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Chapter 311

Yin Shijie was a little surprised.

When I was going with him, Yin Shijie asked me, “What did you say, for fear that Zhaoming White, who looked at other men more, would you come with me?”

“I just told him the facts.”

I also understand Zhaoming White a bit.

He seems to belong to an extremely insecure person, so all he needs to know is the fact.

If I want to stay peacefully beside him, all I have to do is not to hide anything from him.

Yin Shijie and I did not go to the round table where he was, but to the rest area in the corner.

There are large sofas and snacks here.

I sat on two sofas with him, and I asked him, “Just tell me.”

“Qiaoyu Lu’s car is indeed… related to me.” Yin Shijie paused.

He said that, in my opinion, he also admitted that he did this thing.

“Why are you!”

Even though Qiaoyu Lu has been dead for so many years, when I knew that Yin Shijie did it, I couldn’t calm down at all!

Stand up excitedly and look at him.

“Don’t get excited.” Yin Shijie said, “I’ll take you to a place first. Of course, you should call Zhaoming White. He will definitely not worry about you walking with me.”

Yin Shijie put his hands in his pockets, his expression seemed to be serious.

“Where to go?”

I am a little wary.

Seeing me like this, Yin Shijie couldn’t help but smiled, “I called you Shang Zhaoming White. Are you afraid that I will f*ck you? I tell you, I am at best a Husky, the real wolf, the one behind you. “

His analogy is obviously a bit witty.

I understand that Zhaoming White is definitely not that simple.

I hesitated, but got up, called Zhaoming White, and left with Yin Shijie.

Yin Shijie drove us to an independent building in the city center. This independent building looked nothing from the outside, but the lights were off and it seemed that it was not open.

“Go, go in.”

Yin Shijie said, took out a key and opened the door.

When I walked to the door, I used the key to open an electric gate next to him and pushed most of the electric switches inside.

For a while, the lights in the entire building turned on and became brightly lit!

Standing at the door, I can see that this should be a ballroom, and it is very well decorated.

Zhaoming White and I followed Yin Shijie in.

I don’t know if it’s the night, the whole ballroom looks extremely cold and the atmosphere is strange.

We strolled around the ballroom, this familiar style, I looked up at Yin Shijie, “Is this designed by the senior?”

Yin Shijie nodded, “bingo!”

“Isn’t this very good? Why are you killing him!” I looked at Yin Shijie excitedly, “Design this kind of thing. If you are not satisfied with it, you will say it at the beginning. Afterwards, if you feel a waste of money, just start again. Why do you take it? The lives of others are joking!”

After so many years, I have mixed feelings in my heart when I see something designed by Qiaoyu Lu!

I walked to Yin Shijie and slapped him without hesitation, “I want you to pay for my life!”

I didn’t have much strength, and Yin Shijie was slapped by me and didn’t move.

And he didn’t seem to be angry at all, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, “If you take a closer look, what’s wrong with this design? If I’m just not satisfied, will I be angry? I’ve already moved his car, it’s just He caught up with that time, indicating that this kind of thing is backlash.”


What Yin Shijie said made me understand something.

I watched this bar from side to side.

I just looked at it a while ago, but now I look closer, and I suddenly feel the creeps!

It turns out that this weird atmosphere, plus this coldness, has nothing to do with anything else, but the design of this room is just one-Yin chamber!

“Get out!”

After realizing this problem, I took Zhaoming White and walked out.

As I walked out, I watched. Although I only know a little about the v@gina, this design is simply too ruthless. If this place is open, Yin Shijie himself may be considered good for disability!

It may not be an exaggeration to lose your family and die!

For a moment, I thought of the message in Qiaoyu Lu’s cell phone.

He said he was going to gamble…

Could it be this? !

Why did Qiaoyu Lu still study this?

When I arrived at the door, I looked at Yin Shijie and asked him in disbelief, “Is this designed by the senior?”

“What do you think?”

