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Chapter 76

“what are you doing!”

I was very surprised and wanted to take my foot out, but the man held his hand tightly and warned me, “Don’t move, lest I regret it for a while.”

“Don’t, my feet are cold.”

I was so embarrassed.

I knew how cold my feet were, so I put it in the warm clothes of a man and touched his abdominal muscles, so I was very embarrassed.

Norven White squinted at me, with a little warning on his face, “Why didn’t you say earlier, your hands and feet are so cold in winter.”


I didn’t speak much.

But when I got off work the next day, when Norven White took me home, he didn’t take me to my house, but parked downstairs in another building.

That building is the position of the king of [Flipvilla No. 1].

“this is……”

I am a little puzzled.

Norven White took my hand and put it in his pocket, and said with a bit of mystery, “You’ll know when you come in.”

He took me to the elevator all the way to the top floor.

The elevator opened, and in front of it was a double-opening wooden door with a fingerprint lock for opening the door.

The first thing Norven White came in was to operate the program at the door, and then pressed my finger on the fingerprint lock.

With a beep, the man turned to look at me, “You will be the hostess of this house from now on.”

He said, pushing the door open.

I went in and was stunned.

The house is very big, the large French windows in front of it are curved, and at least 120 degrees of scenery outside can be seen.

At a glance, none of the houses outside is taller than this.

There is a small view of the mountains.

“here is……”

I looked away again and looked at the decoration of the room. The decoration inside is very simple, but very stylish, and the colors are harmonious.

“my home.”

Norven White answered behind him.

As he said, he drew me into the room behind him. I took off my shoes, looking for slippers.

But he pulled me too fast, I can only follow.

When I stepped on the floor wearing socks, I realized that it was warm on the floor.

“Floor heating?”

“Yes, I have remodeled it myself, and installing floor heating is just a proposal by the designer for decoration. I didn’t expect it to be useful now.”

Norven White said naturally.

I looked around and Norven White had never told me before that he also had a house in this community.

Thinking of Julia Rhodes leaving from here that day…

Does Julia Rhodes come here often?

I looked around and there did not seem to be any signs of a woman.

Norven White seemed to understand what I meant, leaned over and k!ssed my forehead, and said in a very gentle tone, “Don’t worry, you are the first woman to come here. I have asked the servants about your things. Put it in the master bedroom.”

I looked up at him.

Norven White has been so kind to me these days.

It’s so gentle, it even makes me feel a little unreal.

I looked up at him and asked, “Why is it so good to me?”

“Because you are my wife.”

Norven White’s answer can be said to be a standard answer.

But compared to it, I hope he said “because I love you.”

At that time, I thought I was not far from this answer, but later I learned that I was too naive.

Norven White and I stayed in his room after that day.

Although the work in the cafe is very comfortable, I have not forgotten my original job. I have been submitting a resume, trying to find a job related to interior design.

Finally, on the first day of December, a company called me and told me to go for an interview the next day.

At that time, I was the first to tell Norven White the news.

After he heard it, he just said, “Congratulations.”

I went for an interview early the next morning. He sent me to me. In the afternoon I had to go back to the coffee shop to work.

We said yes, he would pick me up when I got off work.

My interview went well. Although hr said that he would call me if there is a result, I can vaguely feel that hr is very satisfied with me and this job should be a must.

In the afternoon I went to the coffee shop, and seeing that I was about to get off work, I had another takeaway.

Because of the cold weather, there was a little snow in the takeout, and everyone was reluctant to go. Thinking that they might be leaving, I asked to go.

Before leaving, I called Norven White and told him that I was going to deliver the food and asked him to wait for me.

This takeaway is delivered to an old community.

When I just arrived at the door of a target building with my coffee, I suddenly felt that someone was covering my mouth with a handkerchief!

I was about to shout. I felt weak. When I let go, I heard the sound of coffee falling on the ground, and then I lost consciousness.

