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Chapter 202

His voice was extremely soft, with gentle intensity, but it was very shocking to hear Clara’s ears.

“What?Ten times the penalty?”

“Of course, why else do you think the company would be able to help you get the endorsement from the tiger’s mouth?”

“But this…”

“What?You have no confidence?”

Clara stalled.

She looked at Rovell, the man is obviously still the same warm and gentle as ever, but for some reason, she always feels that he has changed.

I don’t know when his eyes were no longer gentle when he looked at her, his face was clearly smiling, but the depths of his eyes were like a layer of ice covering them, so cold that she trembled at the tip of her heart.

She swallowed, half-heartedly, and nodded.

“I understand, I’m confident, you don’t have to worry about me.”

“That’s good.”

Rovell Mu let go of his hand and turned around, one hand casually playing with a blue and white porcelain teapot on the table.

Clara thought about it and suddenly asked, “Rovell, what you just said to them about the wedding… was it serious?”

Rovell Mu’s hand playing with the teapot was slightly poked, and a subtle dark mane flashed in the depths of his eyes as he nodded his head.


Clara was suddenly delighted.

“So when are we getting married?”

“Wait until you’ve managed to become the face of Karanji!”

He said, setting aside the teapot in his hand, turning to look at her and quirking his lips.

“We, Clara, will definitely become the shiniest star of Fenghua Entertainment, won’t we?”

Clara looked up, looked into his eyes, and nodded firmly.

“Well, I will.”

Rovell stroked her hair in a satisfied manner and spoke gently, “Don’t worry, until then, I will also play the role of a good boyfriend in public and will never embarrass and humiliate you.”

Only then did Clara smiled reassuringly, reaching out and hugging his waist, leaning into his embrace.

“Brother Asawa, you’re so sweet.”

Without saying anything else, Rovell patted her back gently and they were alone for a while longer before he left.

Rovell Mu left on the front foot, and Tong Shu came over on the back foot.

She also had a happy smile on her face, and when she saw Clara, she immediately ran in with joy.

“Maya, I have good news for you!”

Clara looked at her, “Is it the Karanji endorsement thing?”

Tong Shu was stunned.

“You already know that?”

Clara smiled proudly.

“Brother Asawa just came over and has told me in advance.”

Hearing that Rovell had come over, Tong Shu was naturally happy.

After all, Clara’s affair with Rovell Mu had gained a lot of goodwill from passersby since it had become public.

Muyenze is the young owner of the Mushi Group, who is handsome and young, because he runs the Feng Hua Entertainment, where he is also bursting with light in front of the media.

Before the incident with Clara was announced, Tomo was not a stranger to him, so he understood that his character was okay, and that he was the best choice among the rich second-generation children.

So when it was announced that he and Clara were still the kind of childhood friends who had been engaged since childhood, everyone was naturally happy.

This idol-like scenario, once it happens in real life, can easily gain a large cp fan base.

Naturally, Clara’s image has gotten some better feedback because of this.

After all, an actress marrying into a big family is nothing.

It’s a divine love to be able to be a childhood sweetheart with the rich and powerful young man, so many years of affection and still so good, and finally to be able to fix it and get married.

With this as a sign, even if Clara broke out in any scandal, as long as it wasn’t the deadly kind, it wouldn’t affect her too much.

Therefore, it was also decided that the relationship between her and Rovell must not go wrong.

Her image is now, in a way, much diminished because of the scandal of the year before.

If the relationship with Rovell breaks down again, the image will definitely be greatly affected, and then it will be a real situation of isolation on all sides.

Clara understood all of these truths, and she thought about it and asked, “Sister Tong, when is Karanji’s side coming over to sign the contract?”

Tong Shu said, “In a few days, after you finish filming these days, I’ll take a leave from Lin Shufan for you and you can go over.”

Clara nodded her head, actually relieved in her heart, and then heard Tong Shu ask: “I’ve been hearing about Rovell Mu coming over to visit this period of time, what?Now that we’re back together?”

Clara was stunned, then thought of something and nodded with a smile.

“Sort of.”

Tong Shu was a bit sad, “A while ago, he kept not coming over to find you, even an outsider like me could sense some coldness between you two, I was afraid that there would be problems between you, but now it seems that I was overthinking.”

At the mention of this, Clara’s heart gave a pause.

For some reason, she inexplicably recalled what Rovell said before leaving.

Don’t worry, until then, I’ll play the role of the good boyfriend in public and never embarrass or humiliate you.


She paled slightly, only now reacting with hindsight and a violent shudder.

