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Chapter 265

Yu Muwan’s heart was gripped fiercely, she thought about it, and quickly compromised.

She really can’t just give up this job just because of arrogance, God knows how important it is to her! When Nangong Che said, “I will give it to you,” she even flashed a hint of surprise in her heart.

The clear eyes were still stubborn. She bit her lip, stood upright with the pain in her back, smoothed the hair that fell from her ears behind her ears, and looked at him directly.

“Master Nangong, please return this job to me, okay?”

Ha… Nangong Che smiled arrogantly, and came to her with smoke like a Satan in the night: “You beg me?”

“Then please, don’t dismiss me. I will work for the company. I won’t be lazy or slippery. Is this all right?” She changed her opinion.

“You woman…” Nangong Che sneered, and slowly lifted the soft hair from her forehead with her fingers in smoke. He seemed to have a soft spot for this action, “I beg you to be so arrogant, huh?”

“Have you ever finished?” Yu Muwan said with a calm face, thinking that he had achieved the best.

Never finished!

Nangong Che said with confidence.

There has never been a woman who can talk about his anger so easily and enjoy it over and over again. He really wants to hone her temper and see how hard she is to give in. He thinks Nangong Che has this ability!

“I’ll be here today. I will let you go for the time being. You’d better do it well in Liyuan. I will check it from time to time…” Nangong Che looked at her little face and warned in a cold voice, “Also, I don’t want my employees to make extra money after work, so you’d better quit the part-time job in Fanyu Restaurant. Now, right away, understand?”

Quit part-time?

Yu Muwan curled his eyebrows, feeling that this man was simply unreasonable.

“I use my night time to work, and I won’t take up working time!” She resisted.

“Are you short of money? Still short of men?” Nangong Che’s deep eyes met her small face, and his eyes were full of chills. “If you lack money, please ask me to increase your salary. If you lack men, don’t go to such a place to hook up. Even if Yu really likes you, it’s just for fun, and when you do, you will immediately throw it away. Do you understand?!”

With a “brush”, Yu Muwan’s face flushed, and his anger was in full swing.

“Are you sick?! Why do you think of me like this? What is my business in the end!” She trembled with anger and couldn’t bear the humiliation.

“Quit! Go tomorrow!” He frowned, and couldn’t bear the ghostly thoughts in Luo Fanyu’s heart.

Yu Muwan was about to collapse, she covered her forehead with her cold little hand, really want to escape from here, escape far away, it’s best not to see this person, never see!

“I have nothing to do with you, and you have no right to control me!” She pushed him hard, shouting in pain.

“Dangdangdang”, the door knocked three times and was unscrewed. Luo Mincheng, dressed in a blue tunic, walked in. He was serious and not young, looking at the scene in front of him with a slight surprise.

“Che, you…” Luo Mincheng then frowned, looking at the two ambiguous men and women who were close.

Nangong Che’s arrogant gaze eased a little, but he was still cold, raised his eyes and called out, “Uncle Luo.”

Yu Muwan was slightly shocked, knowing that this was the best time to escape, she looked at the man as if for help, her feet had already begun to move towards the door, but only after taking a step, Nangong Che’s strong iron arms took her back into her arms. in!

“Don’t forget that I can see your every move. I will resign tomorrow. If you are unbehaved, you will look good!” Nangong Che said with warning in his deep eyes.

Chapter 266

Yu Muwan was like a man on her back, God knows, she was trembling enough when she faced this man alone, now in front of people, why is he… why is he still so arrogant? !

She had to bit her lip without saying a word.

Such a well-being can really please him, Nangong Che’s vicious eyes softened a little, and he felt the soft and delicate body of the little woman in his arms, and he was a little reluctant to let go.

“Go!” He suppressed the desire in his eyes and let go of her.

Yu Muwan quickly got out of his embrace, the man’s chest seemed terrible, and the heat from his body burned her. She opened the door and ran out around the so-called “Uncle Luo”.


Returning to his seat, Yu Muwan was upset.

Is she really going to quit her part-time job in the restaurant?

Her clear eyes closed in pain, she didn’t want to, she didn’t want to!

Yes, she is short of money, a lot of money! If she hadn’t given all the money to Cheng Yisheng, how could she not even be able to make up for Qian Rou’s surgery? ! One month… She doesn’t even know how to make up so much money in one month, let alone being forced to quit her job now!

The delicate fingers grabbed the paper on the tabletop, gripping tightly, but there was nothing to do.

“Nangong Che, why don’t you die!” She cursed lowly, and tears of grievance and stubbornness came in her eyes again.

“Mu Wan, where did you just go?” A soft and charming voice came.

Yu Muwan was so excited, he hurriedly stopped his tears, and looked up. It was Yao Lanlan, the assistant manager of the marketing department.

“I… didn’t go there, I just sent a copy of it.”

