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Chapter 388

Albert Ou was very frustrated, originally thinking that Jasmine Tong would definitely forgive him after helping him solve this big problem.

“Jasmine, I’ve helped you so much hey”

“That’s a different matter, I’ll thank you for helping me, but I won’t forgive you for going out to a woman.”

Jasmine Tong still had a nagging grudge about the incident.

“How many times do I have to say it before you believe me, I’m definitely not out there looking for another woman” Albert Ou vowed.

“Then explain to me why John gave you four condoms and only two were left at the end.”

That’s the problem again.

Albert Ou is going crazy with this question.

“Jasmine, I admit that after the fight that day I went out, looking for John to complain, and John told me that I should find another woman to piss you off, so that you’d have a bit of a crisis and your mind would be diverted to me.”

Jasmine Tong sized up Albert Ou, so there was such a story in the middle.

“I admit I did move my mind when John said that, but I couldn’t really do it ah so I kept drinking and drinking, if I could really do it, why would I keep drinking until I got myself drunk ah.”

“So you did move your mind.”

Albert Ou glared at Jasmine Tong.

He’s focusing on the second half of the sentence.

“No, Jasmine, you listen to me I mean, I moved though.”

Jasmine Tong shook her head.

“You eventually moved to sleep with another woman, to get a taste, to piss me off, didn’t you.”


Albert Ou couldn’t wash his hands of it even if he jumped into the Yellow River this time, after all, he had just said this himself

He’d bite his tongue off, where’s the nonsense?

“You should be punished for even thinking such thoughts.”

Albert Ou slumped his head.

“Well, you pretend I just didn’t say anything, and you tell me what your own terms are.”

Albert Ou completely conceded.

You shouldn’t argue with women.

“You can go back to bed in the bedroom, but you can’t touch me, or you can continue to choose to sleep in the guest room if you find it too much to bear.”

Albert Ou couldn’t speak with his mouth open.

Isn’t this torture?

He hasn’t touched her in almost a month.

Lying in the same bed and not being touched.

“Aren’t you being cruel to me?”

“If you’re feeling cruel, then go ahead and sleep in the guest room.”

Jasmine Tong ignored Albert Ou to clean up the bed.

Albert Ou was smart and quickly went to the guest room to retrieve his pillow.

“So when are you going to let me touch you.”

Tonto didn’t say anything at first, she was counting the days in secret.

“If you do well, fifteen this month.”

Albert Ou immediately looked at the calendar, it was one week until the 15th of this month

He’ll be tormented for another week.

Lying on the same bed at night, Albert Ou naturally somewhat couldn’t resist and involuntarily leaned in beside Jasmine Tong.

His large hand slowly approached Jasmine Tong.

It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s about to hit.

Fine skin right in front of you.

Albert Ou only felt his heart beating fast.

“Before I lose my temper, I advise you to take your hand back.”Jasmine Tong’s cold voice came over.

“Ah,” Albert Ou felt like a bucket of cold water had been thrown on him.

“Jasmine,” Albert Ou’s voice was aggravated.

Jasmine Tong turned around.

“Until the fifteenth, if you ever touch me I’ll have to ask you out I’m not kidding you.”

“What are you doing this for?”

In fact, Jasmine Tong had calmed down over the past few days and knew that Albert Ou wouldn’t do anything wrong to her.

She’d even looked up that men don’t react physically when they’re in a drunken state.

It is said that people who have consumed a small amount of alcohol will have sexual urges, but if they are already drunk, that is never possible.

Albert Ou was already drunk like that that day, so he definitely wouldn’t mess around with anyone else.

However, when Qin turned around and said, “Love grows with each passing day”, she felt very uncomfortable.

Albert Ou’s relationship with her began, and it did begin with sex.

“I want to ask you a question, are your feelings for me day by day, I’m sure you understand.”

Jasmine Tong’s expression was very serious.

“What’s the matter with you,”

“If it wasn’t for the first time you slept with me, I’m afraid you would have kept me prisoner all this time, never seeing me.If you hadn’t been trying to sleep with me, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have come to me again and again and again.”

The more Jasmine Tong said, the more uncomfortable she felt.

“What are you talking about yes, I did get interested in you because of the time I slept with you, but it wasn’t all about sex with you.”

“Then prove it to me,”

“So that’s why you’re here, and to prove it, I can go a month without touching you, can you believe it” Albert Ou vowed and boasted.

“Okay, one month then” Jasmine Tong took advantage of the victory.

“Ah,” Albert Ou trailed off, “Jasmine, I’m just making an analogy, I’m not serious.”

Jasmine Tong glanced at Albert Ou.

