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Chapter 226

This topic made my heart sore, and I nodded slightly.

Zhaoming White glanced at me with his left light, and seemed to realize that he was wrong, “Sorry, I mentioned something that made you sad.”

“No, it’s not worth it to be sad for such a person.” I shook my head, “I and his life were originally parallel. I felt so close before, but it was just my wishful thinking.”

Thinking about it now, Norven White and I may have never been destined to have a future.

“Up to now, I don’t want to say anything to open up things for him. In any case, I don’t think that as a man, I should not do things that hurt the one I love.”

Zhaoming White looked ahead.

His eyes were a little dim.

“Brother White, you are wrong, he has never loved me.”

Maybe, he only loves himself from beginning to end.

Zhaoming White did not speak any more.

The car quickly drove to a plastic surgery hospital, he took me up, and a nurse took me to an office.

Sitting in the office is a female doctor in her forties.

After examining my face, she said, “You can do this face, but the recovery period is relatively long, and it is almost impossible to fully recover.”

This female doctor and Norven White found the doctor to say the same thing.

After that, the female doctor gave me a series of comprehensive examinations.

I probably talked about the risks, the preparations that need to be done, and how many times the entire operation should be done, and the recovery time.

“Well, I accept it all.” After I heard it, I agreed.

The doctor nodded, “Okay, I’m going to stay here for a few days, and the treatment plan will be worked out. You come back the day after tomorrow. We can start the first step.”

After I listened, I wanted to agree. I suddenly thought of something and asked the doctor, “There is a very important event next month. I must go.”

“You can’t go unless you don’t make up.”

When the female doctor heard what I said, she understood.

Do you not wear makeup?

No way.

I not only have to make-up, but I also have to paint beautifully, no matter what, I also have to cover the wound on my nose and wear a nice mask.

Then he handed the red envelope containing the money and the secret to Norven White.

I thought for a while and said, “Then can I find you to start this next month?”

“I am free.”

The female doctor didn’t seem to care.

When Zhaoming White and I came out of the hospital, he had already guessed my intention, “Are you going to attend Xiao xuan’s wedding?”


I nodded.

Zhaoming White nodded slightly and thought for a while, “Or go with me. If there is anything in between, I can take care of you a little bit.”

I looked at Zhaoming White.

Thinking of Norven White’s attitude towards him before, “Did Norven White invite you?”

Although it is not polite to ask.

“Please.” Zhaoming White seemed to know my worries and smiled, “After all, I am also his uncle. I still want to send an invitation in form. I didn’t plan to go, but since you are going, I will accompany you. You.”


“It’s okay, don’t worry, he won’t fight with me when he is happy.”

Zhaoming White seemed to have completely guessed what I was thinking in my heart.

On the way back, Zhaoming White asked me, “Are you going home? Where else?”

I know, the home he said is [Flipvilla No. 1].

Although the place is cleaned up, all my things are Jiang Rhodes’s house.

I told him the address of Jiang Rhodes’s house.

Zhaoming White sent me home.

Because Norven White’s wedding was on his island, he had to go to the island two days in advance to attend.

You can also live on the island for two days after the wedding.

If this is someone else’s wedding, I promised to stay a few more days, but it was Norven White’s wedding.

Just thinking about it, my heart hurts and I can’t help myself.

Jiang Rhodes will start a business trip again on December 21, so I decided to move on December 19.

Zhaoming White helped me move.

As a result, a few days after I moved.

That is, the day after Jiang Rhodes got on the plane, Zhaoming White knocked on the door of my house and asked me with his mobile phone, “Is the stewardess in this friend your friend?”

I looked at the man’s phone screen, and a video was playing on it.

It was a flight attendant quarreling with a guest.

That client is a middle woman.

A voice came from the noisy video, “I pay for first-class cabin to buy the service, what are you dragging! Isn’t it just throwing you a glass of water, you do this, and you have to suffer this crime with this money! You think the money is so much? How profitable?”

