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Chapter 506

“Pretend less, and the will has been changed. What else do you have to get cheap?” Lan Quan stood behind the police and sneered, “And now you are Mrs. White, and Norven White is covering you, you are still afraid What am I doing to you?”

I looked at her and said with a serious expression, “Yes, it’s because you can’t do anything to me, so I don’t have to pretend.” After I finished, I said for sure, “I really don’t know what you said.”

Lan Quan was taken aback.

She just looked at me like this, suspicious.

It seems that what I said is true, but I don’t want to believe it.

I continued, “And I have no interest in your father’s inheritance. After all, he didn’t care about us when I was still in my mother’s stomach. He didn’t participate in my life at all;

I grew up in an orphanage, he didn’t know my existence, he didn’t buy me clothes, he didn’t buy a doll, he didn’t take me to the park, and he didn’t send me to school.

In my heart, I never admitted that he was my father for a second. “

The blue skirt looked at me, the afternoon sun shining on her face, the woman’s face was a little dignified and a little confused.

She looked at me and didn’t speak for a long time.


What I just said was indeed for her.

I have never felt the love of my father since I was a child, but in the TV series and books I watched, my father was like this.

I guess Lan Jiancheng should be like this to her.

The expression of Lanquan also proved my guess.

Lan Quan raised the corners of his lips, with a joking expression in his expression, “What? You want to take the opportunity to educate me? I think I am selfish, he is so good to me, I don’t even want to do bone marrow matching, am I?”


I did not deny it at all.

It is true.

Lan Quan looked at me with a cold expression, “So what? Do you think you and your mother had a terrible life? My mother and I are doing well?”

Isn’t it?

Although I did not answer.

But I think so.

Lanquan, as a well-known celebrity in Flipvilla, has always been a star holding the moon.

Although Gong Wen is unknown, I have seen her a few times. No matter what Gong Wen wears, isn’t it good?

Lan Quan looked at me, not smiling.

When he opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something, the roar of the car engine came from behind.

Everyone looked over.

Three cars also came behind him.

The first one I know is Norven White’s car, and the next two are also luxury cars.

Soon, the three cars stopped, a bodyguard got out of the car first, and finally, Norven White’s car door opened.

Ye Ze came down first, and then Norven White came down on crutches.

It occurred to me when I saw him that just now because the glass was smashed, I was so scared that I hung up the phone.

Norven White walked over surrounded by bodyguards and asked, “What happened?”

The police naturally knew Norven White and quickly explained, “This lady…”

“I will solve family conflicts.”

Lan Quan interrupted the police and said directly.

I don’t know why, when I saw Norven White, I didn’t seem to be afraid at once.

I passed by the police and walked to Norven White’s side.

The man didn’t look at me, but looked at Lan Quan and asked her, “Are you talking about Lan Jiancheng’s bone marrow matching?”

“Yes.” Seeing that Norven White knew, Lan Quan said more confidently, “Sure enough, it was the person you paid for her to find someone, right? I said, she can’t spend millions of her own to find someone with bone marrow. type.”

“Did you find it?”

This time, I also understand.

It must be the person Norven White is looking for.

The man nodded at me, then said to Lan Quan, “It’s the person I’m looking for, she doesn’t know at all.”

“Impossible!” Lan Quan immediately denied.


Norven White looked at Lan Quan with a faint expression, a little alienated.

If it is an outsider, you would definitely not believe that these two people were once married.

At this time, Lan Quan’s expression has become gentle. She looked at Norven White, her eyes became non-aggressive, “Norven, I have known you for more than 20 years, I know you, you, this person, I will never miss the consultant’s meddling.”

Although Lan Quan’s voice was gentle, her tone was full of certainty.

I also looked at Norven White, “Why did you do this?”

I am different from Lanquan.

Lan Quan didn’t believe that he did this thing.

And I believe what he said, but I don’t understand why Norven White did this.

Although Norven White is not short of money, he said on the first night that he was never a good person.

How could you do such a thing?

Norven White first turned his head slightly and motioned to Ye Ze next to him.

Ye Ze immediately took a step forward and held the cane in Norven White’s right hand. After the man’s hand was taken out from the inside, Ye Ze took the cane away.

After the crutches were removed, Norven White stretched out his long arms and hugged me directly into his arms.

