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Chapter 451

If feelings can be controlled, I might have chosen to fall in love with others long ago.

For example, Qiaoyu Lu…

Norven White sat up slightly and continued, “Wait a minute, I will let her come and tell you in person.”

“No need.” I resolutely refused, “Is this Jiang Ling a student of the Acting Department of the Film Academy? You asked her to tell me how you and her tricked me. I take it seriously, isn’t it? An insult to my IQ?”

The professional ability requires the professional ability of acting.

Nothing but actors.

Although I pay attention to the showbiz circle, I think Jiang Ling is definitely a newcomer, at least the kind who hasn’t been exposed on the Internet.

Otherwise, Norven White finds someone with a small reputation, it is not only an insult to my IQ, but also to himself.

The man heard me say this and could only nod his head, “Okay, but I didn’t expect that you would have noticed it a long time ago.”

“It’s because I saw it a long time ago that I stayed here for so long, otherwise I would have left.”

How could I give Norven White the opportunity to insult me ​​again and again.

The man curled his lips and smiled and straightened my hair. “I’m sorry, it won’t be anymore. This is the last time.”

I knelt on the bed, hooked the man’s neck, and looked at him seriously, “Let’s say yes first. If there is anything in the future, be honest with me. You never lie to me. I have to know everything, you Don’t be afraid that I can’t bear it. After so many things, I can bear anything.”

“…” The man nodded slightly, as if he was thinking, then raised his head again for a moment, looked at me and said, “The future things are okay, don’t ask about the previous things.”

Sure enough, Norven White had already asked me something.

This man is too smart, or he knows me too well.

I was a little unwilling, “No, you have to tell me about your car accident…”

“This is the past. I will handle the past. I have already asked Ye Ze to communicate. This time, it’s over.”

After the man said, his expression was serious, and he didn’t seem to have any plans to continue.

I’m not happy, “You do so much for me, why don’t you let me know? If I really don’t know anything, then leave you and live a happy life with other men, and you can only be alone with What about money as a company?”

Hearing what I said, the man couldn’t help showing a pleasant smile. He pressed one hand on the back of my head and pulled me in front of him with a slight force. He said very seriously, “If I can’t stand up, then I will Bless you, if my operation is successful, I will snatch you back even if I do whatever it takes.”

“… Can’t you get it back?”

“Impossible.” The man’s tone was full of certainty, his hands pressed hard, pressed me in front of him, and k!ssed him with thin lips.

We used the same toiletries and the same scents entangled.

We k!ssed to our heart’s content, and the man was extraordinarily gentle, first painting my lips a little bit, then invading my mouth, tasting a little bit.

In the end, I was a little weak when I was k!ssed, and the man’s thin lips pressed against my auricle, and only three words were asked, “Are you wet?”

My face was instantly stained with crimson.

I have been sitting on the man’s body, which happens to be an important position. If I usually k!ss like this, he will definitely react.

But now, nothing happens there.

Sure enough, it didn’t work.

The man hugged me and said apologetically, “Sorry, when I k!ssed you, I felt it, but there was still no way to respond to me. I was also very anxious, but you give me some time , I want to hold you every day, and you will get better there soon.”

“I’m not in a hurry.” I blushed and gave him a light push.

The man didn’t know how to be ashamed, and continued to hold me tightly in his arms, “That’s not okay, as a man, even his own woman can’t be satisfied, it is the greatest shame of a man.”

“It will be okay.” I held the man’s face, tilted my head and said, “Actually, seeing your face every day is enough to satisfy me.”

Norven White’s face is very good-looking. He is already in his thirties. Although there are traces of time on his face, it makes him look more manly.

It attracts me more than when I was young-

That night, Norven White asked me to move over.

At night, Norven White asked the servant to bring the luggage to me, but I refused.

Before they said Jiang Ling’s words, they still echoed in my ears, if I took a bag, then these words would definitely be my turn.

I go down to get things by myself.

Even so, it seemed that all the servants had received the news. As soon as I passed by, they all looked at me.

