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Chapter 321

I shook my head.

Said nothing.

Zhaoming White had breakfast and drove me to a jewelry store to choose an engagement ring.

When we entered the jewelry store, the manager of the store and a few clerk were at the door early. When we went over, we all got engaged and shouted, “Mr. White, Mrs. White.”

Zhaoming White is very useful to this title.

Because engagement rings are different from wedding rings, what is more important is dailyness.

The clerk brought several models, and Zhaoming White and I selected one of them together, and it was over.

After buying a wedding ring, Zhaoming White took me to dinner and chose two sets of clothes for engagement.

Just go home with me.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon when I got home.

After returning, I sat alone on the sofa and chatted with Tang Ruo about tomorrow’s design. Suddenly Zhaoming White walked over and sat next to me, with his hand on my shoulder and holding me in his arms.

I couldn’t help feeling nervous, holding the phone, halfway through the message, but no more movement.

The man looked at me, leaned over, and k!ssed my forehead, “We will be engaged in a week, and you will be my wife.”

“Yeah.” In my hand holding the phone, the joints turned pale.

Although everything is talking about this thing today.

But when Zhaoming White said it in person, I felt so uncomfortable.

In another week, nothing can be changed.

Zhaoming White looked at me, with his thumb lightly falling between my eyebrows, “Don’t frown, don’t worry, I’m with you, and things like the last time will never happen again. That time, I was obsessed with my heart and I was wrong. , I will never again.”

“It’s okay, I…”

“It’s okay, we are going to be married soon. If I do something like that, it’s mine.” Zhaoming White hugged me with his chin resting on my shoulder, muttering, “Never again next time, I also hope You can pay more attention to me, don’t let my feelings go unresponsive, I am really miserable.”

Zhaoming White held my hand and tightened it a little bit.

It’s as if you want to rub me into your body.

However, my hands were hanging there, and I could not muster the courage to hug him back anyway.

Zhaoming White just hugged me like this and said over and over again, “Xiaodie, I love you, and I will love you for the rest of my life. You can stop loving me now, as long as you don’t love him more, it’s fine.”

Who is that.

I am clear.

Finally, I hugged him and nodded slightly, “Okay, I promise you.”

I know that I can no longer love Norven White.

Because, in this life, I am destined not to be with him.

Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, the “Through” that Tang Ruo and I worked together was completed. After sending it to Shi Guanyuan, Shi Guanyuan repeatedly praised it.

And immediately gave bonuses to both of us.

That night, Tang Ruo took the bonus and wanted to invite me to dinner, but I refused.

Tomorrow is the day when Zhaoming White and I get engaged. Tonight, we will have dinner with the White family.

This time it was not booked at White’s house, but at Dongfeng Building.

I went home and took a shower, changed into decent clothes and light makeup, and followed Zhaoming White to the Dongfeng Tower.

When we entered the box, there were already many people in the box.

I glanced at it, and the White family seemed to be here.

White Zhaokun, White Shubai, Norven White and White Yanhai.

After we entered, White Shubai first said with an unhappy expression, “The shelf is not small, let the four of us wait for the two of you.”

I glanced at my watch.

Zhaoming White told me that it started at 7 o’clock and it was only 6:40. I thought we were early.

I took a look at Zhaoming White.

The man didn’t say anything, and took me to sit in the only two places that were vacant, set me down first, and then sat down by himself.

When he sat down, Zhaoming White said unhurriedly, “The company has something to do, it’s delayed.”

I know, this is not the case.

Zhaoming White arrived home early, and I always wanted to go out early, and he always said “not in a hurry”.

It seems that after confessing his worth, he intends to give the White family a chance to confess their worth.

White Yanhai is like a peacemaker, “Forget it, it’s not a big deal.”

“Dad!” White Shubai looked at White Yanhai with an unhappy face.

What he wanted to say, White Yanhai gave her a warning look and told her to shut up.

With this subtle attitude, I can already feel this dinner tonight, even if it is on the surface and friendly, it will be surging in the dark.

Before the meal, the waiter came in and poured wine for everyone. Because of the last time, White Yanhai stopped me from drinking.

Specially prepared juice for me.

Everyone is wine, but I am the juice. White Shubai snorted coldly, “My younger brothers and sisters have a big face. Last time I persuaded you to drink for a long time, but this time I don’t even drink alcohol.”

The last time White Shubai targeted me did not seem so obvious.

