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Chapter 91

I hesitated, but still did not refuse Qiaoyu Lu’s actions.

We arrived at the venue of the annual meeting.

This is one of the best hotels in Flipvilla, and the annual meeting can be here, which is enough to explain the financial strength of this company.

But our company only contracted a small banquet hall.

Originally, I was a little worried that my dressing up was too exaggerated, but after I went in, I found that everyone was wearing beautiful dresses. Everyone was well dressed, and my heart was relieved.

A waiter came to pick up my coat for me, but I hesitated and took off my coat.

Qiaoyu Lu was the vice president. As soon as he came in, he was called away by Shu Qing.

He asked me to go, but I refused.

After all, there are executives next to Shu Qing, and I, a young designer who joins in the fun, will definitely attract dissatisfaction.

I took some fruits and pastries, and found a corner to sit down.

As a result, as soon as I sat down, a man sat beside me.

I recognize him as Tao Xing from the customer department.

Tao Xing sat down and said, “Jia Rhodes, you used to be so tightly wrapped in the company. I didn’t expect you to have such a good figure and look very thin. I didn’t expect to have meat…”

“Mr. Tao, we are not familiar.”

I interrupted him, and when I looked at him, I found the man’s fascinating eyes looking at the split ends of my skirt.

I pulled the skirt quickly.

“Hey, don’t you know how to talk?”

My movements did not affect Tao Xing’s s3xuality at all, and my eyes moved from my legs to my chest.

I had no choice but to put my hands on my chest, looking for Qiaoyu Lu.

But because the annual meeting also invited some important customers, plus the banquet hall is not big.

Qiaoyu Lu and his party might be blocked, and I couldn’t find it at a glance.

Tao Xing saw that I didn’t speak, and he was bolder, “Jia Rhodes, I actually know that your women are more beautiful than our men, but I’m embarrassed to show it. I’ll tell you, don’t look at me, but I, It’s bigger than an average man…”

“I’m not interested in!”

I was pressed into a hurry.

In desperation, he could only stand up and find Qiaoyu Lu.

I got up and saw that Qiaoyu Lu and Shu Qing were chatting with a company’s major client. If I passed this way, it would be too naive.

In desperation, I could only get up and walk outside.

Thinking about it, Tao Xing can’t follow him to the women’s toilet, right?

I walked out quickly, and when I was approaching the women’s bathroom, I heard Tao Xing’s wretched voice behind me, “Hey, I said, your women are more attractive than our men. When I hear me older, you can’t hold it anymore, right? ?”

Tao Xing came over to take my waist as he said, “Go, I know there is a maternity room over there…”

“Let go!” I was frightened, and pushed his hand away, “I just came to the bathroom!”

“Hey! What kind of outfit, I like strong, smelly!”

Tao Xing immediately became bold.

I walked quickly to the bathroom, and he pulled me out directly, “I want to go to the men’s bathroom. I don’t want to enter the women’s bathroom.”

“let me go!”

I was really scared.

In fact, there were people passing by, but when everyone saw our situation, they all retracted.

When I was about to call for help, I heard a voice, “Let go.”

Too familiar.

It was the same last time.

I looked up and looked at two people standing at the end of the corridor, one was Norven White, and the other was familiar…

I just can’t remember it for a while.

Tao Xing squinted his eyes to look at people, and Norven White walked over and punched him in the face!

His face swelled up instantly.

“You f*cking dare to hit me?!” Tao Xing wanted to fight back angrily!

But he is too short. Norven White has a height advantage. Before his fist came, Norven White kicked it away!

Then he lifted his foot and kicked him again!

After two hits, Tao Xing knew that he was not an opponent, and ran away in fright!

As soon as Tao Xing left, the man next to Norven White laughed and said, “Hey, big brother, I grew up so old, but the first time I saw you drew a knife for help, what’s the matter? Change of s3x?”

“To shut up.”

Norven White gave him a white look.

The man next to me looked at me, squinted his eyes for a long time, and suddenly patted his forehead, “Oh, hey, I think this beauty is familiar! I remember, are you the friend of the fierce beauty in the bar last time? ?”

