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Chapter 328

A few days later, it was New Year’s Eve.

This holiday of national celebration.

Since they were both in Kyoto, it was natural to spend New Year’s together, so that afternoon, Jenny Jing took An’an and Lele back to the old house.

Even though it was during the New Year, Biden Lu still had some business to take care of and was still in the office, so he wouldn’t be back until later.

Jenny Jing had called him in advance and told him to go straight back to the old mansion after his business, so he wouldn’t have to return to Villa Maple Bridge.

The Lu family’s old house was very lively for a time, and it was a very rare family reunion.

The old lady was so happy recently, it’s no wonder, before the New Year, either Biden Lu in the field, or Lu Lanzhi something is not in, even if back, but also the grandparents four, always feel a bit lonely.

This year will be different, looking at the children and grandchildren around the knee, the old lady also only feel heart warming, the whole person is a few years younger.

After all, it was New Year’s Eve, and as a member of the land family, Lanzie had to come back on such an important day.

But perhaps mindful of Jenny’s feelings, the old lady side-stepped her in advance and asked her about it.

Jenny Jing originally had no ill will towards Lu Lanzhi, before Lu Lanzhi left the country, also because of the matter of the gambling quarry, and she originally had little to do with it.

Now that the matter of the gambling quarry was almost settled, it was only natural that she should return.

Jenny smiled and advised the old lady, who saw that she didn’t look displeased, which put her mind at ease.

That afternoon, Lu Lanzhi returned to the old mansion right after Jenny’s hind feet.

The two just happened to hit it off when they entered, and Lu Lanzhi still had that high-minded and arrogant look, but after all, having suffered this setback, her temper was not as arrogant as usual, and even if she was no longer happy to see her, she only snorted and walked inside without saying anything.

Jenny didn’t bother with her.

She felt that Lu Lanzhi was almost forty years old, and it was quite hard to live her heart out like a teenager.

It’s a good thing that you’ve got a lot of people in your life who are interested in you, because you’ve got a lot of people in your life who are interested in you.

Being angry with such a person simply does not do half the good except to make you feel uncomfortable.

Jenny Jing had always been a person who would never treat himself badly, and since it was something that didn’t benefit him, he naturally didn’t bother doing it.

The old house was decorated with many New Year’s decorations and looked festive.

After entering the house, Jenny let An An play by herself, while Xiao Zhao and the other maid from the old mansion looked after Le Le, and she went to the back kitchen to find the old lady.

On the 30th day of the Lunar New Year, the most important festival of the year, the old lady likes to cook delicious food for her family herself, which is a habit and tradition left over from decades.

Kyoto, however, is part of northern China and the weather is cold, so dumplings are most popular on New Year’s Eve.

The old lady and Lu Lanzhi both grew up in the north, so naturally they were no strangers to this.

But Jenny grew up in Visterdem, which is in the south and rarely eats dumplings or noodles.

So the whole family becomes the only handicapped party where she can’t, and the rest of us can.

She was embarrassed for a moment, but the old lady smiled and said, “If you want to learn, come here and I’ll teach you.”

Lucian looked at her and was going to sour her a little, but paused and didn’t say anything, not knowing what came to mind.

Jenny didn’t notice her look, and when she saw the old lady say that, although her heart was still unsure, she could only finish washing her hands and scalp her.

The dumpling maker, besides the maid, was the three of them.

Biden Lu returned at 5:30 with the old man at the

Playing chess in the chess room.

The old lady slowed down the movement of her hands and said, “Look, put this meat in, and then just squeeze this skin, hold the centre still with your left hand, like a central axis, and follow it with your right hand in a circle and squeeze a little flower, this will make it beautiful and delicious, try it.”

Jenny stared at the old lady’s movements without turning away, and had an idea of what to expect.

She nodded, “Okay, I’ll try.”

However, there are some things that just seem so simple that it’s harder than it is to do.

She never knew that it was so hard to wrap a dumpling.

The dumpling skin, in the old lady’s hands, was as alive as she could squeeze it as she wanted.

But in her hands, she either couldn’t turn it or pinched it out so crooked and ugly that she couldn’t bear to look at it herself.

Put too little meat in and the centre deflates, put too much and it pops out again.

It made her momentarily confused.

The old lady couldn’t help but laugh when she saw this.

“There’s no rush, take your time to learn, this stuff is ah simple!You squeeze a few more and find the knack.”

Jenny blushed a little, feeling for the first time that his hands were so stupid.

When Lu Lanzhi saw the old lady turn her neck, she put down the dumpling skin in her hand and said, “Mom, you must be tired!Let me help you up for a while.”

