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Chapter 262

,, “Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?”

Jenny was stunned.

Does that sound familiar?

She tilted her head to look over at the man, who also happened to look up, and they were both startled.



“Why are you here?”

“Why are you here?”

Same words, exported at the same time.

After that, both of them didn’t look too good.

Jenny is depressed.

That’s why there’s a proverb that says the wrong way is the right way!

Ever since that day on the island after the distinct, I thought I would never see him again, but I never thought I would be so unlucky as to not only see him here, but his compartment was also right next door to my own.

Rovell’s face changed colour for a moment, but he quickly calmed down.

He looked Jenny up and down.

I have to say that nowadays, Jenny is getting more and more beautiful.

A nude dress, outlining her slender and graceful figure, sandals of the same colour on her feet, and jet-black hair like a waterfall on the back of her head, she looked delicate and pure.

He had only known her to be pretty before, but had never been much interested in her because she lacked the kind of femininity he liked.

But now it seemed that as long as she was willing to dress up, she was no less attractive than Clara.

Even more than that.

Rovell’s eyes flashed a dark colour, pressed down the wine, straightened up and smiled, “I’m here to meet some friends, what a coincidence, I didn’t expect to meet you.”

Jenny didn’t give him a good look.

“I’m not interested in what you’re doing here, so get out of my way if you’re okay, I’m going to go to my room.”

Rovell raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the next compartment.

“You’re right next door?”

Jenny rolled his eyes.

I thought to myself, what a bad luck to be next door to you.

“Next door seems to be full of people from the entertainment industry, and I just saw several famous directors…oh, I forgot, you’re considered a famous actor now.”

In the past two days, Cannon Fodder Raiders has officially launched on the web, and although it’s only a small production web series, the response has been very positive and the hits have been high.

He smiled and his smile was a bit lonely, “Jenny, I saw your performance in that TV series, it was wonderful, I loved it.”

Jenny Jing sneered, “Is it any of your business how well I perform?Do you like it?Your own wife is still sitting in jail, and you’re in the mood for a drink, what?Is Mr. Mu ready for a new recruit?This true love is really plastic too!”

Rovell looked stiff.

After Clara’s accident, he went to see her once, he used to think that Clara was gentle and virtuous, but now when he saw her like that, she was like a crazy woman, not saying anything else except for forcing him to find a way to save her, which made people look annoyed.

In his heart, he somehow regretted the thought.

Especially after seeing her performance in the play, the aura and acting skills that were in no way inferior to Clara’s would never have been shown without a certain amount of talent.

Such a woman was only worthy of being his Rovell’s woman.

And Clara….

She had changed since she had started over six months ago, and now she was not at all the same Maya he had come to know because of it.

At first, he thought she had a change of heart because she couldn’t take the shock.

But after all this time together, he realized that she was actually nothing like what he had seen before.

She’s jealous, incompetent, petty, manipulative and stupid and gets ripped apart every time.

What a loser!

If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t divorce them yet, he would have left them alone a long time ago.

Before, the idea existed only in the head, it wasn’t strong enough.

And now, seeing how elegant and generous Jenny was, that kind of thought was like spring mushrooms that couldn’t be suppressed any longer.

Rovell smiled faintly, “I didn’t hear much about you acting before, I didn’t expect you to act so well now, as a friend, I’m still very happy for you, no matter what, it’s a success!”

Jenny couldn’t help but roll her eyes again.

Not bothering to talk to him, I stepped forward to leave and was suddenly grabbed by his wrist.

“Hey, wait.”

Jenny frowned.

If it weren’t for the fact that this was a public place, I would have kicked him out.

She finally managed to be patient and impatient, “What else can I do?”

Rovell Mu paused and said softly, “Old Mrs. Yu and my father are inside, you’ve come all the way here, won’t you go in and say hello to him?”

Jenny was stunned.

Is Mrs. Yu here too?

If you don’t come, why are you still mixed up with the Mu family?

Although the heart is quite doubtful, but in any case, old lady Yu is still very good to her, if you do not know better, if you know but pass by the door, not even a greeting, it seems really unreasonable.

Jenny shook his hand away and said in a deep voice, “I got it!”

Finish and push the door in.

Rovell’s appearance only softened a little this time, and a smile curved his lips as he followed suit.

And not far away, Snap Xie looked at the scene and frowned, his eyes flashing in contemplation.


The box was large and crowded.

Each of the private rooms in the Sensui Pavilion is equivalent to a three-bedroom apartment in an ordinary person’s home, with a KTV, a chess and card room, a better one with a backyard and a swimming pool in the summer, and quite a lot of entertainment.