Yin Shijie said calmly.

“Impossible. These are all very professional knowledge. I only understand the fur when I come into contact with the Chengxiang Gang. He may understand this side thing.”

I would not believe it at all.

Yin Shijie smiled, took out his phone, found a few pictures, then handed the phone to me and said, “This is the original picture. Take your time to look at it. If you think it is, tell me.”

I started to see that Qiaoyu Lu’s style couldn’t be more familiar to me.

Whether it is rendered renderings or vector diagrams, these are Qiaoyu Lu’s handwriting!

Moreover, the pattern of this yin chamber is all infiltrated in this blueprint little by little.

The more I look, the worse my face is.

I can’t believe Qiaoyu Lu would do such a thing!

“It’s not the first time that you think a tall senior has done it. I checked. He did this for someone when he was in college, but at that time he didn’t seem to be good at learning and did not do well.” Yin Shijie said .

“you’re lying!”

“I lied to you? What I have is evidence, you give you the mailbox, I have already found someone, and I will send it to you.”

After Yin Shijie finished speaking, I didn’t dare to give him the mailbox for a while.

I am afraid!

Just now, the design of this ballroom is very exquisite. With drawings, everything is hidden. If you are not an insider, you can’t see it at all!

This is definitely not the first time to do it!

Why did Qiaoyu Lu study this?

Yin Shijie looked at me, “His car, I did let people grind the brake pads. I wanted to give him a small warning, but he drove on a high speed. He could only say that he had done too much with his heart, and he was damned.”

“You…you nonsense!” I stared at Yin Shijie, “He, he must be forced!”

“Really? I think it’s you, he likes you, but he can’t compare to Norven White everywhere, so he goes to extremes and wants to make money by relying on it.” Yin Shijie stared at me, his eyes were like a pair Viper!

I didn’t even dare to look at him.

Because the information on the phone before Qiaoyu Lu died has explained many things.

At this moment, Zhaoming White’s cell phone rang and he went to answer the phone.

The man has gone away. Yin Shijie suddenly changed his face, with his hands on his chest, a cynical smile, his face approached me, and he whispered, “When Norven White separated from you, there was another reason, because he wanted to I helped you investigate Qiaoyu Lu’s case, provoked people in the underworld, and was vendetta killed. He was seriously injured and almost died.”

I looked at Yin Shijie in surprise.

Yin Shijie continued, “Later I heard that he returned home that day in order not to worry you.”

Chapter 312

Yin Shijie’s words reminded me all of a sudden!

One day!

Norven White came back very late. When he came back, I called him “husband” and proposed to marry him.

However, Norven White did not agree at the time.

Looking back now, Norven White was really abnormal that night, and later he groaned slightly after taking a shower.

I want to come, it is very uncomfortable, is it just injured? !

The more I think about it, the more worried I feel.

At that time, Norven White, did he send me away because he was afraid of my danger?

If this is the case…

But I quickly became sober and looked at Yin Shijie suspiciously, “Why should I believe you? How could you tell me this so kindly!”

“Good intentions?” Yin Shijie listened, and touched his chin with his hands, “Well, I am very kind.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

I can not be reconciled.

Yin Shijie lowered his head, tilted his head and looked at me, with a playful smile on his face, “Because, I found that you have the ability to make White’s restless, so, I guess you know if this will Do something?”

Yin Shijie’s words made me feel cold all over.

He was right. Knowing this, I would only have deeper dissatisfaction with Norven White.

Then it is possible to do extreme things.

Seeing that I didn’t speak, Yin Shijie shook his head, “Fortunately, you didn’t die, otherwise I still can’t see the infighting in the White family, and I will kill myself this good show.”

I looked at him, clenched my hands tightly, and sneered after I calmed down, “Mr. Yin really overestimates me. They are all senior businessmen who raised their hands for tens of millions of water, so how could it be controlled by me as a woman? , They are just the pleasure that they can get when they like what they want.”