“Just know,”

“Fifteen, just like you said, and I will never touch you until fifteen.”

Jasmine Tong sighed.

“Go to sleep.”

“Hey.”Albert Ou was finally relieved that he had almost gotten himself screwed.

You really can’t talk nonsense in the future.

“Jasmine, let me hug you ok I haven’t hugged you in ages, I can’t sleep without hugging you, I promise I won’t touch you.”

Albert Ou centralized.


Albert Ou held Jasmine Tong in his arms, finally feeling solid.

But really, according to him, he didn’t touch her.

The week was going well for both of them.

Xu Xingru has started to arrange for another appointment for Jasmine Tong, and the scripts are all under negotiation.

On the fifteenth day, Jasmine Tong took an important announcement to record a show in the evening, and Xu Xingru accompanied her.

powder room (in a restaurant)

The make-up artist was doing Jasmine Tong’s make-up and Xu Xingru was sitting on the side.

“Mandy, I’ve read all the scripts we’ve had lately, and there’s no particular movie that’s right for you, do you have any ideas?”

“Sister Starru, I’ve just started out, all I’ve done is movies, and I’ve only done so many TV shows, and I’m still a female number two, and I’ve done quite a few movies, so I wonder if it’s okay to do a TV show”

“I’m having the same idea, there’s nothing particularly good in the movie script, but there’s one in all the TV shows, it’s a big female drama, it suits you and it’s more challenging.I’ll show it to you later.”


“That’s okay, I’ve got some work to do over here, so I’ll leave.”

After sending off Xu Xingru, Jasmine Tong’s makeup was also done.

That’s when the phone rang.

Chapter 389

The message turned out to be from Russel Cheng.

“Madam, Mr. Ou said he wants to give you a surprise, I’ll send you the address later, just ask Old Chen to send you over.”

Seeing the handwriting on it, Jasmine Tong couldn’t help it.

This man can’t stand a few days without tricks, and counting the days, today is exactly fifteen, the day Jasmine Tong promised Albert Ou he could touch her.

I guess he just wants to celebrate, and make a big deal out of it.

Soon Russel Cheng sent over an address, just as Jasmine Tong was about to reply.

“Manny-san, it’s about to start, could you please hurry up?” the staff said very respectfully.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.”

Jasmine Tong immediately put away her phone, not bothering to reply to Russel Cheng, so she immediately followed the staff into the studio.

The recording of the show went very smoothly and the show closed promptly at ten o’clock.

Old Chen had been waiting outside and Jasmine Tong got into Old Chen’s car.

“Old Chen, we’re not going home now, we’re going to this place first.”

Jasmine Tong immediately showed the phone to Old Chen.

Seeing the location displayed on the phone, Old Chen frowned.

“Madam, what are we doing here in the middle of the night?”

“This was sent to me by Secretary Cheng, and he said that Mr. Cheng had prepared a surprise for me here and asked me to come straight over after recording.”

Hearing Jasmine Tong say that, Old Chen nodded his head even in relief.

“So that’s what it’s all about, I say, the wife can’t go to such a remote place in the middle of the night.”

“Is this place remote?” asked Jasmine Tong with a tilt of her head.

“No, it’s especially remote, this is the furthest side of the Lover’s Sea, the crystal garden where the gentleman lives is on one side of the gin, and this place is on the other, the beaches on both sides are not sandy, and there’s not a lot of people living nearby.”

Jasmine Tong was puzzled, why did Albert Ou choose such a remote place in the middle of the night?

“But sir has never followed a set of cards, and it’s just a remote place that will allow him to play well, I guess.”Old Chen added.

After listening to Old Chen’s words, Jasmine Tong was quite relieved, and it was true, that person Albert Ou never follows a pattern.

Old Chen started the engine towards his destination.

Jasmine Tong sat in the car to nurse her energy, later on, she didn’t know how Albert Ou was going to toss it, it was better for her to take a break first.

Since it was late and there were no cars on the road, Old Chen seemed to understand how Jasmine Tong felt, and the car drove quickly, arriving at its destination in half an hour.

“Ma’am, do I wait here for you, then, or”

Jasmine Tong smiled towards Old Chen and saw that Old Chen looked embarrassed and probably understood what Old Chen meant.

Don’t look at old Chen more than forty years old, but is a wife who loves his wife, every night is anxious to go home, afraid of his wife worried.

“Old Chen, you don’t have to wait for me, you go home, there’s Mr. Over here, I’ll be back with him later.”

“Hey good, then I won’t bother Madam” Old Chen immediately turned the car around and left.

This place is really very remote as Old Chen said, looking around the nearest houses are probably a kilometer away, and you can only see lights from afar.

