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Chapter 418

For example, Xiao San went to pick flowers, but suddenly fell into the water, framed is the original pairing pushed her into the water, and around only two of them, the original pairing no explanation.

She looked around, but it was really just the two of them, and no one else was around.

She took a step back.

“Uh, don’t take it off!How pretty the flowers are in bloom, what a shame to pick them like that.”

“Pfft-“Su Yun laughed out loud, “No way little sister-in-law, it’s just a flower, it’s worth it to be so sad?”

Afterwards, seeing that she wouldn’t pull herself up, she no longer reluctantly held onto the railing herself and probed to make enough.

Jenny touched his nose at the sight, finding that he seemed to be a bit villainous.

“Picked it!Look, it’s really a lotus, it’s the first time I’ve seen one this month.”

Su Yun smilingly showed the lotus in her hand to Jenny Jing, who nodded, “It’s quite rare.”

“Little sister-in-law, for you.”Su Yun thrust the lotus into her hand.

For some reason, looking at the lotus flowers and smelling the scent of the flowers, Jenny somehow felt a little dizzy.

Is it a drinking problem?

And no, she only had a glass or two at dinner, she’s not a good drinker, but she’s not that bad!

“What’s wrong with you, little sister-in-law?It doesn’t look right.”Su Yun’s voice came out of a trance.

“Nothing.”Jenny waved his hand, “Might be a little tired.”

“Well, then, I’ll help you get some rest.”

Su Yun reached out to come help her, but Jenny refused, “No, I’ll walk by myself.”

She always felt that Su Yun didn’t have good intentions.

Her mind was so wary that she didn’t want to get too close to the woman.

Jenny stumbled forward alone, and behind her, Su Yun stood in the gazebo, her lips curled in a coldness.

“Zhou Wenzhong, I’ve helped you this time, you should remember my favor.”

She took the phone and stared at the back of the one that had gone away, “The man just left, there’s no one around, you can do it now.”

Jenny didn’t know what was wrong with her, she was so dizzy that her feet felt like cotton and her head was light.

She subconsciously felt that something was wrong, she was clearly fine before, ever since Su Yun slipped that lotus flower to her, she started to feel dizzy, there was something wrong with that flower….

That scheming little b*tch!

She cursed inwardly, the first thought in her head was still to hurry and get to where there were people or who knew what that woman wanted to do to her.

Just then, there was a sudden sound of footsteps behind him.

Jenny’s heart strings were tight, and he was busy walking forward quickly, his feet soft, with little strength, but still hard enough to remind himself to walk faster, faster again.

The people behind seemed to notice her quickening her stride and ran after her.

With a few steps in sight, she could catch up with her, and a warm voice suddenly came from ahead, “Second sister-in-law?”

Jenny opened her blinded eyes and looked up to see that it was Night White.

“Night White.”Jenny was busy extending his hand with a slight tremor.

With a few quick pushes of the wheelchair, Nightwhite quickly reached her and took hold of her.

Seeing that she didn’t look well, she even asked with concern, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.”Jenny shook her head, “Just a little dizzy.”

The night white eyes were deep.

“Is it the alcohol that’s getting to you?It’s okay, I’ll have someone take you to the guest room now.”

Jenny still shook her head, “Where’s Biden Lu?”

“The second brother seems to be in the front room.”

“I’ll go get him.”

Jenny said, about to walk forward.

She didn’t trust anyone right now, she only believed in Biden Lu.

Nightwhite saw her stumble on her feet and looked back towards the gazebo, frowning slightly.

“Second sister-in-law, I’ll take you there.”

Night White said, and ordered the maid who was helping him push his wheelchair behind him to come forward to help Jenny, and instead pushed the wheelchair himself towards the front hall.

Biden Lu was talking to Jin Qingshan in the front hall, and when he turned around, he saw a maid helping Jenny Jing over, his brow tightened.

