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Chapter 51

Julia Rhodes sat on the other side of the glass wall without moving her body. A mocking smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, “Really? Then you have to come out first.”

Seeing that I was agitated, the police immediately grabbed me and warned, “Be honest!”

I was held by the police and couldn’t move, but Julia Rhodes pretended to say, “Mr. Police, Jia Rhodes is confused for a while, don’t embarrass her.”

Later, I sat on the chair, but the policeman stood behind me, one step away from me.

“Julia Rhodes, I said, I don’t want to be Mrs. White.”

My voice softened.

I am even thinking that if Julia Rhodes withdraws the lawsuit, maybe this matter will be resolved.

Of course Julia Rhodes knows what I think.

She sat outside and put on a pitiful expression again, “Jia Rhodes, we are a sister. I value this sisterhood most, but you have done it again and again. Now the family is very disappointed with you. I am afraid that if I have a long life and two shortcomings because of my soft heart, my parents and grandma will not be able to bear this blow.”

She mentioned grandma.

It’s like catching a straw!

“Grandma? Does Grandma know about this?” I asked her.

“This…” Julia Rhodes didn’t seem to expect that I would ask this, and quickly nodded, “Well, I know, I didn’t know the last time, Norven and I helped you hide it, but this time, I can’t hide it. After living, the old people from both families know.”

Listening to Julia Rhodes’s words, I just want to sneer.

She kept it from me?

It must have been Norven White who wanted to hide it last time.

This time, it was obvious that Julia Rhodes cut first and then played.

I have to say, Julia is ruthless.

If once, Rhodes Ci and White Yanhai might feel that there is something else hidden.

But twice, who would believe that I am innocent?

Julia Rhodes’s words made me sure that she would not help me.

I won’t bother with her.

Turn around and go back to the detention center.

In subsequent investigations, I heard that the police used a polygraph to detect a lie on the workers who identified me.

As a result, he did not lie.

Soon, the one-month investigation time ended.

Although I refused Qiaoyu Lu, he still helped me find a lawyer.

However, because of the worker’s testimony and the result of the polygraph, I stood in the dock and listened to the trial.

And Norven White and Julia Rhodes sat in the hearing.

How familiar this process is.

I know that I cannot reverse the case.

At the end of the first instance and lost, the judge announced that I had been sentenced for another six months.

When I was taken out of the interrogation hall by the prison guard, I felt as if I was back two years ago.

I looked at the handcuffs on my hands and even felt that if I went in again this time, I might not be as lucky as the last time.

I will die inside!

At this moment, my heart suddenly fell into infinite panic!

My limbs are trembling.

“Don’t… don’t…” I muttered and looked up, and saw Norven White and Julia Rhodes in front of me not far away!

I suddenly ran up and rushed towards Norven White like crazy!

Kneeling in front of him with a “pump”, grabbing his trousers, begging, “President White, I did not harm her, I did nothing, I beg you, believe me once, as long as you withdraw the complaint, I promise, I will never return to Flipvilla in my life, so I guarantee that I will not appear in your sight in this life!”

I am not such a spineless person.

The scary memories of the last time I was in prison and the panic of entering the prison again made me unable to control myself.

At this moment, all my cowardice broke out!

The police caught up quickly, trying to drag me away.

But I clung to Norven White’s leg tightly and begged him, “Mr. White, I promise, please withdraw the case, please, I have lost a child in prison, I don’t want to go in anymore, I beg Please!”

I have no choice but to speak.

However, when I said this, I saw Norven White’s pupils shrink violently.

There was obvious hesitation in his expression.

Julia Rhodes seemed to have noticed too. She hurriedly held him and said, “Norven, if Jia Rhodes is released again, then I’m really afraid I won’t be so lucky next time…”

With a word of her, Norven White lifted his foot forcefully and threw me away directly!

The police took the opportunity to hold me down.

I was taken away by the police, turned around, and finally gave Norven White a desperate look.

When I returned to the detention center, I seemed to be sick. No matter when and where I was, I couldn’t help trembling. The fear in my heart was like 10,000 ants gnawing at my heart.

Chapter 52

When I opened my eyes again, before my eyes, there were again cold bars.

Moonlight penetrated through the cold-colored railings and shone in a small cell a few square meters square.

This is not a detention center, this is a prison!

“no no!”

My brain exploded!

Haven’t you already gone out?

Am I already out? !

Why am I in jail? !

I got up suddenly and slapped the cell door desperately!