When they entered the box, they saw Old Lady Yu and Patrick Hong sitting on the sofa inside, while a middle-aged man in a suit sat across from them.

The middle-aged man was around forty years old and looked young, his hair was meticulously combed back, and he was dressed in a handmade suit, so he couldn’t see his identity, but it was clear from the aura that he was no ordinary person.

The Yu and Mu families were even meeting with such a person in this place, who was he?

Jenny was confused, but didn’t think much of it.

Walked over and called out, “Old Mrs. Yu.”

Naturally, Old Lady Yu had already seen her, and although she was a little surprised, she still smiled and nodded.

“Jenny, you’re here too?Partying with friends?”

Jenny nodded, “Well, a few friends from the entertainment industry.”

“Oh, I understand, you’re in the entertainment industry now as an actor, you must be careful ah, it’s a complicated circle, but Granny Dry believes in you, you’re a good boy, you’ll keep your true heart.”

The old man’s kind words warmed Jenny’s heart somewhat.

Regardless of what happened before and how many misunderstandings there were, Old Lady Yu was the only one here who was willing to care about her after her mother’s death.

She and her grandfather had been bamboo horse friends, and they were as close as brother and sister when they were alive, and perhaps they really wanted their offspring to stay close as well, so that’s why she made her mother the old lady’s goddaughter and the old lady’s goddaughter’s granddaughter.

Chapter 263

It’s just a shame that it wasn’t meant to be.

Some relationships, after all, are slowly drifting apart.

Jenny didn’t say anything else, and after greeting, he was ready to leave.

It was then that the middle-aged man sitting across from him spoke up.

“Is this Miss Jennyjing?”

Jenny was stunned and turned to look.

The middle-aged man had a gentle and calm smile on his face, the kind of tolerant smile that belonged to the upper echelon of those who looked at the commoners.

She nodded, “Yes.”

“I’ve seen you perform, you’re a great actor, and I heard you sang the theme song for your play?I especially like that song, would it be convenient to sing it again for me tonight?”

Jenny was a little surprised.

After all, Cannon Fodder Raiders is only a small production and small investment web drama, and Lin Shufan didn’t hire any professional singers in order to save costs.

Once I accidentally discovered that Jenny could sing, I just let her sing the opening song.

Rather didn’t think that the other side had heard of it.

Jenny was embarrassed and gathered the hair by his ears.

“It’s…not good, you guys party here…”

“No, it’s just that because it has something in common with a tune a late friend of mine once composed, I heard it at the time and was quite touched by it, which is why I wanted to hear it again live when I met you today, and I was actually abrupt to say the least.”

The other smiled gently.

Honestly, the request was actually a bit abrupt when dealing with someone you’re meeting for the first time.

But just because it’s this guy, the ease of his demeanor, and the earnestness of his tone, it makes it seem like he really just wants to listen to the song, not try to take someone’s amusement.

Jenny wasn’t that stingy, she could tell that the identities of the people present were not simple.

And the other guy’s eyes are very sincere, and it’s not necessarily true to think that this song might actually mean something special to him.

She didn’t want to go back to her social life that early anyway, so it wasn’t like she couldn’t sing a song if she really wanted to.

Thinking so, she looked at Old Lady Yu.

Old Mrs. Yu nodded imperceptibly.

She pursed her lips and finally, nodded, “Good.”

There is ready-made sound equipment in the box, although not as professional as the one in the recording studio, but it can be configured in Xianshui Pavilion, the quality and sound is also very good.

Jenny had the song ordered, then picked up the microphone and began to sing.

She actually gets really into it every time she sings this song, and this time is no exception.

As soon as the first note sounded, Jenny’s entire body and mind plunged into the world of music.

This song is heard to be written by a very famous composer and is about a lover he was once very much in love with, who died tragically due to a change in circumstances, and how he has been missing the other person, with whom he has an afterlife rendezvous.

Although it’s about life and death, the whole song isn’t really too sad, but there’s a little bit of a light sadness sinking in, which is roughly the same thing as mourning without being sad.

Jenny sang with great intensity, and the middle-aged man, the moment she opened her mouth, his entire body had been shaken.

The face went from being easy and gentle at first to incredulous, and a deep shock.

There’s a difference between listening live, and listening from a TV set.

From the TV, although feeling shocked, will quickly react that she is not her.

The scene is different.


The person is right in front of you, the eyebrows, the look, the tone….

It’s like the old man is alive.

Once the song was finished, Jenny quickly snapped out of the music and turned around, smiling, “Sorry for the offering.”

It was only after she finished that the middle-aged man didn’t react, the whole thing was staring at her.

Jenny’s heart thudded.

Is there something wrong with it?

