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Chapter 235

There was a sharp pain in the palm of the hand, metal cutting through the skin and sinking into the flesh.

Jenny’s face was a little pale, but she gritted her teeth and stayed strong.

Until after twenty swings, finally, her toes touched the rocks of the cliff, and she jumped at the chance to stand firm, her body pressed against the cliff.

Originally this was an extremely difficult move that ordinary people couldn’t do.

The good news was that she had practiced fighting abroad for a long time before, and although her strength was now a bit depleted, she still had her skills and was barely able to finish.

Once stable, she observed the landform and found that fortunately this side of the cliff was steep, but had many uneven rocks as well as weeds on it, so climbing it should not be difficult.

The only question to be resolved now is, what is it up there?

She didn’t want to climb up there so easily, only to be caught by Clara’s people waiting for her.

Wouldn’t that be an injustice?

Thinking so, her eyes fell on her hand that kept bleeding, the loss of blood making her body a little cold and her wrist even more painful to the point of numbness.

But the good news is that perhaps because of the danger we’re in, consciousness is actually extraordinarily tough, and there’s no blood loss to the point of dizziness yet.

She gritted her teeth and casually tore a piece of cloth from her body and barely wrapped her hand.

But perhaps the wound was too deep, and the blood on her hand still kept coming, and by now, she was feeling a little dizzy and nauseous.

Knowing this was a sign of excessive blood loss, she took a deep breath and bit the tip of her tongue to keep herself minimally awake.

Then, only then, did the hard climb upwards begin.

Always give it a try, whether or not there’s a King Maya up there.

If you’re lucky, it’s raw, and if you’re unlucky, you’re really only to blame for your bad luck.

Thinking this, she no longer hesitated and kept climbing up.

It was impossible for her to climb such a steep rock wall with her hand wounded like that.

But there’s no way now, if you don’t climb up, you’ll just stand here and die.

Fortunately, it’s only a dozen meters.

Hang in there, you’ll be able to climb it.

Jenny tried to climb, cold sweat soon seeping out on his forehead, not so much from the heat, but from the pain.

My hand hurts so damn much!

But as much as it hurt, she didn’t dare stop.

Because she knew that as soon as she stopped, there was a chance she wouldn’t have the courage to start climbing again.

At this point, she needed to be calm and sane.

However, the head was still getting dizzy.

The bandaged hand, from the force of the climb, was bleeding again from the wound.

It didn’t take long for the red blood to stain the hand-wrapped cloth and run down the arm.

For almost a moment, Jenny’s eyes plunged into darkness, as if he would pass out in the next second.

But she bit the tip of her tongue hard enough to force herself awake.

Hold on!

It’s close, it’ll be up soon!

You’ll survive!

She was mentally cheering herself up when suddenly there was a sound from above.

“Mr. Land!There are two lines of tire marks here that look like they were left not too long ago.”

“Look around!”


A spark of hope instantly burst into Jenny’s eyes, and he looked up in surprise.

It’s Lu Keng Shen!Is he here?

His voice was so clear that it was already etched into her head, so she could never hear it wrong.

“Biden Lu!I’m here!”

She shouted out.

Over the cliff.

Biden Lu was searching along the tire tracks when he suddenly heard a woman’s voice.

His spine stiffened, and the sea breeze was so strong that it broke up the woman’s voice, but it still came up faintly.

“Biden Lu, I’m under the cliff!Come and save me!”

His eyes instantly burst into a flash of ecstasy and he quickly rushed towards the cliff.

Pupils constricted sharply as the slim figure lying on the cliff was seen.


Jenny tried to look up at him, they were still about seven or eight meters away, not a far distance, yet because of the mist in the air, even the other’s face was hidden and not very distinct.

Her eyes were suddenly a little hot and her nose was sore.

Originally I was strong to climb here by myself, never weak the whole time, but for some reason, the moment I saw him, the walls built in my heart seemed to crumble in an instant, and my strong will was on the verge of collapse.

As if sensing that the little man was crying, the man’s tone betrayed some anxiety.

“Jenny, don’t be afraid, I’ll be right down.”

A police officer who followed along saw the situation and said, “Mr. Lu, this is too dangerous, it’s better we do it.”

“Get out of the way!”

Hearing the voice from above, Jenny had already choked, unable to say half a word.

Can only nod desperately.

Only then did Biden Lu discover that there was a rope buried in the bushes by the cliff, no big trees nearby, and the end of the rope was nailed into the earth with the nails used to build tents in the wild.

Jenny Jing was small and thin, and naturally light in weight, barely able to handle it, but if he was added to the mix, I’m afraid the nail wouldn’t be able to handle it.

He turned and shouted, “Come here two!”

Someone had already spotted the commotion and came running this way.

