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Chapter 298

“Brother! Brother!…” Nangong Enxi cried and hurriedly shrank into his broad chest, and pointed at Yu Muwan with trembling hands. “She wants to scald me with coffee. She wants to murder me and kill me. The kid in the belly! I was just with Yisheng, and she hated me for this! Fortunately you came, or I would be killed by her…”

She shrugged her shoulders, her face full of tears and grievances.

Yu Muwan was silly to hear her, her beautiful eyes were round, and she looked at Nangong Enxi with weak eyes. She didn’t expect that she could talk such nonsense!

Nangong Che’s handsome eyebrows frowned, and he gnashed his teeth while holding Nangong Enxi, “Yu Muwan, do you want to die?!”

The air was suffocating. Yu Muwan bit her lip, enduring the burning pain on her shoulders, and looked at Nangong Enxi with a clear eye, and said with anger, “You make it clear, who is burning who?”

Nangong Che’s eyes were dazzling, hatred surged, and he used to grip her white wrist fiercely and shouted, “I warned you not. If you provoke Enxi, I will make you die ugly! To a pregnant woman, you will die. Being able to make such a cruel hand, I simply misunderstood you!”

“…” Yu Muwan was tossed with grievances filled with resentment. He didn’t expect him to believe it indiscriminately. In his heart, Yu Muwan was not only dirty in her body, but also in her soul. ? !

“You let it go, it hurts…” Tears gushed out, and she couldn’t help but warned him with a trembling voice.

“Hmph, you know it hurts too!” Nangong Che ignored her painful expression and slammed her back against the door!

Yu Muwan was so painful that her whole body was twisted, and she felt that her back was hit to death by the protruding door handle. She clutched that part and gradually collapsed.

Another trace of distress flashed in Nangong Che’s eyes, damn it! Will this woman die if she doesn’t cause trouble for a minute? ! I was so stubborn when I was with him, and now I’m attacking my sister for the bastard Cheng Yisheng!

“Brother…” Nangong Enxi stepped forward anxiously at the corner of his clothes, “I have a stomachache, it hurts, just ignore her and take me to the hospital, okay, I’m afraid that something will happen to my child. If something happens, I will let him She pays!”

Nangong Che’s thin lips lightly opened, staring at Yu Muwan, “Get out of the way!”

He ruthlessly pulled her body away from the door, pulled her big palm over Nangong Enxi behind him, opened the door and walked out.

Yu Muwan’s head was hit by the cabinet next to the door again, buzzing. I really don’t know where this man came from. With such great strength, it can make people fall apart with pain, and she bends mockingly. The corner of his mouth, tears flickered in his eyes.

I wanted to stand up while holding on to the cabinet, and tried several times, but the pain in my lower back seemed to be broken.

But the most painful thing is the shoulder.

Out of the office, Yu Muwan went to the washing room to clean her wounds. The coffee stains made her chiffon skirt terrible, but there was no change. She could only wipe it with a paper towel before continuing to wear embarrassedly, lifting her shoulders and gently After a few breaths, it was still burning with pain.

This Nangong Enxi is not a good stubborn, she is really unlucky, and she provokes two best siblings at once.

Not as good as the best, but as bad as the best!

Returning to her partition, Yu Muwan continued to work as if nothing happened, but the burn was long-lasting. When she took the file, her fingers were trembling, thinking, she must buy ointment and apply it after get off work. .

When I was close to get off work, the phone on the desk “buzzed” again.

She cleared her eyes, and when she saw the words “Nangong Bastard”, her eyelids twitched.

Chapter 299

Don’t want to pick up.

Yu Muwan bit her lip and didn’t want to see this man.

After working for a few more minutes, the phone was still buzzing, she couldn’t help but compromise, remembering that Xiaorou’s eyes were now firmly in his hands, and she might be upset and change her mind. She took a deep breath. The tone still picked up.

“Come with me to the banquet in the evening, leave time for me!” Nangong Che’s deep and slightly annoyed voice came.

Yu Muwan bit her lower lip so much pain that she let her breath go before she said, “I don’t have time. Qian Rou is in a very bad condition. I must go to the nursing home to see her.”

“I’ll say Yu Muwan again, and wait for me at the company tonight, otherwise I want you to look good!” He threatened coldly.

“Aren’t you enough to make me look good?!” Yu Muwan couldn’t bear it, her voice trembled suddenly, as if all the pain and grievances were gushing out, “Nangong Che, are you human?!”

“That’s what you deserve! I warned you not to provoke Eun-xi, are you deaf?”

Yu Muwan did not speak, holding back his tears, bitterly continuing his work.

“Also, clean yourself up at night before you go! Don’t lose my face!” Nangong Che said coldly.

“Don’t take me if you feel embarrassed, I didn’t beg you.” Yu Muwan replied unwillingly.

“Woman, you are arrogant if I’m not by your side?” Nangong Che lowered his voice, his hot breath was full of heavy threats and warnings.

“So what!” Yu Muwan said with a blushing face, and decisively pressed the hang-up button, and gave him no chance to intimidate her.

On the other side, Nangong Che heard the sudden “beep beep” and cursed in a low voice, holding the phone with his big palm, as if he was holding her, pinching tighter and tighter.

If Yu Muwan knew what the banquet was in advance, she wouldn’t go to the death! If she knows what will happen next, she will definitely choose to temporarily compromise, so as not to make herself so embarrassed!


The night was blurred, and there was no one on the floor.

