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Chapter 501

“Then what do you like, I will give it to you.” Norven White looked down at me.

I know he is talking about cars.

He has disliked me for driving a MINI of 200,000 yuan for a long time.

However, without thinking for a second, I held the man and immediately replied, “I like you.”

After hearing my answer, Norven White seemed a little surprised.

But soon, the smile at the corner of my mouth became more apparent, I lowered my head and k!ssed my forehead lightly. The dark eyes were full of tenderness, “Well, then what you have to think about next is what kind of wedding you want. .”


I froze.

Thinking about it, I really didn’t seem to have thought about having another wedding with Norven White.

After all, we are not young anymore, and speaking of it, we have held a wedding.

Although that time, the bride’s name was not me.

I hesitated.

The wedding I said in my heart that I didn’t expect it to be fake, but…

The man seemed to read the embarrassment on my face, and asked me in a somewhat unhappy tone, “Why? Don’t you want to marry me?”

“No.” I stretched out my hand and touched my cheek. “Married is to marry. It’s not if you don’t marry, but you don’t need to marry. It’s so troublesome and…”

“Do you mind if I married someone else?”

The man interrupted me.

“Of course not.” I quickly denied it before explaining, “It’s just that I think the matter of getting married is too troublesome and there are too many things to prepare. It is not as convenient as a good day’s rest at home.”

In fact, when Julia Rhodes got married, Lumia Fan and Zain Rhodes didn’t care about things. As a real bride, Julia Rhodes was too lazy to die.

So the big and small things are all my responsibility.

I didn’t rest well for several nights.

“No.” Norven White listened to me, but refused mercilessly, “I can listen to you for other things. I will make the decision for this matter.”

The man’s expression is firm.

I looked up at him, knowing that even if I said anything else, he would not agree.

Helpless, he nodded, “Well, I’ll listen to you.”

“be good.”

The man said softly-

Norven White and I stood outside for less than five minutes, and someone over there arranged for us to go in.

Because of Norven White’s high status, we were placed in the box.

There is a big TV in the box, you can see the situation at the ceremony.

After we entered, I looked around and asked nervously, “Where is Shuoshuo?”

With so many people, I am really afraid that Shuoshuo will be lost.

Norven White sat down, shrugging a little helplessly on his face, “My son is not our son anymore?”

I looked at him.

The man continued, “When I came in just now, I saw the daughter of your partner Tang Ruo, and she insisted on sticking to her, and she couldn’t even let her go, and I couldn’t control it.”

Hearing what he said, I smiled, “Xia Xia.”

That’s no wonder.

Shuo Shuo is so big, it seems that I haven’t seen any girl who is particularly interested, except Xia Xia.

At first, it was Xia Xia who adhered to Shuo Shuo, but when she grew up, Xia Xia seemed to have learned to be reserved, and now Shuo Shuo has changed her to adhere to others.

I just talked about Xia Xia, Tang Ruo and her husband Gu Ziming, as well as Xia Xia and Shuo Shuo, came in.

Four chairs, one for each person.

In a small box, six people are just right.

Soon the ceremony began.

We sat in the box and looked at the big screen. Because it was a Chinese wedding, the scene was also decorated in Chinese style.

We watched Ziyi’an and Jiang Rhodes enter the hall together.

Sitting in the front are Ziyi’an’s parents.

It was the first time I met Ziyi’an’s parents. The two old men sat there with smiles on their faces. At first glance, they were very kind people.

The etiquette of a Chinese wedding is different from that of a general wedding.

But it’s not too complicated, it’s over soon.

After it was over, You Ziyi’an’s parents and Jiang Rhodes’s leader all went up to speak before it was Norven White’s turn.

However, Ziyi’an didn’t let Norven White move, but came over with the microphone and camera, and let him sit and talk.

The picture will be put directly on the projector in the hall through the camera.

This also avoided Norven White’s embarrassment.

When everything is over, the two of them go to change their clothes and start toasting.