But this time, it was directly similar to drawing a sword and facing each other.

I wanted to marry Zhaoming White when I came here. I didn’t want to be unhappy with White’s family. Just when I wanted to explain, Zhaoming White suddenly reached out.

The man covered my little hand with his big palm and looked at White Shubai and said, “I and Xiaodie have a plan. Logically speaking, I can’t drink either, but engagement is a big deal. Neither of us would drink it. It’s not good.”

There is a plan, which is a popular code phrase recently.

It means that there is a plan to have children, so you can’t smoke or drink in the short term.

As soon as his words were uttered, I instantly felt a beam of cold eyes looking at me.

With a deep chill.

No need to look, I know who this gaze comes from.

I lowered my eyes, did not speak, and heard the opposite White Yanhai speak first, “Okay, okay, my three children, the eldest grandson is in his thirties, and I haven’t carried my second grandson!”

As an elder, White Yanhai was naturally very happy about giving birth.

In addition, his health has become worse over the past few years.

White Zhaokun also said, “A good thing is a good thing, just don’t drink it.”

When White Shubai heard it, she couldn’t speak anymore.

There was silence in the box.

When I thought that Norven White would not give an opinion, I heard the man’s cold and alienated voice, “Uncle, you are all too old. The quality of sperm should have declined. If the child born is disabled, Substandard, so…”

“What are you talking about!”

When White Zhaokun heard his son say this, he slapped the table!

Get angry directly!

I looked up slightly, and there was no expression on Norven White’s face, as if he hadn’t heard his father’s rebuke to him.

A beam of eyes looked at me, quiet and clear.

At this time, I felt Zhaoming White move his arm from my hand to the shoulder, and smiled and said, “I don’t need to worry about this. I am a bit older, but my husband and wife life with Xiaodie is still very good. Harmonious.” He paused and asked me, “Right?”

Chapter 322

For a while, I didn’t know how to answer.

It’s weird to say that there is no married life at this age.

But if there is…

Facing Norven White, I couldn’t say anything.

I felt Zhaoming White’s palm on my shoulder exert a slight force and squeeze my shoulder.

I looked at him.

The man suddenly leaned over, k!ssed my forehead, smiled and said, “Sorry, I know you are embarrassed, I shouldn’t mention this in public.”

“Hmm…” I nodded lightly, as a default.

Originally thought this topic would pass, but Zhaoming White said, “It’s just that this is about the dignity of a man. If you don’t tell me, others will really think I can’t do it.”

He looked at me with gentle eyes, but with anticipation.

It seems to be waiting for me to affirm him.

I was a little entangled, thinking that I would actually say two or three words. I was about to speak, but I heard White Shubai say, “Do I have to bring personal matters to the dinner table?”

When she spoke, the topic stopped.

Everyone knows that White Shubai has been divorced for many years and does not seem to have a boyfriend, so she must have no such life.

Her tone was very bad, so no one said anything.

This topic stopped.

Soon, the dishes came.

At the dinner table, everyone talked about business matters, and they would also care about my marriage with Zhaoming White, especially White Yanhai, who always emphasized that after Zhaoming White and I get married, we should have more children.

Three rounds of wine.

The waiter added another glass of wine to White Yanhai, and Zhaoming White and I toasted White Yanhai.

After drinking, White Yanhai patted Zhaoming White’s arm and said, “My third child, your business has always been the top priority in my heart. Now that you’re engaged, I’m relieved. We will wait until tomorrow when we get married. It’s better to make a reservation within half a year, or have a child first when you get married, and the wedding will be held next year when the child is born.

White Yanhai seems to have nothing to say except for the White family’s increase in population.

I said it many times a night, and I got used to it.

Zhaoming White put me in his arms, bowed his head and said softly, “Have you heard? Let’s go back tonight and continue working hard.”

My face turned red, and I lowered my head without responding.

After we toasted White Yanhai, Norven White, who had barely spoken in the whole scene, said suddenly, “There is something, I want to tell Grandpa.”

“What?” White Yanhai looked at him and asked with a smile, “Is Lan Quan pregnant? I can hold my great-grandson?”

“No.” Norven White denied directly, looked at me, and said, “I and Lan Quan divorced. It was just done this afternoon.”

divorced? !

These words seem like a bolt from the blue!

I looked at Norven White with incredible eyes, and my brain was suddenly messed up!

Why did he do this? What to do !

Everyone present was as surprised as I was!

