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Chapter 466

The phone only rang twice and it was connected. I squeezed the phone, took a deep breath, and said, “Shuoshuo has a fever.”

When I finished speaking, there was silence on the phone.

My heart hangs high.

After a while, I heard Zhaoming White’s gentle voice as always, “Really? Send it to Guangming, and I will show him.”

From the man’s voice, I could feel that he was not surprised at all.

Could it be that Zhaoming White really injected Shuo Shuo with something?

In that case, he is too vicious!

I looked at Shuoshuo infusion and thought, could it just be a coincidence? Maybe the fever will go away after the infusion?

Will it be like this!

Thinking of this, I just hung up the phone.

Yes, you can’t fall into his strategy!

Even though I hung up, Zhaoming White did not call me.

His calmness made me panic.

But I can only take a gamble, what if Shuo Shuo is cured? –

Things will never be as simple as I thought.

I gave Shuoshao an infusion for three days, but the fever did not go away at all.

Seeing that Shuo Shuo was wilted and devoid of energy, I was distressed. After thinking about it, I decided to go to Karen first!

I went to the research center of the Medical University.

Tell the front desk that I want to look for Karen, but the front desk told me that Karen has recently had a project abroad, has already gone abroad, and will not come back soon.

I think of seeing Karen in White’s Manor before.

Could it be that Karen’s trip abroad is also related to Norven White?

If so, then I really can’t find her.

I got blind.

In desperation, I can only tell Jiang Rhodes the matter, and want her to ask Ziyi’an if she can find Norven White.

Jiang Rhodes answered my call and returned to China the next day.

She went to Rhodes Ci’s house and went upstairs first. She saw Shuo Shuo lying on the bed with her burning blush and her eyes closed. She hugged it in her arms distressedly, “Oh, my godson, why didn’t I see him for a while? Has it become like this?”

Shuo Shuo heard Jiang Rhodes’s voice, did not open his eyes, just opened his mouth slightly and shouted, “Godmother.”

“Oh, good son.” Jiang Rhodes took Shuosuo’s hand and touched his head, “It’s so hot!”

“Yes.” My face was full of distress, “I now suspect that Zhaoming White has really infected Shuo Shuo with a virus. If that happens, I can’t find someone to solve it, I can only get him a long time ago.”

When Jiang Rhodes heard this, he was also serious, and picked up the phone to give Ziyi an.

Jiang Rhodes and Ziyi’an are really one thing but one thing.

Within half an hour of the call, Ziyi’an arrived.

After he went upstairs, I asked first, “Can you contact Norven? Although I know it’s not good for him to be disturbed by this situation, I really can’t help it.”

It is only now that I feel that I am really incompetent. Many things, without Norven White, I am really helpless.

Hearing what I said, Ziyi’an said with a frown, “Sister-in-law, it’s not that I didn’t help you, but my elder brother really didn’t tell me where he went.”

As if afraid that I would not believe it, he immediately raised three fingers and pointed at the sky and said, “If I lie to you, let me thunder and sever my sons and grandchildren!”

“Why are you so useless?” Jiang Rhodes glanced at Ziyi’an, “I can’t help with anything that needs you.”

Ziyi’s helpless, “You don’t know my eldest brother, who knows what he wants to hide!”

Ziyi’an is right.

Who knows what Norven White wants to hide?

I thought for a while, and immediately said, “You can help me see Shuoshuo, I’ll go to Qingtian.”

I think Ye Ze should know!

If Norven White knew that something happened to Shuo Shuo, he would definitely not stand idly by!

I drove the car and arrived at Qingtian.

The fire was just turned off and the phone rang before getting out of the car.

I glanced at the number on the screen of the phone. Although it was not saved, I knew it was Zhaoming White’s.

My heart “cocked”.

After hesitating for a while, he picked it up.

After the call was connected, I heard the gentle voice of the man over there, “Xiaodie, Xiao xuan is now the most important time. He is undergoing the most important surgery. If you miss the best treatment period, you may I can’t stand up anymore.”