Because the people in the box are all elders, including Ziyi’an’s parents, and Jiang Rhodes’s leaders are all sitting in the front box.

So, I came to our table soon.

This time, Jiang Rhodes’s clothes are still Chinese, similar to a curvy, with the length of the floor dragged, and the hairstyle on his head simpler, but he still wears a lot of headwear.

You don’t need to wear high heels for this kind of clothes, just wear embroidered shoes with a raised head.

When they came, Shuo Shuo, who was sitting there, spoke first, “Godmother, you are so beautiful today!”

“Thank you son!” Jiang Rhodes blew a k!ss to Shuo Shuo.

After that, Ziyi’an carried the wine glass and said, “Thank you, especially the eldest brother, for coming to our wedding today to enjoy your face.”

After finishing talking, I drank the wine in the glass first, and then took the drink in Jiang Rhodes’s hand. After drinking, he said, “Sorry, my wife is pregnant and can’t drink, so I will drink for her. Up.”


Tang Ruo nodded.

After everyone finished drinking, Jiang Rhodes touched his stomach, looked at Shuo Shuo, and said half-jokingly, “Shuo Shuo, godmother has a little sister in her belly. When she grows up, will you be a wife for you?”

It was originally said.

Unexpectedly, Shuo Shuo immediately said, “No, I like Xia Xia, I have promised her that I will marry her when she grows up!”

Shuo Shuo is really shocking and dying.

After he finished speaking, we all looked at the two children.

Xia Xia sat there, her face flushed with a brush, and she lowered her head without speaking.

When Jiang Rhodes heard this, he helped his forehead with a very hurt expression, “What’s wrong? My daughter was broken in love before she was born, right?”

“No, no.” I said quickly, “Look at your devil-shaped beauty, your daughter will definitely go abroad in the future. Which round will I get my son?”

“No, no, it mainly promotes free love and opposes arranged marriages.”

Tang Ruo said by the side.

Jiang Rhodes lowered his head and touched his stomach, and said, “Oh, daughter, I thought I could get you a good marriage. No way, who made you born late.”

Ziyi smiled, “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter if our daughter doesn’t marry, I will raise it!”

“Yes, who said my daughter must marry!”

Jiang Rhodes also followed.

While chatting, a waiter behind said, “Please wait a moment, the wine is finished, I’ll get it now.”

The waiter left, they happened to stay here a little longer.

Ziyi supported Jiang Rhodes and said mysteriously, “By the way, I have one more thing to tell you.”

We all looked at him.

Ziyi’an smiled, “Do you know where our wedding room is?”

“do not know.”

I shook my head.

Tang Ruo also shook his head.

Jiang Rhodes hammered him, “Who can guess this!”

Ziyi smiled, “In Ruoshui Pavilion!”

Chapter 502

If the water pavilion?

Tang Ruo and I immediately understood these three words.

Without waiting for us to say, he said, “I’ve asked the developer a long time ago, and they have left two sets for you, so I wanted to choose the one next to you. I didn’t expect that one has already been booked. I bought a set next door.”

When he finished speaking, the waiter had already brought the wine and poured two more glasses.

“If we move in, will we be neighbors in the future?” Tang Ruo understood.

Ziyi’an nodded, waved his hand and said to us, “I’m leaving now. When the wedding is finished tomorrow, I will invite you alone again!”

After speaking, he accompanied Jiang Rhodes away.

As they walked out, I just saw Shuo Shuo holding Xia Xia’s little hand from my side, and the round head leaned over, and k!ssed Xia Xia’s face.

Xia Xia, whose complexion had already recovered, turned red into a red apple with a sullen face.

At this time, I heard Shuo Shuo say, “It’s okay, I will be responsible for you.”


The box is not big, this sentence, this matter, naturally everyone present has seen it.

I was speechless. Looking at Tang Ruo who was going to apologize, she didn’t expect Tang Ruo to pick up the wine glass first and bang the red wine that I had been carrying, and said, “Come on, mother in-law, have a drink.”