Was it possible that all he was doing now, all the displays of tenderness and concern, was an act?

No, not likely.

Brother Asawa loves himself.

For the sake of himself, he would rather abandon Jenny Jing who had been with him for six years, how could he abandon her?

Yes, it’s impossible.

By no means.

Clara secretly comforted herself, and Tong Shu noticed that she didn’t look right and asked with concern, “What’s wrong with you?Is it somewhere uncomfortable?”

Clara shook her head.

“I’m fine, Tong, the endorsement side is bothering you to follow more, it’s going to start soon, I need to get ready, you go out first.”

When Tong Shu saw her, he nodded and left, though he was still a little unsure of her.

So, Clara was the only one left in the house.

She just slumped in her chair, covering her chest and closing her eyes.

Brother Azawa, you must not let me down.

I gave so much to steal you away from Jenny and get your heart.

You mustn’t let me down!

At this point, the other side of the lounge.

After Jenny finished her break, she realized it was about time, so she was ready to go to the dressing room to get her makeup done by a makeup artist and get started.

However, I didn’t expect to see a man walking up to me as soon as I reached the lounge door.

She was on her feet, slightly surprised.

After a startled two seconds, the corners of his mouth flickered in a sneer.

“Yo, is this the one that Mou’s looking for?”

Rovell Mu stood there, a little embarrassed.

For a moment, covering his lips and coughing, he looked at Jenny Jing seriously and sincerely said, “Jenny, can I talk to you?”

Chapter 203

Jenny was stunned, even more appalled.

She was going to just say no, but then her eyes suddenly glanced at another lounge not far away, and with a twinkle in her eye, she said yes again.

“Okay, come on in!”

Rovell followed her into the lounge.

Jenny had no intention of exchanging pleasantries with him, and once inside, he leaned directly towards the edge of the table, looked at him with his arms folded, and got straight to the point, “Go ahead, what do you want to talk to me about?”

She was so direct, but it made Rovell feel a little short.

For some reason, the words that had been going back and forth in my heart for countless times could not be said against her cool eyes instead.

After a half-hearted moment, he managed to smile, “It’s nothing, it’s just that it’s been a long time since I’ve had a serious conversation with you and I wanted to talk casually.”

Jenny Jing curled his lips, but there was no smile in his eyes.

“I’m sorry about that, I’m not Clara, I’m not interested in a married man, so since it’s fine, there’s no need to talk.”

She said, and straightened up and walked out.

Rovell was in a panic and reached out to pull her.


Jenny knitted her brows.

A subconscious repulsion and nausea came over her instantly, and she shook off his hand and took two steps back, looking at him with cold eyes.

Rovell’s hand froze in mid-air.

He was stunned, and only when he looked at Jenny did he see that she looked ugly and felt a silk handkerchief from her bag to wipe the wrist he had just held, then threw it in the bin beside her.

“If you have something to say, don’t get violent!”

Rovell’s throat was clogged, and he suddenly had a particularly unpleasant feeling.

It was like the heart was being covered with something hard, a muffled pain that was so muffled and off-putting that it wasn’t the very violent kind that made it impossible to speak.

He pursed his lips, and after a few seconds, he said quietly, “Okay, I’ll be blunt.”

Jenny Jing was colorless, not even giving him a look.

Although Rovell was uncomfortable, he also knew that he was in no position to have an opinion on everything that was happening right now, as he had brought it on himself.

So it was straight to the point: “I went to Kyoto a few days ago.”

Jenny Jing raised his eyebrows, “What does this have to do with me?”

Rovell said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry, guess who I met?”

Jenny really wasn’t interested in guessing anything about him, so he simply said, “I don’t know.”

Rovell stalled.

The undisguised repulsion and impatience in the woman’s attitude made the stifling feeling of pain in his heart more and more obvious.

He took a deep breath and said seriously, “I met Biden Lu.”

Jenny was startled.

“I saw him with my own eyes, he was with a little girl of four or five, and the child called him Daddy, and I think you know what that means, don’t you?”

Jenny was completely stunned.

Seeing that she finally reacted, Rovell Mu was slightly relieved in his heart and continued, “Originally I didn’t want to tell you this, but I really don’t want to see you get cheated, Biden Lu he’s not a good person, you won’t have a good outcome with him.

He even dared to lie to you today about having a child of his own, and he’s kept the rest from you for who knows how long, Jenny, you need to think carefully and not joke with your whole life.”

It took several seconds for Jenny to finally respond.

She looked at Rovell with a puzzled look on her face, “Who says he’s lying to me?”