Zhaoming White only said that.

It’s really a snake hitting seven inches.

The reason why Norven White was doing well before was because he had always believed that his operation was sure to succeed and that he could stand up.

If Shuo Shuo’s affairs distracted him, he had to return to China and missed the treatment period.

What will happen then?

it goes without saying.

I squeezed the phone tightly and said nothing.

Over there, the man’s voice came again, “Huh?”

I bit my lip tightly with my teeth. Although 10,000 reluctant, I still asked, “Where are you? I’m going to find you.”

“I’m at home.”

Zhaoming White was not in the hospital, he said he was at home.

Although he did not explicitly say, I also know that it was in Shenghua Water Bay, our previous wedding room.

“Then I will wait for you at the cafe at the gate of the community.”

I can’t go to his house, otherwise it’s just the sheep’s mouth.

The man chuckled softly on the phone, “Xiaodie, are you making a mistake? Now only I can cure Shuoshuo’s disease. Do you think you can talk about something in front of me.”

“Zhaoming White, did you really inject a virus into Shuo Shuo?!”

I’m dumbfounded!

On the other side of the phone, Zhaoming White’s voice calmly said, “I have never denied this.”

His words made me startled.


Zhaoming White never denied that he had injected Shuoshuo with a virus.

It’s just that I naively thought that he would not be so bad!

I gritted my teeth, very reluctant, but gradually realized that I had no choice but to do this.

In desperation, I can only say, “Okay, I will pass now.”

After speaking, I hung up.

I restarted the car and turned around, and I went to Shenghua Water Bay.

Because I am not the owner of this place for the first time, I can only park the car in the parking lot outside.

I parked the car, got out of the car, and walked into the community.

I came here again after a year, and I have to say that the greening of the community has been better. It happens to be in the late spring and early summer when a hundred flowers bloom, and the whole community is full of colorful colors.

very nice.

It’s a pity that I didn’t want to appreciate the beautiful scenery, so I hurried to the door of the house that once belonged to Zhaoming White and me.

Before I knocked, the door opened.

Zhaoming White stood in the door, wearing a doctor’s white coat, with his hair curled up slightly.

I could see that he was not at home just now, but he arrived before I came.

I was too lazy to expose him and walked straight into the house.

The man kept aside the door.

After I went in, I looked around with my side light. The room was still the same as when I left, without any changes.

It seems that even the fruit plate on the table is the same.

Chapter 467

I walked into the room and did not sit down, so I asked directly, “Let’s talk about it.”

The man walked to the sofa in the house, picked up a cup on the table, poured a cup of tea, and sat on the single sofa again, and said to me, “Sit.”

I can’t refuse, I can only go and sit down.

The room was empty, with no signs of other servants.

But judging from the things at home, it doesn’t look like it has been unoccupied for a long time.

Back in this room, I couldn’t help but think of a person-Qi Lanlan.

After the accident that year, this person seemed to disappear and never heard anything about her again.

When I was thinking about Qi Lanlan, Zhaoming White first said, “I suggest you stop Shuo Shuo’s treatment that hurts the body. Those anti-viral drugs are not effective for him.”

I looked at Zhaoming White, the man’s expression was calm and calm.

Leaning on the sofa when speaking, with a trace of laziness.

It seems that Shuo Shuo’s illness is very weak, and my family is in dire straits, and it has nothing to do with him.

Yes, it really doesn’t matter at all, Shuo Shuo is not his child.

“Then you give me medicine.” I said to Zhaoming White.

I think if Zhaoming White does this, he must have medicine to fight this virus.

Zhaoming White’s elbows of both arms were placed on the armrests of the sofa, and his hands were interlaced in front of his face. He looked at me, his eyes softly as if holding a puddle of water, and slowly said, “Okay, marry me, let me When everything goes back to the past, I will save Shuosuo.”


I blurted out these three words.

I can’t marry Zhaoming White, I want to be with Norven White, I swear, I said, I will not leave Norven White.