Biden Lu handed them the rope and said in a deep voice, “Hold it!When I tell you to pull up, you pull!”


The men he himself had brought with him were all bodyguards trained by the Lu family since childhood, and the last thing he needed was strength.

Biden Lu climbed down the rope.

He was fast, like a nimble monkey on a steep stone wall, and it wasn’t long before he was in front of her.

When looking at the wretched appearance of the girl in front of him, especially the arms that were still not bleeding, the heart gripped hard, as if held by a giant hand, and gasped in pain.

Jenny had already given out, barely hanging on to the cliff by the last bit of willpower, and seeing him, it was as if the remnants of that will had collapsed in an instant.

Just shouted his name and then his legs went weak and the whole thing was about to go down.

Fortunately, the man’s arm had already reached out and hooked around her waist, bringing her into his arms.

He was tense, his face unable to distinguish between happiness and anger, yet leaning into his strong, warm embrace, Jenny was incomparably at ease.

“Can you hold on for another minute?”He asked quietly.

Jenny nodded.

Biden Lu quickly tied a very clever knot in the rope and put it around her waist, then he held her with one arm and shouted, “Pull!”

The ropes began to move while he let her hang onto her, climbing quickly up the cliff.

Jenny had never thought that a person with only one hand, two feet, and a person hanging on in his arms could actually steep hand climb that fast.

She clung to his neck, her legs hanging obediently around his narrow waist like an octopus that had lost its ability to survive.

The man’s firm jaw was right in front of her eyes, and he had a faint, clean, good scent.

Chapter 236

Jenny hugged him tighter, knocking his head on his shoulder.

As if sensing the attachment of the girl in his arms, the man hugged her waist a little tighter and said in a deep voice, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”


Jenny nodded, his voice nasal, “I’m fine.”

How can it be okay?

The blood at her palm kept flowing without stopping, and her hands were not like Biden Lu’s, which were calloused from years of touching various sports equipment.

She had never done this kind of intense exercise before, and her small hands were soft and supple, and after holding the rope and swinging to the cliffs and climbing such a long way, she was already worn to a bloody pulp by now.

If it didn’t already hurt so much that it was numb, it wouldn’t even last here.

Biden Lu naturally understood, so the more distressed he became.

It hurt so much that she didn’t even have the strength to blame her for being self-serving and blindly confident.

Soon, they reached the ground.

Jenny had already been unable to hold on and her consciousness had fallen into a daze, Biden Lu untied the rope from her waist and said in a deep voice, “Where’s the ambulance?”

“It’s already here, it’s parked on the side of the road, and Dr. Lam is in the car.”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the man strode out to the road with her in his arms.


Jenny didn’t know how long he had been unconscious.

I just remember being groggy and having a man with a very heavy British accent tending to her wounds while speaking in a broken voice.

Her body had been leaning into a warm embrace.

The familiar smell and scent caused her body and mind to completely relax, and the pain in her body was now as if it was extraordinarily clear, as if it was going into the marrow of her bones.


She snorted softly.

Biden Lu held her in his arms, his gaze cold as he looked across at Dr. Lin.

“She’s screaming in pain, didn’t you hear?”

Dr. Lin spread his hands helplessly, “I can’t give her painkillers right now, she’s been injected with some cyanide, and using painkillers now will only leave her body with residual effects, if you don’t mind of course.”

“No need!”

The man replied coldly, then hugged the girl tighter.

“Jenny, bear with me, sweetie, it won’t hurt any time soon.”

The girl in her arms had pale lips, yet, as if sensing her voice, her lips mumbled and she didn’t shout after all.

Biden Lu reached out his hand to wipe away the cold sweat that ached out on her forehead, looking at her weak and pale appearance, he only felt his heart cringe.

I wish I could suffer this pain instead of her.

Just then, the phone rang.

As soon as it was picked up, Mo Nan’s voice was heard, “Master, I’ve found out, it was Clara who did it!She has now learned of the wife’s escape and is searching everywhere.”

Biden Lu sneered, “A search?Who gave her the nerve?The man who dared to arrest me?”

Across the room, Mo Nan’s heart was racing, “I know what to do.”

The phone hung up, and Dr. Lin, sitting across from him, listened the whole time, a little alarmed.

“Lu, calm down, although the other party is disrespectful to your wife, but the person is well saved, you can just get her, don’t implicate the innocent.”

Biden Lu looked at him coldly, “Innocent?What do you know about the man who kidnapped her, and what he had to do with her?”

Dr. Lin didn’t know much about Jenny and subconsciously asked, “What’s the relationship?”


Dr. Lin’s azure eyes widened and his mouth opened in surprise.

“Now do you still believe her family is innocent?”

Dr. Lin was silent.

