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Chapter 265

I’m sorry.

The entire Yu family mansion was brightly lit.

On the sofa in the living room, Old Mrs. Yu was sitting there with a smile on her face, opposite Mr. Guan who had a straight face.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Kwan!I’ll do what you’ve entrusted me to do as if it were my own.”

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years.

This time I personally came to Visterdem for this matter, but this is after all a private matter of our Guan family, and I hope that the old man will keep it quiet.

My father has been seriously ill for a long time, and now his greatest wish is to find that child, so please let me know at once whether or not you can finally find it, so that I can confirm it beforehand, so that the old man doesn’t get empty joy.”

Old Mrs. Yu nodded her head.

“It’s natural, Mr. Kwan, please rest assured that if there’s any news, I’ll let you know first.”

“In that case, thank you old lady, it’s a picture of the boy, but it was taken when he was a few months old, so maybe it won’t serve as much of a reference at all.”

Guan Jiming handed over an old yellowing photograph, looking a little regretful.

Old Lady Yu even took a closer look at it.

The photos are over a decade old, but they are in good condition except for some yellowing.

As you can see, the owner who owns this photo treasures it.

The old lady looked at it for a moment, not laughing.

“Speaking of children, they all look pretty much the same, but this one up here is exceptionally eye-catching, and in my opinion, it seems to be quite similar to Jenny when she was a child.”

Next to him, a middle-aged man said evenly, “Mom, are you confused?Jenny’s family has a father and a mother, when Mo Caiwei was pregnant with her, we even went to his house, how could we be involved with Miss Guan?”

Old Mrs. Yu smiled, “Yes, yes, I’m just saying that casually.”

Guan Ji Ming, however, came to be interested.

“Are you guys talking about the Miss Jing who sang at the Immortal Water Pavilion last time?”

Old Mrs. Yu nodded, “That’s her.”

Guan Jiming smiled, “Actually when I first saw her, I felt that she was very similar to Little Wan, not referring to the facial features, but the kind of temperament on her body and the feeling that passed between her eyebrows and eyes, how old is she this year?”

“It’s like twenty-five!”

“Twenty-five?”Guan Ji Ming looked pale.

If that child Wanda was still alive, she should just as well be 24 or 25 years old.bar (loanword)

He was suddenly agitated, “Did you just say that her mother’s name is Mo Caiwei?Did you see Mo Caiwei give birth to her with your own eyes?”

Old Mrs. Yu was a bit confused.

She wasn’t in Visterdem at the time, so naturally she wouldn’t have seen it with her own eyes, except that she had visited Mo Caiwei when she was pregnant, and then the baby came out and she had hugged her several times.

The old lady didn’t know how to answer.

While hesitating, a voice suddenly came from the doorway, “Of course I saw it with my own eyes.”

The crowd followed the sound and saw that it was a year-old middle-aged woman walking in.

The old lady was busy introducing, “Oh, let me introduce you, this is my daughter-in-law, Qiu Feng, Ah Feng, this is the second master of the Guan family in Kyoto, you can call him Mr. Guan.”

Qiu Feng greeted evenly.

Guan Jiming even followed up with a question, “You saw it with your own eyes?”

Qiu Feng smiled slightly, “Yes

Ah, Mo Caiwei’s mother died early, when she went into labor and didn’t have a reliable female friend by her side, our two families are friends after all, and I gave birth two years before her, so I went over there to check it out, it would never be a lie.”

Guan Ji Ming was a little disappointed to see that she had spoken truly.

Old Mrs. Yu’s heart, however, was not confused.

Of course when Mo Caiwei gave birth, she didn’t go in the field, but she sent her housekeeper to greet her, and doesn’t remember Qiu Fengyou saying she went to see it.

Did she remember wrongly, or did Qiu Feng go quietly later?

Despite her doubts, she believed her daughter-in-law wouldn’t lie about such a big deal.

So nothing more was said.