Now that I have said, I will do it.

Zhaoming White was not surprised by my refusal, and said without a rush, “Well, you can go back, think about it when and when you come to me.”

Men are really in no hurry.

But I can’t.

I stood up nervously and looked at him. After I was entangled in my heart, I said, “Aming, Shuo Shuo is just a child. If you have anything, please come to me, OK, don’t attack Shuo Shuo, what did you inject him? , You can cure him and give me another injection.”

I am not afraid of suffering.

As a mother, whenever I look at Shuo Shuo so painful, I feel uncomfortable and want to cry.

I really wish it was me who got sick, as long as Shuo Shuo is not uncomfortable.

Zhaoming White sat there, his mouth curled slightly. “Of course not, you are sick, I will feel distressed.”

“Then what are you going to do!”

I’m in a hurry.

I knew that I couldn’t just go back like this. After I went back, what I saw was Shuo Shuo’s painful appearance. That way, I would really die.

Zhaoming White tilted his head, his face was as calm as water, “I just said, marry me.”

I clenched my hands into a fist, “No way.”

“Then there is nothing to talk about.”

Zhaoming White took out his mobile phone from his pocket and seemed to be flipping through the information, his eyes no longer looking at me.

I was anxious, “Why me? I am in my 30s this year. Others say that a woman is 30 tofu. I am a woman who has given birth to a child. What is worthy of your liking? There are young and beautiful girls out there, why must it’s me.”

The man raised his eyes and looked at me, and asked gently, “Have you ever asked Xiao xuan about this?”

One question brought me back.

The emotional thing is really unsolvable.

But I was still not reconciled, “But I have a connection with Norven White, and you and I only met because of his relationship.”

“You think so?” The man raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Is not it?”

Zhaoming White lowered his head, I couldn’t see his expression clearly, I only heard him smile, “Of course not.”

What do you mean?

Isn’t we only because of my relationship with Norven White?

Before I asked any questions, the man said, “When I returned to White’s house, I wanted to let White Yanhai have nothing. I wanted to take Norven White’s company and grab White Zhaokun’s stock. When everything was at my fingertips, I had This switched you.” He raised his head to look at me, his eyes burning, “You said, why would I be willing to watch you and Norven White get along for a hundred years?”

Is it because of this?

I was stunned.

Sure enough, businessmen care about gains and losses.

I bit my lip and looked at Zhaoming White, “You don’t love me, you’ve been paying for it all your life, and now even the final marriage is also due to hatred…”

“Who said I am revenge? I just want you.” Zhaoming White raised his head, his eyes were clear but deep, “I used to see you in the most muddy and filthy place, but I saw the cleanest and purest you, so I want you.”

“What do you mean?”

I looked at Zhaoming White, somewhat puzzled.

Zhaoming White’s lips curled up with a mocking smile, shook his head, took out a small pure white box from his pocket, put it on the table, and said to me, “Take this medicine back to Shuo Shuo, his needle The condition will ease.”


Fearing that he would regret it, I walked over quickly, picked up the box of medicine, and held it tightly in my hand.

The man nodded, “Really, but this box of medicine will last for two weeks at most. After two weeks, he should continue to have a fever. The two weeks is the time I give you to think.”


I knew how Zhaoming White could give up so easily!

Two weeks or two weeks is fine.

In case I had already contacted Norven White…

When I was planning this, Zhaoming White said to me, “If this matter is let Xiao xuan know, and he returns to China, then I will not provide any more medicine.”


“If you feel that someone in China can develop a medicine for Shuo Shuo while he is alive, just go look for it.”

When Zhaoming White spoke, his expression was always calm and without any waves.

I know this kind of calmness, one of which is self-confidence.

He knew very well that Shuo Shuo wanted to live and could only find him.

Holding the medicine tightly in my hand, I said, “Even if I promise you, I will wait for Norven White to come back. I will tell him everything personally.”

I can’t wait for Norven White to come back. I’m already married to Zhaoming White.

