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Chapter 64

She gave an analysis of some of the current cases being worked on in the firm, as well as past cases.

Work was assigned again, and the meeting was kept busy until 12 noon, when it was adjourned.

There were those in the company who were originally not convinced by her, and after a meeting, they were basically convinced as well.

After all, those cases that had once caused them a lot of anxiety didn’t expect Jenny Jing to just come up with a solution in a small meeting.

And all of these solutions are absolutely implementable and never wrong right off the bat.

Under these circumstances, it didn’t take long for Jenny to gain a foothold in the PR department.

Biden Lu was at first a little worried that someone would secretly trip her up because of her youth, and had been sending Vicky to keep an eye on the movements there.

However, in just half a month, it was discovered that the staff of the PR department not only did not marginalize Jenny, but also obeyed her and acted as if they were the only ones who followed her lead.

Receiving Vicky’s report, Biden Lu lifted the corner of his lips.

He found that she was even better than he had thought.

It’s obviously such a cold and indifferent nature, but as long as you enter the workplace, you can immediately turn into a stern and decisive, imposing model.

He is no slouch in terms of his ability as a person or his means of getting things done.

Someone had an unspoken sense of pride.

After all, so good, but his woman.

When the master was happy, Vicky was naturally happy as well.

He just still didn’t quite understand the whole thing.

He aimed at Biden Lu’s appearance and felt that his master was in a good mood today, which is why he asked curiously, “President, in the past, you’ve never quite approved of office romances and such, saying that it would affect your work, why this time…”

Biden Lu looked at him.

Something unfathomable under the eyes, a moment, a smile.

“You wouldn’t understand if I told you.”

Summers: ????

If you don’t tell me, how can I understand?

Biden Lu waved his hand, “Alright, I have my own plans for this, so you don’t need to ask any more questions.”

Vicky saw the situation and knew that he couldn’t ask anything, so he could only stop.

A month has passed in a flash.

Winter is coming.

Although Visterdem is located in Eastern China, winter comes early, and it has only been a month since winter began, and already a little snow is falling outside.

Today was the weekend, Jenny didn’t have to work, and after making the rounds of Starlight in the morning, he didn’t bother to go out in the afternoon, staying in the couch and reading.

Biden Lu had gone back to Kyoto a few days ago and had originally agreed to bring her back with him, but Jenny Jing had refused.

She hadn’t decided if she wanted to go back with him or not.

It always felt like it would be a little awkward for the two of them to go to Kyoto with their current relationship.

Biden Lu didn’t force her, he knew what she was thinking, and he also knew her temperament, forcing her to be anxious is counterproductive, so he could only give her time, and let her think slowly.

The good news is that people are always around him, they can’t run away, and they don’t have to worry about anything, right or left is just a matter of time.

Patience, he much.

It was five o’clock in the afternoon when Jenny received the call.

She looked at the caller ID and her eyes flashed with surprise.

Hastily picking up, I did hear a familiar voice.

“You’re here?”

Biden Lu hmmm, “I just got off the plane, but I have a bit of urgent business to deal with back at the office, so I may not be able to go home right away, why don’t you come to the office and wait for me, and we’ll go to Green Water Villa for dinner tonight?”

Jenny thought, that’s fine.

So it was agreed.

After hanging up the phone, she went back to her room to add a jacket and went downstairs to greet Aunt Liu again before going out.

There were still tiny snowflakes floating in the sky, and the air was filled with a bone-chilling chill.

Jenny drove downstairs to Lu’s without going up, sent a message to the man, and sat in the car to wait.

Biden Lu returned the message and said he would be down soon.

Jenny was waiting, and his eyes suddenly glanced at the Christmas tree in the luxury shop by the roadside, before suddenly realizing that it would be Christmas in a short while.

The luxury shop is clean and tidy, with stylish and classy men’s suits hanging in the windows.

Her gaze swept over the row of shelves next to the suits and she paused slightly.

Then, turn off the engine and get out of the car.

It was a dark grey cashmere scarf, quite a simple style, with the words of the logo embroidered by the same colour thread hand at the end, a very stylish look.

