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Chapter 461

I couldn’t help blushing a little, hesitated, and said, “No, Mom was irritated, I’m afraid Master can’t control her alone.”

The man was obviously unwilling to hear me say this.

There is no meaning to let go of the hand around my waist.

I reached out and hooked the man’s neck, leaned in and k!ssed him gently, then patted him on the back and said, “I’m sorry, when my mother is better, I’ll look for you, okay?”

Hearing what I said, Norven White stretched out his hand and pressed his fingers on the hair on the back of my head, deepening the k!ss.

When the k!ss was over, the man raised his head, with a somewhat unsatisfied expression, “Okay, I am waiting for you.”


I can feel a little hot on my face.

I got out of the car and walked towards the elevator. As a result, I saw Lanquan walking straight.

When she saw me, she didn’t respond. I was wrong and I walked directly behind me.

I turned my head and saw her walking towards Norven White’s car.

I was very relieved of Norven White, Lan Quan walked over, and I had no intention of turning back, but went straight to Mou Lanxi, who was protected by bodyguards.

This Huimou Xiangli has already arrived, and he is supporting Mou Lanxi over there, seemingly concerned about something.

Seeing me passing by, Xiangli Mou asked, “Who did you meet? How did you become like this?”

Mou Lanxi’s hair was a bit messy, and her face was not completely recovered. Xiangli Mou’s face was full of angry expressions when she saw her like this.

“Go back and talk.” I also supported Mou Lanxi and walked towards the car.

Although Xiangli Mou wanted to ask, but in the end he did not ask-

I drove home, and along the way, Moulan Xi did not say a word. Occasionally I looked at her from the rearview mirror and she kept her head down, like a child who did something wrong.

Both hands clenched tightly.

When I drove home, I took Moulanxi into the bathroom and took a shower. After I got out, I helped her dry her long hair.

Then help her braid twists.

From the beginning to the end, Moulanxi didn’t say anything. I couldn’t bear to say anything and comforted me, “Mom, it’s okay. Today’s things are over, and you have seen it. Now, no matter how good their Lan family is, they don’t have to listen to your son-in-law, so Don’t be afraid.”

Moulan lowered her head lower and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s really okay.”

Seeing her like this, I feel sad.

I even regret taking her back.

Moulanxi said nothing.

She is like this, I dare not go to Norven White.

Fear that she will have a special situation at night.

Now Sister Chen and Liu Xuejun have gone to Norven White’s side, but after we came back, Norven White arranged for us two servants from his side.

After we finished packing, the servant had already prepared the meal.

We had dinner and the three of us sat on the sofa and watched TV together.

Although Mou Lanxi didn’t speak, her expression was already much better, and she didn’t keep her head down, as if she had relaxed.

Xiangli Mou and I were also relieved.

I sat next to Mou Lanxi and cut an apple for her. Mou Lanxi took it and whispered, “Thank you.”

“Ding Dong.”

At this time, the doorbell rang.

The servant went to open the door, and I also stood up. I couldn’t help but wonder. Who will come to my house at this time?

When the door opened, I walked over first.

The people outside walked in before they got there.

Lan Jiancheng!

Seeing him, I panicked. Without saying anything, I walked over and pushed him out, saying, “I’m sorry, you are not welcome in our house.”

Lan Jiancheng stood at the door with a bit of guilt on his face, “Is Lan Xi inside, right?”

“Not here.”

I said coldly, and blocked the door tightly. Now Moulanxi was emotionally unstable, and I was determined not to let him in.

Lan Jiancheng knew that I was lying and stood there and said, “I know I’m sorry Lan Xi, I want to see her.”

“I said I’m not here, I’ll call the police if you don’t leave!” I put my hand in my pocket when I spoke, as if I was going to hold a mobile phone.

Actually, I don’t have a mobile phone in my pocket, I put it on the sofa.

Lan Jiancheng seemed to hesitate, but he still said, “I know everything about this afternoon, sorry, I’m not afraid of your jokes, I just can’t control Gong Wen, alas!”

