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Chapter 307

He dropped the phone and grabbed his clothes to get ready for the shower.

Just then, however, the doorbell rang.

He was stunned and asked, “Who?”

No one answered outside and he frowned, walking over to the door and opening it, but as soon as the door opened, a white powder slammed into him before he could see who was standing outside.

All he could feel was something sticking out of the tip of his nose, and then nothing before his eyes.

On the other hand, as soon as Guan Yue Wan returned home, she saw her mother, Helan Xin, coming out of the house.

Although the Guan family was powerful and deep-rooted, Guan Yuewan’s family did not enjoy any of the conveniences of the Guan family as a side branch to the point of not being able to side branch.

Guan Yue Wan’s father, because he doesn’t seek advancement, has not been allowed to be important to the Guan family.

He currently has a small business on his hands and enjoys nothing more than drinking and playing cards with his friends.

On the other hand, He Lanxin, Guan Yuewan’s mother, is a middle school teacher, whose family is not well off, but is more than gentle and virtuous, and the family is not very rich, but is more than well off.

Seeing her mother dressed up so late, Guan Yue Wan wondered, “Mom, are you going out?”

Horace sighed, “Your father and a few friends are inside the hotel playing cards socially, and he said he didn’t have any cash on hand, so he asked me to send some over to him.”

Guan Yue Wan quirked an eyebrow.

“He’s still playing cards this late?”

“What’s the solution?Your father recently wanted to go in the direction of real estate, saw a piece of land in the south of the city, and wanted to team up with a few of your uncles to take that piece of land down, and that’s not inviting people from the bureau to dinner, they’re going to play so late, can you still not accompany them?”

Guan Yue Wan said, turning her head to look through the window at the dark night outside, somewhat less than assured.

She thought about it and said in a quiet voice, “Give it to me!I’ll deliver.”

Horace looked at her, a little worried, “Are you okay?It’s so late.”

“You can’t see well, if I can’t, you can’t even worse, well, I’ll drive there, nothing will happen, I’ll be back after the delivery, just wait here for me.”

Horatio saw this as a promise.

Guan Yue Wan took the money and went straight out.

Half an hour later, she arrived at the hotel her mother had told her about.

Look at the gleaming name in front of you.

How could it be here?Isn’t this the place where Ji Yunshu held his birthday party?

She couldn’t help but laugh, not expecting it to be such a coincidence, but back again in just a few hours.

But she didn’t think much of it, and with her head down, she hurried off in the direction of the guest room section.

When she got out of the lift, she pulled out her mobile phone to call her dad, yet for some reason, it suddenly lost signal.

She frowned at the display of no service on her phone and had no choice but to walk forward with the memory of what her mother had said before she left the house.

At that moment, however, the door to a nearby room was suddenly pulled open from inside, and then she saw a man stumble out of it.

She was shocked and immediately took a step back, waiting for the man to run closer and set his face to change.

Just who else could that man be if not Ji Yunshu?

She ran over and grabbed Ji Yunshu’s hand, asking, “Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

Ji Yun Shu fiercely stared up at her, a pair of eyes scarlet.

There was the sound of heels chasing out behind her, and Ji Yunshu, shocked, suddenly grabbed her and flashed into the next room, and they both rolled in at the same time.

Close the door.

The two men leaned close to the door, not daring to take a breath of air.

Quiet room, quiet night, no lights on in the room, quiet only the sound of two people’s breathing and the man’s fierce, thunderous heartbeat.

Guan Yue Wan was tense, looking at the red-faced, hot man in front of him through the faint light coming through the doorway, wondering what was wrong with him.

The footsteps outside lingered at the door for a moment, and then went away.

Hearing the footsteps go away, the man next to her seemed to suddenly relax and collapse, all the weight of his body on top of her.

Guan Yuewan was shocked and hurriedly helped him, urgently saying, “Senior brother, what’s wrong with you?You’re okay, don’t scare me.”

Ji Yunshu looked a little weak, and looked at her with open eyes for half a moment before saying, “I’m fine.”

However, having said that, a dense layer of sweat had already formed on his forehead, and his body was shaking slightly from the pain.

He reacted in such a way that frightened Guan Yuewan and hugged his body, so he wanted to drag him inside.

“How can you be okay like this?But don’t worry, just lie here for a while, I’ll go get someone right away.”

At any rate, Ji Yunshu was a big man of 1.86 meters, she was petite, where could she drag him.

And the more she touched him like that, the harder it seemed to get for the man in front of her.

It took half a moment before she dragged him into the bedroom, turned on the light, and then looked at the man, shocked.

Only now the man’s face was so red that it looked like it was dripping blood, his veins were protruding, and his eyes were even more fishy red as if he wanted to eat someone.

