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Chapter 238

Jenny didn’t know what method he had used to convince those people to keep the news that they had found him to themselves for the time being.

But now that the negotiations have been made clear, her side naturally can’t drop the ball.

So that night, while no one was around late at night, Jenny Jing had Mo Nan give himself a simple disguise, and then he quietly left the hospital and returned to Lu Yuan while the night was dark and windy.

Naturally, Biden Lu was fine with it, the injuries on Jenny Jing’s body weren’t serious, not to mention that there were doctors at home, whose medical skills weren’t worse than those in the hospital.

When he got home, he sent most of the maids away and gave them a week’s vacation, leaving only Aunt Liu and the other maid in charge of the kitchen for the long term.

Aunt Liu didn’t know about their plan, but she wasn’t a nosy person, so she didn’t dare ask if Biden Lu didn’t say anything.

Rumors were swirling outside about Jenny’s kidnapping.

Everyone is wondering who the person who kidnapped her is and what their intentions are.

There’s talk of offending people at work and jealousy of her seeing her so hot out of the gate.

Others say that it might be because of feelings.

After all, in just a few months’ time, the matter about Jenny’s feelings had been on several hot searches, of which the confusion was so confusing that it was really hard to see clearly.

But in short, no matter what anyone out there says, there is a unanimous expression of an attitude.

That’s being curious and sympathetic to her.

After all, whoever it was, this was just a short time ago, and this is what happened.

It would be a pity if something happened to him, wouldn’t it?

It’s strange, though, that with all the speculation on it, there’s no one to speculate that it was Clara who did it.

It is really the past in front of people to create a simple and weak image is too deep in the heart, even if the past year frequently burst scandals, but most people also just think that she may not be as gentle and simple as usual in front of the camera, as for the kidnapping?That’s never going to happen.

Until the next night, when a well-known entertainment v suddenly popped up with a recording.

The recording was long, nearly ten minutes in total, and the voice was distorted, but it could still be heard, I think.

To the Lord details how it was ordered by Clara to frame Jenny Jing.

Not only secretly filming her, but also drugging her and director Lin Shufan’s meals and drinks with the intention of trying to frame them for a female affair.

Not only that, but the recording talks about a few little things that happened inside the set.

For example, deliberately paying off the staff who put out the box lunches to give Jenny the worst box lunches.

As well as knowing that they are on their period, they only prepare cold drinks, and when they ask for hot drinks, they say that there is no hot water in the power outage there.

It’s just a few insignificant little things, but everything adds up to enough to be disgusting.

The recording shocked the entire pink circle when it was released.

None of the friends expected that the seemingly gentle, polite, and kind and gentle Clara would actually do so many bullying and horrible things.

Especially the drugging thing, which Jenny had even clarified in an interview before, but fewer people believed her at the time.

Now that it’s blown up by another person, the credibility will naturally improve.

But spare a thought, there are still many who question the authenticity of that recording.

After all, a recording is no better than a video, and we don’t know who said it, so if there is a real desire to frame someone, wouldn’t it be okay for anyone to come out and say a paragraph?


It started with a small group of people, gradually expanded, and then more and more people voiced their doubts, especially King’s fans, who demanded that the owner of the recording come out and confront him face to face.

As a result, that afternoon, a girl named Aoi came forward and admitted that she was the owner of the recording.

Aoi is Kyouya’s life assistant and has been with her for several years, as many of Kyouya’s fans know.

Because before, whenever there was a meeting or going to pick up the plane, she could almost always be seen following Clara.

So there are actually a lot of people who know her.

At this point, seeing that it was actually her who stepped forward, one by one they were all shocked.

Not only were these youkai surprised, but even Jenny, who was staying home in seclusion for the past two days, was surprised.

She had asked Mo Nan to bring Aoi here before, but only to get evidence from her that Clara had set her up, and didn’t think much else.

She knew that Aoi was so loyal to Kyouya because of her mother’s illness.

So, as a condition of the deal, it was also promised to treat her mother.

But other than that, the two didn’t interact much.

Jenny Jing had even had his voice changed to keep her out of this matter.

It’s just that I’m afraid the recording will come out later and she’ll be recognized and it will affect her normal life.

But unexpectedly, now she has come forward on her own accord!

Jenny was shocked and ran to watch the video of Aoi being interviewed.

The little girl had a baby face, and although she wasn’t particularly pretty, she was considered to have a clean look, and had the feeling of a small family.