When I woke up again, my eyes were completely dark.

I took a breath and realized that I was blindfolded and my hands and feet were tied.

I moved, and suddenly heard footsteps around me, I subconsciously shouted, “Help!”

Then I heard the person in front of me say, “Help? Hahaha!”

It’s a woman’s voice.

The voice is familiar.

When I realized whose voice it was, the cold hair on my body could not help but stand up, sit up, and unconsciously step back.

But just a few steps away, I leaned on something!

“Sister Long.” I called the person’s name.

There was a tremor in his voice.

This person is not someone else, but the eldest sister who used violence to me when I was in prison!

She was very good at beating in the women’s prison, and everyone called her Sister Long.

All my pain was directed by this woman.

Sister Long sneered when I called her, “Yes, you still remember me. I heard that you have a good life now, you have a big house, and you have a good car ride. Why did you forget me?”

As soon as Sister Long spoke, I remembered the painful memories in the prison, plus the head was covered with things, and the surrounding was dark.

Fear arose in my heart.

I begged, “Sister Long, I will give you, I will give you everything, OK if you let me go.”

I’m really scared.

“Let you go? Are you dreaming! Today you are arrested, it is impossible to walk alive.” After she finished speaking, she paused, “But before I die, let me have fun. It’s so boring to hit you two places!”

With that said, I only felt a gust of wind.

A stick hit my face in the next second!

I just felt a pain in my teeth, a fishy smell in my mouth, and a mouthful of blood on the ground!

I lay on the ground in pain, and wailed, “No, Sister Long, don’t you want money? I can only give it to you if I live! My house is worth ten million!”

At this moment, I was thinking of Norven White.

I think he is still waiting to pick me up from get off work, can’t find me in a hurry.

My relationship with him has just improved, and it may be better in the future.

I can’t bear him.

Sister Long seemed to hear ten million, and she stopped moving and said angrily, “Damn, do you think I don’t want it? If it wasn’t for someone to kill you, I would definitely let you vomit this ten million house. I!”

Chapter 77

I took a breath.

Someone buys my life.

Thinking of what happened a while ago, who is that person? it goes without saying.

This allowed me to link up the things I was in jail before.

Could it be that Julia Rhodes did everything?

How can she have such a great ability?

At this time, I calmed down and said to Sister Long, “You help me contact the person who is looking for you and tell her that I have put those photos on a cloud and set it up. If I don’t log in for 24 hours, those photos will be It will be automatically posted by the system to major domestic forums, and it will be posted every hour.”

“What the hell do I care about your photos!”

Sister Long cursed.

As soon as the voice fell, she kicked me in the thigh!

Because I was tortured by her for a long time in prison, I learned to behave, and I yelled in pain.

Then he said, “Sister Long, you don’t know, she knows, you go and tell her, and I promise that if I go out, I will give you extra money.”

“How many?”

“five million!”

I gritted my teeth and said this number!

“Five million? To your uncle, isn’t your house worth ten million?”

Sister Long, the lion opened his mouth.

The money is a bit too much for me.

When I hesitated, I heard the sound of people laughing, and soon there was the sound of opening the door, and from the direction of the opening sound came the laughter of several women.

“Is this Jia Rhodes?”

“Yeah, little pet, we meet again.”

“Hey, I haven’t beaten you for a long time, I am itching to fight back.”

Even if I haven’t heard these voices for more than half a year, I can easily tell who they are!

When they were in prison, a few of them were Sister Long’s subordinates. They bullied me back then and everyone did their part!

“Ten million, ten million!” I said immediately.

Sister Long saw that I hesitated for so long, wondering, “Ten million? Do you have so much money?”

“Yes! My husband is Qingtian boss Norven White!”

I said categorically.

After I said Norven White, the cabin where I was staying fell into silence.

The next second will start roaring with laughter!

“Hahaha Norven White, which Norven White? The same name and surname, right?”