Guan Yuewan’s face went white and trembled, “Senior brother, you…”

Before he could finish, the man suddenly shoved her away with a low growl, “Don’t touch me.”

His words startled Guan Yue Wan, then the tip of her heart tingled slightly.

The eyes were sore, like something hot was coming out.

She sniffled and took a deep breath, holding back the soreness of her nose, and said, “Brother, don’t be nervous, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m just worried about you.Are you having a hard time, don’t be afraid, I’ll take you to the hospital, okay?”

Afterwards, you have to pull out your phone and make a call.

However, before the phone was dialed out, it was snatched away by Ji Yunshu, and in the next second, the phone hit the wall with a “pop” sound and fell to pieces.

Guan Yuewan was stunned, it was the first time she saw Ji Yunshu like this, yet before she could react, the man suddenly bullied her and grabbed her by the chin.

His face was uncharacteristically red, his eyes were blind, and there was a strange and terrible glint in them.

Guan Yuetan was a little scared, the pain from his jaw told him that the man was now out of control and was no longer the Ji Yunshu she knew.

She shivered and stepped back, “Master, brother, are you okay, you don’t scare me.”

In fact, there was already an inkling of what was in store.

But she hadn’t experienced it after all, so she wasn’t sure.

Ji Yunshu was now as if he had completely lost his mind and couldn’t hear what she was saying, only staring at her with a pair of scarlet eyes, a look that was like a beast in the jungle seeing its prey.

He suddenly spoke up, his voice husky as hell, “Little girl, come here.”

Guan Yuewan was trembling, where she dared to go over and only shivered and kept retreating backwards.

“Brother, if you, if you’re feeling bad, I’ll go get someone to help you, okay?I’m, I’m going to get someone to help you!”

Afterwards, he got up and drew his legs to escape.

Chapter 308

But where there was no time to take a step, the man had grabbed her and backhanded her, letting her throw herself onto the big bed behind her.

In the next second, the tall body pressed down, and Guan Yue Wan grunted, not yet reacting to the sound of clothes cracking open.

Then there was a sharp stab of pain, like something was trying to split open the soul.

She could only scream in pain, “Don’t-“

More sounds were followed by hot k*sses jammed down the man’s throat, and the night was cold, but it couldn’t quench the man’s scalding fire.

Guan Yuewan struggled desperately, yet it was useless, and eventually, a tear fell silently from the corner of her eye and didn’t fall into the pillow….


The body hurts like a crack!

The waves were sinking and she didn’t know where she was or what she was doing, but she felt like she was dying of pain.

Why isn’t it over?Why had this man suddenly become like a beast, unforgiving?

I don’t know how long it was until she passed out, and the pain was obliterated in a wave of madness along with the man’s low growl….

The next day, when Guan Yue Wan woke up, the man beside her was still asleep.

The window was open in a line, and soft sunlight shone in through the window frame, tinting the room with a pale glow.

She closed her eyes, the pain in her body continuing, the memories of last night flooding into her mind, making her fingertips tremble slightly.

Even though she had once wondered what it would be like to have that kind of thing with him, and that night she had really mistakenly thought that the two of them were having that kind of relationship, yet after last night she realized that there had been nothing, nothing at all, before.

And what really happened that way was actually violence and pain that she simply couldn’t handle.

It was a long time before she reopened her eyes and paused to look away.

Perhaps because last night’s madness was so strong, the man still did not want to wake up, she face him, even though she knew it was him, but now when she saw the pillow’s handsome sleeping face, still could not help but to shake hard.

I can’t tell you what it feels like, but he’s quiet and beautiful at the moment, like an angel.

Yet no one would have guessed how cruel and violent he was last night.

Guan Yue Wan took a deep breath, unwilling to recall those not-so-pleasant memories, and was just about to get up when her phone rang.

She was so shocked that she picked it up and covered it, and then looked at the man, only to see him frown slightly and roll over, taking her into his arms and not doing anything else.

Guan Yue Wan’s entire breath stalled and put the phone on mute, not even daring to take a breath.

After a long time, it was a relief to feel no sign of the man next to her waking up.

She pulled out her mobile phone and looked to see that it was her mother calling.

The face was not white, and a little guilty as I remembered my mother’s explanation before I left the house last night.

She gently moved the man’s arm around her waist before she got up, squeezed her phone, got dressed, and snatched the door.

When I arrived home, my mother was cooking breakfast in the kitchen, and when she heard her voice coming back, she was busy coming out of the kitchen and asked, “Wanwan, why are you only back now, what did you do last night?The phone doesn’t work either.”

Guan Yue Wan was already guilty, and when she asked her this, she didn’t know what to say.

I can only vaguely say, “There’s a temporary problem in the institute.

Thing, went to help, Mom, I’m a little tired, so I’m going upstairs to rest.”

After saying that, he hurried upstairs.

