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Chapter 403

Jenny lost interest in understanding at once, finding it somewhat pointless.

She said in a soft voice, “I’ll think about this matter, it’s getting late, Grandpa Guan you’re not feeling well, so get some rest early.”

Master Kwan nodded.

Only then did Jenny leave with Biden Lu’s group.

It was too quiet a meeting to talk about.

Except for a few of the Guan family’s side branches whose hearts were in shock, the few in the centre of the vortex were surprisingly calm.

Master Lu and Old Mrs. Cen naturally returned to the old mansion, this matter, they are only a middleman, whether or not in the end Jenny recognizes the identity of the Guan family, it does not matter to them.

Anyway, in their eyes, Jenny was their best granddaughter-in-law, and that was enough.

It doesn’t matter what other identities are behind it.

Jenny Jing, on the other hand, returned to Maple Bridge Villa with Biden Lu.

While sitting in the car, she remained silent the entire time, looking out the window with an expressionless face and unable to tell if she was happy or angry.

Biden Lu reached over and took her hand, which was slightly cold in the autumn night, and asked, “Is there anything you want to ask me?”

Jenny withdrew his gaze.

She turned to look at him, her eyes surprisingly calm.

“You’ve actually known about this for a long time, haven’t you?”

Biden Lu raised his eyebrows.

There was a flash of surprise in the depths of his eyes.

He didn’t hide it, however, and answered honestly, “I had a hunch about some of it before, but I didn’t get a quasi-trust, so I can only say I’m not sure.”

“Then do you believe that I’m really Guan Jiwan’s daughter?”

Biden Lu didn’t say anything.

His gaze was so deep, like a whirlpool, it was trying to suck you in.

It took a long time before he heard him say in a soft voice, “Do you know why Aunt Ji Wan died?”

Jenny shook his head.

She didn’t know much about the Kwan family.

For Guan Jiwan, it’s even more lackluster.

Biden Lu said in a deep voice, “She died of depression, was trapped by love, spent many years unable to come out of it, and finally committed suicide.”

Jenny was in shock!

“But didn’t the outside world say she was sick and died?”

“That’s just a well-meaning lie.”

Biden Lu sighed lightly, holding her hand and gently rubbing it, he said softly, “Aunt Ji Wan was already very sick at that time, depression tortured her whole body to the point of pain, the outside world only knew that she had a disease, but not what kind of disease she had.

One time, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone in the Guan family went out to watch the lantern festival, leaving Aunt Ji Wan and the servants at home, and it was on that night that Aunt Ji Wan couldn’t bear the pain of her illness and slit her wrists, and when people found out, the whole bathtub was full of blood, and the person wasn’t breathing, so she couldn’t be saved even if she wanted to.”

Jenny sat there dumbfounded, hardly daring to imagine the scene.

How much pain does a person have to be in to bring up the courage to slit their own wrists and choose suicide?

She pursed her lips, feeling a little stuffy in her chest, like a heavy stone had been pressed against her and she couldn’t breathe.

It took half a moment before he hissed, “Why?Why does she suffer from depression?”

“There are several reasons.”

Biden Lu looked at her and said in a deep voice, “She fell in love with someone back then, but later, for many reasons, they were forced to separate, and that person died in an accident.”

Jenny shook fiercely.

Biden Lu’s eyes became very deep, “Originally at that time, Aunt Ji Wan lost the will to live on, but only later accidentally found out that she was pregnant, which made her stronger.


Later, as you know, the child was only raised to half a year old and then lost, Aunt Ji Wan could not bear such a blow, mental stimulation, suffering from depression.

The Guan family had also adopted Guan Xuefei from an orphanage in an attempt to lend the child to cure her, but the results were minimal.

Within a few years, she still chose to leave.”

Jenny Jing secretly clenched his fingers and asked again, “Who is that man?Why would they be forced to separate?”

Biden Lu shook his head.

“I don’t know, I was very young at the time, and these were all things I heard the adults talk about later, the other person’s identity was very mysterious, they were all so tight-lipped they didn’t mention it much, but then one time I accidentally saw a badge left by my Aunt Ji Wan, and I could probably determine where that man was from.”

Jenny was stunned.

“From where?”

“The Zhuge Family.”

Jenny was ruthlessly shaken!

She looked at Biden Lu, her pupils slightly dilated, so shocked that her mouth was even slightly open.

Biden Lu added, “That badge is the Zhuge Family’s unique purple and gold flower, and the fact that the other party was able to leave this to Aunt Ji Wan means that it’s related to the Zhuge Family, but as for who it is over there, it’s still unclear for the time being, if you want to know, we can go check.”

Jenny fell silent.

Want to know?