This is really ridiculous.

“Really? What if he only came back in one or two years? At that time, Shuo Shuo might have been buried for a long time.”

The man’s words are like a knife stuck in my mind.

My weakness is Shuo Shuo.

But I was really helpless about this matter. Looking at Zhaoming White, I bit my lip, “Then I will call the police!”

“Oh, do you have any evidence to prove that I had a virus on him? Or, can you prove that there is really a virus in his body?” Zhaoming White remained in a sitting position, looked at me, and smiled, “Do you know what? Generally, a drug is tested in a corpse. What can be detected is a known poison, and what is unknown cannot be detected.”

The man speaks slowly.

Every word, but it blocked my last little hope.

Chapter 468

I clenched the box of medicine tightly in my hand and looked at Zhaoming White, “I can’t marry you before he comes back, but I want Shuoshuo to live. If Shuoshuo has two shortcomings, then I won’t live anymore.”

“Oh.” Zhaoming White looked up at me, “you don’t need to get married, then you will have my baby first.”


“In this way, it doesn’t matter when Xiao xuan comes back.” He looked at me with a certain certainty in his expression, “After all, you are a mother who loves her child so much. No matter who the child’s father is, I miss you. Will love him the same.”

Zhaoming White is really a terrifying man.

He used such gentle words to pinch my seven inches tightly.

Yes, he was right.

I think no mother will hurt her child…

Seeing that I was not talking, Zhaoming White waved at me, “I will give you two weeks to think about it. After considering it, come to me.”

I took the medicine and left without hesitation.

When I got to the car, I took apart the pill box, which contained three pills.

how to eat?

When I was about to call Zhaoming White to find out, the phone rang first.

Zhaoming White called me first. I picked up the phone and the man said, “This medicine is one pill at a time. The interval between each pill must be 24 hours. No more or less.”

“it is good.”

I nodded.

I thought he called me just to tell me how to take the medicine.

As a result, I just finished talking, and the man continued, “This medicine is made based on Shuoshuo’s body weight, so he must take all of the medicine. If you want to take one to study, I’m not against it, but if Shuoshuo has three long and two short, so don’t come to me again.”

Hearing what the man said, I was sweating.

Actually, I hadn’t thought of taking medicine to find someone to do research, he thought about it first.

I squeezed the phone tightly with my hand, before I spoke, the man had already hung up-

When they returned home, Xiangli Mou and Mou Lanxi were sitting downstairs. When they went upstairs, Jiang Rhodes and Ziyi’an were both standing at the door of Shuosuo House.

Seeing me, Jiang Rhodes pressed his throat and said, “He is asleep.”

I walked over and took out the medicine in my hand and said, “This is given by Zhaoming White, and I can take it for two weeks.”

When Jiang Rhodes heard me say this, his teeth were itchy. “What do you mean by two weeks? What about two weeks later?”

“Two weeks later…” I lowered my head and said with some guilty conscience, “I will look for him in two weeks.”

On the side, Ziyi’an sneered, “I’ll look for him in two weeks? I don’t understand other people. Zhaoming White is out of water. How could there be such a cheap thing!”

As soon as he said, Jiang Rhodes woke up, “That is, did he make a request?”

I didn’t even bother to answer these questions. I took the medicine and pushed the door in. “First, give Shuosuo the medicine.”

I’m going in, Jiang Rhodes took my arm and looked at me and asked, “Are you sure this medicine is okay?”

I also thought about this problem.

But no matter what he thinks, it is impossible for Zhaoming White to do such a thankless thing, “I’m sure.”

I said firmly.

Hearing what I said, Jiang Rhodes didn’t stop it anymore.

I woke Shuo Shuo, gave him medicine, and then recorded the time.

Shuo Shuo went to sleep after taking the medicine.

He has been weakened with a fever these days.

As soon as I came out, Jiang Rhodes pulled me and asked, “Did Zhaoming White mention any conditions?”

Ziyi’an also stared at me, “What you said, tell us, we can think of a way for you.”