Guan Jiming was empty-hearted and obviously very lost, and everyone chatted some more before sending him away.

After Guan Ji Ming left, Old Mrs. Yu called out to Qiu Feng and asked, “Feng, did you really go to Cai Wei’s birth back then?”

Qiu Feng’s eyes turned.

Laughing, “Of course I went, can I still lie about this?But I was in a hurry to get there and the house driver wasn’t back, so I took a cab.”

Only then did Old Lady Yu nod at the news.

No wonder, she said how she didn’t know that she didn’t use the home driver.

The old lady went upstairs in contemplation, while behind her, Qiu Feng lowered her eyes slightly, an imperceptible darkness shining in her eyes.


At noon, Jenny saw that it was almost time, and that Biden Lu should be arriving soon, which was why he packed up his things and rushed to the airport.

Unexpectedly, before we got to the airport, we received a text message from a man.

Say the flight is late, maybe two hours late.

Jenny didn’t think it would be like this, but since it’s out, it’s too much trouble to go back in again.

Luckily, there was a rather busy Times Square near the airport, so I decided to divert there for a little shopping and wait.

It is now twelve o’clock in the middle of the afternoon, the time of the meal.

Jenny Jing had planned to receive Biden Lu and then go to dinner together, but now it seemed that, naturally, he couldn’t make it.

So, it was decided to get together a restaurant on your own first.

Unexpectedly, I had just found a restaurant and was about to go in when I ran into a man at the door.

Mr. Kwan?What’s he doing here?

Guan Jiming didn’t expect to run into her here and smiled, “Hey, Miss Jing, you’re eating here too?”

Jenny even smiled and nodded, “Yes, you eat too?”

“Yes, I’m getting ready to catch a flight back to Kyoto, and this is just in time for dinner, so when I saw there was still time, I came over here to have some.”

Jenny nodded, and the two of them were speechless for a moment, so she was ready to greet and leave.

Unexpectedly, but then I heard Guan Ji Ming suddenly ask, “Is Miss Jing alone?”

Jenny nodded, “Yeah.”?”I’m also alone, so if Miss King doesn’t mind, we can eat together instead.”

Jenny was a little embarrassed, “This… will it disturb you?”

“No, it’s just as well, last time Miss Jing was able to sing for me, I haven’t had a chance to thank her yet, how about I be the host today and treat you to a casual dinner?”

Jenny was embarrassed and was about to refuse.

But Guan Jiming even added, “It’s no fun for me to eat alone, so if you don’t mind, just join in the fun.”

Having said that, it would be unkind to refuse.

Besides, it doesn’t make any difference if one person eats it or two people eat it.

So, after hesitating, Jenny said, “That’s fine.”

Chapter 266

While the restaurant is considered upscale for Visterdem, it’s clearly not good enough.

And Guan Ji Ming’s display of refinement, a look is not very likely to eat in such a place, today to come here, either this Guan rush time is too late, or there is some special place to attract him over.

Jenny was a little curious, but it was unfamiliar, so he didn’t ask more.

They went into the restaurant, and the banquet was a lively affair.

But I don’t know if it was her delusion, but there was always something wrong with the way Guan Ji Ming looked at her.

The enthusiasm was not at all like someone who had only met twice.

Jenny Jing secretly had an extra eye in his heart and asked, “What is Mr. Guan’s business this time in Jiangcheng?”

Seki said, “Find someone.”

“Oh?Can I ask who to call?”

Kuan Ji Ming paused and smiled, “A child of the deceased.”

At this point, to the convenience of not continuing, Jenny saw that he did not want to talk more, so it was not a good idea to ask more questions.

So laugh it off.

At this time, the new dish came up, holding himself as a Visterdem person when doing his best to be a landlord, Jenny Jing introduced, “This gulao and pao is quite famous here, I don’t know how the taste is over in Kyoto, Mr. Guan can try it.”