The old lady is happy today, up early, and has been working all day.

Nodded at the sight.

“All right then!After wrapping the dumplings, you take An’an to the square over there to watch the fireworks for a while, tell Shen to stop playing chess and take Jenny with you, there are a bunch of kids who grew up in Kyoto over there, it’s lively, don’t detain a bunch of young people at home.”

Lucian took off his gloves and nodded.

Only then did the old lady, with her assistance, go upstairs to rest.

Jenny continued to fight with the dumpling skins on her hands there, but actually had already wrapped enough for the night, but she just wasn’t happy.

She had always been very handy, and it was easy to learn how to do everything, but she didn’t expect to lose today to a small dumpling skin.

No, she had to pinch it out.

As we were comparing notes, a soft laugh suddenly rang out behind us.

She froze and turned back, and saw Biden Lu standing behind her, looking at the movement of her hands, holding a smile at the corners of her mouth, as if she had been holding it for a long time.

Jennyton blushed a small blush and turned back to mumble, “How long have you been over here?Why don’t you all make a sound?”

“But I made a noise, it’s just that you wrapped the dumplings so intently that you didn’t notice.”

The man said, stepping forward, looking at the work on her hand that failed once again, he couldn’t help but smile, “You’re using too much strength, in fact, as long as you master the method, you don’t need to use so much strength, look, it’s all squeezed and deformed.”

Jenny had just been mocked by the old lady and was already frustrated, but now even he was laughing at her.

In a moment of shame, he snarled, “You’ll you come!”

The man quirked an eyebrow, when really without saying a word, went to wash his hands, put on his gloves and started to wrap them up.

Jenny was startled.

Just seeing the snowy white dumpling skin in his broad hands was like living.

Very quickly they made a very nice dumpling.

She paused to even look straight.

Biden Lu lifted his eyelids and looked at her askance.

Jenny’s frustration increased and he lost his way, “How come you guys make it up so easy and I just can’t learn?”

Chapter 329

The man quirked his lips, “I told you to master the method.”

Seeing that she was still frowning and looking annoyed, the man simply put down the dumpling skin in his hands and walked behind her.

Then wrapped her arms around her body, took a piece of dumpling skin and gave it to her, holding her hand like that.

“See, don’t press too hard here or you won’t be able to turn it, this hand, bring it gently and a flower will come out, then press this feeling, turn it, squeeze it, isn’t it easy?”

Jenny was amazed to find that it was really easy to wrap it up again after being taught by this man’s hands.

Biden Lu held her hand again, this way teaching her to wrap a few.

When the fifth one was ready, Jenny couldn’t resist and said, “I’ll try one myself.”

The man’s eyes darkened and he nodded, “Okay, try one yourself.”

She carefully took the dumpling skin and gently squeezed it according to the kind of feeling he had just taught her.

Soon, a dumpling was kneaded.

It wasn’t as perfect as what he’d done when he’d just taught her, but it could be called a normal dumpling.

She was so happy that she took that dumpling and browbeat him, saying, “Look, I’ve learned!”

Seeing the simple happy smile on the little woman’s face, the man was infected by it as well, his eyes thickening as a few smiles overflowed.

He nodded, “Well, my wife is smart.”

Jenny was embarrassed by this sudden compliment from him.

Gathering the shredded hair by her cheeks, she smiled apologetically and said, “You taught me well.”

However, she forgot that she had been wrapping dumplings all morning, and her hands were all covered with grey flour, so that when she gathered her hair together, her cheeks were suddenly smeared with two white marks.

Like a shy kitten.

The man’s eyes darkened even more at the sight, and suddenly pressed the back of her head and k*ssed her hard right on the lips.

Jenny was caught off guard by his k*ss and froze for a moment before looking around in panic.

Bumping his waist with his elbow, he griped, “What?It’s in the old house!Grandma and my aunt are still out there!”

Biden Lu laughed lightly, “So what?”

Jenny stared at him.

“Don’t you dare say that!What if someone sees us?”

“Jenny, we’re legally married, it’s okay to k*ss and be seen.”

Jenny: “……..”

That said, after all, the old lady and Lu Lanzhi and the others were there, and while the old man hadn’t shown up, there was no telling when he would suddenly come over.

to, then wouldn’t she be ashamed to death.

The man also knew that she was easily shy, and seeing that she was even red at the roots of her ears, he quirked his lips in pleasure and stopped teasing her.

Taking the gloves off, he said, “It’s still early before dinner, so I’ll take you out for a walk?”

Jenny looked at the time, it wasn’t even six o’clock, it was indeed still early.

So nod your head, “Good.”

They took their gloves and cleaned up, then went out together, holding hands.