As if I hadn’t seen it, I went into the house to pack my things and walked towards the elevator.

Before arriving, Jiang Ling ran over and said, “Sister Chu Die, I’m sorry a while ago.”

At this moment, the expression on her face was completely different from before, and she smiled sweetly, and she looked innocent at first glance.

I don’t know if she is good at acting, or if my opinion of her has changed.

“It’s okay.” After I finished speaking, I still smiled bitterly. “But you did a really good act in this scene. Although I found out you were acting a long time ago, I took it seriously later.”

“Really?!” Jiang Ling’s eyes were staring when she heard it, “How did you know we were acting?”

I picked up my hand from the luggage lever, pointed at her bangs and said, “Which teacher Tony cut your bangs?”

After I finished speaking, Jiang Ling suddenly realized, “Ah! That’s right! I just dyed my hair black and forgot my hairstyle!” She looked at me in amazement, “Sister Chu Die, you are too amazing. Come on, you can see such small details, Holmes!”

“Heh.” I curled my lips. “Women are Sherlock Holmes when they check whether their men have cheated.”

Jiang Ling couldn’t help but laugh when I said this, “Sister, your words are too interesting.”

I did not answer the call.

She also closed her smile, bowed slightly, and introduced herself to me, “Re-introduce myself. My name is Jiang Yixuan. I am a sophomore student in the Acting Department of the Film Academy. This time it is my’winter vacation internship’. Today, sister Chu Die, you If it is, it is definitely the best internship result for me!”

Jiang Yixuan.

It turns out that even the name is fake.

But it is not surprising to think about it, after all, parents are more particular about choosing names.

“I hope you have a good future in the future.” I said politely and prepared to leave.

She followed Norven White to lie to me. Even though I’m talking about it now, I still don’t have a good impression of her.

Jiang Yixuan (I will use this name later) did not mean to end this conversation. She blocked my way and blinked her eyes and said, “Sister Chu Die, what is the relationship between you and your husband?”

Chapter 452

“Isn’t your job to accompany Norven White to act and deceive me? Other things seem to have nothing to do with you.”

I said lightly.

I really don’t know how to describe my relationship with Norven White.

Jiang Yixuan realized that I didn’t seem to like her very much, so she leaned over, folded her hands in front of her face, blinked her eyes, and said with some kindness, “Sister Chu Die, you won’t be angry with me? Those are all What my husband forced me to do has nothing to do with me. I’m just working.”

“I know.” I looked at her, “but after all, you lied to me, why? You still count on me to welcome you with a smile, thank you for cooperating with him and lied to me?”

In any case, she kicked my pot at the beginning and stimulated me several times.

Jiang Yixuan looked innocent, “Yes, it’s all my fault, I’m sorry.”

“Never mind the past, you should go anyway.”

“Um…” Jiang Yixuan nodded, “Mr. informed me that I can leave tomorrow.”

“Bon Voyage.”

After I finished speaking, I took a step to the side, thinking that Jiang Yixuan could let me go.

But Jiang Yixuan obviously didn’t give up. When I moved, she immediately clung back, “Sister Chu Die, don’t be angry with me, I’m really just working seriously.”

“Well, I’m not angry, can I go there?”

I am a little confused about what medicine Jiang Yixuan sells in her gourd.

Jiang Yixuan suddenly stretched out her hand, took my luggage and said, “Sister, let me help you carry your luggage. You are the designer’s hand, how can you carry your own luggage?”

I was really annoyed by her, frowning, “What the hell do you have? I want to ask.”

Jiang Yixuan was said by me. Standing in place, she was stunned for a moment before she opened her mouth and said, “Actually, it’s nothing. I just want to hear your stories. I think there is a big gap between your career and your husband, so…”

“So I want to know, what can I rely on to make a good man like Norven White fall in love with me?” I raised my eyes, caught Jiang Yixuan’s words, and continued.

“No, no, I didn’t mean it, I think Sister Chu Die, you are excellent, I am just curious.”

