake up from the dream?

Time to wake up.

The prince is a princess, even Cinderella is the daughter of the Duke.

Is there any real Cinderella in the world?

If I want to completely draw a line between Norven White and Lan Quan, I must talk about the house.

The next day, I found a time, called Lan Quan, and asked her to meet.

As far as I know, although Lanquan has several clothing brands and supermarket chains under his hands, they are also taken care of by special personnel. She doesn’t have to worry about it, she has a lot of time.

As soon as I said, she agreed.

We made an appointment at a coffee shop near [Flipvilla No. 1].

When I saw her, I didn’t want to make a roundabout way, so I just said what I came for.

After hearing that I said I was going to buy the house, Lan Quan looked down slightly and was silent for a while before saying, “In fact, this is the case. My friend has recently returned to China and has already moved in two days ago. If you gave me the Say, I can find again…”

“Sorry, I know my request is unreasonable, but my grandma left this house to me, and I really look like I brought him back.”

I looked at Lan Quan, her expression was very embarrassed.

However, after listening to me, she hesitated for a while, and said, “Well, I’ll call him and ask.”

As Lan Quan spoke, he took out his mobile phone from his bag to make a call.

After listening to her telling the person on the phone about my situation, I kept saying, “Thank you.”

It should be done.

After all, in my opinion, Lanquan is a reasonable person, and her friends are not bad.

After hanging up the phone, Lan Quan said, “He said yes, but he needs to find a new house recently. It may take a month.”

“Yes, thank you so much!” Don’t talk about it for a month, it’s okay for two months. After that, I asked Lanquan again, “Then, the price…”

“Just the original price.”

After hearing Lan Quan’s words, I knelt down with excitement.

To be honest, if she raises the price more, I might not be able to spend that much.

After discussing the house affairs, Lan Quan looked at me and said, “Miss Rhodes, don’t you hate me?”

Chapter 222

When Lan Quan asked this question, his eyes looked at me with a feeling of sadness.

I froze for a moment, “Hate you?”

“Yeah.” Lan Quan looked sorry, “I know about you and Norven. You were together before and later separated, and the family arranged for me to marry him.”

“What does this have to do with you.”

I lowered my head, took a sip of the coffee in front of me, thought about it, and asked her, “How did Norven White tell you about me and him.”

“Are you?”


I nodded and looked at Lanquan seriously.

Lan Quan nodded slightly, “He, he said that he was with you and your sister. It was the grandfather’s intention.” At this point, Lan Quan didn’t seem to have a good expression on my face, so he explained immediately, “but he said, You are different from your sister. You are very nice and kind, so he has been reluctant to hurt you…”

“Reluctant to hurt me?”

Hearing this sentence, I even thought it was a little ridiculous!

It was obvious that I wanted to escape again and again, but Norven White found me again and again and stayed with him.

Then hurt me again and again.

“Miss Rhodes, please don’t misunderstand Norven White. Norven White is a very good person. He is really reluctant to hurt you, including your disfigurement. He also blames himself, so he has never had the heart to tell you about me and him. .”

Lan Quan looked at me with real eyes.

In order to make myself more reluctant, I asked Lan Quan, “Then Miss Lan is going to marry him?”

“Hmm…” Lan Quan took the bag on the side, took out a pink and white delicate card from it and handed it to me, “Actually, Norven knows that I’m coming to see you today, so let me find a chance to give this to you.”

I looked down. It was a wedding invitation.

Photos of Norven White and Lan Quan were posted on it.

“Ah…” At that moment, my heart seemed to be firmly grasped by a hand.

In order not to let the tears fall, I bit my lip firmly and pinched the palm of my hand with my nails.

Can’t cry.

Can’t cry!

Can’t cry! !

I kept telling myself.

After trying to control my emotions, I reluctantly said, “Congratulations.”

“Miss Rhodes, I know you are sad, I’m sorry.” Lan Quan took out a piece of paper and handed it to me, “I have known Norven White for so many years. In fact, more of them are like relatives, but family members let us marry us. It can’t be violated.”

“Well, I know, it’s okay.”


Lan Quan looked at me sorry.

My hand clung to the invitation, but I didn’t even have the courage to open it. I couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Lan Quan, no matter what your relationship is with White, don’t you mind if I exist?”

“Me?” Lan Quan was taken aback, and then laughed, “It’s fake to say if I don’t mind, no matter what, how can I not mind that my future husband has another person in his heart?”

