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Chapter 325

I can’t believe I’m talking about this in front of him.

Mo Yiang no longer knew what to say.

Jasmine Tong gave Albert Ou a hard look, and even kicked him underfoot, telling him to be more careful with his words.

Mo Yiang laughed awkwardly.

“Am I about to be an uncle?”

These two are as good as gold, so that good news should be coming soon!

“When uncle if we have a child, then you’ll only be a brother.”

Hi-de-ho, it’s heartbreaking again.

Mo Yiang originally wanted to stay for dinner, after all, it had been a long time since he had tasted Jasmine Tong’s cooking, but looking at this situation, he had already had enough dog food.

So it didn’t stay long, but it was better to meet up with my own Aston Martin first.

Although Mo Yiang has produced many works and made many endorsements over the years and earned a lot of money, his parents felt that he was still young and so much money was placed in his hands for fear of him spending it recklessly, so his parents were basically keeping his money.

He had wanted to buy a sports car for a long time, but his parents never agreed to it.

That’s great, Albert Ou just gave him one, you know Albert Ou can be the biggest shield!

Mo Yiang sailed away in his Aston Martin.

There were only two people in the room, Jasmine Tong and Albert Ou.

“Big baby, thank you for today.”

Jasmine Tong smiled brightly and tilted her face up to look at Albert Ou.

“Thank me for what I didn’t contribute.”Albert Ou immediately averted his eyes.

Jasmine Tong had started out by saying that this matter didn’t need to be managed by Albert Ou.

But they also thought beforehand that Rameen Tong might have some media set up beforehand outside to prevent her from entering the wedding venue.

Originally, Jasmine Tong thought it would take some effort to get in the door, but it went in so smoothly.

Also, it’s not easy to just play the video at a wedding.

Who else could have done it but him?

“Today wouldn’t have gone so well without you escorting me.”

“You don’t blame me.”

Albert Ou was still worried about Jasmine Tong losing her temper, after all, the two of them had agreed beforehand not to let Albert Ou interfere in this matter.

“You help me and I blame you, I’m not that unreasonable.”

“You used to be so unreasonable, I help you and you blame me” Albert Ou started to go over old scores.

“Then I’m not going to be reasonable today.”

Jasmine Tong immediately pouted.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop,”

Albert Ou surrendered immediately.

On the other side, some people don’t have it easy.

After Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang left, the wedding could only end hastily, followed by the part of the wedding banquet.

By the end of the wedding banquet, many of the guests had left, and some of them really hated the fact that Rameen Tong’s family was so unbearable, so they left.

It was a huge wedding reception and it turned out that only half of the guests were still there at the end.

But Rameen Tong still had to force a smile.

Lin Qingfeng’s face also felt unable to hang on.

Almost all the guests were gone, and she sat down on her chair.

“This is a disgrace to our Ron family.”

She shot a glance at Rameen Tong, her eyes filled with resentment.

That’s just because she had taken out so much money to help the Ron family through the crisis, otherwise she would have scolded her a long time ago

“My own mother, I don’t like what you’re saying, what with all the disgrace.”

Simin Du was now somewhat more comfortable talking to Lin Qingfeng.

“Isn’t it so? Which one of your family, from the oldest to the youngest, hasn’t disgraced themselves, and now they’re disgraced to our Ron family”

Lin Qingfeng’s voice was as if it came out of his nostrils.


Simin Du was furious with Lin Qingfeng’s “old to young” attitude.

“It’s all because of that dead girl Jasmine Tong.”

“Isn’t she your family’s too? It’s not our fault anyway.”

Simin Du also knew that she was at a disadvantage and didn’t continue her theory with Lin Qingfeng.

“Mom, why can’t you find my sister” Raymond came over and asked.

“Oh yeah, I haven’t seen Dreamy in a while, the kid can’t think straight”

Simin Du immediately dragged Raymond upstairs.

There was the sound of fabric tearing apart and women cursing in the room where Rameen Tong had changed.

Simin Du and Raymond immediately pushed the door open and walked in.

I saw that Rameen Tong had changed into civilian clothes and was tearing at the wedding dress she had changed into

She looked fierce, took the wedding dress entirely for Jasmine Tong, and was venturing out with impunity

“Bitch bitch Jasmine, you bitch.”

“Oh, my dreamy dream, this wedding dress is so expensive, stop tearing it up, isn’t this money wasted”

Simin Du rushed to stop Rameen Tong.

“Mom, you let my sister pull it, anyway, wedding once photo wedding dress can not wear, let my sister vent, my sister heart is not happy”

Rameench was on the verge of saying.

“Tear it up, it’s only going to be worn this once anyway, our family is not the same now, and we’re rich.”

In the end, Simin Du is also distressed about Rameen Tong.