I looked at the two pills left in my hand and sighed, “He asked me to marry him.”

“…I knew he didn’t give up!” Jiang Rhodes stomped his foot fiercely. “Do you think he has a problem with his brain. It’s so fragrant to snatch things from others?”

I lowered my head, thinking about what Zhaoming White said before.

Has he seen me before?

Or, have I met him before?

I have no impression at all.

But what he said today clearly meant this.

There is a mess in my heart.

On the side, Ziyi’an suddenly slapped his thigh and snatched the medicine from my hand. I was shocked. The man held the medicine and said, “This, let’s take it and study it, look at the ingredients, and make the same Isn’t it all right?”

“Yes!” Jiang Rhodes was happy when he heard it. “That’s it, why didn’t I expect it!”

I looked at the two people and sighed, “Zhaoming White said, these medicines are made according to Shuoshuo’s body weight. If it is less, it may not be effective.”

My words seemed to pour cold water on two people.

The enthusiasm of the two people was instantly extinguished.

I took the medicine back from Ziyi’an, “Moreover, this medicine can only temporarily relieve Shuoshuo’s condition, but it cannot cure the root cause. He did not give me the real cure for the root cause.”

Zhaoming White can really be said to be a scheming man. It seems that he can count our ideas.

Then, I was forced into desperation and had to find him.

Jiang Rhodes also stared at the medicine in my hand, “You said, Zhaoming White deliberately lied to you, what if we take the medicine to study? It won’t matter if you take a little bit less.”


“It’s better than being held by him like this?”

After listening to Jiang Rhodes’s words, a little hope arose in my heart.

I think she is right.

The composition of the whole medicine should be the same, if only a little bit is used for research, there should be no problem.

But, who are you looking for?

I looked up at two people, “Norven introduced me to a doctor named Karen before, but she is not in China recently. In this regard, I really don’t know who to trust.”

Jiang Rhodes also looked confused.

The two of us looked at Ziyi’an. Ziyi’an hugged his arms. A triumphant expression immediately appeared on his face. “Since I am my godson, I will naturally go all out. I have a friend who graduated with a doctor of pharmacy. We have our own pharmaceutical company, let’s find him.”

“Is it credible? Will it also belong to Zhaoming White?” I asked.

Now I am afraid.

I would not worry about other fields, but in the field of medicine and pharmacy, I would doubt that anyone has something to do with Zhaoming White.

Ziyi’an shook his head, “Of course not, this friend of mine does not bother to be with a villain like Zhaoming White.”

I can’t believe all of Ziyi’an’s words, but now we don’t have friends in this area, so we can only rely on him.

I went down to find Liu Xuejun and Chen’s wife, and asked them to pay attention to Shuosuo.

Then followed Ziyi’an to find his friends.

While in the car, Ziyi’an called first to confirm that the person was in the office before we passed.

The car drove for nearly two hours. At first, it was walking on a desolate road in the suburbs. Later, it turned into a courtyard and parked in front of an 8-9 storey building in the courtyard.

After getting out of the car, I looked around and said with a little suspicion, “Is this here?”

Chapter 469

Before Ziyi’an answered me, a young girl came out of the building. She saw Ziyi’an and said, “Mr. Yi, right? Mr. Wu is waiting for you inside.”

“Okay.” In front of this suspected little girl at the front desk, Ziyi’an immediately put on the boss’s style, with a serious face, turned to us and said, “Go in.”

Jiang Qinbai gave him a glance.

After we entered, we discovered that this is not a pharmaceutical company, but a chemical reagent company under a pharmaceutical company.

As we walked in, Ziyi’an also explained to us, “Such chemical factories are not allowed to be built in the city, they can only be built in such a place.”

“Then what are we doing?” Jiang Rhodes was a little unhappy, “Can you check the ingredients of the medicine for us here?”

“If it doesn’t work, let’s drag President Wu to his pharmaceutical company. This company is his own, but he just happens to be here today.” Ziyi’an said indifferently.

