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Chapter 22

Old Lady Yu was stunned, and Kelly Wang’s face changed.

“What are you talking about?I didn’t…”

Jenny directly interrupted her, “Grandmother Goddess, Rovell Mu and I don’t get along in character and have already broken up, so there’s no need for you to worry about us anymore.”

Old Lady Yu frowned and gave Kelly Wang a suspicious glance.

“Ning girl, did she teach you to say those words?”

Jenny laughed and didn’t say anything, rightfully unquestionable.

Kelly Wang became furious, “Jenny!What are you talking about?When did I teach you to say such things?Obviously you yourself had to come over and explain to the old lady, and you even said that this was the only way to get the old lady to forgive you, have you forgotten all that?”

Jenny sarcastically quirked his lips, “Oh?I don’t know what I did wrong, but did I have to come here and ask for forgiveness from Granny Dryden?”

At this time, Clara also took Rovell Mu’s arm and walked over.

She stood beside Yu Xiu Lian, looking at Jenny Jing in aggravation.

“Sister, when things come to a head, don’t talk tough, who in the family doesn’t know about those things between you and Chen Shao?Thinking it’s not nice to say out, I’ve been hiding it for you, but Old Lady Yu is so good to you, how can you even lie to her?”

Jenny Jing’s eyebrow bones jumped, suddenly flashing a bad feeling.

“Chen Shao?Which Chan?”

“And play dumb?Shengda Group’s second young master, that famous dude sc*m!Alas!To say that I’m to blame, I neglected to discipline you all these years, and that’s why you developed such a shameless nature, letting go of a good Mu Shao and insisting on getting with that kind of man.”

Jenny Jing’s face changed slightly.

Shengda Group’s second young master Chen Yongda, everyone knows him, Visterdem’s famous playboy.

Not to mention all day drinking, rumored to be a drug addict, married once a few years ago, and later reportedly had his wife beaten to a pulp by him.

The Chen family was so rich and powerful that they actually didn’t let Chen Yongda go to jail, but compensated the woman’s mother’s family for a sum of money and just got a divorce.

This matter had once been a boisterous one in Visterdem, so Jenny knew something about it.

But I never thought that Kelly Wang would actually involve herself with him.

She sneered, “Old Mrs. King, one should speak with evidence!Which eye did you see me with Chen Yongda?”

“You’re going to be stubborn with me today, aren’t you?Okay okay, I see you’re not seeing the coffin, Tsunade, go get Chen Shao.”

Saying that, he sighed again, “Since you won’t admit it, we’ll confront it face to face, Jenny, you forced me to do this, so don’t blame me if my face is shameless when the time comes.”

Jenny Jing was livid, her gaze sweeping towards Rovell Mu who was standing behind Kelly Wang, and the other party slightly turned away from her face, guilty of misdirecting her gaze.

She smirked steeply, “Good, very good, I always thought that you guys came to me today just to give them a leg up, but now it seems that you’re even more greedy and selfish than I thought, actually slandering me for them like this!”

Kelly Wang’s face was expressionless, “Whether it’s a slander or not, Chen Shao will know when he comes.”

Chen Yongda soon came over accompanied by Kevin Jing.

Once you see the woman standing in front of you, you can’t help but see your eyes light up.

He had never seen Jenny before, but he had heard her name because of the incident five years ago.

At first when Kevin Jing approached him to discuss this matter, he was a little reluctant, until he saw her picture, then he was moved.

And that’s when I saw the real person and was surprised to find that it was even more beautiful than the photo.

I just feel like I’ve picked up too much luck today.

Kelly Wang looked at him and said in a deep voice, “Chen Shao, I’m asking you, do you recognize this woman in front of me?”

Chen Yongda looked at Jenny’s cold and delicate face with a nasty smile on his face.

“Know each other, of course we do, not only do we know each other, we know each other very well, don’t you think so Jenny?”

The sound of “Jenny” caused goose bumps to appear on Jenny’s skin.

She looked at Chen Yongda in disgust and said coldly, “Mr. Chen, you and I have never met before, so I don’t know where we became acquainted.”

