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Chapter 81

At that time, I was extremely nervous, and what I feared most was that Rhodes Ci forced me to withdraw the lawsuit.

Her kindness to me, if I speak, I will compromise.

After hearing this, Rhodes Ci nodded, patted my hand and said, “Xiao Qi, I am wronged.”

I lowered my head and said nothing, waiting for her to continue.

To my surprise, Rhodes Ci did not persuade me to withdraw the lawsuit, but said to me, “Let this matter take its course, Xiao Meng’s child is spoiled by us. This time I went in and had a good memory, but she went in. Zain will find someone to take care of it, and it won’t be so hard.”

Of course I know this.

The prison cells are also divided into six or nine classes.

The kind of mine who is left unattended and who is entrusted by Julia Rhodes to take care of them, will live with Sister Long and the worst.

When Julia Rhodes enters, she will naturally live in a single room with a TV and a computer.

Said to be serving a sentence, but in fact it only limits freedom.

I came out of Rhodes Ci’s house, and my heart settled a little.

Although Norven White would not give up so much before, I have secretly vowed that no matter what he threatens me, I will not give in.

Norven White approached me one week before the trial.

I had hired a lawyer at that time.

Moreover, the evidence in this case is conclusive, and there is no need for lawyers to do too much.

Norven White stopped me at my door.

I ran to a construction site that day, and worked overtime at the company to make drawings at night, and I went home at 11 o’clock.

But Norven White waited until 11 o’clock.


He saw me and said only these two words straight to the point.

“Impossible.” I replied with three words, thought about it, and added, “Unless I die.”

I think I have said so, he should be very clear about my attitude, my stand, and my determination, right?

I bypassed him and entered the corridor, but Norven White chased me and pulled me into the stairwell, laying me on the wall.

The man’s head was buried in my grip, his thin lips pressed against my ear, and he said, “Withdraw the complaint.”

This time, his tone was obviously lightened.

Even with some pleadings.

My heart tightened, but I knew that in this tone, the affection at the moment was not because of me, but because of Julia Rhodes.

I closed my eyes, clenched my hands into fists and pressed them against the wall, “Impossible, unless I die.”

Still the answer.

“In fact, I knew about this a long time ago. I know that you hate her in your heart. You are angry and want to take revenge in this way. I understand you. That’s why I have not been in charge. I have been leaving the police to investigate. Now she is I have been in the police station for a month…If you think it is not enough, I can pay you back for her.”

The previous words made me angry, but I still didn’t speak.

But the last sentence completely angered me!

“You pay it back for her? Why do you pay it back for her? What are you hers?!”

I suddenly pushed Norven White away, and the voice control lights in the corridor turned on.

Looking at Norven White, my heart hurts so much!

Seemingly aware of something, I questioned, “I understand, you have been good to me these days, I have always been passionate and thought you really like me, it seems that I really think about it too much, but you are thinking of yourself, You are paying off the debt for Julia Rhodes, right!”

“Jia Rhodes…”

“Don’t call my name!” I yelled, “You just said I hate her, do you think I don’t hate you?! Everything, after all, is not because of you! It is not because of Mrs. White’s identity!”

I paused and continued, “I tell you, Norven White, it is impossible for me to not hate you in my life!”

After that, I wanted to skip the man again and walk out, but I was caught by Norven White to death.

He controlled me in the corner and whispered, “You can hate me, you can hate her, but in this prison, I won’t let her sit.”

Every word in this sentence is like countless needles poking into my heart.

Destroy all my previous illusions.

So painful, so painful.

I stood in place and refused to compromise, “Then you can find someone to kill me. It’s better to hurry, or the court will open in a few days.”

After I finished speaking, I felt that Norven White’s hand grasping my wrist was obviously hard, and my wrist was pinched and hurt.

But I didn’t shout a word.

Norven White said, “I can’t kill you, but I will tear down the orphanage…”

“Take it apart, in the end Hao Yufeng also closed down.”

I didn’t wait for him to finish speaking, and then grabbed the head of the conversation.

And he finished what he was going to say later.

It’s not an orphanage or Yufeng’s design. He used these things to force me to give in again and again.

But this time I have made up your mind that I will never give in.

The two of us stood there, stalemate for a long time, and the stairwell was exceptionally quiet. I could even hear Norven White’s breathing and my own heartbeat.

Although we didn’t speak, it was absurd in my heart that I hope this time will be longer.