Soon we followed the little girl by the elevator to an office on the 6th floor.

The little girl stopped and said respectfully, “Mr. Wu is inside. Just go in directly.”

“Understand, you go.” Ziyi’an made an OK action.

When the little girl left, Ziyi’an opened the door and walked in.

I followed in.

“Xiao Yi.” Before I went in, I heard a very mature and hoarse voice calling Ziyi’an.

Judging from his voice, this person is at least 50 or 60 years old.

When I entered, I saw that there were two people in the office.

When I looked over, my face was completely blue.

The person sitting in the office turned out to be Zhaoming White!

Seeing me, Zhaoming White stood up with a small smile on his face, “Xiaodie, what a coincidence?”

The moment I saw him, all the little hope that had risen in my heart collapsed.

And Ziyi’an and Jiang Rhodes were also stunned.

When we were all silent, the “Mr. Wu” sitting in the office stood up and said, “It’s such a coincidence, do you all know each other?”

The three of us remained silent.

President Wu didn’t seem to notice anything unusual, and asked Ziyi’an, “Xiao Yi, is there anything going on today?”

“It’s okay.” Ziyi smiled and turned to leave.

Ziyi was about to leave, but Jiang Rhodes refused. She walked directly to Zhaoming White and said, “Zhaoming White, what do you mean? You and the White family’s personal grievances should be reported by yourself. How can we put our Jia Rhodes ginseng into it? What’s going on!”

Zhaoming White looked at Jiang Rhodes and listened to her with the same smile on his face. He opened his mouth and said, “I don’t quite understand what you are talking about.”

“You!” Jiang Rhodes didn’t expect that after he finished speaking, he actually got this answer. He cursed, “Zhaoming White, you mean, you adults, why do you pull Shuo Shuo in! Now Shuo Shuo is so painful, you are happy. Yes? Even if you use Shuoshuo to persecute Jia Rhodes, the person who finally gets her is still a body. Instead of that, you might as well find someone to make her look like Jia Rhodes, it’s not the same!”

Jiang Rhodes has always been used to calling me Jia Rhodes.

I did not stop.

She said excitedly here, Zhaoming White always kept a smile on her face, and looked at her, “It’s not that Shuoshuo is sick, and then the doctor can’t help it. I just take my newly developed special medicine and let Xiaodie Try it first, is there anything wrong?”

Zhaoming White is really clever.

Pick yourself out in a few words.

Mr. Wu watched that they were about to quarrel, and quickly persuaded, “What’s the matter? If you have something to say, and be kind, everyone is your own.”

“Who is with him?” Ziyi’an guarded Jiang Rhodes behind him, and said to Zhaoming White, “You are really scheming, knowing that we are going to find Lao Wu, we will do it first!”

At this time, Zhaoming White’s expression was still calm, “What do you mean? Wu and I always made an appointment half a month ago. Let’s talk about cooperation today…”

“Yeah, yeah, we made an appointment long ago.”

Mr. Wu also followed.

I looked at Mr. Wu. Mr. Wu is about sixty years old. He looks honest, but his expression doesn’t seem to be lying.

Is it really a coincidence?

That would be a coincidence.

However, if two people say so, we can’t say anything.

I pulled Jiang Rhodes and said, “Forget it, let’s go, we can’t beat him.”

Zhaoming White has such deep thoughts, if we are determined to grab something, then what we do will not help.

“Come and go!” Jiang Rhodes was also irritable.

Ziyi’an couldn’t help but turned around to leave.


When the three of us were walking out, we heard Zhaoming White stopping behind me.

I look back.

The man still had a gentle smile on his face and asked, “Are you here in a car? If it’s convenient, you can wait for me for a while, and Mr. Wu and I are almost done talking.”

“No need to.”

I immediately refused.

The man is not angry, just a little serious in his expression, “I have something to say to you alone, I hope you can wait for me.”

“No.” Jiang Rhodes refused.

But I hesitated, and said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you outside.”