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t have me in his heart.”

I said sourly.

“Why? You have been together for so long, how can you be without you.” Lan Quan looked down and took a sip of the coffee in front of him, “I said he didn’t want to hurt you. In fact, I understand that he just can’t let you go.”

“In this way, it is unfair to both of us, and even more unfair to you by comparison.”

I suddenly felt that Lanquan was more pitiful than me.

I may never have anything to do with Norven White in my future life, so I can keep him in my heart.

And Lanquan wants to be with him forever.

If I change positions, I can’t stand it either.

Lanquan listened to my words and smiled, “No way, as the daughter of the Lan family, this is my mission. I don’t get everything for nothing.”

At this point, Lanquan’s cell phone rang.

She answered the phone and said, “I have coffee with Jia Rhodes, um, it was given to her, and she accepted it, saying congratulations to us.”

Is it Norven White?

Lan Quan hung up the phone, looked at me sorry and said, “Norven has come to pick me up, I’m leaving now.”

“Well, goodbye, Miss Lan, I wish you happiness.”

That day, after Lanquan left, I sat in the cafe for a long time.

I just sat like this, tears falling unconsciously.

I know, this time separation is permanent, right?

There will no longer be any connection as before.

It was getting late, and I was urged to leave by the waiter.

I took the invitation, opened it, and saw the day written on it.

January 16, just over a month later.

That day was Norven White’s 30th birthday. Before, I thought about how to spend this special birthday for Norven White.

It now appears that everything is redundant.

When I returned home, Jiang Rhodes and himself cooked the noodles and ate them. Seeing me, he raised the noodles on the chopsticks and asked, “Eat it? It tastes like vine pepper, it feels like an electric shock.”

“Not hungry.”

I am really not hungry.

Jiang Rhodes ate for a while, and saw me sitting on the sofa unconscious, and came over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Norven White is getting married.”


Jiang Rhodes’s voice was loud as if he was about to lift the roof.

“Well, it was on his birthday.” I said, taking out the invitation from my bag and showing it to Jiang Rhodes.

“This is Norven White’s childhood sweetheart. He looks like a heart-wrenching look. It must be no good for Norven White to marry her.” Jiang Rhodes comforted me, “This grandson is blind. Well, some are good to queue up to marry you.”

“Well, I will look for another consultation in a few days.”

Plastic surgery is something that must be done, and my face must be restored before I can enter society again.

Norven White married Lanquan, right in line.

very good.

Well, it’s good.

I just don’t know why, my heart aches at the thought of this, and the jealousy that shouldn’t be there can’t be suppressed.

Maybe, what I need is to make a proper break with him.

Thinking of this, I found the phone in my bag and turned out Norven White’s number.

I sent a message [Mr. White, I have something to tell you. 】

It’s been a long, long time.

None of the men responded, I guess Norven White must have blacked me out.

I casually ate instant noodles, removed makeup, and went to bed.

When I was lying on the bed and was going to sleep in a daze–

“I can stand behind you, sleepwalking like a shadow chasing the light…”

I picked up the phone, put it in my ear, and said chaotically, “Hey.”

“it’s me.”

Norven White’s voice came from the phone, a little hoarse.

Obviously I haven’t listened to it for a while, but I feel like I haven’t listened to it for a century!

I woke up in an instant, glanced at the name on the phone, confirmed that it was him, and said, “White, Norven White.”

“Well, don’t you have something to tell me? Go ahead.”

Norven White’s voice was faint and indifferent. I don’t know what his mood is at the moment.

Is it irritability or joy?

But these are not important anymore.

My hand squeezed the phone tightly and said firmly, “Let’s meet, one last time, I hope you can officially reject me, and then tell me that you are getting married, and I will also wish you a happy new marriage in person, and say, never see again. Up.

good or not? “

Chapter 223

When I finished speaking, there was only silence on the phone.

a long time.

I finally heard the man say in a slightly hoarse voice, “Ok, you come to my office at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.”


In the final analysis, it was an office place. It turned out that meeting me was now an official business in Norven White’s view.

My heart is hard to accept, but what can I do if I don’t accept it?

I promised, “Well, tomorrow morning at ten o’clock, I will be there on time.”

Early the next morning, Jiang Rhodes went to the company for training, and I got up to put on makeup.