“Yes, god damn Norven White, you can deceive people and find someone who is reliable.”

“You lied so big, how can I believe you?”

Those who laughed were all those little sisters of Sister Long who came in later.

“Really! I have his phone, you can call him!”

I said.

At this time, the voices of the people who were laughing just stopped.

I can hear that there is no Sister Long among the people who just laughed. It seems that she believes a little bit about what I said.

But when I finished speaking, Sister Long cursed, “Call? You treat us as a fool! If it is true, if he finds us, shall we not be busy?”

Sister Long’s younger sister came to realize, I felt that I was kicked again on the waist, and then someone scolded, “f*ck, I was almost fooled.”

At this moment, I heard the sound of cell phone ringing.

The next second I heard Sister Long pick up the phone and said, “Hey.”

Although I cannot see or hear the voice of the person on the other side of the phone, I am pretty sure that the phone must be Julia Rhodes’s!

“Julia Rhodes! I tell you that I have hung up that photo in the cloud. As long as I don’t log in for 24 hours, those photos will be automatically sent to major domestic forums…ah!”

I yell!

But before he finished speaking, he was kicked in the stomach.

I ache, curled up on the ground in pain, still repeating the same words!

“What to shout!”

Several people came over, kicked me, beat me together.

I just feel that the smell of blood in my mouth is getting heavier.

The limbs were also aching, and the whole person was lying on the ground, dare not even move.

The most ridiculous thing is that Norven White is in my mind at this time.

I think that if I survive, Norven White and I may be able to do well.

Julia Rhodes seemed to have heard what I said during this meeting. I heard Sister Long repeat what I said just now. After a while, she said to some of the people who beat me, “Don’t beat me, can you pay if you kill me? ?!”

Several people who beat me stopped.

Someone asked, “Eldest sister, didn’t you say that if you kill it, it’s all done? Why can’t it be killed?”

It’s over if you die.

Julia Rhodes.

You are so cruel!

Soon, I heard Sister Long’s irritable voice, “What the f*ck this stinky lady has in his hands? It’s probably a pornographic photo of our golden master. Now the golden master doesn’t let her die, so she tells her the account password. come out.”

Haha, in fact, there is no cloud at all.

But I know Julia Rhodes dare not gamble, if I lose, even if I die, she will not be well.

“Then what are we going to do?” someone asked.

Later, I heard the sound of opening the door again. It seemed that a few people had gone out. My head was covered and my hands and feet were tied. It was impossible to observe the terrain.

In desperation, I had to lie down quietly.

I think Norven White found out that I was missing, so he should come to me.

“I can follow you behind, sleepwalking like a shadow chasing the light…”

At this time, I heard my cell phone ringing.

I have a hunch, this must be Norven White’s call!

The music sings over and over again.

No one answered.

Enduring the pain in my whole body, I tried to lean in a little bit like a ringtone, trying to find the phone and pick it up.

However, as soon as I moved a few times, I heard the sound of opening the door, and the next second, I kicked over again, “You f*cking want to answer the phone?!”

The next second I heard a “pop”.

The ringing stopped, I know, my phone must have been smashed.

I heard “pop” again, it was a slap in the face, and then Sister Long’s anger, “You f*cking smashed her cell phone, the caller wouldn’t know that something happened to her!”

“It’s Sister Long, I was wrong.” Sister Long apologized.

“Forget it, find a way to make her speak.”

After Sister Long finished speaking, I could feel her coming over and doing something on my neck.

Soon the bag on my head was removed, and I finally saw the light again.

The first thing I saw was Sister Long.

In prison, she was a sturdy head, now with a bald head, covered in tattoos, and a scar from the top of her head to the center of her eyebrows.

It can be seen that she is a full eldest sister.

I took the time to look around again. I was in a house. Judging from the cracks in the surrounding walls, the house should be very long in age. The surrounding windows are all nailed down with wooden boards, and I can’t tell whether it is a building. Still a bungalow.