It was the wedding of the century, but the whole family became a joke.

Rameen Tong suddenly stopped and looked at Dusyman.

“Mom, how could you be so stupid as to fall for Jasmine Tong’s trap He said that because he wanted you to hit her so that you could sit on your reputation as a wicked stepmother.”

Rameen Tong loudly accused.

In fact, she has already regretted it.

“I don’t know ah I heard her say that, can I feel better? I’m also used to beating her up, who knows oooooh”

“How can you hit her when you’re used to hitting her, in front of all those people.”

“Come on, sis, it’s not like you don’t know Mom as a person, she just can’t stop her temper like that” said Raymond.

Rameen Tong immediately glared at Rameen Qi.

“And you you made someone’s girl’s belly big didn’t I tell you to take her to the hospital and get rid of the baby didn’t I give you so much money and you took her to a black clinic.”

Rameen Tong was so angry with this brother.

It was obviously going to cost only a few thousand dollars to get an abortion, and she had given him a total of 50,000 just in the hope that he would wipe the matter away with the money.

Buy something for the girls, put this thing down.

Raymond “hehe” laughed twice.

“I spent that money and then it wasn’t quite enough, that’s why I took her to the black clinic, my classmates said it was okay, it was her.”

“Then people are coming to the door, why don’t you go spend the money to smooth things out” Rameen Tong growled.

“It’s our mom who said we can’t go. She said they’re blackmailing people and told me to leave it alone.”

Raymond also felt oddly aggrieved.

“That’s great, let Jasmine Tong get a hold of me and bite me hard what should I do”

Rameen Tong was in a panic.

Chapter 326

“Sis, isn’t it a bad idea to spend some money and gag these media outlets with the strength of you and your brother-in-law?”

Raymond was not in the least bit impressed.

“What do you know? If you could actually spend the money and be done with it, then this would be a good thing.”

Because of the importance Rameen attached to the wedding, many media friends were invited to the wedding, while others came uninvited.

In order not to miss any of the media headlines, but all with press credentials, all can come in.

So what kind of media is actually on the scene, Rameen Tong herself doesn’t even know, just wants to spend money to gag everyone and where to spend it

That’s a real kick in the pants.

Even if we can shut up some of the mainstream media, but what about the media, it’s bound to get out.

Dusyman and Raymond also realized the seriousness of the problem.

Suddenly, Raymond coughed.

“Brother-in-law, you’re here,”

When Rameen Tong heard the voice, she immediately turned around, picked up a glass of water from the table and poured out a little water, slapping it on her face

“I don’t want to live, I don’t want to live.”

Saying that, Rameen Raymond towards the window.

Duthie immediately chased after him.

“Montmorency, you mustn’t do anything stupid.”

Simin Du hugged Rameen Tong tightly.

“Mom, let go of me and let me die, it’s humiliating. It’s a once in a lifetime wedding and I’m already ashamed.”

Rameen Tong was weeping and intent on finding death.

“Ellen, if you don’t come over quickly, I’m going to be unable to hold her back” Simin Du immediately shouted towards Ellen Ron.

Ellen Ron had a splitting headache, he was also a man who wanted to save face, and he had disgraced himself by having this happen today.

Just now, downstairs, he was also counted out by Ron Rui.

“Haven’t you made enough noise yet?” roared Ellen Ron.

Rameen Tong and Dossier were all frightened by the noise.

“Isn’t the acting enough?”

Rameen Tong turned around and looked at Ellen Ron with tears in her eyes.

“Brother Ellen, what do you mean even you don’t trust me?”

“You give me a reason to believe you.”

Ellen Ron’s voice was indifferent to the extreme.

Rameen Tong bit her teeth.

“Well, if you don’t even believe me, then I have even less reason to live, so let me die.”

Rameen Tong said, three times up on the ledge and directly opened the window

Before Dushman could react, Rameen Tong was ready to jump downwards

Ellen Ron didn’t think Rameen Tong would really jump.

He quickly ran to the window and held Rameen Tong’s hand the moment she jumped out the window

“Are you crazy?”

“If you don’t even believe in me, what’s the point of me living, let me die, let go of me.”

Rameen Tong’s body was hanging from the window.

Ellen Ron broke out in a cold sweat.

Duthie was even more unsure of what to do.

“O Montmorency, you mustn’t think about it.”

“Brother Ellen, why don’t you even believe me? Actually I know that you still love your sister, you never loved me, so you only believe what she says and not what I say”

“Hurry up and get up here” snapped Ellen Ron, “Raymond don’t come over here to help”

With the help of Rameen Qi, the two men worked together and finally pulled Rameen Tong back

Rameen Tong had a lot of scrapes on his body.

She sat dumbly on the floor and didn’t say a word.

“Okay, this is over, let’s go home.”