“Then don’t be curious.”

I am no longer like Li Jiang Yixuan.

Pulling his luggage, he went straight to the elevator.

Jiang Yixuan wanted to chase over. I had already pressed the close button. Although the door closed very slowly, she still did not chase.

After I went up, I found that Norven White was not in the bedroom, so I went to the study.

The man was sitting at his desk looking at the documents, and he heard the sound of me coming in. Without raising his head, he asked, “Why is it so slow.”

“I was entangled by Jiang Yixuan.” I walked over.

The man heard that I said Jiang Ling’s name correctly, then raised his eyes, put down the file in his hand, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, “It seems that she told you everything.”

“Yeah.” I detoured behind the desk, sat on the man’s lap, hooked my hands around the man’s neck, and deliberately said coquettishly, “Ah, some people are handsome and rich. The girls are just thinking about it. If you pester me to ask us, I guess it might be because I want to know, what can I do to make you such a good man fall in love.”

Norven White’s legs are not good now, I think what he needs most is how much I praise him.

The man embraced me, looking at me with beautiful eyes like ink, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised, “Then what do you think?”

“Hmm…” I raised my right index finger and traced it on the man’s face, “Maybe it was a man who fell in love with me…”

As Norven White, raised his hand, what kind of woman did he want.

And why I fell in love with the ordinary me? Actually, I don’t know the answer.

In other words, not long ago, I didn’t believe that Norven White loved me.

The man slightly curled his lips, raised his hand to hold the back of my head, raised his chin slightly, and k!ssed me before saying, “Because you saved my life, so I belong to you all my life.”

Hearing what he said, I couldn’t help raising the corners of my mouth, “Speaking counts.”

After speaking, I stretched out the little finger of my right hand.

Just like He Shuoshuo, he had to pull the hook with Norven White.

The man did not hesitate at all, stretched out his hand and hooked his little finger with my little finger, “I said, what I said, if I say it, I will be responsible to the end.”-

Early the next morning, I got up first, and after washing, I personally went down to make breakfast for Norven White.

Because of the conversation between Jiang Yixuan and me yesterday, all the servants have a new understanding of my identity.

Everyone may have opinions, but on the surface, no one dares to say.

When I went down, everyone yelled respectfully, “Madam.”

I nodded, I wanted to explain something, but after hesitating, I didn’t say anything, and went straight to the kitchen.

A servant walked over and said, “Chu Die, I’ll come.” When he finished speaking, he changed his words immediately, “Madam, I’m sorry, I’m used to it.”

“It’s okay, the name is the same.” I shook my head, “I’ll make breakfast.”

As I said, I took out my things and started preparing breakfast.

Soon, a breakfast was ready, and Norven White had washed up when I was pushing the car up.

He looked at me on the cart, his face was a little bad, “You don’t want to do these things in the future.”

“I am willing to do it.”

As I said, I put the breakfast on the table in the room, then pulled the chair away and sat down.

Looking at the breakfast table, I continued to say, “It is every woman’s dream to cook breakfast for her beloved, and I am naturally the same.”

“Being my woman doesn’t need to be so hard.”

Norven White sat down.

“This is not hard work, but enjoyment.”

I served Norven White a bowl of porridge.

Maybe Norven White doesn’t understand, this simple thing is my happiness-

After breakfast, Ye Ze came to report on work.

It should have been after him to leave, but turned into Jiang Yixuan.

When Jiang Yixuan left, she came to Norven White’s study to say goodbye to her. When she came in, she saw me there, her expression was a bit surprised, and she stood there for a long time and said, “Thank you, Mr. Chu Die for these days. Sister takes care of me, I hope we can meet again in the future.”

After hearing what the woman said, Norven White hugged me to his side, and said in a flat tone, “Your work is over. Call me President White in the future. I promise your play and the crew will contact you later.” “Okay, you go.”

Jiang Yixuan was obviously unwilling to leave.

But Norven White embraced me with one hand and the file with the other. It seemed that he didn’t even have the intention to continue talking with her.