“I am a flight attendant, I am a waiter, but you are infringing on my rights if you splash me all over!”

“Rights? What are the rights of the service staff. Look at the look you are wearing, the skirt is so short, and the chest is so prominent. At first glance, it’s ***, trying to seduce my husband.”

“Seduce your husband? Please open your eyes and see what your husband is like. What do I do to seduce him?”

“You just seduce him!”

Later, there was a lot of talk, and the two quickly fought into a ball.

I’m too familiar with Jiang Rhodes. Although the video has coded Jiang Rhodes’s face, I am too sure. This flight attendant is Jiang Rhodes.

I looked at Zhaoming White and asked him, “Where did you come from this video?”

“It’s all on the Internet.” Zhaoming White said, “I think this voice is like your friend, so I will ask you.”

“is her.”

I said decisively.

I took out my phone and checked it. This video was uploaded only a few hours ago.

It probably means that the stewardess seduce a wealthy businessman.

I took a look at the comments below and I have everything to say.

But what makes me more fortunate is that most of them are flight attendants.

I hurriedly called Jiang Rhodes, and she answered it with just one sound, and I immediately asked, “Jiang Rhodes, I saw that video, where are you now?”

“I’m in the company.”

“In the company? How about the video?”

As soon as I heard that she was in the company, I knew it must be serious.

“It was an old woman who came out yesterday. She carried a piece of shit and regarded it as a baby, thinking that it was rare for others.”

When Jiang Rhodes spoke, his voice was very brisk, and it seemed that he was not affected by this incident at all.

But I was very worried, “But you quarrel like this, your job…”

“My job? I can do it or change my job if I can’t. Can I still worry about not finding a job?”

Jiang Rhodes didn’t care.


“Hey, I was fired right away anyway, do you want to come to our company for a visit? By the way, see me and the woman-in-law?”

Jiang Rhodes said nonchalantly.

I knew her where outsiders could go, and said decisively, “Send me the address and I will go over now.”

I’m not going to see her and the mother-in-law tear up, but to give her some confidence.

Jiang Rhodes sent me the address, and I took a taxi.

Jiang Rhodes was staying alone in the company’s conference room at the time. She told me that the strange woman was suing in the leadership office.

At this time, the door of the conference room opened, and a woman in uniform stood at the door with a weird expression and said, “Jiang Rhodes, the leader said you can go back first, prepare to prepare, and continue to board the day after tomorrow.”

Chapter 227

“What?” Jiang Rhodes was visibly taken aback, “Why? Don’t you fire me?”

The woman standing at the door smiled, “Do you want to be fired, and call your boyfriend?”



Jiang Rhodes and I spoke in unison.

Jiang Rhodes said with a weird face, “When did I have a boyfriend?”

The woman at the door looked strange, “No, it’s in the leadership’s office. Your boyfriend’s eloquence is so good. In a few words, the guest who said he withdrew the complaint.”

When Jiang Rhodes heard this, he rushed out of the meeting room with a face full of explanation.

I followed and saw her entering an office, and I was also standing behind.

When Jiang Rhodes went in and the door was not closed, I saw that it was not someone else standing inside, but it was Ziyi’an!

Ziyi sat on the sofa with her legs folded, and when she saw Jiang Rhodes, her peachy eyes narrowed slightly, and she said with a petting look, “Honey, are you here?”

“Who is your dear?!” Jiang Rhodes slammed the bag in his hand directly on him, and said to the leader, “This is not my boyfriend.”

“Sorry, we were awkward in a fight recently.”

Ziyi said calmly.

When the leader Jiang Rhodes heard this, he suddenly realized, “Oh, then you can solve it yourself.”

“Yes.” Ziyi’an said, standing up, thinking of Gou Jiang Rhodes’s waist, but she was thrown away severely.

But Jiang Rhodes is not stupid, knowing that he can’t make trouble in the leadership office.

Although 10,000 people were reluctant, they still came out with Ziyi.

