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Chapter 397

Jenny was slightly embarrassed.

Can she say that she just bought it for her collection?

Biden Lu said indifferently, “It’s no trouble for Miss.”

Nalan Central choked again.

I didn’t expect the man in front of me to say anything, as if his mind was made of iron.

Instead, Jenny was a little embarrassed.

I was about to say something, only to hear Nalan Yangyang sigh and say again, “Sir, to tell you honestly, this jade hairpin is actually a birthday gift I’m going to give to my sister, my sister has been sick for many years, firstly, I heard that wearing jade ornaments can nourish people, and secondly, my sister has seen pictures of the jade hairpin and she likes it very much, that’s why I’m asking you to be kind.”

Jenny Jing saw that she was moved, and his heart couldn’t help but feel a little intolerant.

In the end, it’s just a hairpin, so I bought it for myself to play with.

My sister is very sick, if she likes it so much, let her have it!

Thinking so, she pulled the man’s sleeve.

“Biden Lu…”

Biden Lu already knew what she meant and frowned slightly.

Slightly sneering at Nalan Yang.

“If that’s what the lady says, then go ahead!”

Nalan Central saw him finally let go, a surprised expression on his face.

“Thanks, by the way, what’s your name?I thank you for your kindness today, but if I have the chance some other time, I will certainly come to your door to thank you.”

Biden Lu did not answer.

Jenny was slightly embarrassed.

Another tug on his sleeve.

Hey, at least we’re in a public place. Give the girls some face.

It’s so embarrassing when so many people are watching otherwise.

Biden Lu’s handsome face was somewhat gloomy, and he said in a deep voice, “Biden Lu.”

As soon as those three words came out, both of Horatio’s eyes lit up.

“You are… Biden Lu?That current head of the Lu family, the head of the four great families?”

Biden Lu frowned deeper and nodded his head.

“Hello, it’s a real pleasure to meet you, my father and I have always looked up to you and I never expected to run into you here.”

Her eyes fell on Jenny next to him, “Your wife is so beautiful, she is so blessed.”

Biden Lu was agreeable to that, “Thank you for the compliment, but you’re wrong, having her is my good fortune.”

Nalan Central stalled slightly, the smile on his face a little stiff.

“In that case, I won’t bother you any further, thank you.”

She turned back to her seat.

The jade hairpin was eventually photographed by Nalan Yang.

Jenny Jing noticed that the man beside him looked a bit pale and thought he was angry about what had just happened, so he whispered, “You’re angry?Not so much!Just a hairpin.”

The man ignored her.

Jenny was embarrassed.

Is this a real anger?Or with her?

You know, the two have been together for so long, this outside stern and cold man, has always been gentle and soft to her, give and take, except for what happened before, other things have never been angry with her?

But all for a hairpin?It shouldn’t!

He’s not such a cheapskate!

Jenny was a little confused and looked across at Tailor Feng for help.

Tailor Feng covered his mouth and was already laughing so hard that his body twitched.

She was a little annoyed.

There was always the feeling that they were hiding something from her, acting as if they both knew something and she was the only one who didn’t.

She darkened her face and said in a deep voice, “Tailor Feng!”

Tailor Feng finally couldn’t hold back and laughed out loud, but he was just hampered by being in a public place and didn’t dare to laugh too much, so it was a long time before he stopped laughing and said, “Little sister-in-law, do you know who that woman was just now?”

Jenny looked confused, “Didn’t she say her name was Nalan Yang?Is it the daughter of some general from T?”


Tailor Feng laughed so hard he covered his stomach.

Jenny: “……..”

Is it funny?

Tailor Feng stopped only after a long while, holding back a laugh and said, “General Nalan of T country was netted by a war when he was young, and couldn’t even marry his wife, so where did he get a daughter?”

Jenny was stunned.

“No way!So, she just lied to us?”

“That’s not so bad, except that in this world, there are no real daughters, and goddaughters can still recognize a whole bunch of them.”

Only then did it dawn on Jenny.

