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Chapter 427

Even if she met Luo Qingwan, she wouldn’t say anything. Their marriage contract was still there. Even if Nangong Che always loved her desperately, but the relationship between him and Luo Qingwan could not be changed. She would never be dishonorable in front of Luo Qingwan.

“It’s guilty to escape reality, Mommy.” Xiaoying walked behind her obediently, not forgetting to add fuel and jealousy.

“Mommy didn’t escape reality. Mommy has always understood her uncle, but Mommy believes that there are things that you won’t get if you don’t pursue it. Just like Xiaoying developing games, will you give up because of suffering?”

“Mom, don’t change the subject. Developing a game is not the same as getting married! I heard kids say that there are first come first!”

“Xiaoying!” Yu Muwan whispered, blushing to the extreme.

“Ah…” Xiaoying stared at the distance and her eyes slowly changed, frowning, “Bad Uncle!”

Yu Muwan felt tight and looked in that direction.

In the distance, a dark blue luxury car drove over. Luo Qingwan smiled and walked to the other side to open the door, but couldn’t open the door. She frowned and stared at the man in the car pitifully. Nangong Che got out of the car indifferently, walked to the other side and leaned over to open the door for her. Luo Qingwan had already taken off his suit jacket and put it in his arms, smiling gently and hugging his waist, playing Xiaojiao shyly refused to get in the car.

Nangong Che frowned deeply, trying to pull away the arm that was entangled around her waist.

“Get in the car quickly, I don’t have time to spend with you.” He said coldly.

“Give me one minute and I’ll be warm.” Luo Qingwan said softly, her clear eyes staring at him with a small smile, “I’ll be fine soon, handsome guy, bear with me.”

Nangong Che endured the intimacy in broad daylight in her gentle voice, holding the car door tighter and tighter, and finally couldn’t help it again. His eyes were already very cold: “Have you enough?”

“Enough.” Luo Qingwan hugged tightly, loosened him, rubbed her hands, k*ssed his chin on tiptoe, and sat in the car with a sweet smile.

Nangong Che’s slender fingers touched the hickey, and suddenly felt that he was spending time with her like this. He really wanted to dissect the true side of this woman for everyone to see, and forced her to retreat. It’s not as difficult as it is now.

“Bang!” The door of the car was closed with a bang, and Nangong Che left the car with cold eyes and suddenly stopped at a certain point.

Far away, a beautiful and moving woman led a beautiful and extremely beautiful little boy, staring at them in place.

After Nangong Che saw the familiar figure clearly, his heart was shocked!

He saw Yu Muwan, and almost at the same time saw the look on her face, shocked, pale, and hateful.

“Damn…” Nangong Che almost couldn’t help running towards her, turned and frowned at the person in the car, took out the key and threw the key to her, gnashing his teeth, “Drive back by yourself!”

After speaking, he strode towards Yu Muwan.

Luo Qingwan hurriedly caught the key, and stared at Nangong Che moving in that direction with clear eyes.

She tilted her head, a small smile bloomed on her lips.

And Yu Muwan saw Nangong Che coming from a distance, pulling Xiao Ying tight, his face was so pale that he walked in the other direction.

“Mu Wan!” Nangong Che shouted.

The wind blew her hair into a mess. Yu Muwan felt the sound in her ears. His mind was full of the scene when Nangong Che and Luo Qingwan were standing by the car and making affection. He personally opened the car door for her and let her happily. Wrapped and hugged his waist and talked happily, even lightly k*ssing… Yu Muwan grasped the bag of her bag tightly, feeling her nails pinched into her palm! pain!

She had long imagined the possible intimacy between them, and the impact was so strong in front of her, she wanted to laugh, wanted to laugh, but when she laughed, tears also choked out of her mouth, sour, in her eyes. It was warm inside.

the man! …All men are just bastards!

“Mommy, uncle is calling you.” Xiaoying stumbled away, but she said with more enthusiasm.

Yu Muwan was suddenly so sad in her heart, her eyes were red, and she said dumbly: “He called the wrong person!”