Especially White Zhaokun, raising his hand, directly slapped Norven White, “f*ck boy! What are you kidding? Is this kind of joke casual?”

White Yanhai was also surprised.

“I’m not joking.”

Norven White said, taking out a maroon book from his pocket.

The three gilded characters of “Divorce Certificate” above are clearly visible!

While Norven White was saying this, his deep black eyes kept staring at me, never moving away for a second.

White Zhaokun grabbed the divorce certificate and opened it, scanned his eyes, stood up and tore the certificate to pieces, threw it on the ground fiercely, and cursed, “Nizi! What do you want to do! Now like Qingtian, you still divorced Lanquan Do you not want this company anymore!”

Norven White looked up at White Zhaokun, and said calmly, “It is because Qingtian is like this that I want to divorce Lan Quan. I don’t need to rely on a woman, let alone let such Qingtian drag her down.”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” White Zhaokun was so angry that he yelled, “Tell me, what are you trying to do! What’s wrong with Lanquan! Do you still need me to talk about the bad things back then? Lanquan married you regardless of the predecessors , Are you divorcing her now?!”

Norven White stood there, listening to White Zhaokun’s hysterics, but said nothing.

It seems that he doesn’t even mean to refute.

The more he was like this, White Zhaokun became more angry, but soon his attitude changed, with a cold face and a sneer at the corner of his mouth, looking at him, “Are you going to let us help you? I tell you, I won’t let any People helped you! If you want Rhodes to die, just do it!”

After White Zhaokun finished speaking, he turned to Zhaoming White and White Shubai, and said, “None of you are allowed to help him!” Then he said to White Yanhai, “Dad, don’t help him either. I’m used to him all these years!”

I stood aside, looking at Norven White, a deep anxiety arose in my heart.

Norven White didn’t divorce early, and he didn’t get divorced.

The day before Zhaoming White and I were getting engaged, we said we were divorced.

This purpose cannot be more obvious to me.

Norven White glanced around and said lightly, “No one needs to help me, as long as it doesn’t harm me, I am extremely grateful.”

“Hurt you?” White Shubai looked at him, “Who will hurt you?”

Norven White turned his head, before he looked at Shang Zhaoming White, Zhaoming White first said, “Xiao xuan, you are too willful. Divorce is not a trifling matter. How can you decide so easily?”

“Yes.” Norven White walked around half of the table and walked in front of Zhaoming White, “So I want to have a chat with my uncle tonight, I don’t know if my uncle will give you face.”


Zhaoming White agreed without thinking.

Two men, one with a cold expressionless face, the other with a faint smile.

It seemed that Zhaoming White was more relaxed.

“Don’t make trouble!” White Yanhai finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He glanced at White Zhaokun and White Shubai and said, “You two go out.”


White Zhaokun was a little surprised.

White Yanhai nodded, “Yes, you two go out, I have something to say to the three of them!”

As a woman, White Shubai should be more sensitive. When she heard White Yanhai say this, she looked at me with a playful expression, “Is this my younger brother and sister so attractive?”

In a word, White Zhaokun also understood.

He also looked at me and looked carefully, as if to see through me.

After a while, White Zhaokun said, “You, you look a bit like Xiao xuan’s ex-wife!”

“No wonder.” White Shubai sneered, “Man, I don’t cherish it when I usually own it. If I lose it, I start looking for something to make up for it. The first time I saw this Chu Die, I felt that it was not a fuel-efficient lamp. such.”

When White Zhaokun heard this, he also said, “What kind of engagement? How can such a woman stay in our White’s house! I disagree!”

What White Zhaokun cares most about is his son.

If I can disturb Norven White, he will naturally not tolerate me.

White Yanhai listened to the words of his sons and daughters and simply said, “Go out!”

After he finished speaking, he looked at me again, “You go out too.”

Chapter 323


“come out!”

When I just wanted to talk, White Shubai directly took me out.

White Zhaokun also said, “My dad is talking to his junior, you are an outsider, what are you doing here?”

As the two said, they wanted to pull me out.

However, Zhaoming White’s hand firmly grasped my arm, his eyes swept across his brother and sister, and said, “Sorry, I don’t worry about my fiancee going out with you.”

“Zain, what are you talking about!” White Zhaokun was a little upset, “We won’t treat her like that.”

“That is, Dad is talking to you, it is not convenient for her to stay here.”

White Shubai also followed.