I was stunned for a while, but soon clinked glasses with her, “touch, touch.”

Tang Ruo shook the wine glass in front of him and asked me, “I have drunk this wine, is it true that our marriage is settled?”

“Free love, free love.”

Gu Ziming said.

I glanced at Norven White beside me, “Do you agree?”

The man sat aside with a smile on his face, “My wife has the final say, I will listen to her.”

As soon as he spoke, Tang Ruo immediately turned to Gu Ziming next to him and said, “Look at the big boss, you will listen to his wife in everything. You can do great things by learning something.”

“Yes, in the future, the wife has the final say on all major and minor matters in the family.”

Gu Ziming said, first picked up the wine in front of him and dried it.

He drank, Tang Ruo drank too.

I’m about to drink with the wine…

Suddenly, there was retching in the stomach.

I hurriedly pressed my mouth on the mouth of the wine glass and rushed into the toilet in the box!

After entering, I took the wine glass away, but nothing came out.

This feeling is too familiar!

Could it be…

When I guessed what might happen, the bathroom door opened, and I looked back in surprise. Norven White came in.

The man locked the door. Although his expression was plain as usual, his dark eyes were filled with unconcealed joy. He asked me, “Shuoshuo is going to be a brother?”

My face flushed slightly, “It should be…”

I am not sure.

After all, if you have gastritis, you may also experience nausea.

“It shouldn’t be.” Norven White walked in with a cane and pressed into me, “I have a hunch that Shuo Shuo is going to be a brother.”

As the man said, he moved forward slightly, k!ssed my lips gently, and asked, “Pregnancy is very hard. For these ten months, I will work hard for you first. When the child is born, I will go to ligate.”

“Huh? No need…”

“It’s okay.” The man’s hands clasped my waist. “After all, you are my fatal temptation. I am afraid that sometimes I can’t control myself, and I will want you without taking any measures…”

“It’s okay, I can take contraceptives. Now I have long-term oral contraceptives. There are no side effects. It’s just…well.”

When I was halfway through, the man suddenly sealed his lips with his lips.

After performing a lip aggression on me, he looked at me with a serious face and said, “No, I heard that birth control pills hurt my body, I can’t bear it.”


We achieved this in the bathroom.

When the two of us got out of the bathroom, both Gu Ziming and Tang Ruo looked at us.

Especially Tang Ruo, with a clear look on his face, he was silent for a long time before he brewed two words, “have it?”

“not very clear.”


Norven White and I spoke at the same time, with two answers.

“I feel like I have it. Fortunately, you didn’t drink that sip of wine.” After that, she immediately became nervous again. “Is there any impression of being pregnant for a few months? Didn’t drink a bar recently?”

Drinking alcohol is fatal to children.

I looked at Norven White and thought about it hard. It seemed that this period was postponed.

As for drinking…

I shook my head, “No drink.”

When these two words were spoken, Norven White’s face was relieved.

Shuo Shuo sat next to him, listening to our conversation, and it was already reflected, “I am going to be a brother, am I?”


Norven White answered.

Shuo Shuo blinked, looked at my stomach, clenched her hands into fists, and said in a serious manner, “Hmm! I will take good care of my sister!”

“Sister?” I looked at Shuo Shuo and said with a smile, “What if it’s the younger brother?”

It was a joke, but Shuo Shuo said decisively, “I don’t want my brother.” After he finished, he added, “It must be my sister!”

After hearing what Shuo Shuo said, Tang Ruo said, “It is said that the child is very accurate in this regard, maybe he is really a little princess.”

“I also hope that.”

I lowered my head and looked at my flat stomach, and I couldn’t help but look forward to it.

It would be great if it was really a daughter.

When the wedding banquet was over, Norven White took me to the hospital.

I was checked and I was pregnant.

The number of weeks is 6 weeks+.

Looking at the checklist, the man beside him looked serious, “Fortunately I didn’t drink.”