Even the sides of the road on this side of the lack of lights, the old Chen left, Jasmine Tong heart began to feel some hidden fear.

This villain, is he surprising her or scaring her?

Tong turned on her phone and jumped to the flashlight function to shine a light on herself, then made her way forward to the beach.

Despite the remoteness of this location, the view was pretty, and because of the remoteness, the surrounding area was quiet, with only the sounds of insects in the grass and a moon shimmering on the sea level.

But it’s still scary to be too quiet. She’s here. Where’s the surprise?

“Honey,” Jasmine Tong called out carefully.

The result was only a deep emptiness in response to her.

“Honey” shouted Jasmine Tong again, “Don’t scare me, come out, if you don’t come out I’ll leave”

Jasmine Tong was inevitably a little anxious, after all, she was a girl in a place like this, she was really scared.

If she didn’t know Albert Ou was there, she probably wouldn’t even come to a place like this.

“Albert Ou, if you don’t come out, I’ll never forgive you again” Jasmine Tong was really pissed off.

“Mandy,” a familiar voice came from behind.

Rainbow City at this point in time.

Albert Ou is in his bedroom, humming a tune as he lights the red candle he just bought with a lighter.

This abstinence has been over ten days, and he was so excited to finally be released tonight that he didn’t know what to do during the day.

The floor of the room was decorated with red candles in the shape of a heart.

It was at this moment that his phone suddenly rang.

Seeing the number displayed on the phone’s screen, Albert Ou was as if he was deflated, the call was from Wu Xiu.

“Don’t tell me it’s a full moon tonight, I’ll strangle you if you do.”

Albert Ou growled at the phone without waiting for the other man to speak.

“The young master really got you right.”Wu Xiu was also very helpless.

Albert Ou pinched his brow helplessly, “You always like to throw cold water at critical moments.”

“Young Master this I “Wu Xiu didn’t know how to explain it, he was clearly doing what he was told.

“Why are you telling me now” Albert Ou tried to suppress the fire inside him.

“It’s suddenly clear tonight, there were clouds covering it, so there won’t be a full moon, but now young master, hurry back.”

“Got it” naturally Albert Ou had nothing to be angry about, looking at the newly lit candle, filled with desolation.

But he had no choice but to go downstairs.

“Pear Blossom,”

The pear immediately came out of the room.

“Sir, what’s wrong this is”

“When the wife comes back later, tell her I have to go to the office for a short while.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Even though Pearblossom didn’t know why Albert Ou was losing her temper, she should.

Albert Ou left in a rage.

The whole journey was very uncomfortable, and whenever there was an important moment it had to be a full moon.

What a beautiful night with a full moon, how romantic to hug your loved one under the moon at the window.

But he never gets to enjoy such moments.

He couldn’t help but feel a little sad thinking about it, he was still very much looking forward to being able to remove the seal.

When he arrived at the Crystal Garden, Wu Xiu was already waiting for him at the door.

“Young Master, you should go back, this moon will all be showing soon.”

Albert Ou raised his eyes and immediately entered the crystal garden as soon as he lowered his head.

Coming into his familiar room, he locked the door as he always did.

Chapter 390

Albert Ou had just locked the door and was ready to spend a difficult night here.

His cell phone went off.

“If you want your wife to be safe and sound, you must have a million dollars ready to come to the address I sent you.”

It turned out to be a text message for kidnapping for ransom.

Albert Ou’s eyes suddenly widened when he saw the contents of the text message

Jasmine Tong has been kidnapped once again

He immediately called Old Chen.

“Old Chen, where’s the missus?”

“Madam I’ve sent you to the place you specified,” the old Chen on the other end of the phone was confused.

“Delivered to the place I specified, what place I specified.”

“The missus said you had a surprise for him this evening, and instead of asking me to take her home, you sent her over to the Lover’s Sea, ah.”

Albert Ou felt bad.

“I’ll drop my wife off and be back.”

Albert Ou immediately hung up the phone, it seemed like this was a premeditated kidnapping day, but looking at his text message, it said it was for a million dollars, and looking at it that way, it should just be for the money.

“We believe Ou is always a man of integrity, and as long as the money arrives, we’ll make sure Mrs. Ou is safe and sound, and if Ou calls the police, then we’ll be rude.”

The other side sent another message immediately afterwards.

“I’ll send the money right away, and if my wife is missing a cold hair, I’ll have you all killed.”

Albert Ou replied to the message and immediately walked out of the room.

“Butler Wu, prepare a million for me at once.”

Wu Shuo was just about to take a break when he heard Albert Ou’s voice and hurriedly ran out.

“Young Master, what are you doing?”