I was really surprised that Lan Jiancheng, as the boss of the Lan family, said such things.

But it doesn’t matter to me, I said with a cold face, “The previous things are over, go home and take care of your wife and children. I also hope that your family will stop appearing in front of my mother!”

Lan Jiancheng looked at me with a guilty expression on his face, as if he knew he could not get in, he hesitated for a moment, and only said three words, “I’m sorry.”


I am impatient.

At this moment, I heard very light footsteps behind me, and immediately after that, I heard Mou Lanxi’s voice, “A Cheng.”

“Lan Xi!”

When Lan Jiancheng saw Moulan Xi coming over, his eyes lit up.

At this moment, Xiangli Mou walked over and blocked Mou Lanxi behind her, her angry eyes widened, “Get out! Don’t force me to beat people!”

Lan Jiancheng seemed to have met Mou Lanxi, not reconciled, “Let me talk to Lan Xi, and apologize to her, it was all my fault back then, I was useless, I was afraid of losing everything I had. , I didn’t stand up bravely. In fact, I love Lan Xi, I…”


When I heard him say this, I was immediately annoyed!

He picked up a vase at hand and threw it at him!

In order to hide the vase, Lan Jiancheng stepped back.

The vase hit the ground with a “slap”, breaking into countless pieces.

But behind me, I felt the corner of my clothes being grabbed by someone, and then I heard Mou Lanxi’s voice, “Qiqi, can you let him in?”

“No!” I resolutely refused to make Lanxi.

What did this man do to Moulan Xi!

I can’t let my mother be killed by him again.

Mou Lanxi tugged my arm again.

I took a step back and closed the door directly.

Turning her head and saying to Mou Lanxi, “Mom, this man caused you to be like this, you don’t want to see him again. If you didn’t have him, you wouldn’t be what you are today!”

Everything is because Lan Jiancheng lied to her!

Moulan didn’t look at me, his eyes kept falling on the closed door behind me, and there was nothing in his expression.

Lan Jiancheng didn’t knock on the door again. I helped Mou Lanxi and said, “Mom, go upstairs and rest. It’s too late.”

Moulan lowered her head, did not speak, just followed me obediently-

Early the next morning, I got up as usual, washed and changed clothes, and went downstairs for breakfast.

Halfway through the meal, Xiangli Mou walked downstairs and asked me, “Apprentice, where is the younger sister?”

“Huh?” I looked up, “Aren’t you in the room?”

Xiangli Mou shook his head.

The two of us looked at each other and seemed to realize what seemed to happen!

I put down the chopsticks on my hand and rushed to the bathroom first!

Chapter 462

No one was found in the bathroom on the first floor!

No one on the second floor!

Me and the people inside and out of Xiangli Mou looked around, but did not see Mou Lanxi, so I asked the servant, “Where is she?”

The servant looked nervous and shook his head, “No, we didn’t see it this morning.”

I rushed to the door, Moulanxi’s shoes were still there. Could she go out wearing slippers?

I’m nervous!

I changed my shoes and called the police with my mobile phone. The police arrived soon.

Then we first went to the property to check and monitor.

Through monitoring, we found that Moulanxi had left the house in the middle of the night yesterday.

It was March, and she was wearing only thin pajamas and slippers. When she walked on the road, she disappeared.

“Do you have any guesses about where your mother is going?” the policeman asked me and Xiangli Mou.

I looked at each other with Xiangli Mou, and soon realized whether she would be looking for Lan Jiancheng!

But she didn’t know where Lan’s house was, so she went out like this, how could she find it!

The police helped me check and monitor all the way to find someone. I also contacted Norven White, and he also helped me use my own power to find Lan Xi.

I didn’t have any ideas, so I could only follow the road where I saw Moulanxi at the end. Shop by shop asked me if they had seen Moulanxi.

It was a pity that it was midnight, almost no shops opened the door, no one would see her at all!

I’m really scared.