“Nonono.” Yin Shijie shook his fingers, “Man, only when you have a weak underbelly will you become stronger and more competitive, just like you women are just like mothers.”


For a while, I felt, maybe, I was really Norven White’s weakness.

But I am not Zhaoming White’s weakness.

“Are you finished?” At this moment, Zhaoming White just finished the call, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “It’s cold outside, I’m afraid Xiaodie will get sick.”

So many things obviously happened.

Everything about Zhaoming White doesn’t seem to have changed, but he is still gentle and considerate.

It’s just that in my heart, the earth-shaking changes have taken place silently about him.

“It’s over, it’s over.” Yin Shijie shuddered and rubbed his hands. “It’s very cold to say so. I went home to look for my baby. Goodbye White!”

After speaking, I went straight to the ballroom door and left.

For a while, only me and Zhaoming White were left here.

At this moment, it is my heart that is colder than this weather.

“Let’s go home.” Zhaoming White whispered in my ear.

I wanted to refuse, but the man’s arm was pressed against my shoulder, obviously without force, it was like a net of heaven and earth.

Let me not escape.

I can only follow him in the car.

The car did not drive to Flipvilla No. 1, but to Shenghua Water Bay.

Shenghua Water Bay was the house Zhaoming White showed me before, and he planned to let me marry him.

At this time, I don’t have the warmth in my heart when he gave me the bank card here. On the contrary, it was full of resistance.

However, Zhaoming White parked the car in the garage next to the villa, and then took me to the door.

The light in the room is on.

Next to it is the large French window in the living room.

The curtains were not drawn, and I saw that the furniture in the room was completely arranged.

This house has been decorated before, and Zhaoming White and I have chosen furniture again. It should be completely furnished.

The door is locked with fingerprints.

Zhaoming White put his finger on the fingerprint lock and pressed it.

With a beep, he pushed the door open.

At this moment, the three servants at the door came over and said to us respectfully, “Master, madam, good evening.”

I was taken aback by the battle.

One of the servants took out the slippers from the shoe cabinet, knelt on the ground and carefully arranged them for us, saying, “Please change your shoes.”

I looked at her like this, very uncomfortable, “Get up, you don’t need to kneel in the future, I will take slippers myself.”

“No, no, how can you do such a thing?”

The servant knelt on the ground and did not dare to get up, and did not even dare to lift his head.

She spoke in a solemn voice, as if she was scared.

Next to me, Zhaoming White said, “Get up, you all go down first.”


The three servants stood up after hearing what he said, and all walked away.

I realized that although these three servants called my wife, they still obeyed Yu Zhaoming White.

“Come on, set this up first.” Zhaoming White took my hand and operated the fingerprint lock to open the door.

Then, I added the fingerprint of my finger.

After I finished it, I tried it again for me, then pulled me into the room, looked at me gently, and asked me, “The furniture you ordered has arrived. I will arrange them for you. Do you like it?”


I looked at him with a formulaic smile.

This is the end of the matter, and I can no longer say dislike it.

Moreover, I have already traded myself for Qingtian’s things, and I can only accept all this.

Zhaoming White took me for a tour upstairs and downstairs.

Finally, stop at the door of the children’s room we planned before.

Zhaoming White opened the door and said to me, “This is Shuoshuo’s room. When do you think you can bring him back?”


Zhaoming White’s words made my heart tense.

To be honest, I don’t want Shuo Shuo to come over.

Although Zhaoming White is very gentle now, everything that happened in the evening thought of those dozens of bodyguards

Thinking of several gunpoints at Norven White, I was full of infinite fear of him.

I’m afraid he will use Shuo Shuo to threaten me in the future.

But I can’t refuse. I thought about it and said first, “Shuoshuo kindergarten has winter vacation. Let’s wait until the winter vacation is over.”

“Well, when the time comes, we will pick him up together.” Zhaoming White’s hand fell on my head and patted lightly.