When she got back to her room, she locked the door and got her clothes and went into the bathroom.

The warm water poured down from the top of her head, and she stood under the shower with her eyes closed, feeling only some relief from the hot pain in her body, the warm water dripping over her skin, the mirror opposite reflecting a beautiful body to the dense marks on her very white skin.

Last night, the man was rough as a tiger, and there was no mercy.

She had a vague sense that it was unusual for him to be like that last night, but she had never been in personnel and wasn’t experienced enough to know for sure.

When she woke up in the morning, she only felt panic and had to run for the door, otherwise she didn’t know what to do with him who woke up.

She took a deep breath, pushing down her panic before turning off the shower, drying herself off and heading out.

Her body was a little tired, and she lay on the bed, intending to just squint for a while, but not before drifting off to sleep.

It was a deep sleep, but not a long one, for she had a dream that was repeatedly filled with memories of last night’s mess.

The man’s fetid red eyes were like mad flames, burning her whole body almost to ashes.

In the end, it was with a gasp that she woke up, and when she woke up, she looked at the time, 10:00 a.m., which was still early.

But she didn’t want to go back to sleep anymore, afraid that if she did, she’d have that dream again.

So I got up, got dressed, and went outside.

Once downstairs, I saw the guards sitting in the living room.

As a side branch of the Guan family, although it wasn’t heavily used by the old mansion side, it still had the necessary insight.

She didn’t know the Gu family well, but she had met them before at one of the old man’s birthday parties.

Sitting in the living room at this time was a mother and son from a side branch of the Gu family, the woman’s name was Li Miao, and the man’s name was Gu Zijun.

Speaking of this Gu Zijun, he was quite familiar with her. When they were in college, they were considered alumni, but because of the different subjects they studied, they didn’t usually get along.

It was just that there were hidden rumors in the school that this Gu Zijun liked her, so she paid more attention then.

Yet she was a little puzzled by the arrival of the Gu family today.

As soon as she came out, He Lanxin saw her and smiled and beckoned her towards her, “Wanwan, come, come over and meet your Aunt Gu.”

Guan Yuewan pursed her lips, not good to brush off her mother’s face, she could only walk over and shout with a blank expression, “Aunt Gu.”

Mother Gu looked at her and nodded, all contented smiles on her face, “This child, she’s so watery looking, I don’t know what kind of fortune Zi Jun had in his life to be able to marry a girl as good as her.”

The smile on her face grew wider as she said, waving to her, “Come, come and show your aunt.”

Guan Yue Wan’s eyelids jumped, and she looked at her mother in puzzlement.

I saw my mother’s eyes flicker, not looking at her.

She frowned and instead of going over, she said in a deep voice, “Auntie, what did you mean by that?I don’t get it.”

Mother Gu still had a smile on her face and said gently, “Wanwan, I heard that you and our Zi Jun were university classmates, isn’t that a good relationship?I thought that our two families are considered old acquaintances, and you and Zi Jun are similar in age and are classmates, so you must get along well, so I wanted to take this opportunity to talk to your mother and see if there’s this chance for you to get married.”

Chapter 309

Guan Yue Wan’s face changed.

She said in a deep voice, “Aunt Gu, I’m sure you’ve misunderstood, Gu Zijun and I are just classmates, we have no other intentions.”

“I know, it’s not like before, it’ll be fun to spend more time together.”

I said, and gave a suggestive glance at Horatio.

“Besides your mother has promised that we would lie to you, and your mother would never lie to you, would she!”

Guan Yue Wan couldn’t believe it and turned to look at her mother.

Horace’s eyes flashed with a guilty conscience, but he smiled dryly.

“Wanda, I’ll talk to you more about this later, but we did promise.”

“You promise?This is my life’s work, and you guys didn’t even ask me a question, so why should you say yes for me?”

Guan Yue Wan was on fire at once.

She was a gentle natured person, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have a temper, especially when it came to things like this.

Horace was also a little embarrassed.

I opened my mouth to say something, but it didn’t come out at the moment.

When Li Miao looked at her like this, her face immediately showed a displeased expression.

“I say, how do you talk to your own mother, boy?Our family is not bad. Zijun is one of the best in the world. What’s not good enough for you?Why do you have that attitude?”

Guan Yue Wan sneered.

“Okay, I know Gu Zijun is good, it’s not that he’s not good enough for me, it’s that I’m not good enough for him, is that okay?”

She turned to He Lanxin, her face sinking as she said in a cold voice, “Mom, you don’t have to bother making arrangements for me, I’ll tell you the truth, I have someone I like, and I’m not marrying him for the rest of my life!

And don’t think I don’t know what’s on your mind. If you can’t handle Guan Gu’s marriage, don’t you think it’s on my head? Don’t you think about the fact that we’ve been dumped 800 miles away, and there’s nothing good that can come to you?I urge you to sober up!”