The maid helped Jenny to sit beside him, and once she felt the man’s scent, Jenny’s taut heartstrings only slightly relaxed, leaning her entire upper body against him.

“What’s wrong?”

Nightwhite smiled, “Probably had a few glasses of wine at dinner, but now the wine is up.”

When he said that, Jin Qingshan, who was sitting next to him, also opened his mouth: “That wine is from ’86, the most sufficient is the aftertaste, I guess just now Jenny didn’t feel how strong it was, so I thought it wasn’t very powerful, and drank a few more cups, and now you’ll know.”

Biden Lu frowned slightly.

Bowing her head, her chin touched her forehead, feeling the temperature a little hot, and whispered, “Really drunk?”

Jenny’s consciousness had long been blurred, and when she heard Biden Lu’s voice, she didn’t have the strength to explain, so she could only nod her head vaguely.

“Why don’t you go to the guest room and get some rest!I’ll have some sobering soup made.”Ken Castle Peak suggested.

“No, I want to go back to the hotel.”Jenny spoke in a low voice.

Biden Lu spoiled her in his arms, “Good, then I’ll take you back now.”

After saying that, he put down the cup of tea in his hands and then picked Jenny up in a cross-armed hug, “We’ll leave first.”

Seeing him leave just like that, Jin Qingshan was a bit surprised, “Aren’t you guys staying for the night?”

“No.”Biden Lu was polite and with a hint of distance, “Jenny is not used to staying in other people’s homes, so in case she is uncomfortable she booked a hotel, so I won’t bother you.”

Jin Qingshan wanted to say more at the news, but the old lady was more open-minded.

See waved his hand, “It’s fine, it’s fine, as long as you’re comfortable, it’s the same wherever you live, just remember to talk to me if you need anything.”

Biden Lu nodded his head, which was the only way to carry Jenny Jing outside.

Knowing that the man had agreed to go back to the hotel, Jenny only then settled down completely and found a comfortable position in his arms, indulging his consciousness to be completely undisciplined.

When Biden Lu carried her out the door, he saw Zhou Wenzhong running this way with a pale face, running into them and taking a step.

Biden Lu had never placed any eyes on this uncle of the Jin family, so he didn’t greet him and walked out.

But Zhou Wenzhong suddenly spoke out, “Mrs. Lu is drunk, right?The cold air is the worst thing to do when you’ve had too much to drink, or you can just stay here for the night.”

He was running and panting, and he didn’t forget to care about Jenny’s body, which surprised Biden Lu a bit.

Eyes swept over the mud staining the other man’s feet.

“No, she likes to go back to the hotel and sleep.”

When he finished, he turned and strode away, ignoring him no longer.

The driver had already driven the car to the door, and Biden Lu held Jenny in the car, and sat in it himself, fearing that she would be uncomfortable, and picked her up and put her in his lap, cradling her in his arms.

The car drove out in front, just at this time, his phone suddenly “ding” rang.

He took the phone out of his pocket and scratched it open.

Chapter 419

It was from Night White, with only one small line on it.

The corners of Biden Lu’s mouth were coldly hooked up, his eyes cold as ice.

Jenny had been half asleep the whole time, dreaming later that Su Yun had slipped the lotus flowers to her and smiled wryly at her.

Later on, she dreamed of a man in black chasing her, and she ran as fast as she could and was tackled to the ground by the man.

The man took out a knife and smiled cruelly at her, “You know too much, go to hell!”

Jenny woke up with a start.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing that caught my eye was the intricate and beautiful ceiling overhead, then the gorgeous bedroom.

Only a small orange lamp was on in the room, Biden Lu was leaning on the bed, holding a laptop and processing something, seeing her open her eyes, she said in a soft voice, “Awake?”

Jenny was relieved and climbed up, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead.

Biden Lu’s eyes flickered slightly.

He dropped his notebook, got out of bed, went outside and poured a glass of water and brought it in to her.

Jenny took it and drank it, the warm water dribbling down his throat and into his stomach, banishing some of his inner fears.

