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Chapter 979


the three young people sitting in front of him are the other three in the Tianhai Four Young Masters, He Longyu, Lin Yuanjun, and Bai Yunfei.

The three of them are the young masters of Tianhai City’s first-class families, the He, Lin, and Bai families. It can be said that each individual’s identity is not simple, and the family is also the shareholder of Tianhai University, but this time the largest shareholder of Tianhai University Has become Yaojiang Group.

In front of the Yaojiang Group, their four-member family is simply insignificant and cannot be compared.

“Lin Tianyuan, I heard that you were beaten up this time?”

He Longyu was sitting on the sofa, looking at Lin Tianyuan with a funny expression and asked jokingly.

Lin Tianyuan glanced at He Longyu and didn’t reply. He knew that the story of being beaten on the ground had spread throughout Tianhai University, so he also knew that he was embarrassed.

“What did you say about that kid? Even Lin Tianyuan can beat him, and he is so presumptuous.”

Lin Yuanjun on one side asked curiously.

“Hmph, whatever his background, dare to bully our four young masters, so he can’t eat it!”

Bai Yunfei snorted with a look of disdain.

“Recently, the school has changed a lot. I heard that the principal and the owner have changed. The most important thing is to hear from my dad that the largest shareholder of the school has been replaced by the chairman of the Yaojiang Group, and the entire school has also been replaced by the Yaojiang Group. It was acquired.”

He Longyu recounted what he had learned from his investigation, and he also learned about it from his father.

“What? Yaojiang Group actually acquired Tianhai University. What did they do with Tianhai University?”

Mable also exclaimed in surprise.

How can they not know the Yaojiang Group, and even more so about the strength of the Yaojiang Group, if this is the case, they will not dare to mess around again.

In the afternoon, Sheldon returned to the group.

After returning to the group, Sheldon called Zhou Nuo to his office.

Zhou Nuo walked into the office.

“Dong Chen, do you have any orders?”

Zhou Nuo asked respectfully to Sheldon.

“Zhou Nuo, should there be remaining villas under the group?”

Sheldon asked Zhou Nuo.

After hearing this, Zhou Nuo immediately answered.

“Yes, Dong Chen, there are still a few buildings left.”

Sheldon nodded in satisfaction after listening.

“In this way, you go to prepare all the materials of a villa for me now, I am useful.”

Sheldon immediately ordered Zhou Nuo.

After Zhou Nuo heard it, he nodded and agreed without saying anything, and then walked out of Sheldon’s office.

The reason why Sheldon asked this was because of the situation in Tang Yuxin’s family.

Tang Yuxin’s family is now facing the problem of demolition and relocation.

So Sheldon decided to let Tang Yuxin and his family live in the remaining villas of his group, which also helped their family solve a major problem.

More than an hour later, Zhou Nuo walked in with a document.

“Dong Chen, all the information and procedures of the villa have been prepared.”

Zhou Nuo handed the documents to Sheldonhui to report.

“Well, okay, it’s been hard work.”

Sheldon responded to Zhou Nuo, and then took the document handed by Zhou Nuo.

“Dong Chen, do you need me to go out with you?”

Zhou Nuo asked Sheldon again at this time.

“No, I can do it by myself. You can continue to work in the group.”

Sheldon gave an order to Zhou Nuo, then stood up and walked out with the documents.

Zhou Nuo didn’t have any opinions either. She knew Sheldon had her own way, so she didn’t have to ask about it. Just follow Sheldon’s instructions.

Sheldon left the group again with the documents and drove towards the hospital.

Came to the hospital again.

Sheldon walked in with the file.

Seeing Sheldon’s arrival again, the three of Tang Yuxin’s family immediately smiled.

“Xiao Chen, you are here, are you busy at work? Will it bother you too much?”

Tang De quickly asked Sheldon.

Sheldon smiled knowingly, and then he explained: “Uncle, it’s okay, I’m not busy, I have something to discuss with you.”

Hearing what Sheldon said, Tang De and the three immediately fell into doubt. Understand what Sheldon came for.

“That’s it, I heard Yuxin said that the place you live is now facing demolition, and you are still looking for a place to live, right?”

Sheldon asked Tang De and Wang Yuehong and his wife.

As soon as Sheldon mentioned this matter, Tang De suddenly showed a dilemma.


Tang De sighed heavily with a helpless look.

“Yeah, you said it’s not easy for us to find a place to live. The house outside is so expensive and we don’t have much money to live in. Besides, Yuxin’s mother has just finished the operation. We don’t know. What to do?”

Tang De remarked helplessly, this incident is also the family of three of them.

“Uncle, aunt, Yuxin, I came here precisely for this, and I have a way to help you solve the problem!”

Sheldon looked at Tang De and the three of them firmly told.

Upon hearing Sheldon’s words, the three of Tang Du suddenly showed a surprise expression.

“Really? Xiao Chen, do you really have a way to help us?”

Tang De also looked at Sheldon in surprise and asked if Sheldon was really willing to help them, then they could really get through this difficult situation. of.

“Yes, uncle!”

Sheldon replied with no joking expression.

After speaking, Sheldon handed the document he was holding to Tang De.

“Uncle, aunt, Yuxin, this is the information and procedures of one of my villas. It just so happens that my villa is vacant and no one lives in, so let you live, so that you can also have a good environment to live in. Aunt’s illness It can also recover faster.”

Then Sheldon watched Tang De and the three narrate.

This made the three Tang De’s eyes widen at the same time.

“Don’t… Villa?”

Tang De looked at Sheldon in amazement and exclaimed. He had no idea that Sheldon would live in a villa for them.

They never dreamed that they could live in a villa.

“Yes, uncle, the contract and the procedures have been completed for you. You can just move in and move in. No furniture is needed. The furniture is fully equipped.”

Sheldon smiled and looked at Tang De. .

“This… this, Xiao Chen, thank you so much.”

Tang De was speechless with excitement . He was grateful when he looked at Sheldon, and asked him to kneel down for Sheldon.

To be honest, Sheldon is the benefactor of their Tang family. If they didn’t have Sheldon, their Tang family would really be over.

“Uncle, you don’t need to be so polite. I said that Yuxin’s business is my business. If I can help, I will do my best to help.”

Sheldon said while looking at Tang De.

Hearing Sheldon’s words, Tang Yuxin really felt extremely warm and moved in her heart, and felt that Sheldon was really kind to herself.

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