“Let me out! Let me out! I want to go out! I am harmless!”

However, the prison corridors were empty.

No one answered me.

I shouted for a long time, and finally my voice became hoarse.



I squatted down and looked at the deep corridor, tears could not stop.

His hands clasped his knees tightly.

“Why, why do you treat me this way! I didn’t do anything!”

“I really didn’t do anything, I haven’t harmed Julia Rhodes once!”

“I have caught up with my child.”

When I squatted there, mumbling to myself.

I heard footsteps.

Thinking I heard hope, I stood up, put my face on the glass of the prison door, and saw a black figure from far and near.

The man is wearing a well-fitting suit, standing there, so elegant and beautiful.

Norven White.

I thought he was just outside, but when he stretched out his hand, he actually pushed the door open!

“Norven White!” I looked at the man in front of me, eyes full of hatred, and clutched his arm tightly, “Why did you bring me here?!”

The man looked at me without saying anything.

Maybe the night is too dark, I can’t see his expression at all.

I grabbed him and cried.

Tell him that I didn’t kill anyone, I didn’t harm Julia Rhodes, begged him to believe me, begged him to let me go.

I don’t know how long it took, how long, the man suddenly stretched out his hand, hugged me, touched my head, and said, “I believe you, I will take you out.”

“Really?” I grabbed him, almost unable to believe my ears.

I leaned in his arms, maybe it was too warm…

I fell asleep without knowing it.

When I woke up again, the sky outside the window had just turned white.

I looked at the familiar environment around me and realized that the one last night was just a dream.

I wanted to get up, only to feel that a strong arm was pressing on my waist.

Turning his head, he saw Norven White lying beside him.

Why is he sleeping here?

I hurriedly checked the clothes on my body, which looked like before I went to bed yesterday.

Because I didn’t eat for several days, I only ate a little porridge before going to bed yesterday. At this time, my strength had not fully recovered, and I didn’t even have the strength to move Norven White’s arm away.

I can only lie down quietly, waiting for Norven White to wake up.

I carefully looked at the man’s sleeping face, the way he fell asleep, not as cold as when he was awake, and looked good.

Norven White woke up almost at 7 o’clock.

Because I didn’t fully recover, he arranged for a servant to take care of me.

It took about three days before I gradually recovered.

I wanted to thank Norven White, but after that day, I never saw him again.

I have recovered and I have no plans to stay in this villa again.

After all, the Rhodes Family and White Family had already known the two incidents, no matter how good they were, they wouldn’t be able to keep me by Norven White’s side.

I naturally don’t expect it too.

However, this is fine, as Julia Rhodes wishes, I no longer have to worry about Norven White’s relationship with her.

I contacted Jiang Rhodes and told her that I wanted to ask her to borrow some money.

I want to leave Flipvilla and start a new life.

When Jiang Rhodes heard this, he became displeased, “You are so cheap, Julia Rhodes?!”

“Only when I become stronger and better can I retaliate against her, right?”

Now I have been in prison for a year and a half and joined Yufeng Design with the help of Qiaoyu Lu, but because of my joining, he has already had a new company that has improved, and Norven White has almost turned it into pornography.

“Then you were wronged for nothing?”

“I have no evidence to prove that I was not wronged.”

I know Jiang Rhodes is injustice for me.

But even the police’s polygraph proved that the workers were telling the truth.

I really can’t think of how to prove my innocence.

That afternoon, I went to Jiang Rhodes’s house. She bought a variety of snacks. While eating, she helped me scold Julia Rhodes and Norven White.

Later we discussed where we were going.

Finally, she strongly recommended me to go to Hong Kong City.

Both Hong Kong City and Flipvilla are big cities. The difference is that Hong Kong City has a lot of foreign capital, and they only value ability.

As long as I am willing to start from scratch, I should be able to mix things up there.

When the place was booked, Jiang Rhodes immediately took out one hundred thousand yuan to lend it to me.

I repeatedly refused, thinking that it would cost only 20,000, but she was not at ease.

In the end, he still gave me fifty thousand yuan.

I bought a ticket to Hong Kong City that night.

I didn’t call Qiaoyu Lu during this period, I was afraid he would stop me.

I can’t hurt him anymore.

Jiang Rhodes sent me to the airport, and when I entered the security checkpoint, he let her leave.

I followed the crowd in line.

There were not many people flying in the evening, so it was my turn soon.

When I was about to hand over the boarding pass and ID card to the ground crew, I inserted one hand sideways and took the two things away.