“Mu Wan!”

Nangong Che strode forward, firmly squeezed her shoulders with both hands to stop her footsteps and let her face her.

“What’s the matter? Where are you going?” His tone was tense, his deep eyes fixed on Yu Muwan’s beautiful and angry eyes.

“Let go of me, I want to go home.”

“Muwan!” Nangong Che confined her again, she staggered because of the free movement, Nangong Che pressed her tightly to her chest, and stroked her face with her palm, “What did you see just now? Listen? I say……”

“You let me go!” There were tears and anger in Yu Muwan’s eyes, and she was so angry that she wanted to break away from his strong arm, “Go away I don’t want to see you, hypocritical, lying, is it fun to cheat me?! open!”

Xiaoying quickly broke away from Mommy’s hand and jumped aside, clasping her arms, staring at Nangong Che with a cold expression. He didn’t participate in the war between these two adults. He was not as excited as Mummy, so he just watched the show.

“Where did I deceive you?!” Nangong Che frowned and hugged her firmly, regardless of being in the street. “You listened to me, is it good? It will be my father’s birthday in a few days, and I will just be with that person today. Women come out to buy gifts…”

Yu Muwan shook his head, feeling sad: “What are you explaining to me? Mr. Nangong, what you do with your fiancee is normal, what are you reporting to me!”

Anything not to love her, any dissolution of the marriage contract, are all deceptive!

“I’m just acting!” Nangong Che was eager to tell her the truth, regardless of the bloody way of her handsome face suddenly scratched while she was struggling, frowned and said coldly, “You don’t always lose your temper because of being so unclear, at least wait. You will post it after I say it!”

Yu Muwan’s eyes widened, and the light inside was trembling.

“Yes, I love to lose my temper. I’m born like this. Don’t you know? I have a bad temper. You know better than anyone else. Why are you looking for me! I know your fiancee is very gentle. The whole world knows that you are crazy I gave her up and came here to ask for hardship!” Yu Muwan got excited, trembling all over, staring at him with grievances and anger, “No, you didn’t give up on her, you are all fine up to now, how are you? Do you act with her or act with me! I am not as smart as her, so you think I deserve to be fooled by you, right?”

“No!” Nangong Che said categorically, his face was blue, but he didn’t want to be on the street. He hugged her trembling body tightly and whispered in her ear, “We are not here to talk, let’s find a place to talk. Talk, I really have nothing to do with her, if it weren’t for you to check evidence, I wouldn’t be near her at all…”

Chapter 428

“Aren’t you close? You hugged so tightly, why didn’t you expect I would see it when you k*ssed her!” Yu Muwan wanted to push him, but he was too strong, and she couldn’t push him away with tears.

“When did you see me kssing her!!” Nangong Che was so anxious that his eyes were scarlet, folded her wrists behind him, looked at her red lips wet with tears, bowed his head and kssed her fiercely, and said in a dumb voice. , “I never kssed her, you are wrong, don’t guess me according to your imagination, I only kssed you…”

In the mouth, his fiery breath rushed in, bewildering her again.

Yu Muwan felt the whole popularity dizzy, tears blurred her eyes, and her eyes were sore, but when his lips and tongue were so gentle and domineering, she still trembled slightly, comforted by the strong numb, feeling him The presence.

However, his intense and lingering k*ss was also given to Luo Qingwan…

When Yu Muwan thought of this, he felt that the big hand holding the back of his head was so dirty, and now the hot breath and lips and tongue that k*ssed him were so dirty! !

Her wrist was struggling desperately, pushing out the gap between the two people, trying to break free of her restraint!

Xiao Ying frowned, feeling Mommy’s pain, and was so anxious that he stepped forward and kicked Nangong Che desperately: “Bad uncle, bad uncle! Let go of my mother! Mommy hates you! Let go of her! Let go, you hear No!”

His face was flushed with anger, and he wanted to bite the bad uncle’s leg!