“Oh, I see, so why are you smiling?It’s funny that she’s General Nalan’s goddaughter?”

Tailor Feng said, “What I’m laughing at isn’t her identity, it’s that you’re so eager to push your second brother out, watch out for the day when you’ll have to cry your eyes out.”

Jenny frowned slightly, understanding roughly what he meant, but felt something was wrong.

“Well, do you think everyone is like you, sticking it up to a pretty girl when they see one?Our Deep won’t be like that.”

It seemed to please some man, especially the phrase “Our Deep.”

He reached out, squeezed the back of her neck, and said in a deep voice, “No need for Tailor Feng to stick it to her, she’ll stick it to herself, that woman has so many tricks, you don’t want to come in contact with her.”

Jenny was stunned, “Why?”

In the meantime, Biden Lu seemed unsure of how to explain to her.

Tailor Feng couldn’t resist and interjected, “Do you know how many goddaughters General Nalan has?”

Jenny shook his head.

How did she know how many goddaughters he had when she had only heard the name General Helan today?

Tailor Feng gestured, “Twenty-eight.”

Jenny was dumbfounded.

Although goddaughters are no better than their own daughters, twenty-eight?That’s too much, too!

Tailor Feng continued, “Nominally called a goddaughter, but in reality, it’s just a tool raised by that guy Nalan Jin to gather people’s hearts.

These women have been trained by him since childhood to learn all kinds of techniques to impress men, and when they are old enough, they are brought out and used to harass military, business and political leaders from all walks of life.

How many people over the years have fallen for this trick of his and ended up having to stand in his way and become stepping stones to his power?Huh?She’s still a little young to use such tricks on Second Brother’s head!”

Jenny was jaw-dropping.

So that’s how it works?

It’s not that mean!


She looked at Nalan Yang with some suspicion and then at Tailor Feng, “Does a woman really have that much influence?Why do I sound so meta?”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to help them to make the most of their opportunities.That’s why it’s not a lie when the ancients say that you can die under the peony blossom and be a ghost.”

Jenny Jing’s small face darkened and glared at him.

What broken metaphor?

She’s not one of those women with an agenda!

Biden Lu said in a deep voice, “Enough!Shut up.”

Tailor Feng made a face, then decided to shut his mouth and stop talking.

Jenny Jing secretly thought to herself, since this Nalan Yang was so resourceful, she didn’t know if what she had just said about her sister being seriously ill was true.

Soon, without waiting too long to think about it, a pair of crescent-shaped diamond earrings caught her attention.

Chapter 398

She quickly flipped through the pamphlet on her hand and saw the description of the moon earrings above.

It was a very rare and rare pair of natural crescent-shaped blue diamonds found in a new mine extracted from South Africa just this year, and then cut and polished by a designer with precision to become what they are now.

Honestly, Jenny was impressed.

Not only her, but also the lady in the room, the moment the earrings came out, she could not help but let out an exclamation, so you can see that everyone was amazed.

I can’t help it, the love of beauty is universal.

It’s so beautiful!

Tailor Feng was also somewhat tempted, but seeing Jenny’s heartwarming eyes, he eventually pushed his thoughts down.

Forget it, good men don’t compete with women, so many women want it, he’ll be even more disliked by thousands if he tries to compete.

Sure enough, someone soon started bidding.

The base price of ten million dollars was raised by one million dollars, and before long, it was raised to eighty million dollars.

Jenny was actually really impressed, but after hesitating for a long time as she watched the increasingly high asking prices, she still endured that heartbeat.

80 million!Maybe it will go up. It’s too expensive!

She then realized that compared to the diamond earrings, the eight million jade pins just now were really nothing compared to the diamond earrings.

“Eighty-five million dollars added to lady 26!Is there a higher price, please?”

“Ninety million!”

A voice suddenly shouted.

Everyone looked towards that voice and saw that it was that woman again, Nalan Yang.