My bag is on a small table not far away.

“I’m afraid you will forget what happened before, so I specially prepared a little gift for you.”

Sister Long squatted down and looked at me. After speaking, she gave the person next to her a color.

When the two went out, I heard the dragging sound.

Soon, I saw the two men dragging in a one-meter square iron cage…

Chapter 78

My whole person suddenly collapsed!


I shook my head and stepped back, but Sister Long was still holding my hair and pulling me close to that cage abruptly!

After that, close the door.

“Let me out!” I shouted.

Sister Long looked at me, “Let you go out? Dreaming!”

Then he put his arms around a little girl and said, “Go out and discuss how to make her speak.”


“no problem.”

A few little sisters responded flatly.

I was curled up in this cage, and my whole person began to tremble again, feeling more fearful than covering my head outside.

I am really afraid that everything in the prison will be repeated.

At this moment, I close my eyes, as if I can see the time in the prison.

I’m scared.

This kind of fear cannot be controlled by my heart.

I even think if I am sick.

Soon, they came in.

They tortured me with the same methods as in prison, but beat me more unscrupulously. I was curled up in a cage, held by them and held on the cage, and then let the wax drip down.

I can only dodge, but I still get burned.

Later, they were unhappy, changed to cigarettes, and finally became knives.

It’s like the game of inserting pirates, no matter how I hide, I will be hurt.

I was pierced by a knife in many places, and blood soaked my clothes.

But they were afraid that I would die, and finally stopped.

I was lying in the cage in a very contorted position. Although the injury was not serious, I felt pain everywhere.

Late at night.

I was uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep, but I heard Sister Long calling.

I can’t tell who she is calling, but the tone seems to be coaxing a child.


I think this idea is ridiculous. In my opinion, a woman like Sister Long will not have children.

I was thinking about it when I heard Sister Long shouting, “Get up, don’t f*cking sleep, someone is coming!”

Then the door of the room I was in was opened.

Sister Long and a few people gathered around with knives and pulled me out of the cage directly, putting the knives on my neck.

Soon there was a sound of opening the door, and as the door opened, there were many footsteps.

Later, by the moonlight, I saw several police officers rushing in.

“lay down your weapon!”

“Don’t come over, come here, and I will kill her!”

The two sides confronted each other.

I heard the footsteps of a leather shoe.

Norven White walked in from outside.

The moment he came in, the little sisters of Sister Long beside me took a breath.

One person mumbled, “It’s actually true.”

The knife Sister Long put on my neck also shook.

Norven White looked at me. The night was too dark and I couldn’t see his expression. I only heard him say, “Let her go, how much you will cost, you have the final say.”

“Ten million!”

“No, no, fifty million!”

“Yes, fifty million! Need cash!”

Sister Long said the younger sisters.

Norven White stood there calmly, “50 million in cash, even in Flipvilla, there is not so much.”

“Fart, don’t play tricks! You have called the police, how can you still give us money!”

Sister Long obviously didn’t trust him.

“My purpose of calling the police is to find her, not to catch you. As long as she is fine and I can get the money, I will definitely give it to you.”

What Norven White said was really tempting.

I can feel the heartbeat of the kidnappers around me.

“Sister, do we want less cash?” someone suggested.

“Twenty million in cash!” Sister Long shouted, “and you find a car and send us away.”

“You can’t take the twenty million in cash. The car is given to you and you can’t run. It’s better to replace it with gold bars. Although it is a little heavier, you can take it away.”

Norven White is actually helping them out!

“Good, good, good!” Sister Long agreed repeatedly.

“You guys wait.”

Norven White said and turned to leave.

He came back in less than five minutes, and a policeman took two small arms boxes and threw them to the ground.

Norven White said, “Count, 300g gold bars, two hundred.”