This may be the longest time I have put on makeup. I covered the scars on my face tightly, and then used shadows and brightening methods to make my face look less embarrassed.

After all, it is the last side.

I picked a long beige sweater from the closet, with boots on the bottom, and a jacket of the same color on the outside.

Standing in front of the mirror, the whole person looks very young and beautiful.

Without removing the mask.

I specially put on the newly bought cartoon cat face mask, which can be considered as a perfect cover for my defects.

I left at half past nine, and I arrived at Qingtian downstairs on time at ten.

When I arrived at Qingtian’s lobby, before I reached the front desk, I saw Ye Ze walking towards me, then stopped one meter away from me, and said respectfully, “Miss Rhodes, President White is waiting for you there. “

I followed Ye Ze to the elevator.

Because of my trust in Ye Ze, I asked, “Do you know when he was engaged to Lan Quan?”

“This…I don’t know about Mr. White’s private affairs.” Ye Ze replied. He paused and said a little apologetically, “Miss Rhodes, I have also asked Mr. White for you on this matter, but he is very Reprimanded me severely.”

“Thank you.”

I am Xie Yeze to help me speak.

In a blink of an eye, the elevator reached the top floor.

The elevator doors opened and the entire top floor was empty. The place where Amanda sat before was empty.

Ye Ze took me to Norven White’s office and left.

I pushed the door in.

The office remained the same. Norven White was sitting at the large desk, looking at some documents in his hand.

Seeing me coming in, he raised his eyes slightly, but there was no extra expression on his face, he just said, “Don’t you have something to tell me? Speak.”

The expression is full of alienation.

It was as if he was not talking to a woman with whom he had a relationship, but to a subordinate.

Norven White’s alienation made me a little uncomfortable, and I didn’t even know how to speak for a while.

Norven White’s eyes have been on the file.

He waited for a while, and when he saw that I didn’t speak, he put down the file on his hand, and said with a slight impatient expression, “I’m very busy. If there is nothing to say, let’s go.”

I looked at him in a daze.

Is this Norven White?

This man seemed to be just another person with the same face and body as Norven White.

The Norven White I know, at least not long ago, he would care about me, love me, and talk to me tenderly.

Oh, I still remember when he gave me barrier pills, I said he was crazy.

He said, “I will be crazy if you die.”

At that moment, the care in the man’s eyes still lingered in my mind.

How long has this been, and why has it become like this?

I had a lot of words, but I couldn’t say it in my throat. I struggled for a long time before asking, “When did you and Lan Quan decide to get married?”

“It’s been almost half a year.”

Norven White answered.

I was stunned, “More than half a year?!” His answer really made me laugh, and I looked at him incredulously, “Since you have set it for more than half a year, why do you still do those useless things?!”

“Why do you say to chase me again? Why do you treat me well?!”

“Why did you find me back from abroad? Why did you go crazy if I died?!”

“Why did you let me live in [The Most Aristocratic Family]? Why did you put on a long-lasting appearance with me?!”

One by one, like the frustration in my heart, thrown out one by one!

After listening to Norven White, his expression remained the same.

It’s as if I’m talking about something he doesn’t want to do safely.

I lowered my head and thought for a while, then said, “Before I get married, it is impossible to live with Lanquan, and you are more addicted to sleeping.”

“It turns out that I am a bed partner, am I?!”

“you can say so.”

Norven White’s words made my heartache terribly.

But I know I can’t cry, I can’t show weakness in front of him!

My nails were pinched into the flesh, and after trying hard for a long time, I walked to the man’s desk, “Norven White, you tell me now that you are telling the truth, you have nothing to hide! If you tell half a lie , It’s just a thunderstorm and you won’t die!”

After all, it is still unwilling.

“Okay, I swear.” Norven White raised his head and looked at me plainly, “If I say half a lie, I will be thundered and killed.”

“Norven White, Norven White, why are you so cruel! It’s so fun to lie to me!” After listening to the man, tears finally fell uncontrollably, and I looked at him, “What’s more terrifying is that you are still good Actor, turn my tricks around, give me what I tricked and give you willingly!”

Before, I always felt that I didn’t like to cry.

But at this moment, I realized that being bullied when I was a child was nothing but physical pain, but now that I feel distressed, it is really painful! !

My tears fell on the paper in front of the man.