Chen Yongda rubbed his own hand and chuckled, “Naturally, it’s cooked from the outside to the inside, from the top down…”

Kelly Wang coughed out.

Old Lady Yu had turned pale, her face livid with anger.

Only then did Chen Yongda realize that he had lost his temper, and was busy restraining his obscene colour, laughing, “Just kidding, just kidding, haha, don’t mind everyone.”

I said, and looked at Jenny, “Jenny, well, I know that recently because I was busy neglecting you, you are a little angry, but as the saying goes, husband and wife, bed quarrel, bed end together, you have made so many days, can’t you just stop it?Come back with me!”

Jenny was so angry that he could barely even laugh at the sarcasm staring at him.

“Chen Yongda, you’re responsible for what you say, but you’re responsible for what you say!I don’t know when we’ve been together.And when was it that you were actually married?”

Chen Yongda frowned at the news.

“Jenny, you can argue with me and make trouble with me if you want, saying that won’t do, we’ve been together for two years, wasn’t it because of me that you returned to China in the first place?How can you say such hurtful things now?”

“Nonsense!We haven’t even seen it!”

“Alas, if you say so I’m not happy!Fine, since you’re adamantly denying it, I’ll have to show proof.”

He said, pulling his phone out of his pocket and scratching it a few times before facing the screen towards Mrs. Yu.

“Madam, but you can see clearly that all the pictures in here are of Jenny and I. We’ve slept together no more than three or four hundred times over the years, and a hundred or two hundred times, and every time she likes to take pictures in bed.

Alas!I have no other merits, but I like to spoil women, especially the ones I like, no, these are all taken by her, you are not enough, there are more behind, oh yes, I also have them in my circle of friends, you?”

He said as he scratched and pulled at the screen.

Where Old Lady Yu could not hold back, her face had already turned the colour of pig liver.

Jenny was busy explaining, “Granny Dry, don’t listen to his nonsense, I didn’t…”


Old Lady Yu suddenly snapped harshly and turned to stare at Jenny.

“Jenny, tell me the truth!Are you related to this sc*m or not?”

Jenny Jing’s gaze sank and he cut off, “It’s okay.”

“Jenny!You have a red mole on your left breast and a small moon shaped birthmark on the bottom of your foot, how would I know all this if we weren’t related?”

Chen Yongda said even loudly.

Jenny Jing’s face changed.

Upon turning back, I did see Old Lady Yu staying there, her face full of disappointment.

As a dry grandmother who grew up watching her, she was the one who took her first bath in the hospital as a child along with the nurse.

So what kind of birthmark does she have on her body and how could she not know?

And the birthmarks in those private places were unknown even to the King family, except to a very few intimate people.

Chapter 23

Old Lady Yu shook her head, heartbroken.

“Ning girl, when your mother handed you over to me, she asked me to take good care of you, but since the incident, you left the country without a word, how can I find to contact you, this matter is my dereliction of duty, but I never thought that you would actually go on such a crooked path!

It doesn’t matter if you want to be with a man like Chan Wing-tat, just tell me honestly!Even if I don’t agree, if you have to marry him, I’ll accept it!

If this loser wants to bully you, my Yu and Guan families are here and he wouldn’t dare touch you!But you’ve kept it from me. You’ve asked me again and again but you won’t admit it. What do you take me for?

Am I still your most respected and nearest and dearest elder?I haven’t heard from you in five years. I’ve been worried every day that I wouldn’t be able to do right by your mother. But what about you?Is this how you repay me?”

Jenny blanched.

Opened his mouth to try to explain.

Kelly Wang, however, interrupted her and said with a compensatory smile, “Old lady, don’t be angry, this girl is probably afraid of being scolded for telling the truth, she ah is like that, her nature is quite stubborn, I’m used to it all these years.”

Old Lady Yu waved her hand, looking exhausted.

“Okay, it’s done, I have nothing to say, today I made a fuss about your birthday banquet, I was rude, another day I will send someone to your door to make amends, as for the rest, I can’t care and don’t want to care, Si Bai, let’s go!”

