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Chapter 316

Zhaoming White put his hands on the steering wheel and looked ahead.

Although his expression did not change, he did not hear what I said.

I was a little nervous, and I don’t know if he didn’t hear it, but even so, I didn’t even have the courage to say it again.

I gripped the edges of my clothes tightly with my hands. I don’t know when, in front of Zhaoming White, I actually became so timid.

Maybe it was from that time when I saw so many guns.

The car was about to drive to [Shenghua Water Bay]. When the car stopped, Zhaoming White looked at me, unfastened my seat belt, raised his hand and gently touched my cheek, and said with a smile, “Okay, then I won’t pick you up for a while.”


I wanted to say thank you, but I thought of what happened before and pressed these two words in my heart.

When I returned at night, Zhaoming White still hugged me to sleep, but did not do more.

Beginning the next day, Tang Ruo and I received the architectural design drawings of the resort, and began to modify the design drawings of the two of us.

Because the resort is not only indoors, but also outdoor.

According to Shi’s request, I want to specialize in landscape design.

Because this is a fusion of two designs, Tang Ruo and I have to work together, so we are both together for a while.

Come together in the morning and walk together in the evening.

One night a week later, the two of us worked overtime until more than ten o’clock before finishing our work.

Neither of us had dinner because we had a good idea at night.

The hungry stomach growls at this point.

So the two of us decided to go out for a supper together.

Since it is a partner, if you want to get fat, get fat together.

Tang Ruo’s office is in an office building area. At this point, all the shops here are closed, so we took a taxi to a bustling place at night and found a bunch of shops.

It took more than an hour to come out.

Because I ate a lot, I decided to walk and exercise again.

The two of us were walking on the sidewalk, and a Rolls-Royce passed us and stopped firmly on the side of the road in front.

I subconsciously checked the car number…

Zhaoming White’s car number!

I quickly grabbed Tang Ruo and hid away.

Soon the car door opened, and it was not Zhaoming White who came down first, but a woman…

In the winter, the woman was wrapped in a thick down jacket on the upper body, but was wearing a short skirt on the lower body, showing a whole large white leg.

Thin high heels are stepped under her feet.

Immediately afterwards, another woman came down, dressed similarly to the previous one.

I stood by and saw three women getting off the car.

“Aren’t they cold?” Tang Ruo complained.

It was obvious that she hadn’t understood what I was looking at.

When these three women got off, I saw Zhaoming White get off the car leisurely.

When he got out of the car, the three women immediately surrounded him!

“Am I right?” Tang Ruo rubbed his eyes next to me.

I shook my head.

I don’t know why, when I saw Zhaoming White like this, I was not angry at all, but let out a long sigh of relief.

It was as if finally there was no need to feel guilty for not being able to solve his physical problems for him.

Tang Ruo was sure that it was him, and he pulled me and said, “Go! I’ll accompany you over!”

As she said, she was about to go out.

I grabbed her and shook my head, “No, it would be great if he can have someone help him solve his physical problems.”

“What is your spirit?” Tang Ruo looked at me with an inexplicable expression.

I smiled and stood there thinking a lot.

If I go in now and see these, can I have a legitimate reason to leave Zhaoming White?

Or is there a valid reason not to have a relationship with him?

I thought of this and said to Tang Ruo, “You go first, I’ll go in for a while.”

“Let me accompany you.”

Tang Ruo thought I was going in to fight with Zhaoming White.

I shook my head, “No, don’t worry, he can come here, I’m very happy, I won’t make trouble.”

Tang Ruo was unwilling at first, she worried about me.

I tried to persuade her and she left.

After Tang Ruo took a taxi and left, I entered the bar in front of me.

I don’t know which floor Zhaoming White went to, but based on my understanding of Zhaoming White’s current identity, it must be upstairs.

Fortunately, this is not a membership bar.

No one stopped me when I went in.

I walked all the way to the third floor. I was about to go up to the fourth floor. A staff member stopped me and said, “Sorry, the fourth floor is reserved.”