“Is it the top floor?” Yao Lanlan smiled and walked slowly over, slowly leaning on her desk, showing the proud plumpness, tilted her head and asked, “You know Master Nangong? He called you to go. Send information!”

Yu Muwan was startled slightly, and was stopped.

“I don’t know him.” The disgust in her eyes flashed.

In Yao Lanlan’s view, this disgust seemed to be directed at her.

Frowning, with a slightly provocative expression, Yao Lanlan smiled mockingly: “Heh, Yu Muwan, do you have to do this? It’s just to send a document, do you think you went to bed? I just asked you, you What proud of!”

Yu Muwan was speechless, her eyes filled with puzzlement, she…when did she have that meaning?

“Sister Yao, you misunderstood, I just don’t like that kind of arrogant person, I’m not to you.” She explained carefully.

“Huh…” Yao Lanlan fiddled with the bracelet on her wrist, and looked at her contemptuously, “Do you like the superb man who is too rare for others to have time? Do you want to put a high profile? Or is it ironic of my overweight?”

Yu Muwanqing’s eyes were filled with incredibleness, and there was no sound from his throat.

She lowered her head and sorrowfully smoothed the hair hanging from her ears, feeling that she could not explain it clearly.

“I don’t know, Sister Yao, I will work first, are you okay?” She maintained her last courtesy.

Yao Lanlan’s face turned blue, she didn’t speak, but she couldn’t see the extreme.

“Yu Muwan, you really should really recognize your position in Liyuan and argue with me, why bother? You don’t know that I am born with a grudge. If you embarrass me once, I will double it back to you. ?” Yao Lanlan said in a cold posture.

Yu Muwan had a slight headache and his fingertips trembled slightly, and he no longer knew how to resolve this hostility.

Really, very inexplicable!

Chapter 267

At the same time, in the luxurious office on the top floor, Luo Mincheng frowned slightly as he looked at the arrogant and upright man on the swivel chair.

“Che, what happened just now?”

Nangong Che got up and helped him make a cup of tea, with a little respect between Leng and Ao’s brows: “What’s the matter?”

“How long have you not been to Liyuan, and you were in the office just now–” Luo Mincheng couldn’t say anything. “You are a person with a marriage contract. Enxi’s affairs have already made the Nangong family faceless. How can you get entangled with a woman other than Qingwan again?!”

Luo Mincheng’s tone was a bit heavy, and Nangong Che raised his deep eyes and stared at him.

The Nangong family is indeed a famous family in Z City, and their reputation and status are very important. The disputes of the rich are always sensitive and fierce. He knows this very well. It is impossible for a woman with an ordinary background to be able to climb him.

“I will solve Enxi’s matter as soon as possible. My matter, Uncle Luo, you should leave it alone,” he said indifferently, with a slightly ironic corner of his mouth, “Qingwan will definitely be the young lady of the Nangong family in the future. I can guarantee this. As for what woman I play with—you don’t have to worry about it!”

Luo Mincheng frowned deeper, but knew that he was right.

“Are you sure, you are just for fun?”

Nangong Che casually turned over the information that Yu Muwan had just sent: “Maybe.”

“You will get married after Qingwan comes back. Don’t find any reason to delay the marriage. I don’t want anything wrong with the marriage. Don’t be like Enxi, who can easily bring out any children, and then even return to Nangong’s house. How can she marry…” Luo Mincheng was heartbroken.

At this moment, Nangong Che’s mind is full of the words that just warned Yu Muwan. I don’t know if this damn little woman didn’t hear it. He was originally just domineering, and only a bit more hateful in front of her. If she doesn’t listen, it’s true. Give her some color!

“Uncle Luo—” he interrupted him and warned, “Don’t mention the child’s matter. It is impossible for the media to know about this matter, otherwise she will really be ruined. If I find her, it doesn’t matter if she is me or not. Sister, that child must also be killed!”

“…Oh, you can get that cruel heart the best!”

Nangong Che smiled coldly, he really loved his sister very much, but that wild species, at Nangong’s house, absolutely can’t stay!

A conversation seemed silent, but they didn’t notice. In the crack of the slightly open door, a pair of eyes moved away in a panic, covering their mouths so that they didn’t make any sound.

But the conversation just now has fallen into that person’s ears…


It was late at night after handling the matter in Liyuan.

Nangong Che came out of the company’s gate, indifferently said to the entourage behind him: “I will walk by myself, don’t follow.”

In the jet black luxury car, his upright posture has a deterrent taste, making people afraid to approach. The group of people can only watch him go away without knowing where he is going.

Luo Fanyu just came out of the Wenxiang Nephrite, and he walked out of the box door with his shirt buttons full of love, and was slightly surprised when he saw Nangong Che, and then laughed: “I said, why are you here at this time? Where am I?”

“Where is she?” Nangong’s eagle-like eyes swept across the restaurant downstairs.

“Who are you talking about?”

“Yu Muwan!”

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