Ellen Ron’s voice was still incomparably cold.

“Brother Ellen, have you ever loved me even a little bit?”

Rameen Tong looked as if someone had siphoned off her soul, her eyes hollow.

Ellen Ron did not speak.

Rameen Tong smiled bitterly.

“Brother Ellen, so you still don’t trust me do you”

Ellen Ron aimed a glance at her.

“None of it’s done, you know best.”

“Yes, I know best.”

Rameen Tong raised her head and looked right at the fruit knife on the table.

“I want to prove my innocence.”

She said that when everyone didn’t react, she dashed to the edge of the table with an arrow and picked up a fruit knife and slashed at her wrist.

The blood immediately burst out.

Ellen Ron immediately stepped forward and snatched the fruit knife.

A hand hurriedly grasped Rameen Tong’s wound

“Brother Ellen, if you don’t believe me, then let me die, I will use my death to prove my innocence”

“You’re a crazy person,”

“I’m just a crazy person, I love you so much I’ve gone crazy I can’t stand the fact that you don’t believe me.”

Rameen Tong cried as she spoke to Ellen Ron in an unusually calm voice.

Duthie was completely freaked out.

“Montmorency, why are you so silly, my silly child?”

“Call an ambulance,” Ellen Ron roared.

The ambulance whirred.

This night was destined to be a sleepless one for the media.

Everyone is gearing up for the next day’s news.

There’s just so much information about this wedding.

The next day’s news, as expected.

Rameen Tong’s mother is the third child on top.

Rameen Tong was born to a third child.

Rameen Tong is Jasmine Tong’s half-sister who is three months younger.

Rameen Tong’s brother gets a girl’s belly big but doesn’t admit it, so he lets people go to a black clinic for surgery without paying a penny.

Rameen deliberately released misleading videos and purchased navy to smear Jasmine Tong.

It’s all in the news, it’s all in the search.

Early in the morning, Jasmine Tong received a call from Mo Yiang.

Mo Yiang was reporting the news content to Jasmine Tong.

To Jasmine Tong’s surprise, even the mainstream media that Rameen had invited didn’t miss a single story.

It is reasonable to say that last night, Rameen Tong more or less will have some action, those mainstream media will at least gag, so that it will not be all the media to rise up and attack.

Maybe there’s room to turn things around in the future.

But there was none.

“This time Rameen Tong definitely has no room to turn over a new leaf, it’s really painful” Mo Yiang seemed to be very excited “I’ll tell you one more piece of happy news, Rameen Tong committed suicide last night”

“What suicide?”

That was rather surprising to Jasmine Tong.

“That’s a lie. I sent someone there to guard the ambulance. The ambulance came and said that Rameen Tong jumped out of the window at first and then slit her wrists.”

“And then what,”

“No then, taken to the hospital, don’t know if he’s dead or alive.”

“It won’t die, she’s acting for Ellen Ron, her only leverage now is Ellen Ron, so of course she has to earn his trust.”

Jasmine Tong still understood Rameen Tong.

“Oh, I see.”

“I’m not going to tell you, I’m going to check on your Uncle Junior, he’s not even up yet.”

After hanging up the phone, Jasmine Tong returned to the bedroom, where Albert Ou was still asleep.

I don’t know what’s going on, but he never seems to wake up lately.

Chapter 327

Jasmine Tong looked worriedly at the still-sleeping Albert Ou.

In the past, Albert Ou didn’t like sleeping much, and every time Jasmine Tong woke up, he was already gone.

Getting him to go to bed early and wake up early, and naps, like they’re killing him, makes him miserable.

But lately, he seems to be very fond of sleep, and last night he went to bed bright and early, at ten o’clock, but now he has slept almost ten hours and he is still awake.

Jasmine Tong thought carefully about it, it seemed that Yarwen Tong had been particularly sleepy after he was released from the hospital.

Jasmine Tong shook Albert Ou’s body a few times, and Albert Ou opened his eyes in a daze.

“What time is it?”

“It’s 8:30, you’ve been sleeping for almost eleven hours, why are you so sleepy lately aren’t you feeling well”

Albert Ou yawned, then sat up.

“You’re the one who told me to go to bed early and get up early, always saying I don’t sleep, and now that I do, you’re sick of me sleeping more.”

“I just thought forget it, you can sleep if you want and I’ll make you breakfast.”

Jasmine Tong leaned down and k!ssed Albert Ou on the cheek before walking out of the bedroom.

Albert Ou frowned for a moment, he always felt very tired these days, and it was hard to fall asleep and wake up.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him, he’d never felt this way before.


In the vip ward.

The Ron and Tong families were all there, after all, Ellen Ron and Rameen Tong were already married.

Although Lin Qingfeng was very dissatisfied with yesterday’s wedding, but in the end this was already an established fact and could not be changed.