I finally found my mother, she won’t have trouble again!

For a while I regretted my arbitrary behavior yesterday.

I should have let Lan Jiancheng in. After all, he is also the man his mother loved.

It is normal for them to want to talk.

I’m wrong.

I’m wrong.

I kept thinking in my heart, praying for Moulanxi to find him soon.

However, we had been busy all morning, and there was no news about Moulanxi.

Where can she go?

I hesitated and called Norven White and asked him to find Lan Jiancheng’s number for me.

He sent it to me soon.

Without hesitation for a second, I called him.

The call was connected soon.

“Hey.” Lan Jiancheng’s phone call came from there. It was different from last night, his voice was cold and steady.

Gives a high-cold impression.

“Mr. Lan, hello, I am Chu Die.”

I will report to myself first.

Obviously, Lan Jiancheng froze for a while on the phone before saying, “Chu Die? What’s wrong?”

After knowing who I was, his tone suddenly softened.

“That’s it. My mother ran away from home in the middle of the night last night. I think you also know her situation. I’m not sure if her sudden departure is related to you, so…”

“What? Lan Xi ran away from home?”

Before I finished speaking, I was interrupted by Lan Jiancheng.

Lan Jiancheng’s voice was obviously very nervous.

I frowned slightly, “Yes, she doesn’t know where you live in Flipvilla, so I just want to know, do you have any thoughts about where she will go?”

“This…I don’t know, I haven’t seen her for many years.”

Although I can’t see Lan Jiancheng’s person, I can also feel his guilt from his words.

I reminded, “For example, in Flipvilla, did you have any places you often go to together, or agreed on where to go?”

Lan Jiancheng heard what I said, but didn’t speak for the first time, as if he was thinking.

After a while he said, “I can’t remember it now.”

Sure enough, calling him was useless!

I was helpless, “Well, if you think of something, or see her, remember to contact me.”

After speaking, I hung up the phone.

Because I am my mother, I have a deep feeling that this time Mo Lanxi left, I must have gone to see Lan Jiancheng.

As for where to go, it should be a place that Lan Jiancheng also knows.

He just forgot.

Also, how can such a man with a heartless man remember the matter with his mother.

I was agitated for a while, and then looked for it along the shops.

Seeing the sun go down and the night falls, there is still no news of Moulan Xi.

I am getting nervous.

The longer she is, the more dangerous she becomes.

I walked alone on the road where Hua Deng Chu was on the road, regretting that I didn’t let Lan Jiancheng get in the car yesterday.

If Moulanxi really did something because of this, I really can’t forgive myself.

It was getting a little late, and Xiangli Mou called me to persuade me to go back first.

I can not be reconciled.

I took the picture of Moulanxi and continued to ask shop by shop.

However, there is still no clue.

When I was almost desperate, my cell phone rang. I thought it was another way to persuade me to go back first.

I took it out and saw that although I didn’t save the number on the screen, I remember it was Lan Jiancheng!

I quickly picked up.

The phone was connected, and I didn’t speak yet, Lan Jiancheng’s breathless voice came over there, “Peony, Peony Pavilion!”


I do not understand.

“Peony Pavilion Park in the south of the city! Go and see over there!”

Lan Jiancheng said.

Peony Pavilion Park? Is there this place?

I hung up the phone and quickly searched.

Sure enough, there is a small Peony Pavilion Park, which is close to the city center after all, and not too far from Rhodes Ci’s home.

I quickly took a taxi and went there.

At the same time, he also contacted Xiangli Mou.

Fortunately, this evening peak has passed.

When the taxi stopped, all I got out of the car was a small, tattered park with no ticket sales at the door.

I ran in quickly.

This park is very small and you can see it all at a glance. There is a lake in the middle of the park with a small pavilion inside.

It is surrounded by fences.

The park is very quiet and surrounded by vegetation.

I didn’t see Mou Lanxi’s shadow at all.


I yelled.

No one responded.

Not here?

But since Lan Jiancheng has said it, it is still possible.