I am very afraid that Norven White will let go and leave now, then we may never see each other again.

When I was thinking this way, I heard the man say, “Then don’t regret it!”

The tone was cold.

It seems to be talking to the enemy.

He left after speaking.

I looked at the man leaving from the back and felt that I was really sad, but when I was still loving this time, he had already started to hate me.

Also good.

This way I can better persuade myself to give up.

I thought Norven White was just talking, but the next day I received a call from the old dean of the orphanage.

He told me that the orphanage was going to be demolished, so they had to move out, because there was no more suitable place yet, the demolishing party only provided them with a dormitory.

I called me to ask if I could help tidy up my things this weekend.

Knowing this news, I was surprised and not surprised.

Maybe there is some fluke in my heart.

I think Norven White will not be so unfeeling to me.

But the fact once again gave my naive thoughts a resounding slap in the face.

I promised the old dean to pack things up.

On the weekend, I went to the orphanage early in the morning.

I thought I had been cruel, no matter what happened to the orphanage, Julia Rhodes was going to jail this time.

However, when I went to the orphanage, I saw the sight in front of me.

The elders were packing things up, some of the younger children said nothing to leave, the older children sat on the basketball court with their heads hanging down, and some girls hid in the corners and secretly wiped their tears.

Looking at everything in front of me, although I understand that this was donated by Norven White.

I thank him, but it’s really cruel to deprive him like this now.

I was still determined to help pack things at first, but then a little girl ran over and hugged my leg and asked, “Auntie, can we not leave here, I like this place!”

I lowered my head and saw her eyes were crying and swollen.

My heart hurt suddenly, and I even felt that the culprit was me.

Chapter 82

I dropped the things in my hand, went to the entrance of the orphanage, took out the cell phone that was just repaired, hesitated again and again, and broadcast Norven White’s number.

When the call was connected, I only said three words, “I withdrew the case.”

There was silence on the phone, and after a while, Norven White’s voice was heard. He said, “Okay.”

“However, I have two conditions.”


“First, not only can’t work on the design of the orphanage and Yufeng.”

“it is good.”

“Second, divorce me.”

I already figured it out, even if I love Norven White again, Norven White only has Julia Rhodes in his heart.

Then I should no longer have those unrealistic fantasies.

Norven White never loved me, he loved Julia Rhodes from beginning to end.

I don’t get entangled in recognizing reality.

I thought Norven White would readily agree, but the call fell silent.

It took a long time for the man to say, “The second one won’t work.”

I was a little surprised. I settled my mind and said, “Two conditions are indispensable. Now, President White is still considering whether to save his lover, or continue to retaliate and torture me.”

“To this day, do you still think I am torturing you?”

On the other end of the phone, Norven White’s voice was a little hoarse.

I was lost for a while.

Yes, if there is no such thing, how could he torture me?

Obviously, he held it in the palm of his hand.

It’s just that I’m no longer confused at this time, I lowered my eyes and responded, “You don’t love me, treat me well, and then threaten me when the person you love is in trouble, let me fall into the dream you set up, and then tear it with my own hands. Broken, this is torture.”

My heart hurts when I speak.

I would rather not wake up in this dream.

But the reality is too cruel.

When I thought he was going to say something, the phone hung up.

Before I left, the old dean came and said that the itinerary has changed and there may be no need to move. Let us wait.

Behind me was the joyful laughter of the children. I turned my head to see them happy, but a little lost.

When I went home that night, Norven White was already waiting for me at home.

I looked at him a little unhappy, “Mr. White, you may enter other people’s homes casually like this, maybe it’s not good.”

Norven White got up, hugged me, and said softly, “Don’t divorce, I don’t want to divorce you.”

His tone is so soft.

The arms holding me are obviously strong, but they seem to be afraid of hurting me and dare not use force.

My heart tightened, struggling.

The man’s hands are tightly around me. I can’t escape. I can only stand upright and say, “Mr. White, don’t embarrass yourself, hold someone you don’t love, and speak in this tone, don’t you think it is against your intentions?”

“Jia Rhodes…”

“Mr White, please call me Jia Rhodes, you are so kind, I can’t stand it.”

I said coldly, try not to be embarrassed in front of him.

Norven White lowered his head, looked at me and said, “Jia Rhodes, I will tell you seriously, as long as you let her go this time, in the future, there will only be you in my world. This is the last time.”

