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Chapter 86

In the afternoon, Jiang Rhodes went home and only came back in the evening to pick me up.

When she saw my clothes, she criticized me.

Then I personally chose a long sweater for me. I thought I should wear long pants underneath, but Jiang Rhodes only asked me to wear long boots and thick stockings.

You know, it’s the twelfth lunar month of winter.

Although she said we don’t need to walk outside, I still wear two layers of stockings.

Then I had dinner with her.

After the two of us finished our meal, Jiang Rhodes took another taxi.

After getting in the car, I heard Jiang Rhodes say to the driver, “Master, go to the Queen’s Bar.”

“It’s expensive, so don’t go.”

When I heard this name, I quickly stopped Jiang Rhodes.

I know this bar, it can be said to be one of the most expensive bars in Flipvilla.

Previously, it was reported on the Internet that some rich second generations often miss this place.

“Go, someone will treat you, don’t be afraid.”

Jiang Rhodes is tall, and as soon as she raised her arm, she took me into her arms.

In desperation, I can only agree.

The taxi soon arrived at the Queen’s Bar. When I got out of the car, I was surprised to see these luxury cars parked on the road in front of the bar.

The cars outside all start at a million, and there are many sports cars that look like tens of millions.

This battle is no worse than [Flipvilla No. 1] underground parking lot.

Jiang Rhodes took me to the door, and someone came to talk to me immediately, Jiang Rhodes embraced me and walked inside.

We went all the way in, and Jiang Rhodes took me to the front of a semi-open card package.

I took a look, and there was already a person in the card bag.


When I saw Qiaoyu Lu, I couldn’t help being a little surprised.

Jiang Rhodes smiled, “Mr. Lu, I said earlier that today’s guest would not let you invite you for nothing.”

“Sit down.” Qiaoyu Lu stood up, gave us the love seat, and sat on the single sofa by himself.

Then he handed us the wine list, but he told Jiang Rhodes, “Jia Rhodes doesn’t drink, you can order what you drink.”

“Who said he doesn’t drink.” Jiang Rhodes handed me the wine list and patted me on the shoulder, “Drink well, drunk, and vomit, and I will have nothing to do with that dog man after tomorrow.”

“what happened?”

Qiaoyu Lu was a little puzzled when he heard Jiang Rhodes’s words.

Jiang Rhodes was a person who couldn’t hide things. He reached out to Qiaoyu Lu and told me about my divorce.

Qiaoyu Lu looked at me, frowning slightly, “You withdrew the complaint a while ago, I thought it was a bit strange, but I didn’t ask you…”

I lowered my eyes.

Holding the wine list in his hand, Norven White couldn’t help but surging over what Norven White forced me to withdraw, and said to Jiang Rhodes, “You can help me, I want to drink a bit stronger, you are right, I need to forget him.”

I was actually drunk yesterday.

But instead of forgetting him, the pain in my heart became more obvious.

Knowing that I was deceiving myself and others, I still told myself that I must be drunk enough.

Jiang Rhodes ordered a wine called Magellan.

Qiaoyu Lu persuaded her, but she said, “Let’s drink together.”

Soon the waiter brought in the wine and ice bucket.

Then opened it for us, and poured a glass for the three of us before going out.

Jiang Rhodes picked up the wine glass and said, “Cheers! Let us wish Jia Rhodes back to be single!”

Qiaoyu Lu and I also picked up wine.

When I looked at Qiaoyu Lu, I found that he was also looking at me. The light in the bar was dim, but I could still see the man’s eyes flickering slightly.

Can’t help but think of his previous words.

He said that he hoped that after my divorce, he could rank first.

But in front of Jiang Rhodes, I couldn’t tell, I could only have a glass with them and drink the wine.

The hot wine slid into my throat.

To be honest, it’s hard to drink.

But I can get drunk, but I am willing to try.

As soon as we drank for a while, Jiang Rhodes said to go to the bathroom.