“Private the room?” I looked at him, seeming to understand something, and said calmly, “It was President White who asked me to come.”

The staff member looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, no one is allowed in without Mr. White’s person.”

This posture is the same attitude as the staff of Noah Center back then.

There are many people who lie.

But now I am different. At that time, Zhaoming White was already known to everyone because of his infatuation with me.

I stood at the door with my arms around my chest, and calmly said, “Call your manager to see if he recognizes me? A Ming and I are bound to appear on the news every day, you don’t even know me?”

The staff glanced at me suspiciously and seemed to think of something.

Get out the internal phone quickly.

In less than two minutes, their manager watched.

After seeing me, I heard that Zhaoming White asked me to come. Although his face was full of suspicion, he didn’t dare to call me to verify. He could only respectfully let me in.

“Which box is Aming in?” I asked the manager.

When the manager heard this, his face was not very good, “Miss Chu, is President White really let you come? Don’t cheat me, we are all part-time workers. If you are here to make trouble, our jobs will not be guaranteed!”

“Don’t worry, I’m here to make trouble.” I smiled faintly at the manager.

“Really? Then you, you…”

The manager doesn’t seem to know how to persuade me.

After all, in the news recently, my relationship with Zhaoming White is so good that he dare not offend me.

“Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you.”

I persuaded.

Now that I’m here, the manager can’t help it.

Finally, tell me where Zhaoming White is.

Since Zhaoming White disclosed his wealth, he has really become more and more high-profile. He has contracted the entire fourth floor of this bar, but only uses one.

I walked straight to the innermost room, and before I reached the door, I heard a very light wave of laughter from the women.

The manager is standing a few steps behind me.

I took a deep breath and finally pushed the door open.

The moment I saw the scene inside the house, I was shocked!

To be honest, one second before I opened the door, I had countless fantasies about the scene in the room, but what I saw before my eyes was even more exaggerated than I thought!

The whole room was dimly lit.

There is a big, very long sofa in the room, and in front of the sofa is a huge screen.

It shows videos inappropriate for children.

On the sofa, Zhaoming White was sitting in the center alone. There were not only the three women in the room, but also other women.

They were pitiful with little cloth, all surrounded by Zhaoming White.

Chapter 317

Especially one of them, lying in front of Zhaoming White, head buried underneath.

No matter how stupid I was, I knew what she was doing.

Some of the others were holding grapes in their mouths and feeding them to Zhaoming White, while others were pouring wine for him.

Although I was mentally prepared, I was still very surprised and shocked when I saw the scene before me!

For a long time, in my impression, that clean and gentle Zhaoming White actually had such a side.

After the door was opened, everyone looked towards the door.

Zhaoming White also looked over.

Today, he didn’t wear glasses, his cheeks were cut like a knife, and his shallow and clear eyes looked extremely cold and sharp.

When he looked at me, he was a bit hostile.

When he recognized it was me, his expression immediately became gentle, and he pushed the woman beside his leg directly, the zipper could no longer be closed, he put down the clothes and covered it.

Stand up and walk towards me.

Slightly frowned, “Fluttershy, why are you…”

“Sorry, Ming, I’m bothering you.” I stood at the door, clenched my hands slightly, strong and calm.

This kind of glamorous scene, even if it is an irrelevant person, I can’t accept it.

What’s more, this person is Zhaoming White.

But it’s good.

Today’s negotiations are for the future to stop entanglements.

“Brother Ming, who is he?”

“Yes, how did you get in?”

“Brother Ming, get rid of her, let’s continue.”

The women behind them were full of dissatisfaction with my arrival, and clamored for Zhaoming White to drive me away.

Zhaoming White stood on the spot, turned his face slightly, and ordered silently, “Get out!”

His tone was cold and terrifying, clearly just two words, but with a strong sense of oppression.

All the women turned off.

Especially the woman in the middle just now said unwillingly, “Brother Ming, I…”

“Whoever doesn’t leave, I will send you there.”

Zhaoming White interrupted her.