If two people are really sisters, and their relationship has come to this point, but the parents don’t know?

That’s obviously not possible.

He sighed and didn’t speak again.

The girl in his arms had drifted off to sleep at some point, and Biden Lu looked at her with his eyes downcast, a softness and heartache flashing in his eyes.

Dr. Lin saw it and was even more surprised.

“Lu, is she the girl you met in California five years ago?”

Biden Lu nodded.

“She looks so young, is she an adult?You guys aren’t playing uncle love!”

The man’s face darkened as soon as that was said.

An unhappy frown, “What uncle love?Do I look old?”

“Doesn’t it get old?You’re almost 30 and she looks like she’s not even 20.”

Biden Lu: “…….”

Not bothering to talk to the man in front of me.

It didn’t take long to get to the hospital.

Although in the car, Dr. Lin had already bandaged her wounds and done a basic examination, he was still unsure in the end.

Fearing that she might have some hidden injuries, she arrived at the hospital, got a female doctor to come over, and examined her again in detail, finding that she was fine before she was completely relieved.


Jenny woke up at four o’clock in the afternoon.

When I woke up, the sun was just right outside, slanting in through the window sill, but inside it was not stifling, but very cool because the air conditioning was on.

She blinked, and it took a few seconds for the party to adjust to the light in front of her, then braced herself to sit up slightly.

But unexpectedly, the hand pressed against the bed and hurt violently.

Only then did she remember that her palms were wounded and lifted her own hands, only to see them wrapped tightly in gauze, just like two bear paws.

The little face was dark.

The door was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

The upright man appeared in the doorway and saw her sitting up and paled.

“Who gave you permission to move?”

He had a very bad tone and came over cold.

Jenny was stunned and a little guilty.

“I, I didn’t mean to move around, I just wanted to sit up, I’m a little stiff from lying too long.”

She hurried to explain, and the man’s eyes softened a bit at the news.

But it still didn’t look good.

Looking at her two bear paws, she said coldly, “Won’t you ring the bell to call someone if you want to sit up?Why do you always like to be strong?”

Jenny didn’t speak.

Big black eyes looked at him, a little aggrieved.

Biden Lu called the doctor over to examine her.

The examination was soon completed and she was fine, the drugs that had been injected into her body had cleared up, but the injuries on her hands would need some time to heal.

The man seemed relieved and sat down in front of the bed after the doctor had left.

Dragging her hand, which was wrapped in a bear paw, she asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Jenny’s heart was a bit clogged, and he shook his head sullenly.

Biden Lu raised his eyebrows, noting her emotions, and a sharp smile flashed across his eyes.

Yet the face remained feignedly taut, and the voice said, “And you’re still aggrieved?”

Jenny didn’t say anything.

But the expression on one small face was plainly expressing his grievance.

“Did you ever think of me when you were grieving?But it’s a woman who can be dealt with casually, but you prefer to fight her to the death, have you ever thought about how I’m going to conduct myself if I meet with some accident?”

Chapter 237

Jenny was stunned and looked up at him.

But I saw that his eyes were deep and serious, and there was a faint ring of crow’s feet under his eye sockets, so it was obvious that he hadn’t slept well last night and was worried about working all day today, so his whole body looked a bit tired.

Her heart softened, even as she felt a little guilty.

I was busy explaining, “I’m sorry, but this time it was really my fault for not thinking things through.I won’t be so reckless next time!”

The man raised an eyebrow, “There will be a next time?”

Jenny: “……..”

She reached out to tug at the man’s sleeve, but she couldn’t, as her own hand was wrapped in a bear paw, so she couldn’t tug at it, so she had to rub against his arm next to her.

“There won’t be a next time, so don’t be mad.”

“You promise?”

“I promise!”

“What if?”

Jenny Jing thought about it, and seriously said, “If there is a next time, feel free to punish me however you want, I have no complaints whatsoever.”

The man’s face softened a little at that, and he reached out and nudged her little nose.

“Next time, I’ll chain you up and take you with me every day, and you won’t go anywhere but by my side!”

Jenny nodded incessantly, “Fine, fine, you’re in charge.”

Knowing in her heart how much he cared for her and how scared she was of being hurt, she was willing to do anything he asked.

If love is a shackle, let her be chained!

She was willing to be locked up for the rest of her life and never come out.

Her good and obedient appearance pleasing the man, Biden Lu’s eyes finally showed a few hints of laughter and asked, “Are you hungry yet?”

It was good that he didn’t mention it, but when he did, Jenny really felt a little hungry.

After all, she hadn’t eaten anything all day since last night.

Even nodded.

The man went out and gave his orders, and a few minutes later, some food was brought over.

She couldn’t hold the spoon in her hand, so she just let him feed it.