As soon as she left, I and Qiaoyu Lu were left in the deck. I took advantage of my sobriety and said quickly, “Senior, although I am divorced, I did not immediately put him down. I need time. I am now…”

“I know, I didn’t say anything, don’t be afraid.”

Qiaoyu Lu watched me say these in a panic, and interrupted me, the expression on his face remained gentle.

I am a little embarrassed.

Embarrassed in the deck.

I looked down at the wine and said nothing.

“Where are you touching me?!”


When I was considering whether to say something to break the deadlock, I heard a commotion from the side, and I immediately recognized that Jiang Rhodes said the previous sentence.

But the scream at the back was from a man.

I have never heard the sound.

I quickly stood up and walked out.

I saw Jiang Rhodes standing there on the open space of the bar, with his hands around his chest, his face full of anger.

The man in front of her was half arched, his expression was painful, and his hands were covering a certain key part.

“Don’t let me see you again!”

Jiang Qinbai glanced at the man, and when he saw me, he walked towards me.

Qiaoyu Lu also stood behind me.

We went back to the deck and asked for a while, only to know that the man just hit Jiang Rhodes’s shoulder when he came up just now, because the man was tall, with his arms on his shoulders, his hands fell on Jiang Rhodes’s chest…

Jiang Rhodes is tall and in good shape, not to mention being a stewardess or a model.

When she finished talking about her, Jiang Rhodes frowned, “I wanted to create opportunities for you. I went outside for a meeting, but I didn’t expect to meet such a visionary.”

“No, no need.” Qiaoyu Lu smiled, “I have the best relationship with the school girl now.”

He has always been like this and never pressured me.

After drinking for a while outside, I was groggy and felt that I was going to be drunk.

The man who was beaten by Jiang Rhodes just came in.

A waiter followed with a bottle of wine.

Jiang Rhodes saw him and stood up immediately, “Why, do you still want to be beaten?”

The man was not angry or flinched. He smiled and said, “I just returned to China and didn’t understand the domestic rules. I accidentally offended the beauty. Don’t take it to your heart. This bottle of wine will be my apologize for you.”

“No, take it away quickly.”

Jiang Qinbai glanced at him.

Sit back again.

However, the man didn’t plan to leave, and took out a business card, “My name is Ziyi’an. This is my business card with my personal phone number on it.”

Personal phones, those with this thing, are not ordinary people.

Jiang Rhodes didn’t answer, “I’ll call the police to go with you, choose one.”

Ziyi’an frowned, only to realize that Jiang Rhodes was an iron plate.

Tangled for a while, but left.

He was stopped by Jiang Rhodes as soon as he left, and Yi Zian came back, only to hear Jiang Rhodes say, “Take the wine away.”

“The gift I gave out doesn’t make sense to take it away. Throw it away if you don’t drink it.”

After Ziyi’an finished speaking, he left.

This will make me confused, and I don’t know if he is angry or what’s wrong.

As soon as he left, I asked to leave, saying that I was too dizzy.

Jiang Rhodes agreed.

As soon as the three of us came out, we saw a group of people standing in front of a few sports cars in front of the bar not far away, surrounded by security guards.

Chapter 87

Obviously I was drunk and confused before, but I saw the tallest and most conspicuous person in the crowd at a glance.

Norven White.

He is here…

Soon, I heard Jiang Rhodes next to him say, “I rely on it, it’s really like gathering together, people are divided into scumbags.”

I took a closer look and saw that the second generation Zu Ziyi’an, who was going to hand Jiang Rhodes a business card just now, was standing next to Norven White.

There are some people beside.

But these people seemed to surround Norven White and Ziyi’an.

Their stars hold the moon, so naturally they can’t see us.

Qiaoyu Lu grabbed my shoulder, “Don’t look, let’s go.”

After that, Qiaoyu Lu called to drive me and Jiang Rhodes.

As a result, as soon as I got into the car, as soon as the car started, I felt dizzy. In order not to let myself vomit in the car, I closed my eyes to sleep.

This time, I slept until the next morning.