“I almost got killed today.”She said suddenly.

There was dark light flowing in Biden Lu’s eyes, “What’s going on?”

Jenny Jing pursed her lips and drank water again, moistening her throat, before saying, “When I went to change clothes, I accidentally heard that Zhou Wenzhong and the eldest daughter of the Jin family, Jin Hong, talking, as if Zhou Wenzhong had lost one billion yuan in gambling, and that one billion yuan was the company’s money, and was discussing how to solve the problem.”

Jenny knew very well that tonight’s events must have something to do with them.

Why else would she hear their conversation only up front and then something happened behind her.

That Su Yun wasn’t a good person, the reason she was dizzy was because of the lotus flower, and that lotus flower was handed to her by Su Yun, they must have colluded together.

She knows how many pounds and tens of kilograms she has, but it’s okay to deal with others, and to deal with those like the Jin family, who have deep roots in F. If she doesn’t tell Biden Lu, she might not even know how to die someday.

“Probably because they found out I overheard their conversation, so they tried to kill someone.”

She paused and said, “That Su Yun is not a good person either, she gave me a lotus flower, I got drunk by smelling the fragrance on that flower, I didn’t drink much at all before that.”

Biden Lu didn’t say anything, his eyes staring at her with deep eyes.

Jenny noticed the look in his eyes and his heart thudded.

“You don’t believe me?”Her heart sank slightly.

Biden Lu’s lips hooked slightly, touching the top of her soft hair.

“How could I not trust you when you trusted me so much in the most dangerous times?”

At that time, when Nightwhite brought her to him, he sensed something was wrong.

She looked like that, and while it did look like a drunken reaction, something wasn’t right with Nightwhite’s expression.

It wasn’t until he got into the car and saw the text message from Night Simeon that he decided that there was indeed something fishy going on.

Night Simeon texted, “Through the wall, killing people.”

Jenny Jing was relieved to see that he didn’t disbelieve him, and patted his heart afterwards, “I was really scared to death just now, luckily I met Yubai, or else I would have really fallen.”

A cold mane crossed Biden Lu’s eyes.

“Oh, yeah, they also mentioned Kepler, saying that if Kepler hadn’t kicked him out in the first place, he wouldn’t have become like this.I think I need to remind Nina Hua that even though I don’t like that bastard Kepler, he’s now after all Nina Hua’s kid’s father, so it’s best if nothing happens to him.”

She said, when she actually picked up her phone and started texting Nina Hua.

Biden Lu looked at her serious look and suddenly said, “Do you know who Su Yun is?”

Jenny blurted out without even thinking about it, “Didn’t you say the old lady’s granddaughter?”

The words came out and you just paused to react.

Looking up, incredulous, he looked at Biden Lu.

“The old lady only has one daughter, Jin Hong, her granddaughter, who is naturally Jin Hong’s own daughter, so it’s naturally no surprise that they would have to join forces against you to hide their secret.”

Jenny pursed her lips.

“Why do I feel like I’m just a troublemaker?You can hear people’s secrets everywhere you go.”

Biden Lu was amused by her and touched her head and said, “Okay, don’t think nonsense, I’ll take care of this, you rest for a while, I’ll go out and make a call.”

Jenny nodded.

As she watched Biden Lu head out to the terrace, she still felt a little uneasy.

She didn’t reply to the WeChat she sent to Nina Hua just now, and was thinking to see if I should call her over, when I suddenly received a text message from Tailor Feng.

“Sister-in-law, let me ask you a question, what is usually a woman’s favorite gift to receive?”

Jenny was stunned.

Did Tailor Feng ask her for advice on gift giving?

It’s not right!

Didn’t he say he’s an old prodigal lover and a prodigal son?Since when do you need to consult anyone else on this?

Jenny felt surprised and thought better of replying to him.

“It depends on the person, everyone has different preferences, but jewellery pretty clothes bags shoes, that’s what almost every woman likes.”