Rameen Tong slowly opened her eyes.

“Montmorency, I’m pretty much awake, but I scared Mom to death Montmorency, you mustn’t do anything stupid like that again”

Duthie cried again.

“Okay, just don’t cry, isn’t this all right for Meng Meng” said Marven Tong in a bad mood.

“I don’t care how much my Meng Meng has suffered, how much blood was shed yesterday, you don’t know? It was her wedding night. I don’t care. I want you to seek justice for her.”

Marven Tong sighed and did not speak.

Rameen Tong looked to Ellen Ron.

“Brother Ellen, it’s really none of my business, my sister is eighty percent desperate, so she wants to borrow my wedding to clear her name, those deals are all forged, and that sand monk, as long as there’s money, he’ll do anything.”

Rameen Tong’s voice was very weak, as if a gust of wind could blow away her words.

As she said that, her tears pounded down again.

“Ah Ellen, don’t you still believe in Meng Meng? She has been busy with the wedding recently, so how can she have the heart to care about Jasmine Tong ah” Simin Du hastily echoed.

Ellen Ron slowly walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

In fact, he can’t really tell now who is telling the truth and who is not.

He had asked Rameen Tong before, and he believed that Rameen Tong wouldn’t dare to deceive herself, and she was indeed too busy with the wedding to care about anything else.

Is it true that Jasmine Tong will do anything to clear her name?

It makes sense, after all, if you want to survive in the entertainment industry, you need to do whatever it takes to survive.

Has Jasmine Tong really become like this?

“Well, you get well, and don’t think about anything else.”Ellen Ron’s words, though already much better than yesterday, were still faint.

“Brother Ellen, you still don’t believe me, do you?”

Rameen Tong was in tears.

“Brother Ellen, if you don’t believe in me, then what’s the point of me living.”

“Don’t seek death.”

“Brother Ellen, will you believe me for once, I won’t lie to you, I’m your wife.”

Rameen Tong begged bitterly.

Because of the heavy bleeding yesterday, he still had some pallor, and his lips were not much bloodier, even a little peeling.

Combined with a husky voice, it’s really hard to resist pity.

“Okay, I’ll trust you on this one.”

Only then did Rameen Tong smiled.

“Brother Ellen, thank you, thank you for believing in me.”

“But I hope there won’t be a next time.”

Rameen Tong shook her head.

“I swear on my life, I would never lie to you.”

Lin Qingfeng yawned, she hadn’t slept all night, her old bones were tired from tossing and turning.

“Dream, just rest, don’t think about anything else, it’s the way it is.”

Lin Qingfeng had the intention of breaking the jar, and after that she walked out of the hospital room.

“Ellen, come out with me for a moment.”

Ron Rui said with a cold face.

Ellen Ron immediately stood up and followed Ron Rui out.

This is a VIP area and the hallways are almost empty.

“Ellen, did you know that the company’s stock has fallen.”

Ellen Ron was stunned.

Because of Rameen Tong’s suicide, he couldn’t care less about that.

Stocks are susceptible to these news stories in gregarious families.

At first, he also used his marriage to Rameen Tong to raise his stock.

I can’t believe the stock has fallen in just one day.

It’s just awful.

“You must do something at once, the stock is still falling, and there must be no damage whatsoever concerning the reputation of our superior officer.”

Ron Rui was like giving an order.


“It’s just the right thing to use the dream suicide to get back in the game, I don’t need to tell you exactly how to do that.”

“I know what to do.”

“Then you do it.”Ron Rui said and also left.

Ellen Ron returned to the hospital room.

“I’m going back to the office for some work, so you get some rest.”

Upon hearing this, Dusyman was the first to be displeased.

“Ellen, Dream is still in the hospital, no matter how important the company is, can it be as important as Dream?”

“Mom, let him go, the company must be very busy right now after what happened yesterday.”

Rameen Tong is very reasonable.

“Brother Ellen, you go ahead, I won’t think twice, I’ll pull myself together.”

“Well, you get some rest.”Ellen Ron also left.

Marven Tong left after a while because of something in the family wine business.

Only Simin Du and Rameen Tong remained in the ward.

“Montmorency, you’ve frightened Mom so much she won’t dare do such a stupid thing again.”

“Mom, don’t worry, I’m in control.”

Rameen Tong looked exhausted.

“Montmorency, do you think Ellen will believe you? Why do I feel as if he’s still suspicious”

“He’ll have to believe it if he doesn’t, but we’re both grasshoppers on the same rope now, and we’ll both gain and lose with each other.”

Rameen Tong smiled bitterly.

“Presumably, Artsin International’s stock has started to fall now, they have to do something right now, and the only way to do it is to believe what I say and put all the fault on Jasmine Tong.”


“So, I’m going to help him out.”

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