Two people came over to get the money. When they opened the box, there were neatly packed gold bars, even if it was dark, they could flash blind people’s eyes.

“Sister, it’s really gold bars, 200 pieces!”

Sister Long’s younger sister’s eyes almost fell out.

“If you get the money, can you let them go?” Norven White asked them.

“No! We have to take someone away. I will give her a call. When she is five children, she will call and tell you where she is!”

Sister Long looked like an experienced person.

She will not take money away easily, but ask me to protect her away.

However, Norven White refused.


Three words, categorically.

“Take the gold bar and go!” Sister Long refused to listen and hijacked me to go outside.

Several younger sisters followed her with boxes.

Although this box is not big, it is very heavy, so two people can barely get one.

My whole person has not been relieved from the symptoms of being in the cage before, and I walked very slowly. Sister Long was angry and slashed my arm and cursed, “You f*cking don’t want to play tricks, don’t think you I dare not kill you if I am a hostage!”

The blood ran down my arm.

At this moment, the surrounding police swarmed up, grabbing the knife and imprisoning people in one go.

Norven White also rushed over to protect me in his arms and asked me, “Is it all right?”

Maybe it was in his arms that my fear was reduced. I leaned on him and said, “Well, I’m fine.”

As soon as my heart settled down, Norven White suddenly stood behind me, and I only heard a “poof”.

Looking up, I saw that Big Sister Long did not know when she broke free from the police, holding a long knife in her hand, and the tip of the knife was poking on Norven White’s body!

“Norven White!”

I yelled.

When Sister Long took the shot, the police had already come to stop her, but the knife was still stuck.

Norven White put his arm on me, and at this moment he squeezed out a smile and said, “Small things.”

His sentence made my tears burst.

I held him at a loss.

Soon, the ambulance came and took me and him away.

My injuries were not serious. They were all skin injuries. They healed soon. Norven White’s injuries were also very lucky. Although the knife was in the abdomen, it didn’t hurt the internal organs, but I still need to rest.

The day after I was admitted to the hospital, a policeman named Zhou Yang came to me to take notes.

I said everything.

Thinking of everything I have suffered recently, thinking that my children are all the ghosts of Julia Rhodes, I decided not to give up this time.

I said miserably about my previous imprisonment and showed him the scar on my armpit.

It can be seen that Zhou Yang couldn’t bear it after seeing it.

I took advantage of his softheartedness and talked about what happened to me after I was released from prison in Rhodes’s house. In the end, I asked him to keep everyone’s progress confidential when investigating the case.

Otherwise someone will definitely intervene.

Zhou Yang hesitated, but still agreed to my request.

Chapter 79

After Zhou Yang left, I went to Norven White’s ward.

He lives in the super VIP ward of this hospital, which is more than 100 square meters in size.

When I went in, I saw Norven White lying on the bed while Li Kai was reporting to him about his work.

I just waited silently outside.

After a while, Li Kai came out. When he saw me, his eyes were a little strange.

After I entered, I walked to Norven White’s bedside, a corner of the man’s hospital gown leaked out, and white gauze was visible, with drips hanging on the side.


I sit down.

“You are fine.”

Norven White stretched out his hand and shook my hand.

Although the stab wound did not hurt the internal organs, it also shed a lot of blood. The hospital stated that Norven White would need to be admitted to the hospital for at least a week before he could go home and recuperate.

This week, I took time off from the coffee shop, and I was taking care of Norven White.

There are two reasons, one is that he was injured because of me.

There is another reason, this time I want to put Julia Rhodes in jail and go through all the things of my manager.

At that time, I only hope that Norven White will not blame me.

Although he treats me very well, there is always some faint anxiety in my heart.

In the middle of finding time, I was in contact with the policeman Zhou Yang. He told me some progress. To my surprise, the phone call I heard that day was indeed from the daughter of Sister Long.

She was born with a man before going to prison. Although the father did not want children, Sister Long raised the child.

