His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1831 – 1832

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Chapter 1831

“Who can guess what Tang Christian is thinking about?”

After saying this, the indifferent boy patted Lufang’s shoulder, “I didn’t hear from you before, and thought what was wrong with you, just fine.”

Lu Fangpi smiled and didn’t laugh, let alone that he couldn’t hear the news. After a few years of isolation, he found that his son was able to hold his thigh by his mother. Isn’t his life full of twists and turns?

Looking at the people waiting for their luggage in the distance, he always felt that the city seemed to be changing again. In the neighboring cities with the most developed economy, it seemed that some murderous intent was slowly moving away. Drilled out of the mud.

He said to the man, “Wait a minute, besides you, there are still people returning to China. I will pick up everyone at once and arrange for you to move in.”

“It’s rare to return to China. Can you stay in a hotel under Tang Christian’s name?” The man smiled very happily now, “You won’t want me to pay again?”

“Boss Tang pays the whole audience.” Lu Fang smiled, “Remember to eat more hotel meals.”

“Okay.” The man was not polite to him, “Father wants to live in the presidential suite, won’t Tang Christian refuse?”

When this word reached Tang Christian’s ears, the man sneered, “These bastards, it’s really cheap to come here whenever you have a chance.”

“Is that right? You are a male bodhisattva now.” Lu Fang grabbed his mobile phone. “Everyone is there. Now everyone has arrived at the hotel. Let’s come out and meet up later. Also, that plan, you are sure to implement it successfully. ?”

After all, in their opinion, the probability of success and failure of that plan is 50-50, and the biggest turbulence factor is human beings. Humans will never be able to control.

Tang Christian’s eyes darkened, “Besides, I have nothing to lose anyway. Why don’t you take a risk, life is boring, what do you think?”

“My little master was dragged into the water with you, is there any reward?” Lu Fang lit a cigarette for himself, “If I don’t interfere with your business, I can take my son home.”

Hearing Lu Fang talk about his son, Tang Christian smiled meaningfully, “Your son… is not a simple character.”

This stinky boy is his personal apprentice, but the master and apprentice have never talked to Lu Fang. Until now, Lu Fang didn’t know that his son and Tang Christian could have such a close relationship, so he didn’t understand Tang Christian. He said, “That’s because he is me!”

Tang Christian glanced at the time, “I’ll see you in an hour. See you in the same place.”

“I know, I will go and talk to them.”

Lu Fang smiled, “You man, really terrible.”

“Compared with you, it’s not worth mentioning. When will the matter end, take Luo Wu to play a game with me.” Tang Christian’s eyes were provocative, but only a man would show the arrogance and arrogance of a man of his own level. Provocatively, “I want to solo with you again for a long time, dope.”

Late that night, Tang Christian got off the black business car. The weather was getting colder. He wore a slender windbreaker. The fine fabric had a good verticality. The man was very straight, and the windbreaker was blown behind him. Must be agitated, from a distance it looks like the head of some gangster.

Indifferent, bitter, and fascinating.

He walked from the dark shadows into the warmly lit hotel lobby. A woman smiled next to him, and then said, “I’m waiting for you, it’s finally here.”

Chapter 1832

Tang Christian took off his black windbreaker and hung it on his hand. After taking off his coat, he was dressed in a white shirt. The buttons under his throat were neatly buttoned, but it made people feel a little bit of indulgence. His cuffs were sewn with custom-made expensive cuffs, revealing a crisp and neat wrist. Turning the door opened, there were several young men who were equally energetic. When they saw Tang Christian, they stretched out their hands, “Yo!”

“There were a few people who couldn’t catch up with things temporarily and called us to take them for a meeting.”

The man who was first picked up by Lu Fang at the airport smiled, “President Tang, he has become handsome again. I don’t know how many younger sisters this face can deceive…”

Tang Christian casually grabbed a handful of his broken hair backwards and sneered at the corners of his mouth, “Not interested in women.”

Lu Fang hugged himself, “You won’t follow me, will you?”

Tang Christian wished to strangle him, “I am even less interested in a scumbag like you!”

Lu Fangguai exclaimed, “Turtle don’t laugh at the bastard! I am a scumbag, are you a good purebred man? Master Tang is boring!”

Tang Christian didn’t want to take care of Lu Fang. This person was very similar to his own character in one aspect, that is, he would repay him – but Lu Fang was always ruthless and didn’t need love. He was different. He needed Ameli Su.

Someone on the side took the notebook and opened it on the table in the middle. Then he said, “Do business, this is Jammy’s schedule so far. Can you please pay attention to it, can anyone else be close to Jammy? ?”

Tang Christian thought of Lemuel Chu.

But he quickly rejected it.

It is impossible for him to let Lemuel Chu help.

“I think I can start with Ace. According to my investigation, Ace and Lu Yiting have a very good relationship for so many years. The two even adopted and raised a girl named Rong Mo together.”

After saying this, the woman who came in with Tang Christian tapped the keyboard, and a picture of Rong Mo appeared on the screen. She went on to say, “I think we can start with Rong Mo and Ace. According to my guess, Ai Si should have feelings for Lu Yiting, not love but also family. After so many years, they have been like family members. Because of their identity, Ace can’t directly oppose Jammy’s behavior towards Lu Yiting, but…”

Tang Christian smiled, “Lu Yiting is dead, so maybe Ace’s last spiritual support is gone?”

Ameli Su looked at the text message sent by Lemuel Chu on the phone, she was a little lost.

Leaving from Lu Yiting’s funeral, it was already late at night the next day. Tang Christian called her to rest after returning, but he looked serious, as if he was about to do something big.

She clenched her fingers, Ameli Su seemed to have thought of something. She always felt that the message Lemuel Chu sent at this time was very strange. She remembered that the day Jammy appeared, Lemuel Chu said to her to run quickly, and the woman’s eyes gradually darkened. Go down.

If you really have to pay any price…

“As long as you can lose everything, I will not hesitate.”

Replied to the text message, Ameli Su walked to the bedside table and opened the drawer. Inside was a pen.

It was used by Tang Christian when he was in high school. At the beginning, he was the student council president at Xu Yao. She took her event planning book and asked Tang Christian for credit. In the end, Tang Christian signed the two words of consent and used this pen.

At that moment, Ameli Su smiled.

She squeezed the pen and turned to go out.

“Tang Christian, remembering me many years later, finally I don’t have to be afraid of others.”

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