“Yeah.” I nodded, still feeling a little lingering. In order to ease the atmosphere, I said to Norven White, “I think this kid must be smart when he grows up. You see, he learned to save himself before he was born.”

If it wasn’t for the sudden reaction before drinking, then Jiang Rhodes got married today, and I might not decide how much red wine I would drink.

When the wedding banquet is over, the child will be found pregnant.

Hearing this, Norven White seemed to feel better, and put his arm around my waist, “At this time, I seem to have suddenly understood Ziyi’an’s mood.”


“I can’t wait to protect you all the time, for fear of your mistakes.”

The man said.

That’s how Ziyi’an protects Jiang Rhodes. At today’s wedding, Ziyi’an was almost inseparable from Jiang Rhodes, and he had to guard Jiang Rhodes when he changed his clothes.

I also helped to lift the skirt corners when I walked, for fear that she would fall.

When I looked at Norven White next to me, I found the man lowered his head, his eyes seemed to be looking at his legs. Although I couldn’t see his expression clearly, I could feel the feeling of loss.

I understand his mood.

I quickly reached out and took the man’s hand and said, “I have given birth to a child once. If I have experience, I can definitely take care of myself. Where can I be so squeamish.” After that, I added, “Now I understand. Jiang Rhodes is in the mood.”

Chapter 503

“Her mood?” The man raised his head.

“That is, he is obviously a healthy adult, but he is treated like a child, even if he needs help from eating and walking, can he not be angry?” I said.

Norven White must have understood my intentions, raised his hand and touched my head, “Well, then you are careful, but I will send a car to pick you up.”

“no problem.”

Although I didn’t think it was necessary, I still agreed.

Also to reassure him-

After the wedding, Xiangli Mou called me and said that she decided to accompany Mou Lanxi back to the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center for systematic treatment. When she is almost well, let’s talk about it.

In this case, Shuo Shuo will be brought by me.

Now my relationship with Norven White is stable, so I agreed.

After school that night, I went to pick up Shuosuo and returned to Flipvilla No.1.

Knowing this, Norven White also went home early that day to dine with Shuo Shuo, and play games together after dinner.

I sat on the sofa and watched the two of them work together in a team to pass the test.

The so-called quiet and good years are such days-

The next day, Norven White accompanied me to send Shuosuo to school, and then he sent me to work.

On the way, the man put his arms around me and said dissatisfied, “Look, if your studio moves to me, I can see you several times during the day.”

“No.” I twisted my body deliberately, “You go home to see me every day, and you have to see me at work. What if you are tired?”

“how come?”

The man pressed against me.

I turned my head and avoided, “No.”

In fact, after Norven White had said it, I had some plans to move in my heart, but the new office has already been built, and I just need to renovate it.

Tang Ruo has followed me to see it several times, and every time I can see her excitement.

I am really embarrassed to mention this matter.

“Really?” The man pressed me against the back of the car seat, his eyes dark and serious.

When I bit my lip, wondering whether to tell my entanglement…

“I can follow you behind, sleepwalking like a shadow chasing the light…”

Pleasant music sounded.

Hearing this ringtone, I reacted for a while before I realized that I had changed the commercial phone ringtone back to this music.

Norven White was taken aback after hearing this.

I stuck out my tongue and reached for the phone.

Norven White had no choice but to move away.

I picked up the phone and glanced at the screen.

There is a name written on it-Lan Jiancheng.

Seeing this name, I suddenly remembered what Lan Jiancheng had asked me to do!

It’s been a few weeks since I returned to Flipvilla. He must be really unable to hold it back, so he came to me.

Norven White also saw this number, but did not speak.

I don’t want Norven White to know about this matter. I think I can solve it by myself.

After hesitating, he hung up the phone.

“Why don’t you answer?” Norven White asked me when I hung up.

I hesitated, and when I was thinking of how to explain this to him, the phone rang again.

Or Lan Jiancheng.

Since I didn’t pick it up just now, I didn’t pick it up this time.