Early the next morning, I opened my eyes and found that I was not at home, but in a hotel…

I rubbed my still dizzy head and thought for a while, only to remember that I had a drink with Jiang Rhodes and Qiaoyu Lu last night.

“Woke up.”

When I was thinking about what happened last night, I heard Qiaoyu Lu’s voice.

Looking up, the man was standing on the bedroom door. Although he was wearing a shirt and trousers, the shirt was scattered outside. The top three buttons were all untied, revealing most of his strong chest muscles.

Qiaoyu Lu was obviously also sleepy and had just woke up.

I saw him touch his clothes subconsciously.

I am wearing the same long sweater yesterday.

The heart just let go.

“Sorry, I was yesterday…”

“You fell asleep yesterday, and I don’t know where your home is. I have no choice but to send you to the hotel.” Qiaoyu Lu seemed to be the movement of the quilt. Seeing that I was touching my clothes, he explained, “Don’t worry, I I just took off your jacket for you, nothing else moved.”

“Thank you……”

I lowered my head slightly.

Because it’s Monday today, he and I are going to work, but fortunately, I don’t need to work in this position.

But I also arranged things in the morning.

Qiaoyu Lu and I cleaned up briefly and came out of the room and stood at the elevator door waiting for the elevator.

What I never expected was that the elevator doors opened.

There are two people inside.

One is Norven White.

One is Julia Rhodes.

The four of them looked at each other, and I was full of embarrassment, as if being caught and raped!

When I retracted subconsciously, I felt Qiaoyu Lu’s arm supporting me, hugged me, and said to Norven White, “Mr. White, good morning.”

I looked up and saw Norven White’s face black and terrible. Although his face was expressionless, his black eyes seemed to be brewing a terrible storm.

He didn’t speak Julia Rhodes but smiled triumphantly, “Good morning, Jia Rhodes, why did you look so bad? Did you feel too tired last night?”

Her words made Norven White’s expression worse.

When I came out of the hotel, I said that I was too tired at night.

But Qiaoyu Lu didn’t seem to have any plans to explain. With his arms around me, he was about to enter the elevator. Norven White stepped down and blocked the elevator door. He looked down at Qiaoyu Lu and said, “Minister Lu, at this point, are you late?”

In this posture, he didn’t say anything further, I knew what Norven White wanted to do!

“Last night we…”

“Yeah, I was just about to tell President White that I am going to resign. I will go to pack up things today, and I won’t go tomorrow.”

Qiaoyu Lu interrupted me.

I looked at him in surprise and wanted to ask something, but was embraced by Qiaoyu Lu, bypassed the two people in front of him, and entered the elevator at the back.

Although I hardly dared to look into Norven White’s eyes later, I could feel the coldness emanating from the man.

I got on the elevator and I wanted to understand again.

Norven White and Julia Rhodes appeared at the hotel, and I am afraid they were also here to “sleep”.

Thinking of this, I was sad, but also felt that my emotions were ridiculous.

I turned to Qiaoyu Lu and apologized to him.

The man smiled, “You don’t have to apologize, that’s great. Yufeng Design has a more professional team, and I can continue to be your colleague.”


“Actually, I already sent a text message to the manager last night saying that I would resign, and by the way I also sent a message to Shu Qing that I plan to join.”

I was stunned when I heard, “But you said before that you want to learn the experience of managing a company.”

“Yes, but I have more important things to do.”

Qiaoyu Lu kept his hand on my shoulder, and when he said this, he used a little force.

But the emotion I saw Norven White just now was enough to prove my mood.

I also love Norven White.

I hate him so hard, let alone forget him.

I raised my hand, pushed his hand away, turned and looked up at Qiaoyu Lu, and said to him, “Senior, you are excellent, you should be better, I don’t want to be your stumbling block.”

“I know what I want, don’t worry about me.” Qiaoyu Lu raised his hand, stroked my hair with a big palm, all the way down, and finally landed on my chin, saying word by word, “Work, career Now it’s gone, you can start again anytime, but if some people are lost, I’m afraid I won’t be able to find them again.”