She looked at the camera and said seriously, word by word, “At first, because of my mother’s illness, I chose to let Clara do whatever she wanted and made many mistakes, I hereby apologize to Jenny Jing and the vast number of you who were deceived.

I came forward today because at the most critical moment, Clara abandoned me and instead, Jenny Jing, who I had hurt, came up with the money to save my mother’s life.

So, even though after today, there may be a lot of name-calling and possible criminal liability, I will willingly come forward.

My mother said that although we’re poor, we can’t owe people favors, and if we do, we must pay them back, although I don’t know if Clara did the kidnapping this time, but I can at least give everyone an explanation for what happened before.”

The little girl in the video had firm eyes, a serious face, and no sign of cowardice, unlike the little Aoi she had seen before.

Jenny leaned back in the sofa and sighed helplessly.

Biden Lu just brought up a bowl of fruit, saw her sighing at the computer, walked over, forked a piece of cantaloupe and passed it into her mouth.

“What are you looking at?Why are you sighing?”

Jenny tilted the screen to show him the video he’d just tapped again.

Biden Lu finished reading and was silent for a moment.

It took a moment before he said, “The little girl is young, but quite spirited.”

Jenny nodded and sighed again, “It’s just a pity that she underestimated the power of public opinion and power.”

A person like Clara might not even be as good as an ant in front of Biden Lu.

But in front of Aoi, it was like a mountain of existence.

She could almost decide Aoi’s future and life if she wanted to.

Sometimes life is just so unfair, and the adult world, where the weak are the strong, is always cruel.

Chapter 239

Biden Lu naturally thought of this and said in a deep voice, “Since she dared to come forward, she should have understood that there would be such a consequence, she has done so much wrong to you before, and now that she is willing to make amends like this, she can be considered asking for mercy.”

Although Jenny was upset, she also knew that Biden Lu was right, so she didn’t say anything else.

That video of Aoi’s spread quickly, and before long, it was all over the place.

Naturally, Clara also saw the video and was shocked and angry!

She never would have thought that when Aoi disappeared, she was actually captured by Jenny.

When Shang was on a crusade against Jenny Jing, she hadn’t come out with evidence to prove her innocence, and Clara had gotten away with thinking that maybe Aoi’s disappearance had nothing to do with her.

Now it seems that she is just holding back a big trick, the so-called hitting the snake with seven inches, she’s trying to completely screw herself to death.

Clara was in a panic, and that recording from before was enough to have a big impact on her.

Plus now that her ex-assistant has come out to prove it, with her nose in the air, who will people believe in the end?

Damn it!That b*tch!

Clara was so anxious at home that she immediately looked for Tong Shu to discuss the strategy with her.

Tong Shu was also helpless, she had seen artists who could get into trouble, but she had never seen an artist who could get into trouble this much.

Every time I didn’t get anything done, I lost my wife and my army every time.

Instead of counting others, they folded themselves in.

She didn’t know what to say all at once, but it was just very dumb anyway.

Seeing that Clara was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, she thought about it and said, “There’s no way to avoid this matter, since Jenny Jing has been able to keep Aoi until now, there might be some other evidence on hand.

The more we deny it, the harder it will be to answer later when she produces evidence, so we might as well just admit it.

After all, your fan base is there, and when the time comes, let’s just say there was a little friction between the sisters in the family and you were momentarily obsessed with doing something like this.

Then give Jenny an apology in front of the whole, it won’t completely fix the situation, but at least it won’t make it any worse, and so far, it’s the best way to do it.”

Clara stared at her, incredulous.

“Tong Shu, I called you over here so you could find a way to excuse me!You didn’t tell me to go apologize to her!

If I can apologize, then why do I need you?Wouldn’t I just go out and talk to the media myself and be done with it?”

Tong Shu frowned.

“So what do you want to do?”

“Of course, get someone to suppress the message, and all those videos and recordings!Delete them all!”

Tong Shu looked as if she had fallen into madness and sighed helplessly.

“The videos and recordings have been so widely disseminated that there’s no point in suppressing them now, even if we spend a lot of money to keep them down.

Those who should have known better, would have known by now that the Friends are not stupid, and that such a hot topic was suppressed all at once, and anyone can see that you paid to deliberately withdraw it.

At that time, people will only think that you made a mistake with a tough mouth and refused to admit it, but also played the audience as a fool, and then your impression of you will only get worse, do you really want this result?”

Clara watched her calmly say this pile of words, only to feel as if the last straw in her heart had also been taken away, ton

When there was no bottom.

“Child, I can’t just stand out and apologize, if I stand out now, my comeback will hit the bottom again before it even begins.