My heart is flat.

Just turn it off!

Norven White squinted at me, “What’s wrong? Why did he look for you?”

“It’s okay.”

I shook my head.

How could it be okay.

Norven White must know that I was lying, but he never asked me again.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the entire carriage became extremely quiet.

Neither of us spoke.

It seems that he is waiting for me to explain, but I don’t know how to explain.

I don’t want to tell him that I promised to match Lan Jiancheng in exchange for his address. In that case, Norven White would definitely be under pressure.

Will blame himself for his previous actions.

It’s just that I didn’t think about it, it’s time to come, you can’t hide from it-

When our car drove to the entrance of the studio, I saw several people standing there.

I looked over and saw Lan Jiancheng at first sight.

I couldn’t help but “cock” in my heart.

The first reaction was to look back at Norven White with a trace of luck.

If he is not paying attention, then I will get off the car quickly!

But, unfortunately, when I looked at him, the man was looking out of the car, his gaze happened to be at the entrance of the studio.

Norven White’s car is very eye-catching.

As soon as I passed, it attracted everyone’s attention.

Lan Jiancheng turned his head first, saw Norven White’s car, and walked over without hesitation.

I was a little depressed while sitting in the car.

Ever since I went to find Norven White, I seem to do this often. I dug a hole and buried myself.

“Get out of the car.” After Norven White said, he added, “I’ll be with you.”

I looked at him, the man’s expression was serious, I knew I couldn’t escape, so I had to open the car door.

As soon as the car door opened, Lan Jiancheng said to me, “Qiqi, what’s the matter with you, why don’t you answer my call, don’t think I don’t know, I heard from Koizumi, you and Norven White have reconciled Now, it’s not all my credit to you…”

He talked a lot like a machine gun, then looked up to see Norven White inside, and suddenly stopped all the words.

I didn’t say anything, got out of the car first, and helped Norven White down again.

“What’s the matter?” The man stood there with a cane and asked Lan Jiancheng first.

When Lan Jiancheng heard this, he knew that I hadn’t said anything. He immediately put on a miserable expression and said that he was ill, hoping that I would do something to match.

However, he did not say that Lanquan refused to match.

Norven White was not stupid, and asked directly, “Is the match between Lanquan unsuccessful?”

“This…” Lan Jiancheng was shocked by his question.

Lan Jiancheng was supposed to be an elder, but when he saw Norven White he still had to call “General White”, which explained the relationship between the two.

Now Norven White asked him if he told Norven White to tell lies, he would understand the consequences.

Lan Jiancheng’s already thin face was full of tangles.

“What’s wrong?” Norven White continued to ask.

Lan Jiancheng looked at him, hesitated, and finally said, “I didn’t do it.”

“Didn’t do it?” Norven White heard it, obviously a little surprised, “Lan Quan is a daughter who grew up next to you. As far as I know, she came back before us. If you don’t find her, come to us?”

After all, it has been a few months since I left.

Lan Jiancheng should have started treatment.

I saw that the back of his exposed hand was full of pinholes.

The hospital tape is still attached to it, and there is some bleeding on it.

And his hair, thick and jet black, is obviously a wig.

When asked by Norven White, Lan Jiancheng looked ugly and struggled for a long time before finally saying, “Oh! I have raised a daughter for so many years, and raised a white-eyed wolf! He said that I would rather sever the parent-child relationship than make a match! “

Speaking of this, I saw that Lan Jiancheng’s somewhat muddy white eyes were covered with teardrops.

Chapter 504

At this time, the employees of the studio are watching outside.

Among the three people standing here, besides me, a leukemia patient and Norven White had poor legs.

I can only say, “Go and sit in the meeting room and talk.”

“it is good.”

Norven White agreed.

I let them into the conference room, someone brought two cups of tea, and put a cup in front of each of them.

Lan Jiancheng looked at the tea in front of him and sighed, “Oh! God may punish me, let me have such a day to see who my own daughter and wife are!”