Guan Ji Ming looked at the plate of goo and stared at it, slightly distracted.

Jenny found out and carefully asked, “Mr. Guan, are you alright?”

Guan Ji Ming came back to his senses and barely smiled, “Nothing.”

Court’s favorite food, too, is the cooch.

How nice would it be if she could be here?


I don’t know if it was Jenny’s delusion, but she always felt that this Mr. Guan was in a somewhat low mood.

But remember that he had come to Visterdem looking for someone, or maybe he hadn’t found them, or maybe because of something else.

After all, it was only the second time they met, and it was hard to ask too many questions, so she didn’t say much.

After dinner, the time was just about right, and Guan Jiming also had to go to the airport for a flight, so he didn’t drive, so he took Jenny’s car along.

The two chatted a bit more on the way, and Jenny was very conscious of not inquiring about the other’s identity.

Anyway, no matter what the identity, it has nothing to do with himself, just as a casual acquaintance to make a friend.

After arriving at the airport, Jenny Jing sent a message to Biden Lu, telling him that he had arrived.

Guan Jieming’s flight was at 1:50, with a little over half an hour to go.

I don’t know if it was really like he said, worrying about her being a little girl waiting here or wanting to talk to her more, but in any case, he kept Jenny company and refused to go in first.

He was like this, and Jenny was not in a position to refuse.

After waiting for a while, not long after that, Biden Lu came out.

The man was dressed in a black suit with a dark grey jacket over it, still instrumental and handsome, with a cold brow!

Jenny couldn’t help but give a big smile and ran over to him.


The man’s smile never curved down from the first moment he saw her, catching her in his arms and hugging her hard and hard.

“Did you miss me?”

Jenny’s heart thumped.

Burying my face in his chest, I could also feel the strong beating of his heart.

She suddenly felt her eyes warm, and for no apparent reason she felt a tingle at the tip of her heart.

At this moment, no longer wanting to worry about anything else, I wrapped my arms around his waist and nodded.

The fullness of joy then seemed like an endless tide to the man’s heart, and he picked up her

Face, k*ss it deeply.

Jenny was a bit confused by the k*ss, but still obediently closed her eyes, her entire senses all filled with the scent that belonged to him.

Cold, deep, and overbearing….

I can’t wait to possess her completely.

Standing not far away, Guan Ji Ming was full of embarrassment.

Originally saw Biden Lu, a little surprised, was about to go up to greet.

But now this….

The k*ss didn’t last long.

After all, it was at the airport, and even though it was a VIP lane, there were a lot of people, and the little girl had to be considered for her thin face.

Indeed, as soon as she was released, she found her face flushed like two red apples, which was particularly touching.

Jenny didn’t expect that she would actually be under this man’s compulsion to k*ss him in public.

All that reserve, all that shyness, all of it was knocked out of the sky by thoughts.

It was only then that she realized that some feelings, perhaps already rooted in her heart, were just unwilling to see them and had been avoiding them, so she pretended they didn’t exist.

But how can you really ignore something that already exists?

Like a seed planted, it needs only a little nourishment to break through the soil and grow into a towering tree.

And time and distance are the best nutrients.

It wasn’t until he felt a hot gaze coming from behind that Jenny looked up.

Then, many passersby were seen looking this way, and her face was buried in the man’s chest, but they couldn’t see what she looked like.

But spare a thought for her figure and demeanor, this was a beautiful woman.

Beautiful men and women have always attracted attention, not to mention such a bold move.

Jenny’s face reddened even more, and he was busy pulling his hair to shield his face, afraid that someone would recognize him.

God knows, she’s a little-known actress now, okay?

There are enough black spots in itself, never get photographed and make headlines again tomorrow.

Biden Lu saw her covering her face and couldn’t help but laugh.


Jenny shook his head and tugged on his sleeve, “Let’s go!”

“Well.”He paused, but didn’t move, instead raising his hand to shield her face.