“Call me Qiao Yu, I missed it once, I don’t want to miss the second time.”

Qiaoyu Lu said.

At this time, the elevator reached the first floor.

Qiaoyu Lu sent me home after checking out.

I let him go, but he insisted on waiting for me downstairs.

When I went downstairs, he sent me to the company before he went to the company.

I was drawing at the company in the morning and ran to a construction site in the afternoon. I planned not to go back, but I was temporarily notified to go back to the company for a meeting.

When I arrived at the company, the meeting had already started.

As soon as I entered through the back door, I heard Shu Qing say, “Let me introduce our new vice president, Mr. Qiaoyu Lu.”

Looking up, I saw Qiaoyu Lu standing at the front of the meeting room.

He introduced himself.

I was sitting at the back because I came in late, and only heard the two designers whispering in front.

“Wow, this vice president is too handsome.”

“Don’t you know him? He is very powerful. He is a genius. He has been receiving awards since college and he has been soft.”

“How can such a powerful person come to our company?”

After Qiaoyu Lu introduced himself, he saw me and smiled at me.

The designer in front of me immediately said, “Wow, he seemed to smile at me just now.”

“Why! Don’t be a nympho.”

When the first two people were arguing, Shu Qing glanced at the time and asked everyone if there were any questions.

Everyone started asking Qiaoyu Lu some questions.

Qiaoyu Lu answered one by one.

I can see that the people around him adore Qiaoyu Lu.

At this time, a girl asked, “Vice President Lu, do you have a girlfriend?”

Chapter 88

This question, I asked my throat.

I looked at Qiaoyu Lu for fear of what he said.

Qiaoyu Lu knows me so well, and of course he knows what I think. He was silent for a while and said, “I am not married and have no girlfriend.”

After that, the designers below were all excited!

Everyone is whispering.

Some people even booed and said, “Vice President Lu, I have no boyfriend either.”

“Don’t grab it, neither do I!”

“There is still me, there is still me!”

When everyone was arguing, Qiaoyu Lu spoke again, “But I have someone I like. Didn’t everyone ask me why I came to this company? Because the girl I like is here, I chased her!”

The audience was in an uproar!

All the designers are looking around.

“who is it!”

Someone asked.

“I think you will know this soon.” Qiaoyu Lu’s gaze has been set in my direction, “I didn’t have the courage to confess and missed an opportunity, but this time, I don’t want to miss it.”

“Wow…is it so romantic?”

In the envy, jealousy and hatred of the surrounding designers, Shu Qing announced the end of the meeting and got off work.

As soon as she finished speaking, all the designers stood up, and seven or eight of them surrounded Qiao Yu.

I was afraid of becoming a target, so I quickly got up and left.

Back in the office, I hurriedly packed up my things and prepared to drive away.

As soon as I arrived at the door, I saw that Qiaoyu Lu had been blocked at the door, and said grievously, “Am I a scourge?”

“not me……”

Before I finished speaking, a few designers gathered around!

“Wow, Vice President Lu, it’s not Jia Rhodes that you are chasing after!”

“God, I should have guessed that she is the only person the company recently hired.”

“envy, jealousy, hate.”

Perhaps it was the reason why Qiaoyu Lu had been vaccinated. Colleagues just expressed envy and hatred, and did not act excessively.

This makes my heart can’t help but let go.

Qiaoyu Lu understood me.

He accompanied me downstairs and got into the car before he said, “Look, I am so popular. If you don’t hurry, maybe I will be snatched away by someone else.”

“Senior, I…”

“Well, just kidding, don’t be too burdensome.”

Qiaoyu Lu interrupted me, raised his hand, and touched my hair.

But I still said, “Senior, you are so kind to me and you have paid so much for me. I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay it back all my life.”

“I treat you well, it’s just my own business, it has nothing to do with you.” Qiaoyu Lu started the car and asked me, “Think about what to eat?”

Qiaoyu Lu took me to dinner.

In the next few days, my colleagues knew that Norven White was here for me, and many people came to me to inquire about him.