So tempting.

I opened my mouth and almost agreed, but now I am too sober.

I curled up my lips and sneered, “Mr. White, I think your dedication is really touching. It’s a pity that I’m already awake. You slapped me up. My heart hurts now. You I won’t be able to sleep any more dreams.”

“Jia Rhodes.”

“Mr. White, you already knew that Julia Rhodes would retaliate against me. You know that she will make mistakes again and again. You are afraid that the mistakes are too great and you can’t help. It’s good for me to stay by my side. Waiting for this time today? Use my feelings for you to make me give up.”

My expression was calm, and I assumed that I had seen everything.

“Jia Rhodes, why do you have to be stubborn.”

Norven White looked at me, that face was still so cold and handsome.

It’s no loss that I have loved for more than ten years.

At the time I married him happily, thinking that there would be a good result, but I didn’t expect that I was wounded all over.

“Yes, I’m stubborn. If I don’t get divorced, I won’t withdraw the lawsuit. The orphanage will be demolished by you. I don’t care. Or White can always find someone to assassinate me. You are so rich and have good acting skills. It’s seamless.”

After I finished speaking, Norven White was silent for a long, long time.

I saw the entanglement in his expression and the injury.

I urged, “President White, stop acting, okay? If you can’t torture me, will you torture me?”

Maybe my words finally angered him.

Norven White’s face suddenly became cold, and said, “Okay, divorce, 9 o’clock the next morning.”

The day after tomorrow is Monday.

As soon as the man left, all the lines of defense in my heart finally broke down, I refused to cry, I could only let the tears flow into my heart.

It’s just that the tears are too salty, and my battered heart that was hurt by Norven White is watered with tears.

It hurts.

It hurts.

Time flies and it’s Monday.

I don’t know how I came here this weekend.

But on Monday morning, I still used concealer to cover my dark circles and blush to enhance my complexion.

After tidying up one of the hairs, I chose the clothes I was most satisfied with.

Went to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

I thought this might really be the last time I met Norven White.

When I arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau, Norven White was already standing at the door.

The man’s complexion is very bad, the dark circles under his eyes are heavy, and there are some blue scum on his chin, and the whole person looks a bit sloppy.

This seems to be the first time I have seen Norven White like this.

He is always so perfect in normal times, and he can’t be the same.

When I walked over, Norven White said first, “Do you have to get a divorce? Do you want to think about it again.”

His tone was a little pleading, and I thought I had heard it wrong.

“Leave it, President White shouldn’t involve himself in hatred and get out of it. It’s better to welcome the new life early.”

I pretend to be free and easy.

Norven White looked at me, frowning slightly, “Jia Rhodes, don’t you have any nostalgia for me?”

“Nostalgia for what?” I looked up, facing the man’s black eyes, and said distancingly, “Is it nostalgic for President White’s two boats, or for White’s use?”

“Used? When did I use you!”

“Mr. White, did your face hurt when you said this? Why did we get divorced? Isn’t it because you want to use my feelings for you to withdraw the lawsuit against Julia Rhodes?”

“Jia Rhodes…”

I saw Norven White’s eyes hurt.

Even painful.

It was as if he was really reluctant to bear me.

“Mr. White, let’s go.”

Stop acting.

Otherwise I will take it seriously again.

I walked in front and could not hear the sound of men’s leather shoes for a long time.

Looking back, I saw Norven White still standing at the door, with the same expression as before.

My heart hesitated at that time.

But I recalled all the things before and made myself sober.

Norven White looked at me and finally walked towards me with his foot raised.

Where we both had a divorce, when the staff asked us about the method of property distribution, they heard Norven White say, “She goes out alone.”

Chapter 83

I squinted at Norven White, and smiled faintly, “Yes, I’m going out.”

At this time, I was a little happy in my heart.

I am happy that Norven White finally stopped acting, so I don’t have to miss it.

But Norven White seemed a little surprised by my answer, “Jia Rhodes, do you agree?”

“Yeah, what else does President White want? If you like my house in [Flipvilla No. 1], then I will give it to you too.”

I looked at him with a distant tone.

Norven White frowned deeply, and said, “No need.”

When the staff wrote the agreement, Norven White added, “Forget it, I will compensate him with 20% of the shares of Qingtian Group.”

His words surprised me.

But I quickly realized that this should be a new set given to me by Norven White.

I immediately refused, “I don’t want it.”