Her face, already small, was almost completely blocked under his large palm.

Jenny Jing was a little startled, and when he looked up, he saw his glittering eyes, which were filled with gentle laughter, and said in a mute voice, “I miss you too, a lot.”

Jenny suddenly laughed.

This man, really….

She answered that she missed him, and he had to say it again?

Do you have to be so serious?

Yet somehow, a honey-like sweetness rose up from the tip of your heart.

She nodded, “Yeah, I know.”

Dragging him by the hand, he said, “Come here, I want to introduce you to someone.”

Jenny obediently allowed her to hold her hand and walk to Guan Ji Ming.

Jenny was a little embarrassed, thinking that Guan Ji Ming must have seen that scene just now, but did it all, and can no longer erase what just happened, so can only pretend to be calm.

“Mr. Guan, the person I picked up has arrived, Biden, this is Mrs. Yu’s friend, Mr. Guan.”

Guan Ji Ming smiled and exclaimed, “Ah Shen, I really didn’t expect that!I said why are you so fond of staying in Visterdem lately, but it turns out it’s a golden house.”

Biden Lu also smiled slightly, “Second Uncle is joking, I didn’t expect you and Jenny to actually know each other, it seems I don’t need to be introduced.”

Chapter 267

Jenny was a little confused.

What’s going on?

When Biden Lu saw her face, he spoiled her by rubbing her head and said, “This is Guan Ji Ming, the second son of the Imperial Capital Guan family, you should join me in calling him second uncle.”

Jenny’s eyes widened in shock.

The Imperial Guan family?

Wouldn’t that be…Kwan Sheffield her house?

She turned to look at Guan Ji Ming, only to see the other party nodding and smiling gently, clearly what Biden Lu said was true.

Jennyton felt a little diaphragmatic, feeling like the world was mystical.

No wonder, that day at the Xian Shui Pavilion, I saw Old Lady Yu and the Mu family being so respectful to him.

Guan Ji Ming smiled, “When will you bring it home?I might as well come over and have a little fun.”

Biden Lu smiled faintly, “Grandmother and grandfather have already met her, so I guess she’ll return in a while after being busy with this side of things.”

“Good, good!”Guan Jiming couldn’t stop nodding, quite pleased, “It looks like the old lady will have a happy year this year.”

After saying this, he took another look at Jenny, only to find that he was becoming more and more satisfied.

“Girl, we Lu Guan families are friends from the past, Ah Shen calls me Second Uncle, of course I have to control him, if he dares to bully you in the future, just tell me and I’ll beat him up for you!”

Jenny smiled awkwardly and could only nod, “Okay, thank you, Second Uncle.”


This second uncle, called Guan Ji Ming’s heart warmed, even answered, then pulled out a black slip gold card from his pocket and handed it to her.

“Second Uncle is a commoner and didn’t have time to prepare any meeting gifts, so take this card, you might need it later.”

Jenny was startled.

I don’t know what kind of card it was, but a quick glance showed that it was worth a lot of money and not something that an ordinary person could get their hands on.

So he waved his hand in a row, “No need, I just appreciate Second Uncle’s good intentions…”

“Take it!”

Biden Lu, however, rudely took the card over and shoved it into Jenny Jing’s hand.

“Jenny, you’re lucky, today second uncle is in a good mood to make a generous offer, but he used to have the nickname of Iron Rooster, so you don’t take it for nothing.”

Jenny: “……..”

Guan Ji Ming laughed and scolded, “You kid!Didn’t you get enough goodies from me when you were a kid?Now you’re grown up and you’re talking bad about me?Looks like I’m hurting you for nothing!”

Biden Lu smiled calmly and didn’t talk back.

I can see that the two are very close indeed.

Only then did Jenny relieve his mental burden and accept the card.

“Thank you, Uncle Er.”

Biden Lu asked, “Why did Second Uncle think of coming to Visterdem this time?”

At the mention of this, Guan Ji Ming’s face sank.