“Okay.” Zhaoming White nodded.

We closed the door and Jiang Rhodes was angry with me, “What are you waiting for him!”

“Forget it, wait, I can’t calculate him, I can only listen to what he wants to say to me.”

For Zhaoming White, I really gave in.

“Then we will stay with you.” Jiang Rhodes stood there and didn’t leave.

I gave her a push, “No, I’m such a big person, and everyone has seen him, what can he do to me?”


“Okay, let’s go, I will contact you when I get back.”

I pushed Jiang Rhodes away.

They helped me a lot with this matter. Since it didn’t work, all we can do is to look at how to play with Zhaoming White.

Jiang Rhodes and Ziyi’an left under my persuasion.

I stood outside the office for less than five minutes, the door of the office opened, and Mr. Wu sent Zhaoming White out.

When Zhaoming White saw me, he naturally stretched out his hand and gave a nice smile and said, “I’m sorry, I kept you waiting.”

He always does this, as if nothing happened to us.

Facing me, I will always look the same as before.

I can’t.

I couldn’t laugh, and asked him, “What do you want to tell me?”

“Get in the car and talk.” Zhaoming White made a request.

I stayed and waited for him. I just made a plan to go back to the city with him. I didn’t pretend to be, so I took a step outside.

When I came out, I found out that Zhaoming White’s car was parked on the left side of the gate, but I didn’t even notice-

After getting in the car, the man started the car while looking at me, and said, “Fluttershy, when did you become so disobedient.”

Chapter 470

When the man said this, his tone was very gentle, facing me, blocking the sunlight coming in from the glass behind.

The whole person is in the shadows.

If it were in the past, his tone and expression would definitely give me the feeling like this early summer weather, neither hot nor cold, but the temperature is just right.

However, at the moment he said this, I just felt a cold sweat behind his back.

But I didn’t shrink back, facing the man’s eyes, and said directly, “Because I don’t want to marry you, I don’t want to have anything to do with you, but I still want to save Shuoshuo.”

“Why are you so greedy.”

The man spoke slowly.

The tone is still peaceful.

“Greedy? I am so greedy.” I sneered. “Didn’t Jiang Rhodes say everything, but you want to get me involved in revenge.”

“Aren’t you one of the beneficiaries?” The man looked at me, “In the beginning, you traded yourself for Xiao xuan AI, didn’t you?”

“But you stole it! Those things were originally Norven White’s.”

I said firmly.

I have long wanted to understand.

Those things have always belonged to Norven White, even if I later violated my own words and left him, I did not owe anything!

Zhaoming White started the car, facing the front, sneered, “Shopping malls are like battlefields. It’s something everyone understands. Is it true that I’m the only one who wants him to fall? It’s definitely not. No matter who he is, he Don’t they all have to admit it the same? Are they still crying about unfair competition?”

The speed of Zhaoming White’s speech is always this unhurried.

It doesn’t sound dripping.

Let me find the flaw.

Indeed, I also understand this. With the market being so big, companies naturally have to use various competitions to win a larger market.

If not, the best way is to get rid of the people who already occupy a large amount of the market. Then, the market will not become vacant, and naturally someone can make up for it.

This principle is similar to the star.

I did not speak any more.

Zhaoming White didn’t say any more.

As the car drove all the way to the city, he accurately drove me to the door of Rhodes Ci’s house, looked at me and said, “Xiaodie, we will see you in two weeks.”

His tone was determined.

He knows that I will definitely go find him-

Speaking of which, the medicine Zhaoming White gave was really powerful.

After eating three pills in three days, Shuo Shuo’s fever really subsided, and the whole person became energetic again.

I have eaten more and my eyes are brighter, and the whole person seems to be completely healed.

He hugged me happily and said, “Mom, I am finally healed!”

“Yeah.” I touched Shuoshuo’s smooth hair, but I became more worried.

The more effective this medicine is, the more proof that he will relapse after two weeks.