She bit her lip and hesitated again and again before leaving unwillingly.

As soon as the woman left, Norven White put down the file on his hand and said to me, “Let’s go too.”

“Where to go?” I didn’t understand.

The man stretched out his hand and took my hand, and said in a gentle tone, “Living back to the city, so that it is convenient for you to go to work.”

Chapter 453

I looked at Norven White with some surprise. To be honest, I had already decided to send Tang Ruo a message, saying that I would stay with Norven White for a while, and I couldn’t return to the company for a while.

Unexpectedly, he would accompany me back.

The man held up my right hand, put it to his lips and k!ssed, “You are my woman, not my servant. You don’t need to give up what you like for me.”

I looked at the man dumbly.

It’s great, he was thinking so.

I counted the time and asked, “Then… can Shuo Shuo see you?”

If not, maybe I need to accompany Shuo Shuo on weekends, so I cannot accompany Norven White.

Recently, I threw Shuo Shuo to Chen’s wife and others. To be honest, I was already very guilty. After all, when the child is older, it is in the critical period of the formation of the three outlooks of the personality.

Norven White didn’t answer for the first time. He seemed to think about it before nodding, “Yes.”

Although it was only two words, I knew that he made a lot of determination.

Any father, naturally, hopes to leave an impression of a strong man who will never be defeated in front of his children.

“Don’t force it.”

I know his suffering.

“No.” The man shook his head slightly-

I packed up, and when I left the manor, there was a large commercial vehicle parked at the door.

The side door of the car was open, and a small slope descended, which looked similar to Mei Lan’s car before.

It seems that they are all customized for special groups of people.

I pushed Norven White into the car, and the bodyguard put my luggage in the car.

The car drove all the way to [Flipvilla No. 1].

In fact, I thought about it, and indeed this is the most suitable place for Norven White, because his house here is a large flat floor, there are no stairs, and it is much easier to move around.

In the afternoon, we took Chen’s Wife and Liu Xuejun.

I went to work the next day.

At the weekend, I went to the kindergarten to pick up Shuosuo.

When I drove the car in the direction of [Flipvilla No. 1], the sensitive Shuoshuo had already started to ask me, “Mom, where are we going? Don’t you go home?”

I glanced at the back seat through the rearview mirror, Shuo Shuo sitting in the child seat, smiled and said, “Go home.”

“Go home? But…” He said halfway through, looking at me with bright eyes, “Are we going to see Dad? Dad is back, right?”

Unexpectedly, he guessed it so quickly, I nodded my head as a default.

Thinking of Norven White’s legs, I warned again, “However, my father has become a little different recently. Shuo Shuo has to learn to accept it, you know?”

“What’s wrong with Dad?”

“Dad’s leg is injured, and he may not be able to stand up for the time being, so wait a moment, don’t say anything that makes Dad sad, you know?


Shuo Shuo seriously nodded-

The car quickly drove to the underground garage of the community, and I took Shuosuo upstairs.

When we got out of the elevator, Mrs. Chen was already waiting at the door.

She opened the door and Shuo Shuo ran in happily. Seeing Norven White in a wheelchair, she seemed to be stunned. She walked in front of the man, gently touched the man’s leg, and said cautiously, “Dad, Does it hurt?”

I stood at the back and suddenly became nervous.

Just now I said that Norven White’s leg was injured, but I didn’t say that he was unconscious. Shuo Shuo must have misunderstood.

Norven White didn’t seem to care at all, shook his head, “It doesn’t hurt.”

“Really?” Shuo Shuo raised her head and said seriously, “Mom said, your leg is injured. You can’t talk nonsense, otherwise Dad will be sad.”

Norven White looked up at me.

I feel a little embarrassed.

The man leaned forward slightly, hugged Shuo Shuo directly, and let him sit on his lap!

At first, Shuo Shuo was taken aback and wanted to jump down, but the man pressed him on his lap and said, “It doesn’t hurt. Dad just can’t stand up temporarily.”