Sister Long wanted to take care of the children, so she explained everything.

Sister Long was imprisoned under Julia Rhodes’s arrangement. She was short of money to raise a child, so when Julia Rhodes found her, she promised to deposit her, and Sister Long agreed for the child.

Later this time, Julia Rhodes gave Sister Long an even greater temptation, which was to whiten her identity so that she could go to another place and start again.

This is a great temptation for Sister Long.

Now Julia Rhodes is under their secret surveillance, and when all the evidence is conclusive, he can close the net.

I am grateful to Police Officer Zhou Yang again and again.

But on the surface it is not showing any sensibility.

On the day Norven White returned home, I received an employment call from the decoration company I interviewed last time and informed me that I could go to work next Monday.

I am grateful again and again.

After returning home, he told Norven White about the incident.

Although Norven White felt that I was a little hard, he did not express any more opinions.

That night, I was afraid that I would hurt his wounds, and I did not want to sleep with him in the master bedroom, but Norven White did not agree and forced me to sleep with him.

I was in his arms that night and asked him, “Norven White, if you are allowed to choose between me and Julia Rhodes, who do you choose?”


The man was silent.

no answer.

But this makes me even more sad.

I lowered my eyes, did not look at the man’s eyes, and continued to ask, “If you can only choose one, there is her without me, and there is me without her, you must choose, who do you choose?”

There was still silence in the air.

The man put his palm on my short hair and stroked it lightly. After a while, he said, “Go to sleep.”

Sure enough, he couldn’t answer.

He couldn’t let go of Julia Rhodes.

He said that it is impossible for him to live without Julia Rhodes.

I don’t know what I am stupid or clinging to.

I closed my eyes and curled up in the man’s arms, unable to sleep.

The next day, Zhou Yang contacted me again.

He told me that the police had basically collected all the evidence. Although the case that put me in jail did not prove that I was wronged, the evidence that Julia Rhodes found someone to abuse me in prison has been confirmed.

In order to deal with it leniently, Sister Long gave all explanations, plus some explanations from prison guards.

Julia Rhodes’s evidence of this matter is confirmed.

The net will be closed within three days to catch her.

I thanked him again and again before hanging up the phone.

Norven White went to work. I went to the mall and bought a beautiful shell-colored dress. This dress is very nice and well tailored.

Although it was expensive, I gritted my teeth and bought him.

In the evening, I cooked at home, made steak, bought red wine, and bought a few bunches of lilies.

I want Norven White to think that I am good and cannot do without me. Maybe he won’t blame me when he knows that I do this.

But that night, I sat on the chair of the dining table and waited for a long time.

Seeing the hour hand passed 12 o’clock.

I finally couldn’t help calling him.

The waiting tone on the other side of the phone rang again.

Someone finally picked it up.


I immediately recognized the voice, it was Julia Rhodes.

My hand holding the phone trembled slightly, and it took a long time to say, “How did you answer my husband’s phone?”

“He takes a bath.”

Julia Rhodes said without thinking.

I know very well that Norven White was injured and couldn’t take a bath, let alone take a bath, his injury couldn’t do that.

I held the phone and sneered, “Julia Rhodes, do you think I will doubt my husband if you just say a few words? My husband has already said that he won’t move you anymore, because his wife is me.”

I use lies to cover up this lack of confidence in the marriage.

But Julia Rhodes was still irritated by me. She said excitedly, “Bah! Jia Rhodes, don’t think you are proud of being saved this time, next time, next time I will definitely let you die!”

Her words made me very sure, Zhou Yang didn’t tell her anything.

And Norven White seemed to be busy with the company’s affairs, and did not pay attention to this matter.

It seems that this time she can really make her pay for her actions.

I didn’t say much, so I hung up the phone.

Although I knew that Julia Rhodes could wait for retribution immediately, my heart was still blocked.