His move didn’t evade everyone at all. When Lan Quan saw it, all the tenderness accumulated in his eyes disappeared.

I did not resist, and stood by the man obediently, only to hear him say, “Why is it nosy? I did this, but thank him for letting my baby come into this world, so I will help him this time, There won’t be another time.”

Is it just this reason?

My heart is warm.

After hearing the man’s words, Lan Quan looked like fire, his hands clenched into fists, his teeth biting his lips.

The expression is unwilling, but I don’t know what to say.

Norven White didn’t care about her, and continued, “What else do you want to do? Do you want to continue?”

Lan Quan looked at Norven White and at me. Although there was unwillingness in his eyes, he was more helpless.

After a moment of silence, he turned and left with a sad face!

The little gangsters behind them watched her leave, not knowing what they were going to do, one of the yellow hairs ran over, “Miss Lan, this is…”

“go back!”

When Lan Quan opened his mouth, the surrounding gangsters looked at each other.

Most faces are unwilling.

This group of people is not doing proper work, and there is no serious business every day. This time Lan Quan called them to come, they must all be here to have fun!

As a result, he left without doing anything, and he was definitely not happy one by one.

It was obvious that Huang Mao was their boss. He looked around and didn’t move the younger brothers, and said very dissatisfied, “Go, stand and wait to be caught by the police?”

He spoke, and these little brothers all got on the car reluctantly.

A car carrying 5 people took 7-8 people.

If it is a traffic policeman, I am afraid that all will be fined.

It was all gone in less than two minutes.

I looked at the direction Lan Quan was leaving, but I felt more and more that Lan Quan was really a mixture of black and white. In this respect, he was very similar to Zhaoming White.

The police took a look and thought the matter was resolved and left.

Norven White said to Ye Ze, “You tell them to wait for me outside, I have something wrong.”


Ye Ze took the walking stick and left.

Norven White shook my hand, his arm was slightly hard, and said, “Go, go in.”

Chapter 507

I helped Norven White in.

At first I thought he was here to see things in the studio to see if he could help.

Unexpectedly, after the man entered, he didn’t look at it at all. He just said to Tang Ruo, “Miss Tang, talk.”


Tang Ruo was dumbfounded.

She pointed to herself, looked at me in disbelief, as if seeking help, and asked me with her eyes: What is Norven White asking me to talk about.

I shook my head with a confused look, and asked Norven White, “What are you looking for?”

“You too.”

Norven White said.

The man’s expression is serious, but from his expression, I can’t read any information.

But when he spoke, we couldn’t refuse, we had to help the man into the meeting room.

After the three of us sat down, Norven White said to Tang Ruo, “I don’t think you are safe here.”


As soon as he spoke, I suddenly understood what Norven White was going to say!

He wants to persuade Tang Ruo to move to the office.

I adjusted my sitting posture a bit, with a bit of embarrassment in my expression, and I didn’t know how to talk.

Tang Ruo looked at me, her expression full of doubts, “This…not always something…”

Although, from before to now, there have indeed been several trips.

Moreover, most of the cause is because of me.

I awkwardly said, “It’s mainly because of me… it has nothing to do with them.”

Norven White nodded and continued to say to Tang Ruo, “I know that, as my woman, she will soon become my wife. In this position, even if she doesn’t do anything, there is no guarantee that no one will Come to provoke her.”

“I know this.” Tang Ruo nodded, looked at Norven White firmly, and said, “But I think Mr. White should respect Chu Die’s opinion, and since I choose to partner with her, even if this is the case I don’t want to give up the risk, and she likes this job, I don’t think she will give up either.”

Tang Ruo’s tone was very firm.

I know she understands me.

Unfortunately, she got the wrong meaning.

However, if Norven White’s remarks didn’t know who he was planning, he would naturally think that he was going to make me give up.

Then let me go home and be a pampered rich wife.

In fact, if Tang knows me, Norven White also knows me.

It is impossible for me to be a rice bug.

When Norven White heard her say this, an imperceptible smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, which seemed to affirm the partner I chose.

He nodded, “I know, but you have misunderstood what I mean. I just want to ask, do you have any plans to move your work place?”

“Move work location?” Tang Ruo looked at me, then at Norven White, “Chu Die didn’t tell you that we are already building a new office. If nothing happens, it will be completed by the end of the year, and next spring will begin. I should be able to move in.”

