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Chapter 274

Several women, as well as the household maids, watched as Jasmine Tong skillfully handled the ingredients and skillfully lowered the pot, adding spices and inverting spoons with ease, all in one go.

“Our Ono is truly blessed.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, young as you are, that’s good craftsmanship at first glance.”

“It’ll never work without a few years of practice.”

We were all talking and praising, praising Jasmine Tong was a little embarrassed.

In the evening, we all have New Year’s Eve dinner together.

Because there were more people, the elders sat at one table and the younger ones at another.

Naturally, Jasmine Tong sat at the elder’s table along with Albert Ou.

Mo Yiang’s generation was small, so he could only sit with his siblings.

Since Jasmine Tong was the first time she came to the door, she naturally became the focus of everyone’s attention.

“Mandy, who do you have in your family?”

Where there are a lot of women, there are naturally fewer of these messy issues.

“The family had a brother of their own, her mother died early, the father of the family married the stepmother, and they don’t get along much.”

Albert Ou answered crisply.

Jasmine Tong laughed awkwardly, if she were to answer on her own, she wouldn’t really know how to answer, to the point where Albert Ou helped her out.

Once Albert Ou said this, the rest of the people understood what Albert Ou meant, and naturally no one would ask this question again.

“Oh Ono, how did you two get married so quietly?”

“It’s my mother’s idea.”Albert Ou was not shy about answering either.

Everyone thought it was a decision Albert Ou had taken without permission, after all, his parents weren’t on this side.

Albert Ou said so, and no one questioned Jasmine Tong anymore.

“But how come they didn’t even have a wedding? Young people like these two get married, they have to have a wedding, right?”

“That’s right, Xiao Nao, you can’t aggravate someone’s girl, this marriage is a lifelong affair, which girl doesn’t want to get married in style” Yao Xiangyun also hurriedly said.

The question stuck with Albert Ou instead, and he looked at Jasmine Tong.

“I don’t really care about the formality of it, I have a special job and we haven’t announced our marriage to the public yet, so please help us hide it.”

Jasmine Tong replied very appropriately.

“Okay, okay, let’s all stop staring at people all the time, so many people are staring at one person, it’s shameful for people to see”

Still, Yao Xiangyun hugged Jasmine Tong to round things out.

“If you find this table too restrictive, you go sit with Ione and the others.”

Albert Ou said softly.

Everyone could see that Albert Ou’s doting on Jasmine Tong was all written in his eyes.

“Yeah, it’s Manny’s first time here, so he might not be used to it, so why don’t you go sit with Yiang and the others, and the kid’s family will be lively.”

Saying that, Yao Xiangyun brought Jasmine Tong to the children’s table.

Otherwise, at that table, it’s unlikely Jasmine Tong would even be able to eat.

“Auntie, auntie, sit next to me” Mo Yi Xin hurriedly greeted.

Jasmine Tong sat in the middle of Mo Yiang and Mo Yi Xin.

At this table Jasmine Tong always relaxed, after all, this table is full of children.

Jasmine Tong leaned close to Mo Yiang.

“Be sure to kowtow to me tomorrow, oh, I’ll give you a big bonus nephew.”

“Get out.”

“Hahahahaha” next to him, Mo Yi Xin laughed.

“Do you know what Auntie and Big Brother said Auntie said she wants Big Brother to kowtow to her tomorrow and she’ll give Big Brother a red envelope, haha.”

The table of people all laughed.

“Mo Yi Yan’s skin is itching isn’t it?”

Mo Yi Xin immediately grabbed Jasmine Tong’s arm.

“With my little aunt here, I’m not afraid of you bullying me” said Mo Yi Xin spitting his tongue towards Mo Yi Aang.

“What good is she here? She can’t beat me.”

“But with little uncle here, little uncle loves little auntie so much, he can let you bully little auntie.”

This directly choked Mo Yiang out of his speech.

