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Chapter 331

Biden Lu also knew the news, but he was quite open-minded compared to Jenny Jing’s worries.

“If the youngest Gu was a man with his own ideas, he wouldn’t have succumbed to his family, and if he did, that means he never had the ability or determination to be independent from the start, and even if he didn’t marry Clara, he’d still marry another woman, and there’s no difference between left and right when the benefits are swapped.”

Jenny was still a little worried.

“But she…”

Lu Jing looked at her deeply and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

“Have no fear.”He said softly, “The Gu and Lu families were already on opposite sides, and that woman, who had treated you that way before, whether she married the youngest Gu or not, you could never turn your enemies into friends, so this enemy is set to be, and it doesn’t matter if they get married or not.”

Jenny looked up at him, her beautiful brows showing a hint of worry.

“Is it really okay?If the Guan family really stands with the Gu family, can you handle it by yourself?”

Biden Lu laughed.

He reached out, gently cupping her face, his fingertips moshing her cheeks, halfway to whispering, “As long as you’re always standing by my side, that is.”

Jenny shook fiercely.

The man’s gaze was so gentle, yet so firm, with an unexplainable strength that gradually settled her heart.

She reached out, gently wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her face close to his chest.

“I’ll always stand by your side, and no matter what happens, we’ll always be together.”

Biden Lu raised the corners of his mouth in pleasure.

“Don’t worry, even if the Gu family makes a move, it won’t be for the next two days, at least not until after this year, so take a nice vacation in the meantime, eh?”

Jenny Jing nodded his head, and only then did he give a soft “hmm”.


On the other side, Visterdem.

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Hua family was naturally bustling.

Hua Jingze, as the leading business boss of Visterdem, had literally an endless stream of people visiting him this day.

Belinda, as the youngest owner of Huashi, naturally had to accompany the socialite.

The servants in the house were going crazy, from the back kitchen to the front room, and they barely stopped.

In this way, instead, Nina Hua, who had nothing to do, became the most idle one in the entire house.

She didn’t bother to look at the social faces, so she didn’t go downstairs, and even had her lunch sent to her room to eat it herself.

Hua Jingze was busy dealing with the guests and didn’t have time to pay attention to her, but it was Hua Yu who sent someone up to look for her once in the middle of the day and asked her if she wanted to go down and sit down.

But Nina Hua rejected it.

She didn’t want to get involved with the company, which was perfectly adequate with her father and brother.

Therefore, those people, naturally, don’t bother to meet.

Belinda was helpless, but knew her sister’s temper, so it wasn’t easy to force her.

Because there were too many guests, Nina Hua refused to help out, and the house was missing a hostess, even with so many servants, it was always too busy.

Hua Jingze simply booked a private room at a nearby five-star hotel to take people out to dinner in the evening.

Nina Hua didn’t want to go and stayed in his room watching a TV show.

Hua Jingze was still in a cold war with her, so he didn’t pay any attention to her, there were maids in the house anyway, and there were ready meals, so she couldn’t starve to death, so when the time came, he took the people out.

Hearing the noise of people outside fading away, Nina Hua then turned off the tablet in front of him, closed his eyes, and then came out in his slippers.

The maid saw that she had a hard time getting out of the room and came forward.

“Where are you going, my lady?”

Nina Hua casually waved his hand, “Don’t mind me, I’ll just walk around.”

The maid saw the situation, so she couldn’t ask any more questions and turned down.

Nina Hua came to the study and searched around.

And didn’t find their share of the contract.

She knew that although she and Hua Jingze were biological fathers and daughters, Hua Jingze was a person who could be ruthless at times and could really disown his six relatives.

If she wants to return to filming on her own, without her father’s control, the only way to do so is to find that contract first.

But after rummaging through the entire study, I couldn’t find half a trace of it.

Nina Hua searched for a long time, and finally got impatient and straightened up, just to call and ask if big brother had seen that contract, but when he turned around, he saw Hua Yu standing in the doorway.

She was so shocked that she patted herself on the chest.

“Brother!What are you doing?It scares the hell out of me.”

Belinda shook her head helplessly.

He stepped forward and straightened those places that Nina Hua had messed up bit by bit before saying, “Don’t waste your time, that contract of yours, Dad is keeping it himself, no one can get it without his permission, he was already defending you, so why would he keep something like that at home?”

Nina Hua was stunned, then frowned.

“Even you don’t know where it is?”

Belinda shook her head honestly, “I don’t know.”

Nina Hua was a little angry.

“What’s he trying to do?Do you really want to force me to die?”

Belinda laughed.

“You’d be doing a real disservice to the good guys if you said that, and Dad’s doing it for your own good.”