“Never mind, didn’t we hear about finding the boy over here earlier?So I came over to see for myself, but I didn’t expect… heh!These days, there are actually people playing tricks who dare to play tricks on our Guan family’s head!”

Hearing the coldness in his words, Lu Jing frowned slightly.

“How so?”

Guan Ji Ming made a slight pause, as if thinking of something, and waved his hand in boredom.

“Forget about it, anyway, the clue that was so hard to find is broken again, that family really treats us Guan family as idiots, actually fooling me with a necklace of some kind, saying it’s something from Xiaoyuan’s life, heh!You think it’s funny?Court never had it!”

Jenny Jing’s eyebrows moved.

A necklace?

And for some reason, she inexplicably remembered that

The ruby necklace he wore around his own neck, he couldn’t help but reach out and press the pendant hidden in his shirt.

Off Ji Ming didn’t notice her movements and looked at the time.

“Alright, I’m about to board the plane, you guys go first, right Shen, since you’re in Visterdem this time, also help me keep an eye on the news of that child, your grandfather Guan is not well, and his biggest wish in life is to find this child, I don’t want to disappoint him.”

Biden Lu nodded.

“Yes, I will.”

The three have since parted.

After getting into the car, Jenny asked curiously, “Is the child that Uncle Guan is talking about the one that the Guan family disappeared over twenty years ago?”

Biden Lu nodded.

He paused before saying, “The Guan family hasn’t stopped looking for her for the past few years, but there’s just been no clue, and I think she’s been missing for over twenty years, so maybe she’s long gone.”

Jenny blinked.

“Why do I get the feeling that you’re not too enthusiastic about this, it’s not like you.”

She couldn’t have known better what kind of person Biden Lu was.

Looking cold and cold, in fact, if he was recognized as one of his own, he would usually take the other person’s business to heart and would never show such a cold attitude.

Lu Jing gave her a deep glance.

“Do you remember what I told you when you asked me about Kwan Sheffield?”

Jenny was stunned.

She thought, and suddenly it dawned on her.

“Biden Lu, you…”

“Well, I’m such a selfish person that I don’t want anyone to come back and interfere with the two of us, let alone cause any more trouble, so I’m not at all concerned about getting the boy back.”

Jenny couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s wrong with you, man!People are in such a hurry, and you’re still talking sarcasm.”

Biden Lu smiled and leaned in, reaching out to hook her slender waist.

Her face was close to hers, nose touching.

“Well, that’s what I do, for you, and I don’t care about anything else.”

“Biden Lu…”

Jenny’s heart especially felt overwhelmed, but the lips have been kssed by the man, and another lingering kss, after the end, she was able to space a breath of fresh air, hands against his shoulders, gasping for breath, “But you will not be too good?”

Biden Lu laughed lightly, “Jenny wants a woman to come back and steal your husband from you so badly?”

Jenny didn’t have a good look at him.

“Maybe they don’t like you at all!You don’t put gold on your face.”

Biden Lu smiled lowly.

Jenny added, “Seriously, if you can help or try to help, look at how anxious people are, it’s hard to say if you really have a clue and don’t help.”

Biden Lu released her and tidied up her clothes and hair that had been messed up by herself before sitting back down.

He said squarely, “I understand what you’re saying, but don’t worry, the Guan family isn’t as anxious and nervous as they’re showing right now.

The reason why Uncle Guan is eager to find this child is because the old man is sick, and when a person is dying, he will always think of the things he regrets in this life somehow.

Uncle Guan didn’t want to make the old man regret, that’s why he wanted to find the child, but the rest of the Guan family didn’t necessarily think so, after all, the trees were falling down, the Guan family was intricate and complicated, and it had all split up over the past few years, with various factions fighting constantly.

That child comes back, and besides being able to be noticed at first because the old man is still around, once the old man dies, have you thought about how she’s going to survive such a heroic struggle?”

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