Albert Ou’s love for Jasmine Tong was so great that even a child could see it.

After New Year’s Eve dinner, everyone went about their business, and the living room was hot with groups of people.

Albert Ou and a couple of cousins, are discussing some business matters.

Mo Yi Xin pulled Jasmine Tong aside, this girl was a ghost spirit.

“Little aunt, I just heard you say you have a brother how old is he” Mo Yi Xin asked tentatively.

“I’m 18 and just started my freshman year of college.”

“Yeah? I’m also 18 and just a freshman, which university does he go to?”

Mo Yi Xin was even more excited, could it be that she really guessed correctly.

“At the Academy of Fine Arts, I studied fashion design, with a focus on wedding gowns.”

“Is his name Yarwen Tong” Mo Yi Xin got out without thinking.

Jasmine Tong looked at Mo Yi Xin in surprise.

“How did you know?”

“Yarwen Tong and I are classmates oh, I can’t say we’re classmates, we’re from the same school, I study hand drawing, but we often run into each other, the art school is that big.”

Mo Yi Xin is beautiful.

Looks like she really guessed right, really happy, didn’t think she had such a relationship with Yarwen Tong.

“Oh, what a coincidence, Little Lei is a rather introverted kid from childhood, not very talkative, if you know him, you have to take care of him more.”

Jasmine Tong also lamented that the world is simply too small.

“It’s pretty good, I’m still hosting the New Year’s Eve party with him.But, Auntie, he’s got a girlfriend and I can’t get too close to him.”

Jasmine Tong immediately laughed.

“How is that possible?”

Jasmine Tong had reminded Yarwen Tong several times, explicitly and implicitly, that it was determined not to fall in love.

Yarwen Tong has been obedient since he was a child, so he definitely won’t fall in love.

“How impossible ah I saw with my own eyes he and a girl went to a teahouse laughing and talking, he is a person who is quite cold to others, only to the girl here smiling happily, must be boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.”

“Is the teahouse the one at your school?”

Mo Yi Xin nodded his head.

“And was that girl you saw wearing a red baseball shirt and a hat.”

“Yeah little aunt, you know that girl”

“That’s not Lei’s girlfriend, that’s me, I went to your school to look for him and I was worried about being recognized, that’s why I dressed like that.”

“So that’s it,”

Mo Yi Xin finally got out what she needed to get out.

The hearts are already cheering.

The evening of the New Year’s Eve was a hot and lively time for everyone to get together.

By twelve o’clock, we were all a little sleepy, and one by one, we yawned.

Yao Xiangyun brought Jasmine Tong and Albert Ou upstairs.

“Ono, Mandy, you’ll be staying in this room tonight, I’ve changed the bedding and everything, and next to it is Yi Aang’s room, so there’s a way to take care of things if anything happens.”

Chapter 275

You hear that these two are going to live next door to you, and Mo Yiang is immediately anxious.

“Mom Mom, I can’t live on the fourth floor before Uncle it let him also live before he that room is not the end of it why suddenly live next to me ah.”

Although Albert Ou rarely moved in whenever he came to the Mo family, the Mo family always kept an exclusive room for him, treating him as the master of the place.

“That room of your youngest uncle’s is not as spacious as this one; he was one man before, and now he is two.”Yao explained to Yun.

“The bed in that room is 1.5 meters wide, and also the double bed is enough for the two of them.”

“Hey you kid,”

“Why aang, afraid of our night” Albert Ou looked at Jasmine Tong, “applaud for love?”

That suddenly made Jasmine Tong’s face flush.

Mo Yiang naturally understood Albert Ou’s meaning as well.

Rather, Yao Xiangyun is old and really can’t talk to young people.

“Ono, don’t listen to him, you and Manny will be staying here tonight, I’ve packed everything, go on, it’s late, go to bed early.”

After saying that, Yao Xiangyun left directly.

Albert Ou looked provocatively at his oldest nephew and hugged Jasmine Tong’s shoulders.