Nina Hua was cold and left his face to the side.

Belinda sighed when she saw how stubborn she was.

“We all disapproved of you being with that man, so naturally we had our reasons, but you had to run away with him and get pregnant with his child, and that’s all that matters.

Have you called home once in the past year?Ever cared?Dad is not angry with you and that man, but he has raised his own daughter for so many years, and in the end, for a man and the family to be in trouble like this, if it were you, you would not feel cold?Will you feel disappointed?”

Nina Hua instantly became red-eyed.

She pursed her lips and ducked her head to wipe her eyes.

A moment, before muttering quietly, “It’s not like I don’t want to contact him.”

It’s just that every time she calls back, she’s always inevitably scolded, and as time goes by, she doesn’t bother to find herself scolded anymore.

Belinda lost her smile and shook her head helplessly.

Reaching above her head, she patted it with a rather frustrated tone.

“Oh my silly sister, and so silly.”

Nina Hua choked on his throat for a moment, not knowing what to say.

Belinda turned, took a contract out of a drawer compartment and handed it to her.

Nina Hua was stunned and took it, staring in shock as he read the contract clearly.

“I thought you said you didn’t know…”

Belinda shrugged, “It’s true that I don’t know, and I never stole it from you, so if Dad asks, you mustn’t betray me, or I’ll disown you as a sister in the future.”

Nina shook hard for a moment, reacted, and rushed up and gave Huayu a hug.

“Brother, thank you.”

Chapter 332

Belinda smiled, hugging her and patting her lightly on the back.

“If you really want to thank me, next time you see Dad, don’t keep contradicting him, you’re not young, you’re a mother of a child yourself, you should know better.”

Nina Hua only felt his heart sore and his nose sore, and nodded his head with red eyes.

Huayu slipped back in the middle of the day and had to rush to a meeting at the hotel, so she didn’t stay at home and left after having a few words with Nina Hua.

The contract was already in hand, so in order to avoid the old man coming back at night and finding out that they were going to fight again, Nina Hua wasn’t going to stay home much longer and went back to his room to pack up his things and leave.

However, I didn’t expect to hear the maid say outside the door as soon as she had packed her things, “Miss, there are guests looking for you.”

She was stunned, not expecting for a moment that anyone from this part of Visterdem would come to her at this time.

Let’s not mention that she came back this time in secret and didn’t show up at all during the day, so few of the guests knew she was back.

Furthermore, her line of work is very low-key, and even former friends or classmates shouldn’t know about it.

As I was thinking, I heard a steady footstep outside.

This was followed by a few shallow knocks on the door.

Nina Hua didn’t expect the maid to bring someone directly to her room, frowning unhappily, she was about to go over and open the door, but unexpectedly the door opened by itself at that moment, followed by a familiar figure appearing in the doorway.

Nina Hua stared at it.


What’s he doing here?


Nina Hua’s eyelids jumped, and he rushed over, pulling the door shut hard before the man could enter the house.

However it was too late.

The man’s hand gripped the door panel and pushed it open with just a little force.

“Seasonal Kepler?You’re crazy, aren’t you?What are you running over here for now?”

Nina Hua was dying of anxiety.

But Kepler did not speak.

He pushed the door open, then, stepping in, his face still the same cold, heavy-eyed look on her face.

Nina Hua was staring at him like that and was somehow guilty.

No one knew about her return to Visterdem this time except for Xiao Zhao and Jenny.

So, naturally, it was also hidden from him.

Old Mrs. Jin only came back for a small stay this time, she returned to F some time ago, and Kepler, as the junior, naturally had to send her off.

Therefore, before he left, he had made a deal with her to stay at the villa and not go anywhere until he returned.

But I didn’t realize that she had just left on the front foot and then she came running back.

Based on Kepler’s temper, it was easy to imagine how angry he was at this moment.

But Nina Hua felt that it wasn’t her fault!

She had her own things to deal with, and he wasn’t her who, so why should anyone listen to him all the time, right?

Thinking so, she looked up at him.

Just listen to the man’s cold, heavy voice: “I came all this way, and you won’t let me in to sit down?”

At this time, there was no room for Nina Hua to say no.

She had to sidle up and let him in.

Kepler walked into the house, not rushing to speak, but slowly taking stock of the room’s furnishings.

The furnishings in the room are warm and luxurious.

As the only girl in the Hua family, Nina Hua had naturally enjoyed her father’s and brother’s pampering since childhood, so even without a mother, she was never worse off than any girl from a healthy family.