“There doesn’t seem to be much difference between over there and here.” Norven White said straightly, “Qing Tian’s sub-top level has always been empty. I promised to keep it for her before. I have experienced so many things. I respect her choice, but I still hope that your studio can move over.”

After Norven White finished speaking, Tang Ruo was dumbfounded.

She blinked her eyes as if she wanted to say something, but she didn’t know how to say it.

She looked at me as if asking me for an answer.

I was a little embarrassed, biting my lip, and nodding, “I said it a long time ago, seven or eight years ago, I just said it casually, I didn’t expect that he kept it…”

“No rent, no water and electricity, you can hang up your studio’s LOGO outside the building, it doesn’t matter.”

Before I finished speaking, Norven White continued.

When he said this, Tang Ruo’s jaw dropped.

But there was no expression of joy.

I think Tang Ruo was unwilling, and said quickly, “Don’t listen to him, he just said casually.”

“I think it’s okay.”

As soon as I finished speaking, Tang Ruo continued my words.

And the answer is yes.


“I do.”

Tang Ruo directly agreed.

Norven White had a satisfied smile on his face.

I was a little confused, “But the new building…”

“Of course it’s vacant. When we get bigger in the future, let the design department go over there, isn’t it all right?”

Tang Ruo said affirmatively.

Norven White also nodded, “Well, I think it can.”

“Then thank Mr. White.”

Tang Ruo smiled.

Norven White nodded, “Then let’s leave now. Go and see if the work area needs to be re-divided, and then submit a plan to Ye Ze. I will fix it as soon as possible.”

“Okay, President White is quick and resolute.”

Tang Ruo immediately agreed.

Suddenly, this matter became the two of them discussing, and I completely became a passerby.

After leaving the conference room, we went to Qingtian in Norven White’s car.

Take a look at the top floor next time.

It happened to be the evening when the afterglow of the setting sun came in, as if covering the entire floor with a golden cover.

Make the whole floor like a fairyland.

Tang Ruo couldn’t help taking out his camera and taking a few pictures.

We waited until we finished viewing the sub-top layer and measuring the dimensions, and then we left.

Norven White still had a meeting, so he didn’t follow us.

Standing downstairs in Qingtian, I was still a little worried, and said to Tang Ruo, “I’m sorry, because of my business, we have to move here.”

“Why do you need to apologize!” Tang Ruo’s expression has changed from being a little calm to excitement. She looked at the photo she had just taken on her phone, “Don’t you feel very happy to work here?”


I was a little surprised.

She seemed to see my worry and tilted her head to look at me, “You, you just think too much, how come you feel that I was forced to agree? I agreed to it on the initiative!”

“Really? Do you want to move here?”

I’m still not sure.

After all, when I come here, I can meet Norven White every day, but we may not be able to move to a separate office building anymore.

Tang Ruo turned around, looked at me and said, “Of course, a small part of the reason is that I think I can’t live up to Mr. White’s kindness to you.”

“He treated me…”

“You are a fan of the authorities.” Tang Ruo stretched out his hand and nodded my head. “You don’t want to think about it. With the current development of Qingtian, it continues to expand. Although the branch has been established, the head office must be more and more people. Even so, he still keeps the sub-top level for you, which shows that he really treats you with great care!”

“Ten thousand minutes of heart.”

I repeated Tang Ruo’s last sentence.

After analyzing her words carefully, it seemed that it was really the case.

As a company gets bigger and bigger and involves more and more fields, it will naturally continue to recruit people, but he still keeps the next top level for me…

If I didn’t move here, I really failed his intentions.

I was thinking, Tang Ruo held me and said, “Let’s go, since it’s rare for us to come together, go shopping, have dinner together, anyway, your man and my man are working overtime.”

Chapter 508

Since Blue Spring left that day, my life has returned to peace.

A month later, our studio also moved to the sub-top level of Sky Sky.

Norven White is also outside the Sky Tower, hanging up a big LOGO of our studio.

This matter once became a topic of social software.

And my belly is getting bigger day by day.

These days, Norven White will be with me every day as long as there is nothing very important.

Shuo Shuo seemed to realize that the little life in my stomach was very fragile, so he was very sensible.

I basically do my own things, and I don’t need to worry about it.

However, this pregnancy is very different from the last time.

I am in my thirties, and I am considered an older woman in terms of age and physical condition.