Some colleagues even said to me, “Jia Rhodes, if you don’t agree to Vice President Lu, don’t always catch him. Hurry up and let us have a chance.”

When a colleague was saying this, Qiaoyu Lu happened to pass by and came in and said, “I have been chasing her and she doesn’t despise me, it’s not bad.”

“Vice President Lu.”

When the colleague saw Qiaoyu Lu, his arrogance was gone.

Without saying a word, he went out.

Qiaoyu Lu watched him leave before saying, “I’m sorry, did I trouble you again.”

“As you said, you are very popular.”

I shook my head.

Qiaoyu Lu is really popular, a young and promising design genius.

If I had never met Norven White, if there was no such ridiculous marriage, then I would definitely choose him without hesitation.


Even my attitude towards Qiaoyu Lu has always been clear.

But he persevered in sending me home every day and accompany me to dinner at night.

This made me, who was always alone, suddenly felt that my life was no longer deserted.

It’s as if two people eat, even their appetite will improve.

But one day, when I was out of the company, I saw a black car parked behind the woods not far from the company.

Although blocked by a tree, the car reminded that it was wide and the sign on the front of the car was too conspicuous.

At a glance, I recognized that it was very similar to the car that Norven White often drives.

The first time I thought it was a coincidence, maybe the same car happened to be parked there.

But in the following week, I saw the car twice.

I realized that it was Norven White’s car.

Why did he park the car there? Is it a coincidence? Or is he looking at something?

One day Qiaoyu Lu was on a business trip, and I was alone that day.

When I was out of the company, I saw the car parked there again, so I walked around to check the license plate number.

But as soon as I got to the front, I saw the door of the cab opposite the car opened, and Norven White, wearing a black windbreaker, came down from above and walked straight towards me.

I felt scared for a moment, so I ran away!

The slope-heeled boots I wear today are not high heels and run very fast.

I don’t know how long it took.

I looked back and saw that Norven White didn’t catch up, so I let go and stopped a taxi to go home.

As soon as I entered the house, my cell phone “dingdong” made my heart tense.

Looking down, I saw Qiaoyu Lu’s text message.

I just relaxed a little bit.

Qiaoyu Lu asked if I had dinner tonight? What to eat.

I talked with him for a while before going to cook and eat.

In fact, since I went home, I was full of Norven White.

Thinking about why his car is parked there, who is he waiting for? Is it waiting for me?

In order to prevent myself from thinking about it, I started cleaning again. I cleaned the house aside. I took a shower and looked at the pile of garbage at the door. I thought about it and decided to throw it out.

I took the garbage and went downstairs.

When I came up again, the elevator door opened, and the moment I went out, I smelled a strong smell of tobacco!

Reminds me of the last time…

I was about to retreat to the elevator. Norven White didn’t know where he came from, grabbed me, then hugged me tightly and said, “Jia Rhodes, I miss you.”

“what are you doing!”

I was terrified and wanted to struggle, but the man’s strength was too strong and he held me to death.

I can smell the strong tobacco smell mixed with the smell of alcohol.

“Jia Rhodes, I miss you.”

The same thing, Norven White repeated.

“Mr. White, you are too affectionate!”

While struggling, I scolded him loudly.

In fact, these words are not only to scold him, but also to wake me up.

Because no matter how I erected my heart wall, I was fragile after all. Faced with Norven White’s words, my heart was in pain.

Want to trust, but dare not.

“Did you give me a Gu? No matter I go to work, eat, or sleep, you are always in my head. I see you and Qiaoyu Lu go together, it’s like crazy!”

“Mr. White, you are drunk!”

“I’m not drunk, I’m more awake than ever, I miss you, I can’t bear you standing next to other men, I want to lock you up, in a place where only I can see!”

When he spoke, he held my strength a bit more.

Chapter 89

Norven White’s words scared me!

Close it up.

Invisible to others.

These words reminded me of the previous prison and kidnapping incidents in my mind.

I struggled desperately and shouted, “Help! Help! Help!”