As soon as they said “there”, the women behind them turned pale and got up one after another, so scared that they didn’t dare to say a word, they ran out in panic.

I blocked half the door, they could only exit one by one, and no one dared to squeeze me.

I can tell you from their expressions, what Zhaoming White said “there” should be very scary to them.

As soon as they left, Zhaoming White walked over and closed the door next to him with his hand.

Put ten fingers across my fingers, put my hands on the sides of my head, and press them against the wall.

The light in the room was dim, and the man’s eyes looked at me dimly, and then, his thin lips pressed against my collarbone, “It’s great, I closed my eyes just now, and all I thought about was you. I thought of them as you, and then you coming.”

“Aming, I’m here to talk to you.” I was a little nervous.

The man’s strength was so strong that I couldn’t move at all when he pressed my hand.

“But, I’m very hungry now. Just when I was about to start eating, you came. Now everyone is gone, don’t you plan to satisfy me?” Zhaoming White’s voice was very soft, but I felt that there was some evil spirit.

The ambiguous atmosphere dispersed between us.

“I… Um!”

As soon as I spoke, my lips were sealed by a man!

The sweet fruit flavor mixed with the wine flavor spreads in my mouth.

I was extremely resistant in my heart, but I wanted to move but I was crushed by Zhaoming White!

For the first time, I felt that this man was not as gentle and gentle on the surface. He was very strong and violent, and controlled my two hands with one of his hands.

The other hand wanders roughly on me!

I was wearing a coat on the outside and a sweater on the inside. The man had no patience and pulled my clothes into a mess.

The neckline of the sweater was pulled huge!


I struggled desperately, but to no avail.

Finally, when he felt that it was not very convenient, he directly picked me up and threw me on the sofa, pressing him up!

“No, Zhaoming White, calm down!” I looked at him in horror, “You have touched other women, why are you touching me!”

“I’ve touched other women?” Zhaoming White lowered his head, his once gentle eyes are now sharp and terrifying, with one hand firmly clamped on my chin, “Then you haven’t been touched by Norven White? Tell me, how did he get on you? Is he the size of me?”

I opened my eyes wide and looked at Zhaoming White.

He pressed on me, blocking all the lights behind me, and I could hardly see anything.

At this moment I just feel strange.

It’s as if I got into the wrong house, and it wasn’t him that I saw even more stupid!

I would never believe that these words would come out of Zhaoming White’s mouth!

“you you……”

“What’s wrong with me?” Zhaoming White sneered, “I was driven crazy by you!”

The man pulled the hair of my cheeks away, his hand roughly traced my facial features, and said, “For so many years, I have carefully held you in my palm, because I know that we are the same kind of people, and I had a mother when I was young. You don’t even have a mother. I know you are harder than me, so I treat you very well, but what about you?!

You trample on mine at will!

No matter how much I do, as long as Norven White says a few words, you can easily shake you! “


I subconsciously said.

“Isn’t it?” The man squeezed my chin and he tightened his hand. “I’m never stupid, I just give in silently. I hope that one day you can look back and see my goodness, see my giving, and then turn around and hug I!

However, you never have, I need to take ninety-nine steps to get you, but Norven White only needs to take one step!

After all, don’t you just look at the money? Now he has nothing! And I am ten times richer than him! “

I can’t see Zhaoming White’s expression, but I can feel the coldness of the man’s body.

Can feel his hatred!

And his hatred for the injustice of reality!

I shook my head gently, “Because I love him, if I choose, I don’t want to love him, but I can’t choose, I am trying very hard to forget him, and I also understand that loving someone is not possession, but… …”

“No, I must have you!” Zhaoming White said, directly trying to break there.

“Well, I belong to you, and I will belong to you from now on.”

I said calmly.

I was about to get engaged, and there was only one or two weeks. Why am I hypocritical?

It’s an adult, and it’s not the first time.

What about having a relationship?

When Zhaoming White heard what I said, he was obviously taken aback, but he didn’t stop his movements.

I closed my eyes. At this moment, all I was thinking about was Norven White.