So this pregnancy is completely different from the last experience.

This time, my early morning sickness is not too much, and the child is considered obedient, but I seem to have endless sleep every day.

Whether it was after lunch, dinner, or even breakfast, I was so sleepy.

Sitting in front of the computer and falling asleep is even more common.

Because of my poor mental state, I had to reduce my workload and use more sleep to supplement my state.

This situation got better when I was five months pregnant.

At five months, I went to the hospital for a birth check, and by the way, I took blood to test the s3x of the fetus.

On the day of getting the results, Norven White was very busy. Although he expressed his willingness to go with me, I still refused.

And promised him, get the result and tell him first.

Early in the morning, I went to the hospital for a maternity check and got the results of the laboratory test.

Sure enough, as Shuo Shuo said, I was carrying a daughter in my belly!

Seeing the result, I was so excited that I picked up the phone and called Norven White.

The phone rang for a full minute and no one answered it.

I didn’t think too much, thinking that he should be busy, so I hung up the phone and drove back to the company by myself.

On the road to the underground garage, the car was blocked very far.

I waited for a while and found no sign of movement. The driver of the car in front also came down to check the situation.

I followed it.

From the place where I was stuck in traffic to the entrance of the company’s underground garage, it was almost a hundred meters away.

I walked a few steps and arrived at the basement entrance.

It was only discovered that the entrance to the basement was blocked by several people.

Although people circled around, I could still hear a woman crying inside, “President White, please, there are a lot of adults, go around my daughter, she is really confused for a while!”

Although I haven’t heard this voice for a long time, I feel a little familiar.

I squeezed forward a little bit, and saw through the gap, it was Gong Wen who was stuck there!

She stood there alone, blocking Norven White’s car, lying on the front of the car by herself.

The hair was messed up, and the makeup was lost with tears.

I can’t help but wonder.

What’s going on here? Norven White only found someone to rescue Lan Jiancheng a few months ago. Could something be wrong? She’s here to be a demon again?

I flinched back, letting the crowd block me and not let her see me.

As a result, when I first left the crowd, the phone in my bag rang.

It was my private number. I took a look. It was called by Norven White and looked at the man’s car. Because the window was closed, I couldn’t see if he was looking at me.

Answered the phone, before I spoke, the man said, “Go back in the car.”

“what happened?”

I asked unwillingly.

I’m afraid this matter will not be related to me again, will it?

The Lan family can be regarded as everyone, and recently I feel that his style of painting has become more and more strange.

From Lanquan looking for a gangster to smash the studio, to Gong Wen arguing at the company door regardless of her face.

“You don’t have to worry about it, go home first, I will solve it here.”

Norven White did not answer my question, but let me leave.

I looked inside, then nodded after hesitating, “Well, then you pay attention to your own safety.”

I am pregnant, and if there is a sudden chaos here, I will be hit and the consequences will be disastrous.

As I stepped back, Ye Ze ran all the way from behind and said, “Ms. Gong, are you sure you want to make trouble here?”

Gong Wen ignored Ye Ze and said to Norven White, “Mr. White, strictly speaking, Chu Die and Lan Quan are half-sisters of the same father. If you do this, you are also killing her sister! You just look at it for the sake of blood relatives, go around her! She is really confused for a while, and she will never dare to be any longer.”

What did Lanquan do?

I heard Ye Ze’s cell phone ring. He picked up the phone and listened to the content of the call for a while, and said to Gong Wen, “Miss Gong, Mr. White said, if he didn’t put his eyeliner on this time, Chu Die is already A corpse has two lives. When Lan Quan did this, he didn’t care about blood relatives, and he didn’t need to care about it now.”

It really has something to do with me?

My heart is tight.

What does it mean? Did Lan Quan want to kill me and was discovered by Norven White in advance?

I stepped back a few steps, but did not intend to go.

But at my position, I can be sure that Gong Wen will definitely not see me.

Gong Wen seemed to cry very hard, “Yes, yes, she was confused for a while, but she is also your childhood sweetheart, even if you don’t have any feelings, you want to grow up together, can you, can you…”

When Gong Wen received this, she couldn’t speak anymore.

I don’t know what she thinks, whether she also feels a bit greedy for such demands.

Ye Ze didn’t speak for a long time.

After a while, I heard Ye Ze say, “President White said that he considered for a while and he can withdraw the lawsuit, but Lan Quan must go abroad within a week, and he can never return to China again, otherwise, he will sue together with the original interest. .”