Grandmother wouldn’t want to see this happen, neither would Mom and Dad, and Brother Azawa, Fenghua Entertainment has invested so much money in me that he won’t let me go if I really lose it all!”

Tonshu looked at her and frowned tightly.


“Go find Jenny!”

Clara suddenly thought of something, widened her pupils, grabbed Tong Shu’s hand and said urgently, “Go find her, ask her what she wants, I’ll give her whatever she wants, as long as she comes out to help me clarify that these are all fake!You go get her!”

Tong Shu was in a bit of a dilemma.

“Is this going to work?After all, this time it’s…”

“It must be possible!”Clara sneered, “You don’t understand that woman, she’s a lover of money, she was willing to put up with me and Brother Azawa for money before, and then she’d rather carry the dirty water on herself for shares.

So, this one will be no exception, and she’ll do anything as long as enough money is paid!”

Tong Shu was still a little puzzled.

“But didn’t the rumors say she’d been kidnapped?It hasn’t been found yet, where am I going to find her?”

“Bullshit!She’s already been saved back!”

As soon as this was said, Clara realized that she had missed her words and shut her mouth without turning pale.

However, Tong Shu had already heard her and couldn’t believe it.

“What do you mean, Maya?How did you know she’d been rescued?Did this kidnapping…”

“I didn’t!Not me!Don’t be ridiculous!”

Clara was busy denying it, yet the eyes that kept flickering had already leaked out her guilty conscience.

Tong Shu simply felt like he was about to collapse.

“Maya, are you crazy?How could you do such a thing?Do you know that if this comes out, it’s not just your reputation that will be damaged, it’s breaking the law, and you might have to go to jail, do you understand what that means?”

Clara snorted lightly.

“It didn’t kill her, did it?They say that a thousand years of misfortune is a legacy, she has a great life, and now that she has escaped on her own, even if she wants to sue me later, what makes her say that I kidnapped her?”

When Tong Shu heard her say that, something flashed in her mind and she asked, “So have you disposed of those things yet?”

Clara nodded.

“Don’t you worry!I’m not so stupid as to put the handle there for her to take, she left on the front foot and I took care of all the traces on the back foot, and even if she goes back, there’s no evidence that I kidnapped her.”

Tong Shu was only slightly relieved by this, but still felt that Clara was a bit too bold nowadays.

“In this matter, you’d better find Mu Shao to give an account, although you said that you’ve completely disposed of the traces, but there’s no guarantee that there’ll be any more basket cases in the back, so it’s better to say hello first, just in case there’s really something to deal with.”

King, face stiff and slightly uncomfortable.

“No, I can make my own decisions about this, don’t worry!No need to tell him.”

“Really?Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”Clara was a little impatient, “Okay, I didn’t come here today to talk to you about this, so you should quickly think of a way to see how you can help me put this down.”

Chapter 240

Tong Shu nodded, “Okay then, I’ll deal with this matter first, be careful yourself, don’t do it again, it’s been an eventful autumn lately, you’d better be good and stay at home, don’t go anywhere, so as not to cause any more trouble, just wait for my news on this matter.”

Jing Ken appeared, and was finally relieved.

Even nodded good-naturedly, “Yes, I understand, thank you Child.”

After Tong Shu left, it didn’t take long for Rovell’s call to come in.

Clara looked at the caller ID on her phone, her eyes slightly cold.

Even though they already know that they are different nowadays, it would be good if they don’t see each other as enemies after the breakup of their relationship, how much love can there be left?

However, looking at the constantly jumping names on her phone, she still couldn’t help but feel her heart grieve, as if something had been hollowed out, dripping with blood pain.

She took a deep breath and answered the phone.

On the other side, Rovell Mu’s voice was very dark.

“Did you really do that thing?”

Clara barely tugged at the corner of her lips and smiled coolly.

“Didn’t you already know that?Why are you pretending here?When I sent for the drugs before, but one of your handlers gave them to me, and don’t tell me he didn’t have your permission?”

Rovell coldly said, “You bribed a few of my assistants behind my back, don’t you know anything about it?I’m merely turning a blind eye to the fact that I don’t want to get into too much trouble with you, but instead it’s an excuse for you to lay blame?”

Clara stalled.

She chuckled softly.

“So now you’re questioning me?”

“Shouldn’t I question you a few times?You wouldn’t know how much Fenghua has invested in you!Needless to say about that movie, now that an endorsement deal for Cazilan is on the horizon, you’re giving me trouble like this, how are you going to answer to people?”

