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Chapter 400

Jenny Jing was astonished and his expression was very embarrassed.

She really couldn’t understand how Master Guan’s attitude towards her could suddenly change like this.

Next to him, Tailor Feng was also confused, and didn’t react to what was going on until Guan Ji Ming and Master Guan left.

He turned to look at Biden Lu, “Second Brother, what are they doing?Why do I get the feeling that Master Guan’s attitude towards his youngest sister-in-law is a bit strange.”

Jenny didn’t say anything, in fact not only Tailor Feng felt it, she also felt it herself.

Biden Lu’s eyes were slightly deep.

However, he didn’t take up the subject, only saying in a deep voice, “Okay, it’s getting late, let’s go.”

After saying that, he pulled Jenny away.

On the way home, Jenny was curious, “What can Grandpa Guan and Second Uncle have to say to me?”

Biden Lu dropped his eyes to look at her, “Want to know?”

Jenny nodded.

“You’ll find out when you go over there tomorrow.”

“Huh?”Jenny showed a disappointed expression, “I thought you knew, but if I have to go to the Guan family to find out, then I’d rather choose not to know.”

When she looked disappointed, the man smiled, his eyes darkening.

“Jenny, can you tell me why you reject the Guan family so much?”

Jenny was stunned, “Rejecting the Guan family?Do I?”


The man answered with absolute certainty.

Jenny snorted, “It’s probably just the eight characters that don’t match, I always feel like the Guan family is weird, I can’t tell exactly where, but I don’t like them anyway.”

Biden Lu intoned, “Could it be that you’re preoccupied with prejudice against them because of what happened to Guan Jili and Clara?”

Jenny frowned and looked at him suspiciously.

“Why do you always speak for them?Is there something you’re not telling me?”

The man looked like he was in awe and said, “No.”

Jenny looked at him, “Really?”

The man nodded, “It’s more real than real gold.”

Actually, he wasn’t sure about his suspicions, but seeing the attitude of Master Guan and Guan Ji Ming, he couldn’t help but think of this question.

“But to be honest, I think Uncle Guan is pretty good, he’s quite nice, I don’t reject him, but Master Guan, well… Well, I always feel like he’s a monkey’s boy, I have reservations.”

Biden Lu laughed lightly, “You can see all of this, it seems that Grandpa Guan’s decades of cultivation haven’t reached home.”

Jenny was a little blushed at his praise.

“Well, let’s not talk about them, it feels like we’re talking behind their backs.”

“Well, good.”

They didn’t continue the conversation.

The next day, Jenny naturally didn’t go, and although Master Guan was disappointed, he had no choice, he had wanted to just tell the truth regardless, but he was stopped by Guan Jiming.

What Guan Ji Ming meant was that because of the previous incident, Jenny Jing already had a certain opinion of the Guan family, and if she were to say it rashly at this time, she might not be willing to accept the identity or acknowledge him as her grandfather.

After all, Jenny’s character had been seen a bit after all this time.

Love and hate, do not like to climb the dragon and phoenix, and people are now the young lady of the Lu family, may not really look at the identity of Miss Sun of the Guan family.

Master Guan was very unhappy with what he thought of Guan Ji Ming, but the facts told him that things might really be as he said, and that Jenny Jing didn’t care to climb into the Guan family at all.


You can tell just by the fact that she turned down today’s family dinner.

This invitation, if placed on any other girl, would have only scrambled, but she didn’t care at all, and was even somewhat repelled.

The old man had to admit that she did dislike the Kwan family.

What to do?

As the afternoon sun spilled in through the window, the old man gazed out at the greenery and pondered.

It was then that a voice broke his thoughts.

“Master, a gentleman surnamed Zhuge has come to request an audience.”

The old man came back to his senses and turned to look at the butler.Who wants to see me?”

“Mr. Zhuge, here’s his card.”

The butler respectfully handed over a silver-white hot-stamping card to him, the card was simple, a purple zephyr logo and a name – Zhuge Liufeng.

The old man was hard shaken and his face changed slightly.

“Where is he?”

“It’s downstairs in the living room.”

The old man tensed his face, his gaze sinking cold, and said coldly, “Take me down.”

The old man had an old attack today and his knees hurt a bit, so he was confined to a wheelchair.

As the butler pushed him into the living room, it was obvious that the old man was shaking a little.

The man in the living room stood up.

With a wave of his hand, the old man waved off the housekeeper and the maids, leaving the two of them alone in the large living room.

“Mr. Zhuge, long time no see.”

The old man’s tone was cold.

Zhuge Liufeng looked at him with the same calm and relaxed look still on his face, “Old Mr. Guan, how have you been these past years?”