His strength was very light, but my heart trembled.

At night, I knew I could not go.

I also know what is about to happen.

Now that he decided to stay with Zhaoming White, this is also normal.

Zhaoming White took all the clothes from my house.

Although there is heating at home, I still wear a bottoming shirt under my home clothes.

After taking a shower, I was wearing home clothes and sitting by the bed alone with a hairdryer to blow my hair.

Just halfway through the blowing, I saw Zhaoming White coming in from the outside through the reflection on the bedroom glass and walking straight towards the bed.

Chapter 313

I couldn’t help shaking my hand holding the hair dryer. In order not to make myself look flustered, I looked away and continued to blow my hair.

After a while, I felt the man’s hand encircling my waist.

My body trembled.

I didn’t move, I just sat there and continued to blow my hair.

The man’s k!ss fell on my wet hair, neck and shoulders.

Maybe because I was too nervous, I forgot to move my hand holding the hair dryer. I didn’t realize it until the hot wind blew my scalp for too long.

I quickly turned off the hair dryer.

Without the sound of the hair dryer, the whole room suddenly became quiet.

Without the interruption of the hair dryer, Zhaoming White leaned closer to me, and his arms tightened my waist.

I was sitting there, my back stiffened and did not dare to move.

In a moment, Zhaoming White’s hand finally began to hit the button of my home clothes, and the k!ss became deeper and deeper.

I turned my back to him, closed my eyes, and seemed to have begun to wait.



When the man took off my home clothes, he found that there was still a piece of clothing inside.

Behind him, a man’s chuckle suddenly came, “So beware of me?”

“I…I’m cold.” I gritted my teeth.

I told this lie, but I didn’t believe it.

“Oh.” After listening, Zhaoming White asked me tentatively, “Then, do you want to take it off now?”


I sat there, struggling.

I do not want.

I don’t know if others are the same as me, people who don’t love, I don’t even want to do love.

It doesn’t even feel at all.

At this moment, his k!ss only made me feel terrified and disgusted.

There is nothing else.

Even if I didn’t speak, Zhaoming White started his own actions, and I only felt a cold in my abdomen.

The bottoming shirt has been rolled up.

I closed my eyes, motionless, waiting for the man’s next move.

Time passed by every minute.

However, the cold in my abdomen did not spread.

Instead, the bottoming shirt was put down again.

I opened my eyes and saw through the mirror that Zhaoming White had no action. He just sat behind me with his hands around me and smiled helplessly, “You look like you are on the execution ground, so I can’t bear to force you. .”


I lowered my eyes to apologize.

I’m afraid he will be angry and disappointed.

I want to live, I hope Norven White is well, and I want to protect Shuosuo.

“It’s okay.” Zhaoming White pulled the quilt away, “Go to sleep, I only sleep with you, can I?”

The man’s voice was gentle and could be forced, but he still asked my opinion.

It’s as if nothing has changed.

I nodded, “I blow dry my hair.”

With that said, I picked up the hair dryer again, and just about to push the windshield up, the man grabbed the hair dryer from me and said, “I will help you.”

I was a little surprised.

Zhaoming White just took the hair dryer and helped me blow my hair bit by bit.

His movements are very gentle.

It reminds me of when he washed my hair before.

If I don’t know those things and what happened today didn’t happen, maybe I am willing to accept him.


There is no if.

He didn’t put the hair dryer down until my hair was completely dry, and said seriously, “You can go to bed.”


I subconsciously wanted to say thank you, but as soon as I spoke, I thought of something.

It’s too late to shut up.

Zhaoming White directly turned me over and pressed me on the pillow, looking at me condescendingly, with a somewhat ambiguous warmth in Ming Che’s eyes.

Could it be…

My heart hung high, watching the handsome face of the man getting closer and closer to me, and I became more and more nervous.

The hot breath of the man sprayed on my face.

I closed my eyes nervously.

A k!ss fell on my forehead, with a bit of damp heat.

