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Chapter 385

Although something went wrong last night, it is said that the money was uniformly given to Su Hong first, so there should be no problem on the money side.

As for that General Manager Liu, he deserved it!

She didn’t really know what Tailor Feng had done to Liu, and at that time last night, although she hadn’t completely lost consciousness, she was still a little confused.

So what people were actually saying at the time, she didn’t really hear.

As a result, she didn’t know that Tailor Feng had already removed the entire Ye Sheng from Kyoto.

Dialing Su Hong’s phone, she even smiled, “Sister Su Hong, that… my appearance fee from last night, do you think it would be convenient for you to transfer it to me now?”

On the other side, Su Hong’s tone was filled with frustration.

“Sorry Yoyo, that money… might not be available now.”

Evelin was stunned.


“Alas!Did something happen to you last night?I got a call from there today saying that you’ve offended a very important client, and now they’ve withdrawn the investment that was originally given to them, so…”

Evelin: “…….”

“How about this!If you really need money urgently, I still have a little spare money on hand, so I’ll lend it to you first, and you can pay it back any time you want, there’s no hurry.”

Evelin said evenly, “No, thank you, Sister Suhong.”

After hanging up the phone, Evelin’s mood sank.

She didn’t think she’d end up getting even this little bit of money last night.

She slumped over her head and sighed.

Just then, the phone rang again.

It was a call from Cai Laoshi.

Evelin quirked her eyebrows and picked up impatiently, “What do you want again?”

“Good girl, you promised me money, in the end when to give me ah, see this is the twenty-fifth, in a few days this month can be over, people on the other side of the child pushing tightly.”

Evelin just wanted to rush to the end of the phone and strangle him to death.

She gritted her teeth and said, “I told you I’d give it to you when the play is finished, but isn’t the play not finished yet?What’s your hurry?”

Cai Lao Si snickered twice.

“Fine, by the end of this month at the latest anyway, if you can’t take it out or dare to lie to me, then don’t blame me for being rude!”

Only after Cai Laoshi finished speaking did this cut off the phone.

On this day, as soon as Evelin arrived on the set, she heard that a big investor was coming to inspect the set today.

After asking in detail, I realized that it was Tailor Feng.

Although the play is the main investment of Anning International, there are other investors or investment companies.

Tailor Feng is one of them.

Everyone boiled over when they heard the news.

Who’s Tailor Feng?He was the second youngest son of one of the four great families, the famous Diamond King’s fifth son.

Though usually a regular in the tidbits, the talk of the town, not many people had actually seen him up close, to say the least.

And over the years, Tailor Feng has invested a lot of drama with Biden Lu, but has never actually gone on a site tour himself.

So for a time, the people who got the news were not thrilled.

Some of the field assistant little girls, mostly attracted by the handsome Tailor Feng in the magazine, want to see the real face of the man.

Those who had seen Tailor Feng in a social setting, however, had other plans.

After all, everyone knew that this second young master of the Feng family was the most flirtatious and the most flower-hungry.

Usually it is.

No chance to get close, it was hard to get up close today, so of course I hurriedly used my eighteen martial arts to make him notice me.

As long as one can climb the high branch that is Tailor Feng, not to mention marrying into a noble family as a young lady, even if one is only a confidante or something, it’s enough to make one envious to death.

So the actresses were not fazed.

All of them can be vigorously dressed, even the cold s*x Leng Xiaolian, today also extra half an hour of makeup.

The only person present was Evelin, who was very disdainful of Tailor Feng’s arrival.

She poked her head in the sand and thought, Patrol?To put it nicely, it’s an inspection, but to put it bluntly, it’s just a supervisor, right?

Just that and still so happy, do these people really think they can fly up the branch and be a phoenix or something?

Evelin shook her head helplessly, ignoring those people, and after putting on her makeup, she went straight to the set to shoot the scene.

There are a total of three scenes she will be shooting today, a fight scene, a literary scene, and an emotional scene.

The emotional scenes were filmed first, but the process went smoothly.

The second scene is a literary play.

Tailor Feng, on the other hand, arrived just as she was beginning to make her literary films.

This literary drama is about her willingness to recognize a traitorous official of the dynasty as her godfather in order to find out the truth and take revenge.

Evelin didn’t notice Tailor Feng’s arrival and was immersed in the scene, but the actor, who played the traitor, noticed the boss’s presence and was in a bit of a state of flux, and the director shouted “cut” several times before passing.

And while Evelin was acting out this scene, it just so happened that Su Qin was also here.

She was wearing a big red costume today and was standing not far from Tailor Feng, quietly watching him.

Her play will have to wait until the next one, so it’s kind of a waiting game at this point.