Of course I want to.

After all, if she really was Guan Ji Wan’s daughter, that person might be her real father!


Perhaps the news was so sudden that she couldn’t quite put aside her memories so quickly and accept the fact that her parents were someone else.

She was silent for a moment, then rubbed her brow tiredly.

“Never mind, let’s not look into it for now, until I think about it.”

Biden Lu saw the situation and reached over, holding her hand.

“Don’t think about it too much, whatever the truth is anyway, at best it’s the last generation, it won’t change anything for the status quo, I’ll always be there for you.”

Only then did Jenny pull up the corner of her lips and smile reassuringly at him.

After she got home, she was a little tired, and she was supposed to fall asleep quickly in bed, but for some reason, her mind was so messed up that she couldn’t sleep.

Master Guan’s words kept appearing in the back of his mind, stirring up the already chaotic thoughts.

Biden Lu noticed her difference and embraced her from behind, asking in a low voice, “Still thinking about the Guan family?”

Jenny didn’t deny it and nodded his head.

Biden Lu sat up from the bed.

He got off the bed, went to pour a glass of warm water and handed it to her before taking her back into his arms.

“I’ll talk with you for a while, eh?”

Jenny nodded.

In fact, there wasn’t much she wanted to say, but her thoughts were too confused to sleep, so saying it out loud might even allow Biden Lu to help her sort out her thoughts, which would make her sleep better.

She then voiced some of the anxieties and doubts she had in her mind.

The entire time, Biden Lu just listened quietly, like a tree hole, and didn’t interject.

It wasn’t until it was finished that Jenny felt much more relaxed.

She looked up at him and smiled apologetically, “Am I thinking too much?”

Biden Lu shook his head.

“You’re considering all the normal things.”

He paused for a moment before he said in a deep voice, “Grandpa Guan’s refusal to tell you the truth might also be due to the fact that the Zhuge Clan’s situation is complicated and he doesn’t want you to get mixed up in that muddy water.”

Chapter 404

Jenny nodded.

Master Guan’s good intentions, she felt it.

No matter how she was treated before, but at least after finding out that she was the real lost child of Guan Ji Wan, her attitude towards her changed a lot.


Her eyes deepened as she remembered K’s death.

“Shen, no matter how complicated that Zhuge family is, I want to give it a try.”

Biden Lu knew what she was thinking.

Jenny has already explained everything to him, so he will know what she wants to do at a glance.

The man’s eyes deepened, gathering her tighter.

“Well, go ahead and think about it, don’t worry about anything else, I’m here.”

Jenny laughed.


Master Guan’s health was getting worse.

Since the night the will had been announced, he had fallen into a coma the next day.

Doctors say several of his vital organs have completely failed, and now if it wasn’t for the high-tech medical treatment that is keeping him alive, he would have died.

Jenny went to see once halfway, the old man did not wake up, lying in the hospital bed the whole person was so thin and pale, as if wilting overnight.

When she came out, she met Ji-Ming Guan.

About not expecting her to come, Guan Ji Ming was a little surprised when he saw her.

Right after that, you just can’t stop being happy.

“Jenny, you’re here.”

Jenny nodded, thought for a moment, and said, “Second Uncle Guan, are you free now?I want to talk to you.”

Off Ji Ming froze, looked at the time and nodded.

“Okay, there’s a cafe downstairs, let’s go over there and talk.”

Jenny agreed.

So they left the hospital, went into the café downstairs, and took a window seat.

Guan Jiming didn’t know what Jenny wanted to talk to him about, but he didn’t press the issue and waited quietly for her to speak.

Jenny Jing hesitated for half a second before asking, “I want to know more about Guan Jiwan… my mother.”

Guan Jiming was startled, and was simply delighted after realizing what she called him.

Previously, they had been worried that Jenny Jing was unwilling to acknowledge his identity, but now it seemed that they were being nosy.

“Well, what do you want to know?I’ll tell you.”

Jenny thought about it and asked, “What kind of person is she?”

At the mention of this, a gentle smile spread across Guan Ji Ming’s face.

“She, ah, is actually a lot like you, gentle and beautiful, seemingly cold and aloof on the surface, but actually very affectionate and filial in her bones, very good to everyone, and very talented.By the way, you don’t know, do you?She used to be a painter and painted a lot, but then her health failed and she never painted again.”

Jenny nodded.

“She still has a lot of her life’s work in her room, so come home someday when you’re free, and I’ll show you?”

Jenny was stunned and barely smiled.


She paused and asked, “I heard that she fell into depression because of love, so do you know who the man was and what they were separated for?”

Guan Ji Ming was slightly startled, as if he hadn’t expected her to raise this question.