Ye Ze stayed with Norven White for several years.

From the immature boy to the mature and stable special assistant.

The tone of his speech also looked like Norven White.

So when Ye Ze conveyed it, I could imagine what Norven White said.

Gong Wen listened and was silent for a long time before saying, “Okay, okay…”

I was about to continue listening when the phone rang the text message.

Looking down, I saw a message from Norven White on the screen with only two words [Leave. 】

The fewer words, the worse the mood.

I knew that Norven White would definitely see me again, so he was angry.

I quickly stepped back a few steps and returned to the car.

Fortunately, the car behind me is far away from me.

I turned around and left quickly.

But still in the morning, instead of going home, I parked my car in a nearby parking lot, then walked to the company and entered through the front door.

Maybe because our studio is independent, everyone was working when I entered, and no one seemed to discuss the following things.


I sat down for less than half an hour before someone knocked on the door.

I didn’t close the door. When I looked up, I saw Norven White standing at the door.

Chapter 509

“How did you come.”

I quickly stood up and helped Norven White into the office.

When the man came in, he closed the door easily.

I looked up at the door closed by the man, and knew that he should be talking about what was just now.

Even if he does not say, I will ask.

I helped Norven White to sit on the sofa. The man sat upright, looked at me, and said, “What do you want to ask?”

Sure enough, he still knew me.

I also sat down, sat opposite him, looked at him, thought for a moment, and asked, “What happened, what did Lan Quan do?”

“Since she left last time, I have been letting Xiao Wu all the information about her, including the people she had contact with. As expected, she dealt with gun smugglers and wanted to buy murderers.”

Although Norven White said murder, but I also know that that person is me.

I looked at Norven White, “Then what did you do?”

“Just handing over everything to the police, including smuggling the information of the gang, I have done a great job. Therefore, regarding Lan Quan, whether she will go to jail, the decision is entirely in my hands.”

When Norven White spoke, his expression was calm.

It seems that this matter is completely under his control from beginning to end.

I’m not surprised.

With a few simple sentences, it seems that he has already said the matter. I have heard the rest of his handling method, so I didn’t ask any more.

However, there is another question that I am puzzled…

I leaned on the back of the sofa and organized the language before I said, “But, isn’t Lan Quan the eldest lady of the Lan family? She shouldn’t have lived in the upper class since she was a child, so how can she deal with these people?”

After hearing my question, Norven White curled up his mouth, but his expression was helpless, “Maybe people are attracted by things they don’t understand and haven’t touched before, right?”


“Do you know whose child Lanquan belongs to?”

Norven White asked me.

I shook my head.

It seems that I have never inquired about this matter.

“It’s a gangster, or a gangster.”

After Norven White finished speaking, I don’t believe it.

For a woman like Lan Quan, the child is actually a gangster?

how is this possible……

Although I didn’t speak, Norven White had read the information I didn’t believe in from my expression. He smiled bitterly, “I don’t believe it, right? I didn’t believe it at first, but later I found someone to check it. such.”

“She… why…”

I really can’t understand.

Norven White took out his mobile phone from his pocket, opened his mailbox, and showed me a favorite mail.

I clicked on the attachment of the e-mail, which contained several photos and several videos.

The photo shows Lan Quan wearing a black T-shirt with metal decorations, shorts, ripped mesh socks, and large high heels underneath.

With smoky makeup, in the arms of a tall man.

The man had a look of embarrassment when he saw it. In the photo, the man was laughing, his mouth curled up, and he looked sordid.

He hugged Lan Quan’s waist with one hand and a cigarette in the other.

There were a bunch of punks all around.

I flipped back, and there was a photo of Lanquan sitting on the sofa with his leg knocking on the table.

There is no demeanor of the eldest lady, she is just a little sister!

I clicked on the video again.

Inside is the man walking with his arms around Lanquan, and a group of younger brothers around are shouting: “Big brother, sister-in-law!”

That style, I actually feel a bit like the movie Young and Dangerous.

I frowned and read all the accessories, and raised my head to look at Norven White. I couldn’t help but feel a little confused, “Is this… Lanquan, this rebellious period, is it a bit late?”

If it’s a teenage girl, then I can understand that I don’t like to stick to the rules and like something that looks cool.