“what happened?”

I asked.

All I know is that Lanquan doesn’t do matching, and Gong Wen has come to me before, so why is there something about Gong Wen?

Lan Jiancheng glanced at me, a little embarrassed, “I’m sorry, Qiqi, I…”

“President Lan, please call me Chu Die, thank you.”

I interrupted him to correct it.

No matter how he plays the bitterness card, I will never admit that he is my father’s.

Lan Jiancheng looked embarrassed and could only change his words, “Chu Die, I’m sorry, I was afraid that you would divide my inheritance a while ago, so I went to you, now it seems that I feel that I am the biggest fool in the world!”

Lan Jiancheng said this, full of excitement.

The hand placed on the conference table was clenched into a fist, shaking slightly.

But even though he was excited, Norven White and I were not touching.

After all, Lan Jiancheng is not a poor family who needs sympathy and help.

His money is definitely enough for treatment.

Although we didn’t speak, he opened the chatterbox, “I really don’t know whether the world is cold or warm! After I fell ill this time, Gong Wen still cared about me very much. When she learned that Koizumi would not agree to do the matching, she Also help me scold.

I haven’t come to you for so long. I really didn’t want to trouble you. I think, after all, Lanquan is the daughter I raised by myself. I have treated her very well since I was a child. What she wants and what I give, I will treat her well. Say, she would definitely agree, but she didn’t expect…”

Speaking of this, Lan Jiancheng tears completely.

People over half a hundred years old are in tears.

I took out a piece of paper from my bag and handed it to him.

He wiped his tears and snot, and smiled bitterly, “She actually said that I have enough money anyway, and her life is still long. If she donates bone marrow to me, it may affect her health…”

Hearing what he said, I also think Lanquan is too much.

No matter what kind of scumbag Lan Jiancheng is, he should have nothing to say to Lan Quan.

But now Lanquan actually…

For a time, I can feel Lan Jiancheng’s chill.

Lan Jiancheng drank slobber and continued, “Originally, Gong Wen still helped me, but when Koizumi came back this time, I didn’t know what to say to her. Even Gong Wen didn’t agree to do the matching. You guys Tell me, what did I live for most of my life!”

Lan Jiancheng slapped the table a few times with his hand, crying harder

Norven White and I sat aside and made sure he was finished. Then I said, “Sorry, I did promise you to come back to do the matching, but I really can’t do it because of physical reasons.”


Hearing what I said, Lan Jiancheng looked at me with wide eyes, “You promised me! How could you go back!”

He was very excited, and he reached out to grab me.

Norven White leaned over with one hand and directly separated me from him, and then said, “She is pregnant.”


Lan Jiancheng stopped his movements and looked at me.

It seems to be confirming to me.

I nodded, “Yes, just a month and a half.”

Seeing me saying the same, Lan Jiancheng’s face was full of incredible, he looked at Norven White, and said uncertainly, “However, Koizumi kept saying that you can’t…so…”

“So it’s nothing wrong for her to raise a few men outside.”

Norven White continued Lan Jiancheng’s words.

Lan Jiancheng’s expression was obviously surprised and uncomfortable.

Everyone can see that he knows all these things his daughter has done.

That being the case, I was not afraid anymore, so I asked, “Whose child of Lanquan is that?”


When Lan Jiancheng heard me, his expression was straightforward.

Norven White and I looked at each other. Sure enough, Lan Jiancheng didn’t know that his precious daughter had a child.

In fact, I don’t know much about this. At best, I saw a photo and chatted with Norven White.

I just looked at Norven White to see if he would like to say.

The man lowered his eyes slightly, and was silent for a while before he said, “You can ask your daughter about this, but if she says that the child is mine, then you will tell her for me. I know everything about her. , Don’t be foolish.”

Everyone knows what it means after hearing this.

“But, you have been married, how can you be sure that the child is not yours?”

It is Lan Jiancheng who will be making the wishful thinking.

It would be great if this kid could rely on Norven White.