After coming out, Jiang Rhodes looked at him and said unhappily, “Who asked you to help me?”

“Didn’t I come here to see you in trouble?” Ziyi’an looked aggrieved, “I helped you solve this problem perfectly, why do you blame me.”

“Perfect solution? Impersonating my boyfriend is a perfect solution?”

Jiang Rhodes scolded.

Ziyi’an nodded, “Yes, I think this is a perfect solution.”

Jiang Rhodes didn’t want to care about him, so he dragged me away.

Ziyi’an followed, “Jiang Rhodes, what happened that day was my fault. I didn’t expect you to be the first time. If I knew I should be gentle, I…”


Before Ziyi’an finished speaking, Jiang Rhodes directly turned his head and raised his hand.

A slap firmly hit the man’s face.

Jiang Rhodes looked at him, eyes red with anger, “Should be gentle? I tell you, Ziyi’an, I am not the same person as you, and I am not the same as the colorful flags around you! Even if this matter is over No, I beg you, don’t show up in my life again! And your scumbag, let us go!”


“I’m sorry?! If there is a time machine, I will forgive you before returning to that day, otherwise I won’t talk about it!”

Jiang Rhodes also understood very well.

There will be no time machine, and she will not forgive him.

Jiang Rhodes pulled me downstairs.

Ziyi’an followed and said something nice afterwards, “Jiang Rhodes, I was wrong. I was sincere to you. I told my family that I have a girl I really like. As long as you promise me, I will marry you.”

“Hehehe.” Jiang Rhodes turned his head, “marry me? Why do you marry me?”

“I said I will be responsible for you.” Ziyi’an said quickly.

“Responsible to me?” Jiang Rhodes listened and laughed directly, pointing at the man’s crotch, “Sorry, I think you are dirty.”

Ziyi’an’s expression was ugly.

But he still chased Jiang Rhodes.

Jiang Rhodes’s car stopped downstairs. She used the key to drive, opened the door and was about to get into the car. Ziyi’an rushed over, jammed the door, and said seriously, “Jiang Rhodes, I am serious about you. I can’t change the things in the past, and in the future, as long as you say, I will listen to you.”

I looked at Ziyi’an.

It feels like the man is really serious.

But how long can he be serious?

After experiencing Norven White, I really dare not help Jiang Rhodes with any ideas.

But Jiang Rhodes’s idea is very right.

She stood up straight, not in a hurry to close the door, looked up and down Ziyi’an, putting on a commercial smile, “Mr. Yi, if you want to chase me, there is a premise.”


“Don’t touch women for two years, so I can think about it.”

After Jiang Rhodes finished speaking, Ziyi froze for a moment.

But soon he agreed, “I promise you not to touch a woman for two years.”

Jiang Rhodes was not surprised at what he promised, “Whatever, I can’t supervise you anyway.”

After speaking, he pushed Ziyi’an open, closed the door, and left.

But on the way back, I actually felt that Jiang Rhodes didn’t feel so bad anymore.

The day after tomorrow, Jiang Rhodes will work as usual.

Before boarding the plane, she sent me a message in the lounge.

I feel relieved.

I moved back to [Flipvilla No. 1], and gradually got in touch with Zhaoming White.

However, I have begun to pay attention to job information in other cities.

One of them also asked me for an interview.

When I was flying over a long distance, the interviewer asked me, “Why wear a mask?”

I tell the truth.

He asked me to take off my mask.

When I took off the mask, the interviewer frowned slightly and said, “Sorry, our company cannot hire you.”

To be honest, I’m used to not hiring, but rejected it on the spot like this, it was the first time I really met.

I felt very uncomfortable.

I returned to Flipvilla and told Zhaoming White the matter.

The man listened quietly, and patted my head, “Wait until my face gets better. I will raise you this year. Although I don’t earn much, I still have more than enough to support you.”

“Thank you.”

I don’t need Zhaoming White to raise.

But what he said made me sound very happy.

In a blink of an eye, it was January 13th.