Tailor Feng sent a bitter expression over.

“And what if the other side doesn’t like any of this?”

Jenny raised an eyebrow.

Slender fingers flicked rapidly across the screen.

“That might just not like you as a person.”

Tailor Feng: “……..”

When Biden Lu finished making the call and entered the house, he just happened to see Jenny Jing sitting there holding her phone not knowing who she was chatting with.

“Who?”He walked over.

“Tailor Feng.”Jenny raised her head and raised the phone in her hand, “He seems to be in love, which girl is he after, I guess it’s Evelin.”

Biden Lu raised his eyebrows, sat down next to her, looked at the conversation between the two on his phone and said, “He is passing through a million flowers and leaves, and still needs a girlfriend?”

Jenny Jing laughed, “He said he’s been eating too much dog food lately and can’t take it anymore, he wants to develop a fixation on his own, I think he’s different to Evelin than he is to other girls, so maybe it will really work out?”

“Heh!”Biden Lu chuckled lightly and looked at the time.

11:30 p.m..

Thinking about it, he suddenly snatched Jenny’s phone away from her, then grabbed her and suddenly k*ssed her on the lips.

Jenny only felt a flash of light, and then saw a picture of the two of them k*ssing left on his phone.

“Send this to him.”Biden Lu said.

Jenny felt three black lines fall from his forehead.

“That’s…not good!”She was embarrassed, “Tailor Feng will break down when he sees it.”

“All it takes is for him to collapse.”

Jenny: “……..”

Biden Lu said, seeing that Jenny Jing didn’t move, he picked up his own phone and sent the photo over.

Chapter 420

Sure enough, soon Tailor Feng replied with a large string of blood-spitting expressions.

Tailor Feng: “You guys…you guys have gone too far!”

Jenny was also speechless, but was quite happy to see Tailor Feng being angry like this.

Biden Lu saw how she was smiling and trembling, slightly hooked her lips and replied, “Feed the dog and sleep.”

Tailor Feng: “……..”

You’re tough!

Biden Lu put her phone aside, then hugged and k*ssed her, “Okay, go to sleep!”

A good night’s sleep.

The next day, Jenny Jing and Biden Lu started working on investigating the Zi Jin family.

Biden Lu did know Zhuge Liufeng, but what the two of them wanted to investigate was not good for the Zhuge family after all, so naturally they would not go to him beforehand.

The good news was that with the help of the Jin family, Biden Lu also had his own channels, so it wasn’t difficult to check, it just took a little time.

Moreover, Biden also had some old acquaintances in F. If one wanted to investigate the Zhuge family, it would naturally be easier to find them.

Thinking this way, Jenny Jing made a rare call to his past friends.

Her best friend’s name was Hazumi, who was her most trusted friend when she was in the Dragon Corps.

The Dragon Corps has changed so much internally now that she’s somewhat unfamiliar with it, and after K’s death, the only person she can find is Hazumi.

The call was quickly answered.

A clear female voice came from across the room, “Who is it?”

“Izumi, it’s me.”

Opposite one stalls.

After a long moment, it seemed incredulous to ask, “SEVEN?”

“Well.”Jenny Jing curled her lips and smiled, “It’s been a long time, how are you?”

The other side seemed to calm down, “I’m fine, you disappeared for years, why did you suddenly think to call me?Where are you now?”

Jenny Jing said warmly, “I’m quite well, I’ve recently returned to F. The reason I contacted you is that I have something I want to ask you, is it convenient for you to come out and meet me now?”

The other side was quiet for a few seconds.

“Right now I’m out on a job, that’s okay, you go ahead and I’ll come back and see you just the same when I’m done.”

Jenny thought about it, and thought that was fine.

So I told them what I had come to say.

The other side seemed a little surprised to hear what she had come for.

“You’re going to check on the Ziggins?”

“Well, I’m going to have to ask you to keep this a secret for me and not tell anyone.”