Rovell was heartbroken, “Are you still not willing to believe me even after all this?He has a child…”

“He’s got kids, I know that.”

Rovell: “…”

Jenny looked at him with a disgruntled glance and left his mouth open.

“I thought you were stopping me to tell me how important it was, is that it?Heh.Rovell, if you’re not bored, I’m wasting my time.”

Rovell: “???”

“You don’t mind?”

“Why should I mind?”

Jenny laughed twice as if he had heard a big joke.

“Rovell, you came here with your eyes wide open and vague for half a day just to tell me this?How do you want me to respond?Angry?Sad?Disappointment or anger?

Do you still expect me to break up with Biden Lu with this news, the best way to get a divorce and never see each other again?

I’m sorry, your calculations are wrong, not only do I not mind, I also like Ann very much, she’s not only Biden Lu’s daughter, but also my daughter, do you understand?”

Rovell was completely stunned.

He had countless possible reactions to Jenny in mind before he arrived.

Just didn’t expect it to turn out that way.

He shook his head, “Haven’t you always valued each other’s loyalty above all else?You don’t hate him for keeping it from you?”

Jenny dropped her eyes slightly, “No hate.”

What’s there to hate?

When two people are first joined together, it’s not because of love.

Naturally, she couldn’t tell him everything then, and didn’t she have something to hide from him as well?

Rovell’s reaction to her was simply incomprehensible.

“Well, taking a step back, even if you don’t hate him for lying to you, that child is not your own!Have you ever thought about how difficult it will be for you to get along with each other?You don’t understand the truth that stepmothers are hard to be, do you?”

Jenny snickered.

“Thank you for worrying about me, but don’t worry, Ann likes me a lot, and I like her a lot, and I don’t think it’s hard for us to get along at all!”

Rovell: “…”

So angry I want to vomit blood.

“Jenny, wake up, even if she likes you now, she still has her own mother!

Have you ever thought that no matter how close you and Biden Lu are now, he has loved another woman after all, and has a child with that woman.

Now that the woman is gone, you can be happy and blissful as a family and have a good life together, but what if she comes back?

Are you really sure that a man like Biden Lu is willing to let a woman give birth to his child, and that woman will have no place in his heart so far?

If they hadn’t finished, if that woman came back one day, would that child still love you as much as he does now?You really think you can take her place as her real mother?Do you really think that you can take the place in Biden Lu’s heart that belongs to that woman?”

Jenny’s fingertips.

The face looked at him blankly.

Rovell gasped slightly, painfully, “Jenny, don’t be silly, he’s not even suitable for you!Don’t end up fighting a fire with moths and not only don’t get what you want, but you end up with a lot of bruises and nothing!This is the most sincere advice I can give you!”

Jenny was silent for a moment.

For a moment, lightly, I said, “Oh, I see.”

Rovell: “???”

Could your response be any cooler?

Jenny barely held up the corner of his lips and smiled.

“Rovell, you’re actually quite strange too.”

Chapter 204

“You said it’s based on the fact that we’re such a couple, not directly torn into a couple and finally parted, you should not be looking forward to me being cheated and sold by someone to help count the money and end up in the dust than with you is better than to come to my jokes again to count me?

Now you want to do some good deeds, so you’re trying to sow discord?What good is that going to do you?Could it be that…you still like me?Can’t see me and Biden Lu being close?”

Jenny said, looking at him with a seeming smile.

Rovell’s throat lagged.

Under her sharp eyes, something seemed to be seen through.

He even sank down and said in a serious manner, “Jenny!I’m genuinely warning you, so don’t think I’m joking.”

Jenny nodded his head in a fury.

“Oh, I see.So now you’re really having old feelings for me and want me to split up with Biden Lu and get back together with you?”

Rovell: “…”

Jenny tsked twice and shook his head.

“Unfortunately, there’s an old saying that a good horse doesn’t eat its way back, Rovell Mu, you’re the one who’s sorry, even if I break up with Biden Lu, I’m paying attention to the impossibility of liking you again, so what are you doing blindly?”

For some reason, Rovell’s heart stirred inexplicably as he listened to her words so lightly.

Like dense little raindrops, my heart was beating hard and fast.

He licked his somewhat dry lips and said quietly, “I didn’t expect you to come back to me again, I… I know you hate me, so naturally I don’t dare to expect anything, I just hope you don’t get hurt again, just think of it as me repaying what I owed you in the first place.”

Jenny suddenly felt funny, but she held it in.