Just how did she not expect Tailor Feng to be there today, it was the first time she had seen him in person so close, and she did not expect the man to be so handsome.

The handsome features, the noble temperament, and the reserved atmosphere emanating from the body are simply as enchanting as good wine.

God!How could there be such a perfect man in this world!

Handsome, powerful, and most importantly, rich!

Although from the rumors out there, it seems like a bit of a flirt.

But rich men are all philanderers!

In her opinion, Tailor Feng doesn’t have a girlfriend, so it’s inevitable for him to be a womanizer. If he had a woman to hold his heart, he wouldn’t be fooling around.

Thinking like this, Su Qin’s gaze at Tailor Feng again couldn’t help but grow hotter.

Tailor Feng is here, and naturally he’s the boss on the set.

Even the director, who was respectful of him, kept whispering something to him.

Halfway through the scene, the assistant director, who was temporarily controlling the camera over there, suddenly shouted “Cut!”

Then he ran over and cursed at the actor playing the boy behind Evelin.

It turns out that the boy should have taken a stool to Evelin’s sedan chair just now, but unexpectedly took the wrong one and turned it into a cushion.

It’s clear that not only are the actresses nervous about Tailor Feng’s arrival, but the men are actually nervous as well.

Su Qin saw the situation and snickered beside her, “Actually, it’s not that actor’s fault, it’s mainly because the main actor doesn’t carry the pace, of course he’s prone to nervous mistakes.”

Both Tailor Feng and the director looked up at her unexpectedly.

Su Celery saw that she was noticed, and with a glint of pride in her eyes, she continued, “Of course, if the lead actor is an experienced veteran actor, she should know that this time, she must use her own aura to bring the companions around her into that scenario and act to her rhythm, that way, they won’t be easily distracted by things outside the scenario.”

Chapter 386

Tailor Feng raised his eyebrows, thoughtful.

Su Qin saw the situation and only took it as if his words had been heard by him, and the smile on her face became even more smug.

Evelin, on the other hand, had no idea what was happening over here.

It was a vicious cycle watching the boy behind him make frequent mistakes because he was nervous, get scolded by the assistant director, and get even more nervous.

She paused and smiled, “Assistant Director, I don’t think it’s the acting, he’s probably a little tired and nervous at the moment, so why don’t we take a five minute break and adjust before we come back?”

The assistant director frowned in dissatisfaction at the news.

But in the end, not much more was promised.

“Okay, so take a five-minute break before we continue!”

Evelin smiled at him gratefully when she saw his promise, then walked back to the actor.

She advised in a low voice, “Take it easy, don’t be nervous, really go get a drink of water, investors are human too, they can’t eat you, so you don’t have to be so scared.”

The actor didn’t look very old, probably a newcomer to the industry, and had a hard time getting a role with such slightly more lines.

I didn’t think any investors would come over to see the site, but I guess I had more on my mind and that’s why I was nervous about the mistake.

He looked at her gratefully at the news and nodded, “Thank you Miss Evelin, I’ll adjust myself.”

Only then did Evelin nodded her head.

For the rest of the time, in order to relax him, Evelin talked to him some more.

The actor actually knew that he had made a little too many mistakes today.

Therefore, I was already guilty, but now that I was so enlightened by Evelin, I was so grateful.

After all, a newcomer like them was basically no one to look up to, and usually served as a bully in most of the roles in the cast.

It’s fine if you can’t yell back, it’s fine if you can’t fight back, it’s fine if you encounter a good idea, and if you encounter a bad one, you’re often used as a punching bag.

They are a very unstatus group of people in the crew, and because anyone can replace them, they are tight-lipped and careful in everything they do, not knowing that the more they are, the more likely they actually are to go wrong.

He had almost thought just now that the director was going to replace him, but it was only a five-minute break.

These are all thanks to Evelin.

Thinking of this, he looked at Evelin gratefully and said sincerely, “Sister Luoyao, I really thank you this time.”

Evelin smiled at him, “You’re welcome, I’m also from a newcomer, I know how hard it is when you’re just starting out, just adjust your state later and don’t make any mistakes.”

The other nodded heavily.

Evelin smiled and patted him on the shoulder as encouragement.

And now, the other side.

Tailor Feng’s face, however, sank.

He lightened his thin lips and snorted, “Li Yu, did I invest so much money in this movie just to see them actors flirting on set?”

Li Yu was stunned.



He’s always been very strict on the set, not even allowed to flirt, so who would dare to flirt here?

And he doesn’t remember any couples in his crew!

Seeing his dazed face, Tailor Feng laughed with a very cold smile.

“Are the actresses in the cast free to plead for other actors?Li Yu, I’m paying you to hire these losers to act?”

He suddenly got angry, causing Li Yu to be confused, too, after a good

It took a half-hearted response.