In order not to embarrass Zhaoming White and White Yanhai, I put my other hand on Zhaoming White’s hand and said with a smile, “I’m waiting for you outside, and you will come out after you finish talking. It’s okay.”

When I spoke, I glanced at Norven White.

The man looked at me, his deep eyes with a cold light, he didn’t say anything, but I seemed to see a thousand words in it.

I quickly retracted my gaze.

Seeing what I said, Zhaoming White also closed his hands, and then he held my face with both hands, leaned forward, and landed a k!ss on my forehead, then said in a very soft tone, “I’ll go out soon and wait for me. “

“it is good.”

I nodded.

Then, they followed White Zhaokun and White Shubai out.

When the three of us got out of the box, White Shubai raised her hand and slapped my face directly, “b!tch, why are you so capable, after seduce White’s youngest, and then seduce White’s parents and grandchildren? I have a lot of appetite! “

White Shubai’s slap seems to have endured for a long time!

With a slap, my ears buzzed.

I didn’t speak, White Shubai was about to hit me again. I felt the wind and raised my hand to directly block her movement.

Fortunately, White Shubai is a woman and has little strength. I was in the first gear and just blocked it.

I looked up at White Shubai and said calmly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t seduce anyone.”

“No? I don’t! What’s the situation inside now?” White Shubai didn’t believe it.

In fact, White Shubai has always looked at me upset. A woman who hasn’t been pursued for a long time, sees others pursued by others, and repays several of them. Her heart is unbalanced.

Take the opportunity to vent your breath.

I blocked her hand and said, “I don’t know either.”

Actually I know, but I can’t tell.

No one would believe such a ridiculous thing.

Although White Zhaokun was angry with me, he didn’t expect that White Shubai would beat people. This would see us deadlock, so he quickly said, “Chu Die, how much do you want, I will give you, you go, let our White family go.”

“Okay.” I looked at White Zhaokun, “I’m going, as long as you find a way to send me to a place where they can’t find me, I’ll go, not even a minute.”

Originally I wanted to talk about Shuo Shuo.

But now Ti Shuo Shuo would actually harm him.

As soon as I said, White Zhaokun and White Shubai stopped talking.

The whole world, what can Zhaoming White and Norven White find?

I’m afraid it is difficult.

White Zhaokun was full of irritability, “You tell me what’s going on with my son, how could my son divorce Lanquan for you! Recently, DynaSky stocks have finally come back. If this matter is spread out, it must be over again!”

“Fox!” White Shubai also put her hand down.

But still staring at me.

I can’t talk about Norven White.

I looked at White Zhaokun and said lightly, “I don’t know. Ask your own son about this. I am Zhaoming White’s fiancée, and I have no contact with him.”

What I pray for now is that Norven White can calm down.

Don’t be impulsive, even if it is for Qingtian’s millions of employees.

“No contact?” White Shubai sneered as soon as he heard it, “I hear you a lot. When I went to my ex-husband’s company to catch the mistress, they all said that my ex-husband was just a work relationship! The result! They talked about work in bed. !”

White Shubai seems to hate Xiaosan.

She now recognizes that I am a junior, no matter the look in the eyes or the tone, she can’t wait to take me alive.

“If you don’t believe me, ask yourself.” I calmly returned him.

White Zhaokun looked at me and seemed to believe me. He sighed, “So, Miss Chu, when they come out, no matter what the result is, you will persuade my son for me and let him not be stupid, and hurry up and talk to Lan Quan. Remarry.”

“I will.”

I nodded.

I will tell him that it is impossible for me and him.

Just after speaking, the door of the box opened. First, Zhaoming White walked out, looked at me, and smiled gently, “I’ve been waiting.”

Then, took my hand and walked forward.

Behind him, Norven White also followed out.

Follow us.

“What’s the matter? How’s the talk?” White Zhaokun caught up.

At this moment, Zhaoming White stopped first, turned around and looked at his elder brother, and said, “Xiao Xuan and I are going to a place alone now. Just go home and wait for the news.”

“What do you mean?” I looked at the two people.

At this time, both Zhaoming White and Norven White’s faces were particularly solemn.

It seems that what will happen next is of great importance!

At this moment, White Yanhai also walked out of the box, looking at the two people helplessly, without saying a word.

White Shubai asked White Yanhai, “Dad, what did they say?”

White Yanhai sighed, “I can’t control the children when they are older. Let them solve it by themselves.”

