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Chapter 394

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

“Don’t think anymore.”

“You’ve ruined everything for me.”

“I will hate you if you are doing anything against Albert Ou.”

Jasmine Tong’s words have been reverberating in the ears of the Cold Lords.

“The baron, whose phone is it,” Huo Yulong asked when he saw the cold baron was slow to move.

Huo Yulong was lying on a hospital bed, his right hand wrapped in a thick gauze.

Because there wasn’t a lot of blood loss, and there was no need for a transfusion, except that when they went into the hospital yesterday, the doctor asked about it, and they could only say that they were stonewalled by a wild animal bite.

The cold lord returned to put his phone in his pocket.

“It was Manny on the phone, she said this is the end of the matter, don’t let us get involved, she’ll take care of it herself.”

The cold lord’s voice was somewhat low.

“What can she handle? How can she fight a vampire in a girl’s house? When I’m better, we’ll think of another strategy.”

Huo Yulong was still angry.

Leng Lords walked to the window eyes gazed out of the window, dark pupils unfathomable.

He finally spoke slowly after a long silence.

“Godfather, are we really doing the right thing?”

Leng Lords has never been a firm person, he never doubted his choice, but because of Jasmine Tong’s few words, he started to doubt himself.

“Lords, what exactly did Mandy say to you how can you doubt whether what we ourselves did was right or wrong? of course it was right Albert Ou is a vampire and his coming to human society was the biggest mistake”

The cold lord’s eyes flashed with a puzzled light.

“But Albert Ou loves Mandy he’s a very smart man, we’re obviously full of loopholes but he still fell for it, isn’t what we’re exploiting that she loves Mandy so much that if he didn’t love Mandy, we wouldn’t have gotten away with it.”

“That’s true, but you can’t assume that, after all, they’re not from the same world.”

Huo Yulong’s voice also weakened.

“I’ve always had a point of confusion, he and Manny have been under the same roof, why is Manny unaware of it Manny has also been telling me that Albert Ou has a heartbeat, I thought back carefully and when I clamped down on him yesterday, he did have a heartbeat.”

The cold lord shrank his pupils slightly as if he had found a lot of doubts.

“That doesn’t seem to be the same as the information.”

“So maybe Mandy’s right, and if we hadn’t torn that fact hard in front of Mandy, they might actually be able to live their lives.”

“For life.”

“Godfather, Mandy is an adult, and since she already knows who Albert Ou is, I’m sure she’ll make the choice he thinks is right, so let’s not interfere.”

The cold lord turned his head to look at Huo Yulong’s eyes as if he was requesting.

“Mandy is exactly the same as my sister was back then, too stubborn I’ll never allow her to make the same mistakes as my sister.”

“Then you’re not afraid she’ll hate you?”

Leng Lords words seemed to poke Huo Yulong’s mind, causing Huo Yulong to be stunned.

“I think if Mandy’s mother were alive and time could do it all over again, and you had stopped her from leaving, she might have lived her life in peace, but she would have hated you.”

Huo Yulong fell into silence with his head hanging low.

Still on this side of Rainbow City, Jasmine Tong had been waiting, and Albert Ou might come back and have a chat with her sometime when he figured it out.

The day passed and he did not return.

Two days passed and he still hadn’t returned.

And so a week went by without even noticing.

Jasmine Tong even sent him WeChat and made phone calls, WeChat all stonewalled and the phone calls never got through.

Jasmine Tong eventually couldn’t settle down and went straight to the Dark Empire, thinking to herself that no matter what, Albert Ou would never leave his company alone.

But she runs into an anxious-looking Russel Cheng at the office.

“Ma’am, I was just about to go to you, O has not been in the office for a week, I don’t know what happened to him, he won’t answer when I call her”

Without waiting for Jasmine Tong to speak, Russel Cheng instead spoke first.

“He hasn’t been here for a week.”

“Yeah, a lot of this company is waiting for him to take care of things, and without him the whole company would collapse.”

It turns out that she also did not come to the company, Jasmine Tong not only a little disappointed.

“Madam, if you see Mr. Ou, please ask him to come to the office at once, you are the only one who can persuade him now.”

Jasmine Tong very reluctantly tugged at the corners of her mouth, she actually wanted to say there was nothing she could do about it.

“If I see him, I’ll be sure to pass it on for him.”

Jasmine Tong hung her head and silently turned away.

Will he just disappear from here?

Will he leave the human race?

Will she never see him again?

At that moment Jasmine Tong was panicked, she was worried that she would never see Albert Ou again.

After receiving a call from Xu Xingru halfway, Jasmine Tong went directly to Star King International.

Xu Xingru was shocked when she saw Jasmine Tong. Her face was full of haggardness, dark circles and heavy bags under her eyes, and her face seemed to have lost a circle of weight.