20% of the shares of the Sky Group…

The value is at least tens of billions.

With so much money, once I took it, I really had nothing to do with Norven White.

The staff looked at me suspiciously.

It seems to be the first time I have seen someone pushing money out.

“Jia Rhodes, I’ll give it to you, you must hold it, otherwise don’t think about divorce!”

Norven White’s tone is command.

I looked at him with a funny face, “What is Mr. White’s calculations? Why did he rush to give the money?”

“Jia Rhodes…”

“I don’t need compensation from Mr. White. As long as Mr. White can divorce me, I will thank God.”

We did the divorce in the VIP office, and there was only one staff member who helped write the divorce agreement.

He looked at us with shame.

Especially when you look at me, you have strange eyes.

Norven White persisted for a while, but I refused repeatedly, but in the end he still compromised, “Okay, that’s as you wish.”

The staff wrote the agreement and showed us it again.

We don’t have children, and I don’t want Norven White’s money, so naturally there is nothing to do with it.

No problem, I will first sign my name behind the woman.

Norven White took the pen and looked at me, his eyes full of inquiry.

I don’t know what he means, and I am not in the mood to ponder.

Norven White finally wrote down.

When I watched him write his name behind the man, the corners of my mouth were slightly twitched, pretending to be calm, but my heart hurts like being pinched to death.

After Norven White signed, he turned to look at me.

See me laughing.

The thin lips that had been pursed, suddenly moved to one side, showing a cold smile, and said, “Jia Rhodes, it’s as you wished.”

“Yes, as I wish.”

I said firmly.

The staff confirmed the agreement, and then divided it into two and placed them in front of me and him, and then took away the marriage certificate in front of us and quickly replaced it with two divorce certificates.

I took things and walked out with Norven White.

The corridor of the Civil Affairs Bureau is only a few meters short, but I can’t wait for it to be longer.

We walked over to the young man who had come to apply for the marriage certificate, and the two of them leaned against each other, so happy.

This reminds me of the scene when I applied for a marriage certificate with Norven White.

Maybe their relationship can last long, and me and him are just a farce.

Finally, we reached the door.

I turned to Norven White and said, “Mr. White, never see you again.”

After speaking, turn around and leave.

Leave the last dignity to yourself.

I went to the police station to apply for withdrawal.

After that day, I lived in a muddle-headed manner, the whole person was out of state, and he often made mistakes in his work.

I apologize time and time again, but I always distract myself.

I always take a deep breath when I stand at the door when I go home at night, and then I look around when I enter the door.

At that moment, I hoped to be disappointed later.

Knowing that Norven White will not come again, knowing that we are already divorced, but I still hold hope.

Fortunately, he didn’t know me so funny.

In order to stop this behavior, I simply asked the property to change the door lock, and specifically instructed that no one except me can take my card.

At the company’s monthly meeting, manager Shu Qing named me, but I was distracted and found out for a long time.

When the monthly meeting was over, the manager called me to the office and said to me, “Jia Rhodes, do you think we would like you to be someone with a prior history.”


I looked at Shu Qing dumbly. She was always gentle, but today is very different.

There is also a bit of disgust in my eyes.

Shu Qing said, “The reason why we want you is entirely because of Qiaoyu Lu’s instructions. During an industry exchange, he greeted many of his colleagues, saying that if you come to apply for a job, I hope we will agree and you are very good ability.”

“Qiaoyu Lu…”

I mumbled.

Shu Qing went on to say, “Originally, when you first came, your ability was really good, but what happened to you recently, you have been making mistakes, and you have been complained by customers. If you don’t want to leave early, don’t think you are your friend of Qiaoyu Lu. , I dare not expel it.”

After hearing what Shu Qing said, my face was hot.

I always thought that I was lucky and my ability was affirmed.

But I didn’t expect it was because of Qiaoyu Lu’s help.

I quickly apologized and said to Shu Qing repeatedly that I would never make another mistake.

After that, I went to several construction sites that I was responsible for to check the situation, and after communicating with a few clients, I corrected my dissatisfaction with them overnight.

When I raised my eyes again, the sky outside turned white.

I was still in the company, and when the work was finished, I realized that I was hungry and hadn’t eaten for almost 24 hours.

I went out and bought a bowl of porridge at the 24-hour KFC and ate a hamburger.

I will definitely not be able to go home at this point. I lie down at KFC for a while and continue to work the next day.