Pei Yuzhe walked along this road, frowned deeply when he saw this situation, rushed over to lift Nangong Che fiercely, and slammed a fist on his face!

“Damn, what are you doing to Mu Wan!” Pei Yuzhe groaned, panting, looking at him bitterly in his eyes.

Nangong Che snorted and took a few steps back, holding his chin, and then looking up at Pei Yuzhe with cold light in his eyes.

Yu Muwan’s eyes shook, and Pei Yuzhe’s white figure was already blocked in front of her when she did not respond. Her lips were so moist and shiny that she exuded a charming luster, panting slightly, she was surprised why Pei Yuzhe appeared there. Here.

Nangong Che gave a cold smile: “What are you doing here again?”

“You want to bully Mu Wan again, don’t you? Bastard… if you dare to move her again, I’ll never end with you! Nangong Che, don’t bully too much! Don’t provoke Mu Wan again if you have a family!” Pei Yuzhe was filled with hatred. His eyes were scarlet, and when he remembered that he had sent Mu Wan to the hospital with a high fever before he left, his fists creaked, and he wished to slash the man!

“I won’t talk to the beasts who are in danger, get out!” Nangong Che’s cold eyes swept across Pei Yuzhe, and said with a low growl.

Pei Yuzhe’s gentle and handsome face showed a skeletal coldness, shook his head and said: “I don’t have your beasts!”

Nangong Che didn’t have time to pay attention to this man, staring at the small shadow that was also puffed up with anger, his eyes softened, and he said dumbly: “Your mommy is angry. I have to coax her well, otherwise I don’t know she will hate it. When will I hate it.”

Xiaoying was so angry that he pointed his finger at him: “It deserves my mother to hate you!”

Nangong Che’s eyes were soft, and he smiled: “I know this, but she is in a bad mood because of me. If I don’t coax her well, then she will always be in a bad mood, don’t you think?”

“If you dare to bully my mommy, I’ll bite you! Let Mommy hate you, and we will leave here if I hate you so much that I no longer want to care about you!” Xiaoying sneered at his theory and said coldly.

Nangong Che’s face turned dark as expected.

His baby…really cruel.

“I can’t rely on you for this…” Nangong Che’s eyes were mixed with pity and determination, and there was domineering love in it. He raised his eyes and stared at Pei Yuzhe, “You’d better let me go, our family You don’t need an outsider to intervene.”

“There is no family!” Yu Muwan was so angry that his eyes were sparkling, and he took two steps back, and then picked up Xiao Ying, “I don’t need you to be my family, I don’t need a man who wants to be my family. Your fiancee!”

Nangong Che frowned and was about to catch up, but Pei Yuzhe stood in front.

“I’ll say once again, you get out of the way and don’t be nosy here!” Nangong Che said coldly with extreme patience.

“If she doesn’t want to, I won’t let go even if I die.” Pei Yuzhe’s eyes were also firm.

Nangong Che nodded, a flash of light flashed in his cold eyes.

In the next moment, Pei Yuzhe had already collapsed on the ground with a painful expression on his belly. Nangong Che drew back his fists and ankles coolly and coldly. Seeing this embroidered pillow stretched out his hands, the chilly breath of his body couldn’t stop him.

Yu Muwan’s eyes widened, and tears flashed inside. He didn’t expect this violence to be so rampant.

Without even thinking about it, she put down Xiaoying and ran to see Pei Yuzhe’s injury.

“You… are you okay?” Yu Muwan’s eyes were distressed, and she squatted down and gently pulled his arm, seeing how painful he was to stand up, staring at Nangong Che, “What are you doing? ! Regardless of his business, why do you want to do it to him! Do you always do things like this without thinking about it!”

Nangong Che’s face turned slightly blue, he squatted down, and asked in a cold voice, “Have you forgotten what he did to you while you were being drugged? You forgave you so quickly? You can do things so quickly. Let go!”