“What do you solve by yourself?” White Zhaokun was angry, “What? This is to fight for a woman!?”

White Shubai also sneered, “I didn’t see what kind of fairy this Chu Die is, why did you two fight each other?”

White Zhaokun walked over and stopped Norven White, “The young couple is immediately engaged. What does it have to do with you? You immediately apologize to Lan Quan and then go to mention the remarriage!”

“Impossible.” Norven White looked at White Zhaokun coldly.

At this time, Zhaoming White pulled me away.

I heard the dispute between White Zhaokun and Norven White behind me.

Because Zhaoming White left quickly, I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, so I could only ask Zhaoming White, “What are you talking about in it? Where are you going now? You don’t really want to fight, right? Are you elementary school students?”

My mind is in a mess, these two people won’t really want to use force to determine the outcome, right?

Zhaoming White didn’t speak, I was anxious, “Wait a minute! I am not an item, I do not belong to anyone! No matter who you lose or win, it is impossible to make a decision for me!”

If I can, I would rather choose neither!

Zhaoming White still didn’t speak, he pulled me with great strength and walked to the elevator.

When we got on the elevator, when we saw Norven White in the distance, it seemed that White Zhaokun had already made sense, walking in our direction.

But at this time, the elevator has closed.

Zhaoming White first took me to the garage at the door and let me get on the co-pilot of his car. I looked inexplicable.

Zhaoming White turned the car key, then leaned forward to face me and k!ssed my forehead, and asked me, “If I die, will you be happy?”

Chapter 324

Zhaoming White’s words surprised me.

What does this mean?

I looked at Zhaoming White, the man’s expression was very serious, there was no extra expression on his face, and the corners of his mouth had been kept shallow, but at this moment, there was no extra arc.

I looked at him nerdy, and my heart was in a mess.

After a while, he said, “What do you mean?”

At this time, there was a harsh dripping sound from outside the car. I saw from the rear mirror that Norven White’s car was following behind, and the high beams flashed one after another, like a provocation!

I suddenly had a bad feeling.

Zhaoming White raised his hand and patted my head, “It’s okay, soon, you won’t be entangled anymore.”

When he said this, there was still no smile on his face.

Then, he took off his glasses, put in gear, turned the steering wheel slightly, and drove the car out of the Dongfeng Building.

“What are you going to do? Where are you going?” I kept asking Zhaoming White.

However, the man didn’t say a word, he was just driving intently.

It was already night, and there was a little snow outside.

The falling snow was scattered under the orange light of the car headlights.

I looked at Zhaoming White nervously, and I was extremely disturbed.

Because I have never seen Zhaoming White like this before, no matter when, there is always a small smile on his face.

Even if it’s serious occasionally, it’s just a moment, and it will soon change to a smile.

Although I thought Zhaoming White’s smile, gentleness, was a mask!

But at this moment, I think even if it is a mask, I don’t want to see Zhaoming White like this.

This kind of him makes me scared.

I was even afraid that the place he would take me to would be terrible after a while.


Someone really died there.

However, Zhaoming White never laughed.

The car drove for about two hours, all the way from the brightly lit urban area to the suburbs where there were no street lights.

There are only two rows of high beams illuminating the road ahead.

Lights appeared in front of me at this moment. I looked carefully and found that the front was a huge building, very luxurious, with many colors. From the outside, it looked like a circus.

This is where?

When I was curious, Zhaoming White took a turn and drove the car into the courtyard of this building.

This yard is full of cars, and looking around, almost all of them are luxury cars.

And around the building, there are many bodyguards patrolling back and forth.

After that, Norven White’s car also followed and stopped.

At this time, a group of people walked out of the gate of the building. I took a closer look. One of the people in the group was very tall and very conspicuous.

Only one person I know is this tall.

When they approached, I was sure that this person was Yin Shijie.

Seeing Yin Shijie, my bad premonition is even stronger!

At this time, a few bodyguards came over and opened the door for us.

I hesitated and got out of the car.

“Oh, the two President White’s visits really made my little shop flourish!”

When Zhaoming White and Norven White both got out of the car, Yin Shijie opened his hands and said loudly.

Neither of them responded to him, only Zhaoming White asked him, “Is the place ready?”

“Of course, of course.” Yin Shijie made a please gesture.

Zhaoming White walked over to me, trying to hold my hand, but Norven White walked over to stop him, “Uncle, the result hasn’t come out yet, now she doesn’t belong to you.”