According to the previous post, everyone can go to the airport near the island away from Norven White on the 14th. There, Norven White arranged a number of yachts to pick up the wedding guests on the island.

At night, I sit at the desk.

Take out paper and pen.

Come to think of it, I haven’t used a pen to write for a long time. I used to use a computer or mobile phone for everything.

Writing letters seems to be a thing of the last century.

I looked at the paper in front of me, thinking about how to write that story.

At first I wrote a very long story, but halfway through, I found myself ridiculous.

Is writing so long, what are you expecting?

There are no good expectations.

Thinking twice, I ended up writing only one line on the paper——

[Sixteen years ago, I rescued a boy at a construction site near the orphanage,

I gave him my heart after that day;

I thought you were him, now I know that you are not him;

The boy who grabbed the corner of my clothes when he passed me, smiled better than you;

Moreover, he will not lie. 】

After I finished writing, I folded this letter well, and put it in the red envelope along with the twenty thousand dollars.

The red envelope is bulging.

After that, I wrote my name-Jia Rhodes on the back of the red envelope.

Chapter 228

Early the next morning, I got up to pack my bags.

I found a dress that was not too afraid of pressure. After that, except for a few regular clothes and two swimsuits, it was all cosmetics.

I hope I can be as beautiful as possible that day.

When I packed my things, I cooked myself a bowl of Yangchun noodles.

I wanted to drop some sesame oil, but I just opened the sesame oil lid——

“Oh.” I can’t help feeling nauseous!

Immediately rush to the bathroom.

But nothing came out.

I couldn’t be more familiar with this feeling!

I took out my phone and counted the days. It’s been half a month since the period of menstruation. I have been busy submitting resumes recently, and I didn’t pay attention…

It’s really good luck.

When I was going to Norven White’s wedding, I was pregnant.

The third child of Norven White and I.

I forced myself to eat this evening noodle.

As soon as I sat down to rest, Zhaoming White came and asked me, “Can you leave now?”

“Yeah.” I cheered up.

Zhaoming White drove, and when the car left the community and passed the pharmacy, I hesitated for a while, and still shouted, “Can you stop the car? I’ll buy some medicine.”

The man stopped, I went to the drugstore and bought a pregnancy test stick.

Sneak into the bag.

When we arrived at the airport, all the luggage was checked in. Zhaoming White and I were walking between various duty-free shops.

At this time, Valentine’s Day limited editions are being released, and women seem to have no resistance to the limited editions.

I looked left and right, thinking about my wallet, and finally only chose a limited edition eyeshadow.

It is red.

I have very few eyeshadows of this color.

It can be considered a challenge.

When checking out, Zhaoming White handed the card to the salesperson very much.

I quickly stopped Zhaoming White and said to the salesperson, “Swipe my card.”

After that, I panicked and tried to take the wallet from the bag. When I was in a hurry, the wallet was taken out, and the pregnancy test stick on the top also fell out.

Seeing the pregnancy test stick, Zhaoming White was stunned for a moment, blocked my wallet, and smiled gently, “Come out with me and let you check out. Are you trying to make the salesperson look down on me?”


At this time, I stopped fighting, and quickly bent over to install the pregnancy test stick.

His face flushed with shame unconsciously.

After the checkout, Zhaoming White and I went to the first-class lounge. When the waiter brought two cups of tea, Zhaoming White took a sip and asked me, “Xiao xuan, right? It’s been a few months.”

“Two months.” I held the teacup and looked at Zhaoming White pleadingly, “Please don’t tell Norven White about this. This is my child and has nothing to do with him.”

Zhaoming White looked at me, at first silent.

Later, he sighed and said, “Don’t you think you are a bit selfish like this?”


“Some of the little patients in our hospital are single mothers. Although mothers are sometimes omnipotent, an unsound family is also unfair to children.”

Is that right?

After listening to Zhaoming White’s words, I couldn’t help but hesitate.

However, Norven White is about to get married, and I cannot ask him to be responsible for this child.