My eyes turned to Zhaoming White’s room. Although I knew he was rarely at home, there was still a glimmer of hope in my heart!

However, after I shouted for a long time, the door remained motionless.

Norven White also realized that Zhaoming White was not at home.

He seemed to understand something, hugging me and saying, “Follow me, stay with me, don’t go anywhere.”

“No! You are crazy!”

“I don’t have any. I can give you everything you want, clothes, houses, gems, cosmetics, whatever you want, I will buy it for you, as long as you stay with me!”

Norven White said, reaching out and pressing the elevator door at the back.

I am struggling.

But his power is too great.

When I saw the elevator room go up from floor to floor, my heart became scared.

I was really afraid that the elevator would come in a while, and he dragged me directly to the underground parking lot.

“Norven White, Norven White, you are calm, calm! What you love is Julia Rhodes, Julia Rhodes has never been me!”

I tried to use Julia Rhodes’s name to wake him up!

Sure enough, when I said the name, the man behind me suddenly became quiet.

He hugged me, buried his head on my shoulder, and was silent for a moment before saying, “No, I don’t love her, I just owe her.”

“…What did you say?” I was startled, “What do you owe her?”

At this moment, I remembered what Julia Rhodes had said.

She said that without her, there would be no Norven White today.

Before he could speak, the elevator doors opened.

To my luck, there was a person standing in the elevator door.

Zhaoming White.

“help me!”

Seeing him, I seemed to see the savior, and I was so excited!

Zhaoming White looked at me and Norven White like this, and seemed to understand something all at once. When he came over, he broke Norven White’s arm and said, “Xiao xuan, you let go.”

“Go away.”

Norven White pulled me and he was about to pull me into the elevator.

Zhaoming White is about the same height as Norven White, but he is not as strong as him, but he stands directly at the elevator door, “You are drunk, you let go, or I will call the police!”

“Call the police?” Norven White looked up at Zhaoming White in front of him, sneered, “Uncle, what kind of person you are, others don’t know, I still know very well, you live next door to her, I have never believed this is not a coincidence .”

“It’s a coincidence. I lived here first.”

Zhaoming White’s words seemed to be explained to me.

“Coincidence? Tell you, I believe it is a coincidence that this happened to anyone, but you…” I heard Norven White behind me say, “I thought you were a dog brought back by the White family, but I didn’t expect you to be a wolf who was unfamiliar.”

When I heard Norven White’s words, I was furious and furious, “He is your brother, how can you say that!”

It’s really a family, don’t enter a family.

Julia Rhodes once said this to me arrogantly.

“Uncle?” When Norven White heard this, he actually let go of me. He just held me with one hand and stood upright and said to Zhaoming White, “He is just a vain woman who calculates my dad and is born a wild Kind of, if not for my dad to pick him up, he would have died long ago!”

“Enough!” I was angry, broke away from Norven White’s embrace, stood beside Zhaoming White, and said to Norven White, “No matter who gave birth, what’s wrong with the child!? We can’t choose!”

“Jia Rhodes.”

Norven White didn’t seem to expect me to be so angry…

However, I was indeed angry.

“Don’t call me! You are lofty, your blood is noble, others are wild species, and others are begging for free in your house!”

The Rhodes family used to think of me so.

“Forget it.” Zhaoming White stood by his side, comforting me unexpectedly, “Xiao Xuan is drunk, don’t be familiar with him.”

“Oh, I don’t need you to help me speak nice things.” Norven White glanced at him, then looked at me, “I didn’t mean that, I didn’t mean you.”

“Yeah, you didn’t mean me, but from the bottom of your heart, don’t you think you are of noble blood? Sorry, Julia Rhodes didn’t tell you that I was a wild dog picked up by the Rhodes family.”

I stood there and looked at Norven White coldly.

I even felt that I was really blind when I fell in love with him!

Norven White seemed a little at a loss, and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean that. I never thought of you that way. You will come to my side and no one in the Rhodes family will look down on you anymore.”

He said, his hands wanted to hug me.