I had just walked two steps, and there were footsteps behind me. I looked back and saw Xiangli Mou walking over with a flashlight and asked me, “Have you found it?”


I shook my head.

We haven’t left yet, Lan Jiancheng also came, and asked, “Are you there?”

When I saw him, I couldn’t help being angry and said, “I haven’t seen it yet!”


“Junior Sister!”

“Lan Xi!”

The three of us were shouting there.

When the two of us yelled at first, no one responded.

When Lan Jiancheng yelled, in the corner, a person seemed to stand up from the grass.


Lan Jiancheng shouted.

Several of us ran over!

Sure enough, Mou Lanxi sat alone among the weeds, without any anger in his eyes.

He opened his mouth when he saw a few of us, but said nothing.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” I hugged Mou Lanxi, tears couldn’t stop falling, “Mom, you really scared me to death.”

“I’m sorry.” Mou Lanxi was held by me and made a shallow voice.

Chapter 463

This time, I didn’t say it’s okay, but said, “Where do you want to go in the future, tell me, I’ll take you there, OK? Don’t go by yourself.”

Moulanxi nodded in my arms and said, “Okay.”

The few of us took her home and contacted the police to clear the case.

The servant brought Moulan a bowl of porridge, and she ate it clean. It seemed that she hadn’t eaten anything for a day.

I poured her another cup of hot tea.

Lan Jiancheng sat and watched the whole time.

I didn’t chase her anymore, but said, “If you have anything, just say it, and leave after speaking.”

To be honest, I’m really afraid that Mou Lanxi will be as confused as I was before and be deceived by the scumbag.

After I finished speaking, the atmosphere in the living room cooled down.

Xiangli Mou took a look and went upstairs first in anger.

When he left, Lan Jiancheng didn’t speak, so Mou Lanxi spoke first, “Acheng, I don’t blame you for the past.”

The three of us looked towards Moulanxi.

Such things are clear to bystanders.

I am standing aside now, listening to Moulanxi’s words, obviously hurt, but still humbled into the dirt, I am really worthless for her.

When Lan Jiancheng heard Mou Lanxi’s words, he was ashamed, “Lan Xi, I’m sorry, I was not firm enough back then, but you have to believe that I really loved you at that time and really wanted to marry you.”


I said silently in my heart.

Moulan looked up at him and nodded, “I don’t blame you, but you have a family now, so forget the past.”

I was relieved to hear her say so.

When Lan Jiancheng heard her say this, the expression on his face became a little more relaxed. He took out a card from his pocket and put it on the table, saying, “Lan Xi, I was sorry for what happened back then. This is what I gave you. Make up, in the future, you don’t want to provoke me. I’m old now, I just want my family to be safe and sound, and nothing else.”

After hearing Lan Jiancheng’s words, Mou Lanxi and I were stunned.

I picked up the card angrily and threw it to Lan Jiancheng, “What do you mean? Do you think my mom is asking you for money this time? Is there something wrong with your brain.”

Lan Jiancheng picked up the card again, put it on the table, and said with a somewhat embarrassed expression, “I know what you think, you don’t like this little money, but no matter what, I won’t recognize you. .”

“What?” I looked at Lan Jiancheng in disbelief!

It turns out that he came here this time licking his face this time, not to admit Mou Lanxi’s mistake, but to be afraid of it!

Lan Jiancheng looked up at me, “Yes, I made a mistake back then, but then I went to the Oasis Hospital and paid her 50 years of money. It was several million at a time, but several million in the past, but not the present. million!”


“What else do I need? I did everything I should.”

Finally, Lan Jiancheng revealed his face that didn’t want to be responsible.

I suddenly felt ridiculous and asked him, “Lan Jiancheng, have you checked the conditions of the Oasis Hospital?”

“What conditions?”

“Do you know what treatment the patients who enter the Oasis Hospital receive?”

I asked Lan Jiancheng.

When Lan Jiancheng heard it, his face immediately felt guilty, “How do I know that the mentally ill hospitals are not all the same.”