While I was waiting for the k!ss to continue, I heard him say, “What are you, want me to continue?”

I quickly opened my eyes and drove Zhaoming White.

The man has stood up.

Seeing that I opened my eyes, he sat aside, covered me with a quilt, and then he got in too, wrapped my waist with his arms, wrapped me in his arms, and said, “Don’t worry, I can bear it until the day of my wedding.”

I know that this is the deadline he gave me.

Then I can’t escape.

Early the next morning, Zhaoming White sent you me to Tang Ruo’s office. When I was about to get off the car, the man said, “I will pick you up in the evening and accompany me to a party.”


“be good.”

Just as I was about to speak, Zhaoming White interrupted me.

The word “good” makes me unable to refuse.

Helpless, I can only nod and agree.

After he got up, Tang Ruo walked over, clasped his fists in his hands, and said in a very convincing manner, “You told me that Zhaoming White is rich. I still don’t believe it, but now I believe it.”

She didn’t know that I also knew that she must have read the news of yesterday’s Noah Center auction.

Now, not only Tang Ruo, but the entire Flipvilla and even the whole country know him.

“Is there anything I need to do?” I deliberately changed the subject.

I don’t want to involve Tang Ruo in this matter.

Tang Ruo didn’t take it to heart, but just nodded, “Yes!” She tidied up her things while complaining to herself, “Let the great designer Chu Die and Zhaoming White’s fiancee be my assistant. Alas, I will be thundered sooner or later. hack.”

“I am a vagrant now. I have to thank you for giving me something to do. When the things in our studio are done, I won’t have time to be an assistant for you.”

In fact, sometimes I really want to be busy.

In this way, I don’t have to go home so early.

After a busy day, in the afternoon, Zhaoming White called me when he got downstairs.

He first took me home and changed my clothes before he took me to social gatherings.

I followed him to the entrance of the banquet hall.

Before entering, I heard the melodious violin sound from inside.

Standing outside the door, I saw many familiar faces inside, some of them were the big guys who appeared in the front row of Noah Center that day.

Others are big coffees who often appear in financial news.

When we stood at the door, these people were chatting in groups of two or three.

However, when Zhaoming White and I were walking in, a person shouted, “Mr. White!”

At this time, everyone looked at the door.

For a moment, all those people just walked towards the door and surrounded us.

All kinds of flattering sounds suddenly sounded in my ears.

Zhaoming White responded one by one.

The crowd dispersed, I just stood there with Zhaoming White, and one by one came to toast him and asked him about cooperation.

It seems that overnight, Zhaoming White went from an unknown doctor to a celebrity.

And it’s a celebrity who everyone knows what he is.

And I stood beside Zhaoming White, like a doll with a smiling mask.

Chapter 314

I can understand what other people say, but there is no response, just a smile.

The entire banquet lasted more than three hours. I stood there wearing high heels, my feet hurting terribly, but there was still a smile on my face.

Even changes will not change.

At the end of the banquet, everyone was still there. Zhaoming White asked me, “Are high heels uncomfortable?”

I shook my head, still a patterned smile, “It’s okay.”

The man looked at me with a slight frown, thinking nothing, bent down, picked me up, and walked to the door!

“what are you doing?”

I was taken aback, I didn’t expect Zhaoming White to hug me suddenly!

The man looked at me and said distressedly, “Sorry, I just patronized and talked to others and ignored you and kept you standing for so long.”

“It’s okay, you let me down, I can go.”

At this time, the other guests around all looked over with different expressions.

I was even more embarrassed, “Everyone is watching.”

“Just look at it.” Zhaoming White disapproved. “My fiancee has a pain in her feet. Isn’t it normal for me to hug and walk?”


“No, but I will pay attention to it later.”

Zhaoming White interrupted me.

The two of us got into the elevator.

He carried me all the way to the car, put me on the co-pilot, took off my shoes, and then took off his suit and put it on the ground of the co-pilot, saying, “Step on here, it’s more comfortable.”