I took a step back and stood on the elevator door, and said to him, “I don’t need it, I am an individual, I can live out my dignity by myself instead of letting others give it!”

As I said, I was leaving.

Norven White grabbed me, without turning my head back, only said two words, “Let go.”

“Jia Rhodes, I really don’t mean that, you come to me, I will treat you well, no one will look down on you…”

I don’t know if it is my illusion, I think Norven White’s voice is actually pleading.

That kind of voice even made me feel that he was humbled into the dirt.

I want to look back, but everything before is still vivid.

I don’t want to be hurt by him again.

I lowered my head and continued. “Let go, President White, you and I are already divorced. We are now two people who have nothing to do with each other, and our lives will never overlap.”

“I don’t allow it!”

Norven White was suddenly excited!

He wanted to come over and hug me, Zhaoming White stood behind me.

I heard him say, “Xiao Xuan, let it go, have you forgotten, have you already told your grandpa to marry her sister?”

I’m going to marry my sister.

This sentence turned into an invisible hand, passing through my body, pinching my heart.

My heart, which has long been riddled with holes, is so painful at this moment.

I bit my lip to prevent myself from crying.

Say in a flat voice, “Oh, is it? Congratulations to sister and husband.”

“No, no! At the time it was just forced by form…”

I heard Norven White’s flustered explanation behind me.

“By the form? President White, you are the boss of Qingtian, at the top of the pyramid, and our Rhodes family is just an ordinary family business. I don’t know how my sister He De can make you agree to marry her by the form? “I paused, and continued, “Mr White thinks that the sisters are all occupied, and he must make up a decent lie.”

After Norven White was exposed by me, he seemed a little at a loss.

I heard his silence in my voice.

“I can’t marry her.”

“Mr. White, you must marry her, otherwise next time I go to jail, I may be dead and come out again.”

My voice is cold.

Hearing me say this, the man who had been holding my hand tightly, finally let go.

Chapter 90

I heard Norven White press the elevator again, and soon the elevator door came.

He got into the elevator.

When the elevator door was closed for a while, I was sure he was gone, and turned around to apologize to Zhaoming White behind him, “Brother White, I’m sorry, he angered you because of me.”

“It’s okay.”

Zhaoming White said.

I looked up at him, the man looked at me through the transparent lens, his eyes gentle.

He seemed to see the tears in the corner of my eyes, and his voice softened, “Xiao Xuan may really care about you, that’s why he is so gaffe. At least I have been in White’s house for so many years and I have never seen him treat anyone like this.”

“Nothing.” I shook my head with a wry smile, “Will he get everything he wants from his childhood in the White family? No one will refuse, and no one will disobey him.”

“It’s not just him, but the White family are like this. After all, they were born in such a family…”

Zhaoming White said, lowering his eyelashes slightly.

I can see the loss in his eyes.

I wanted to comfort him, so I said, “Big Brother White, don’t be sad. Like you, I didn’t grow up in Rhodes’s family since I was a child. Later, I was admitted to a university with Julia Rhodes when I was in college. Pay attention, I finally realized that I was not alone…”

I babbled about myself.

Zhaoming White listened very carefully. At the end, he said, “Thank you for telling me your personal affairs. Xiao xuan doesn’t cherish you, it is his loss.”

It was late at night, Zhaoming White and I did not go back home.

That day, I lost sleep again.

The next day, I went to work with panda eyes. As soon as I entered the office, I saw my colleagues in a circle, gossiping about it.

I didn’t want to listen, so I returned to my seat.

But after I sat down, all of them looked at me with their eyes.

I felt my gaze look over, they exchanged glances, and all of a sudden, one of them asked me first, “Jia Rhodes, do you have a sister or sister?”

“I…” I subconsciously wanted to say no, but after hesitating, I said, “Yes.”

When those colleagues heard this, their eyes lit up and they continued to ask me, “Then your sister is going to marry Norven White, the CEO of Qingtian Group?”

My heart tightened, but nodded pretending to be nonchalant.

They all said, “Wow, Jia Rhodes can’t tell, you are still a rich second generation.”