Kepler measured for a moment and went to sit on the couch beside the bed


Nina Hua was inexplicably nervous, especially when he thought that this was the Hua family, and at any moment, someone might come back and reveal his identity.

After a few moments of silence, she finally did her mental construction and stumbled over the question, “What are you doing here?”

Kepler lightened his thin lips, “Why did I come over, you don’t know?”

Nina Hua didn’t dare to look him in the eye, lowered his head and whispered, “How should I know.”

“Heh!”The man laughed softly, a little coolly.

Nina Hua laughed at him to the point of panic.

He had been with the baby and her all this time, and while his temper still wasn’t too good, he hadn’t treated her too badly, on the whole.

Sometimes it even gave her the illusion that the two of them were back in those brief but beautiful days of a few years ago.

Therefore, she was a little guilty about this unresigned farewell.

Kepler’s face was cold, and he said in a deep voice, “If I don’t come over to find you this time, are you really going to just leave and never come back?”

Nina Hua’s heart trembled fiercely with his words.

She looked up slightly and saw his cold, handsome face, and anger was quietly gathering in her eyes.

The heart grew even more faint.

“And no, Happy’s still over there, I always have to go back.”

“Just for the baby?”

Nina Hua: “……..”

In the face of the man’s pressing questions, she didn’t even know how to answer.

It seems that no answer is quite right.

A silent bitterness crept from the heart.

“Or what?What else does Ji think I need to go back for?”

Kepler sneered lowly.

“Very well, Nina Hua, it seems that I’ve been giving you too much face all this time, making you really forget, what you really are!”

Nina Hua’s face changed.

In the next second, the jaw was pinned violently and the whole thing was pressed against the door panel.

Kepler’s eyebrows and eyes were dark, staring at her fiercely, as if he wanted to demolish and swallow her into his stomach, gritting his teeth, “On top of the fact that you’re a fu*king child, do you believe that you’ve already died an unknown number of times.”

Nina Hua’s jaw ached, subconsciously trying to explain.

But just the slightest pause, and then he changed his tune.

She looked up at him, her eyes firm, “Yes, in your heart I deserve to die, I have failed you, I have lied to you, and in that case, what have you come to me for?”

Kepler stalled.

Nina Hua smiled bitterly, “I admit that five years ago, I was sorry to you, but these five years, I should have repaid enough!

Now, it’s your family that can’t tolerate me. You don’t know that. Can you turn your back on them for me?Can you give up Ken’s family and all your future for me?You can’t!See, that’s the biggest problem that lies between us.”

“I know in my heart what kind of person I am, what my status is, that night, you took the initiative to mess with me, but by what right do I have to bear the consequences!”

“Kepler, I just lost everything just because I fell in love with you, my career, my life, my family all left!”

“And you?You’re still the high and mighty youngster of the Jin family, you’re still the president of the Jin family, you can still be glamorous.”

“If we’re really together, the only leverage I have is your love, but if you don’t love me one day, then what do I have?”

“Kepler, you keep saying that I shouldn’t leave you, but have you ever thought about why I should?”

“I’m really tired, even though I’m begging you to let go!Set me free, and set yourself free!”

Chapter 333

Kepler shook fiercely.

Nina Hua had long wanted to say these words, but had kept them inside and didn’t dare to say them.

Now that I said it, I just felt so happy that I broke away from his hand and stepped aside.

She took a deep breath, feeling the raging sourness in her eyes, and tried to push it down.

A cold, self-deprecating laugh, “And don’t hold on to what happened five years ago, five years can change a lot, and who says I’m going to say yes if you want to stay together now?”

“I stopped loving you a long time ago, by the way, you didn’t know that, did you?I have a boyfriend and he’s good to me, so you don’t have to worry about my future.”

Kepler’s pupils shrank abruptly.

“What did you say?”

Nina Hua turned around and looked at him, holding his head up and confidently saying, “I said I have a boyfriend, his name is Tailor Feng, he’s the young master of the Feng family in Kyoto, I’m sure you’ve heard of him, right?See, I’m such a snobbish woman, and since your Jin family can’t tolerate me, I’ll naturally have to find another place, so there’s no need to hang myself on your tree.”

Kepler snickered.

He nodded repeatedly.

“Good, very good.”

His eyes were fetid red, and a cold, dark light of prey flashed in them.

Nina Hua clenched the fist placed at his side and said in a deep voice, “Then you can leave now!”

But unexpectedly, the man not only didn’t leave, but instead bullied his way forward.

A hand pushed her against the wall.

Nina Hua was shocked and stared at him fiercely, “Kepler, what do you want?I’m warning you, this is my house!My dad won’t let you off the hook if you try anything!”