Old Mrs. Yu had obviously noticed that something was wrong with the atmosphere and was busy clapping and laughing, “Jenny sang beautifully, Mr. Guan, don’t you think so?”

The man who was called Mr. Kwan reacted and looked a little uncomfortable, nodding his head, “Yes, great.”

Although Jenny felt that his reaction was too strange, he didn’t think much of it and put down the microphone, saying, “Granny Dry, I should go back.”

Old Lady Yu nodded and smiled, “Yes, go ahead!Let Mu send you off.”

Jenny originally wanted to refuse, but Rovell Mu had already walked quickly to the door, so she didn’t say anything as if it was a bit deliberate to refuse again.

Out the door, Rovell smiled, “You just sang so beautifully, even better than what you heard on TV.”

Jenny Jing raised his eyebrows, “What about compared to Clara?”

You know, as an all-around entertainer in film, television and song, Clara used to sing quite a few songs too!

Rovell looked stiff.

Some accosted, “What are you mentioning her for?”

Jenny stopped, looked at him and sneered, “Rovell Mu, I know exactly what’s in your heart, so there’s no need to pretend in front of me.

If the prospect’s family is ruled by Kelly Wang and Clara’s mother and daughter, you will try to please Kelly Wang and Clara, just to make sure that the Mu family will eventually take over the Jing family.

Now that Kelly Wang is in trouble, and Clara and Yu Xiulian are involved in a lawsuit, you are afraid of bringing trouble to yourself or to the Mu family, so you want to kick her out to get me back, Rovell, do you think everyone is as brain-dead as she is?At your mercy, at your mercy?”

Rovell’s face came down hard.

“What are you talking about?That’s who you think I am?I’ll admit that Maya and I do have a bad relationship right now, but that was bad before her accident, not that I have to take advantage of the situation now!”

Jenny was simply laughing at him.

“Not taking advantage of the situation?It’s not a stoning of Muyenze!Do you believe that?I’m telling you, if you’re going to take some responsibility and stand up to her now, I respect you as a man, but do you?You didn’t!

In the end, you’re just doing this for yourself, and you love only yourself, so will you stop playing games with me?I’m sick of your awkward acting.

And, if you chose her, then take up your responsibilities as a man, or I’ll only hate and despise you more!”

After that, she turned to leave.

Rovell never expected that she would be so rude as to accuse herself.

A flash of blue and white.

Eventually, out of breath, he gritted his teeth and said, “Jenny!You’ll regret what you said today!”

Jenny didn’t look back.

Rovell was mad as hell.

With a twinkle in his eye, he suddenly strode forward and pulled her in, saying in a deep voice, “Wait, I have a secret, do you want to hear it?”

Jenny Jing sized him up and sneered, “You have a hundred secrets I don’t want to hear!Let go!”

“I mean it!What does it take for you to believe me?Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve made a lot of mistakes and done things I shouldn’t have in the past, and I may have hurt you, but at least I really want to apologize to you now, so why won’t you just give me a chance?”

Chapter 264

,,Jenny’s eyes flashed with a touch of sarcasm.

“Truly?You didn’t talk about it when I was cheated and oppressed by Kelly Wang and Clara, and now you come here to tell me how you feel?I’m sorry, but your sincerity makes me feel really cheap!”


“Let go!I’m going in!”

“Jenny, listen to me…”

“I told you to let go!”

Jenny shook him off, but unexpectedly used a little too much strength and threw the man right into the railing.

Rovell let out a painful grunt, and many people around him looked over, a little surprised.

Jenny: “……..”

Little blush.

Well, it seems like it’s not good to drink too much of this wine ha, if you’re not careful you’ll easily lose control of your temper and expose your strength, you can’t even grasp the strength.

With all the strange looks from everyone around her, she hesitated on whether to just leave at this point or go over and check it out.

In the end, as some low voices began to ring out next to her, she was now at least considered a celebrity, and while it was not unusual for celebrities to see celebrities in a place like the Fairy Water Pavilion, it wouldn’t be good if word got out that she had hit someone in public.

She’s thin-skinned, and she wants a face.

So in the end, I had to walk towards Rovell and whisper, “Hey!Don’t pretend you’re not dead, get up.”

Rovell covered his stomach as he hit the railing, squeezing his whole face together in pain.

He managed to stand up and gritted his teeth, “I’m, I’m fine.”

His face was white and his forehead was full of weak sweat.

Jenny looked at him as if he was weak, and it was hard to believe that he was really okay.

It was a little irritating.

A grown man, like a weak chicken, can’t have a good fight when you bump into him like this?

It’s not broken, is it?