In the next second, I heard Norven Jisen’s cold voice behind me, “Jia Rhodes, where do you want to go?!”

Just a few words made me feel goose bumps all over my body.

“You give it back to me!”

I turned to grab my boarding pass and ID card.

But Norven White is too high, as long as he raises his hand, he can easily lift these two things to a height beyond my reach.

The ground crew looked at the situation and urged, “Can you still do it?”


After Norven White answered, he stretched out his hand and directly grabbed me into his arms and clasped me firmly with his arm.

Later, I struggled too hard. In his anger, he directly carried me on his shoulders and forcibly took me to the parking lot!

When he got to the car, he hesitated in the co-pilot’s position, and finally detoured to the trunk and threw me in!

My head hit the frame of the car and it hurt terribly.

Upon reaction, the lid of the trunk was quickly closed.

Finally, there was a “bang”.

“No, no!” I was frightened, and I slapped the trunk door hard, but no matter how hard I tried, there was nothing moving!

I feel the car start.

I was in the trunk, all around me was pitch black, there was no light at all, which made me fall into infinite fear!

It was as if he was back in prison again.

The dream of that night was repeated again!

I kept shaking, tears staying uncontrollably.

I was not such a vulnerable person before, but when I was locked up here, I was terribly scared.

Chapter 53

Time does not know how long has passed.

The car finally stopped.

The trunk was opened and Norven White stood outside, staring at me inside, obviously stunned.

Then his brow furrowed deeply.

“Let it go, let me out.”

My body was shaking constantly, as if I was out of control.

However, I was afraid that he would close the trunk again and try to get up and climb out.

As soon as he went out, he fell to the ground.

It hurts, but it’s better than there.

I know my current self, as long as Norven White disagrees, I can’t run.

I grabbed his trouser legs and said nicely, “Let me leave, I promise not to appear in front of you, I will perfect you.”

Maybe the air outside is clear.

Although I speak slowly, it is not too hard.

Norven White looked down at me at his feet, hesitated for a moment, then suddenly leaned over and picked me up!

“Let me down!” At this time, I noticed that the car had stopped at the entrance of the villa.

He ignored my resistance and hugged me tightly.

Go upstairs.

All the way to the bedroom, and then I was still in bed, and the whole person was pressed down.

A hand stuck my neck tightly and looked at me condescendingly, “As Mrs. White, where do you want to escape?”

“I… ahem.”

He stuck his neck too tightly, I wanted to talk, but before I could say it, I coughed violently.

“Really?” Norven White raised his eyebrows slightly. Although his face was expressionless, his cold eyes were dark, as if a storm was brewing.

He gave a cold snort, held my crotch tightly with his leg, and when he raised his hand, he tore the t-shirt from my body!


I know what he is going to do.

But I don’t want to!

At this time, my body just came back, and the strength is not enough to resist!

I resisted it, knowing it was a fearless resistance, and in the end I could only lie flat.

Let the man move.

However, when I was like this, the torrential rain on my body suddenly stopped. Norven White got up, looked at me like a dead fish under him, and said in a dull voice, “Jia Rhodes, being Mrs. White, you don’t Reluctant?!”

His words actually made me laugh.

I looked at him and smiled absurdly, “Have you ever seen me such a miserable rich lady? My husband didn’t even say a word after being calculated?”

As I said, I sat up from the bed, took off the almost torn t-shirt, and then took off my pants.

Norven White looked at me and seemed to be confused about what I was going to do.

I exposed most of my body, then raised my arms and showed him the stairs under my armpits, “Look at me.”

Then, he showed him the base of his thigh, “and this.”

These two invisible places were full of scars, and it was obvious that new injuries were added to the old ones.

I watched Norven White not speak, and sneered, “Why? Stop talking? Don’t you dare to admit what you did?”

“What is this?” Norven White paused for a while, still asking me.

“You actually asked me? It’s not that you entrusted people in the prison to take care of it!” I shouted, “In prison, if there is a fight or a prisoner is injured, it will be punished if found, so you ordered to’take care’ of mine. Those people, just hit me in these two places!”

“I want to tell the prison guards that when they find out, they put me in a dog cage!”

“Force me to bark as a dog, and walk me with a rope. If I don’t follow it, I will continue to hurt me. I hurt! I dare not stop!”

“But I was born with a character that doesn’t cry, doesn’t cry, doesn’t cry, and I’ve suffered a lot from it!”

I was on my knees and complained to Norven White of everything I had in prison.