“Let’s go. Go to your room and applaud for love.”

Mo Yiang is simply crying without tears!

A round of applause for love. His brother-in-law’s got it right.

He returned angrily to his room.

As soon as Jasmine Tong entered the room, she immediately patted Albert Ou’s chest.

“What applause for love ah can you speak a little bit of music is not afraid to call people a joke.”

She was ashamed of it all.

“Blushing, I just said applaud for love? that’s what applause means, where were you thinking of, baby”

Albert Ou said, clapping his hands and making a “popping” sound as he did so.

Jasmine Tong is so embarrassed that she can’t wait to find a crack to crawl into.

“Badass you, not talking to you.”

Albert Ou immediately picked up Jasmine Tong.

“It’s okay if you don’t say anything, then clap all you want.”

Saying that Albert Ou was ready to carry Jasmine Tong to the bed.

“Oh my, you don’t make a scene, it’s in someone else’s house, besides, there’s black soil next door and it’s not good for people to hear.”

In the home as much as possible, but this is after all outside, although they are legally married, nothing wrong with it, but in the end Jasmine Tong feel a little embarrassed.

“I don’t like it when you say that, but if one day I’m down and out and we have to move out of the villa and go live on the street, will you still follow me?”

Albert Ou’s thinking is so jumpy, Jasmine Tong is a little unable to keep up.

“Then of course I’m following you, married to a chicken, married to a dog, I’m married to you, of course I’m going wherever you go.”

And she just had to go along with him.

“But we wouldn’t have a home, don’t you think?”

“What’s so scary about this? A house is not a home, you are a home, where you are is a home.”

Tonto said warmly.

“Oh, where I am where I am is home, and that’s where I am now, and since this is home, what can’t I do.”

Jasmine Tong stared at the smirking Albert Ou with wide eyes

A routine is a routine.

This man is waiting for her here.

The deepest path she’s ever taken is the Albert Ou routine.

“You’re a bad man,”

“If you’re afraid of the kid next door listening to the walls, I’ll give you an idea.”

Albert Ou leaned in to Jasmine Tong’s ear and whispered for a while.

Jasmine Tong also pursed her lips and smiled.

“You are so bad.”

Mo Yiang is depressed in the next room.

But he was also ready to sleep.

Just then he was lying down when he suddenly heard voices coming from the next room.

“Pop, pop, pop,”


Mo Yiang immediately sat up.

“Honey, slow down a little bit, I can’t take it anymore.”

A panting woman’s voice.

“Honey, you’re so great. You’re so great.”

It was followed by another popping sound.

Mo Yiang is really crying with a pained expression

“Are you two so fast you don’t even have foreplay?”

He gritted his teeth and lifted the blanket, walked out of the door, went upstairs and pushed straight into Mo Yim’s room.

“Big brother, what are you doing in my room” Mo Yihuo rubbed his eyes.

Mo Yiang didn’t treat himself as an outsider at all and directly lifted Mo Yiang’s blanket.

“I’ll sleep in your room today.”

“Why are you sleeping in my room?”

“Where’s the nonsense in a child’s house, hurry up and go to sleep” Mo Yiang snapped.

“Then I’ll go sleep in your room.”Mo Yim said and prepared to get out of bed.

Mo Yiang pulled him back as soon as he reached out.

That room is now off limits to children. How can you let a child go there?

“Come back here and sleep right here.”

“Oh, well, I talk in my sleep at night and grind my teeth.”

Moichi fell asleep as soon as he rolled over.

Albert Ou and Jasmine Tong were still fully clothed.

Albert Ou carefully pressed his ear to the door.

After a while, smiled towards Jasmine Tong.

“It’s gone.”

“And he’s really gone.”

“Guess it’s off to Twilight’s room, so we can get started, hehe.”

Albert Ou rubbed his fists together with a sly smile on his face.

“You, just torment your great-nephew like this.”