His face turned pale and he said, “Feng Shao, don’t be angry, isn’t it because everyone is nervous because you’re here?Oh, I’ll go and talk about it right away, and I promise I won’t make any mistakes next time.”

As for Evelin’s comforting people, he didn’t dare to mention a single word about it.

Only pretend to understand.

Tailor Feng’s face sank and he snorted coldly.

It’s a good thing that actor took Kang Loyao’s words to heart, and after the break, he passed without taking two shots.

The last scene is a fight.

Coincidentally, this fight scene is the same one between female #3 Su Qin and female #2 Evelin.

Evelin’s female disguise as a man is crashed by Concubine Liu, played by Su Qin, who threatens her with this to use her position to usurp the late emperor’s edict and appoint her son, the third prince, as the crown prince.

Female number two is reluctant, Liu chat was about to go out to tell on her, she stopped her, the two is the closed secret room fight, in the end, Evelin Kang as female number two won.

The fight scene is a kind of heavy-handed, sort of a turning point in the play.

Therefore, this play is very important.

The moves of the fight were all set by the martial arts instructor beforehand, and the two only needed to break down and defuse the moves one by one according to their memories.

The scene is set up, and as the director shouts “Action”, shooting begins!

Tailor Feng had been sitting on the director’s chair, quietly watching Evelin act.

This was the first time he had watched her act live, and the girl was dressed in men’s clothing, but she looked handsome and heroic, indeed a bit of a heroine.

His mouth quirked up in amusement.

Evelin and Su Qin also acted very seriously, until Concubine was slapped away by Evelin, her mouth bloodied and laughing.

“b*tch!If you don’t let my son become an emperor, I’ll drag you along with me, even if I go to hell!”

After saying that, he didn’t even want to die and jumped at her in the same position.

She has a dagger hidden in her sleeve, which the script arranges for her to use to stab Kang Loyao, but ends with Kang Loyao kicking her away.

But unexpectedly, at that moment, a sudden change occurred.

The original set move should have been her stabbing the dagger out from the left, and Evelin caught it on the way out and then backhanded it.

But unexpectedly, the dagger came out to stab the right side.

At that moment, almost unexpectedly, Evelin stared at him.

It was too late to dodge, and eventually, there was only time to step back sideways, but the dagger still grazed her arm, bringing up a blood trail.

There were people screaming instantly.

“Ah!Someone’s hurt!”

The first person to react was Tailor Feng, who almost instantly jumped up from his chair and said angrily, “What’s going on?”

Su Qin also turned pale and hurriedly walked over to Evelin.

“Evelin, how are you?All right?”

I said, to check on her injuries.

But Evelin lowered her eyebrows coldly and took a step back, avoiding her hand.

Su Celery moved stiffly.

At this time, Tailor Feng also came over and pulled her arm over.

Because Evelin was subconsciously covering the wound, she couldn’t see how badly it was hurt, but seeing that blood kept spilling out from her fingertips, she could also see that it was hurt quite badly.

One of his handsome faces became even darker.

“What are you staring at?Don’t call a doctor yet!”

Chapter 387

“Yes, quick!Call the doctor.”

Li Yu was also shocked and didn’t expect such an accident, so he even asked someone to call a doctor over.

Tailor Feng pulled Evelin over to the chair next to him and sat down, and soon after, the doctor came over.

Only then did Evelin let go of her hand, allowing the doctor to dress her with medicine.

Fortunately, she was quick to dodge, so the wound wasn’t too deep.

The doctor was a permanent member of the crew, and since it was a costume drama, there was a lot of martial arts, and there had been two accidents before, so then it was simply a surgeon who was matched with a surgeon, in case of any emergencies, so that it could be dealt with in time.

Tailor Feng stared at her wounds, his face very ugly.

“What the hell just happened?”

His gaze was not kind to Su Qian.

I don’t know, we all set up a good move in advance, I don’t know why she suddenly did not take the move, when the dagger has been stabbed out, I saw her not move, is also anxious to die, want to collect also can not collect back, fortunately this is nothing, if there is really anything I am a murderer?”

That, with an obvious tone of complaint.

Tailor Feng quirked an eyebrow.

Evelin was cold the entire time and looked coldly at Su Qin at the news.

“Are you sure that the direction you just stabbed is the same direction we set our moves before?”

Everyone in the room was stunned when that was said.

What do you mean?

Su Qin was stunned as well, a flicker of guilt in her eyes, but stalked off to explain, “Of course, did you forget?As we agreed before, I’ll jab to the right, you catch it, and then return fire.”

Evelin sneered.

“But how do I remember it being left?”

“Left?That’s impossible!”

Su Qin shook her head without thinking, “It must be that you’re remembering it wrong.”