“Mandy, what’s going on with you how long has it been since we’ve seen each other how come you’re haggard like this”

“Sister Xingru, what do you want from me” Jasmine Tong very stiffly changed the subject away.

“That drama I told you about last time, the one with the big girl, I’ve already negotiated with the other side and we’ll be on set next week.”

“Oh,” Jasmine Tong couldn’t mention any interest at all.

“Manny, shouldn’t you tell me what happened I don’t think you’re in good spirits, it’s hard to make the director happy if you come into the cast like this.”

“Sister Starru, I may not be able to film for a while.”

Seeing Jasmine Tong like this, and knowing that Jasmine Tong was in love, Xu Xingru naturally thought that it should be a love affair, maybe a breakup or something else.

“I knew I shouldn’t have let you fall in love in the first place, once an actress starts dating it’s hard for her to get her mind all on her career”

Xu Xingru’s words were also slightly angry, and Jasmine Tong did not retort.

Looking at Jasmine Tong’s decrepit appearance, Xu Xingru couldn’t blame her anymore.

“I’ll tell you what, I’m talking to the other side and pushing your time back a bit, you hurry up and settle the matter in hand, you haven’t faced the public in a long time, it’s been dangerous lately, don’t bury your own future.”

“I know.”

As soon as the voice fell, a cell phone suddenly came ringing from Jasmine Tong’s pocket.

She saw the number displayed on her phone screen and blanched

Chapter 395

z.y. Hospital

Jasmine Tong rushed into the hospital in a feverish rush and raced down the corridors of the hospital.

“Where’s Leigh? How’s Leigh?” she asked breathlessly as she grabbed a nurse by the shirt.

“Ma’am, calm down, we’re being rescued right now, Dean Zhou is inside”

Jasmine Tong breathed heavily.

“How did this happen? How did this happen? Wasn’t it fine a while ago?”

At the door, there were a few of Yarwen Tong’s classmates, who were also very surprised when they saw Jasmine Tong flying over.

Rumor has it that Yarwen Tong’s sister is Jasmine Tong, but Yarwen Tong has always denied it, so it’s true.

“Manny-san, I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have dragged him to the basketball game.”A boy in a basketball uniform was sweating and apologetic as well.

“Sister Mandy is sorry” the rest of the people also apologized towards Jasmine Tong.

“He plays basketball with you guys.”

“Yeah, I knew he wasn’t feeling too well and didn’t really want to call him, he’s usually not too willing to participate with us, but this time, I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden he said he wanted to join us.”

“Tong also said he was jealous that we could play basketball together, he just wanted to be active and nothing more, so we agreed.”

“At first it was fine, after a while of activity, everyone was sweating, I asked him if he wanted to take a break he himself played very happy, and did not want to rest, who knows on” the boy who spoke did not continue to say.

Jasmine Tong finally understood the context.

“It’s okay, you’re not to blame for this, you can go back.”

Just at that moment, the emergency room door opened and the doctor pushed Yarwen Tong out.

“Excuse me, excuse me the patient is not well and needs to be sent to the cpu immediately, please.”

Jasmine Tong saw Yarwen Tong’s pale face.

Zhou Liesheng also came out of the emergency room, and Jasmine Tong immediately walked forward and grabbed Zhou Liesheng’s arm.

“Dean Zhou, how is Xiaolei’s condition?”

“It’s not in good shape and needs to be watched in the cpu for a while.”

“So when will he wake up?”

“That, ma’am, you should know better than to say.”

Jasmine Tong’s eyes slowly fell lonely.

Zhou Li Cheng looked this way and that way in the corridor.

“Madam, why haven’t you seen Mr. Ou?”

“Oh he’s been busy lately.”

Although Zhou Liesheng was a little confused, he ultimately did not ask.

“I’ll get busy then, I’ll have them let you know if there’s any news from the cpu.”After saying that Zhou Li Cheng left.

Jasmine Tong told those students of Yarwen Tong to go back to school, and she stayed in the hospital alone.

The nurses here still put her in her old room, where the conditions were better and she could get a good night’s sleep.

The ICU is not for everyone, there are set visiting hours.

A day and a night passed like this, no progress on Yarwen Tong’s side, and the doctor didn’t say yes or no.

It was time for another turn of the day’s visit, and Jasmine Tong went to the ICU, as Yarwen Tong had been in charge of Zhou Li Cheng.

Yarwen Tong didn’t make any progress for a day and a night, and Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but feel anxious.

The liquid in the infusion bottle was slowly being injected into Yarwen Tong’s body, and those high-end instruments had been emitting sounds of different frequencies.