“Almost? Then tell me, what is almost the same?”


“I dare not say if it is, then I will tell you!” I lowered my head and looked at Lan Jiancheng with a sneer. “There will be no treatment inside. Only one meal a day for the patients, without bathing or washing them. Clothes, food and drink for the patient, Lazarus are all in a small ward. When we first picked up my mother, she was completely sick!”

When I said this, I felt terribly uncomfortable.

Lan Jiancheng didn’t dare to look at me immediately, “Then how do I know.”

“Whether you know it or not, when my mother left Su Town with you, she was a normal person! When she arrived at Flipvilla with you, she became abnormal. You won’t think that you took millions to send her in. Mental hospital, even if it’s all right!”

I am really mad!

I really didn’t expect that Lan Jiancheng was such a person!

Lan Jiancheng seemed to be irritated by the irritation I asked, and stood up with a “jerk”.

He was taller than me, looked at me and said, “Anyway, I can’t add your name to the will anyway.”

“I’m not rare.” I replied with a colder look, “I just hope that your family is far away from my mother!”

“it is good.”

Lan Jiancheng agreed.

He was leaving. I looked at the card on the coffee table and suddenly thought of something else, “Wait a minute.”

“what happened?”

I picked up the card and asked him, “How much is it in?”

“five million.”

Lan Jiancheng replied.

After hearing this answer, I sneered, “Where is the beggar? How much is your Lan family’s assets? A few hundred million or a few tens of billions? If you want to spend five million, just settle me?”

Hearing what I said, Lan Jiancheng’s face was ugly, “Didn’t you just say…”

“That’s what I thought, you should be sensible and know how much money can send me. I didn’t expect you to be so naive, thinking that a mere five million can heal the scars of me and my mother.”

In fact, I naturally don’t need him.

I wish he was as far away from me as possible.

However, I definitely can’t make him cheap with this money.

Lan Jiancheng’s face was ugly, “Then how much do you want?”

“Fifty million.”

I’ll take a word for it.

After that, Lan Jiancheng’s face turned green, “Are you crazy! How could I give you fifty million!”

“Then wait for the lawsuit.” I put my hands around my chest, “Is what you did back then was considered bigamy? Or fraud? Or…”

“Twenty million!”

Before I finished speaking, Lan Jiancheng bargained with me.

I’m not afraid. I hooked my lips, “50 million, one penny less, I will ask the Queen’s lawyer of my family Norven to send you a lawyer’s letter.”

Although I don’t know who Norven White’s lawyer is, I know that it must be a powerful role.

When I said this, Lan Jiancheng’s expression became even more ugly, “Norven White and my family Quanquan…”

“It doesn’t matter long ago. After Norven White’s leg was injured, Luo Shuhui begged her to see Norven White. Lan Quan was very determined. In the end, I went. Why, now I regret it again?” I took Lan Jian. Honestly speaking.

Judging from his face, he must know exactly what happened.

Lan Jiancheng’s expression was a little embarrassed, “50 million is too much, I can’t get it out.”

“Forget it, wait for the lawsuit.”


“President Lan, should you consider selling the property or something?”

I asked him.

“No way.”

“Oh, there’s no way.” I walked over and put the card in his shirt pocket. “As soon as 50 million arrives, we have nothing to do with Mr. Lan. If we don’t get the account, then I will Think about it.”


“President Lan considers it carefully and will not give it away.”

When I finished speaking, I turned around.

Chapter 464

Lan Jiancheng was mad at me.

Only then did I pay attention to Moulanxi.

She hadn’t spoken since just now, and when I looked at her, her face was full of tears.

I squatted down and took Moulanxi’s hand and said, “Mom, such a man, what makes you cry.”

“I…” Moulan lowered her head, biting her lip with her teeth, as if she couldn’t say anything.

I deliberately leaned toward her, “Is my master okay?”


As soon as I talked about Xiangli Mou, Xiangli Mou was standing on the stairs coughing.