Last time the bar…

I remembered it for a while, only to remember that on the day I drank too much, this person asked Jiang Rhodes for a phone number…

“You are called…”

“Hello, my name is Ziyi’an.”

Ziyi’an took the initiative to introduce herself, and he took out a business card to hand me, and said as he handed it, “For the sake of saving you, can you tell me the name of the beauty last time?”

Before I received the business card, Norven White grabbed it as soon as he stretched out his hand, squeezed his hand, squeezed the business card into a ball of paper and threw it on the ground, warning, “Don’t get in the way.”

Ziyi’an looked at me, then at Norven White, and smiled scornfully, “Okay you.”

After speaking, no one will be seen as soon as the smoke slips.

“Thank you, President White.”

I think Ziyi’an is gone, and I want to go too.

Just passing by Norven White’s side, but being embraced by him, the man raised his hand to place me on the wall and said, “I’m sorry for what happened that night, I have no other meaning.”

“I see, President White, I don’t blame you, I can go now.”

When I spoke, I lowered my eyelashes slightly.

Unspeakable sour in my heart.

“No.” Norven White lowered his head to look at my dress, frowning, his black eyes filled with displeasure, “Who would allow you to dress like this? Only I can see these places!”

As Norven White said, he stretched out his hand and touched it along the slit of the skirt.

I was so excited, I quickly grabbed his hand.

But the man’s strength is too great.

His hands pinched the soft area under my waist with little force, but his thin lips pressed against my ears and made a low voice.

“Brother-in-law, respect yourself.”

I have no choice but to move out of this title.

After Norven White heard this, the whole person was irritated. The strength in his hand became stronger, and his other hand no longer pressed against the wall, but hugged my waist firmly, saying, “As long as you speak , I will not be your brother-in-law, and continue to be your husband!”

“You let me go!”

I pushed him, but at this time, I could clearly feel that what the man was wearing on my waist was changing, making my feeling more obvious!

I deeply feel the danger!

“I miss you so much, Jia Rhodes, do you know? You are really amazing. I miss you every second I leave you.”

Norven White put his arms around me and looked up into my eyes, full of desire…

“You are drunk…” I said subconsciously.

Because every time he said something like this, he was either sick or drunk.

But the man looked at me firmly and said word by word, “Tonight, I haven’t had a drop of wine.”

Chapter 92

I just realized that I didn’t smell any alcohol when I was so close.

He was sober.

I didn’t dare to think, looked at him and said, “That brother-in-law, don’t talk drunk, you love Julia Rhodes, you can never love me in your life, you said it yourself.”


Norven White was a little lost by what I said.

He looked at me, his black eyes deeper, “Yes, I used to think so, but I was wrong.”

“Mr. White, I said, there is her without me, and I without her. If she goes to jail, I will return to you.”

I looked at Norven White with firm eyes.

At that moment, I saw the hesitation in Norven White’s eyes.

I laughed sarcastically, “President White, I am innocent in jail, but she deserves it, but you just sit and watch when I am in jail, and you are still in trouble, but you are reluctant to go to jail, don’t you already have the answer in your heart?”

“not me……”

When Norven White seemed to hesitate to say something, a hand passed across from my eyes and pushed him away!

At that time, Norven White was a little lost, and was pushed away when he was caught off guard.

It’s Qiaoyu Lu.

In the next second, I was guarded by Qiaoyu Lu and said to him, “What will Mr. White do to my girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?” Norven White couldn’t help but frown when he heard this name, looked at me, and forced him, “Are you his girlfriend?”

When I was hesitating to say what to say, Qiaoyu Lu suddenly took me into his arms.

The man’s arm is very strong, and I can hear the man’s heartbeat as I lean against him.

I looked up and said to Norven White, “Yes, I’m already his girlfriend, President White, I’m just rubbish you don’t want.”

I deliberately belittle myself, but it is to make Norven White not attack Qiaoyu Lu.