Yu Muwan’s eyes were complicated, and he shook his head: “I know that I don’t understand what he thinks of me! I hate him, but it doesn’t mean you can treat him like that! He is not like you, he is despicable and hypocritical! “

Nangong Che sneered coldly and said dumbly: “Yu Muwan, you always say that I don’t believe you. Think about it, have you trusted me? You don’t even give me the opportunity to explain, right? What is the difference between us!”

Yu Muwan shook her head and tears filled her with tears: “I won’t tell you, I hate seeing you. Go back and never come to me again! If you can’t let go of your fiancée, don’t come to provoke me! You are all the conditions I said. If you didn’t do it, you broke my promise in less than three days. Get out! I won’t give you any chance again, maybe the things you want to be with me are just telling me to lie to me. Never believe it again!”

In the sizzling cold wind, the handsome man squatting on the ground had cold eyes and felt weak.

He got up, took out the phone and dialed 120.

“In front of the World Trade Center, yes, come here now.” Nangong Che hung up his phone, staring at Yu Muwan with cold eyes.

He suddenly sneered.

“Did you know? Both of us are sick, and neither of us can stand this entanglement,” Nangong Che Junyi’s face had a cold breath, “It’s a pity that I am not as decisive as you, so I give up at every turn. Suspect me, refuse me to come closer-I have called an ambulance to come here, now, I must settle our matter before leaving!”

Chapter 429

After he finished speaking, he got up to pull up Yu Muwan, grasped her hand firmly, and walked towards the apartment.

“You let me go…Nangong Che, let me go!” Yu Muwan wanted to struggle, but his strength was so terrifying that her hand bones were pinched by him and it hurt.

A policeman came behind him, Xiaoying hurriedly asked the police uncle to look after Pei Yuzhe who was injured on the ground, and ran all the way to catch up with the bad uncle and mommy in front.

“Bad uncle, let go of my mommy, or I will call the police!” Xiaoying bluffed behind.

Nangong Che’s indifferent eyes swept over the beautiful little boy behind him, and the meeting of his eyes made him understand each other’s meaning. Nangong Che knew that this child was extremely clever, and he also agreed with this statement, Yu Muwan’s heart knot, Only he Nangongche can untie it.

In a blink of an eye, I arrived downstairs in the apartment, and the landlord’s aunt was walking out.

“Take care of Xiaoying for us, please. We have something to solve.” Nangong Che said coldly.

The landlord’s aunt was stunned. Before she could speak, she watched them leave their children and go upstairs.

“Uncle!” Xiaoying called out from behind.

Nangong Che looked back, only to see Xiaoying standing in the backlit area, holding up a finger, with an unprecedented cold expression on his small face: “I only give you one chance. After this time, you can’t coax mommy, I It will not be released again.”

There were waves in Nangong Che’s deep eyes.

Holding Yu Muwan’s hand tightly in his hand, he squeezed again for a few minutes, thinking that whether it was the last chance or not, he would not let this woman go in his life. This idea would not change after death.

Struggling all the way to home, Yu Muwan also struggled extremely tired.

“Do you have any other way? I hate your use of violence, I hate it!” Yu Muwan put his hands on the sofa, staring at Nangong Che with beautiful eyes with anger.

Closing the door, Nangong Che pulled her into his arms, buried her tightly in her hair, sniffing her body.

“Let go of me…” Yu Muwan’s throat was already hoarse, her eyes closed in pain, and he barely had the strength to push away while climbing on his shoulders, “Don’t lie to me anymore, why should you give me hope and deprive me of happiness in the future? Right? Do you know you are cruel, I hate you…”

“Where do I have…” Nangong Che deeply sniffed the smell of her body, and the tip of her nose and lips drilled in through her hair, clinging to her collar all the way, rubbing her sensitive neck.” You, a difficult woman, will always believe only what you see. What is the difference between you and me? I will misunderstand you, and you will also misunderstand me?”

“What did I misunderstand you?” Yu Muwan raised her eyes and asked with gritted teeth, “You told me you want to be with me, and you told me that you want to dissolve the marriage and you won’t find other women. Have you said that? ! Did I hear it wrong or was that my illusion?”