“No need to.”

I wanted to help him pick up the suit, but Zhaoming White pushed my leg.

His feet were directly on his suit.

He took his high heels and put them in the back seat before getting into the driver’s seat.

drive home.

Everything is like yesterday.

I was the smiling doll next to Zhaoming White for three days.

In these three days, the deeds of love between me and Zhaoming White have been rounded by the media n times.

For a time, Zhaoming White became a model of a good man.

If you have money, don’t bother.

But I understand his intentions very well. He never said anything, but cleverly used some pressure from public opinion and other things to prevent me from leaving him.

On the fourth day, the small auction of Tianlu Cup works by Tang Ruo and I finally started.

Because my relationship with Zhaoming White was madly reposted on the Internet, it caused a lot of people in this auction.

When Tang Ruo and I went to the auction site, we found that many media were also here.

Tang Ruo and I followed the staff to the lounge.

Here, I met Gu Tao, the vice president of Tianlu Furniture, the organizer of the Tianlu Cup; and Jiang Jiao, the chief designer of Tianlu.

It stands to reason that this kind of auction, this kind of competition, it is impossible for a vice president to come.

This time Gu Tao will come, and the eight achievements are directed at Zhaoming White.

Sure enough, after he saw me, he respectfully said, “Miss Chu, I’ve been admired for a long time.”

“Good Mr. Gu.” I shook hands with Gu Tao.

Before the auction started, Gu Tao and Jiang Jiao asked me about Tang Ruo’s studio.

After that, I mainly asked about my personal matters.

Basically, when will you get married with Zhaoming White? There is no nutritional problem.

I don’t know what they are going to gossip like as vice president and chief.

Fortunately, soon, the auction will begin.

A few of us sat in the background and looked at the scene.

As a result, I saw Zhaoming White sitting in the front at first sight!

“Why is he here?”

I suddenly became nervous.

He won’t shoot my work, will he?

No way!

I talked to Tang Ruo, Gu Tao, and they hurried to the scene.

At this time, the scene was originally closed, but because of my special status, the staff let me in.

I walked to Zhaoming White’s side with a cat waist, pulled him and whispered, “You are not allowed to shoot my work.”

Zhaoming White looked at me and patted the chair beside me.

I sat down.

The man took me in his arms, tilted his head and pressed his thin lips to my ears and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t shoot.”

Our distance is very ambiguous, I can feel the man’s hot breath.

On this public occasion, my face was slightly flushed, a little embarrassed, and asked him in a low voice, “Then why are you here?”

“Look at you.” Zhaoming White said with a smile, “Everyone knows our relationship. If I make a price, who would be embarrassed to increase it? Then the value of my precious work will depreciate.”


Zhaoming White was right.

If everyone is not obligatory to this work, plus the identity of Zhaoming White, it is estimated that they are all willing to be beautiful.

The auction has been going on.

Zhaoming White didn’t raise any sign.

Finally, the more dramatic thing is that the works of Tang Ruo and I were taken away by Shishi Real Estate.

After the auction was over, the CEO of Shishi Real Estate came over.

Although I don’t know him, I know the person behind him—Shi Mo.

Before, Lanquan bought my house just to live in him.

The boss of Shi’s Real Estate walked over, without squinting, looking at Zhaoming White first, “Mr. White.”

Zhaoming White shook hands with him, “You photographed the works of my Xiaodie and her partner, and you will definitely not be disappointed.”

“That is, I like these two works very much. This time I am determined to get it.”

The boss of Shi’s Real Estate finished speaking and planned to shake hands with me.

When he looked up and saw me, he was visibly stunned, his mouth was open, and he didn’t say anything for a long time.

“What’s wrong?” Zhaoming White’s voice beside me was obviously a little unhappy.

There is a strong possessiveness in the tone.