Jasmine Tong was very familiar with all of this, after all, Yarwen Tong had been in the intensive care unit many times over the past few years.

But Jasmine Tong also knew what this meant.

“Dean Zhou, the last few times Little Lei has woken up and recovered very quickly, so why hasn’t there been any progress this time after a day and a night?”

Because she was in a hurry, Jasmine Tong’s tone wasn’t very good either.

“Madam don’t worry, you know Little Lei’s situation better than anyone.”

Jasmine Tong shook her head vigorously.

“No, I’m not sure, all I know is that the first few times he woke up fast, this time there was no progress”

Jasmine Tong bit her lips so tightly that they were already oozing blood.

Of course she knows everything. She just doesn’t want to accept the truth.

“Madam, calm down, will you? Why hasn’t Mr. Ou come yet?”

With Zhou Licheng’s understanding of him, Yarwen Tong was hospitalized, it was impossible for him not to come over, even if he was busy.

Zhou Licheng really wanted to tell Jasmine Tong that if Albert Ou didn’t come, Yarwen Tong was doomed to not wake up this time.

“I told you he’s been busy.”

Albert Ou’s affair was equally exhausting for Jasmine Tong, and over this past day and night, Zhou Liesheng had asked her several times about why Albert Ou hadn’t come.

Jasmine Tong looked fiercely at Zhou Li Cheng.

“Dean Zhou, you’re not going to treat Little Lei properly because Albert Ou didn’t come over, there’s nothing wrong with him being your boss, but you’re a doctor, it’s your duty to heal and save people”

“Ma’am, I think you misunderstand, I’m not saying that if Ou doesn’t come, he won’t treat Little Lei properly, but”

Zhou Li Cheng almost said something.

“Only what?”

“It’s nothing, ma’am, you can stay here with him for a while longer, I’m going out.”

Zhou Liesheng’s flickering words made Jasmine Tong realize the end and she directly blocked Zhou Liesheng’s path.

“You can’t leave until you get your story straight.”

Yarwen Tong’s condition made Jasmine Tong almost lose her mind.

Such a somewhat out of control Jasmine Tong also really surprised Zhou Licheng.

“Ma’am, what are you doing?”

Jasmine Tong also realized that she had overreacted, and her knees slowly bent and went straight to the ground, scaring Zhou Liesheng even more.

“President Zhou, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said this to you, I beg you, save Little Lei, he’s still so young, he’s still a child, he can’t die like this” Jasmine Tong begged bitterly.

In her eyes, only Zhou Licheng could save Yarwen Tong in this world, and since Yarwen Tong took over into Zhou Licheng’s hands, Yarwen Tong’s condition began to slowly improve.

“Madam, you quickly get up, quickly get up ah, I can’t afford it” Zhou Lixin immediately helped Jasmine Tong up.

“Ma’am, it’s not that I won’t save him, but I can’t right now.”

“But didn’t you also save him from life and death the last few times you must have a way, Dean Zhou you must have a way, I beg of you”

“The first few times that was with General Manager Ou” Zhou Licheng accidentally spoke out.

“What does it matter if he’s here or not to Lei?”

Zhou Licheng wanted to stop talking.

Suddenly Jasmine Tong also realized something, and she immediately grabbed Zhou Licheng’s sleeve.

“Does it have something to do with who he is” Jasmine Tong began to make probes and didn’t dare to make it too full of words.

Chapter 396

When Zhou Liesheng heard Jasmine Tong say that, he seemed to realize that Jasmine Tong was aware of Albert Ou’s identity.

Based on his understanding of Albert Ou, it was impossible for him not to come if Yarwen Tong was hospitalized, perhaps the two of them were estranged precisely because their identity secrets were revealed.

“Ma’am, so you know.”

“Yes, I know all about it, so if you have anything to say, just say it.”

“Then there’s no need for me to continue to hide it, the reason why the first two times Little Lei was able to turn the danger into peace was not because of how good my medical skills were, but because Ou saved him with his blood.”

Hearing this, Jasmine Tong’s eyebrows immediately knitted up, how absurd this was!

“With his blood.”

“Yes, it’s the use of Ou’s blood to infuse Ou’s blood into Lei’s body, their blood has a very strong energy.”

Jasmine Tong stared dumbly straight ahead, but there was so much more she didn’t know.

“Madam, I’m sure you know more about Yarwen’s situation than anyone else, to put it bluntly, if it wasn’t for the two blood transfusions that Mr. Ou gave him before, I’m afraid he would have”

The rest of the words Zhou Licheng did not finish, but Jasmine Tong also knows it in her heart.

Without Albert Ou, Yarwen Tong would already be dead, in fact Yarwen Tong was already dead, he was merely relying on Albert Ou’s blood to continue to maintain that body.