“Heh, didn’t you just say that she was in jail, did you come back to me? Why do you have a boyfriend?”

Norven White stood there.

I could see the wounded expression in his eyes, and I didn’t know what to say.

At this time, Qiaoyu Lu said, “Mr. White, your marriage with Julia Rhodes has been announced to the world. Please stop hurting Jia Rhodes. She has been injured all over her body by you, and there is nowhere to continue. “

Qiaoyu Lu’s words made my heart more uncomfortable.

He knows me.

What he said is who I am now.

I was really bruised all over by Norven White.

Norven White looked at me, a trace of distress flashed in his eyes, as if he wanted to understand something, turned his head, and left.

As soon as he left, Qiaoyu Lu did not continue to hug me, but dropped his hand and said, “Sorry, the situation was special just now.”

I shook my head.

I know that Qiaoyu Lu is good to me.

He asked me why I was here, and I told him about Tao Xing.

Qiaoyu Lu’s face sank as soon as he heard it, and said, “I will fire him when I go back this time.”

I have no objection.

After all, there is really no benefit for such a person to stay in the company.

In the second half of the annual meeting, Qiaoyu Lu stayed with me, and he accompanies me to eat.

I watched him hesitate to say a few times before I asked him, “Do you have anything to say?”

Only then did Qiaoyu Lu tell me that the client just now came from Norven White’s place.

In fact, the White family didn’t want to let go of the remarriage of the Rhodes family and the White family this time, but the Rhodes family was good at advocating, and the White family who made trouble was somewhat dissatisfied.

But this matter was because the Rhodes family company had a problem, and the stock was in a slump, and it had fallen for several months.

In order to stabilize the situation, the Rhodes family released the news, and the stock price rebounded somewhat.

This makes me a little worried about Rhodes Ci.

But I didn’t mention her, and asked Qiaoyu Lu, “Why did you tell me this?”

“Do you think I’m stupid?” Qiaoyu Lu looked at me, her eyes narrowed slightly, and smiled, “I hope to get your heart in a fair way.”

I have to say that Qiaoyu Lu is really good.

At that moment, my heart was even shaken.

Although I may not be able to repay him with the same feelings, if I fail to repay him, then I will use my whole life to repay him.

I keep this feeling in my heart.

The annual vacation will begin less than half a month after the annual meeting.

I don’t have a home. Chinese New Year is actually a cruel thing for me.

Because no matter on TV, on the Internet, in Moments, everyone is reuniting with their family, but my family does not welcome me.

Adding to the fact that Julia Rhodes was in jail last time, the Rhodes family almost hated me.

Even if Rhodes Ci asked me to go back, I didn’t want her to be embarrassed.

On the day of the New Year’s break, that is, the day of the New Year’s Eve, I got up in the morning like usual weekends, cleaned up the house, and wanted to buy something to eat from outside. After the Chinese New Year, all stores would close.

At least the third day of the new year will be open.

I was about to go out when the phone rang, it was Qiaoyu Lu.

As soon as I picked up, he asked me, “Where to go for the New Year?”

“At home.”

I tell the truth.

Qiaoyu Lu said, “Then go downstairs and I will take you to a place.”

“Huh? Are you not going home?”

I was a little surprised.

But Qiaoyu Lu insisted on letting me go downstairs. I changed my clothes, took my bag, closed the door and went downstairs.

Qiaoyu Lu drove me with me. I didn’t think much about it.

But when the car was driving, I found that I had already got on to tell!

Looking ahead, it is already a toll booth!

“Where?” I was stunned.

“Don’t you have no place to go during the New Year? I’ll take you to my house to play. There are a lot of fun around my house.”

Qiaoyu Lu said while driving.

“Your home?” I was stunned. “No need, no need, I didn’t bring anything.”

I doubt that Qiaoyu Lu is taking me to see my parents, right?

I didn’t bring anything, not even a piece of clothing, so I just went there?

Qiaoyu Lu saw through my thoughts, “Don’t worry, don’t let you go to my house, you stay in a hotel.”

But I still feel uneasy.