“That’s right, didn’t you become Norven White’s sister-in-law?”

“At that time, you can ask Norven White to introduce us to the single rich second-generation young men around him?”

“Yes, yes, and me!”

They whispered in my ear.

I waited for them to finish before saying, “I’m sorry, I have a bad relationship with the Rhodes family.”

However, they didn’t believe me and thought I was making excuses not to help them.

They complained one after another, saying, “We don’t rob Vice President Lu with you anymore, so what if you introduce us to us? Are you afraid that we will be better married than you?”

After listening to everyone’s yin and yang speculation, I was silent for a while before saying, “If I am a rich second generation, then how can I work here?”

As soon as I finished speaking, several people seemed to be unable to say anything.

After a few murmurs, it disappeared.

As soon as they left, I opened the web page and searched it.

It seemed that the Rhodes family had leaked this incident to the media early on.

As a result, Rhodes’s stock, which has been sluggish recently, has rebounded.

But I just took a look at these two houses, these people, except Rhodes Ci, no one else has anything to do with me.

Life goes on.

The day of the company’s annual meeting came in a blink of an eye.

Before this day came, everyone in the company counted the hopes of the day, only I took a few orders, just making renderings, and communicating with customers, has occupied all my experience.

I simply forgot about the annual meeting.

It wasn’t until the morning that everyone was going to get the dresses, and Qiaoyu Lu asked me, and I didn’t think about it.

For such an important event, you should wear a dress…

But it is too late for me to prepare now.

I glanced at the pile of work on my desk and said embarrassedly, “Or I won’t go.”

“How can it work? The company stipulates that everyone must go, and no fines.”

Qiaoyu Lu said seriously.

I frowned, I now live entirely on my own wages, and I haven’t moved Rhodes’s dividends.

At the end of the year, I just paid the property fee for the house, and I paid tens of thousands.

I’m crying because of my distress.

Now when I talk about fines, I get entangled, looking at this simple suit on me, gritted my teeth, “Then I will go.”

“Okay.” Qiaoyu Lu looked at me and laughed, “I know you forgot, and I’m ready for you.”


When I was in an accident, Qiaoyu Lu took me out.

Driving all the way to a mall, I entered a shop in the middle of the first floor.

The clerk saw Qiaoyu Lu and said enthusiastically, “Hello sir, the dress you ordered has been changed and delivered.”

When I was suspicious, I saw the clerk take out a sapphire blue dress from the shelf. This dress was very chic. The skirt was very long. Although it looked conservative, there was a high fork on the right leg. Bring some little s3xy.

The clerk took out a pair of Heng Tian Gao and matched it.

I looked at those high-heeled shoes and was shocked, “This heel is too high.”

“It’s okay, I will support you all the way today and promise not to let you fall.”

Qiaoyu Lu looked at me and smiled softly.

I know that this was prepared in advance by him, and in order to live up to his expectations, I can only grit my teeth and put it on.

I have to say that this suit fits perfectly and fully reflects my figure.

From the slightly stacked neckline to the heart’s mouth, a small hook is exposed.

“How much?” I want to pay after putting it on.

“I gave it to you, you won’t give me face, right?”

Qiaoyu Lu looked a little angry, although I knew it was pretending, but I had to thank him.

He took me upstairs, and there was a shop selling jewelry and headwear upstairs.

After you buy it, you can help to make hair for free.

The clerk helped me choose a small clip, because I have short hair, and only slightly knitted the bangs in front of me, but the whole person looks quite foreign.

The clerk helped me put on makeup again and matched it with a beautiful sapphire necklace.

But it’s just handicrafts, the price is not expensive.

I completely packed it up, it was already past 5 pm.

He took me out of the mall. Although I was wearing a coat, I could still feel the “appreciative” gaze from the men around me.

Qiaoyu Lu seemed to feel it too. Putting his hand on my shoulder, I was startled, only to hear him whisper, “No, I want to declare sovereignty, or other men will come up to strike up a conversation and I will hit someone.”

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