After all, the current Qingtian and Lans, as long as Norven White’s fingers leak some resources, it is enough for the Lans to develop.

I understand, Norven White naturally understands, the corners of the man’s lips evoke a cold smile, “In this respect, I am different from Mr. Lan. I am not going to be responsible for a woman, I will never go to bed; let alone A woman who was pregnant with another man’s child when she married me.”

These words directly satirized Lan Jiancheng.

When he provoke Moulan Xi back then, he must have known that he could not handle Gong Wen, but he still did it!

Lan Jiancheng’s face turned pale, “I see…I…cough cough cough!”

Lan Jiancheng was halfway through, and suddenly started coughing violently!

Although he was holding it with his hands, I soon saw red liquid dripping from his fingers.

I was so scared that I quickly gave him the paper, and said nervously, “Is it all right?”

Lan Jiancheng waved his hand, wiped the table clean, smiled bitterly, “I’m sorry, I made your table dirty.”

“It’s okay…” I looked at him, maybe because of blood relationship, it was a little uncomfortable.

After Lan Jiancheng wiped his hands clean, he stood up, “After talking with you, I saw it all at once. It’s true that everything is my own responsibility. All this is nothing but karma.”

“President Lan, now that medicine is developed, you are actively cooperating with the treatment, and there is still hope for a cure.”

I said.

Lan Jiancheng looked at me, stepped up to me, and said to me, “Can I hug you?”


By all accounts, he is also my father. Although he is irresponsible, I would not have been able to come into this world without him. Now that I have fallen to this point, I cannot refuse his request.

I nodded.

Lan Jiancheng opened his hands, hugged me, let go, looked at me, and said, “I’m sorry, I haven’t done my duty as a father, but I will re-make a will and leave a part of the inheritance to you. It can be regarded as my compensation to you and Lan Xi. I am not afraid that you will blame me. I only hope that you will live a long and healthy life without getting sick.”

Chapter 505

Health and longevity.

What a pristine wish, but it was only now that he was terminally ill.

What kind of money, what rights, what status, will not be brought to life, and not taken with death.

In front of health, they are all secondary.

If the health is gone, everything will be nothing in the end.

I held his hand, “Blue… Dad, I don’t want the inheritance, you take care of your body, I believe you can overcome the disease.”

“Thank you.”

Lan Jiancheng looked at me, tears falling uncontrollably.

After speaking, turn around and leave.

I hurried over and said, “Let’s take you there.”


Norven White also said later.

He is a patient, I am not sure how he came here.

I coughed up blood just now, in case something happened on the road…

“No, no, you guys are busy, the driver sent me here.”

Hearing what Lan Jiancheng said, I didn’t insist.

Norven White and I took him to the door, and we were relieved when we watched Lan Jiancheng get in the car.

When he was gone, I also put Norven White in the car before leaving-

I didn’t care too much about Lan Jiancheng’s affairs afterwards. After all, he is not short of money, so naturally there is no need to worry that he has no money to see a doctor, or can’t afford any medicine.

Now that medicine is advanced, leukemia is no longer a terminal disease that must be killed.

Unexpectedly, one week after meeting Lan Jiancheng, I received a call from Lan Quan.

When I picked up the phone and found out that it was her, I just hung up.

After all, from what Lan Jiancheng said, I felt that Lan Quan was far worse than what I thought before.

From all aspects that I know later, she is very selfish and good at calculating. Everything starts from the point of benefiting herself.

And for this, she could not even have conscience.

There is no bottom line.

She and I have nothing to say about anything.

It’s a pity that I have a big problem here, that is, my work location is fixed.

It’s easy for anyone to find me, just like the last time Lan Jiancheng found me.

Within a few hours after I hung up the blue spring phone, the entire studio was blocked by seven or eight cars.

Then dozens of people came down, these people were not like those bodyguards of Norven White.

It’s a little punks in different clothes.

Most of them have large floral arms.

Everyone in the entire studio was shocked.