Jenny Jing apprehensively said, “Why don’t I help you back to the box!Uh, or maybe I’ll go get a waiter?”

Rovell looked up at her.

“No, I just have a bit of a stomach ache, can you help me to the bathroom?”

Jenny thought about it, the bathroom had just been there herself, it wasn’t far, so she agreed.

Helping him to the bathroom door, she said quietly, “Here we are, all right then I’ll go first.”

After saying that, he was about to leave, but was pulled by Rovell and brought the whole person inside the gents.

Jenny, who was unaware, was really taken in by him, and was surprised and angry.

“Are you fu*king crazy?Cut me loose!”

She couldn’t resist bursting into foul language.

Rovell sneered and pressed her against the cubicle’s wall panel, whispering, “Try screaming again?If someone outside hears you, let’s see how you can explain!”

Jenny gritted his teeth.

So there’s just something bad about being an entertainer.

Sometimes it’s common to die for the sake of pride and to swallow your pride for the sake of reputation.

But where she was the one who was willing to endure and couldn’t scream, she simply backhandedly covered Rovell Mu’s mouth, then lifted her heels and stomped down.


Rovell grunted in pain.

Trying to struggle, but the woman was so strong that she didn’t know where she had gotten the strength to winch both of his arms back, and his whole body was pressed back against the door panel, still in a face to wall position.

Immediately afterwards, countless fists muffled together came down on the back of his head.

Jenny is really mad!

Yaaaaay!He’s already annoying enough as it is!He’s not interested!

You had to go up to her, didn’t you?Then let him try!

Jenny had just been tricked, and now he wasn’t worried about breaking him, just a fat beating.

Later on, it was still too inconvenient for one hand, so I simply pulled out his belt, tied his hands behind his back, took off his socks and gagged him, and after freeing my hands, I punched and kicked him for a while.

Someone came in to use the bathroom outside and heard voices inside.

At first there was some surprise as to what was happening.

Later, when I heard the muffled sounds of the man inside and the woman gasping for air, it all became ambiguously clear.

The men usually know this kind of thing by heart, so they don’t talk much and leave in silence after using the bathroom.

Poor Rovell tried to voice out for help, but no one paid attention.

Jenny played for ten minutes or so, but finally got tired of fighting.

Panting and cross-legged, with a small red face and a forehead drenched in sweat.

Rovell, on the other hand, had already given up on resisting, and curled up as a shrimp on the floor next to the toilet with his head down.

Jenny wasn’t relieved and kicked him hard.

Gritting his teeth, he said, “If it wasn’t for Old Lady Yu’s face, I would have wanted to beat you up!You asked for it today. Next time you come near me, I’ll kill you!Hear that?”

Rovell’s nose was swollen and his eyes were soaked in blood, and he was nearly unconscious, not even having the strength to respond.

Jenny Jing Fang realized in hindsight that he had done too much, and thought about it, using his phone to send a text message to Patrick Hong.

“I’m beaten, come to the ladies room and save me.”

After sending it, she squared off and washed her hands and left.

Jenny made up her mind that a good-looking person like Rovell Mu would never tell Patrick Hong that he was beaten by her.

After all, to everyone, she was just a little girl with no hands.

And being weak since childhood and not being able to do martial arts at all, no one would believe her even if they told her that she had beaten him.

And it really did turn out to be what she expected.

When he woke up from the hospital the next day, he refused to say who the person who beat him was, no matter how much Patrick Hong asked.

Patrick Hong was angry at first, yelling that he wanted to call the police and also set up surveillance.

Then I saw that he was really resisting too much, and I felt helpless to give up.

And although she gave up, Rovell thoroughly remembered Jenny Jing.

He didn’t understand how someone who was clearly weak in the past could suddenly become so strong.

That day in the bathroom, he was really not polite and tried very hard to struggle.

But he really can’t get away!

That woman, she’s like the devil!

It was horrible!

On top of the fear, the resentment in Rovell’s heart intensified.

Many people saw the day they were stretched out of the bathroom, and they were all upper class people in Visterdem.

Everyone knows that his Mu family’s young owner was beaten up in the ladies’ room, and there are even reports of ambiguous noises heard in the bathroom before, wondering if he was peeking at people going to the bathroom, or being fairy danced, or doing something shady.

Muyenze simply couldn’t say anything!

God knows, at that time, he had pulled Jenny in just to take advantage of her previous feelings for him, to talk to her properly and get her back again.

And now we’re in this mess!


Just the thought of those two words filled him with resentment and hatred now.

She hates him, doesn’t she?

Don’t want to be with him, do you?Then he’ll have to!

Sooner or later, he would trample all of her pride underfoot and give her a taste of what it was really like to offend him!

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