“Really? Will it be all right after a while?”

Shuo Shuo looked up at Norven White.

Seeing that he didn’t seem to show pain because he was sitting down, he gave up the struggle.

Norven White nodded, “Well, but for a while, Dad can only hug you like this.”

“It’s okay!” Shuo Shuo raised his head proudly and patted his chest when he heard him say that, “I am a man, not a girl, and I don’t need someone to hold me!”

After finishing speaking, he jumped directly off Norven White, hands on hips, “I can do everything, dad, what you do in the future, just call me, I can help you.”

“Okay, thank you.”

I could see that the man’s face seemed a little surprised, and I didn’t expect Shuo Shuo to be so sensible.

At this moment, the door of the kitchen opened, and Aunt Chen and Liu Xuejun brought out food from inside.

Shuo Shuo looked at it and said, “I’m going to wash my hands!”

He ran a few steps, then turned around and blinked at Norven White, and asked, “Dad, can you wash your hands? Do you need me to wash your hands?”

Norven White was taken aback, as if he didn’t expect his son to even take care of this matter.

I thought he was going to refuse, but I didn’t expect the man nodded and said for sure, “Need.”

Then, control the wheelchair to go to the bathroom with his son.

I stood behind and watched that Shuo Shuo moved a small bench because he was not tall enough, then stood on the small bench and turned on the faucet. When Norven White washed his hands, he squeezed out the foam hand sanitizer and used his small hands. Help Norven White rub his hands.

I can only see one side from this angle.

Shuo Shuo lowered his head, and seriously helped Norven White wash his hands, and said while washing, “The teacher said that you should wash this way first, then wash it this way, and wash it this way again to wash out the bacteria.”

“I see.” Norven White replied.

The voice is really like a student.

After washing his hands, Norven White seemed to want to hug Shuo Shuo on her lap, Shuo Shuo immediately refused, “I am a boy, I can walk by myself.”

After finishing speaking, he took Norven White’s hand, walked beside him, and accompanied him to the dinner table.

When eating, Shuo Shuo was also honest.

After dinner, Shuo Shuo played, I accompany him to bed.

When I took out the story book and wanted to tell him, Shuo Shuo grabbed my hand and asked me in a nervous tone, “Mom, am I very good today?”

“Well, Shuo Shuo is very good every day.” I touched the boy’s soft short hair.

When he heard my affirmative answer, he seemed to be relieved and smiled sweetly, “That’s good, I’m afraid that my dad thinks I’m bad, so don’t want me.”

It is said that children are the most innocent and will not lie.

His words made my heart hurt.

Unexpectedly, he was so obedient today, he was thinking about this!

I leaned over, k!ssed Shuo Shuo’s forehead, and said with a smile, “No, Dad loves Shuo Shuo the most. I won’t want you.”



I answered in the affirmative.

When Shuo Shuo listened, the nervous little expression on his face relaxed, and he leaned against me, “That’s great, I can see Dad every week from now on.”

Chapter 454

After hearing my words, Shuo Shuo seemed to feel at ease, and fell asleep very fast today.

He fell asleep after just telling the story for ten minutes.

After confirming that he was asleep, I put the book on the bedside and turned around and left the room.

As soon as I came out, I saw Norven White staying at the door.

“Huh? Why are you here?” I saw Norven White for a moment.

The man steered the wheelchair forward a little bit, and saw Shuo Shuo, his eyes were a little deep, “I only realize now that I am really not a good father.”

I know when he said that, he must have heard what Shuo Shuo said just now.

He comforted, “Boys, no matter how good my mother is, I naturally hope that a father will play with him.”

I discovered this from the time Shuo Shuo met Bo Jingran.

Bo Jingran only stayed in my house for a few months, but Shuo Shuo has a deep attachment to him.

Later, I forced Bo Jingran away from home. Although Shuo Shuo didn’t show anything at first, he would sit there in a daze every time he encountered difficulties when playing games or playing Lego.

I asked him what he was thinking, but he didn’t say anything.