Master Guan snickered, “Thanks to you, he can’t die yet!”

Zhuge Liufeng smiled slightly, “It seems that you still haven’t let go of the prejudice in your heart towards me.”

Master Guan snapped in anger, “You still have the nerve to mention letting go of your prejudices with me?It wasn’t your daughter who died, so of course you can let it go so easily!Zhuge Liuyong, I’m telling you!I will never be able to let go of my prejudices towards your Zhuge Family!”

The old man spoke too quickly and emotionally, so when he finished, the whole man fell into the wheelchair, red in the face and breathing rapidly.

Zhuge Liufeng looked at him indifferently and advised, “Your physical condition looks terrible, I suggest that it is better for you to maintain a calm mind.”

The old man smirked and didn’t say anything.

But there was a secret effort to calm the emotions.

Zhuge Liufeng suddenly said, “You have been blaming your daughter for her death, but you seem to have forgotten that I lost my big brother as well.If you really want to get into a fight, I’m afraid no one can say anything about it!”

The old man bit his cheek and stared at him angrily.

“He had it coming!He deserved it!My daughter was tricked by him to end up in that situation!”

Zhuge Liuyu seemed to have no intention of arguing with him, after all, it was over ten years in the past, and there was no point in arguing anymore as one could not come back from the dead.

He said in a deep voice, “None of us are qualified to judge what happened between them, but this time I’m returning to China, I just want to ask you one thing, where the hell is that child?”

The old man’s face turned pale.

“What child?I can’t understand what you’re saying!”

“The child Miss Guan gave birth to at first, my elder brother’s daughter, more than twenty years ago, you told me the child was lost, we’ve been looking for it for the past twenty years, but there’s no clue, some time ago I heard that Miss Sun of the Guan family was found, I feel I should come back to see it anyway, Mr. Guan, please hand over that child!”

Chapter 401

Master Guan’s face was livid and his eyes were full of ridicule.

“You Zhuge Family say you want it, what do you take us as the Guan Family?Don’t say you haven’t got the kid back. Even if you did, it’s got nothing to do with you!I’m warning you, as long as my old man lives, you’ll never think of hitting that child!”

Zhuge Liuyu said in a deep voice, “Although she was born to Miss Guan, she is also my big brother’s blood and blood, the heir to our Zijin Family, no matter what we won’t give up!”

The old man let out a snort of laughter, no longer having the energy to argue with him.

When Zhuge Liuyong saw him, he curtsied to him and said politely, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I’ll come back.”

Afterwards, turn around and leave.

After he left, the butler squared in and saw the old man sitting there with an incomparably ugly face, running over.

“How are you, milord?It’s okay!”

The old man waved his hand and pointed to the pill bottle on the table beside him.

The housekeeper even brought the medicine over, took one out and gave it to him, and only after half a dozen moments did the party see that he looked better.

“Old O, call the second and tell him to come right back and see me.”


Guan Jiaming returned soon.

The old man called him into his study, and the two men stayed in there all afternoon, and no one knows what they said and what decisions they made in there.

Instead, the next day, Jenny Jing received another invitation from the Guan family.

Said she had something important to discuss and made sure to make time for a visit.

The invitation was formal and the words written on it were serious and sincere.

But no matter how much Jenny thought about it, he couldn’t think of anything important enough about the Guan family that he had to go there himself.

But people had already spoken up to this point, Jenny spared her, but she still had to go to the banquet.

Otherwise it would seem too impersonal.

So, that night, Jenny came to the Guan house with Biden Lu.

After arriving at the Guan family, I realized that everyone was actually present today in a rare occurrence.

It wasn’t just Master Guan, but also Ji Ming, Xu Hui, Xuefei Guan, and several other elders from the Guan family’s side branches, and even Master Lu and Old Mrs. Cen were there.

Jenny was greatly surprised.

“Grandpa, Grandma, what are you guys doing here?”

She walked over to Mrs. Sham, puzzled.

They both looked at her, looking a little odd.

Obviously, before Jenny arrived, Master Guan had already told them the purpose of gathering everyone here today.

The old lady looked at her with a complicated gaze and sighed, “Jenny, since you’re here, sit down first, no matter what you hear later, don’t be afraid, you will always be our Lu family’s granddaughter-in-law, no one dares to force you into anything.”

Jenny was stunned and even more surprised.

She looked back at Biden Lu with a questioning glance, but the man’s eyes were dark and he didn’t give her any answer.

Reluctantly, Jenny could only sit down in his seat.

Master Guan has had a relapse in the past two days, and the doctor has put him on bed rest, so he won’t get down and walk around easily.

So when everyone arrived, Master Kwan was still in his room.