He thought about it and said in a quiet voice, “By all rights, I shouldn’t be the one to answer that question,

But since you’ve already asked, it’s only natural that I should tell you.”

He said, and then he told the story of how Guan Ji Wan fell in love with someone back then.

It turned out that Guan Jiwan had met the eldest son of the Zhuge family, Zhuge Yu, when she was studying abroad in the first place.

The two are talented men and women, and soon fall in love at first sight.

At that time, Guan Jiwan didn’t know his identity, and only assumed that he was the son of a wealthy family, after all, according to Zhuge Yu’s origin, traveled quite generously.

The Guan Jiwan herself is the Guan family’s daughter, since childhood, brocade and jade food, for money and rights simply do not care, so never to think about that.

But unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for the news to come out that Zhuge Yu actually already had a fiancée that he was fingering, and that his family was even forcing him to go back and get married.

Guan Ji Wan heard this and was devastated, not believing Zhuge Yu was lying to her at all.

She finds Zhuge Yu and demands an explanation, but Zhuge Yu admits the truth of the matter and breaks up with her.

The beloved lover, it turns out, has been cheating on himself all along and has virtually been a mistress himself.

This blow to the always proud Guan Jiwan, is too big.

She returned home glumly, and for a whole week locked herself in her room, not eating or drinking.

I thought the feeling would just go away, as a traumatic experience when I was young.

Who didn’t meet a few sc*mbags when they were young?

It’s good to wait a long time and put it down.

But unexpectedly, a few months later, just when Guan Jiwan had decided to put this man down, she met an assassination.

At any rate, Guan Jiwan is the daughter of the Guan family, which is one of the four great families in China, and this is the first time she has encountered such a thing.

Master Guan was momentarily shocked and furious, and only after a thorough investigation did he discover that the other party was actually a foreign power, related to the legendary Zijin family.

It turns out that the assassins sent out to assassinate Guan Ji Wan were sent by Zhuge Yu’s fiancée who had been betrothed to him.

Although Zhuge Yu had chosen to leave her in order to ensure Guan Ji Wan’s safety, the other party was still uneasy and was very jealous of her presence, choosing to kill her painfully.

Unfortunately, she didn’t investigate Guan Ji Wan’s identity before she did it, and only thought it was just an ordinary girl.

This incident not only angered Master Guan, but also Zhuge Yu.

Zhuge Yu immediately decided to cancel the engagement, and despite the opposition of his clan, he resolutely came to China to beg for Guan Jiwan’s forgiveness.

Guan Jiwan was originally very angry, so naturally she refused to forgive him easily.

After all, she had been hurt the most in this affair, and it was a double whammy of betrayal plus deception.

Zhuge Yu is not in a hurry, so he stays with her, and wherever she goes Zhuge Yu goes.

Guan Jiwan was pestered to no end, and at the same time, there was actually a little bit of joy inside.

After all, it’s the first person you’ve ever loved deeply, and who would be willing to give that up if it had to be?

But just then, she heard the news.

The woman herself had found her and told her a shocking story.

In this world, no one would have thought that something so terrible could have happened.

The Zhuge Family had been able to develop to this point, but previously, it had been thought that they were relying on the legacy of their ancestors and their strong financial strength.

But after that day, Guan Jiwan only knew that the birth of a Zijin family is far from enough just to have financial resources.

Each of the firstborn children of the Zikin family is chosen at birth to be their future mate.

Chapter 405

This partner can be the offspring of an anointed official of a certain country, or a relative of a world conglomerate.

In short, all are non-rich and rich.

And to ensure that nothing happens to the two people in the union, a compulsion is planted in each other’s bodies when they are first born and after they have decided on a match.

This compulsion is a legacy of the Zhuge family from the former imperial family.

The parasites are molecular mothers, living and dying together, one side planted in the female and the other in the male.

The compulsions will not cancel each other out in the body until the day they get married and actually have s*x.

On the other hand, if the two people don’t end up together, the compulsion will spread through the body until finally, the pain is not valley yawning death.

The Zhuge family is descended from the royal family, perhaps to ensure the family’s eternal prosperity, or perhaps for other reasons, they made such a genocidal rule and plan to turn generations of family children into a pawn for marriage, just to keep the family prosperous forever.

Jenny only felt chills down his spine after hearing this.

There’s a creepiness to it.

If she hadn’t heard it herself, she wouldn’t have believed there was such a ridiculous thing in the world!

How sick does it have to be for someone to come up with such a genocidal idea?

Guan Ji Ming laughs lightly, “Your grandfather also heard about this, so your mother is not allowed to be with him, but unfortunately, two people who are trapped in a relationship can not care about this, your mother learned that he did not mean to deceive the truth, not only did not separate from him, but also planned to elope with him.