She sat in the front row, her lips slightly hooked, looking like she was winning, her s*xy neck craned high, the white skin on her chest growing fair and glowing under the red dress and lights.

Jenny had already heard many men gagging.

She secretly despised a handful of people and looked at Biden Lu beside her.

Fortunately, it was as if the man hadn’t seen the gaudy scenery and was still staring at the stage, expressionless the entire time.

“Ninety million!Good, Lady 16 added 90 million!May I ask if anyone else wants to move on up?”

After waiting for ten seconds, no one made a sound.

Just as the master of ceremonies was about to bang the gavel, a low, cold voice suddenly came out, “One hundred million!”


100 million?

Everyone looked back incredulously, and when they saw that the person calling the price was Biden Lu, most of them revealed a heartfelt expression of understanding.

It turned out to be Lu Shao, shot 100 million, okay okay, not too surprising.

Everyone couldn’t help but show an envious expression towards Jenny.

And those who didn’t know Biden Lu, when they saw his face, they were only amazed.

What a handsome man!

The rich and handsome has always been the most irresistible temptation for women, not to mention the identity of the people who can come to such a place must be extraordinary, rich, handsome, unusual identity, enough to make most of the women flock to him.

Jenny whispered, “What are you doing?”

Biden Lu held her hand and didn’t speak.

“Thirty-two this gentleman, one hundred million!Anyone else want to add to that?”

Nalan Yang looked at Biden Lu with a pleading expression.

The look on his face is like, “Luk, please be merciful, let him go!

Jenny Jing’s small face was slightly black.

It was more of a seduction than a plea.

Or seduced in front of her face.

bury one’s head in the sand

The, thinking of what Tailor Feng had just said, felt even more uncomfortable.

“One hundred million at a time!One hundred million twice!One hundred million…”

“Hey, wait!”

Nalan Central spoke again.

The emcee smiled when he saw it was her again, “Miss, do you want to go talk to that gentleman again?”

Nalan Central smiled slightly, “Sorry to trouble you.”

“Okay, five-minute pause.”

Nalan Central turned towards them again.

This time, Jenny had learned her lesson and didn’t say anything else.

Only Nalan Yang walked up to Biden Lu and softly said, “Lu Shao, these diamond earrings, people like them, can you be kind enough to let me have them once more?”

Biden Lu looked at her with a faint glance.

“You are?”

The smile on Nalan Central’s face instantly froze.

Beside him, Tailor Feng couldn’t hold back and puffed out a laugh.

It was only ten minutes ago that I dawdled here most of the day, introducing my name, and ten minutes later people don’t remember it.

Goldfish don’t have such short memories!

Nalan Yang also clearly sensed Biden Lu’s intentionality and managed to smile, “I’m sorry, I know it’s rude, but I really…”

“Miss Nalan, you don’t have another sister who is also ill and likes these earrings, do you?”

Tailor Feng couldn’t stand it any longer and ridiculed out of the blue.

Nalan Yang had actually noticed Tailor Feng long ago, after all, the second son of the Feng family, the entertainment media’s lace regular, she naturally recognized him.

It’s just that her target wasn’t this kind of rich and affectionate playboy, but rather Biden Lu who could be of great help to her father politically and financially, so that’s why she didn’t speak to him.

Seeing him speak at this time, not to mention a slight smile, “Feng Er Gongzi is joking, my other sisters are all healthy, only Sister Hua Zhi is sick, this pair of earrings is just because I personally like them, so I want to ask Lu Shao to be generous.”

Jenny Jing looked at her and suddenly spoke out, “But what makes you think that he has to let you?”

Nalan Central was slightly stunned, as if he hadn’t expected her to speak.

She smiled amorous, “Little sister, you don’t understand this, it’s only a gentleman who doesn’t compete with a lady, it doesn’t matter if you’re still young and don’t understand, you’ll understand when you’re older.”

The strings attached to her words were very unpleasant for Jenny to hear.

“Yeah?What if we’re not allowed to today?”

Nalan Yang smiled slightly, “That’s up to Lu Shao.”