She restrained her look and said in a serious manner, “Okay, I get it, if there’s nothing else, then you can go out first.”

Rovell looked at her, wanting to stop talking.

But in the end, in the end, nothing was said and he turned away.

It wasn’t until the lounge door was completely closed and the people outside were far away that she laughed with complete reassurance.

Mo Nan walked in from outside and was a little puzzled to see standing there smiling and smacking all over the place.

“Jenny, what’s wrong with you?Why are you laughing so hard?”

Jenny waved his hand for a long moment before he managed to stop laughing and said, “It’s nothing, I just, I just had a particularly funny thing happen.”

Mo Nan was curious, “What is it?”

“Muyenze came in just now, and guess what he told me?”

Mo Nan was startled and shook her head.

“Can’t guess.”

So Jenny smiled and told her everything that had just happened.

Mo Nan listened with a speechless face.

“He’s sick!When are you going to be?You can’t just come and go as you please?And stirring up your relationship with the gentleman, does he still feel how noble he is and how grateful you should be to him?”

Jenny Jing laughed so hard that after a long while, he patted his chest to smooth his breath and laughed, “Maybe!But he probably didn’t think I already knew about it, so he seemed pretty disappointed when he left.”

Mo Nan scoffed.

“How can a young owner of the Mu Clan, who is so malicious and petty as to sow discord, be worthy to be compared to our sir?What a joke!”

Jenny shook her head, “He’s not been a joke for a day or two, okay, don’t bother to pay attention to him, right Mo Nan, did Biden Lu return to Kyoto a few days ago?”

Mo Nan was startled and reacted, and even replied, “Yes, you were filming at the time, he called and I answered, and all of a sudden I was too busy and forgot to tell you.”

Jenny nodded.

“Nothing, I’m just asking, okay, it’s getting late, let’s go over there.”


The evening’s filming went well.

Although it was still ng a few times halfway through because of Clara’s problems, it was already much better than before.

Lin Shufan hadn’t even bothered to scold her anymore, he kind of saw that Clara could act well against others.

But as soon as it turns out to be a rivalry scene with Jenny, something is guaranteed to go wrong.

Either I forget my lines or I’m in the wrong state, but it’s all kinds of ng anyway.

At this point, how could Lin Shufan still not understand that this was Jenny Jing deliberately trying to trip Clara up.

What just surprised him was how Jenny Jing was able to have this kind of strength when this was only his first real movie?

In the world of show business, there is indeed a kind of airbrushing of people.

Some of the veteran actors who are experienced in filming are able to blend the entire character perfectly with themselves, thus exuding an air that is uniquely their own.

Drive or crush each other when playing against each other.

If they were driving each other, the two would complement each other, but if they were suppressing each other, the other could be crushed to death and unable to hold their heads up, even if they acted well, by the momentum in her.

Usually people who have this kind of ability don’t shoot for eight or ten years.

But Jenny was born with it, which was not surprising to him.

But now that he knew that the problem wasn’t with Clara, Lin Shufan was relieved.

After all, although he didn’t treat Clara very well, the contract had already been signed, the drama had to go on, and if he wasted one more day of time, he would have to think of the entire crew, and couldn’t just let Jenny Jing toss it around.

So, after closing time that night, Lin Shufan found Jenny and wanted to talk to her.

As if he had expected him to find him, Jenny was waiting there as soon as he finished work.

Seeing him coming over, Jenny smiled and asked, “Is Guide Lin hungry?Would you like to join us for a late supper?”

Lin Shufan touched his stomach and nodded, “Okay!Then let’s go to the one across the street.”

Jenny promised.

There was a barbecue restaurant across the street, and the two learned from their previous experience and instead of sitting outside this time, they asked for an inside booth.

Mo Nan knew they were going to talk about something and didn’t follow them in, but kept watch outside.

Once seated and ordering the food, Jenny Jing got straight to the point and said, “Director Lin, are you looking for me today for Clara’s matter?”

Lin Shufan saw that she actually took the initiative to mention it, and although he felt surprised, he didn’t deny it and nodded his head.

“I know you’re sisters, but there are some feuds among you, I’m not sure what they are, but that’s all private, and on the crew, I’d rather you think of the whole crew and not bring in too many personal grudges that could affect the work schedule.”

Jenny nodded.

“I understand what you’re thinking, and I’m sorry about this, but there’s one thing that I don’t know if you know.”

Lin Shufan was slightly stunned, dazed, “What is it?”

As Jenny demolished the chopsticks, he said, “I caught the person who secretly took the photo of me entering your room before and spread it up and framed us.”

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