“I said…” Nangong Che raised his eyes, held her face in his palm, and said in a dumb voice, “I have said all of this. I didn’t solve it, it was my fault…”

He frowned deeply: “I originally wanted to wait for her to reveal her crimes, and there was enough evidence for the two families to agree to dissolve the marriage contract. I don’t need such a scheming and vicious woman by my side, but now it seems You can’t wait—you misunderstood a kss. Are you sure you saw me kssing her? Where did you k*ss?”

Yu Muwan’s brain is dizzy, and her extreme anger is still in her mind, but when I think about it, she is really a little bit jealous.

From that angle, all I saw was Luo Qingwan k*ssing him on tiptoe, but he didn’t respond.

“You lied to me…” she frowned and said stubbornly.

“I didn’t expect you to have such a poor patience.” Nangong Che squeezed her waist, pressed her against the back of the sofa, and exhaled the heat from her lips, “I’ll teach you what k*ssing is, don’t see me next time. When I get closer to her, I feel like I’m not acting properly, you know?”

Yu Muwan was still lost, and Nangong Che’s lips were already stamped on her lips.

Yu Muwan hid, his hot breath seemed to burn her, the next moment Nangong Che fixed her jaw, k*ssed it firmly, and rushed into her slightly closed teeth. Entangling her lips fiercely and hotly.

“…” Yu Muwan couldn’t stand it, her hands slowly supported the back of the sofa, feeling that he was tossing and turning in his mouth, running over every sensitive part inside, dizzy again and again, her breath was strongly sucked away by him. At the moment when she was about to suffocate, he took his own breath and gave her, forcing her to accept his deep k*ss.

The big palm rubbed the back of her head, reaching the back of her neck, and the skin inside was smooth.

Nangong Che let go of her lips and watched her gasping for breath brightly, his whole body was almost soft in his arms.

“Do you still doubt me…” Nangong Che asked with a heavy breath, touching her forehead, leaning his palm into her windbreaker, covering the plumpness on her chest, clasping her in his arms, heavy Rub.

“…!” A strong joy came, and Yu Muwan took a deep breath, panicking in her eyes.

Nangong Che’s deep eyes were as bright as the side of Qingtan, terribly bright.

“Are you familiar with this feeling? Haven’t it been a long time?” Nangong Che’s voice became more hoarse, his eyes blurred, he put her waist on the back of the sofa and looked down at her against her forehead.

Yu Muwan was dizzy, trying to support his body, his eyelashes trembled violently: “Don’t… let go…”

“Can’t let go…” Nangong Che said in a dumb voice, and suddenly tore off her windbreaker, wrapped it around her wrists tightly, tied her wrists like a rope, and k*ssed her neck.

“Uh…” Yu Muwan couldn’t help but raised his head, feeling his hands tied behind his clothes and his whole body stretched out in front of him.

Nangong Che attacked fiercely, and her wet and hot tongue swept across every corner of her neck, causing her to tremble constantly, her body never stopped trembling, his heavy body pressed up, and quietly in the moment she did not pay attention Unzip the zipper of her trousers, slender fingers slid across the delicate skin of her waist, tightened her waist slightly, and pulled the trousers back.

He was a little rough, grabbing her clothes while holding her and walked towards the inner room.

Yu Muwan’s eyes were blurred, her eyes gleamed with grievances and resentment, and she was more fascinated. Her lips and tongue were always occupied by him, entangled in hot and sticky ground, screaming, and did not notice her windbreaker and thinness. How did she remove her sweater? She felt so light all over her body. When she felt it, her hair had fallen on her shoulders.

Yu Muwan was taken aback and became sober. Only then did she realize that her upper body had been exposed, and her white, delicate, tender skin fell on his sturdy chest, her tongue was numb, and she felt Nangong Che’s pain. She snorted and snorted, “Bah!” She had to open the hidden button of her inner clothes and pull it down, the hot big palm directly touched the softest part of her.

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