“My wife’s been kidnapped. I want a million dollars to pay for her. Don’t talk nonsense. Get the money ready for me now.”

Wu Shuo looked at Albert Ou in horror.

“Young Master, this can’t be done ah tonight is a full moon night, you can’t go out”

“No, I have to go out. Go and get me some money.”

Wu Xiu had to go and prepare money for Albert Ou, well one million was just a drop in the bucket for Albert Ou.

The Crystal Garden was also often stocked with cash, so Wu Shuo soon arrived in front of Albert Ou with a million suitcases.

Albert Ou was just about to pick up the suitcase, but Wu Xiu didn’t let go.

“Young Master, can you please calm down, you are going out like this, no matter who you run into, it will be a catastrophe, if you hurt someone, if you expose your identity”

Wu Xiu didn’t dare to think about it, after all, this matter was not trivial.

“Wouldn’t that be nice? If they dare kidnap my woman, I’ll give them a taste of what I’m capable of.”

Albert Ou has never been soft on the people who hurt Jasmine Tong.

“Young Master, have you ever thought that this kidnapping case is very strange, firstly, not many people outside of your and your wife’s identity know, and how did these kidnappers know about it, and secondly, with your identity only one million million, don’t you think it’s too little?”

Wu Xiu is still trying to stop Albert Ou as much as possible.

I don’t know if it was because he was worried about Jasmine Tong’s comfort or because the full moon night was coming up soon, but Albert Ou was having a hard time being quiet at the moment.

He snatched up the suitcase and took the door.

Wu Xiu could only look at his back and sigh incessantly, how could this be?

Albert Ou immediately drove the car towards the other party’s designated destination, the other party only needed a million, indicating that the other party shouldn’t have many people, otherwise the million wouldn’t be enough to share.

If he didn’t have the means to restrain himself in time for the full moon, he’d have to treat the other as a snack

And on this side of the beach in the Lover’s Sea.

Jasmine Tong and the Cold Lords are facing off.

“The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what’s going on in the world.

“My dear, is it me who is obsessed, or is it you who is obsessed? I’ve been lurking in Albert Ou’s Crystal Garden for over a month, and I’ve found out from his servants that on the fifteenth day of every month, the servants take a mass holiday, leaving only a few of them behind for emergencies.”

Jasmine Tong immediately interrupted the words of the Leng Lords.

“What’s so unusual about giving the servants a holiday every month?”

“Just hear me out, these people who stayed behind say that occasionally they hear roars coming from the villa, they say it’s haunted, even people who live nearby have said that occasionally they hear horrible screams coming from this villa, and occasionally they see blue lights.”

Jasmine Tong caressed her forehead.

“Do you believe in things like haunting?”

“This isn’t just any haunting, it’s that vampires don’t happen with every food, but only on the fifteenth of a full moon.”

The Cold Lords pointed to the big, full moon on the sea level.

Jasmine Tong looked at the full moon and couldn’t help but get lost in thought.

“My dear, I have made an appointment with Albert Ou in the form of a kidnapping, I am sure he will be here soon and then you will be able to see his true face.”

“I think you’re boring.”

For some reason Jasmine Tong suddenly felt very nervous, she didn’t even know what she was afraid of

“Darling, are you afraid to look?”

The Leng枭’s words just poked at Jasmine Tong’s mind.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just that I think it’s funny that you’re doing this Albert Ou may not be here, so you should die for it.”Jasmine Tong turned around and prepared to leave.

“He will come, and knowing him as I do, I told him I needed a million dollars to release him, and he knows I’m in it for the money, so he won’t even call the police, because the million dollars is a mere drop in the bucket for him.”

The cold lord’s eyebrows gently raised, “A million he’ll be able to raise soon, plus seeing as I’m asking for so little, he’ll think I don’t have many people and relax even more, plus he’s a vampire so he won’t need help.”

“Owl you,”

“Mandy, why are you still stubbornly stubborn to this day? Wait a little while and you’ll know the truth of the matter” another man’s voice came over.

Jasmine Tong could identify the man as her uncle Huo Yulong by his voice.

“Uncle, you two really are,”

Leng Lords walked up to Jasmine Tong and plucked something off of her neck and hung it around Jasmine Tong’s neck.

“Darling, this is a wolf’s tooth, exactly like the one I gave you before, it’s the best weapon against vampires, plunge the tooth into the vampire’s heart and they’ll never come back.”

Jasmine Tong stared out at this wolf tooth on her neck.

Leng Lords put his hands on Jasmine Tong’s shoulders.

“Since you trust him so much, it’s all the more reason for you to see more clearly that he’s coming soon, so just hide in the shadows and watch now.”

Jasmine Tong’s head was already a mess.

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