Well, after today, I will be Zhaoming White’s person.

He should be able to feel relieved by taking my body.

However, when all things were about to be done, the man suddenly stopped all his movements.

Chapter 318

I opened my eyes and only felt the corner of my eye being swept by the man’s k!ss.

Take away the teardrops hanging there.

Very light, like feathers.

After a while, Zhaoming White straightened up, sat upright, put his coat on my body, and said, “Sorry, I am in a hurry, I just…”

“It’s okay.” I stood up, “You made a mistake, A Ming, I didn’t come to catch the rape, I didn’t come to get angry with you, I just said, I don’t mind what you do today.”

“Heh.” Hearing what I said, Zhaoming White chuckled and shook his head helplessly, “Do you know? It’s because of this that I am angry. I would rather you mind, I would rather you quarrel with me, I would rather drive away those just now The woman is you, because, only then can I know that you care about me.”

Zhaoming White’s words deeply moved me.

For a while, I seemed to think I could understand his thoughts.


I tightened my clothes tightly and lowered my eyes, “I don’t really mind for the time being. If one day I mind, I will tell you that if you are willing to change for me then I will I am very happy. If it doesn’t work, I won’t force it.”

After I finished speaking, I arranged my clothes, took off Zhaoming White’s coat, and walked out wearing these torn coats.

Since I can’t give it to him now, then I shouldn’t bother him.

Zhaoming White did not chase me.

As soon as I arrived at the door and was about to call a car, I heard someone calling me, “Jia Rhodes.”

Hearing the name, I was taken aback.

Turning his head, he actually saw Ziyi’an who hadn’t seen him for a long time.

“How are you…”

“How do I recognize you? My elder brother is going to be driven mad by you. He says you in my ear every day. Did I know that Chu Die is you?”

Ziyi’an walked into me and saw my messy hair and disheveled clothes, and immediately realized what had happened.

As soon as he wanted to speak, I said, “Can you send me something off.”

He is from Norven White. Since Norven White told him about me, to a certain extent, I can trust him.


Without hesitation, Ziyi’an clicked a car not far away, and the gentleman opened the door for me.

His car was that kind of sports car, it was very low. After I bent down and sat on it, Ziyi’an took a detour from the driver’s seat and sat down, “Oh, fortunately, I haven’t had a drink today, otherwise I won’t be able to send you.”

“Thank you.” I wrapped my clothes around.

“Where are you going?” Ziyi’an looked at me from the corner of the light, looked up and down, and couldn’t help but complain, “You, you are not raped, are you?”


Is that rape?

Thinking that Zhaoming White had finally stopped, I shook my head, “No.”

“OK, where to go?”

Ziyi’an asked me again.

For a while, I was a little confused.

Where to go

I do not want to go back to Shenghua Water Bay, nor do I want to go to Flipvilla No.1.

But after a few times, where can I go?

After thinking about it, I said, “Find a hotel nearby.”

“Hotel?” Ziyi’an thought for a while, suddenly his eyes lit up, “Jiang Rhodes is in Flipvilla now, you go to the hotel, why not go to her!”

“Jiang Rhodes?”


I looked at Ziyi’an and understood his thoughts at once.

I just want to borrow my relationship with Jiang Rhodes.

However, maybe it is a good choice to go to Jiang Rhodes’s place. I hesitated for a while and nodded.

“Good!” Ziyi’an saw that I was going to Jiang Qina, with an expression on his face willing to serve me.

Before going, I called Jiang Rhodes.

She was already asleep, and quickly got up again.

When we drove to her door, Jiang Rhodes was waiting for me downstairs, wrapped in a long down jacket that reached her ankle.

When I got out of the car, Ziyi’an immediately got off the car and asked Jiang Rhodes for credit, “If I didn’t meet her today, she would take a taxi home by herself.”

Jiang Rhodes looked at Ziyi’an with disgust, and finally said, “Thank you.”

“I, I’ll accompany you up there!” Ziyi followed behind her, “Look at her like this, if someone is chasing her, why don’t I have a response?”