Albert Ou didn’t care about that, he just took Jasmine Tong to bed and stripped her naked.

Rainbow City

Yarwen Tong finally managed to cook the dumplings when he attempted to cook them for the third time.

The first time, the dumplings completely rotted in the pan because the heat was too high, and the second time, the heat was turned off but cooked too long, they also rotted.

The third time he finally cooked the dumplings and brought them to the table.

It was a New Year’s Eve dinner for just him.

He actually spilled the beans with Jasmine Tong.

What kind of student didn’t go home for New Year’s Eve ah he was a freshman this year, the first time students went home for New Year’s Eve, of course they all went back.

But he really didn’t want to embarrass Jasmine Tong.

He himself doesn’t want to go to Mohammed’s because he’s an outsider.

Yarwen Tong fed those boiled and broken dumplings to Lucky and Ruyi.

“You two are celebrating the New Year today too, but my sister made the dumplings herself, they’re filled with meat and are especially delicious.”

Lucky and Ruyi were happy to eat it instead.

Yarwen Tong sat at the dining table, obviously very hungry already, but he had no appetite for anything.

The house was empty and deserted.

Turning on the TV, whose lively atmosphere clearly didn’t match the atmosphere of the house at all, he turned it off.

This was probably the most miserable Chinese New Year he’d ever had.

In the past, during the Chinese New Year, I had to work even though I didn’t have good food to eat, but in the end, my sister was still with me.

And now he’s the only one.

Chapter 276

On the other side of Slivestopol, the Tong family was also incredibly lively.

This year is indeed a special one for the Tong family.

Tongji has finally seen its glory again, and since Tongfu took over, Tongji has been on a downward spiral.

Now that we’ve hit bottom, we’ve gone public.

On the 28th day of the 12th lunar month, Tongji Liquor went public, raising more than a billion yuan on the day of listing.

Many people find it hard to believe that Tong Kee Wines has transformed and gone public in such a short period of time.

The Tong family this year is even more festive, home furniture and home appliances are all new, the villa around the more hung a circle of red lanterns, that is an imposing.

Marven Tong, Dusmin, Rameen Tong and Rameen Qi’s family sat around eating a reunion meal together.

This year’s reunion dinner was also very rich, although there were only four people, but, a large table full of all the dishes, and all of them were delivered by the hottest restaurant in the city.

“Dad, Mom, we’ve had a good year. I’d like to propose a toast.”

Rameen Tong lifted her glass of wine.

“Meng Meng, to say that our family can have today all thanks to you, you are a great contributor to our family, this cup of wine should be my toast to you” Marven Tong’s face was filled with joy.

“Yes, Mengmeng, if it wasn’t for you, how would our family be here today,” said Dusyman also hastily.

“How can there be a toast from an elder to a younger one, otherwise let’s clink glasses together.”

“Well, well, let’s all clink glasses together.”

The cups clinked together with a crisp sound.

“Sister, your COLOUR is getting hotter and hotter, leave me two sets of chants” Raymond obsequiously looked at her sister.

“That’s all for girls, why do you”

Rameenchi scratched his head, “Hehe”

Although the two were twins, the same family had always been patriarchal, and Raymond had always been clothed and fed.

He is not a good student and is very disruptive, so he has not graduated from college yet and has been repeated twice.

“Are you telling me the truth about whether you have a girlfriend?”

Although she was the same age, Rameen Tong was much more mature.

“Do you even have to ask? You can figure it out on your toes.”

“Ouch hey, our Qi Qi have a girlfriend look pretty?” doucemin immediately cheered up.

“Mom, what are you talking about? Just my eyes, can I find you an ugly daughter-in-law? She’s beautiful, and she’s got a great body.”

Rameen Tong immediately frowned.

“Chickie, you’ve already repeated two grades, if you can’t graduate again you won’t even get a diploma and you’re even thinking about dating now”

“What is the use of a college diploma ah money is not on the list, these days money can make the devil pushing,” Raymond very magnanimous.