Hysterical, like catharsis!

Norven White listened without saying a word.

Finally, I softened my tone, “Did you see it? As you wish, I am already miserable! Please let me go, OK, even if I am wicked, I will be punished!”

Norven White looked at me with complicated eyes.

After that, he asked me, “The kid you said that day?”

“You still ask the child? On the first day of my imprisonment, didn’t you find someone to kill my child!? I was more than four months old at the time, I didn’t want to escape, I just wanted to put the child in peace. Was born, why didn’t you even give me this opportunity!!”

“Do you know? All the suffering and pain I suffered in the prison behind were less than one ten thousandth of the time when I was held by your people, and my child was broken into pieces by them with clamps!”

I grabbed Norven White and told him word by word, “I will never forgive you in my life, and Julia Rhodes!”

Tears, running down the corner of the eyes, out of control!

That was my first child and it was gone.

Norven White sat on the corner of the bed without saying a word, watching my hysterical talk.

But he didn’t leave, obviously, he didn’t let me go either.

I don’t know how long I cried, but then I got tired and fell asleep.

In a daze, I felt that my whole body became warm, and I heard someone say in my ear, “If I say, everything has nothing to do with me…”

After that, I fell asleep and didn’t hear what the person in my ear was saying.

Early the next morning, before I woke up, I heard the phone ringing.

That’s not mine, but Norven White’s.

I didn’t move, only heard Norven White get up to answer the phone.

Julia Rhodes’s voice came from the other side of the phone.

Because the bedroom is very quiet, I can clearly hear her excitedly say, “Why did you let her out without telling me? What if she hurts me again and our future baby?”

“Will not.”

After Norven White finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

I don’t know what he meant by what he said would not.

About half an hour later, I woke up pretendingly, only to realize that my clothes had been changed into pajamas.

When I went downstairs, I saw that the servant had already cooked breakfast.

The servant saw me coming down and yelled respectfully, “Madam.”

Norven White raised his hand, “You are hungry, come to have breakfast.”

I looked at him in a daze.

Norven White’s expression no longer seemed like a thousand-year-old iceberg, but a little bit of ice and snow melted and the earth rejuvenated?

I stood at the top of the stairs for a while, and instead said, “What did Mr. White think about what I said yesterday?”

When Norven White heard the name “President White”, his face sank, “You are Mrs. White, this will never change.”

“So, are you going to continue torturing me? Are you going to send me to jail? Or are you going to kill me?”

Today I have recovered and I am extremely calm.

A disaster in prison, and a disaster in prison that almost happened once, has long awakened my dream, and I won’t have any illusions about Norven White.

“The previous things are over, in the future…”


Halfway through Norven White’s words, there was a knock on the door.

As soon as the servant opened the door, Julia Rhodes rushed in and saw me wearing a pajamas, that outfit, his eyes almost burst into flames!

Chapter 54

But Julia Rhodes did not have an attack. Instead, she walked to the table, sat down in my seat, and said, “I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.”

“Go and prepare another one for her, and leave Madam’s by my side.”

Norven White asked the servant naturally.

I saw that as soon as he finished speaking, Julia Rhodes’s hand under the table was tightly clenched into a fist, and the blue blood vessels on the back of his hand were slightly raised.

Although I didn’t understand what Norven White meant, I went downstairs casually, sat next to Norven White, and watched the servant bring me over.

I sat side by side with Norven White and ate breakfast on their own.

The servant soon served another breakfast.

Julia Rhodes didn’t move, and first said, “Jia Rhodes, since Norven and I chose to forgive you this time, it is more because you are the person chosen by grandma and grandpa White. We don’t want them to be embarrassed.”


I was eating breakfast, thinking about the question she called in the morning, and it felt ridiculous.

Julia Rhodes didn’t know this, and continued, “So I hope we get along well in the future, and don’t make Norven, there are still two elderly people embarrassed, okay?”

She wants to be a good person?

But I want to expose her.

“Really? But how did I hear someone calling in the morning to question my husband, why should I be released.” After I finished speaking, I turned to look at Norven White, raised my eyebrows slightly, and made a teasing expression, “Is that right? Husband.”

Julia Rhodes turned blue, looking at Norven White, as if waiting for him to help her lie.

However, Norven White concentrated on eating his breakfast.

After swallowing the food in his mouth, he wiped the corners of his mouth before saying, “Yes.”

I was surprised, he would help me.

With just one word, Julia Rhodes’s face couldn’t be stretched anymore.