I stood up and looked at Xiangli Mou, “Master, I’ll leave it to you to comfort my mother. I will go upstairs first.”

Mou waved at me at Li.

I went upstairs into the study.

Maybe it was Mou Lanxi who saw Lan Jiancheng’s scumbag with her own eyes, or she also discovered that Xiangli Mou was good at getting along these days.

After only a week, Moulanxi returned to normal.

Waiting to send Shuo Shuo away on the weekend, I went to Norven White on Monday.

I’ve been counting the days these days, if Norven White went abroad for treatment in three months, it should have been two months now.

Soon, he will go out for treatment.

On Monday, I got off work and went to the door of Norven White’s house. As soon as I opened the door, the man was standing at the door. I was shocked!

The man leaned forward and hugged me directly to his side, pressed his face to my hand and said, “Baby, I miss you so much.”

I squatted down and looked at him, “Sorry, I was worried about my mother recently, but she is all right now.”

“That’s good.”

The corners of the man’s mouth curled up slightly, and he smiled very nicely.

I pushed him in.

I saw several game consoles in front of the living room, and some game disks were scattered on the side.

“This is…” I asked Norven White.

The man smiled, “In the future, Shuoshuo wants to play games, so I can play with him. I can already play all of these. If he doesn’t know what he can, I can teach him.”

“So powerful?” I was a little surprised.


The man nodded affirmatively.

I thought for a while, “Or, before you teach Shuo Shuo, teach me first, he always despised me before.”

The man raised his hand and held my hand, “Okay, eat first, I will teach you after the meal.”-

Chen’s wife had already prepared the meal. After I ate with Norven White, we sat in front of the TV and played games together.

I may not have the talent for playing games, and I am not interested in this. After about two hours of playing, I felt sleepy and bored. The man also saw what I meant, pressed pause, took the handle in my hand, and said, “I will leave it to me for playing games with my son in the future.”


I nodded in agreement.

The man stretched out his hand, hugged me directly on his lap, leaned over and said, “Next, shouldn’t the baby take a bath for me?”

“You haven’t taken a shower lately, have you?”

After all, I lived in Rhodes Ci’s house for a week.

Could it be this week…

When I was thinking about it, the man showed a helpless expression, “How could it be, but without you helping me, I don’t think I can wash it clean.”

As he said, manipulating the wheelchair, he hugged me into the master bedroom.

Now I am very skilled at helping Norven White take a bath.

It took about an hour and everything was done.

I pushed him out of the bathroom, and the man lay on the bed, put his arms around me and said, “I may go abroad for surgery in two weeks.”

“So fast?” I was a little surprised, “Isn’t it three months later? There is still one month left.”

I am pretty sure that I did not make a mistake.

The man’s slender fingers stroked my hair, gently leaned my head into his arms, and said, “Well, but I still need to do some inspections and preparations before, so I have to go early here. I’ve already divided my work, so even if I don’t come back for a year, I don’t have to worry.”

“Wait, one year?”

Norven White’s words made me nervous.

I straightened up and straddled the man’s body and hooked his neck, “What do you mean by not coming back for a year? Will you go for a year?”

Seeing me like this, the man put his arms around my waist, his lips curled up slightly. “Of course not, it’s just that all possibilities must be taken into consideration for all things, right.”

The man’s voice was gentle, but I was very disturbed, “All the possibilities? For such a long time, is there still…”

Will he never come back again?

Before this, I always felt that this operation would not be dangerous. Even if it failed, it would still be unable to stand up at worst.

But when Norven White said so today, I realized that there might be other possibilities?

“No.” The man guessed my thoughts, stretched out my hand and said, “With you and Shuoshao, I will definitely be back.”


I stared at Norven White seriously.

The man nodded and smiled faintly at the corner of his mouth.

But I had no way to settle down, thought about it, and said, “Then I want to follow you.”

“No more work?”

“It doesn’t matter for a short time. I brought the computer in front of me. Now that the Internet is so developed, it is possible to communicate on the Internet.”