Because of the first aid the day before, I had almost done my get off work when I got off work. Thinking of Shu Qing’s words yesterday, I called Qiaoyu Lu to express my gratitude to him.

But Qiaoyu Lu said, “You get everything yourself.”

I hung up the phone, after hesitating, I decided not to tell him about my divorce, for fear of him misunderstanding.

Actually, I haven’t seen him for a long time.

But I think this is fine, so that he has more time to contact others, and maybe he can find a girlfriend someday.

The next day was the weekend, and I slept at home for 12 hours.

I was planning to go to bed, but I heard the sound of opening the door, which made me wake up all at once!

I sat up from the bed and heard the door opening stop, replaced by a knock on the door.

Norven White.

I already guessed it was him.

But I still pretended to ask, “Who.”

“it’s me.”

Norven White answered.

I leaned against the door and said, “Mr. White, we are already divorced. May I ask you what is going on today?”

I don’t intend to let him in, after all, I just cleaned up my mood.

Don’t want to be upset by him easily.

Chapter 84

Outside the door, it took a long time to hear Norven White’s voice, “Something has happened, I have a book, and there are documents left here. I want to take it back.”


Yes, he still has something with me.

I was so muddled before, and then I was busy with work, and I forgot about it.

I didn’t open the door, “Well, Mr. White, wait, I’ll clean up for you.”

“I want to go in.”

I heard Norven White’s voice.

In fact, I was a little bit hesitant, but I felt that although I got divorced, I just came to get things.

After taking it, there should be nothing to do with it.

I opened the door, and the cold breath came.

Norven White stood at the door, wearing a gray-black coat with a lot of snowflakes on his shoulders and head.

It surprised me a little bit. Didn’t he drive directly to the basement? Why is there such a big chill on the body and snow on the shoulders?

Did he come from outside?

But I didn’t want to care about him too much. I just let him in, turned around and said, “Mr White wait a minute, I’ll help you pack things up.”

He doesn’t have many things, it can be said that they are very few, just a paper bag can be put in.

I took his books and documents from the bookshelf in the living room, found a paper bag and put it in, then handed it to him, and said politely, “Mr. White, everything is here. Look, if there is anything missing .”

Norven White took the paper bag, but didn’t even look at it.

The deep eyes just stared at me and smiled bitterly, “It seems that after the divorce, you are doing well.”

“Yes, I’m having a good time.”

I pretend to be calm.

I’m not doing well, I feel bad, but I can’t say.

Norven White nodded, “Also.”

I always feel that the man’s eyes are a bit blurred, but I didn’t think much.

I took Norven White to the door and said, “Goodbye.”

I closed the door.

But at the moment I just closed, I heard a muffled noise coming from the corridor, my heart tightened, tangled, and still opened the door.

I saw Norven White lying on the ground outside, eyes closed.

“Norven White!”

I suddenly became nervous and rushed over, trying to pat his face with my hands, but as soon as I touched it, I realized that his skin was terribly hot.

Touching his forehead and neck again, he found that Norven White was having a high fever!

I called out his name and rolled my eyes to confirm that Norven White was really unconscious.

I hesitated for a moment. I felt that I couldn’t keep him here like this. I started to think of a way to drag him into the house, but the sick man was too heavy. I exhausted my strength and only moved a little.

Reluctantly, I could only call the security of the property and let him drag Norven White into my room.

Move to the bed.

At that time I picked up the phone and wanted someone to take him away.

But looking at the phone I was lost again.

Who do I ask to take him away?

Except for Julia Rhodes and people I know Norven White, I don’t have any individual numbers.

I took a thermometer to help him test his temperature, 39.5.

I don’t understand. He has such a high fever, why didn’t he go to the hospital, he just came to my house?

But I can’t control so much, I can’t be my own heart, I’m afraid that something will happen to him.

Can only play 120.

Before 120 comes, I want to pick up a basin of water to cool him down.

But when I was about to leave, I was caught tightly by the man, “Don’t go.”

I turned my head and looked at Norven White in a daze, a little embarrassed…

“Norven White, let go, I’ll get you water and come back soon.”

“No, don’t go…”

I explained, Norven White also grabbed my hand and didn’t let go.

His hands are very hot, but I feel a little warm when he is holding me. If this goes on, he must be in trouble. In case he burns silly with me, the White family and Julia Rhodes must be with me.