Fortunately, your grandfather found someone to chase them back later, but unfortunately, your mother has been depressed ever since, these two, like crazy people, have a way to live but prefer to take the way to die, there’s nothing anyone can do about them.”

Jenny’s heart was vibrating.

She never expected the truth of the matter to be this way.

She asked softly, “And then what happened?”

“Later?”Guan Jiming frowned and said faintly, “Nothing later, then they never saw each other again, and one day a month later, the people we sent out sent word that Zhuge Yu was dead because of a war in South Africa, and he had gone over there voluntarily.

Unable to be with your mother and not wanting to accept the family’s arrangement to marry that woman, he had a death wish and just ran off to the battlefield, where word came not long after that he had died.

When your mother heard the news, she immediately fell ill, I had found sleeping pills in her room and knew that she tried to kill herself, then the doctor found out that she was pregnant, and she was strong enough to survive for the sake of her child.”

At this point, he looked at Jenny with emotion and said in a deep voice, “Jenny, your mother’s biggest regret before she died was losing you, but unfortunately during her lifetime, she couldn’t get you back, and now that you know your origins, if you can, go to her grave when you have time and give her incense, her spirit in heaven will be comforted.”

Jenny clenched his fingers for a moment, barely smiling.

“Okay, I’ll be there.”

Having said that, there’s not much more to say next.

Jenny got up to say goodbye, and Guan Ji Ming sent her out of the cafe, before the two of them parted, each leaving.

Today she was dropped off by Mo Nan, and the car was parked in a car park not far away.

Jenny’s mind was thinking about today’s events as he walked to the car park.

Halfway there, I suddenly heard a familiar voice.

She froze slightly and looked up to see a familiar figure tugging at a middle-aged man in a fisherman’s hat not far around the corner.

Mo Nan subconsciously voiced out, “Miss Evelin?”

Her voice was so soft that the people over there didn’t hear it, seeing Evelin getting into the car to leave, Jenny opened her mouth, originally wanting to say hello.

But Evelin’s speed was so fast that she only just got into the car and started the engine, and the car leaped out like a runaway arrow.

The middle-aged man was thrown aside by her, getting up from the ground and cursing angrily.

“You don’t keep your fu*king word, I won’t let you have it!”

Only after cursing did he seem to look back to find two figures standing not far away.

In the dim light, it wasn’t clear who was standing there, just two passers-by.

So spit angrily inward again, “Yuck!What the hell.”

Jenny frowned.

As he watched the middle-aged man curse and walk away, Mo Nan Fang spoke up again.

“What’s Miss Evelin doing here?What’s that guy…got to do with her?”

Jenny shook his head.

She didn’t know much about Evelin.

It just looked like the man was supposed to be very close to her.

Although it was someone’s private matter, Evelin was, after all, an artist that Starflight focused on cultivating, and Jenny didn’t want anything to happen.

Therefore, a call was made to Su Hong right now, asking her to keep an eye out when she had time to see if Evelin was having any problems this time.

Su Hong agreed, and only after hanging up the phone did Jenny get into the car, and Mo Nan drove off in the direction of Villa Maple Bridge.

The next day, Jenny rested.

When I woke up early in the morning, I found that Biden Lu had already left the house, presumably to go to the office.

The man had been so busy lately that he had compressed all of his work for the next few days because he wanted to take time out to be with her.

Jenny actually looked heartbroken, she knew how strong he looked and how heavy the burden on his shoulders was.

In fact, checking the Zijin family is not necessarily necessary to accompany him.

But the man was unsure and insisted on being with her, and she was a little helpless.

For his peace of mind, you have to let him be.

In this way, Biden Lu was busy, and she was the one with the most free time in the house.

After walking around the house with nothing else to do, Jenny decided to cook and make a love lunch for that man, as a treat for his hard work over the past two days.

There are ready-made ingredients at home, Jenny for the word love really do not grasp, worried that I will make a bunch of ugly things to send over to affect the feeling, so I asked Aunt Liu in the side to help instruct.

Aunt Liu was naturally very happy, as an old maid who had grown up watching Biden Lu, what she liked most was to see the young couple being affectionate and sweet.

So, after nearly two hours of work under the guidance of Aunt Liu, a love lunch was finally barely out of the oven.

Well, although it still didn’t sell very well, Jenny tasted some and it was good.

A look at the time, it was already twelve o’clock, the company should be off duty at this time, according to Biden Lu’s personality, the chance of getting off on time is not great, it’s still not too late for her to rush over.

Jenny took the lunchbox with him and drove out the door in a breeze.

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