Norven White frowned slightly, pushed the document aside, and pointed to the space in front of him and said, “If you don’t mind, I can do it again. After today, let’s not owe the two.”

Do it again?

When I saw the man saying this, the eyes in his eyes had become gentle.

Let me indulge for the last time.

My heart has made a decision for me. I walked up to the man, no longer suppressed my emotions, and threw into the man’s arms, tears falling down.

The man’s big palm fell on my back and patted gently.

Nothing was said.

I cried for a long time, talking to myself, “Norven White, if I can choose, I will definitely not love you, I would rather never meet you.”


The man’s voice is very gentle.

“I have a secret, a secret I haven’t told you.”


I didn’t answer him directly, but said, “I didn’t tell you this secret at first because I wanted to leave you. I’m afraid I said, you won’t let me go, but at this moment I really want to leave you. , I want to tell you.”

“Okay, you say.”

Norven White’s voice was very gentle.

It’s as if we have never had a rift, as if we have always been the same.

Chapter 224

I looked up and looked at Norven White. The man’s eyes were as gentle as before.

There was a small smile on the corner of his mouth.

When you look at me, it’s as if there is only me in the world.

But I know clearly that these will not belong to me soon.

I looked at him and asked first, “Do you want me to attend your wedding?”

“I respect your choice, but my wedding is on the island. I need to take a boat. It may be a bit hard.” Norven White replied.

So gentle.

So considerate of me.

But why does my heart hurt so much.

I looked at him and smiled bitterly, “Your acting skills are really good. At this moment, I think you are telling the truth.”

“I’m telling the truth.”

Norven White said seriously.

There seemed to be some determination in his expression.

The man sat down and pulled me on his lap. I put my hands around his neck and frowned slightly, “I really hope that everything is just as I guessed it.”

“What are you guessing?”

“You really love me. You have enemies. You are afraid that they will hurt me, so you choose to alienate me.”

At this time, I spoke out all my naive imaginations.

The man raised his hand and patted the hair on the top of my head, “Maybe this is the case.”

“Don’t lie to me.” I shook my head, “Think about it carefully, you never said that you love me, only I express my feelings blindly…”

“Then I’ll say it now.” The man’s hand was slightly hard, and he pulled me close to him, with his thin lips pressed against my ear, and said, “I love you.”

At that second, the tears that I had already stopped burst again.

One drop fell like a broken string, and it couldn’t stop at all.

I pushed the man away, wiping my tears, and said, “Stop playing, stop playing, I can’t afford to play, I will take it seriously.”

This will only make me more painful.

But the man didn’t intend to stop, he put his arms around me, put one hand on the back of my head, and k!ssed my tears with his thin lips.

I heard him say, “Don’t cry, I will be sad when I see you cry.”

Hearing him say, I cried harder.

The man k!ssed away my tears a little bit, and finally, thin lips fell on my lips, the strong smell of tobacco mixed with the unique breath of men, aggressively invading.

At this moment, I have no resistance to him at all.

Just an instinctive response.

I could feel that something changed little by little where I was sitting, and soon I heard the man unbuckle his belt.

“No way.”

No way!

I know it won’t work!

“Give me, one last time, we will do it well.”

The man clasped one hand on my waist and unfastened the breast button on my back in one fell swoop…

the last time?

Let me indulge once, okay.

Although I know, sorry Lanquan, but…

That day, Norven White and I went from the office to the lounge, from the sun rising, and at sunset, I fell asleep in the arms of a man.

When he woke up again, he was woken up by Jiang Rhodes’s call.

She asked where I was.

Looking at the empty side of the double bed I was lying on, I felt as if I had an unreal dream.

I replied, “I’m outside, and I’ll be back later.”

After hanging up the phone, I sat up from the bed, with a somewhat uncoordinated lower body reminding me that things really happened during the day.

I saw a new suit on the sofa.

Norven White always does this, always preparing everything for me.

It must be the last time.

I changed my clothes and went out, only to find that Norven White had not left, he was standing in front of the huge French window, smoking a cigarette.

Looking down, the man’s feet are full of cigarette butts.

Probably counted, there seems to be more than twenty.

Could it be that he just stood here smoking?

I looked at the man’s side face like a sword, and there seemed to be inevitable sadness in his deep eyes.

The light on the opposite floor was on, shining in through the glass, as if coating the man with light.

So pretty.

Norven White is really good-looking. In my eyes, there may not be a better-looking man than him.