But no matter what I said, Qiaoyu Lu didn’t mean to drive me back.

I felt like I was on a thief ship.

But I can’t go back by myself. In desperation, I can only consider staying at his house for one day and come back in two days.

Qiaoyu Lu’s home is not far from Flipvilla, but there are many people returning home on New Year’s Eve, and the highway is very congested. It took us more than eight hours to reach Qiaoyu Lu’s town.

Qiaoyu Lu arranged me to a hotel.

When I got off the car, Qiaoyu Lu opened the trunk and handed me a purple suitcase inside.

“What is this?” I looked at the suitcase.

“The luggage prepared for you.” Qiaoyu Lu explained.

I took the suitcase to the hotel and Qiaoyu Lu left.

After opening my luggage, I really admire Qiaoyu Lu’s care.

I have to say that he is really good. The luggage inside ranges from pajamas to slippers, and several sets of new clothes.

Even underwear and underwear…

I looked at the sets of underwear, and I couldn’t help but blush.

After all, for the first time a man helped me buy these things.

Chapter 93

I thought I was alone tonight.

Although a little lonely, the box of things Qiaoyu Lu prepared for me moved me very much.

At 6 o’clock in the evening, Qiaoyu Lu came again.

Before I asked him how he came, the man stretched out his hand and took my hand and said softly, “New Year’s Eve, how can I keep you at home?”

With that, he took me and walked out.

I was horrified, “You don’t really want to show me your parents, do you?”

“No, no, I just said to bring friends to dinner.” Qiaoyu Lu said, while forcibly leading me out.

I was almost dragged into the car by him.

When I got into the car, I had to leave. He disagreed and forcibly started the car.

I was a little unhappy. When I got downstairs at his house, I wanted to leave.

But Qiaoyu Lu looked at me with a pitiful expression, “I told my parents that they prepared a table of dishes, can you help me eat?”

As he said, he looked at me with his chin in his hand.

I was a little embarrassed by him, but in desperation, I could only agree.

Even so, I understand very well what it means to see his parents in a man’s home on New Year’s Day.

Qiaoyu Lu has been good to me over the years, I see it in my eyes.

As I thought before, if you can’t repay your feelings, then you can repay it for a lifetime.

I went upstairs with Qiaoyu Lu.

As soon as the door opened, I saw an old couple in their fifties standing at the door. As soon as I saw me, the two old people smiled with joy, “Girl, you have worked so hard on this journey, come in.”

With that said, let me into the house.

I was a little embarrassed. As I walked in, I said, “Happy New Year, Uncles and Aunts. I’m so sorry. I will disturb you during the New Year.”

“Don’t disturb, don’t disturb.”

The old people waved their hands.

I went in and saw a large table of dishes on the small dining table. There were fish and meat. Because there were too many dishes to fit, the plates were stacked.

Qiaoyu Lu asked me to sit down. I hesitated and looked at the kitchen. It seemed that there was no need for me to do anything. Then he said, “Uncles and aunts, you sit first.”

When Qiaoyu Lu’s parents heard what I said, they smiled satisfied and quickly sat down.

After sitting down, Qiaoyu Lu’s mother said, “We are all homemade dishes, I don’t know if it suits your appetite.”

With that said, I picked up a piece of fish and put it in my bowl.

“Thank you.”

Except thank you, I really don’t know what to say.

Qiaoyu Lu’s mother cooked delicious dishes.

All night, they were almost focused on me. They kept serving me dishes, and I couldn’t eat them anymore, but Qiaoyu Lu’s parents kept letting me eat them.

Finally, Qiaoyu Lu saw that I was really full and said, “I’ll eat.”

With that said, I picked some dishes from my bowl.

“I have eaten that.” I watched Qiaoyu Lu clip it out.

“It’s okay.”

Qiaoyu Lu didn’t mind.

After the meal, the Chinese New Year party began to be broadcast on TV. I wanted to help clean up the dishes, but Qiaoyu Lu’s parents said that they would not let me do anything, so they just let me sit and rest.

Qiaoyu Lu’s parents quickly cleared the table, and then brought another plate of oranges and apples.