Yu Si Bai frowned, his eyes lingering on those pictures on Chen Yongda’s phone screen for an instant, and in the end, he helped Old Lady Yu to leave.

Jenny clenched her fingers, her nails embedded in her palm.

The body was even shaking slightly with anger.

Shame on you!

That’s outrageous!

To think that she was actually family with such a group of people with the same blood in their veins!

How can people be so shameless?

There were already people around who had heard their conversation and had seen Old Lady Yu leave in a huff, so they couldn’t help but whisper.

“Eh, what’s going on?Is that guy Jenny?How did she get together with Shengda’s Chen Yongda?”

“What kind of pot goes with what kind of lid!”

“One stole his sister’s design because of jealousy, and the other beat up his wife. They’re perfect together, scm and scm, a perfect match.”

“But it’s too mismatched!Not to mention, Jenny is so beautiful, that Chen Yongda is disgusting enough just to look at, how can you fall in love with someone like that!”

“And you guys complimented her on her face!”

A girl who was standing with Clara just now walked over and sneered, “A plastic surgery chicken, so what if she’s pretty?In a few years, when you get older, you’ll be a wreck!I’m just afraid she won’t even be worthy of Chen Yongda by then.”

“What?Are you saying that Jenny’s current face is a result of plastic surgery?”

“Of course, it’s her sister’s own words, never a lie.”

“Oh my God!That’s too shameless…”

The scene was somewhat chaotic, and Jenny Jing’s gaze was cold and harsh as he looked at Kelly Wang, gritting his teeth.

“Kelly Wang, aren’t you afraid of the wrath of God for doing this?”

Kelly Wang looked at her, not hiding the smugness in her eyes.

Face, however, sighed softly and shook his head.

“My good granddaughter, why do you think I would have done this if you had listened to your grandmother?”

Jenny was trembling with anger that seemed to burst out of his chest.

“You think you can sit on the facts by getting a few composite photos and having a hoodlum come over and testify?What hasn’t been done is what hasn’t been done!You could have wronged me five years ago, and that was because I was too young to fight back, but not anymore!Kelly Wang, just you wait!Fabricated lies are always easily debunked!I’ll make you pay for it today.

God’s actions pay the price!”

She said, turning around and preparing to walk out.

But at that moment, the foot suddenly went soft.

Kelly Wang’s cold voice came from behind.

“You’re right, it is true that fabricated lies are easily punctured, but what if that lie came true tonight?”

Jenny looked back at her incredulously.

“What do you mean?”

Chen Yongda smilingly said, “Miss Jing, was that glass of wine good just now?That’s something I personally adjusted oh.”

Jenny Jing’s face changed.

A feeling of nausea fiercely leaped up her throat, and she pulled her legs up to run, but Kelly Wang held her arm in a death grip.

“Mr. Chen, my granddaughter has had too much to drink, could you please help her to rest in the guest room upstairs?”

Chen Yongda rubbed his hands in excitement, “Of course.”

Jenny stared at him in death, anger overflowing his eyes.

An unfamiliar warmth came over my body, and a numbingly strange desire to assault my entire body.

As Chen Yongda’s hand rested on her shoulder, she burst into a fearful stare and tried to scream for help, but she couldn’t make a sound in her throat.

Kelly Wang gave her the drug to lose her voice.

That vicious b*tch!

Chen Yongda took her into his arms and leaned in to whisper in her ear, “Jenny, I advise you not to waste your strength for nothing, this medicine not only has the effect of making people lose their strength, but also makes them temporarily lose their voice, you can’t do anything right now, so you might as well be good and come with me, brother will love you tonight.”

At this time, although some of the people around had noticed the movement on this side, because of what they had just said, they only thought that Jenny Jing and Chen Yongda were really a pair.

Isn’t it normal for a boyfriend to help his drunk girlfriend back to her room to rest?

So even though everyone saw it, no one came forward.

Jenny was so weak that she couldn’t even push Chen Yongda away if she wanted to.

In fact, if Chen Yongda hadn’t been holding her up, I’m afraid she would have fallen to the ground on weak feet.

A piercing cold leaped up from her spine, and she knew that if she really went with Chen Yongda tonight, her life would be truly ruined.