Mr. Shi shook his head quickly, “No, no, just… Designer Chu is a bit familiar.”

What he said, let me be taken aback!

Could it be…

Does he know my mother?

“I also think Miss Chu is a bit familiar.” Shi Mo on the side also said.

Zhaoming White seemed to think they recognized me, stretched out his hand to embrace me, and said, “Xiaodie grew up in a foreign country and has been in Su Town since he arrived in China. I am afraid that he has made a mistake.”

“That’s it.”

Shi’s two people said in unison.

Zhaoming White didn’t ask me either.

I thought that after I brought back Moulanxi’s picture, I wanted to ask him, but because I was busy, I didn’t take care of it.

Now that something like this has happened, I don’t really want him to find someone for me.

Soon, Tang Ruo came, and the two of us chatted with the Shi’s boss.

Mr. Shi suddenly said, “Two designers, this design of the two of you, I want to use it in a holiday resort, but I have an idea, can you merge these two designs into one.”


Tang Ruo asked.

“Yes, it is to uphold this style, and then knead it into one. You just happen to be a modern, a retro, and make a fusion but not affective work.”

So far as Mr. Shi’s words are said, I understand.

Tang Ruo and I looked at each other, thought for only a second, and said in unison, “Yes.”

Chapter 315

Mr. Shi gave us his thoughts and communicated with Mr. Tianlu.

The agreement was signed on the spot, and it was agreed to go to the resort tomorrow to see the situation on the ground, and then look at the drawings of the architectural design, we can modify the landscape and interior design here.

When it comes to the itinerary, I am the happiest.

Because of this, I have a reason to work overtime, so I don’t have to be with Zhaoming White every day.

Although he treats me very well these days.

However, the better he treats me, the more I care about the way he hides before.

I am afraid of touching his negative scales one day.

Therefore, shortening the contact time should be the best.

The next day, the boss of Shi did not come, but let Shimo drive and take Tang Ruo and me to the resort.

In the car, I pretended to ask Shimo accidentally, “Mr. Shi, you and Shi always said yesterday that I am like a person, who am I like?”

When I went back tonight, I already asked Zhaoming Jishi’s name, Shi Guanyuan.

“Like my aunt,” Shi Mo said while driving.

His words made me feel tight.

I told Tang Ruo about my mother before, so Tang Ruo should also find out.

Hearing this silently, Tang Ruo glanced at me.

I quickly asked, “Your aunt?”

“Yes, but I haven’t seen her for a long time. I only saw her when I was very, very young.” Shi Mo answered naturally.

He is a very simple person.

When I asked him that, he didn’t seem to think much.

“Oh… is your aunt married?” I continued to ask.

“No, my aunt has always had a madness in my mind. She was treated, and then she seemed to have died.” Shi Mo said while driving.


I don’t know why, when I heard this silently, my heart was full of bitterness and discomfort.

This feeling is something I have never had before.

What’s more, his aunt explained to me that she was a stranger, unless…

I looked at Tang Ruo, who was also looking at me at this time.

The two of us looked at each other, but I hesitated, but still didn’t ask.

I don’t think Shimo can ask anything, so it’s better to ask Shi Guanyuan directly.

It’s almost a three-hour drive from the city to this resort. Of course, one of the reasons is that Shimo’s driving is too slow.

Because it is winter, construction has not yet started here, Tang Ruo and I just took a look at the surrounding environment.

By the time I went back, it was already past three o’clock. If I followed the silent speed, it would be dark when I went back.

Tang Ruo couldn’t bear it anymore, grabbed Shi Mo’s steering wheel and drove by himself.

We arrived in Flipvilla in two hours.

As soon as he entered the city, Shi Mo received a call from Shi Guanyuan. Knowing that we were back, he called and invited us to dinner.

Shi Mo conveyed Shi Guanyuan’s invitation.

If it is normal, I will definitely refuse.

But this time…

I took a look at Tang Ruo. Before I could speak, Tang Ruo said, “Let’s go, and thank Mr. Shi for us.”