Jenny Jing had never seen Biden Lu wear a scarf, but looking at this one, she somehow felt that it suited him.

She had almost pictured the man wearing it in her head, and the more she looked at it, the more handsome she looked.

A clerk came over just then, so she just pointed to the scarf and said, “Can you get me one of these, please.”

The clerk took one look at the scarf and smiled, “Yes, please wait a moment.”

She had never given Biden Lu any gifts, but instead, after more than two months of marriage, he had procured a lot of things for her.

It’s always a little hard on the heart, so let this Christmas be a surprise for him!

Following the clerk to the counter, I was about to pay, but a surprised voice suddenly came from behind me.


She turned away with a slight flicker.

I saw a young couple walking down the stairs, and it was the girl who called out to her.

“Is that really you?I thought I was mistaken!”

The girl walked down quickly with a surprised look on her face, and Jenny Jing gave her a faint glance, an imperceptible coldness flashing across his brows, and didn’t answer the question.

She drew a bank card from her wallet and gave it to the clerk so she could swipe it.

After the clerk swiped his card, he smiled, “A total of thirty-four thousand eight hundred dollars, ma’am, here’s your scarf, please take it.”

Jenny nodded his thanks and turned to walk out with the wrapped scarf.

The girl coming down the stairs snickered in disdain when she saw that she had actually ignored herself cleanly the entire time.

“What’s the pretence?I heard you broke up with Mu Yan-taek?Is it some kind of big money thing now or something?You’re even willing to buy a scarf that’s over thirty thousand a piece, for the Kingpin, huh?”

Jenny’s eyes brushed down cold.

She turned to look at the girl and said in a cold voice, “Niu Lili, I advise you to keep your mouth shut!”

Niu Li Li proudly said, “Didn’t you just pretend you didn’t know me?Know each other now?”

Niu Lili was a high school classmate from a different class in her grade, and Jenny did know her.

When she and Rovell first met, Niu Lili also liked Rovell.

It’s just that Rovell has always been in love with her, and then he pursued Jenny Jing fiercely, and after they got together, Niu Li Li had a long period of time where she hated Jenny Jing with a passion.

But I didn’t expect that after six years, she’d still take it to heart.

Jenny Jing gave her a cold glance, then revealed an ironic smile.

“I’m sorry, because I really don’t feel like it’s such a wonderful thing to know you, that’s why I pretend I can’t see it, is that a good answer for you?”

Chapter 65

Lily Niu turned pale, “You!”

The man she was with came up and asked curiously, “Your friend?”

Niu Lili was so angry, seeing the situation even busy holding his arm, aggrieved, “I am not friends with her!Yuan Hang, you don’t know her yet!She was the outcast daughter of the King family who had been swept away.

Not only did she steal someone’s boyfriend in the first place, she also stole her own sister’s work in order to get into the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, such a shameless woman, you should stay away from her, don’t let her cheat you!”

He Yuanhang was surprised.

The headmaster of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts was his grandfather.

So he had heard about that scandal five years ago, even though he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.

Originally, I had always thought that someone who could do such a thing must be extremely ugly, both in terms of character and appearance, but I never thought it would be this cold and elegant looking woman in front of me.

Jenny Jing hooked his lips and smiled.

“If I remember correctly, there’s supposed to be surveillance in this shop, right?”

Oxley looked at her warily, “Why do you ask?”

“Nothing, just wanted to make a copy of the surveillance as evidence to sue you for slander in the future.”

Lilly Niu: ….

“Jenny, don’t you dare pretend here!I heard that Muyen Chak dumped you because of your misbehavior!I think you were able to leave the country five years ago because you were rich, right?Did people dump you again now that you’re back in the grey?”

It’s okay, if people do dump you, just tell me, I know a lot of rich and generous people who will help you out, even if it’s just for the sake of a classmate.”

Jenny looked at her and smiled sarcastically.

“No need, Miss Bull had better keep the rich and generous ones to herself!After all, it’s hard enough for a posture like yours to climb them, isn’t it a pity to give it to someone else?”


Niu Lili was furious, but Jenny didn’t bother talking to her anymore and walked out with the wrapped scarf.