This must have hurt Lanquan.

Moreover, Norven White is not necessarily responsible, the eight achievements are to give money.

If it is a son, maybe he will be snatched directly by him.

I was in a mess, and then I wanted to understand what Zhaoming White meant, and quickly said, “You don’t want me to knock the child out? I will never do it!”

Zhaoming White was stunned by what I said.

He froze for a moment, and smiled, “How could I mean this? Every child has the right to this world. As long as it is a healthy child, adults have no right to deprive the child of his life.”

Listening to him say this, I feel more at ease.

I didn’t speak, Zhaoming White continued, “I just think that in the future of your child’s life, there should be someone playing the role of father.”

For a man, I squinted at him.

I understand a little bit, but I don’t seem to understand.

Zhaoming White smiled, “I may never get married in my life. Before you find your significant other, I can take care of you as an elder.”

“I’m not a kid, and I don’t need someone to take care of it.”

I laughed.

I don’t know why, but when I heard Zhaoming White say this, my heart felt warm.

“In my opinion, you are a child.”

“But…” I thought for a while, “Brother White, you are still young, if one day you meet someone you like, your mood will be different. I will take good care of me and my children in the future.”

After all, I can’t be so selfish.

After all, Zhaoming White is only in his 30s. There are surprises in life, isn’t he?

Zhaoming White and I got off the plane.

Boarded the yacht again.

When I arrived on the island, it was still afternoon here.

Last time I came to the deserted island, this time, it has completely changed its appearance.

Starting from the lower island, there are pink and white balloons everywhere.

There are also roses.

Waiters in suits are everywhere.

We went to the island, and after the waiter came over to check the invitation, they arranged us to a villa near the beach.

After bringing it there, the waiter put down his luggage and planned to leave, but was called to stop by me, “Hello, whose room is this?”

The waiter looked at me and then at Zhaoming White, and suddenly realized, “Sorry, I thought you were together, please come here with me.”

The waiter led me to the next room.

Obviously, there were not many guests this time.

After sitting in the room for a while, I heard someone shouting outside, “Is anyone?”

The voice is just soft. I have only heard one person speak this way, and I can tell who it is all at once.

Sure enough, when I got up and walked to the door, I saw Amy standing there.

Wearing loose colored culottes, wearing sun protection clothes, and carrying a large cosmetic case.

Seeing me, he walked in, “Miss Rhodes, hello, Mr. White said that I will be responsible for putting makeup on you these days.”

“give me?”

I froze for a moment.

“Yes, thanks to you, I can come to his wedding.” Amy put down the makeup box in her hand, looked at the beach behind her, and said with happiness, “This is my first time on a private island. It’s really great!”


I looked at Amy, feeling unreasonably responsible.

What does Norven White mean? Is it afraid of me ashamed of him as his ex-girlfriend, or…

At this moment, Amy had already walked to my side, arranging it on the side table, taking things out, and saying, “I will give you makeup every morning and remove it at night, but you can also Choose to unload it yourself. This is very simple. I will give you a small shovel, and you can shovel the skin wax off.”

As Amy said, she took out a small stick like a sculpture and put it aside.

“Then I will remove my makeup at night.”

As I said, I sat on the sofa and prepared to ask Amy to apply makeup.

To be honest, his craftsmanship is so great, no matter what Norven White’s purpose is, I am very happy that he can call Amy.

Chapter 229

Amy started to help me with makeup. He first adjusted the balance of my face with skin wax.

While adjusting, he said, “There is a beach barbecue tonight. Don’t worry, I will make you the brightest star.”

“Thank you, but I just want to look like an ordinary person.”

I don’t need to be a star, but just to tell Norven White about that.

Amy didn’t think so, “That’s not good. I’m here for you. If you’re not beautiful, then I’m here for nothing? Others will question my skills.”

“Well, then I beg you.”

I know that no matter how I say it, Amy will make me beautiful.

The cosmetic bag Amy wears is a big mirror when supported.