“Tang Ruo.”

Tang Ruo looked at me, raised his hand and patted my shoulder, “We are partners. If you have something in your heart and can’t work well, I will suffer too!”

“Thank you.” I am extremely grateful.

That night, Tang Ruo and I went to dinner with Shi Guanyuan.

Halfway through the banquet, I saw that Shi Guanyuan had almost drunk, so I picked up a glass of champagne and walked over, smiling and saying to Shi Guanyuan, “Mr Shi, thank you very much for taking pictures of me and Tang Ruo’s work this time. An opportunity to play together.”

When Shi Guanyuan heard this, he waved his hand, “I should thank you for such a good work, how am I willing to give it to others!”

“Thank you anyway.”

“You are polite, do it well this time, and I will often ask you to do it in the future!”

I settled with Shi Guanyuan for a while, seeing that the timing was almost the end, and the conversation changed. “Today Mr. Shi, Mr. Shi Mo said that I look like his aunt. I think we have a special fate.”

Originally I thought Shi Guanyuan would be happy to hear me say this.

However, when Shi Guanyuan heard me say this, his face immediately became very bad, and he was simply put down, with the corners of his mouth drooping, “He is talking nonsense, how can he have any aunts!”


“Sorry, Miss Chu, I want to make a call and go out first.”

I just wanted to continue, Shi Guanyuan interrupted me directly, put down the wine glass, picked up the phone and walked out.

Originally there were only four people for this meal.

When Shi Guanyuan left, there were only three left.

Tang Ruo came over and asked, “What do you say?”

I repeated Shi Guanyuan’s reaction just now, and Tang Ruocai nodded, “So, there really is such a crazy aunt in the Shi family.”

“What’s the matter?” Shi silently asked when we two stood together.

I looked at him and pretended to be angry and said, “Mr. Shi, you said you have an aunt in your family. I just told Shi always the same thing. In the end, he said no and became angry. If this agreement panics, it’s all blame. you.”

Because today we are all with Shi Mo, and Shi Mo is also very easy to get along with, we are now relatively familiar.

When Shi silently listened, he immediately said, “Really! I have seen it!”

At this time, Shimo’s phone rang, and he answered the phone. After listening to it, he frowned slightly, “My dad said he had left beforehand, and specifically said that my family does not have the person I said…”

“Oh, don’t forget it, I just asked casually.”

I said with a smile.

It seems that the Shi family deliberately wanted to hide this person.

Is Shi Mo’s aunt Moulan Xi? I can only look for opportunities to ask again.

We had almost eaten, so we packed up and left.

As soon as I arrived at the door, I saw Zhaoming White’s car parked at the intersection. The man wearing a light gray coat was standing next to the car, seeing me, and beckoning to me.

“Ah, President White has come to pick you up, and sure enough you are as good as the news said.” Shi Mo said next to him.

However, my heart is heavy.

To be honest, I was really not happy when Norven White came to pick me up. On the contrary, I felt like someone trapped in a Truman world.

Zhaoming White watched every move all the time.

Even if he doesn’t ask where I am, he knows where I am.

“Let’s go home.” Zhaoming White walked to me with a clear and beautiful smile on his face.

Take me in his arms, follow Shi Mo for me, and Tang Ruo waved goodbye.

Zhaoming White drove the car.

Because of his different status now, the car has been changed from Lincoln to Rolls-Royce.

Suddenly increased several grades.

I sat in the passenger seat and said nothing.

Zhaoming White seemed to see my abnormality and asked me, “What’s wrong?”

I looked at him, hesitated again and again, and still said, “Aming, you don’t actually need to pick me up every day from now on.” When I finished speaking, I was afraid that I was too direct, and added, “Me and Tang Ruo will change the drawing soon. , I will be very busy next time, and there is no time to get off work. If you wait for me, I may be worried about you and I don’t want to get off work hard…”

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