But she couldn’t speak, and none of the people around her knew the truth, much less that anyone would help her.

In desperation, she could only turn her plea for help to the man.

A few steps away, Rovell touched her gaze, struggling with his eyes, and suddenly stepped forward.

However, in the next second, it was pulled by Clara.

She covered her stomach and didn’t know what to say to him, but Rovell’s face turned pale, and he was busy picking her up by the arms and hurriedly walking out.

Jenny’s face turned pale with a swish.

Suddenly a sad and ridiculous feeling rose in my heart!

She’s so silly!

How could you put your hope in him?

How could one be so naive as to think that even if one didn’t love her anymore, even if the two had come to this point, after all, they had once loved each other.

After all, they had both been genuinely devoted to each other when they were young.

Even if it’s for a man’s selfish monopoly of Tani Yawn, it should be impossible to watch her get taken away by another man!

But then reality slapped her in the face.

Let her know that some people just don’t have a heart, and that some people are colder than the devil really!

She laughed quietly and there were tears rolling down her eyes.

Just as she was filled with despair, a voice suddenly came from outside.

Chapter 24

“Lu’s group, Biden Lu has arrived!”

The noisy crowd suddenly spontaneously gave way, and everyone turned around in surprise, only to see a slender, upright figure slowly walk in at the end of the crowd.

Jenny Jing shook fiercely, his pupils constricting.

I saw that the man seemed to be wrapped in the wind, the pace is very fast but does not appear to be hurried, saber eyebrows starry eyes, deep black pupils as if the finest ink jade, icy cold light, all over the body are emitting a raw and cold aura.

He was followed by Vicky and several black-clothed bodyguards, all of whom stood still at the door without coming in.

Only Vicky, handed a congratulatory gift to a nearby capitalist before following him inside again.

“Biden Lu!It’s really him, what’s he doing here?”

Someone among the guests murmured something low, and the others seemed to react to this, fear being a shock.

Most of the people here today were people of standing and status in society, even if they hadn’t met Biden Lu in person, hadn’t they seen it in magazines and on TV?

Thus, almost everyone recognized the man in front of them.

The heir to the Lu family fortune!The real controllers of the Lugs!

And even more recently, the founder of the entertainment kingdom, Serenity International, which is gaining momentum!

What’s he doing here?

Kelly Wang was the first to react, and was delighted to be greeted with a sudden burst of joy.

“Welcome, Mr. Lu!Quick, inside please!”

Kevin Jing and Yu Xiu Lian followed suit, their faces piled high with smiles as they saw the situation.

“I didn’t know that Lu would come over, I’m so sorry for being so lazy!”

The Jing family’s invitation to Biden Lu was just a formality.

Everyone knew that although this General Manager Lu had recently come to Visterdem, he didn’t attend any social functions and couldn’t invite anyone.

Numerous people had already hit the wall before, and the Jing family naturally didn’t think they would be an exception.

But he’s here today, unexpectedly!

Kelly Wang and the others were overjoyed with themselves, while Jenny was also excited.

Lu Keng-Shen, help me!

She opened her mouth and shouted quietly.

Chen Yongda noticed her mood and his face changed.

“You want him to save you?Stop dreaming!Not even looking at what kind of status he is, a figure like Biden Lu not to mention your Jing family, even the Mu family may not be able to reach him, and do you know what the outside world is saying about him?”

Chen Yongda sneered and continued, “Everyone says he’s gay and doesn’t like women, and the last woman who deludedly tried to climb into his bed has been thrown into the Li River, so don’t be deluded!”

He said, helping Jenny to head for the lift.

Jenny was in a bit of a hurry to see this.

Lowered his head and opened his mouth to bite on the back of his hand.

She was drugged and limp, but still had some strength left in her.

Plus, with hope at this point, how could you not struggle?

Chen Yongda didn’t think that it had come to this, but she dared to resist.

A moment’s inattention, but she actually bit him and screamed in pain, her hand loosening, and the woman in her arms ran away.

“Sheesh – b*tch!How dare you bite me?Stop!”