But occasionally, I was cooking and when I heard Shuo Shuo was fighting for a boat in a bottle, he took the drawing and said to himself, “Both Brother Bo is here…”

At that moment, I even realized that I might not have driven Bo Jingran away.

Norven White took my hand and smiled bitterly, “Yes, it’s just that my son actually thinks I might leave him at any time, and I really failed.”

“Children are sensitive.”

“Not sensitive, but insecure.”

Norven White corrected my words, and the man took my hand with a slight force, “In the future, we will never separate again.”-

Our life, after that set, returned to normal.

I, Norven White and Shuo Shuo, live an ordinary family of three. In order to make up for my father’s mistakes, Norven White bought many Lego toys for Shuo Shuo on my suggestion.

When Shuosuo comes back on weekends, he will play with him.

Norven White’s legs couldn’t move, and he couldn’t sit on the ground with Shuo Shuo like Bo Jingran, so he bought a large Lego table with Lego blocks on it.

Then he bought a special chair for Shuo Shuo.

In this way, they can fight together.

Norven White hadn’t played anything like this before, but he was so smart, he naturally got used to it quickly.

It only took one morning to help Shuo Shuo solve all the problems encountered.

I watched the father and son having fun so much, so I took out my phone to take pictures.

There were not a few pictures just taken, and a phone call came in.

It’s a call from Xiangli Mou.

I quickly picked up.

“Xiaodie, where are you now?” As soon as he answered the phone, Xiangli Mou asked me.

I looked up at Shuo Shuo and Norven White in front of me, and replied, “It’s in Flipvilla.”

“Oh, when is it convenient for you to come to Nancheng?”

This person, Xiangli Mou, has always had a lot of things, whether it is for fun or business.

He will definitely not call me if he is okay.

Nancheng, Moulan Xi is there.

Counting it all, he has been cherishing Moulan’s rhythm for several months, and I took the phone and nodded, “I can do it anytime, is it my mother?”

“No.” Xiangli Mou denied, “Lan Xi is recovering very well. Recently, I have been in a stable mood. I have told her some things about you one after another, and she said she wants to see you.”

“Really?!” This is great news for me! I hurriedly said, “Then I will book the tickets now! It will arrive tomorrow!”

Can Moulanxi recognize me? !

This is really the best news for me who had no maternal love since I was a child and longed for maternal love.

I hung up the phone, walked to the Lego table, and told Norven White and Shuo Shuo about this.

Originally, I wanted to ask Norven White whether he was going, but I knew him, his legs looked like this, even if he agreed, it was very reluctant, so I didn’t ask at all.

He just said to Shuo Shuo, “Shu Shuo, mom is going to see Grandpa Mou tomorrow, you follow Dad, you have to be obedient, you know?”

“Yeah!” Shuo Shuo nodded sensibly, “Mom rest assured, I will take care of myself, and then I can take care of Dad!”

When Norven White heard Xiao Shuosuo say this nearby, he couldn’t help frowning slightly.

As a father, I still want to take care of my son.

I raised my hand and touched my son’s hair. “Dad can take care of himself, but dad has to work sometimes. Just don’t make trouble.”

“I will not!”

Shuo Shuo pouted and said unwillingly.

I believe he will not.

Early the next morning, I flew to Nancheng.

After getting off the plane, he took a taxi to the hospital where Moulanxi was.

I haven’t seen Moulan regret for months, and I can’t even imagine what she has become now.

When I entered the ward.

Saw Mou Lanxi sitting on the bed, and Xiangli Mou sitting beside him.

When I entered, they both looked at me. Moulanxi saw me, and the corners of his mouth raised a nice smile, “This is… Qiqi, right?”

I saw Mou Lanxi and was taken aback.

After a few months of absence, Moulanxi is no longer the skinny look she used to be. She has grown a lot of flesh and looks normal.

Perhaps because of the fact that she was kept in the house and did not see the sun all the year before, her skin was very white.