Qiaoyu Lu picked up an apple and asked me, “Do you want to eat it? I’ll peel it for you.”

“Do not……”

“Don’t ask, cut it quickly.”

When I just wanted to refuse, Qiaoyu Lu’s father handed him the fruit knife.

Actually, I’m very full.

Qiaoyu Lu began to peel, and said as he peeled, “Just eat one piece, you don’t need to finish it all.”

That night, it seems that I mentioned before Qiaoyu Lu that none of his parents asked me about his relationship.

My family and I were sitting on the sofa watching the Spring Festival Gala and eating fruit.

After 12 o’clock, they went out together to shoot the guns.

I was scared, and Qiaoyu Lu covered my ears.

In fact, this is the most standard New Year’s Eve in my heart, but it was actually given to me by Qiaoyu Lu.

Qiaoyu Lu sent me back to the hotel at 2 o’clock in the evening.

Before leaving, Qiaoyu Lu’s parents wanted to give me a red envelope. I refused, but they had to give it to me, so I had to accept it.

Back at the hotel, I lay on the bed, and even thought that all this was not true.

The sound of fireworks outside continued.

The New Year is still going on.

This evening I felt not alone for the first time.

I faintly thought, otherwise, just promise Qiaoyu Lu.

I should be very happy to marry him.

Early the next morning, Qiaoyu Lu came to pick me up and took me out to play.

There is an ancient town next to his small town. On the morning of the New Year’s Day, there are people dressed as the God of Wealth who distribute candies.

There were not many people around. When they saw me, they took the initiative to give us a few ingots and gold coin-shaped candies, and said to us, “Congratulations on getting rich.”

As soon as we picked it up, a reporter next to him leaned in. She thought we were lovers, so she asked if we had been to the world of two for a honeymoon.

Qiaoyu Lu smiled, “We are not married yet.”

This statement is very skillful.

He did not deny our relationship, and it sounds easy to misunderstand.

As soon as the reporter heard this, he asked some more questions, and at the end he did not forget to bless us, “We grow old together.”

When I opened a gold coin chocolate to eat, I heard Qiaoyu Lu next to me say, “I hope to live together with you.”

I looked up at him, the man did not look at me.

I followed his gaze and saw a familiar figure in a daze.

Norven White?

When I look again, it is gone.

I find myself ridiculous, no matter where Norven White is at this moment, it is impossible to come to such a cheap town.

When I looked at Qiaoyu Lu again, the man suddenly turned around, raised my hand and touched the top of my hair, “School girl, be my girlfriend, I actually want to give you time, I want to give you a lot of time, but I I am afraid that you will be snatched away…”

“How come…” I lowered my head.

In fact, if I must find someone, then I must find Qiaoyu Lu.

Hearing what I said, Qiaoyu Lu raised my chin with his fingers, looked at me with gentle eyes, and the Junyi face approached me.

So serious.

I know what he is going to do…

I was a little panicked, but I don’t know if I should push him away.

I looked at him and kept telling myself, accept him, accept him.

After all, he is too good to me, I think I should accept him, otherwise I really can’t give him back.

I persuaded myself in my heart, and slowly closed my eyes.

Waiting for the lips to be printed.

However, I waited for a second and felt a gentle lip mark on my forehead. The next second I heard the man’s chuckle, “Seeing you are nervous, your hands are shaking.”


I am a little embarrassed.

Qiaoyu Lu stretched out her hand to hold the dead hands that I just grasped, caress them in the palms, smiles gently, “I will not be abrupt, I will wait for you to accept me sincerely.”

Chapter 94

Looking at the man’s gaze, I could not help but blush.

I spent the whole New Year in Qiaoyu Lu’s town.

In the past few days, Qiaoyu Lu has shown me great care, and his parents have treated me very well.

It made me feel the warmth of home for the first time, the warmth of my parents and elders.

This kind of warmth is different from Zain Rhodes and Lumia Fan’s kind of words, which I tried hard to please but only beg to deal with.