Considering how weak she is right now, the man had all the liquid food, porridge, and chicken soup bought.

Feeding her, he was extremely patient, scooping it up with a spoon and putting it on his lips to cool it before bringing it into her mouth.

Jenny leaned on the bed head, at first a little embarrassed, but his own two hands are useless, can only cover up that embarrassment, good food.

The man’s eyes deepened as he watched that pink mouth drink down the porridge from the spoon.

“How does it taste?Are you used to eating it?”

Jenny nodded, “It’s quite delicious, did you buy it from Eight Treasures?”


Knowing that she would most likely be hungry when she woke up, she had already sent someone to the Eight Treasures House to buy food, and kept it warm outside, just waiting for her to wake up and bring it in.

Jenny’s eyes were a little shiny, perhaps because of the joy of being reborn after the robbery, or perhaps the satisfaction of the food’s fruitfulness.

She suddenly leaned forward and k*ssed him on the cheek, saying sweetly, “Biden Lu, you’re so nice.”

The man’s eyes were dark, his breathing slightly heavy.

“Just now?”

“No, I already knew that.”

Her glittering eyes glittered with wry light, and the man chuckled softly, suddenly pressing the back of her head and k*ssing his thin lips against hers.

His lips were still slightly cool, with a crisp breath that belonged solely to him, and Jenny didn’t resist, quietly allowing him to k*ss her.

At first the man was able to taste it superficially, but the girl tasted so beautiful that kssing and kssing had some tendency to stop.

Until there was a sudden bang at the door.


Jenny reacted first, staring with wide eyes and a small blush, pushing the man away in a row.

The push, and forgetting his injured hand, the movement pulled at the wound and hissed softly in pain.

The man’s eyes were dark.

The eyes swept coldly towards the door.

Standing in the doorway, Vicky looked aggrieved.

He didn’t do it on purpose!Who knew you two were k*ssing in there with the door open?Besides, didn’t the president say to come in and report as soon as there was news?

But he didn’t dare say any of those words.

I could only grudgingly say, “President, we found the car where they kidnapped the wife.”

Jenny was slightly stunned at the news.

Just heard Biden Lu say, “Then what are you waiting for?It’s directly at the disposal of the police.”

Vicky answered yes and was about to turn around and leave, but was suddenly stopped by Jenny Jing.


She braced herself to sit up and said, “Don’t dispose of it yet, hold off on this for a while.”

In the meantime, Biden Lu looked at her, “You have other ideas?”

“Well.”Jenny nodded, “I wasn’t saved from her by you personally after all, if she dies and refuses to admit it, even if she calls the police, as long as there’s no evidence she’s capable of getting herself off the hook, the worst that can happen is that she’ll push a scapegoat out in the end.”

Biden Lu sneered, “If you really want to condemn her, she hasn’t got the stamina to get out of it!”

Jenny pursed her lips.

“But if you use strong power to suppress it, eventually there will always be people who will be disgruntled, and when things get big, maybe even involve the land family, you need to know that public opinion is sometimes the best weapon against power.”

Biden Lu was slightly silent.

Indeed, having reached such a position as the Lu family, sometimes it could already be said that there were no enemies.

But there is an invisible constraint, and that is the power of public opinion.

No one, no one, wants their family to be thrown into the dirt.

Jenny laughed, “So, I have a better idea.”

“What’s the solution?”

She smiled a little.

“I’m going to make her, herself, tell me the evil she once committed against me!”


That afternoon, it was unknown who had gotten the news that Jenny had been kidnapped and was now missing, and it was quickly released to the top, setting off an uproar.

The news wasn’t just an idle rumor, and it didn’t take long for Starflight Studios’ official blog to release a statement proving that the news was true.

But at the same time, we hope that Friends will not continue to speculate or spread wildly so as not to affect the police case.

The official blog of the Visterdem police also reprinted the ruff, while calling on people to report any clues anonymously, but if the information is true, there will be a big prize.

The incident quickly caused a stir on the, #Jenny kidnapped # hot search quickly butchered the charts, occupying major headlines.

Lin Shufan and Nina Hua and the others were also very worried after they found out.

Nina Hua was so anxious that she went directly to Biden Lu, and didn’t know where she found the phone number, after Biden Lu received it, it was not good to explain more, just said Jenny was fine and hung up.

Nina Hua was a little confused at first, but then thought about it carefully and reacted sharply.

I’ll go!Jenny’s got a trap rhythm going on here!

Knowing that she was fine, Nina Hua was relieved, and since she was going to pit people against each other, of course she moved to the bench to watch the show, so there was no rush.

Biden Lu gave the police side a shout out, because there was no hiding the fact that the police were there when the rescue took place.

So, just a little bit of work on how to catch the killer and get him to ambush the law.

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