In fact, Zhaoming White would not chase him.

But now I don’t know what Jiang Rhodes and Ziyi’an are related to, and I haven’t spoken.

Sure enough, although Jiang Rhodes looked disgusted, he still said, “Come on, just stay for a while. You are not allowed to spend the night.”

“Yes, no overnight, no overnight!”

Ziyi’an nodded happily.

I don’t know why, Ziyi’an’s attitude towards Jiang Rhodes seems to me like a husky. Even if he sees someone he likes, even if he doesn’t speak, he will desperately wag his tail.

After so many years, the relationship between the two people does not seem to have changed.

Especially Ziyi’an, who is not young, but still looks cynical, and has a similar attitude towards Jiang Rhodes.

The three of us took the elevator upstairs together.

Just now, whether it was in the car or on the street, the lights were dim, and this would stand under bright light. Jiang Rhodes saw me clearly.

She had an expression of indescribable expression on her face, and she tried hard to say nothing.

When I got upstairs, when I entered the house, she finally couldn’t help it, “What’s the matter with you? Who is bullying you?”

“Calm and calm, who else could it be? It must be Zhaoming White, the well-dressed beast. I usually see him well-dressed. My elder brother has long said he is not a good person.”

Ziyi’an was next to make up the knife.

After listening, Jiang Rhodes pulled me and said, “You come in with me first, and I will help you clean up. This looks really unsightly.”

As she said, she took me into her room.

Standing in front of the mirror, I looked at myself in the mirror and felt very sad.

In the mirror, below my neck, there are all shallow and deep hickeys, and my face also shows obvious traces of love because of the man’s wanton aggression.

Plus the torn sweaters and coats with all the buttons off.


Even if you don’t say it, it’s clear what happened.

“Let’s take a shower.” Jiang Rhodes took out a new set of clothes from the closet and threw it to me.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, big-headed ghost!” As soon as I finished speaking, Jiang Rhodes raised his hand and flicked on my forehead.

Then turned around and went out.

I looked at the door closed by her, and my heart was warm. Fortunately, Jiang Rhodes was there.

I took a shower, wiped my hair half dry, put on my clothes, and just opened the bedroom door, I heard Ziyi’an say, “Oh, my eldest brother is really not easy. Don’t hack him. He has been He won’t let me say how much he has done for Jia Rhodes!”

Hearing this, I immediately stopped the steps I had already taken, and hid in the door to continue listening.

Jiang Rhodes didn’t care, “Bah! I could see clearly at the beginning, and there is a grief! There is not a good man in the White family, who hurts Xiao Qi so deeply!”

Jiang Rhodes still called me by my original name. She has called it for many years and got used to it.

Chapter 319

“No, my eldest brother is for her! People who provoke the underworld, originally this is his big taboo in business. He used to tell me that things over there should never be touched, otherwise it will be difficult to get out in the future. But he himself went for Jia Rhodes!”

Ziyi’an said excitedly.

I stood at the door, my hand holding the doorknob trembling slightly, is that true?

Ziyi’an seemed to have drank saliva. I heard him put the cup down and continued, “My eldest brother was still on the bar because of this. He was almost tied up at the time. He escaped by himself! He suffered so much. He’s injured. A rib was broken! I have recovered for a long time!”

“So serious?” Jiang Rhodes also seemed surprised.

“No! It was an extraordinary period at that time. My eldest brother was to protect him, OK! And that Lanquan, don’t regard the Lan family as a regular business, in fact it is the owner of black and white.

Otherwise, why would my elder brother marry her? After all, it wasn’t to protect Jia Rhodes. It’s better now, and the wounds have been suffered. Those who shouldn’t be involved are also involved, and they have married a woman she doesn’t love;

Jia Rhodes, who has been with Zhaoming White for several years, is he worthy of my brother? “

Ziyi’an complained over there, and I listened to every sentence, and my heart was very sad.

Is that so?

Why didn’t Norven White tell me?