But now it’s not as pale as before. On the contrary, it is white and red. Although he is in his fifties, he looks good, and there are not too many wrinkles.

Now the whole person can already see the appearance on the previous Xiangli Mou painting.

I looked at Moulanxi and nodded, “Yes, it’s me.”

After speaking, when I walked to the bed, my heart was so complicated that I didn’t know what to say for a while.

When I approached, Moulan stretched out his hand and took my hand, and his eyes were red in an instant, “Brother told me about you, my child, I have suffered for you these years. It’s my mother’s uselessness. My mother couldn’t take care of you. you.”

When I heard Mou Lanxi say this, all the feelings of longing for mother when I was in the orphanage came to my heart.

He leaned over, hugged Moulanxi, and shouted, “Mom.”

How many years have it been.

I was finally able to really hug my mother and shout these words.

Moulanxi is very thin, but her body is soft.

Although it is winter, I feel very warm when I hold her.

Is this mom’s temperature?

I just feel the tears overflowing.

Moulan stretched out her hand and patted my back, “Qiqi, it’s really my Qiqi, mom misses you so much.”

“Since I knew you existed, she has been looking for you. If it weren’t for her, we might not be looking for you now.”

Xiangli Mou sat behind and said.

“Thank you.” Moulan sat up straight.

I shook my head, “You are my mother, of course I am looking for you.”

I looked carefully at Moulanxi, her current behavior is completely the same as that of normal people, and even seems to be more stable than some normal people.

I couldn’t help but look towards Xiangli Mou and asked, “The doctor said, when can my mother be discharged from the hospital?”

Chapter 455

After hearing what I said, Xiangli Mou said, “The doctor said that based on Lan Xi’s current recovery, he can be discharged from the hospital.”

“That’s great.” I immediately got up, “Then I will go to the hospital for discharge.”

Xiangli Mou looked at me, did not speak, and seemed worried in his expression.

At this moment Moulanxi looked at him, “I’m done, brother, I’m causing you trouble these days.”

Mou Lanxi spoke politely.

Although the contact time was very short, the behavior she showed was an environment in which she had lived since she was a child, and it had a positive effect on her.

Compared with Lumia Fan again, I was suddenly thankful. Fortunately, my mother was Moulanxi!

This is the woman who knows the book at a glance and has received a good education since childhood!

Although she had no company in my childhood, I still feel grateful in my heart, and I am grateful that my mother can be her.

Xiangli Mou listened to Mou Lanxi’s words, and seemed to struggle a bit before waving his hand and saying to me, “Go and go through the discharge procedures.”

“it is good!”

I nodded and went out.

Because Moulanxi is a special type of disease, discharge from the hospital is a bit more troublesome than other patients. I went to several places and it took about an hour to complete the discharge procedures.

After I finished the formalities, I walked to the ward, and when I reached the corner of the corridor, I suddenly ran into someone.

With the invoice in hand, the receipt was scattered all over the floor!


While apologizing, I lowered my head to pick up things.

The person I hit was also kind, squatting down and helping me pick up things.

He picked up the scattered things on his side, arranged them, and then handed them to me together.

“Thank you.” I looked up when I thanked.

Seeing the man in front of me, I was stunned. I didn’t say anything. I took the things and left quickly!

The man behind did not chase him.

When I reached the door of the ward, my heart was still beating.

How could it be so coincidental?

How did you meet Zhaoming White here?

I don’t believe in coincidences anymore about things related to Zhaoming White.

When I opened the door of the ward, Xiangli Mou had already helped Mou Lanxi to pack things up.

Seeing me in, Xiangli Mou put on an unhappy face, “It’s so slow to leave the hospital no matter what.”

Before I said the reason, Moulanxi said to me first, “It must be my type of illness. It is too troublesome to leave the hospital.”


I nodded and looked at Moulanxi, with unspeakable warmth in my heart.

She just said a word for me, but I felt incredibly warm.

Mom turned out to be like this.