Can’t tell good from bad.

But Lanquan was clearly in his twenties at this time!

Why are you addicted to these?

Norven White shook his head, “I don’t know about this. Maybe she has been depressed for too long. She is still in contact with this man, and the two are raising a child together.”

“No?” I opened my eyes wide.

How can a child learn well in such an environment?

As a mother, I actually sympathize with this child of Lan Quan.

Norven White nodded, “Moreover, her man was also implicated in this smuggling, and he has now been locked up.”

“What?” The first thing I thought of was the child, and I immediately asked, “Then what about their children?”

Lan Quan was forced to go abroad, and his father went to prison again.

If this child is handed over to those bastards, his life will be over.

If a person becomes a mother, even if he is not his own child, he will be worried about it.

Norven White raised his hand, touched my hair, and smiled understandingly, “Well, you should protect your child. I have already contacted Lan Jiancheng for her child. It is him after all. Grandson, his only grandson, he will naturally be responsible.”

Hearing this, I was relieved.

At this moment, the man reached out and put me in his arms, and complained a little bit, “You have learned to be disobedient now? I told you to go just now, why didn’t you go?”

“I… uh…”

When I just wanted to defend myself, the man pressed me directly on the back of the sofa, and a k!ss fell.

Gently and shallowly, depicting the shape of my lips.

Although the man moved very lightly at first, he didn’t intend to stop. Instead, he went deeper and made the k!ss a little thicker and deeper.

I also hooked the man’s neck and responded to him.

Speaking of which, after I became pregnant, we have rarely been close for fear that we will not be able to control it.

Afraid of hurting the child.

After all, I’m already this age. If the child is gone, it will be difficult to get pregnant later.

When the k!ss was in love, the man’s hand also began to wander freely.

It was autumn now, and when his palm opened his clothes, a cold wind blew in.

I couldn’t help but shudder and became sober.

He pushed the man away and said, “No, it will hurt my daughter.”


The man raised his eyebrows and looked at me.

I just remembered that I just called to tell him the results of the test, because I forgot to talk about Gong Wen.

I nodded, “Yes, if it’s a son, forget it, it’s a daughter, she must be more squeamish.”

“but I……”

Norven White took my hand and guided me.

Because he hadn’t done it for a long time, he couldn’t bear it anymore after k!ssing.

I frowned, but the man said with a pitiful look, “I asked the doctor and said that as long as the three-month safety period has passed, it will be fine. Just a little lighter.”

Although there is a zipper, I can feel it.

But still hesitated, “But you are too big…it’s easy to hurt the child.”

Chapter 510

“I’ll be lighter.” Norven White leaned over, frowning, and said in pain, “I hurt.”


“It really hurts…”

Norven White dragged my face with his hands, that expression was like waiting for me to show mercy.

I frowned and didn’t know what to do for a while.

Moreover, my office is not like Norven White’s office. There is a lounge, here is a small office, just a sofa…

Moreover, the layout was divided later, and the sound insulation was not particularly good.

Once Tang Ruo called and quarreled with the construction company in her office, I heard everything clearly here…

Thinking of this, I shook my head like a rattle.

But looking at the man’s painful expression, I asked tentatively, shall we go upstairs?

When I finished speaking, I felt that my proposal was not easy to implement.

The men are all on the bow, the drum is so high over there, going out this way, passing by the open office…

Everyone is watching…

Norven White also shook his head like me, “I don’t think it will work.”

Only here.

I sighed, praying that no one would look for me, stretched out my hand, untied the belt and released it.

Norven White knew what my action meant, and directly overwhelmed me on the sofa, and a k!ss fell on my cheek first.

He stood up and said softly, “Don’t worry, I will be gentle, and promise not to hurt our little princess.”

I nodded.

In fact, I have thought about it after not doing it for so long, but I pretend not to care for the sake of my children.

This meeting, the k!ss just now, made me have all my thoughts reflected.

Norven White k!ssed me for a while, tried with his fingers, looked at me with a bit of playfulness, and said, “I refuse so firmly on my mouth, but my body is incredibly honest.”

When the man said a word, my face blushed.

Bury his head on the man’s chest.

“Hey, I’m going in.”

I nodded.

He didn’t dare to move his face. To keep himself from screaming, his teeth bit his lip, his face buried-

Because it was in the office, we didn’t do it for long.