“What do I do?”Kepler gritted his teeth, “You think you can fool me with this?Do you think that I am as stupid as you think I am, that I would be stupid enough to be played by you over and over again?”

Nina Hua’s face changed.

“You, you let go of me first.”

“No release!”

Not only did he not let go, but he suddenly had a hand free and cupped her chin.

Nina Hua’s jaw ached and hissed softly.

In the next second, the man’s face zoomed sharply before his eyes.

Nina Hua stared at it.

There was a cool, soft touch on his lips, and he was so fierce, as if he could not wait to tear her apart and eat her into his stomach.

Nina Hua didn’t expect that he would do something like this after it had come to this, and she had just made her words hard enough for him to hear.

Nina Hua felt his jaw ache.

She whimpered and struggled a bit, trying to push him away.

But he took hold of his hands and pressed them over his head against the wall.

Nina Hua couldn’t struggle, and was about to burst into tears as her heart sank and her eyes turned red.

Kepler was also furious.

She really thought he was stupid, that he was easy to fool.

Make excuses, and don’t find one that’s more reliable.

Didn’t she know that since she had reappeared, he had investigated everyone she knew and everywhere she had been during the five years before?

He knew exactly what kind of people she had been in contact with and what kind of people she had around her.

Why doesn’t he lie like a decent liar? Do you really think he’s that gullible?


Although it was knowing that she and Tailor Feng were not lovers, and she had never had another man in the past five years.

But having just heard the words that came out of her mouth that Tailor Feng was her boyfriend, he still couldn’t help but feel a little jealous.

That’s why it was necessary to punish her severely.

Nina Hua was originally pressed against the wall, but then, I don’t know what happened, but when he got it, the man pressed the back of his head and clasped it in his arms.

In the beginning, she remembered to resist.

But the man was so good at it that five years ago, the two really hadn’t missed much practice.

kssing and kssing, she even got really confused and lost the ability to resist.

Kepler felt the change in the little woman in his arms, and a warmth finally flashed in his eyes.

She had him in her heart and he’d always known it.

Just how much, and to what extent, he could not say.

So the two have been like hedgehogs, wanting to be close to each other, but afraid of hurting each other too badly to stay away.

Until this moment, to really take the other person into your arms and watch her sink in her own love.

The feeling of real possession and touch was what steadied his heart.

But if he’s still like that, what’s the difference between Nina and him?

Five years of wind and rain, she waited alone, paid, experienced too much, and suffered too much.

There were times when I complained, regretted, and cried, wondering if I hadn’t fallen in love with him in the first place, would I not have ended up in this situation?

But…if I hadn’t fallen in love with him, I wouldn’t have had a little fun.

If she hadn’t fallen in love with him, there wouldn’t have been that one memory so beautiful that she could remember it for the rest of her life.

And where is the word love that you can just control?

If she could do it without loving him, then why hadn’t countless suitors over the past five years been able to interest her?

For the past five years, every time I woke up from a dream late at night, why was he the first thing that popped into my mind?

She was so sore that her body trembled in his arms, and hot tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

He was k*ssing and moved, but he kept an eye on her reaction.

Knowing that she doesn’t refuse, seeing the pain lingering in her eyes and her inability to let go, it’s the only way to confirm that she still feels the same about herself in her heart as she did five years ago.

And because of that, not to mention missing that tear.

With a soft sigh, the man released her and reached out to gently wipe away the teardrop for her.

The gesture, so gentle, was like treating a lost and rare treasure.

But Nina Hua cried more and more fiercely, how many years of grievances seemed to suddenly spring forth at this moment.

Ever since she was a little girl, she had been a treasure in the palm of her hand, and who around her didn’t spoil her and obey her?

He was the only one who showed up and gave her pain and guilt, and he was the only one who made her willing, even to do things like have an unmarried child.

But he was still doing this to her now.

That bastard!

Nina Hua was crying so hard, off to the side, locked in the man’s arms and unable to move.

There was an odd touch on my waist, like a feather sweeping around, itching and numb.

All she felt at once was a little weakness.

Kepler, however, suddenly looked up at that moment.

Looking at the emotionally moved little woman, the handsome eyebrows flashed a touch of satisfied evil rage.

Nina Hua opened his eyes and looked at him in fascination.

Her eyes were hooded with a thin mist of black and white from emotion, like an innocent kitten.

The man’s throat tightened.

Just as she was about to lower her head, she snapped awake and rushed against his chest.

“Hey, don’t…”


He raised an eyebrow.

Nina Hua blushed so hard that he didn’t expect it himself, the two of them were fighting, how come they were arguing and it turned into this?

What’s this about?

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