I said firmly.

Norven White’s words always make me a little uneasy.

The man looked up and looked at me who was sitting on him, “Nothing will happen, and this therapist does not allow family members to accompany him.”

“Then I will rent a house near the hospital and wait for you.”

I said firmly.

The man smiled, raised his hand and patted my arm, “Okay, go to sleep, stop thinking about it.”

“No, you promised me to accompany you.”

I can not be reconciled.

I’m afraid he won’t take me.

The man stretched out his hand to hook my neck and directly pressed my body down, a k!ss was printed on my forehead, and he said softly, “I promised you, I will do it, so I will definitely come back, you Just wait for me.”


“Hey, sleep.”

The man interrupted me.

I know, now I say that he will not agree, there are still two weeks, I can be soft and hard.

He will always agree-

In the next two weeks, I went to work during the day, and when I was with Norven White in the evening, I would ask him where to go for treatment. The man always said vaguely.

If I ask again, he will divert the subject.

Day by day, I never asked why, and he did not nod and promised to take me with him.

One day after ten days, I went to Norven White’s house after get off work as usual.

This time, it was not Norven White who opened the door, but Chen’s wife.

Seeing Sister Chen, my heart suddenly panicked and asked, “Where is Norven?”

Aunt Chen looked at me with a bit of difficulty and said, “Master has already gone abroad.”


At that time, I was stunned, took out my mobile phone and called Norven White!

As soon as the call was made, the familiar system tone rang: “Hello, the phone you dialed is turned off…”

Chapter 465

“Norven White!”

I was holding the phone, angry and complicated!

He shouted his name, but it was like a punch on cotton, and his anger had nowhere to vent.

I took the phone and walked up to Chen’s wife unwillingly and asked, “Then did he say anything when he left? For example, when did he come back, or where did he go?”

Aunt Chen looked at me with a little embarrassment in her expression, “I have asked you all these questions for your wife, but the master said, just wait for him to come back, and he will definitely come back.”

“He will definitely come back.”

I believe he will definitely come back.

It’s just that now I don’t know where he is going or when he will come back, and my heart is empty.

Even feel uneasy.

I think Norven White is also a human, and he should also be afraid before entering the operating room…

He must need me at that time.

How I wish I could be by his side.

I changed my shoes and sat on the sofa, and started to send messages to Norven White, [Norven, send me your address, okay? I promise it won’t cause trouble, I just hope to give you some strength, just want to stay By your side. 】

The message was sent, and then I stared at the screen.

There is no response.

I waited and waited for a month, but did not receive any message from Norven White.

At the very beginning, as soon as my mobile phone rang, I would look at it with a bit of excitement, wondering if it was Norven White’s reply to me.

However, every time I was disappointed.

Gradually, I stopped reporting any hope.

I looked at the calendar and it had been a whole month since Norven White had no contact with me. This person seemed to disappear in my life forever.

This month, I used to live in Norven White’s house in Flipvilla No.1.

But after a month, I gave up, believing that the man would not contact me until he was cured by himself, so I packed my things and went home.

Because Chen Sao and Liu Xuejun were more at ease, I let them go back with me.

Since Rhodes Ci’s family is big, it doesn’t matter if you live with more servants-

It was Thursday. When I was still at work, I received a call from my kindergarten teacher telling me that Shuoshuo had a fever.

I quickly told Tang Ruo and went to the kindergarten.

After connecting Shuo Shuo, I took him to the Children’s Hospital.

In general, children get sick more in autumn and winter. It is early summer and there are not many people in the Children’s Hospital. I went there very smoothly and hung up.

When he arrived in the consulting room, the doctor asked Shuo Shuo a few questions.

38 degrees.

Fortunately, it is not a high fever.

The doctor ordered a blood test. I took Shuoshuo for the blood test. After the examination, I took the result and returned to the doctor.

The doctor looked at it and said it was a viral cold, so he prescribed me some viral cold medicine and let me leave.