After adjusting his face for me, he said to the mirror, “Look, how about it?”

“Fine thanks.”

I never doubted Amy’s approach.

He continued to put on makeup for me, and while applying the concealer, he couldn’t help but say, “Don’t mind if I ask a question. When Mr. White asked me last time, I thought he loved you so much. How long is this? , Why…”

“Me and him are not the kind of relationship you think.”

I interrupted Amy directly.

Amy looked at me and seemed to understand something. She continued to make up for me. She just frowned and said, “You, I think it’s the one who is favored to feel confident. Your face is like this and I don’t want to have a plastic surgery. Men It is a visual animal, no matter how much you love it, you can’t love it anymore when you see such a face.


I calmly looked at the mirror, the flawless face that had been carved by Amy’s ingenious hands.

Yes, men are all visual animals.

Norven White was afraid that he hated me a long time ago.

Seeing that I was not interested in answering, Amy didn’t speak any more.

Make up for me quietly.

“Ding Dong.”

When the makeup was almost done, the doorbell rang at the door.

Soon after, I heard Zhaoming White’s voice, “Jia Rhodes, are you there?”

“I will open the door for you.”

I wanted to get up and open the door. Amy held me down and went to the door with the makeup brush in her hand.

Opening the door, Zhaoming White, who was standing at the door, was obviously taken aback when he saw Amy.

Amy smiled charmingly, brushed her hair, and reached out to Zhaoming White, “Hello, I am the makeup artist invited by President White to make makeup for Miss Rhodes.”

“Oh.” Zhaoming White hesitated, before reaching out and touching Amy’s hand.

The man came in and saw me, he was almost startled, frowned, “Your face…”

“How about my masterpiece, how good is it?”

At this moment, Amy put her hands on her chest and shook her body, like a shy little woman, showing her merit to Zhaoming White.

Even the voice became more charming.

Zhaoming White leaned back a little bit, looked at Amy with some caution, barely lifted his lips, smiled, “Well, great, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

When Amy heard Zhaoming White say thank you, the whole person smiled brightly.

The expression on his face can even be said to be happiness.

Zhaoming White was a little unnatural. He took a step back and found a place that was considered to be far away. He put his hands around his chest, a bit like a defensive posture, and said, “Well, you continue. If it is not convenient, I will go outside and wait.”

“Convenient, convenient!”

Amy answered for me.

After that, Amy took extra care for me, with every sentence in the middle chatting with Zhaoming White.

When it was about to finish, Amy asked Zhaoming White, “Mr. White, what company do you start?”

Amy believes that since Zhaoming White belongs to White’s family, he should also start a company.

“I’m just an ordinary doctor.” Zhaoming White answered truthfully.

Although he runs the hospital, I know that in Zhaoming White’s mind he is an ordinary doctor.

“Doctor?” Amy’s eyes lit up when she heard it, and she looked at Zhaoming White with admiration, “Mr. White, you are not tempted by money in a big family like White, and you can be a doctor alone. , It’s really amazing!”

I was also taken aback by what Amy said.

He was right.

Even if Zhaoming White is an illegitimate child, in the final analysis, it is the White family. The lean camel is bigger than the horse. If he wants to start a company, he will not be without resources.

But he still chose to be a doctor.

Zhaoming White smiled lightly, “I don’t have the talent for doing business, I only know this, and I can only do this.”

“Mr. White is really great.”

When Amy spoke, her expression was close to intoxication.

He hurriedly finished my makeup, quickly packed up my things, walked to Zhaoming Jiming, and said in a charming manner, “Mr. White, I will go back and dress up first. See you at the beach bbq tonight!”

“…” Zhaoming White hesitated for a moment, his eyes fell on my face, as if he was making up for me, and said embarrassingly, “Well, see you tonight.”

As soon as Amy left, Zhaoming White immediately sat on the recliner beside him, frowned and said, “Will he come to give you makeup every day from now on?”