After all, she answered the phone, proving that Norven White was with her.

In the afternoon of the next day, Zhou Yang called and told me that the police had closed the Internet.

She was caught in Julia Rhodes’s studio. At that time, Julia Rhodes utterly spoken out in front of the police, but in front of the evidence, she had to fall into the law.

Julia Rhodes was put in custody and could not be released on bail because of the serious circumstances.

What a familiar plot. It was me the last two times and her this time.

The day after she was arrested, I went to see her.

When Julia Rhodes saw me standing outside, she rushed up excitedly and shouted something, because she didn’t hold the microphone and I couldn’t hear it.

Soon she was restrained by the police.

I stepped forward, picked up the microphone, and said to Julia Rhodes, “I was innocent back then, and you deserve it.”

Julia Rhodes got rid of the control of the detaining police, grabbed the microphone and called me, “Bah! Jia Rhodes, you b!tch! b!tch!”

Later, the police controlled her and I left without saying more.

I thought that would be the last time I saw Julia Rhodes.

That night, Norven White still did not come.

I returned to my home.

The next day was Monday, I went to work, and my colleagues treated me well.

On the first day of work, I just got acquainted with the environment, and when I got off work, I left.

As soon as I arrived at the door, my cell phone rang. I took a look and the call came from Lumia Fan.

Chapter 80

I knew why she called me. Without thinking for a second, I blacked Lumia Fan’s number.

But soon, Zain Rhodes called again. I took a look and still blocked it.

I have been determined about this matter.

No matter who speaks, I will not let go.

She killed my child, this matter can’t be left in vain.

I went home, at the gate of the community, just about to go in, suddenly I heard someone calling me, “Jia Rhodes!”

Immediately afterwards, my hand was caught.

I turned my head and saw Lumia Fan didn’t know where he came from. He looked at me with a smile on his face, and said kindly, “Jia Rhodes, you have lost weight after not seeing you for so long.”

Zain Rhodes followed her.

There were also some flattering smiles on his face, and there was a brand-name bag in my hand. I probably glanced around and recognized it as a bag.

“Is there anything?” I looked at them without any expression.

In my opinion, these two people have nothing to do with me.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time. I want to see you and see if you are doing well.” Lumia Fan kept holding my arm with his hand when he spoke, and didn’t mean to let go.

And I held it tightly, as if I was afraid I would run away.

Zain Rhodes also echoed, “Yeah, we all miss you.”

“Think about me?” When he said, I felt ridiculous. “In the scene that you played on the day I returned to defraud my shares, you beat me to death, and now you think about me?”

As soon as Zain Rhodes heard this, his face couldn’t hold back, but the matter of lying, naturally you have to use countless lies to circumvent a panic.

Even knowing that this lie has already been exposed.

Zain Rhodes smirked, “Jia Rhodes, it was my dad who was confused for a while, so you should be my dad.”

“That’s it, I went back and trained him for a long time.”

Lumia Fan added.

They beat me, they betrayed me, calculated me, they can let go, but I can’t.

I glanced at the two of them and said word by word, “Since I left home that day, I have no plans to go back, and you are no longer my parents.”

After speaking, I want to get rid of Lumia Fan’s hand and return to the community.

But Lumia Fan caught it to death.

Zain Rhodes’s smirk just now has already polished his patience. When I say this, Zain Rhodes straightened his face and took my other hand and said, “Jia Rhodes, don’t shame you! Tell you, you must withdraw the lawsuit!”


I looked at Zain Rhodes.

“Why!? I tell you, our Rhodes family has raised you for three years! You eat and live for nothing, you must withdraw the lawsuit!”

“Yes, and I still have the gift of giving birth to you! Julia Rhodes is also your sister after all. If you do this, you will only get a reputation for being unfeeling!”

Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan spoke with each other.

One kept me for three years to suppress me.

One used fertility and family affection to suppress me.