I can feel that Qiaoyu Lu’s parents are both good people, and they may also love the house and the black to me.

Although we have not determined the relationship between boy and girl friends, this is just a layer of window paper for us now.

Just poke it and you can break it.

I thought that I might just be an opportunity to become his real girlfriend.

When the New Year holiday is over, many colleagues have already arrived when I arrive at the company.

Everyone chatted in groups about the New Year.

I went in alone, and someone greeted me and asked me how my new year was.

This new year is unprecedented for me.

I thought about it, smiled, and responded to my colleague, “Very good.”

The colleague seemed to smell the gossip, his eyes lit up, and he asked me, “Oh, my smile is so sweet, wouldn’t it be with Vice President Lu?”

“What what? You and Vice President Lu met with your parents?”

As soon as the other colleagues heard it, they also gathered around.

Because Qiaoyu Lu said that he liked me before, and everyone knows it, so it’s not too surprising for me and him.

When I was hesitant to answer, a voice came from behind the crowd, “What are you talking about?”

It’s Qiaoyu Lu here.

As soon as he arrived, all his colleagues immediately changed their goals and gathered around to greet him a Happy New Year.

Then immediately changed the subject and asked him who spent the New Year with him.

At this moment, Qiaoyu Lu raised his head, glanced at me with her innocent eyes, glanced at me, and smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Everyone understands this action.

Someone complained, “Oh, it seems that I have no chance.”

“Yeah, I have all seen the parents, and I have to change my goals.”

After everyone complained, they broke up.

Qiaoyu Lu walked up to me and asked me in a gentle voice, “What do you want to eat at night?”

“Think about the night’s things now?” I looked up, blinking at him.

“Or you can say something else.” Qiaoyu Lu squatted down, turning from looking down at me to looking up. “Actually, I just want to talk to you and say anything is fine.”

What he said made me a little embarrassed.

When the two of us were chatting, we heard a noise coming from outside the office, as if it was Shu Qing coming.

Colleagues are all busy to greet Shu Qingxin and happy new year.

I didn’t care about it, but Shu Qing suddenly stood at the door of my office, looking at Qiaoyu Lu who was half-squatting, and said, “Don’t fall in love, come to the conference room and have a meeting.”

After speaking, he left in a hurry.

But I can hear that his tone is serious.

After Qiaoyu Lu left, the colleagues all came back from outside and gathered together to discuss.

It seems that all the middle-level and above leaders have been called to the meeting, and Shu Qing’s expression may be a major event.

After that, everyone was discussing what was going on.

Someone asked, “Is the company dying.”

Some people in the crowd said mysteriously, “My uncle knows the shareholders of the company. During the Chinese New Year, he said that some people paid sky-high prices for the stocks in that person’s hands in those few days, and they were afraid that they would change ownership.

As soon as this heavy news came out, everyone discussed more intensely.

Everyone is thinking of a future for themselves.

I didn’t care, I just started to send e-mails to the clients who consulted me a year ago, greetings, and by the way ask how the decoration matters are considered.

After all, no company is willing to ask me, so no matter who the company gives to me, don’t I have to do it here?

The meeting took place all morning.

It disbanded at noon.

I met Qiaoyu Lu in the cafeteria. His face was a little solemn. I asked him what the meeting was, but he just smiled and said it was a “daily meeting”.

After saying these four words, Qiaoyu Lu said nothing during the entire lunch.

Just bury your head and eat.

Did not eat much, and finally dumped most of it.

This is very different from Qiaoyu Lu’s style.

I watched him dump the food and couldn’t help asking, “Did something happen?”

“It’s okay.” Qiaoyu Lu raised his hand and touched my hair. “But there is something temporary. I may not be able to eat with you at night. Remember to eat on time. The new year is still very long. Don’t work overtime. You are exhausted. .”

Although Qiaoyu Lu usually cares about me, he rarely says so much once.

It’s like going out.

I looked at him suspiciously and wanted to ask what else, the man had already turned around and left without waiting for me.