“Or start tomorrow. Contact me when you’re ready, and I won’t come.” Zhaoming White sighed, “I’m really not good at dealing with this type.”

“Well, let me contact you when I go out.”

I can also be regarded as a relief for Zhaoming White.

After talking about Amy, Zhaoming White’s eyes fell on me again. He looked at me carefully and smiled, “But he is really good, you are very beautiful today.”

“Right?” I got up, walked to a mirror, and looked at the beautiful woman in the mirror.

The me today is different from the me who Amy “carved” that day. Today, my face is thinner and looks a little cold.

It fits the fake face’s characteristic that it can’t make a big expression.

Zhaoming White stood behind and looked at me through the mirror.

The sharp eyes behind the man’s glasses looked at me, with a touch of warmth, and said, “Let’s go, the sunset is so beautiful, let’s go for a walk.”


I changed my clothes and went out with Zhaoming White.

There are mostly strange faces outside. Zhaoming White told me that this wedding basically only invited relatives of the White family and the Lan family, as well as friends who are close to Norven White and Lan Quan.

“I don’t seem to count either.”

Speaking of which, I can be considered a special existence.

“Although I count, it’s the less popular one.”

Zhaoming White was only teasing himself, but I felt very embarrassed.

I looked at him and said a little apologetically, “I’m sorry, it’s all for staying with me.”

The man raised his hand and patted the top of my hair lightly, “It’s okay, it’s actually a worthwhile trip to see such a beautiful you.” He paused, then said, “And knowing that you are pregnant, I I’m glad I’m here this time.”

Chapter 230

“Why?” I was puzzled.

The man looked at me with a stronger smile, “Because I know more about the precautions for pregnant women, especially diet, than you.”

When he said, my face felt a little hot.

Indeed, I have been pregnant several times, but I really don’t know much about what pregnant women should pay attention to.

We walked around on the beach.

It was not until the sky gradually darkened that we concentrated on the bbq.

Without Amy, I might not be here today.

But because of this beautiful face, I am full of confidence.

When Zhaoming White and I appeared at the barbecue site, many people were already sitting on the scattered seats.

There is a waiter on the side who is responsible for the barbecue, we just need to take the plate and get food and drinks.

The first time it was Zhaoming White who helped me get it. He specifically told me not to eat seafood. He just helped me get a glass of orange juice for the drink.

There is also a band playing nearby.

Everything is so quiet and beautiful, if this is not Norven White’s wedding, then I might really be able to enjoy it all with peace of mind.

I finished my orange juice and watched everyone around me drinking beautiful champagne.

Feeling tickle for a while, holding the cup of orange juice, walk to the food counter.

When my hand just dropped on the champagne glass, Zhaoming White grabbed my wrist and said, “Pregnant women can’t drink.”

“But Champagne…”

“Not even with a low degree.” After Zhaoming White finished speaking, he handed me a glass of mango juice. “Just now I saw your eyes on the cocktails of the people at the table next to me. I knew you were going to get the wine. “

Looking at the champagne close at hand, I was a little unwilling.

The man scratched my nose lightly, “Hey, it’s only seven or eight months old. When the baby is born, I will accompany you to the bar. You can order anything you want.”

His tone seemed to be coaxing a child.

I looked up at Zhaoming White.

The dim light shone on the man’s face, with a small smile on the corner of his mouth, and a pair of sharp eyes filtered through the lens, which also appeared very gentle.

I looked at him dumbly.

The man looked a little embarrassed, and reached out his hand to touch his face, “What’s wrong? Is there anything on my face?”

“No.” I smiled, “I just think Brother White is actually quite handsome.”

When Zhaoming White heard me say this, he laughed aloud, “I’m already an uncle, so handsome.”

“Then you are also handsome uncle!”

I don’t know why, in front of Zhaoming White, I really feel that I am still young.

I took the mango juice and walked towards the seat in a relaxed mood.

Halfway through the band’s music performance, it suddenly changed its style and replaced it with a dream wedding.