If he tells me, I will wait for him…

Jiang Rhodes thought the same as I thought, “Why didn’t Norven White say anything? He didn’t say anything, do you think he is cool.”

At this moment, I finally couldn’t help but walked out and looked at Ziyi’an, “How has Norven White been during my absence?”

Finally I want to understand.

I want to know how good he has been in the past few years.

Seeing me, Ziyi’an suddenly covered his mouth and stood up immediately, “Oh, don’t say what I said, my elder brother knows that I told you, he must kill me!”

“Then tell me, how has he been in the past few years?”

I looked at him faintly.

The mood is unexpectedly painful.

Ziyi’an looked at me with a complicated expression, and said for a long time, “He thought you were dead, of course it’s not good. He also bought you a two-person cemetery and said that he would be buried with you after death. For a while, my brother Stay in front of your grave every day…”

“The cemetery? Where is it?” I looked at Ziyi’an.

“In…” Ziyi’an hesitated for a while, and finally said, “Oh, forget it, I’ll tell you everything since I said it. It’s in the third district of Dongling Cemetery.”

“Thank you.” I secretly wrote down the address.

Ziyi’an sat down again, “My brother is sincere to you, I wonder, why can’t you feel it? Later, after he walked out of the shadows, he was a workaholic. He wanted to live in the company all day long. Ask him to come out to the party and he won’t come either!”


It turns out that Norven White has been like this in recent years.

In contrast, I have Shuo Shuo to accompany me, and learn from Xiangli Mou, it seems too much happiness.

Jiang Rhodes was by the side and asked me, “Then what’s going on with you today, let me know.”

I sat there and talked about what happened today.

I knew that Ziyi’an had a big mouth that night, even if he promised not to tell Norven White, I couldn’t believe him.

So, at the end of my speech, I emphasized that Zhaoming White didn’t really touch me, and said what Zhaoming White said last.

After listening to Jiang Rhodes, he sneered, “What is this? Isn’t it just that I was discovered by stealing food, and then I made up my own reasons for whitewashing? Scum! The White family are scumbags!”

“My eldest brother is not!”

“Yes, your eldest brother is not.” Jiang Rhodes finished speaking and turned to ask me, “You don’t plan to marry Zhaoming White, do you?”

I looked at her, though helpless, but still nodded.

Zhaoming White’s financial resources now clearly surpass that of Qingtian.

Since Norven White has helped me so much, isn’t it good for me to sacrifice a little bit for him, and the safety of his company?

“Are you crazy?!” Jiang Rhodes came over, pulled me in front of her, and pressed me to the sofa, “He is like this, are you still marrying him?”

“Knot, say yes, why not knot.”

When I talked to her, I also convinced myself in my heart.

“I disagree.” Jiang Rhodes put his hands around his chest, “I tell you, if you marry him, I will lock you in the house, and he will marry you and step on my body first.”

“Hey don’t! Don’t be like this!” Ziyi said immediately, “Or I will stand in front and step on my corpse first, I can’t bear you to die.”

I saw them both doing this, and I immediately felt relieved.

Although Jiang Rhodes and Ziyi’an look like Huanxi friends, they are really unexpectedly suitable.

We may be very happy together in the future.

I smiled, “How can it be so heroic, it’s not just getting married, let alone, Zhaoming White is rich and treats me well, not very good.”

“You can lie to no one can lie to me.” Jiang Rhodes looked at me and held injustice for me.

Ziyi’an understood, “Forget it, let’s leave it alone. It’s not a simple matter. We outsiders shouldn’t get involved.”

He usually looks like a dude.

But I know that he sees this matter very thoroughly.

Indeed, outsiders really can’t make decisions.

“No, getting married is a lifetime thing, how can you…”

“I will want to understand.” I interrupted Jiang Rhodes, and opened my arms to hug her, “rest assured, I won’t be wronged.”


“Okay, I’m tired, can I sleep here tonight?” I interrupted Jiang Rhodes.

I know she is doing me good, but this matter is my own choice.