More importantly, he used to be so gentle and so good to me…

It’s a pity that after today, everything is gone.

“Wake up?” I stood there for two minutes before Norven White found me out.

When the man spoke, the indifference between his eyebrows had returned to the morning.

Seeing me, it seemed to look at an unrelated person.

I looked at him nerdy, unable to adapt to his change at all, and said, “Well, wake up, I will go now.”

With that said, I took my bag and walked out.

A man’s voice came from behind, “What is your secret?”

Does he remember?

I looked at him, hesitated for a moment, and said, “I will write a note and put it in the wedding gift money. Since President White is playing around with applause, I only hope that you will feel guilty after seeing this. Live for a while.”

I don’t want it for a lifetime.

As long as I feel guilty for a while, then I feel my victory.

I walked out of the Sky Tower, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

There are very few cars outside.

Instead of taking a taxi, I walked home.

I need to calm down, I need to switch, Norven White’s reaction just now makes me wonder how his acting skills are so good.

Is the expression management of successful people very good?

I just walked to the intersection and saw a white car parked there.

Lan Quan got off the car.

I saw her panicked and pulled her collar subconsciously.

When Lan Quan saw me, he didn’t seem to notice anything unusual, and greeted me as usual, “Miss Rhodes, where are you going? Can’t you get in the car? Do you need me to see you?”

“Ah.” I looked at her, feeling very guilty in my heart, and said embarrassingly, “No, I just take a walk.”

With that said, he wanted to leave quickly.

But Lan Quan suddenly ran over, “By the way, Miss Rhodes, since I met you, I won’t call.”


I looked at her.

With a small smile on Lan Quan’s face, he said, “My friend said he has found a suitable house and moves the day after tomorrow. You just need to find time to go through the house transfer procedures with me and return the money to me. it is good.”

“So fast?” I was a little surprised.

“Well, you said that it was a gift from your grandma. Now that your grandma has passed away, I know this house is very important to you, so I urged him. Now as long as you have money, a rental house is easy to find.”

Lanquan explained it to me with a smile.

With her, I feel even more guilty in my heart, and feel that I have done something very shameless.

At this moment, I made up my mind and said to Lan Quan, “Okay, thank you, Miss Lan, I wish you and President White happiness, I think I will leave Flipvilla in a while.”

“Actually, you don’t have to leave.” Lan Quan said halfway, his eyes moved from my face to my back, raised his hand to face behind me and said, “Norven, are you off work?”

Chapter 225

I quickly turned back and saw Norven White standing behind me.

Seeing him, I panicked. I was afraid of what he said, so I hurriedly said to Lan Quan, “Then I will go first.”

After speaking, leave quickly.

Before I left far, I heard Norven White ask Lan Quan, “What are you talking about?”

“Miss Rhodes said she will leave Flipvilla in a while.”

Lan Quan replied.

What does Norven White think when I know I am leaving?

I do not know.

But this is not important anymore.

The important thing is that I don’t intervene in them anymore.

I walked home alone, and as soon as I entered the house, Jiang Rhodes was eating instant noodles again.

She saw me, raised her nose and sniffed, “Where have you been? Why is the smell of smoke so strong?”

“Is there?” I grabbed my clothes and smelled it.

Only a little bit.

“Yes, as a flight attendant, I am most sensitive to the smell of smoke.” Jiang Rhodes stood up, walked to my side, and sniffed it carefully, “You are still a good smoke, did you go to see Norven White?”


“You lie!” Jiang Rhodes asked, “Don’t lie to me, you must have gone to see him, so what did you do with him?”

“I…” I looked at Jiang Rhodes, and there was nowhere to say anything. I couldn’t help but said, “Norven White is going to marry Lan Quan, just on Norven White’s 30th birthday. “

“What?!” Jiang Rhodes was also stunned, “Damn it? So fast?!”

“Yeah.” I laughed at myself, “I think it’s fast too, but I asked, it turns out they have booked for more than half a year…”

“Then he still harass you?”

“He said I was addicted to sleeping.”

My words directly ignited Jiang Rhodes’s anger, and he reached out to grab the coat on one side, “What did this grandson say?! Damn, I’ll kill him!”

“Don’t!” I pulled Jiang Rhodes, “Forget it, the past things, I also need a new start, and if I get entangled with him, then I can’t do it again.”

I need a new life.