Day by day, Shuo Shuo did not go to kindergarten, but everything about him at home was normal, his body temperature was normal, his meals were normal, and his bowel movements were normal.

I haven’t been to work these days, so I stayed with him to observe.

All this was normal and continued until two weeks after taking the medicine.

Shuo Shuo started to have a fever again.

Touching Shuoshuo’s hot body, my tears fell unconsciously.

Shuo Shuo was lying on the bed, watching me cry, and then he pulled me and said, “Mom doesn’t cry, I’m not uncomfortable.”

“Hmm…” I nodded.

My heart was extremely flustered.

He took out his cell phone and dialed Norven White’s number.

Still shut down.

I took Shuoshuo’s burning hand, really panicked.

How to do? Do you really want to marry Zhaoming White?

Really go around, in the end, still have to go this way?

I am not reconciled, but I have nowhere to go.

At this moment, Xiangli Mou stood at the door, saw me crying, sighed and said, “What the hell is going on?”

For a while, he has been patronizing Mou Lanxi and has not cared about what happened to Shuo Shuo.

I shook my head, “It’s okay.”

“Hey, are you still lying to me? What’s the matter? Is his illness related to that kid Zhaoming White?” Xiangli Mou was behind me, her tone full of discomfort.

No matter who intervenes in this matter, there is no answer.

I shook my head, “No, it’s just that Shuo Shuo’s resistance is poor recently, and it has been infected with a virus.”

“I didn’t even get out the door, what kind of virus is still infected!”

Xiangli Mou directly exposed my lie.

“Mom, I’m not uncomfortable. Really, I will get better soon.” Shuo Shuo took my hand and comforted me.

The more sensible he is, the more uncomfortable I am.

Looking at the phone on the side, I couldn’t help it anymore, stood up, and said to Xiangli Mou behind me, “Master, you can help me look at Shuoshuo. I’ll go out.”

“Where to go?”

“Get out.”

I didn’t answer him, turned around and went downstairs.

I called Zhaoming White when I got in the car.

As soon as the phone was connected, before I spoke, the man said to the phone, “I am waiting for you at home.”

Still this sentence.

This time, I didn’t hesitate at all. I kicked the accelerator and arrived at Zhaoming White’s house at the fastest speed.

It was the same as last time, when he reached the door, Zhaoming White opened the door for me.

He stood at the door looking at me, with a gentle smile on his face, and when I got to the door, he let me aside.

I walked in the door.

The man sat on the sofa with his legs folded looking at me and said, “Did you think about it?”

“Yes.” I nodded, “I can be pregnant with your baby.”

I know that no matter which step I take, it will be overwhelming. Instead of that, I will put Shuo Shuo first.

Hearing my answer, the man had no surprises on his face. He put his right elbow on the sofa, his hand on his cheek, tilted his head slightly, looked at me, his thin lips lightly opened, “Think about it?”

“Yes.” I looked at Zhaoming White, “In order for Shuoshuo to live, I have no choice. As long as Shuoshuo can live, I will die even if I die.”

Zhaoming White was not angry when I heard what I said, “Why is it so painful to be with me, I will treat you and Shuoshuo well, oh yes, and our future children.”

“Then I will thank you very much.”

At this time, the Zhaoming White I saw in my eyes, although he was still that person, but after the filtering of this matter, in my eyes, he was ugly and twisted.

Looking at the gentle and handsome face before, now it only makes me feel sick.

However, I have no choice but to save Shuoshuo.

The man stood up, walked in front of me step by step, bowed his head, gently lifted my chin with his slender fingers, and asked me, “I want to ask you one last time, have you thought about it?”


I still answer this word.

As soon as the voice fell, the man leaned over slightly and hugged me directly.

I didn’t struggle, let him hold it, and then walked upstairs.

The man goes up the stairs section by section.

I close my eyes.

I know what is waiting for me.

Soon, I felt the man hug me to the second floor, and I felt my body was still on the soft bed.

In the next second, a big palm reached into the bottom of my skirt.

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