After I finished my clothes, I started to wipe the sofa.

Norven White looked at his watch and said, “I have another meeting. I’m going up.”

“Well, let me help you up.”

These days, I am also used to helping Norven White go anywhere.

I help the man tidy up his clothes, and to make it easier for him to go out, I first open the door at the door.

As a result, as soon as I opened the door…

Outside the door, three or four people stood.

There are Tang Ruo, Yu Quietly, and several other designers.

They looked at me, I looked at them, the air was frozen.

Tang Ruo smiled, “Passing by, passing by, I’m going back first.”

“Ahem, I suddenly remembered that I didn’t make a call.”

“me too.”

“Oh, I want to go down and buy a coffee, do any of you want it?”

“Bring me a glass!”

Yu Quietly and several other designers pretended to finish talking without incident and left.

Within a few seconds, the corridor that was still overcrowded just now became quiet.

My face was so hot, even if I didn’t look in the mirror, I knew it must be red and could drip blood.

Looking back, I saw Norven White’s indifferent expression, I suddenly became angry. It was obviously the culprit, but it didn’t matter!

I let the door open, “Go up by yourself.”


Norven White looked aggrieved.

Walking out on crutches, tapping your feet.

I stood at the door of the office and watched him, but I didn’t mean to help him at all.

The man took two steps and suddenly lowered his head as if he had tripped.

“Is it all right?”

I hurried over to support him.

Before he could react, the man stretched out his hand, his big palm firmly grasped my hand, looked up and said, “Help me upstairs.”

“No!” I immediately refused.

“Then I won’t let you go.”

Norven White said affirmatively.

I glanced at the door, for fear that Tang Ruo and the others who left just now will return, I can only nod my head, “Okay, okay, I’ll send you up.”

The man stood up after hearing what I said.

I helped him up the president elevator.

When he reached the upper floor, he helped him into the office and sat on an office chair.

The man just sat down, picked up the office phone on the side, dialed a number, and said, “Today’s meeting is cancelled, let them hand in all the plans.”


I was a little surprised.

How well, the meeting was cancelled suddenly.

Before asking, the man stretched out his hand and hugged me on his lap, and said in a somewhat ambiguous manner, “Do you think I can hold a meeting like this?”

Although I was sitting, I could feel the change when the man got up again.

A man who hasn’t done it for months is really terrible-

I only entered my studio this afternoon.

As soon as he was sitting in the office, Tang Ruo came over and said, “Ahem, I’m sorry this morning, we didn’t hear anything.”

“… No need to explain, just assume it hasn’t happened.”

When I spoke, my face was still a little red.

Tang Ruo came over and sat across from my desk, and said solemnly, “I really didn’t hear it, I heard nothing, your voice is not as loud as your husband, what’s the matter?”

I picked up the A4 notebook on the desktop, covered my face, and said two words, “Shut up.”

I haven’t heard this yet!

This is so clear, OK!

My head was always buried in Norven White’s arms, and with my hard work restraint, my voice was very small.

As a result, Tang Ruo continued solemnly, “I tell you that only by calling a woman a good one can a man be inspired…”

“You think I don’t know our soundproofing is bad.” I took down the notebook and interrupted her, “I heard everything clearly when you called and quarreled with others last time.”

Hearing what I said, Tang Ruocai suddenly realized, “So that’s it! What happened to you and her last time?”

“I heard you quarrel every word I heard.”

I complained.

Tang Ruo nodded, “Then I can rest assured, I thought…”

“Don’t think about it, you are very free, aren’t you?”

“It’s not idle, I’m leaving now!”

Tang Ruo put his hands on his chest and left with a smile.

When she was gone, I was lying on the table, angry and shy, feeling that my image in the company has plummeted-

When I got off work at night, I usually went upstairs to wait for Norven White, but today he took the initiative to come down.

I glanced at my watch, and then looked at the man dressed neatly, somewhat surprised, “Are you so early today?”

“Yeah.” The man nodded, “Go to grandpa’s house today.”

“Suddenly?” I was a little surprised. I quickly stood up, looked at my clothes, and said embarrassedly, “Why don’t I go home and change clothes? It’s not embarrassing to dress like this.”

“No, it was decided temporarily.” Norven White stretched out his hand to hold my hand, “Grandpa has sent someone to pick up Shuo Shuo at home, so let’s just go straight over.”

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