“Why didn’t he even tell me” Jasmine Tong sat in her chair and propped her head up with one hand, so much was happening these days.

“Madam, why didn’t Mr. Ou come because of you?”

“I haven’t seen him for a week, since I found out who he really is, and he doesn’t see me.”Jasmine Tong looked very helpless.

“So that’s it.”Zhou Li Cheng looked towards Yarwen Tong who was lying on the hospital bed.

He seemed to be peacefully asleep.

“I think the choice may have been wrong at first, but the vampire blood, in Lei’s body, would have made him look stronger than usual, and he would have felt better about himself, and just so, he wouldn’t have paid as much special attention to his body as he did before, so much so that he would have been constantly consuming the blood in his body.”

Zhou Licheng took his eyes back and turned them to Jasmine Tong.

“Did you know, ma’am, that blood is very precious to humans, but vampire blood is even more precious to them, and their blood is not renewable.”

“What do you mean?”

“In other words, by taking their blood out, their blood becomes less unless they ingest fresh human blood to replenish it back, and the last time you asked Ou to do a physical, it was actually because Ou had already given Little Lei two blood transfusions and the blood in his body could no longer sustain his energy.”

Hearing this Jasmine Tong was even more shocked, no wonder at that time Albert Ou kept saying that he was fine, in fact he knew what was wrong with him, he just didn’t want to say it.

“So, ma’am, I ask you to prepare yourself for the fact that every time Lei gets sick and is hospitalized he needs more blood, and if you want to save him this time, you may need more blood, but Ou couldn’t hold it together last time, and this time it’s simply not possible.”

After hearing Zhou Licheng’s words, Jasmine Tong became even more disheartened.

That means that if Albert Ou is really here, Yarwen Tong might not come back either.

“I understand.”

Jasmine Tong looked worriedly at Yarwen Tong in the hospital bed.

“How long can he keep this up?”

“It’s really hard to say.”

Crystal Garden

The room smelled of pungent alcohol and there were many bottles lying east and west on the floor.

John stood in the doorway terrified by the sight before him.

He usually enjoyed drinking and the smell of alcohol very much as well, but this was the first time he had ever found the strong smell of alcohol so pungent and unpleasant.

“I could open a brewery if I went to you,” John practically jumped into the bedroom.

When he saw Albert Ou, he was also shocked.

When did Albert Ou ever look so dejected?

His hair was very messy and it could be seen that it hadn’t been taken care of for a long time, his beard should not have been shaved for a long time, showing blue stubble, and his eye sockets were deeply sunken, with red blood lines covering the entire eyeball.

The clothes should not have been changed for many days either, they were full of wrinkles.

As soon as John Quan came over, he immediately pinched his nose.

“Zee, you haven’t showered in days, you stink.”

John immediately took a few steps backwards, the strong smell of alcohol mixed with the smell of Albert Ou’s body made it worse

Albert Ou didn’t even look up at him, taking a few gulps from the bottle in front of him.

“You still drink you want to drink yourself to death” John rushed over and directly grabbed Albert Ou’s bottle.

“What else can you do if you don’t drink” Albert Ou’s voice was very hoarse.

“What the hell is wrong with you,”

“She knows.”Albert Ou sat on the floor with his head against the wall, his eyes filled with despair.

“Knowing what” John thought carefully and immediately crouched down, but the scent of Albert Ou’s body directly made him move back again.

“Mandy knows who you are.”


Albert Ou told all about what happened.

John Quan was also very shocked when he found out, not knowing that there were people in this world who actually believed in this vampire thing.

Honestly back then, if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed that Albert Ou was a descendant of a vampire.

“Haven’t you ever thought about talking to Mandy? Maybe Mandy doesn’t want to leave you. If she does, then why did she save you?”

“It’s two different things, two people together eventually have some feelings in them, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be with me.”

Albert Ou’s words were very low, seemingly low to the dust.

“How do you know she won’t if you haven’t talked to her? It’s all a figment of your imagination.”

“I had tried, I already knew the answer, and if I already knew the answer, why did it have to come out of her mouth, I wish I knew some of the answers myself, and coming out of her mouth was too cruel for me to accept.”

Albert Ou slumped his head.

John Quan could only sigh deeply, “You two ah, maybe you shouldn’t have been together from the beginning”

“What’s the use of talking about it now?”

“Okay, okay, no it’s not working, I’m done, but you have to start over, look at you now, who’s going to believe that you’re the president of the Dark Empire.”

Albert Ou was silent, he also wanted to cheer up, but every time he thought of Jasmine Tong, his heart ached as if something had run over it.

“I think Manny’s the only one in the world who can save you but I guess she couldn’t care less if you her brother’s in the hospital.”

“What did you say?”

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