Jiang Rhodes looked at me and wanted to say something, but finally nodded, “Yes, you can live as long as you want.”

I entered the bedroom, Jiang Rhodes helped me wash all the sheets and covers, and put them in the closet.

I laid it out by myself and lay on the bed.

Outside the door, Jiang Rhodes and Ziyi’an squabbled. It seems that they have been in a good relationship these years.

Maybe it was far away from Zhaoming White, I fell asleep soon.

At night, I had a dream.

I dreamt that on the night Norven White got married, I was standing in front of the window with heavy rain outside.

And Norven White stood in the heavy rain, looking at me with so sad eyes.

When I woke up again, it was already daytime.

The sun is shining outside.

The snowstorm last night also stopped. I looked at my watch again, and it was already 10 o’clock.

I haven’t slept in for a long time.

There were three or four calls from Tang Ruo on the phone, as well as her text messages. She was worried that something might happen to me.

I first gave her a message and told her that I wanted to take a break today before I changed my clothes.

The house outside is messy, but there is a sandwich on the table with a sticky note on it.

I walked over and saw it was written by Jiang Rhodes, [Love breakfast, remember to eat. 】

For a while, my heart was warm.

After breakfast, I helped Jiang Rhodes clean up the room, and there were a few used tt in the trash can.

I already understand what happened last night.

When everything was all right, I sat on the sofa, thinking of Ziyi’an talking about things last night, put on my coat and went downstairs, took a taxi, and went to the Dongling Cemetery.

Chapter 320

In the deep winter morning, the cemetery is exceptionally few people.

The path to the tomb seemed to have been cleaned by someone. It was very clean and there was not even a leaf.

Although Ziyi’an told me the area of ​​the cemetery Norven White bought me, he didn’t tell me more specific.

It was discovered that the three districts are very large.

I wrapped my coat tightly and wandered around the tomb passage. After walking for almost an hour, I finally found a tombstone.

However, it is not my name written on it.

But Julia Rhodes.

This tombstone is obviously new.

“This tombstone was newly replaced a few days ago.”

When I stared at the tombstone in a daze, a hoarse old voice came from behind me.

I turned my head and saw an old gentleman standing behind him with a hunched back and a big broom in his hand.

Listening to what he said, I guess he knew it well, and then asked, “Why change it?”

The old man shook his head, “I don’t know, but when this tomb was first buried, there was a man who came often. I heard that he seemed to be a big boss, a very rich kind.”

“Really?” I knew it was Norven White.

“Yes, he not only comes during the day, but also often at night. Sometimes he gets drunk and drunk. It’s about this time. I’m afraid he is freezing, so he will bring him to my house.”

Hearing what the old man said, I quickly said, “Thank you.”

When the accident happened, it was January, even if it was later, it was February.

At that time, due to the weather in Flipvilla, staying outside for a night might really freeze to death.

Seeing my thanks, the old man asked me, “Do you know that boss?”

“Yes.” I nodded, looked at Julia Rhodes’s name on the tomb and said, “The owner of this tomb is my sister.”

“Is that so? But the tomb was not written with this name, but another one. The name was changed after the stele was changed a few days ago.” The old man explained to me.

“Well, I know.” I nodded.

The old man stood next to me, looked at the tombstone with me and sighed, “At that time, the boss often burned letters here, one by one, without saying a word every time, alas, maybe Great compassion without tears.”

Is there no tears in great compassion?

After a while, the old gentleman left.

I continued to stand alone in front of the tombstone, guessing, in what mood did Norven White stand here five years ago?

However, in all things, one step is wrong, one step is wrong.

Never go back.

I turned and left.

In the afternoon, I went to Tang Ruo’s studio to make changes to the design drawings with her.

Because it is just a modification and not a redo, the design drawing has almost taken shape at this time.

That night, I still went back to Jiang Rhodes.

To be honest, I don’t know how to face Zhaoming White anymore.

I stayed with Jiang Rhodes for one night.

The next morning, I hinted to get up and when I was going to go to work, I saw Zhaoming White’s car parked at the door.