Clara paused slightly.

She dropped her eyes slightly for a moment before a cool tug on her lips.

“I’m trying to work it out, aren’t I?What’s your hurry?Or is it not all because of the endorsement that you’re so anxious, but because you’re distressed about your ex-girlfriend who you once abandoned yourself, but now you look so good?”


“Don’t call me that in such a rage, it will make me think that my suspicions are true.”

Her face was expressionless, but her eyes were as calm as an ancient well, overflowing with a slight coldness.

Some things, in the end, break quietly in the heart.

Like a broken mirror that could never be put back together again, shattered so much that she couldn’t even see it anymore.

After King finished, he calmly hung up the phone, then took a deep breath and went out to dinner.

On the other hand, Jenny Jing had also learned that Tong Shu wanted to see him.

Of course Tong Shu didn’t dare to come directly to Lu Yuan, even though she knew that if Jenny Jing did come back, he must return to Lu Yuan first.

But a place like that is not something that anyone can just say they want to get into.

It was not good to go in case she got a closed door, so she just went to Xing Hui and called Jenny through Xiao He, wanting to ask her out to meet her.

Xiao He was very clever, mainly and indeed unaware that Jenny had returned.

Therefore, hearing Tong Shu say that he wanted to find her, he was suddenly very unhappy, after all, among the various rumors that had been circulating, there was a suspicion that Clara had sent someone to kidnap Jenny Jing.

Although she thought the likelihood of such a thing was slim, it still didn’t delay her from seeing Tong Shu.

“Everyone knows that something happened to our boss and now you’re looking for her, isn’t that funny?If you want it, I want it too!If we can find out where the boss is, why are we in such a hurry now?”

Tong Shu was a bit down on her back like this.

But she was here to beg today, and even if she was upset, she couldn’t get angry.

So just be patient and say, “All I ask is that you give her a call or you give me the number and I’ll call.”

Little He snickered.

“You say you’ll give it to you?On what grounds?”

Tong Shu looked at her seriously.

“Don’t you want to know the whereabouts of your boss?”

Little He stumbled.

She looked at Tong Shu suspiciously, always feeling that something was wrong with this.

The news of Jenny’s disappearance has been reported by the police, but we haven’t found her yet. This Tong Shu, why are you so sure that a phone call will find her?

But because of her concern for Jenny’s well-being, she eventually fought.

Unsurprisingly, the call did go through.

Xiao He was delighted, however, the next thing he heard was a low, cold voice from the phone.


Not Jenny, but a man.

Xiao He was startled and immediately understood who the other party was.

She opened her mouth wide in surprise, realizing that Tong Shu was still standing outside, and even swallowed back the shock that was about to come out of her mouth.

“No, nothing, I just wanted to ask if Jenny… is she okay?”

Biden Lu sat on the sofa and looked at Jenny Jing, who was applying a mask next to him.

Jenny gestured to him, and only then did he say, “It’s fine, no leaks allowed.”

He nodded, “Oh, okay, I got it.”

Afterwards, the phone was cut off from the other side.

She stared at the phone for a few seconds before responding.

His head was still a little muddled, but his heart had already surged with endless ecstasy, like a small volcano that was about to erupt immediately.

She took a deep breath and stood for a few seconds before she pushed down her emotions and resumed an indifferent demeanor and walked outside.

Tong Shu stood there and saw her come out and greeted her.

“Well?Would Ho like to see me?”

Xiao He frowned, unhappy and suspicious, “What makes you think that our boss has returned?”

Tong Shu a lag.

She forced a smile, “I just heard she was back, so I came over to ask.”

Little He snickered.

“Oh?Really?I don’t know who’s talking nonsense out there, but I’ve just called there and there was no answer, and I called our boss’s house, and the family also said she didn’t come back at all, and they’re all still out there looking around for her.

I wonder where Elder Tong heard that our boss has returned?I think the person who revealed this information to you must know something, so why don’t you give me her name and I’ll ask her personally in person!”

Tong Shu’s face changed, and he panicked a bit.

She forced a smile, “I, I just heard it from someone, that, since I can’t find it, forget it, I’ll come back some other time.”

Afterwards, he hurriedly fled.

Seeing that Tong Shu had left in a hurry, Xiao He was gently relieved.

On the other hand, Jenny took his own phone, tapped on it a few times, and scratched it off.

Her phone had been off for the past few days to avoid anyone from the outside finding her.

Just now, she merely remembered that there was an important piece of information still in her phone, so she asked Biden Lu to help her open it and send it out.

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