After that, she turned and walked away, straight into the bedroom without looking back.

In the living room, He Lanxin and Li Miao were blindsided by her, and it took a long time for them to react.

While Helan Xin’s face was a bit angry, Li Miao instantly blew up.

“Dead girl!What are you talking about?What can we have in mind?It’s your good fortune that we, Zi Jun, are interested in you, if you want to take it or not pull it down, you really think we’re begging you aren’t you!”

When Li Miao said that, Herb Xin was reluctant.

She looked at the other side and said coldly, “Come on, we know that your Gu family’s gate is higher than ours, we didn’t beg you to come over, besides, this is my daughter, whether she is willing or not is naturally up to her, what are you yelling here?”


Li Miao didn’t expect He Lanxin to go on the offensive and point at her, so angry that she didn’t say a word for a long time.

Eventually, she threw up her hands in a hateful, angry voice, “OK!Count me wrong about your family, I don’t care if this marriage doesn’t take place!”

Afterwards, turn around and walk away.

Upstairs, Guan Yuewan heard the sound of the door slamming shut, before she closed her eyes and heavily breathed a long sigh of relief.

And on the other side, the hotel.

Ji Yun Shu woke up in a daze, with a headache.It’s like having a hangover.

It was as if the strength in my body had been sapped, too, and I was soft and weak.

He opened his eyes and turned to look around, his head a muddled mess, his consciousness blurring as he pondered where he was.

When the eyes touched the hotel logo on the wall, they swished awake and sat up in bed.

Looking around, he was the only one in the entire bedroom, where was there anyone else?

He blanched, fuzzy memories of last night flooding his mind, and he remembered clearly the girl’s resistance and pain, and the way she cried and screamed.

With a tightened heart, I gritted my teeth under my breath and cursed, “**!”

Then rolled over and got out of bed.

Ten minutes later, the washed up Ji Yunshu came out of the bathroom.

I was about to get dressed, but I happened to see a metallic thing on the bed.

With a slight pause, he walked over to the object and picked it up, only to see that it was a very chic leaf bracelet, and his heart tightened again.

Whose bracelet was it, of course he remembered, wasn’t that girl with frightened eyes wearing this bracelet on her wrist last night?

Thinking of her, he sighed again, a little chagrined.

Put the bracelet in your pocket before pulling the door open and going out.

Back at the institute, after one surgery, only to hear that Guan Yue Wan had taken the day off and didn’t come to work.

He was surprised, but he didn’t care.

After lunch, since I didn’t get enough rest last night and had a bit of a headache, I took the afternoon off as well, so I was ready to go home and get some rest.

At this time, in the living room of the seasonal mansion.

Mrs. Ji was only in her early forties this year, a magnificent age.

I just got back from overseas today and called a group of my girlfriends and wives who usually play well over to play cards.

As they played cards, they distributed the gifts they had brought for them on this trip abroad.

At this time, everyone was sitting around in groups, chatting about gossip and playing mahjong, incredibly comfortable.

Mother Ji was sitting in the middle with a few other noble wives sitting next to her, and seeing that her smile hadn’t stopped since her return, she asked curiously, “Why are you so happy today, do you have some happy news to share with me?”

Ji’s mother pursed her lips and looked at her, hesitating, but eventually she couldn’t help but share the joy with her best sister.

She leaned in and lowered her voice and said, “I’m telling you, you can’t tell anyone, I feel like I’m about to have a grandchild.”

The crowd froze, staring at her incredulously, “So soon?Doesn’t your Yun Shu have a girlfriend yet?”

Ji’s mother raised her eyebrows, “When he finds a girlfriend, it’ll be a monkey’s nightmare, and he won’t even be able to find a girlfriend when the iron tree is blooming.”

This analogy made Qingqing giggle and stare at her, “What kind of mother talks about her own son like that?If Yun Shu hears about it beware of him coming after you.”

Ji’s mother snorted, “He dares.”

One of the noble ladies was a little curious and asked, “How did you know you were about to have a grandchild?”

Speaking of which, Ji’s mother was embarrassed and hesitated, beckoning, “Come here, I’ll whisper to you.”

The man then leaned his ear over, and Kima whispered in her ear.

The other side listened with wide-eyed incredulity.

She was stunned, half-stunned, before coming to her senses, and then, not knowing what to think, she giggled and shook her head.

“You’ll be angry if you do that, won’t you Yun Shu?”

Ji’s mother flattened her mouth in disdain, “He’s angry?I’m not even mad at him. Why is he mad?Look at how old he is, 27 years old, I told him long ago, no matter what kind of woman, you get me one back first, even if it gives me some hope!

All right!It’s been so many years and he’s never claimed any of them back for me, and if I hadn’t been born, I’d suspect something was wrong with him that way!”

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