When Nangong’s clear leather shoes sounded from the elevator entrance, Yu Muwan was nervous, and the next moment he met his eyes.

The tall and tall figure approached arrogantly and indifferently, dropped a bunch of keys on her table, leaned over with a cold snort, and pinched her chin: “It’s pretty good, it seems you know what the consequences of disobedience are!”

Yu Muwan shook his head to get rid of his control, concealed his disgust, looked at him with clear eyes, and said: “Say okay first, I don’t have a dress and I don’t like makeup. You’d better think about it before making a decision. There are women around you. band!”

Nangong Che snorted again: “No need, just you!”

After that, he glanced at her chiffon shirt ruined by coffee stains, and said coldly: “It’s really dirty!”

Yu Muwan was annoyed for a while: “It is not thanks to your sister!”

“You dare to do it to her, I haven’t settled the account with you!” Nangong Che pulled her up, his handsome face was pale, as if trying to imprison her so that she could not move, and hated the dirty coffee stains on her body, “Also, I I mean you are dirty!”

“…” Yu Muwan almost fainted, her arms twitched with severe pain in her back and her shoulders were still hot. She trembled all over, holding the clapboard with her hands and had to subdue softly, “Well, I am dirty, I am dirty. Already? Don’t drag me, I can go by myself!”

She is so painful, can this man not touch her!

Nangong Che also noticed what was wrong with her, so he narrowed his eyes and looked at her soft and charming face: “What the hell is going on with you?!”

“It’s okay, do you want to leave?” Yu Muwan also said angrily.

Nangong Che regained his senses from the trance, and simply grabbed her waist, sprayed the hot breath on her face, and said in a low voice: “Are you a woman born to provoke me? Just be honest!”

Chapter 300

Yu Muwan stood on guard, a flash of light flashed in his beautiful eyes, and his hand supported his chest: “Nangong Che, don’t mess around.”

“Be obedient to me, and I won’t mess around!” A trace of desire flashed in Nangong Che’s deep eyes, and he still said coldly, lowering her big hand to grasp her cold little hand, and dragging out of the floor.

The black luxury car drove to the largest exhibition hall in the entire Z city. This banquet was luxurious and bright, but it was permeated with a strange atmosphere. Yu Muwan had a bad premonition in his heart. He listened when he was pulled in by Nangong Che. After some discussions, I realized that this was originally the engagement banquet between Nangong Enxi and Cheng Yisheng.

Her dazed little face suddenly turned pale.

got engaged.

Nangong Enxi and Cheng Yisheng, were they engaged so soon?

Father Nangong had no choice but to take his only daughter. He could not force her to have an abortion and find her death. He could only give part of the Nangong family’s affiliated property to Cheng Yisheng, and let Nangong Enxi marry this son-in-law as soon as possible.

Under the bright lights, Yu Muwan wanted to escape, but was stunned by Nangong Che.

“Go choose a dress for her, make a look, and I will check it in half an hour!” Nangong Che’s mellow voice sounded, pulling Yu Muwan into the dressing room, and his cold eyes swept the makeup artist next to him.

Yu Muwan was now sober as if being poured down by the icy cold water, Nangong Che had brought her here on purpose!

Yu Muwan looked at him with cold eyes, angrily: “Nangong Che, what do you want to do?”

Nangong Che leaned arrogantly and looked at her water eyes, with a melodious and chilling voice: “Let you watch Enxi and the others get engaged, if you know you, stay away from Cheng Yisheng! Otherwise, I will strangle you myself!”

Yu Muwan couldn’t help shaking, tears flashing in his eyes: “It’s not necessary. I said that this man is not rare. If your sister likes it, take it. I’m not so spineless!”

“Keep these words to warn yourself!” Nangong Che pushed her to the table harshly, and walked out the door coldly.

The makeup artist was taken aback and looked at the pale little woman half-prone on the table.

“Miss, are you okay?”

Yu Muwan was so painful that he couldn’t speak, his soft face was as white as paper, sweating, and tightly covering his arm with his hand.

“You…” The makeup artist didn’t know what was wrong with her, and subconsciously went over to lift up the clothes above her arms, and took a breath, “God! You…what did you do!”

——Blisters formed on the scalded part, and it was worn out at the moment, and yellow pus came out, and the pink tender flesh inside was looming, no wonder she was so hurt.

“Wait, I’ll help you get it!” The makeup artist hurriedly ran to take the disinfectant cotton, frowned and wiped off the pus, and said anxiously, “Why did you make it like this? Is it hot? You? Why don’t you even apply the medicine? Such a large area will leave scars!”

Yu Muwan opened his wet eyelashes, smiled bitterly, and said dumbly: “I haven’t had time.”

“How can you wear a dress to the banquet like this? Or I will tell Master Nangong, you can go directly to the hospital!” The makeup artist thought for a while.

Yu Muwan shook her head. If that bastard was so kind, she wouldn’t be as embarrassed as she is now. “You can handle it briefly for me, and I will go to the hospital by myself when it’s over.” She pleaded softly.

The makeup artist frowned very tightly, and while bandaging her with gauze, he said, “Just say if you hurt, endure so uncomfortable. Anyway, it’s a girl, with such a big shoulder on the shoulder, you will have no sleeves. Can’t wear it!”

Yu Muwan remained silent, with trance tears in her eyes. The wound was indeed painful, but what could be more embarrassing than being forced to attend the engagement banquet of her ex-boyfriend? ? She can obviously hide away, why should she let her watch and face it? !

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