Hazumi was quiet for a few seconds.

“Okay, I got it, you wait for my news.”

Jenny answered the call, and they spoke some more before hanging up.

After Jenny entrusted things, this was relieved, because now we could only wait for news, so they asked Biden Lu to go out again in the evening.

And now, the other side.

The most luxurious hotel on the home page of f country, on the forty-eighth floor in the open-air garden.

The garden was now glowing with lights, with countless young men and women moving through it, the colorful lights flickering softly in the night like tentacles and claws spreading into the endless depths of darkness.

A young woman sat on the couch with a glass of wine, her eyes dark as she looked at the blackened screen of her phone.

But this was clearly not the time for her to think too much, so she quickly put her phone away and looked up and around.

She wore a tight black dress with a white fox fur shawl over her shoulders, and her face was delicate

It’s languid, lazy and sits there like a natural landscape, so beautiful that you want to pick it up.

A few men were muttering and discussing from a short distance away, wanting to go up and accost her, but were too intimidated by her aloof demeanor to approach her easily.

A few people pushed Samson, and it took a long time for a young man to be pushed out.

He smiled as he stepped forward and asked, “Alone, miss?”

The woman lifted her eyes, which were amorous, like the best poison in the world, and just one glance made one completely swoon.

The young man’s breathing was stagnant, and Ben, who had been a long time flower girl, was now blushing, only to feel as though he was looking through her eyes.

Before she could respond, the woman had smiled softly at him and whispered, “What?You want to hit on me?”

The young man was shocked and came back to his senses, smiling awkwardly, “Miss, how do you say that?I just saw that you were all alone here and quite bored, so I came over to ask.”

I said, and pointed to a few of my own fox friends not far away, “A few of my friends are there, so if the lady doesn’t mind, she can go over and hang out.”

The woman sat on the couch and twisted, shifting her position to look at his group of friends not far away, as if considering.

The man reassured, “Don’t worry, none of us are bad people, it’s better to meet up with each other, even if we make friends.”

The woman, as if she was a little touched by his words, considered it and nodded, “Okay then.”

Her answer delighted the man’s heart, and he reached out to help her up from the couch as gallantly as if he were serving an old Buddhist lord.

Everyone smiled ambiguously when they saw that the young man had invited the woman over.

The woman went to the table and sat down in the couch, naturally someone poured the wine and handed it to her, she didn’t refuse and drank it in one gulp.

The smiles on those people’s faces deepened when they saw her drinking so readily, and they smiled and laughed, “I wonder how this young lady is called?”

The woman glared at him, disgruntled, “What Miss?Is that how you talk?”

The man was so startled that not only did he not get angry, but he found her amorous stare so amorous that it literally crisped half his bones.

He nodded and laughed incessantly, “Yes yes yes, it was my fault.Look then, you have to introduce yourself to us at some point, or we won’t even know what to call you!”

The woman pursed her lips, her eyes rolled, and said, “My last name is Gu.”

“The ancient and the modern one?”

The woman nodded, “The moniker is a word for Nai, just call me Nai.”

The man smiled, “Your name is so special and beautiful, come on, Nai Nai, I’ll drink to you.”

The smile in the woman’s eyes deepened and she raised her glass, clinking it with his.

Someone else said, “It’s fate that we all get together today, let’s have a drink too.”

The woman nodded, clinked her glass with them all, and drank the wine out of it.

A few people saw that she drank crisply, so they chugged the wine in succession.

The women, as if noticing their little thoughts, came and went, and before long, they had a dozen drinks in a row.

They had bad intentions, so the wine they poured for her was highly brandy, and after a dozen glasses, even a very good drinker would be a little tipsy.

At the moment, the woman has obviously been drunk, eyes blinded, which is like a layer of water mist, cherry red lips slightly open, looking let the man can not help but thumping heart.

One of the men swallowed, feeling his throat tighten, and gave the men a wink.

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