She lowered her head to eat in silence, and after the meal, she left.

I went upstairs to look for my mobile phone, only to remember that my bag and mobile phone were thrown into the car by Norven White and never took it.

After I told him, he gave me the car keys.

I took the phone and found it was turned off.

It’s dead.

When I turned it on again, I found that two people, Jiang Rhodes and Qiaoyu Lu, had called me numerous calls and text messages yesterday.

I hurried back to the room to give her back.

It turned out that Jiang Rhodes saw me when I was taken away by Norven White yesterday. When she chased me, Norven White had already driven away.

Later, she called desperately and contacted Qiaoyu Lu.

Qiaoyu Lu found Norven White’s contact information, and at first called, Norven White did not answer.

Unexpectedly, at midnight last night, Norven White actually called Qiaoyu Lu and said, “Jia Rhodes is okay. You won’t need to intervene in her affairs in the future, and I will be fully responsible.”

Although Qiaoyu Lu was not reconciled, he knew that I was fine, so he didn’t contact him again.

After talking about this, Jiang Rhodes asked me in a gossip tone, “What does Norven White mean? Did he almost lose and find that he loves you?”

“He loves me? How is it possible? He said he would never fall in love with me in this life.” I laughed at myself.

“No, who is good about feelings?”

Jiang Rhodes didn’t seem to believe it.

I took the phone and shook my head, “He just treats me as his belongings. Even if he doesn’t want it, he hates it, he dislikes it, and he will never allow me to be controlled by him.”

After listening to Jiang Rhodes, he seemed to think that what I said was reasonable, and said, “Does he think he is the emperor?”

After hanging up the phone, I turned around and saw Norven White standing in front of the bedroom.

I was taken aback, not knowing when he came, so I asked him, “Ms. White, what’s the matter?”

Hearing my name, Norven White couldn’t help but frowned, “President White? Whose wife calls her husband like that?”

“Whose husband helped his lover conceal evil and sent his wife to prison?”

I replied.

Actually I’m not stupid, Norven White, the boss of the Qingtian Group, naturally won’t come and try to frame me.

Everything is nothing but Julia Rhodes’s handwriting.

However, he turned a blind eye to what Julia Rhodes did.

Even help her.

Norven White paused for a moment and said, “You take a break and tell me where you want to go. I am free today and can accompany you.”

After speaking, he closed the door and went out.

I stared at the closed door blankly, thinking for a moment that I was hearing a hallucination.

He said he was with me?

But it soon became clear that he was just afraid that I would run away and wanted to monitor me.

I chased it out and saw Norven White who was downstairs, and said, “No, President White, I’m not going anywhere, don’t worry.”

I bit the word “rest assured” very hard.

Then, he went back to the bedroom.

That day, Norven White stayed at home for a day, and I also stayed for a day.

But neither of us said a word.

When I thought that this day would just pass away, in the evening, the servant made a meal. Just as I sat down, Norven White’s phone rang.

He picked it up, and I heard him shout, “Grandpa.”

Then he got up and went to the living room to pick it up.

I looked over, Norven White looked on when he answered the phone.

I watched for a while, and when I picked up my chopsticks and wanted to eat, Norven White hung up the phone and walked over and said, “Change clothes and go to grandpa’s house with me.”

“Me and you?”

I reacted, but quickly realized what had happened.

I changed my clothes and took Norven White’s car to White Yanhai’s house.

When I entered, the first thing I noticed was not White Yanhai, but Julia Rhodes, who was sitting next to White Yanhai with the right makeup and well-behaved sitting posture.

She saw me, she couldn’t hide her pride, but she still stood up and said, “Jia Rhodes, you are here.”

As soon as Norven White and I entered, White Yanhai’s originally smiling faces became stern, and he patted the table, “If she hadn’t told me, how many things would you want to hide from me!”

“Grandpa, you said that she is my wife. Let me protect her. That’s what I did.”

Norven White stood in front of me a little bit. I couldn’t see his expression, but I heard him calmly.

Because in White’s family, Norven White always looks like a good husband.

Take care of me.

So at this moment, he speaks for me, I am not surprised.

“Your wife, your wife, has she done such a bad thing, or your wife?! I tell you, I can’t recognize such a bad grandson and daughter-in-law!”

White Yanhai sat on the sofa and looked at me with disgust.

I have seen this look. When I was in jail, the bribed worker complained of his family’s misfortune. That’s how the police viewed me.