When Li Yu saw this, he also felt that something was wrong, so he frowned and asked, “What’s going on?How come you can’t tell left from right?”

Su Qin saw this and deflated her mouth in aggravation, “Director, the moves we set before are really stabbing the right side, if you don’t believe me, go ask the martial arts director ah.”

At this time, the martial arts instructor, who had been standing not far away, also came up, coughed, and nodded, “Yes, the move we had set in advance was indeed stabbed out from the right side, Evelin was probably a little tired from three consecutive shots today, so she remembered it wrongly.”

Su Celery answered, “Yeah, see if I’m right.”

She also said that she sighed and looked at Evelin as if she was quite helpless.

“But you really are, you made a mistake and no one really blames you, so why are you blaming me for the fault?You can’t wrong me like this just because Feng Shao is here today and you want to leave a good impression in his heart, right?”

As soon as this was said, Evelin was going to laugh in anger.

The director is not sure of the details because the martial arts director is in charge of the martial arts aspect of everything.

At this point, hearing Su Qin say this, taking into account Tailor Feng’s presence, she could only say, “Evelin, you’ve filmed so many scenes today, you’re probably indeed tired, why don’t you take a break and heal up first?”

But Evelin said coldly, “No need.”

She turned to Li Yu and said in a deep voice, “Director, even if I was tired, I wouldn’t even forget the moves I had set up in advance, I distinctly remember that the moves we had set up were to stab to the left, but she temporarily changed it to the right, I would never remember that wrong.”

The director lagged.

Su Qin frowned at the news.

“Evelin, why are you still so stubborn at this point?I’ve said that even if you were at fault, we wouldn’t blame you, but the facts are right in front of you and you’re still putting the fault on me, aren’t you going a little too far?”

The people around them also felt as if it was a bit too much to whisper.

After all, even people’s martial arts instruction has said it’s the right side, and Evelin still keeps sticking to the left side, isn’t it obvious that this is a dead duck with a tough mouth?

Even if you don’t want to admit it because of Feng Shao’s presence, you can’t put the blame on others to save face!

So for a time, everyone looked at Evelin with some contempt.

I didn’t expect this person, who normally looks quite innocent, to be so calculating!

Why did you deliberately pick Feng’s day to slander others?

Su Qian obviously noticed the reaction and was not a little proud of herself.

Evelin, Evelin, I’ll see how you can still hang around the crew after today.

Don’t worry, this is just the beginning, there’s a big move coming!

As she was thinking this, she saw Evelin walk up to the martial arts instructor and say in a deep voice, “Instructor Zhang, are you sure that the move you set for us before was a stab to the right?”

Guide Zhang’s eyes flickered at the words, but he nodded his head with certainty, “Yes, I’m sure.”

“Heh, fine.”

She smirked and turned to look at Li Yu.

“Director, if I remember correctly, there should be surveillance on the set, shouldn’t there?Since we’re all on different sides of the fence now, why don’t we bring up the surveillance and take a look at it, so that no one can say that I slandered her!”

As soon as this was said, Su Qian and Guide Zhang both changed their faces.

They never expected that Evelin would offer to check the surveillance.

Since the scene had been rehearsed by everyone for a long time beforehand, and surveillance on set is a must, it must have been filmed.

What do we do now?

Su Qin barely smiled, “Evelin, I’ve told you we don’t care anymore, why are you still watching the surveillance?Okay, okay, no matter what, I’m the one who stabbed you, so forget about it, I’ll make it up to you, I’m sorry okay!”

Li Yu saw the situation and also felt that watching the surveillance was unnecessary.

We’re all on the same crew, and a little thing that makes too much noise will affect the crew’s reputation, and when it gets out that Evelin and her crew colleagues don’t get along, it will affect her as well.

The most important thing was that Tailor Feng was here, and he didn’t want Tailor Feng to think that he had brought out a crew with a hook in the middle that would affect his image.

Therefore, Li Yu then also rounded up and said, “Evelin, I think we should forget about it.”

Unexpectedly, Evelin was adamant.

“Director, I think it’s better to look at it, after all, it’s a big deal, not a small deal, and we’re all comfortable when something is cleared up.

It’s not that I want to blame anyone, it’s just that whoever’s responsibility it is, if it’s lumped in, I’m afraid that in the end, no one’s heart is convinced, but instead it affects everyone getting along.

And it doesn’t take much time to watch a monitor left or right, doesn’t it, director?”

Li Yu was still hesitant, but beside him, Tailor Feng had already spoken.

“Bring me the surveillance.”

This time, even Li Yu couldn’t say anything else, so he had to get the surveillance.

The waiting time was not too good for Su Qian and Guide Zhang.

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