I was taken aback and asked, “You really are using me as a bet?”

“No.” Norven White immediately denied.

But I didn’t believe it, “No? You treat me as a fool? Why do you bet me? Am I an object? Sorry, I am a thinking and living person! I don’t want to follow!” I said, directly Go out.

As a result, a few bodyguards ran over directly and blocked my way.

I turned and looked at Yin Shijie, “Let them get out of the way.”

Yin Shijie smiled cynically, “Oh, don’t be so angry, I testify that they really didn’t take you as a bet today.”


“Yeah, the two of them are betting on themselves today.”

Yin Shijie nodded and said.

I didn’t understand what he said. I looked suspiciously at Norven White, then at Zhaoming White, and finally at Yin Shijie, “What does it mean to bet on myself?”

“You’ll know when you go in.”

Yin Shijie said, and gestured to me again.

How domineering and domineering he is usually, this respects us so much, it shows that he really wants to see what happens later.

For someone like Yin Shijie, I saw him hit Amani sparing no effort.

It’s definitely not a good crop.

Things that interest him…

What will it be?

However, since I was not betting, I hesitated and went back.

Before them, Zhaoming White and Norven White turned around when they saw me walking.

Two people walked in front of me.

The heights of the two are the same. Although Zhaoming White is slightly shorter in data, he can’t tell from this appearance.

One is wearing an off-white short coat, and the other is wearing a pure black long coat.

The figure is long and perfect.

Both men are very good. If I only meet one of them, then I will be very happy, but there is nothing wrong.

I met two people.

And I met Norven White first.

I walked in behind them and realized that this is a casino.

Loud noises came from the casino.

Seeing that I was about to enter, a possibility flashed in my head, “You guys, you won’t fight until one of them dies?!”

When they spoke, the two men in front turned their heads.

“Of course it’s impossible!” Yin Shijie said first, “How can these two President White do such a low thing, right?”

“No?” I looked at Zhaoming White and then at Norven White.

I don’t know why, the more I go inside, the more I feel uneasy.

Zhaoming White, who has been serious, will finally draw a shallow arc at the corner of his mouth and smile, “No, don’t worry.”


I asked suspiciously.


This time, Norven White answered me.

Both people answered, but I still don’t worry, “Then you won’t bet your property here. If you lose, you will give it to each other?”

“I think this is a good proposal.” After Norven White finished speaking, he paused and continued, “Unfortunately not.”

Isn’t it?

“Let’s go, don’t you know if you go in?” Yin Shijie was anxious.

It seems that he is looking forward to what will happen next.

I think that since I have come here, it is naturally impossible to go back, and the posture of these two people is not going to go back.

I took a step and continued to follow them in.

Chapter 325

When we arrived at the door, most of the bodyguards stayed at the door, only four wolves followed us.

We took the elevator, instead of going up, we went down.

We have reached the -4 floor.

The elevator door opened, and Zhaoming White and Norven White both came down.

I also got off the elevator.

In front of me was a very large room, which seemed to be a leisure room with a pool table, a small water bar, a dart board, a table football and so on.

There are three very big black sofas in the middle of the room.

There is also a coffee table in the middle.

There are fruit plates on the coffee table.

next to……

There is also an old pistol.

I recalled carefully, this pistol seemed to be called a revolver phone!

When I saw this revolver, I suddenly realized what was going to happen next!

I rushed over, opened my hands to block the way of the two men in front of me, shook my head, “No, don’t bet on this!”

At this moment, I already understand what Yin Shijie said just now!

What would take them as a bet!

Only one bet that can use a revolver is Russian roulette!

This gamble is that there is only one bullet in this revolver. After turning the pistol revolver, aim the pistol at the person participating in the gambling, take turns shooting, and the person who gets the shot naturally loses.

This bet is too cruel and terrible!

If the bets in the world are graded, this Russian roulette is already the cruelest.

No way!

No way!

But at this meeting, two bodyguards came directly, held me with both hands, and pushed me aside!

“let me go!”

I am a woman, how can these bodyguards break free!

I’m struggling desperately! Yelled, “Let go of me! Don’t! Don’t ask you no!”

Zhaoming White looked at Norven White, “Xiao xuan, just bet on this. If you don’t want to, you still have time to leave now.”

It seems that Norven White didn’t know before!

“Go!” I was anxious!