I was told that everyone had arrived, which allowed the butler to help him get dressed and be wheeled out in his wheelchair.

After a while, the old man looks older and older.


The original hale and hearty old man has now been tortured by disease to the point of being as thin as a bone, and only those shrewd eyes can still catch a glimpse of his youthful demeanor.

His eyes slowly turned around the faces of the people in the hall and finally landed on Jenny’s face.

“Everyone’s here, Jenny, and you’re here.”

With a smile on the old man’s face, Jenny stood up in a hurry.

“Grandpa Kwan…”

Master Guan waved his hand in succession.

“Sit down, don’t be formal, and make yourself at home.”

Jenny could tell that the old man’s voice had a few hints of fatigue, and although he had tried his best to keep his spirits up, he could still tell that he was not doing well.

She was worried and asked, “Grandpa Guan, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I’m hanging in there with my old problems.”

He said, raising his gaze to look around, slowing his breath, before saying in a deep voice, “I’ve called you all here today because I have a very important thing to announce, Brother Lu, you and your sister-in-law are here to help me be a witness, and if anyone dares to disagree in the future, you can also help me dispose of them.”

The Lu family’s old man frowned tightly, and there was quite a bit of hesitation between the old lady’s eyes, but in the end, she agreed.

“You tell me!We’ll be the witness to that.”


Master Guan waved back, only to see a middle-aged woman walk up from behind.

Jenny was a little surprised, she recognized this woman, if she remembered correctly, before the old man’s birthday banquet she had seen her in the Guan family’s old house, it was said that she was the maid who used to wait on Guan Jiwan, after Guan Jiwan died, she had remained in the Guan family, which was also considered the old man of the Guan family.

Only the woman handed over a document to Master Guan, who in turn handed it over to a lawyer next to him, allowing that lawyer to open the document with his own hands before looking at Jenny.

“I have called you all here today to announce a will, and when I die, you must all follow the words of this will to the letter, without fail.”

Everyone had surprised expressions at the news.

It’s not just a day or two since Master Guan has been in poor health, and I’ve long heard that he’s not going to be around much longer.

But the matter of the will was, after all, still a matter within the Guan family’s direct line, and since Guan Jili had been sent abroad, the only person who could inherit the family now, who had the ability and strength to do so, was Guan Ji Ming.

As a result, it was also almost a tacit agreement that the Guan family would be in charge of Guan Ji Ming in the future, and in fact, the Guan family was now in full charge of Guan Ji Ming.

As such, everything in the Guan family should naturally be Guan Ji Ming’s in the future, so why bother declaring another will in front of so many people now?

Everyone was a little confused, not only those people, but even Jenny frowned.

She hadn’t thought about Ji Ming and the Guan family, but she thought that it was the Guan family’s own business to announce their will.

The old man Lu and the old lady Shum, as the old man Guan’s best friend, and in a high position, come over as a witness can still be justified.

But she and Biden Lu were only two juniors, and they were simply eight strokes away from the Guan family’s property.

What’s Guan’s point in inviting them here?

But spare me the doubts, the people are already here, and I can’t leave now.

Jenny could only continue to sit there with a hard scalp, then listen to the rest of the story.

With only a glance at the lawyer, who nodded, Master Kwan opened the will and read it aloud.

Chapter 402

The contents of the will were simple, but it surprised everyone in the room.

Not for any other reason, because inside in addition to the fact that Guan Jiming will continue to be in charge of the Guan Group in the future, the old man of Guan actually handed over the crucial 15% of Guan’s shares, as well as a number of properties and personal property in his own name, all to Jenny!

Everyone was stunned, hardly believing what they were hearing.

Jenny was also confused, not understanding Master Guan’s intentions.

She stood up and excused herself, “Grandpa Guan, I’m not a member of the Guan family, and I don’t have any connection with the family, as the saying goes, no merit, it’s not appropriate for you to do this, I can’t take these shares and property.”

However, before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Master Guan raising his hand.

“Jenny, don’t say no just yet.”

He said, looking at her gently, and asked, “Do you remember, what year, month and day you were born?”

Jenny was stunned and even more confused, but still answered honestly, “Of course I remember, I was born on the third day of the winter month of the year Bhai.”

“No, wrong, you’re not on the third day of the winter month, you’re on your birthday on the twenty-sixth of September.”

Jenny stayed.

“How is this, how is this possible?”

For some reason, a bad illusion suddenly rose up in her heart, and even the smile on her face became forced.

“Grandpa Guan, don’t joke around, I remember clearly, I am Winter Moon’s birthday, I’ve been celebrating this birthday for more than twenty years, how could I remember it wrong?”