“Grandpa, how can you be sure that what Julia Rhodes said is true?” I looked at Grandpa White with a chill.

Because he was really good to me before.

“I only believe what the police say.” When White Yanhai spoke, he no longer looked at me.

“But the police will make a mistake.” I took a step forward.

When Julia Rhodes heard this, his expression was obviously suffocated, and said, “Jia Rhodes, the police can’t make a mistake, and in this case, didn’t the person be asked with a polygraph? Even if the police could be wrong, the polygraph is also It can’t be wrong.”

Her words reminded me.

If the polygraph can’t be wrong…

Chapter 55

I stared at Julia Rhodes, because she was identical twins, and her face was extremely similar to mine.

In the eyes of outsiders, the similarity is extremely high.

But now that I have short haircut, many people will tell me and her directly from the hair.

If I wear a wig, will others assume that I am her.

I was dazzled by the fear of imprisonment before. I never thought of this.

But I didn’t make any reaction or make any expressions at the time.

White Yanhai also looked like he didn’t wait to see me, “If you have a grievance, just tell the police, it’s useless to tell us.”

“This matter was done carefully by the person who framed me, and I can’t help it. Since Grandpa White, you don’t believe me, I and…” I looked at Norven White and hesitated before saying, “My husband and I are divorced. .”

Norven White looked at me with displeasure in his eyes. He grabbed my hand and said to White Yanhai, “Grandpa, do you treat my marriage as a trifle? Change?”

This marriage is really a joke.

From Julia Rhodes to me, do you want to change back to Julia Rhodes now?

It’s just that Norven White’s affection for me made Julia Rhodes blush with jealousy.

White Yanhai knew this was not that simple for a long time, and waved his hand, “You two sisters are going to go to the garden and have a good chat. I want to have a good chat with my grandson.”

I didn’t bother, I took off Norven White’s hand, turned around and left.

Julia Rhodes came out after I stood there for a while.

As soon as she came out, another face was revealed, “Jia Rhodes, aren’t you proud? I see how long you can be proud of Mrs. White’s position!”


I only returned a word.

Then he took out his cell phone and sent Qiaoyu Lu a WeChat message, asking him if he could contact the worker who mixed the glue.

Julia Rhodes saw me ignore her, furious, “Are you pretending to be cold here? There will be times when you cry in the future!”

I sent a play message, installed my phone, leaned it against the wall, and sneered, “Julia Rhodes, the Rhodes family has already found out your family background. It is estimated that Grandpa White has known about the bad things you have done before, so even It’s not me and it won’t be you.”

“How is it possible, Grandpa White obviously likes me!”

“you sure?”

When I asked, Julia Rhodes was a little silly.

Obviously, she was not sure.

I continued to say, “Although I am now stigmatized, the truth will come to the surface one day, and you, the corrupt past is a fact that cannot be changed.”

“Bah!” Julia Rhodes pointed at me and cursed, “Are you clean? You think I don’t know that your university tuition is not paid by the Rhodes family. It is all paid by others. Who in the world would pay others so kindly? You must have traded your body for it!”

“Belly sinister heart of a gentleman.”

I gave her a blank look.

I found Julia Rhodes’s logic is really ridiculous.

No communication at all.

But Julia Rhodes refused to give up, “I’m a villain? Then tell me, who got the money? I want to see who is so unselfish and spends a lot of money, and I want to help people who I never know!”

“I’m not old, my thinking is so dirty.”

As soon as Julia Rhodes’s voice fell, a man’s voice came from the garden.

I turned my head and saw a man walking out behind the flowered garden wall. He looked like he was in his thirties. He was dressed in light-colored casual clothes. His hair was combed to the back. Although the black eyes looked sharp, he The rimless glasses cover a lot of fierceness on the face.

“Who are you?” Julia Rhodes was obviously panicked when he saw him.

After all, the conversation between me and her just now cannot be heard by the White family.

“Three young masters, you are here.”

As soon as Julia Rhodes’s words were asked, the old housekeeper of White’s family ran from a distance to meet the man.

The man handed a bag of documents to the housekeeper, and then said, “Everything Dad wants is in it.”


After the old butler took it, he went straight back.

Three young masters.

I heard White Yanhai mentioned during dinner before that he has three sons, but I didn’t expect his third son to be so young.

Counting this up, this person should be Norven White’s younger uncle.

“It turned out to be Uncle.”

Julia Rhodes also reacted to this relationship and immediately greeted him.

The expression on his face can pinch sweet water.

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