Most of the villa areas near the Lu family’s old house were inhabited by the sons and daughters of the four great families.

More than a decade ago, after the compound where they used to live started to be demolished, 80 percent of the people moved here, so in fact, this neighborhood is like another compound.

As they walked out, they often met the occasional person who passed by and greeted Biden Lu.

“Hello, Lu Er!”

“Hello Ergo!”

“Where’s Ergo going?”

“Second brother, take your sister-in-law out for a walk!”

Various greetings were exchanged, but you could tell that the people here were more familiar with him and addressed him differently than the people outside.

Biden Lu basically just nodded and left it at that, and didn’t answer, being so high and cold.

But for these people, while his face remained expressionless, there was warmth in his eyes, not as cold as when he faced others.

Just then, a young boy walked up to us.

It’s called a boy because the other guy has a dyed yellow inch head and is adorned in a metal punk outfit that at a glance belongs to that teenage rebellious period look.

With a skateboard under his feet, he rushed over with wind-like speed, and his eyes lit up when he saw the land.

With a push of his foot, he stopped and shouted in a flourish, “Second Brother!You’re back!”

Biden Lu looked at him, and his cold eyes seemed to have softened considerably.

“Well, what for?”

“Get ready to go out and play.”

The boy’s gaze landed on Jenny, and he was astonished again.

Then ambiguously winked at Biden Lu.

“Second Brother, this must be my second sister-in-law. When’s the wedding?And let your brother rub up against a wedding banquet and dip into the festivities.”

Biden Lu smiled slightly, “Soon.”

Jenny was stunned, and before she could react, she was pulled forward by Biden Lu.

Behind him, the young boy and the laughing boy yelled, “Yes!Be sure to let me know when it’s time, and I’ll be the best man for you!”

They had already walked out a distance, Jenny was a bit confused, looked back at the boy and asked Biden Lu, “Who is he?”

“The youngest of the Gu.”


Truth be told, for the Gu family, Jenny had indeed heard a lot and seen very little.

The four big families in Kyoto, the Guan family, needless to say, were already considered to be quite familiar, and the Feng family, because of the presence of Tailor Feng, was also familiar to a fault.

Only this Gu family, until now, she hadn’t seen much of the Gu family’s generation of children.

Last time at the Guan family’s party, she had only met the head of the Gu family, Gu Changhai.

It is said that Gu Changhai has three sons, the eldest in the army and the second in business, both of whom are among the best of the younger generation, except for the youngest, who has very little news from the outside world and doesn’t seem to be much valued by his family.

Now it seems that the one I just saw must be the rumored youngest Gu.

Jenny was thoughtful, but didn’t think much of it, and the two of them soon arrived at a nearby square.

The square was very crowded.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and there’s a place where fireworks are set off, and even though it’s daytime and the fireworks aren’t as effective as they are at night, there are a lot of people there because of the lively atmosphere.

Jenny’s hands were warm from the man’s pocket in his coat.

She saw a fried chestnut for sale up ahead and said, “Let’s go get some snacks.”

Biden Lu nodded, took her over, bought some, and was checking out when Jenny Jing’s phone suddenly rang.

She picked up the phone and saw Nina Hua.

With a smile on his lips, he greeted Biden Lu and walked away to answer the phone.

The purpose of Nina Hua’s call was simple, nothing more than to tell her about the situation in Visterdem and to ask about Le Le.

Jenny told her all about it.

Le Le has Xiao Zhao to take care of her, the old mansion, the old lady and Mama He are all from the mother, so they are very good at taking care of children, there is no need to worry.

Chapter 330

The situation on Nina Hua’s side, on the other hand, wasn’t too good, but it wasn’t too bad either.

After all, it was his own daughter, and although Hua Jingze was still angry, he wasn’t so much as to shut her out of the house.

Plus, with Belinda as the intercalary slicker in the middle, the two fathers and daughters can at least sit down to eat at the same table.

Just about the contract, Hua Jingze is still reluctant to let go, making it clear that he wants to push her a little more.

Nina Hua sighed on the phone, and Jenny Jing didn’t know what to say, so he could only advise her not to rush and take her time.

It was a matter of father-daughter affection, and she was, after all, an outsider and powerless in such matters.

Nina Hua didn’t talk to her for long, and hung up a few minutes later.

Jenny Jing and Biden Lu strolled around for a while longer before returning.

An evening meal of dumplings was naturally lively and harmonious.

On a day like this, even if it was as eyeless as Lu Lanzhi, she knew that she had to be restrained and not upset the old lady any more, so the whole evening was quite pleasant.

On that day, because the vigil was too late, both Jenny and Biden Lu stayed at the old house.