But when I wanted to get rid of his hand, Norven White raised his arm and took me in his arms, his thin lips sprayed with heat, “I miss you, don’t go, don’t leave me.”

The man’s voice is full of attachment.

My heart kept beating, but I was worried about him, so I had to pat his chest like a kid and say, “I’ll get the water and come right away. I won’t leave or leave you.”


Although the man closed his eyes and couldn’t speak clearly, I could still understand him.

“Well, really.”

Although I didn’t say this, Norven White still refused to let me go, still holding me, I heard him say a lot of words in my ears.

This time I couldn’t hear clearly, but I heard the man say, “I love you, I haven’t said it before, this time I said, so don’t leave me.”

I lay on him, thinking, who are you talking to?

give to me?

Isn’t it…

When I doubted myself, I heard Norven White say, “Don’t get divorced, we won’t get divorced, OK, I love you.”

This sentence made my heart beat suddenly!

No divorce.

who is it?

Could it be me?

I suddenly felt that Norven White was pretending to be sick and doing me tricks.

I can’t believe my ears, let alone believe him easily.

When I was struggling to ask him, there was a knock on the door, followed by the voice of a doctor.

I abruptly pulled my body away, and just about to open the door, I heard the man behind me shouting, “Good dream…”

At that moment, my heart was very sad.

I feel very ridiculous.

How could you tell me those words?

Of course it was for Julia Rhodes!

I hurried to open the door to the doctor, asked 120 to take him away, and asked them to send the person to the Sacred Heart Hospital, so I didn’t care about anything.

Before, all my sadness and sadness have accumulated before.

But at this moment, it was like an unstoppable volcano, and it all erupted at once.

Standing in front of the window, I couldn’t suppress my sad mood anyway. I took out the bottle of red wine that I bought to please Norven White that day, and sat in front of the window, drinking glass by glass.

Before I knew it, I drank a bottle.

Although it was only red wine, because I drank it on an empty stomach, my head was dizzy at this time.

“Ding Dong.”

The sound of the mobile phone, I got up and picked up the mobile phone on the coffee table, and looked at it through my blurred vision to distinguish the content of the above information.

【How is it going? I haven’t contacted for a long time, how’s your studies? How is your job going? 】

who is it?

I squinted at the sender above.

It is an unsaved number.

But this number is familiar…

Who is it?

Maybe it’s because I drank too much. I dialed back along that number. It took a long time for the call to connect. I only heard one sound, “Hey.”

“Hello, who are you?”

After drinking, I became confused when I spoke.

The person on the phone introduced himself, and I suddenly remembered that this is the person who sponsored my university!

“Sorry, sorry, I…”

“you’ve been drinking.”

Before I could finish speaking, the person over there said it.

Chapter 85

“Yeah, I drank alcohol. I feel so uncomfortable. Others say that I can use alcohol to relieve my sorrow, but I still feel so uncomfortable after drinking.

I was lying on the coffee table, holding the phone, and babbling.

The person on the other end was silent for a while before saying, “Why don’t you tell me about it, it might be better to say it.”

“it is good……”

In a daze, I started talking on the phone about me and Norven White…

I don’t know how long it took.

Later, I fell asleep without knowing what happened.

It was night before I woke up.

I had a terrible headache. I got up and soaked a bowl of instant noodles. I picked it up and wanted to check the time, but found that the phone was out of power and couldn’t even turn it on.

I’m a little puzzled, I remember it was fine in the morning.

However, Norven White hit 120.

I charged my phone and went to eat instant noodles by myself. When I finished eating, the phone turned on.

I opened the call log and found that there was an unsaved number on it. I recognized it at a glance. This was the phone number of the person who sponsored the university!

I took a look at the call time…

132 minutes.


I was terrified, how could I talk to him for so long!

I thought hard, and finally remembered that I seemed to be crying to him.

Suddenly felt extremely sorry.

In fact, I have never met the person who supported me. In my imagination, he is an elder who takes great care of me.

I usually send text messages to him in a polite manner.

But it took such a long time to call…

I’m really afraid that I said something that I shouldn’t say.

Just in case, I sent him a message to apologize, saying that I drank too much during the day. If I said anything bad, please bear with me.

After sending it out, I felt a little nervous.

But soon I received his reply, [No, you are very cute today. 】


When he said this, I made up a 40-50 year-old elder on my own, and said to a junior, “Lovely.”