At the same time, the surrounding guests stood up, all looking in one direction.

I look over–

Norven White and Lan Quan appeared at the entrance of the bbq. The man rarely wore some fancy clothes, while Lan Quan beside him wore a colorful bohemian dress.

The clothes of two people look like couple clothes.

Norven White seemed to have never worn such clothes before, but now he is willing to be Lanquan…

I can no longer think about it.

The more I think about it, the more painful I feel.

I saw the man walking in our direction, seeming to be coming for food. I was so frightened that I wanted to avoid it, but didn’t notice the floor lamp at my feet.

The whole person fell forward.

“Be careful.” Zhaoming White’s voice rang in my ears, and at the same time, the man walked up to me to support me.

I didn’t fall down, but a lot of the mango juice in my hand spilled on the man’s clothes.

“I’m sorry.” I was so scared that I quickly put the cup aside, reached out and picked up the paper from the counter on the side, rubbing the juice for Zhaoming White.

But the yellow color of this mango juice, as soon as it gets on the clothes, it gets on immediately.

If you wipe it, it will only make the yellow dye faster.

When I wiped the juice for Zhaoming White, I only felt a chill behind my back…

I turned my head, Norven White was looking in our direction. Although there was no expression on his face, there seemed to be a stormy sea brewing in those deep black eyes!

At this moment, Zhaoming White, who was standing next to me, suddenly took my hand and said with a smile, “Don’t wipe it, I’ll go back and change my clothes, will you accompany me back?”

“Huh?” I looked at Zhaoming White, and my first reaction was to pull my hand, fearing Norven White’s misunderstanding.

I feel ridiculous for just a second.

He is going to marry another woman, how could there be a leisurely sentiment to eat my jealousy?

My hand froze there, let Zhaoming White pull it, smiled slightly, “Okay, I will accompany you back to change.”

After that, the two of us went around Norven White’s direction and wanted to leave.

However, there is only one outlet.

When we were about to go out and leave–


Norven White’s figure sounded from behind us.

Hearing the man’s voice, my body became soft for some reason, and my whole body froze in place, unable to even move.

Zhaoming White next to him first said, “Xiao xuan, happy wedding.”

“Thank you, uncle.”

Maybe it was the wedding, Norven White didn’t want to be too stiff with Zhaoming White.

It just sounded cold.

I can feel it without looking up, the man’s eyes should only fall on me.

At this moment, I actually don’t even have the courage to raise my head. I’m afraid that when I see him, tears will fall in despair.

I heard Norven White say, “It seems that I did not read it wrong, my uncle really cares about my ex-wife.”

When he said the word ex-wife, he deliberately said it very seriously.

My heart seemed to be hit hard.

Yes, I still had a marriage with him.

Obviously not long ago, I felt that it was as long as the last century.

I felt that Zhaoming White’s arm fell on my shoulder, and the man said in a gentle tone, “Xiao xuan, since you are married, you are responsible to Miss Lan. Don’t think about the previous things anymore. As for Xiaoqi, I Will help you take care of him.”

Xiao Qi.

As soon as I uttered this name, I saw Norven White’s hand in his pocket, obviously clenched into a fist.

he is very angry.

Also, how could Norven White’s possessiveness allow me to belong to others?

Originally, in order not to hurt Zhaoming White, I planned to push the man’s hand away.

Before moving, I heard Norven White say, “Well, my uncle should take good care of her. If something goes wrong, I’ll only ask you!”

After speaking, turn around and leave.

Seeing the man gone, I dared to look up.

Looking at his back, tears fell unconsciously.

Zhaoming White didn’t take his arm down at this time, but lightly patted my back, “I know you feel uncomfortable, and you want to cry for a while and go back to the room to cry, but you can’t cry here, otherwise it won’t be beautiful. “


I buried my head deeply on Zhaoming White’s chest and nodded desperately.

He is getting married, and the bride is not me, and my heart hurts when I think of this.

it hurts.

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