I first looked at Zain Rhodes and said to him, “I have been in the Rhodes family for three years, and you haven’t paid me a cent. My tuition is sponsored by kind people in the orphanage, and my living expenses are earned by my part-time work;

Because the design department requires some drawing materials and it is very expensive, I work all the time except sleeping, going to class and doing homework. I have not eaten a few meals at the Rhodes family, and I have lived at the Rhodes family for three years at most. “

Zain Rhodes said dumbly.

In those three years, I was self-reliant and never asked the Rhodes family to ask for money. I did nothing but to please Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan, so that they felt that it cost me no money to raise me.

I don’t ask for anything else, just for a little affection.

But in the end they are all fake.

“So what! Your surname is Rhodes, and you have the blood of the Rhodes family on your body, so you can’t sue your sister!” Lumia Fan said.

“Then why did she sue me back then?”

I asked Lumia Fan.

At this time, the security guard not far away saw us entangled and walked over.

He recognized me and asked, “What’s the matter?”


Zain Rhodes answered first.

I immediately said, “I don’t know them! Could you help me call the police!”

When the security guard heard that I wanted to call the police, he immediately said to the two people, “Let go!”

Lumia Fan refused, even Zain Rhodes refused.

The security guard came up to help me. He was so powerful that he separated me and them at once.

I thanked and left first. The security guard stopped the two of them alone. I heard the security guard say, “If you make trouble, I will call the police!”

Later, Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan did not catch up.

I used to think that the security guards are strictly controlled, but this will find that only with such a security can live with peace of mind.

Although Lumia Fan and Zain Rhodes were driven away once, it does not mean that I can be at ease.

Other relatives of the Rhodes family also called me several times. These people had never contacted me before, and I answered the phone without knowing it.

I didn’t know it was them until they picked it up.

Many of these people didn’t even say anything to me during the three years I was in the Rhodes family, let alone whether the relationship was good.

But at this meeting, for the sake of Julia Rhodes, all of them are close to me, hoping that I can reconcile with Julia Rhodes outside the hall.

This is impossible.

After I hung up the phone, I blocked these numbers one by one.

Rhodes family I only care about one person.

In the end, Rhodes Ci called me personally.

When I received Rhodes Ci’s call, my heart couldn’t help but I couldn’t hang up her call, so I had to pick it up.

Rhodes Ci pulled home with me over there, and then asked me if I was free at night, and asked me to go home for dinner.

Although I knew what she was going to say, I couldn’t refuse, so I agreed.

That night, when I got off work, I went to Rhodes Ci’s house without changing my clothes.

I originally thought that there would be many people. When I saw the car at the door, I realized that there was no one but Rhodes Ci.

After entering, Rhodes Ci pulled me and said, “I’m thin again, you just don’t know how to take good care of yourself.”

She cared about me as always, which made me uneasy.

I don’t know how I should refuse if she says that I will settle with Julia Rhodes out of court.

I finished my meal at Rhodes Ci’s house and then sat back in the living room. She asked the servant to make tea, and then asked me, “What do you think about Xiaomeng?”

After she finished speaking, my heart “cocked”.

After hesitating for a while, he said, “Grandma, it’s true that the things Julia Rhodes did to me in prison are beyond my tolerance. This time, I will not withdraw the lawsuit for anything.”

After I finished speaking, I regretted it a bit.

I felt that what I said was too direct, and I was afraid of angering Rhodes Ci.

Sure enough, after I said it, Rhodes Ci’s face was a bit embarrassed, but she just asked me what happened in the prison that year.

In order to win Rhodes Ci’s sympathy, I told Rhodes Ci all the things I had been pregnant, had a birth forceps, and had been bullied in prison.

Rhodes Ci’s eyes were red when he heard it.

After I finished speaking, I took her arm and said, “Grandma, I’m sorry, for the sake of my child, I can’t withdraw the complaint. I really can’t forgive her for what she did to me.”

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