“You’re remembering correctly, because the person who told you this birthday doesn’t actually know what day your real birthday is, she picked you up on this day and made it your birthday, so it’s not her fault, but Jenny, your real birthday is actually September 26th.”

Jenny Jing’s face changed.

“What picked me up?Grandpa Kwan, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Master Guan saw Guan and passed a glance to the maid beside him, who immediately presented a report.

“Originally I was going to take the secret with me into the coffin with my death, but then something happened that made me change my mind, and I’m running out of time, and I can’t hesitate or beat around the bush any longer.Take a look at this, I can guarantee the authenticity of the report, and if you don’t believe me, you can personally appraise another copy yourself, absolutely not adulterated.”

He said, handing over the dna test report.

Jenny watched, but didn’t pick up.

After a long time, it was still Biden Lu standing beside her who picked it up for her and flipped it over.

Jenny’s eyes followed the look over, and soon, they met Biden Lu’s affirmative gaze.

How is this, how is this possible?

Her face shifted dramatically as she brought the report over and looked closely at the data on it, her eyes finally falling on the reported percentage at the end.

“Jenny, in fact, you are the child of little wan, these days, we have been driving around, have been looking but have not been able to find, little did we know that in fact you have already been around us.

This matter is our fault for not finding out in time and being deceived by Clara for so long, now that the truth has been revealed, I hope you can accept this apology from me and give me a chance to make it up to you, okay?”

Jenny Jing’s heart shook so hard that he couldn’t believe it at all when he looked at the number on it.

How could she be a member of the Guan family?

How did you pick it up?

She clearly remembers that she grew up in the Mo family’s villa.

When I was growing up, my mother, Mo Caiwei, treated her so well that everyone said they looked alike and praised her that when she grew up, she would be as beautiful as her mother.

She remembers her mother holding her as a child and telling her stories about what happened when she was born.

She was heartbroken for a long time then, lamenting that her mother had given birth to her too hard, and vowed to repay her when she grew up.

But now someone is holding a dna report telling her that she is not Mo Caiwei’s biological child, she is Guan Jiwan’s child?

Jenny only felt incredulous, Biden Lu reached over to hold her somewhat cold hand and whispered, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

The firm warmth coming through the back of her hand gave her some strength for the moment.

She looked up at Master Guan and asked in a deep voice, “When was this found out.”

Master Guan’s eyes flashed with a guilty conscience.

“Not long ago!It’s the first thing Sheffield found out about, there’s a butterfly birthmark on your back, that one’s on both you and your mother, you can’t fake it.”

Jenny couldn’t help but laugh.

“So at that point, you actually knew who I was?”

Master Kwan nodded uncomfortably.

“Then why didn’t you say so then?And yet you have to wait until now to say it?”

Master Kwan trailed off.

At this time, Guan Ji Ming even explained, “Before, one, I wasn’t completely sure, and two, it was also in consideration of the fact that An An was hurt because of big brother and Clara at that time, and I was worried that you would have a problem with us because of this, so this is why I didn’t dare to say anything.

Now that so much time has passed, any anger is gone, and since we’re a family, sooner or later we’ll have to recognize each other, so after some discussion, that’s why we decided to say it.”

Master Guan also nodded frequently, and at the end of the day, looked at Jenny expectantly.

“Jenny, can you forgive me for my previous mistakes and acknowledge me as your grandfather?”

Jenny looked at him calmly.

The news was so sudden that she couldn’t quite digest it for a moment.

Therefore, there is no way to give an answer at this time.

Master Guan seemed to see her hesitation, and although he was disappointed in his heart, he still managed to smile, “There’s no rush, you can take your time to think about it, and when you’ve thought it through, you can tell Grandfather.

As for these things, originally a lot of them belonged to your mother, as for the rest, let’s just take it as a little compensation from me as a grandfather to you, don’t be in a hurry to refuse, think it over before you say anything.”

He gasped violently after this speech.

The maid was so busy that she took a box of inhaled medicine and put it on his nose, and he took two hard puffs of it, which eased this breath.

Jenny Jing was silent for a moment before asking, “As you said, if my real mother is really Aunt Guan Jiwan, what about my father?”

At the mention of this, Master Guan’s look stalled for a moment.

The light under his eyes dimmed significantly.

“I don’t know.”

He spoke in a low voice, “What happened back then is a little complicated, I’m not sure of the details, if you’re interested, I’ll take you to your mother’s room when you come back later, maybe you can find out something about it.”

His reply was distinctly perfunctory.

Jenny heard it, but didn’t bother to poke at it.

Master Guan is a person who always picks his words only to his advantage, and this was true for Clara before.

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