She looked at him deeply with affection in her eyes, “If Lu Shao is willing to give a little girl face, I will be grateful, and if there is a chance, I will repay it.”

Looking at the way she was gazing at her, Jenny Jing’s small face sank slightly.

Tailor Feng smiled, “How do I repay you?With your body?”

Unexpectedly, Nalan Yang didn’t even deny it, only smiling lightly, “If Lu Shao is interested, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Jenny couldn’t hold back any longer, this Nalan Yang, who clearly saw her by her side and said such words, did she really think she was a dead person?

She said in a cold voice: “Miss Nalan, I thought you should understand that Bo Shao is a family man, isn’t it a bit too ugly to seduce him in front of me like this?Is the Nalan family’s culture so debauched?”

Her words, very rude.

If it were anyone else, they would only be flipping out right now after hearing this.

But unexpectedly Nalan Yang hid her lips and laughed lightly, “Yo, Mrs. Lu is anxious, I was just joking, why are you so serious?Is it possible that Mrs. Lu doesn’t trust Lu that much?”

Chapter 399

Jenny was extremely angry.

“The fact that you can even joke about such things is evident in Miss Nalan’s personal style.”

The expression on Nalan Central’s face remained unchanged, or rather, she had heard this kind of talk so much that she didn’t care.

A pair of eyes were still staring straight at Biden Lu.

“Lu, would you consider it?”

Jenny was so angry that she really wanted to go up and scratch her a few times, bit her teeth, grabbed Biden Lu’s arm and said, “Darling, I just love those earrings.”

Biden Lu doted on it and nodded, “Well, buy it for you.”

Nalan Central seemed disappointed at the sight.

Biden Lu finally looked at her squarely, but his eyes were cold and icy as he said in a deep voice, “Miss Nalan, I know what you’re scheming, but I’m sorry, I’m not your prey, for the likes of you…”

He seemed to think about it before remembering a more correct wording, “A woman who can be bought with money is not interested.”

Nalan Central’s face changed slightly.

“What does Lu Shao mean by that?I…”

“Alright, you don’t need to explain, we all know what kind of family culture the Nalan family has, you Nalan Yang has fought with my second brother three times today, but it’s not for the piece of jade or the pair of earrings, right!You’re merely trying to get my second brother’s attention, because he’s already on the list you’re trying to gather, right?”

Nalan Central’s face was very stiff.

After all these years, it was the first time she’d met someone who didn’t accept her offer of kindness, and it was fine for her to get so down in front of so many people.

As if Tailor Feng didn’t have enough, he said jokingly, “Little sister-in-law, don’t worry, our second brother has always been of upright conduct, and he won’t take a woman that even I don’t like, even if he takes the initiative to send her to his door.”

Jenny smiled and didn’t say anything.

Nalan Central’s face shifted for a while, but in the end, he kept a stiff smile.

Said: “Feng second son is so fond of jokes, some other day little woman to invite you to drink we open enough, this kind of occasion or please be careful what you say is good, I on behalf of our Nalan family over to participate in the auction, not to let you humiliate!”

Tailor Feng trailed off, not bothering to pay attention to her.

Narayanaka eventually went back to his place with an upset.

The pair of earrings, in the end, were photographed by Biden Lu.

Later, Tailor Feng also bought an exquisite trinket, a string of red coral bracelets, and asked him why he bought this, but he didn’t say, mysteriously.

Jenny Jing suddenly remembered that it would be Evelin’s birthday in a few days, and she just realized it.

But in front of Tailor Feng’s face, she didn’t directly pierce it.

After all, since people wouldn’t say it explicitly, I’m sure they didn’t want everyone to know, so Jenny wouldn’t talk this much.

After the auction was over, the three of them were about to leave together, when a middle-aged man came walking towards them.

“Lu, long time no see.”

The three people stopped, only to see the middle-aged man about thirty years old, a silver gray suit lined with a graceful and elegant temperament, extremely fair skin, a gentle smile, giving people a sense of spring breeze.