Need to start a life without Norven White.

“…Oh, yes, you must live well! Make him regret his death!”

Apart from saying this, Jiang Rhodes may not know how to comfort me anymore.

I went back to the room, looked at the watercolor paper piled in the corner, took out one, stuck it on the drawing board, took out the solid watercolor, and started painting.

I started to realize that the appearance of Norven White standing in front of the window smoking a cigarette just now was deeply imprinted in my mind.

Every ray of light, every color.

I remember it clearly.

As long as you write a pen, you can paint without thinking.

When I finish painting.

Looking at this painting, tears fell again.

Norven White, we are really over.

Please don’t harass me again.

I put the drawing board in the room backwards, took out the phone, and blacked out the man’s number.


everything is over.

The next day, Lan Quan contacted me to go through the house transfer procedures, and I went to the bank to transfer the money to her.

From this day of contact, I feel more and more that Lan Quan is really suitable for Norven White.

She speaks softly, decently, and is very considerate of her.

Why am I not reconciled to such a woman staying beside Norven White?

One day later, when Blue Spring’s friend moved.

Notify me to pick up the key.

This is the first time I have seen this man living in this house.

He seems to be younger than me, wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt, slacks, and sneakers, with a youthful look on his face.

He saw me and ran over and said, “Lan Quan said he asked me to wear a mask, so he recognized you at a glance.”

With that, he handed me a small bag in his hand.

I took a look. Inside were keys, electrical cards, and the like.

Whispered, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The man smiled, “I heard her tell you about your situation, so I vacated the house for you as soon as possible. I didn’t live for a few days in total. Yesterday I asked for housekeeping to clean it up. Don’t worry. .”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t just say thank you.” The man stretched out his hand, “My name is Shimo, don’t look at my name, I am actually a stubborn, haha.”

Shi Mo said to himself, he burst out laughing.

I looked at him and then smiled, “Hello, Mr. Shi, my name is Jia Rhodes.”

“Miss Rhodes, I’m leaving first. Go back to the room and check if there are any problems. If you have any problems, please contact me again.” Shi said silently, took out a notebook from his pocket and wrote a phone call on it.

Tear it to me.

In fact, I found that people are really divided into groups.

Lan Quan is so good, and the people she knows are so serious and reliable.

I took things upstairs.

As soon as the key was inserted into the keyhole, the door of Zhaoming White’s house opened.

The man stood at the door and said with a smile, “I bought the house? Congratulations.”

“Yeah.” When I saw Zhaoming White, I suddenly felt that it had been a long time since I saw him.

But seeing it now, I still feel very cordial.

“I saw the guy who lives in this house that day, and I told him that he is a reasonable person.” Zhaoming White looked at it, “If you need to move, please call me at any time and I can help you.”

“No, I just get down by myself.”

I subconsciously refused.

The expression on Zhaoming White’s face did not change, he just smiled faintly, “Well, if you need me to help, please tell me at any time.”

Nodded, turned the key for a while and wanted to go in. Suddenly thought of his face, he turned to call Zhaoming White, “Brother White, I really want to ask you for help.”

I told Zhaoming White what I wanted to repair my facial skin.

When the man listened, there was a slight smile on his mouth.

After listening, he nodded confidently, “No problem, if you ask me for this matter, you are right. I will help you contact the doctor and then contact you.”

“Thank you.”

“What are you polite with me, I will contact you now.”

After Zhaoming White finished speaking, he entered the house without closing the door.

I didn’t think too much, went into my house and went around.

The inside of the house was clean, almost the same as when I moved out.

It’s like a brand new house.

I am grateful in my heart.

“Jia Rhodes.” I walked around the room, and when I came out, I saw Zhaoming White standing in the hallway with a mobile phone in his hand and said to me, “I’ve contacted you. This expert happened to be in Flipvilla. I’ve made an appointment for you. You can go anytime in the last three days. You can go now.”

“Then, do it now.”

After experiencing Norven White’s blow, I just want to heal my face quickly and start a new life.

Zhaoming White didn’t seem to be surprised by my choice at all, and nodded, “OK, I’ll get my coat, and then start the car and wait for you in the underground garage. You will get down after you pack it.”

I was wearing a jacket, locked the door directly, and followed Zhaoming White down the elevator.

On the way to see the expert, Zhaoming White first said, “Xiao Xuan is getting married, do you know?”

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