Although the Tong family was rather declining some time ago, Raymond was consistently a young master.

“Mom, you also don’t care about him how this future wine business of the family can be handed over to him.”

“It’s okay for him to have a girlfriend first before starting a family, so you can bring him along more later.”

For Raymond, Dusmin will always be protective and pampering.

Rameen Tong frowned and didn’t say anything.

“Our family’s wine business can’t fall into anyone else’s hands anyway.”Dusyman gave Marven Tong a meaningful glance.

Naturally, Marven Tong understood what Dusyman meant, but he ignored them.

“Montmorency, I heard there’s a problem over at Ellen’s side what’s going on”

Marven Tong asked.

“The company has invested in several big projects, and as a result, the projects are all put on hold, and several other fancy projects money has also been invested in, but as a result, it’s simply not even possible to get the capital back, Ellen has been busy lately, and several big projects are pressing for money, and several big projects can’t make it back, so I’m afraid this year is not going to be good.”

Rameen Tong said and sighed.

“I’m glad I haven’t married yet this year, or how else would this year be,” said Duthumi.

“Meng Meng, ask Ellen over there later, if the funds really can’t flow, we can help him over here.”Marven Tong said meaningfully.

This is the perfect time to make Rameen Tong look good in the Ron family.

“I was thinking the same thing. I’ll ask him later. Come on, don’t be upset about it. Let’s take a family photo together.”

Rameen Tong took out her phone.

“Yes, yes, we rarely take family photos these days, take one later and frame it to hang”

Duthie couldn’t stop smiling, and she had sort of raised her eyebrows.

Marven Tong’s face changed slightly at the mention of the family portrait.

He had almost forgotten that he had a pair of children out there.

But he also knew that now that the Tong family was making a comeback and regaining its strength, it was all thanks to Rameen Tong.

At this point, it would be a real bummer to bring up Jasmine Tong and Yarwen Tong.

“Dad, just smile,” urged Rameen Tong.

Marven Tong showed a smile.

“The camera recorded this precious scene with a click.”

Looking at this photo, Rameen Tong couldn’t help but smile.

A few happy families, a few sad.

Ron’s family can not be so happy New Year, art and new international several projects, as Rameen Tong said, several projects were shelved, money pressure can not be moved, several other projects money into, but the result is definitely a loss of money.

The Ron family had suffered an unprecedented crisis this time.

Until the day of the New Year’s Eve, Ellen Ron was still running relationships everywhere and never came home.

There wasn’t even a New Year’s atmosphere in the upper house.

“Mom, are we going to eat this New Year’s Eve dinner or not, if not I’ll go back to my room and sleep” Ron Yu yawned.

“Wait until your brother gets back.”Lin Qingfeng kept her eyes on the door.

Naturally, the New Year’s Eve dinner is eaten by the family together, and no one less is called a reunion.

“My brother hasn’t been back for days, will he be back today?”

As she was saying that, Lin Qingfeng received a call from Ellen Ron, who said that he wasn’t coming back.

“Then let’s eat first.”

“What time is it I’m not eating, I’m going upstairs” Ron Yu lifted his butt and left.

Ron Rui also sighed in succession.

“What’s the matter with our family ah wasn’t it always good before, why suddenly all of a sudden like this”

Ron Rui shook his head.

“I’m afraid I’ve messed with the wrong people.”

“Ellen has always been cautious in his work, so how could he mess with anyone?”

“It’s hard to say, let’s take it one step at a time.”

Lin Qingfeng also had little appetite for food.

Eventually the two men dealt with a couple of casual bites and had the maid remove the table.

s city

The Huo family was also brilliantly lit at the moment, and the antique mansion looked pleasing to the eye with its red lanterns hung up.

The four members of the Huo family, as well as the Leng Lords ate New Year’s Eve dinner, so they chatted together in the living room.

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