Jenny’s first feeling was that this person must be in a very high position.

Because although he had a smile on his face, that inviolable nobility and strength was still impossible to ignore.

Biden Lu nodded faintly at him, “Mr. Zhuge, it’s been a long time, I didn’t expect that you would be the one to come personally this time.”

Zhuge Liufeng smiled, “I haven’t been back to China for a long time, so I just took this opportunity to come back for a spin, I have to say that China has changed a lot, I don’t recognize a lot of places anymore.”

Biden Lu smiled faintly, “The development has indeed been relatively rapid in recent years, Mr. Zhuge is interested and can stay in China for a while longer.”

Zhuge Liufeng nodded, “I do have this plan, I don’t know if Lu Shao will be free at that time, I’m just afraid I’ll have to go to the house once more to dwell on it.”

“Mr. Zhuge is willing to come, so he is naturally welcome.”

They laughed and exchanged a few more pleasantries, and someone came over to him before he said squarely, “I have work to do, so excuse me.”

“Be my guest.”

Zhuge Liuyong nodded and smiled again as he nodded his head in greeting to Jenny and Tailor Feng before leaving.

Only after he left did Tailor Feng Fang stammered and asked, “Second brother, is he the current helmsman of that Zijin family?”

Biden Lu said indifferently, “No, he is Zhuge Ling Cang’s fourth son, Zhuge Liufeng, and the current helmsman is Zhuge Ling Cang’s second son, Zhuge Ye.”

Tailor Feng nodded, “I see.”

Just then, a familiar voice was heard.

“Biden, Tailor Feng, so you’re here.”

The three of them turned to look and saw that it was Master Guan and Guan Ji Ming.

“Grandpa Kwan, Uncle Er.”

“Hey, Jenny is here too.”

Master Guan looked kindly at Jenny with a gentle smile all over his brow.

Jenny felt flattered and replied, “Yes, has Grandpa Guan’s health been better lately?”

“Much better, I’m old, I can’t die, don’t worry about me, but you, you were hurt last time, are you better now?”

Jenny even replied, “I’m already well, thank you Grandpa Guan for your concern.”

Master Kwan nodded, “That’s good, that’s good, you’re a good boy.”

His eyes turned to the side, looking at the back of the man who had just left and asked, “Who was that?”

Biden Lu replied, “The Zijin family, Zhuge Liuying.”

“Zhuge Liuyong?”

Master Guan’s face changed.

Jenny was confused, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Oh, no, nothing.”

The old man looked visibly different, but he was busy dressing it down, “Right, I’m hosting a family banquet at home tomorrow, and I’ve specially apologized to you for what happened before, so please make sure you come over, okay?”

Biden Lu looked at Jenny Jing.

Jenny Jing hesitated for a moment, but still replied, “No need, Grandpa Guan, I appreciate your kindness, but this matter has been over for so long that I don’t mind, so let’s dispense with this family feast.”

Master Guan said evenly, “And not just to apologize to you on his behalf, there is something else that I, I want to tell you in person.”

Jenny looked at him, “What is it?It wouldn’t hurt for you to say it now.”


Guan Jiming explained, “Jenny, there are some things that are inconvenient to talk about here, so just as a favor to your second uncle, you must come tomorrow night.”

Jenny was in a difficult position.

Honestly, she really didn’t want to go to the Kwan house.

It wasn’t just because of Clara and Guan Jili, either; she always felt a little wary of the Guan family’s strange attitude.

Biden Lu said in a deep voice, “Jenny is not free these days, let’s talk about the two of you in a while.”

Master Guan and Guan Ji Ming were both incredibly disappointed at what they saw.

But Biden Lu’s words had already come to this point, so they couldn’t force it any further.

Master Guan looked at Jenny with a resigned expression.

“All right!Since Ah Shen said so, I won’t force it, but Jenny, if you encounter any trouble in Kyoto, remember to tell Grandpa, no one will dare to bully you with Grandpa here.”

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