No one dared to go out.

I chatted with Tang Ruo, no matter who it is, call the police first!

I called the police, and afterwards, I stood with Tang Ruo in the second floor window watching.

I heard Yu yelling quietly from below, “Aren’t you who owed the money and didn’t pay it back?”


“What I owe is a bank loan. I pay it back every month.”

“Neither did I…”

The employees below answered one after another.

Within a few minutes, I saw another car approaching behind the crowd, a white luxury car.

Although I didn’t see the license plate number clearly, just by looking at the car model, I knew who it was.

There is no one minute to drive over…


“Open the door!”

“Open the door!”

Someone started smashing the door frantically!

All my colleagues were so scared that they hid back, and finally all retracted into the conference room.

I am the only one walking down.

Yu quietly poked his head out of the conference room, looked at me standing there, and asked, “Chu Die, isn’t this coming to you again?”


I stood there afraid to open the door.

After all, I am pregnant, and if they rush in and beat me, then my baby may be lost.

I was holding my mobile phone in my hand, just to be safe, I quickly dialed Norven White’s number!


The waiting tone of the phone and the sound of Lanquan’s people slamming the door rang rhythmically.

After about a minute, the phone entered the message mode.

It seems that Norven White should be in a meeting.

I squeezed my mobile phone with sweaty palms. I had no choice but to leave a message on the phone, “Norven White, Lan Quan is now with dozens of people in my studio, you…”


When I said this, there was a loud noise from the next window, and I was taken aback.

Looking over, the crowd couldn’t open the door, so they started to smash the glass!

Someone took an iron pipe and smashed it on the glass. Although the glass was toughened, they seemed to understand it well, so they smashed the corners!

Soon, the glass cracked.

Yu Quietly was scared to death and shrank over there, “Chu Die, come here, aren’t you pregnant? Don’t stand there. What if they come in, we will call the police!”

I don’t know what these people are doing, but I can’t make fun of my children.

After hesitating, he hid in the meeting room.

As soon as I entered the conference room, I started to search through the phone to find the number that Lanquan called me before.

Because the time is too long, and I have recently received countless customer calls, this will not be able to be turned over at all for a while!

Listening to the sound of smashing the glass and the door outside, it became louder and louder.

My sweat is coming down.

At this moment, the sound of a police car rang at the door!

When the sound of the police car rang, the whole meeting room cheered.

Soon, the sound of smashing the door and the glass stopped.

Everyone also moved out a little bit.

Standing by the glass together and watching.

Sure enough, several police officers came and were communicating with Lan Quan.

There was no more door, and the door knocked again.

Soon there was a voice outside, “Hello, police, please open the door.”

When I heard that it was a policeman, I walked out. I was about to open the door. Tang Ruo ran down from the second floor and stood in front of me and said, “I’ll open it. If there are any moths, you are still pregnant.”

I gave her a grateful look.

Tang Ruo opened the door and I stood behind her.

There were indeed two policemen at the door, and Blue Spring stood behind.

Lan Quan saw me and sneered, “Sister, why don’t you hide?”

When she called her sister, her pretty eyes were full of hate.

I stood behind Tang Ruo and explained to the police without expression, “I have nothing to do with her.”

The police heard what I said and said first, “Anyway, you two should make it clear on the spot. There may be any misunderstanding.”

I subconsciously put my hands in front of my stomach, and didn’t want to meet Lan Quan, “I have nothing to say with her.”

“Chu Die, I used to think you were stupid, but I didn’t realize that you are quite clever!”

Before I finished speaking, Lan Quan had already spoken.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

What she said is too informative, and I don’t know what she is referring to.

When Lan Quan heard me say this, his expression was obviously angry, “You less pretend to be stupid, and you spend so much money to find someone with a bone marrow type for my dad for property? Now he makes a new will. Now, what white lotus are you pretending?”

“What? I found a person with bone marrow type?” Lan Quan’s words made me a little confused for a while, denying it, “I don’t know about this?”

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