I was a little embarrassed, but still said some apologies.

After that, I put down my phone and went to the bathroom to wash my face. When I went in, I saw Norven White’s electric toothbrush and mouthwash cup on the wash table.

My heart ached, I picked up these things and threw them into the trash can.

After that, I saw his slippers.

Throw away.

He put the pen here.

Throw away.

I searched around at home, and threw away all the things Norven White had used before.

Sitting on the sofa, turning his head, I saw a short hair on the leather of the sofa. Although I am also short hair, this one is shorter than mine.

It’s Norven White.

I threw away that hair and started to clean up like a man with rubber gloves.

I touched the water, dripped a little 84 disinfectant in it, and started wiping every corner of the room with a rag.

By the time I’m all done, it’s already late at night.

I turned on the light to the brightest and searched every room.

I am sure that there is no trace of Norven White’s existence anymore, so I just let it go.

When I finished packing everything and returned to bed, I realized that there was a WeChat message on my phone from Jiang Rhodes.

Since she was promoted, she has been busy with her work. She is almost out of the country, and she spends less time in Flipvilla.

In WeChat, she said that she will be back home by plane tonight, and it will arrive at noon tomorrow. She is already on the plane and will have dinner together.

She also paid a photo later.

Because of the jet lag, her side was still daylight.

I glanced at my watch. It was already past 4 in the morning. I sent Jiang Rhodes back a message and went to bed.

The next morning, I was woken up by Jiang Rhodes’s phone call.

I answered the phone and her first sentence was, “You don’t sleep at 4 in the middle of the night, are you Xiuxian?”

I slept in a daze, but I was amused by her.

“No, cleaning up.”

I return to her.

“Clean up? Where do you live now, can you clean up until 4 o’clock?!”

Half asleep, I told her about my living in Flipvilla No.1.

As soon as the voice fell, I heard a scream from the other side of the phone, “What?! Where did you live?! Are you and Norven White reconciled?!”

Her voice drove my sleepiness away.

I sat up and told her how the house came. Jiang Rhodes immediately said, “You send me the address and wait for me. I will put down my luggage and come right away.”

I sent her the address, got up, washed my face and brushed my teeth.

Had breakfast and lunch again.

Before the meal was finished, there was a knock on the door.

Jiang Rhodes is here.

As soon as she came in, she immediately skewered in each room, and finally sat on the dining chair, and said excitedly, “Your grandma is so kind to you, you deserve to be Flipvilla No.1, and the vision is really nothing to say.”


I lowered my eyes.

In fact, if I can choose, I don’t want to live here.

This house is almost 130 square meters, but only has two bedrooms, after which there are dressing rooms, two bathrooms and two toilets.

Huge living room.

I didn’t think it was when Norven White was there before, but now I feel that this room is empty for only a few days.

After Jiang Rhodes sat down, he picked up a piece of toast in front of me, and started to complain about hard work, jet lag, and bad skin as he ate.

Not even a boyfriend waited.

Maybe it’s been a long time since there’s no one who can talk. I listened to Jiang Rhodes saying this, and I suddenly relaxed and said to her, “I envy you very much.”

“What do you envy me! I envy you, okay?” Jiang Rhodes looked at the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, “Ah, if I want a grandma to give me such a big house, I will be a rice bug at home every day, not going out to fight. Up.”

Hearing what she said, I didn’t come and said something, “Then you live with me. When you get married and get married, then move out. We will all live together until then.”

“I don’t want it.” Jiang Rhodes shook his head, “I am taking you so much, Norven White is definitely not happy.”

Norven White.

Speaking of her, I felt a little disappointed. I was silent for a long time before saying, “I have divorced her and I will never have anything to do with her.”

“What? I heard that right, right.”

Jiang Rhodes looked at me, blinking his eyes, his face full of disbelief.


I probably told Jiang Rhodes about the most recent events, including the fact that I was wronged and could almost put Julia Rhodes in prison.

After Jiang Rhodes listened, his emotions were no longer as relaxed as before.

But she saw me so depressed and smiled again, “Okay, I can live with you in Flipvilla these few days. I will hold a bachelor party for you to come back tonight!”

“It’s fine if you stay with me, and the party won’t be necessary.”

“Useful! It’s not a party, just let’s vent our emotions, don’t be bored.”

Jiang Rhodes’s mouth was stuffed with bread, but I still barely heard what she said.

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