Xiangli Mou listened to Mou Lanxi’s words, and stopped arguing with me, “Let’s go, it just happened that the car I was looking for was at the door and got home before dark.”

The home he was talking about was Su Zhen.

I think, yes, go quickly.

I don’t know why, but now I am always hostile to Zhaoming White, I always think what he is going to do…

We sat in the car that Xiangli Mou was looking for and soon arrived in Su Town.

When Moulan arrived here, she was full of nostalgia, “You still like to live in such a house.”

“Don’t you like it? Then I have someone rebuild one another day.”

When Xiangli Mou heard Mou Lanxi’s words, the whole person became nervous.

I have never seen Xiangli Mou look like this. He used to be his own way and ignored anyone.

When he said he was anxious, he cursed others. At this meeting, Mou Lanxi was just a word, and Xiangli Mou said so immediately.

I watched from the sidelines, but smiled without saying a word.

Moulan shook his head, “No, very good.”

“That’s fine.”

After hearing this, Xiangli Mou seemed to be relieved.

It was a coincidence that a servant opened the door inside. This servant was given to him by Moulan Xi.

As soon as she opened the door and saw Mou Lanxi, she took a big step back in fright, with a look of horror on her face, bowed her head and dared not move.

Xiangli Mou didn’t pay attention, but Mou Lanxi saw it.

She walked to the servant and asked, “Before, did I…”

“sorry Sorry!”

Moulan didn’t finish her words, and the servant knelt on the ground in fright.

This looks really scared.

In this way, Mou Lanxi was not angry, but Xiangli Mou was upset, “Kneel, why are you kneeling? What’s the matter with you!”

“It’s my fault. I beat her before because of the doll.”

Moulan Xi explained.

Her voice is very nice, and this is also a lot gentler.

The servant looked up slightly when she heard her speak so politely.

I hurried forward and said to the servant, “Don’t worry, my mother has recovered from the illness, and she will not hit you again.”

The servant heard what I said and looked up at Moulanxi suspiciously.

After watching it for a long time, I believed my words.

The three of us entered the house.

I went to set up the room for Mou Lanxi, and helped her make the bed. Mou Lanxi looked at me from the side and said politely, “Thank you Qiqi.”

“Should.” I put all the clothes in the closet, looked at the scattered pieces of clothes in front of me, and said, “I will go to the street to buy clothes with you tomorrow?”

“Can you?” Mou Lanxi looked at me and asked, but there was expectation in her eyes.

I stepped forward and took her hand and said, “Of course, you have been sick for so long. You must not know what clothes are popular now. I will take you to buy them tomorrow.”

“Then, trouble you.”

Moulanxi said.

She always treats me like that, she wants to be close, but she is a little strange.

I’m not in a hurry, I think, after a long time, she will naturally accept that I am her closest daughter.

I helped Moulanxi to pack up things. When I came out, I heard Xiangli Mou telling a few servants, “She is the hostess here. Who of you dare to neglect or treat her as before? Look at the patient, get out as early as possible!”


Several servants agreed.

I listened to him for a while, and when he finished his training, I went out and asked, “Is my mother really cured?”

Even if Moulanxi was mentally stimulated, it was abnormal.

But after all, after being sick for decades, how can it be back to normal in such a short time?

Xiangli Mou looked at me and was silent for a while before sighing, “Well, as long as she doesn’t mention the past, she is fine. If she does, she will be more or less irritated. There was a break in a TV series. What a junior, she was also stimulated when she watched it, and then she smashed the TV.”



At that time, when I was discharged from the hospital, Xiangli Mou’s expression was not very good, and I had already guessed the clue.

Also secretly wrote down in my heart, try not to touch Moulanxi’s sad things.

This day, it went smoothly.

After dinner in the evening, Xiangli Mou accompanied Mou Lanxi to watch his works over the years, and I was also by the side.

At this moment, a servant ran in from outside and saw me and said, “Miss Chu, someone is looking for you.”

“Find me?”

In Suzhen, who would look for me?

The servant nodded, “Well, he is waiting in the main hall.”

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