The man saw me and got out of the car. The morning sun shone on the gentle face of the man, clearly so harmonious.

I feel extremely cold.

It is really easy for Zhaoming White to find me.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to work.” The man waved to me with a small smile on his face.

Jiang Rhodes was right behind me and was stunned when he saw Zhaoming White, and then he immediately hugged me, “Jia Rhodes is mine, not for you! You go, let me take her to work!”

Zhaoming White didn’t get angry when he heard it, “Then can I send two ladies to work?”

“No need.” I broke free from Jiang Rhodes’s arms and said to Jiang Rhodes, “You go, I will let Ah Ming send me off.”


Jiang Rhodes was hostile to Zhaoming White.

However, this matter cannot go on stalemate.

Even Norven White can’t beat Zhaoming White, not to mention the role of me and Jiang Rhodes.

I patted Jiang Rhodes’s arm, “Bye bye, I’m leaving now.”

After speaking, he walked to Zhaoming White’s side, smiled, “Let’s go.”

Zhaoming White drove the door for me, and when he saw that I was seated, he closed the door and then got into the driver’s seat.

When he got in the car, I said, “You follow me.”

Zhaoming White started the car and said, “Does this still need to be tracked? You will come here, I can guess when I close my eyes.”


Is that right?

may be.

Zhaoming White drove the car downstairs in Tang Ruo’s office. When I was about to get off the car, he suddenly grabbed my hand.

I looked at him in surprise, but didn’t speak.

The man smiled, “This weekend, can you spare a day for me? Let’s choose an engagement ring, after all, we will get engaged next week.”

“……it is good.”

Originally, I wanted to refuse.

However, I know I cannot refuse.

Now that I have decided to marry him, I can only accept everything.

Zhaoming White looked at me as if he wanted to say something, but finally let go of my hand.

This week, Tang Ruo and I were busy designing drawings.

Because the two people had a very high degree of understanding, the design drawings of the resort were almost completed soon.

When the first version of the rendering was rendered, I stood with her.

“It’s great! Shi always sees this and will definitely be very satisfied!” Tang Ruo said.

I think the same as her.

I looked at the renderings and said, “This work is called crossing?”

“Through?” Tang Ruo looked at me, then at the renderings, grabbed my hand and nodded desperately, “I think this name is good! Not good, it’s awesome!”

Setting the name of traversal makes us full of expectations for the final effect of this work!

In a blink of an eye, it was the weekend.

It was the day when Zhaoming White and I made an appointment to see the engagement ring.

A few days ago, Zhaoming White went to pick me up from Jiang Rhodes every day. In the end, I couldn’t resist the pressure, so I moved back to [Shenghua Water Bay].

Live in this house that belongs to us.

After all, I have to live sooner or later.

Isn’t it?

In Flipvilla, although the engagement did not hold a wedding and did not obtain a certificate, to a certain extent, it is even married.

In [Shenghua Water Bay], I slept with Zhaoming White. I got up on time at 7 o’clock in the morning, and I wouldn’t sleep in bed for a second.

After getting up, I freshened up and sat at the dining table, waiting for the servant to bring breakfast to me.

It’s really like a lady.

When I finished eating, it was still early, so I took out my phone and started to scan Weibo.

Subconsciously searched for news about Qingtian.

Sure enough, news of the continuation of the Qingtian ai plan has begun.

It seems that the hard disk is really ai data, Zhaoming White did not lie to me.

“Master.” As I watched the news, several servants yelled.

I knew that Zhaoming White was here. I looked up and saw that the man had changed his clothes. He was sitting at the dining table and started eating breakfast.

The morning light shines on the man’s face through the huge floor-to-ceiling glass, as if to give his soft features a gold border.

I looked at him in a daze.

Many years ago, on the second day of my marriage with Norven White, I also watched Norven White eating breakfast like this.

It now seems like a world away.

Zhaoming White seemed to realize that I was looking at him. He looked up at me with a gentle and nice smile, “What’s the matter?”

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