With a stern cry, before the crowd could react, a dark shadow swept past the eyes and pounced straight at the man standing at the entrance to the hall.

Biden Lu had already taken a big step forward and grabbed Jenny Jing before she fell on her weak legs.

With a hook of his long arm, the delicate figure had fallen into his embrace.

The crowd turned pale.

Oh, my God!Who’s that?

Huh?Isn’t that Jenny?She, she, she… how dare she touch Biden Lu?

Everyone knows that Lu King-Shen hates women!

In all these years in the business, I’ve never heard of him sleeping with any woman.

, and in the end, not only was the original order returned, but even the original order was lost!

Such a man…it’s weird that he would like women!

There were those who were secretly fond of Biden Lu, but didn’t dare to come forward, and all of them stared at the situation.

Then the anger was immense.

Shit!Shame on you!

How dare she seduce another man when her own boyfriend is still present, does she want to die!

And Jenny Jing was cradled in Biden Lu’s arms, smelling his familiar crisp aroma, almost weeping with joy.

A feeling of desperation caused her to grab onto Biden Lu’s clothes, as if grasping the last straw, and even her body couldn’t help but tremble along with it.

Biden Lu’s pupils were slightly cold.

Thinking back to what I had just heard outside, I naturally understood what had happened.

He reached out and patted the woman’s thin back gently, his eyes lifted slightly and he looked across with a cold, stern gaze.

Chen Yongda had quickly walked over and saw Jenny shrinking in his arms, his face changing.

Kelly Wang also turned pale, fearing that she would offend Biden Lu as a result, and was busy explaining.

“Mr. Lu, I’m so sorry, this is my granddaughter, she was drunk and a bit disoriented, I’ll have her pulled away right away.”

Said a stern voice, “Chen Shao, can’t you even look after your own girlfriend?What’s it look like to pounce on another man in front of all these people?”

It was only then that Chen Yongda stepped forward and said coldly, “Jenny, come here!Don’t wrinkle Lu’s clothes!”

Jenny shrank in Biden Lu’s arms without moving, and Kelly Wang frowned at the sight.

She sighed, seemingly frustrated.

“This granddaughter of mine…ugh!Blame me for teaching you badly, it’s usually fine to get drunk outside, but on an occasion like this today… Alas!It’s a joke!Chen Shao, go over there and pull her back!”

Chen Yongda was about to take action when Biden Lu suddenly spoke in a low and cold voice.

“Don’t you dare touch her!”

The crowd froze.

They all looked at him incredulously, as if they couldn’t believe it was him who said it.

Biden Lu coldly lifted the corners of his lips and looked directly at Kelly Wang across the room, “Old Lady Jing, whose girlfriend did you just say she was?”

Kelly Wang was startled and subconsciously felt something was wrong, but didn’t fully react.

Only able to reply on instinct, “She, she’s Chen Shao’s girlfriend, that’s this, the second young master of Shengda Group…”


A snort of laughter interrupted her introduction.

Biden Lu’s voice was so cold that it could almost fall out of the ice slag, and the pair of deep, inky pupils were even colder and harsher, saying word for word, “I don’t even know, when did my wife, Biden Lu, become this sc*m’s girlfriend?”

All the guests: “…”

Kelly Wang: “…….”

Chen Yongda: “……..”

What did he just say?

It’s like my ears are blocked and I can’t hear you!

Is Jenny Biden Lu’s wife?

How is that possible?!!!

There were so many people with shocked expressions that when Kelly Wang spoke, everyone around them hadn’t reacted.

“Lu, are you mistaken?She, she’s just an ordinary little girl, how can she be high up to you?”

Biden Lu sneered.

“Common?Why don’t I feel it?My wife has always been radiant as a pearl, radiant as a pearl, but some blind people just can’t see it!”

Kelly Wang: “…….”

Chen Yongda saw the situation, his eyes rolled, and tried to sneak away when everyone wasn’t looking.

However, only after touching the entrance to the hall, he was stopped by Vicky.

When I looked up, I saw the elite secretary’s smiling face, “Chen Shao, where are you going?Don’t you want your girlfriend?”

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