Because the New Year was not busy, I got off work on time. Before leaving, I knocked on the door of Qiaoyu Lu’s office. No one answered. I pushed the door again and found that the door was locked.

It stands to reason that there should be no work on the first day of the new year…

I left suspiciously.

I eat alone in the evening.

It felt weird in my heart, so I looked at the phone from time to time to see if Qiaoyu Lu sent any messages.

He always contacts me at ordinary times.

Until 11 o’clock, I did not receive Qiaoyu Lu’s message. I wanted to send a message, but I felt it was too late.

In case he has fallen asleep…

When I was struggling, the phone rang.

On the lit screen is Qiaoyu Lu’s name.

I quickly picked up the phone and said, “Hey.”

However, there was silence on the phone.

I said again, “Hello.”

There was a sigh from the phone, very soft, but I heard it very real.

My heart suddenly picked up and asked, “Senior Lu, are you there?”

“Well, I’m here.”

When I called his name, Qiaoyu Lu spoke, but the man’s voice was a little hoarse and low, not as gentle and clear as usual.

“What’s wrong with you?” I care.

The man was silent for a long time before he said, “School girl, have you ever thought of leaving here.”


“Leave here, leave this country, and we will live in another country.”

I didn’t realize why Qiaoyu Lu said this, and also expressed his concerns, “I’m alone, I can go anywhere, but you have your parents. If you go abroad, then they will…”

“Take them.”

“But their life circle is here. If they don’t understand their language when going abroad, they will be very lonely.” I paused, seeming to realize that Qiaoyu Lu should have encountered something, and then asked him, “Did something happen?”

There was another long silence on the phone.

After that, Qiaoyu Lu spoke again, “I want to leave here, and I want to ask if you want to leave with me.”

Leaving Flipvilla.

I never thought about this.

Although I don’t have any friends, I am familiar with life here. It takes courage to step into a strange environment.

Hearing me not answering, Qiaoyu Lu smiled miserably, “I don’t want to, is it? As expected, I still lack charm.”

Chapter 95

“No.” I think Qiaoyu Lu today is a bit strange, so I can only comfort him first, “I need to think about it. Give me some time.”

The phone fell silent again.

After a long time, the man only said “OK” and hung up the phone.

At the time I didn’t understand why Qiaoyu Lu was like this.

But in only three days, I understood.

Because three days later, our company changed ownership and the new boss took office.

I didn’t see this mysterious boss that day, but the rumors about him in the office have been flying all over the sky.

Some say it’s an old man, some say it’s a handsome guy.

At noon, when I was going to dinner, I saw people from a furniture company transporting furniture.

The furniture delivered was very luxurious, leather sofas and huge mahogany desks.

Seeing these, I can’t help but think of a person…

But soon, I gave up this idea.

How could it be Norven White.

His company doesn’t do design at all, especially interior design. If so many companies are forfeited, wouldn’t they have money to burn?

Facts have proved that he has the money to burn.

The company had a meeting in the afternoon. It was obvious that they were all middle-level or higher leaders, but I was called in for the first time.

And when I went in, I found out that Qiaoyu Lu was not there.

At the meeting, Shu Qing announced that I was promoted to the new CEO assistant.

“Me? New CEO?”

I am a little confused.

Shu Qing nodded, “Yes, the new ceo appointed you after reading the company’s employee profile.”

“Congratulations, Xiao Rhodes.”

“Yeah, the new CEO is very powerful, you have a boundless future with him.”

“So many female employees, just choose you, it shows that you are unique.”

These middle-level leaders congratulated on the surface, but they were full of contempt.

I know, in their opinion, I must have some illegitimate means to obtain this position.

To be a designer is my dream, my dream is to become a super first-class interior designer!

But what is an assistant?

It’s just for the ceo.

Although logically speaking, I can’t modify the decision, but I don’t want to give up my dreams, and say, “I am not an assistant, I am a designer.”

As soon as I spoke, everyone around me looked at me with mentally retarded eyes.

After all, everyone knows that being an assistant is far easier than being a designer.