For children, 38 degrees is really not very high.

Shuo Shuo’s spirit was not bad, I didn’t take it seriously, sent him home, played with him for a while, had dinner, gave him medicine, and let him go to bed early.

At night, I was going to bed after work. Because Shuo Shuo was sick, I took water to his room and wanted him to drink some water.

After I entered with the water bottle, my hand just touched Shuoshuo’s hand and found that his hand was cold.

Fever gone?

As I thought to myself, my hand touched the back of his neck again.


This temperature scared me for a while!

I quickly took a thermometer to measure Shuo Shuo’s temperature!

39.5 degrees!

Seeing this temperature, I sweated all over!

Why did the fever suddenly become so terrible? I was so scared that I shook Shuoshuo and said, “Son, wake up, mom will take you to the hospital.”

I panicked for a long time before Shuo Shuo opened his eyes in a daze. They didn’t open them completely. They just opened a little bit. Seeing me, he said in a very weak voice, “Mom, I’m uncomfortable.”

“I know, go, mom takes you to the hospital.”

Because of the fever, Shuo Shuo’s face flushed.

How could it burn so badly? I was muttering in my heart.

Fearing that he would be exposed to the wind at night, I put on him an extra small coat, woke up Liu Xuejun, and asked her to accompany me to take Shuosuo to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, the doctor did another check.

Still blood test.

This time, the value has changed a little from the daytime. The doctor took a look and said disapprovingly, “I’ll prescribe you some medicine for the virus, and go back.”

Hearing what the doctor said, I was worried, “Don’t you need an infusion? It’s over 39 degrees.”

“No, kid, it’s best not to infusion, the infusion is all antibiotics, it will not be good for him when he grows up.”

When the doctor finished speaking, he prescribed medicine for me.

Fortunately, there is Merrill in the medicine. When Shuo Shuo was ill when he was a child, the doctor prescribed this medicine. After taking it, the fever subsided, and then combined with other medicines, he soon recovered.

I thought it would be the same this time.

I took Merrill Lynch to Shuo Shuo at the hospital, and then gave him other medicine.

Because I was worried that he would have a fever again at night, I let him sleep with me.

In the evening, Shuo Shuo did sweat a lot because he ate Merrill Lynch, and the temperature dropped a little, but after a few hours, it started to burn again.

Merrill can’t feed him frequently. I’m afraid that something will happen to him, so I can only physically cool him a little bit.

After tossing all night, I didn’t sleep. In the morning, I continued to feed Merrill after he had eaten.

However, every time the effect of Merrill Lynch faded, the fever continued.

I took it to the hospital again, still suffering from a viral cold.

The value is still very low.

On the seventh day, Shuo Shuo still had a fever of 39 degrees. I took him to the Children’s Hospital. The doctor still did blood tests and prescribed medicine. He did not agree to infusion.

This time I was in a hurry. I told the doctor, “We have been seven days, and we must infusion! I will be responsible for the problem.”

Seeing my tough attitude, the doctor reluctantly prescribed me an infusion.

Finally, I was admitted to the hospital and took Shuoshao for an infusion.

Because of the high fever for seven consecutive days, Shuo Shuo has already met the wilted radish. He has no energy at all and can only be held by me.

He is also six years old now, such a big boy, I just hold it like this, actually tired.

But I am not at ease.

When I put Shuo Shuo on the bed in the infusion room and watched the nurse give him a needle, I suddenly remembered what Zhaoming White said before!

Before I met him at Su Zhenmou Xiangli, he asked me, “How is Shuo Shuo’s health lately? Is there any fever.”

Thinking of this, then thinking of Shuo Shuo’s current alien outfit.

Generally, children with a cold and fever last for up to seven days. When the time comes, they will go away.

But now Shuo Shuo has tried everything, but still has a fever!

“Zhaoming White, Zhaoming White.”

I mumbled his name.

He took out his mobile phone, found his number from the blacklist, pulled out the blacklist, and then called.

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