However, Norven White didn’t have a trace of fear in his expression at this time. He looked at me and said, “If I go, I will lose first? Then it is better to fight.”

“Good.” Zhaoming White nodded, “In this case, the rules of Russian roulette need not be mentioned.”

“of course.”

The two men stood facing each other, with a trace of fear on their faces.

I was about to collapse, and shouted, “No, please, please, please, don’t bet on this, anything is fine, or you can take me as your bet! Whoever wins, I will follow whoever wins! “

After I finished speaking, Zhaoming White turned his head and looked at me. At this time, his face was still smiling, “Yes, the result of this bet is the same.”


As a result of this bet, I have no other options!

One person will die!

Zhaoming White looked at me with a trace of sadness in his expression, “Xiaodie, you are scared now, are you scared, he is the one who died, not me?”

“No! No! I beg you, none of you die!”

At this time, my tears flowed out of my eyes uncontrollably.

My heart is broken, I really don’t know, things will become like this!

If I knew, I might never return to Flipvilla.

I will never meet Norven White again.

I will stay in Su Town forever.

Norven White also looked at me, frowned slightly, and said after a long while, “Don’t cry, it will be over soon.”


Why should one die?

At this time, Yin Shijie walked to the coffee table, took out a tissue, wiped the revolver in front of him carefully, and asked, “Two big brothers, do you have any last words to explain? Do you want to tell me in advance, wait? A bullet passed through the brain and died within a second. There was no chance to speak.”

Is it dead in one second?

Even the chance of rescue is gone!


But at this moment, both men looked at me. I wanted to cover my ears and not listen. I didn’t want them to die.

But my hands were held by bodyguards.

Can’t move.

Zhaoming White looked at me and smiled gently, “If it is me, then you have to take good care of yourself.”

“I don’t want it, I don’t want it, I don’t want to take care of myself, I can’t take care of myself, I can’t do anything by myself…”

I deliberately said an irony.

Repeat infinitely.

I don’t want Zhaoming White to die.

Hearing what I said, Norven White frowned slightly, his black eyes were stained with unresolved sadness, and it took a long time to speak, “Forget me.”

His last words are only three words, forget him.

Hearing these three words, my tears burst!

I looked at Norven White, “Bah! How did you make me forget you! I have loved you for almost twenty years, how did you make me forget you! I have loved you for more than half of my life! How can I forget you!”


How could I forget it!

I’m going to crash.

Tears completely covered my sight. I couldn’t see anything. I could only beg, “Please, give up, OK? I’ll go, I won’t follow anyone, OK if I’m going! I’ll never be with you anymore. Appeared in the world, okay, just ask you not to die, okay.”

I can’t accept either death…

“Go ahead.” Norven White looked at Yin Shijie.

Both people looked at Yin Shijie.

No one looked at me at all.

Yin Shijie put the bullet into the pistol in front of everyone, then turned it around at will, while turning, while saying, “I think we can add something more interesting to this game.”

As he said, he walked to my side.

Norven White immediately became nervous, “What are you going to do! Don’t hurt her!”

I also looked at Yin Shijie, not knowing what he was going to do.

Yin Shijie shook his head, “Don’t hurt, don’t hurt, our businessmen are honest.”

He said, holding the revolver in his hand and playing with it.

“What are you doing?” I looked at him warily.

Yin Shijie put the pistol in his hand to a place half a meter away from me and said, “Or, let Ms. Rhodes fire these shots. You decide who to target first.”

Let me decide whom to target first?

Hit one after hitting another.

Isn’t this to decide who will die? !

I looked at Yin Shijie in horror.

However, neither Zhaoming White nor Norven White spoke at this moment.

The two of them seem to default to this behavior.

Or, in their opinion, it is more acceptable for me to decide their life and death.

“It seems that the two President White have agreed.” Yin Shijie handed the pistol closer to me.

I looked at the pistol in front of me, and my heart felt dead.

I really don’t know why things happened like this.

Let me decide?

Also good.

I nodded, “Okay, you let me go, I’ll come.”

Yin Shijie winked at the two bodyguards beside him, and the bodyguard let me go.

My hands are finally free.

I wanted to rush in front of the two men, but as soon as I moved, the bodyguard caught me directly!

They are well trained and respond quickly!

In an instant, it wiped out my fluke.

Yin Shijie curled up his lips and smiled, “Miss Rhodes, don’t play this. There are people inside and out here. If you don’t play this game today, no one can leave.”

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