Shu Qing didn’t seem surprised by my proposal. She said coldly to me, “No, this is what the new CEO said. If you want to refuse, just go and tell him in person.”

“Where is he?”

I asked.

Since I decided to speak, I didn’t plan to back down.

Shu Qing checked his watch, “He will leave the company at 5 o’clock, you can go now.”

I took out my phone and looked at it, and it was half past four.

After thanking Shu Qing, I turned and ran to the CEO’s office upstairs.

In fact, the company has always set up a ceo’s office, because the last ceo was the shopkeeper, so it is basically empty.

Unexpectedly, this ceo actually sits in person.

I thought he would be a serious and responsible person and would definitely respect an employee with dreams.

Unfortunately, I am too naive.

When I reached the door, the door of the office was hidden. I looked through the crack of the door and saw a familiar figure.

The man looked at the computer screen on the side and didn’t have any idea for me.

Seeing him, I suddenly felt cold all over.

I suddenly understood why Qiaoyu Lu said that yesterday!

I opened the door, stepped into the office, and asked, “Mr. White, can’t you let me go?”

Norven White raised his head and saw me, a trace of hurt flashed through his black eyes, but was quickly covered by indifference.

Said, “In this world, my Norven White’s things, even if I don’t want them, are mine, and they cannot belong to others.”

“Haha.” I suddenly felt ridiculous, “Did President White think about this remark for a long time?”

Maybe because the last time I said, I was just garbage he didn’t want.

“No need to think about it.” The man stood up and looked at me, “The first time you gave it to me, you should stay by my side.”

His words make me feel ridiculous!

I didn’t laugh, but looked at him and said coldly, “Mr. White, now it’s not ancient times, and you’re not the emperor. We’re just friends with whom you love me. So scattered, you can’t afford it, can you?”

After I finished speaking, I stepped back and wanted to go.

The man blocked the door first and pressed me on the coffee table aside.

There are still vases on the coffee table. I panicked. I swept the vase and the vase fell on the ground!

But quickly suppressed his emotions, looked at Norven White, and asked him, “Ms. White always likes to play this kind of trick?”

Norven White forced me down and said, “Yes, as long as it is you, I can arouse my desires everywhere.”

As I said, I pressed my face down and k!ssed my ear,

His hands were not honest, and I wanted to unbutton my shirt, but the shirt buttons were too difficult to untie. He pulled the entire row of buttons apart when he tried hard!

The buttons splattered open, and the shirt was gone!

I want to stop with my hands, but I can’t move my hands at all.

The man’s actions continued.

I know that there is no one on the entire floor. If this continues, even if someone comes later, I will definitely not come in to see me and him.

At this time, the person who flashed in my mind was Qiaoyu Lu and his parents.

It turns out that my heart is eager for family affection, eager to join that family.

I struggled harder. I pushed the man hard and shouted, “Norven White, don’t let me hate you! I am Qiaoyu Lu’s girlfriend now, please, if you want to vent, go find your fiancee what!”

“I only want you!”

Norven White did not intend to stop at all!

There was not much clothes left on my body. When I was desperate and angry, the door of the office was opened, and a fist came across!

“Bang” hit Norven White’s face!

He turned his head, staggered, and took two steps back.

I looked up and saw the person standing in front of me said, “Qiao Yu.”

This is the first time I call his name.

When I shout, I have an urge to cry, as if he is my superhero.

Appear when I need it most.

Qiaoyu Lu gave me a distressed look, took off his suit jacket, put it on me, and said to Norven White, “Jia Rhodes is my girlfriend.”

Norven White wiped the corners of his mouth and snorted coldly.

But nothing said.

Maybe even he himself thinks he is ridiculous, he has no stand.

Qiaoyu Lu put his hands under my knees, picked me up, and walked outside the door.

Surprisingly, Norven White did not catch up.

When I got into Qiaoyu Lu’s car, he sorted out my suit jacket and checked whether it had wrapped me tightly. He said, “Sorry, I am incompetent. I can’t beat him. Would you like to go abroad with me?” “

“I do.”

This time, I answered without hesitation.

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