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of a festive firecracker.

The Lu family’s old mansion is located in the city, the city originally prohibited firecrackers, but could not help the old man to abide by the customs and rules, had to let people get two small firecrackers over to put.

The older generation, for the first day of the new year firecrackers, a metaphor for the meaning of a good start, is also a festive good intention.

Ann woke up very early, she is young, but very bold, watching the red paper firecrackers crackling and exploding, and not afraid, while covering her ears, while clapping her hands in the yard and laughing.

Jenny had just gotten up, and after leaning against the window for a while, he couldn’t help but be infected by the joyful atmosphere, turning around and pushing the man beside him whose sleepiness wasn’t fully awake, saying, “Biden Lu, it’s time to get up, you can see that An’an and the others are up.”

Biden Lu frowned in displeasure, clearly dissatisfied with being disturbed from clear dreams so early in the morning, and with a stretch of his long arm, he hugged Jenny Jing back.

“Let them play by themselves when they wake up, and sleep with me a little longer.”

Jenny was locked in his arms, not by helpless smile, thought today is a special day, after all, so noisy outside, the old lady is afraid to get up already, as the younger generation, but also to the two elders to pay respects, get up too late is not good.

So he reached out again and scratched the man’s waistline, coaxing, “Grandma they’re all up, if you sleep again you’ll make people laugh, get up.”

Biden Lu didn’t speak, just locked her in his arms tightly.

He has always been self-sufficient and disciplined, and has rarely been so bedridden.

Jenny persuaded him for a while, didn’t persuade him, knowing that he slept late last night, and couldn’t bear to make trouble with him at the moment, so he waited for a while, and when he was asleep again, that’s when he carefully got out of his arms, got dressed and went out himself.

The yard was really busy.

Not only did the old man bring Anh to play there, but the Guan and Feng families also sent people over.

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, all the families have the custom of paying their respects to each other, and although they are all youngsters, they all put all their efforts into it and have a good time.

As soon as Tailor Feng came in, he first wished the old lady and the old man a Happy New Year and received a red envelope before coming in, just in time to bump into Jenny coming out, he even smiled and shouted, “Second sister-in-law, Happy New Year, where’s my second brother?”

Jenny laughed, “Still sleeping, why are you so early?”

“Every year.

Come over about this time, get used to it.”

Jenny took one of the red envelopes prepared to him, although he was an equal, but at least he had been called his little sister-in-law for so long, it was not good to show nothing.

Tailor Feng wasn’t rude and took it with a smile, then went inside to find Biden Lu.

The people from the Guan family, on the other hand, were Guan Ji Ming and Guan Xuefei.

Probably because they knew that Jenny Jing and Clara had a problem, they didn’t send Clara over.

Jenny greeted Guan Ji Ming first and then went to find the old lady.

At noon, the two families stayed for lunch.

After eating, Tailor Feng looked for an opportunity to quietly say to her, “A secret, do you know that Clara who just came back from the Guan family?”

Jenny looked at him, his eyebrows slightly raised, “What’s wrong?”

“I heard that last night, the Gu family sent someone to the Guan family to propose marriage to their family, and the person who proposed marriage was none other than Clara.”

Jenny was startled for an instant.

Tailor Feng blinked, rather gleefully.

“The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a clear idea of what you’re getting into and what you’re getting into.Had simply been the youngest Gu.”

Jenny was startled for a few seconds, remembering yesterday evening, when she and Biden Lu went out for a walk and met the sunshine sun less on the way.

Clara wants to marry him?

She felt a chill down her back just thinking about it.

“Do they know what happened to Maya Jing before?”

Tailor Feng smiled even more wickedly at the mention of this.

“Why not?When the matter of your Jing family was first brought to a boil up there, if one has the heart to look into it, one will know with a single question that it cannot be hidden at all.”

Jenny frowned.

“And they let the youngest Gu marry her?”

Tailor Feng sneered.

“So what’s there?The youngest Gu, no matter how reluctant he was, couldn’t withstand the pressure of his old man, so even if he started to make a fierce scene, he would most likely succumb in the end.”

Tailor Feng’s tone of voice was rare and serious, with a touch of sentimentality.

It’s quite a bit of a rabbit hole.

Jenny thought about it and patted him on the shoulder.

“The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models of the newest models of the newest models.Just relax!”

Tailor Feng was so angry at her teasing that he rolled his eyes.

“I’m kind enough to tell you gossip and this is how you ridicule me?Well, next time you’ll see if I have news to tell you or not!”

I said, picking up my arms and turning around in a huff.

Jenny lost his smile, but for a moment, it faded.

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