Oxley suddenly called out to her.

Jenny was impatient.

She turned her head to look at her and said coldly, “You still have business?”

Lily Bull took a deep breath and stepped forward, suddenly giving her an extremely nasty smile.

“Jenny, you know what?There’s something I really wanted to do five years ago, but I never got the chance, and now I’m finally able to do it with confidence.”



With a loud slap, Jenny’s head shifted slightly, and the right side of his face swelled up immediately at a visible speed.

Her face instantly dropped to ice cold.

The next second…


Two crisp slaps.

Lily Niu covered her face, incredulous.

“Jenny, how dare you hit me?”

“Courtesy, although they say that when a dog bites a man, he can’t bite back, but I always feel that some animals can’t be habituated, and when they are, it’s easy to forget what their last name is.”

“Ah-!You b*tch!”

Niu Lili madly rushed towards her, the shop clerks were scared, did not know whether to call the police, or should first rush to stop people.

Jenny Jing’s eyes were cold.

She took a step back and said sternly, “Mr. He, you’re just going to let your date go crazy in here?”

Only then did He Yuanhang reacted, and even went forward to pull Niu Lili down.


“Don’t pull me, this b*tch, how dare you hit me, I won’t let you off the hook today!”

Niu Lili said, breaking away from He Yuanhang’s block and continuing to pounce on Jenny.

Jenny Jing’s face changed.

Forget about the dress she’s wearing today.

A real fight is not advantageous, just Niu Lili’s kind of mad dog-like momentum, but any normal person looking at it would not be able to help but feel scared.

Jenny retreated towards the door.

As if she had gone mad, Niu Lili suddenly grabbed a vase from the doorway and smashed it at her.

“b*tch, I’ll fight you!”

Just then, someone grabbed Jenny’s wrist and yanked her to the side.

Jenny was able to avoid it, and the vase passed over her and smashed into the ground, shattering into pieces.

Everyone was shocked and their faces changed.

He’s just as crazy as he says he is. Why is he really like a mad dog?

Jenny also somewhat backward white face, to look back to see the person behind him, surprised out, “Biden Lu?What are you doing here?”

Biden Lu’s face was gloomy.

In the shop, Niu Lili saw that it didn’t hit Jenny, and dragged another vase over to hit her, but He Yuanhang snatched it away.

“Enough!Niu Lili, calm down!”

“How dare this b*tch hit me, how else do you expect me to calm down?”

Niu Lili is also from a rich family, or the only daughter of the family, she was used to being overbearing as a child, when did she ever suffer such anger?

She felt that she would never stop if she didn’t get those two slaps back today.

He Yuanhang sank and was about to speak, when a low, cold voice suddenly came from the doorway.

“Since you can’t calm yourself down, I don’t mind helping you.”

As I said, I suddenly saw a man leaping out of nowhere and slapped Niu Lili twice.

Niu Lili was dizzy and her head was confused.

He Yuanhang, however, turned pale.

Lu Jing-Shen?How could it be him?

Biden Lu walked in from the doorway with Jenny Jing in tow.

Vicky threw out his wrist and smiled, “President, this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever hit a woman, but I have to say, this woman really should be hit!I don’t feel guilty at all.”

Biden Lu hooked his lips.

Lili Niu had responded by now.

I screamed out as I touched my rapidly swelling face.

“Who are you guys?How dare you hit me? Do you know who I am?I…”

“Enough!You shut up!”

He Yuanhang white-knuckled her and pulled her back.

Niu Lili didn’t know Biden Lu, but he did.

Although I didn’t know what his relationship with Jenny was, but seeing him holding Jenny’s hand all the time, I knew the relationship was strong.

He even stepped forward and apologized, “Lu Shao, I didn’t know you were here, I’m so sorry, there was a little altercation between the girls.”

“Oh?Will the altercation rise to hitting someone with a vase?”

He Yuanhang:….

“What are you apologizing to him for, Farscout?They’re the ones beating people up!”

Oxley was still screaming and unforgiving.

He Yuanhang was going crazy, never in his life had he regretted bringing her out as much as he did this time.

He gritted his teeth and said, “This is Mr. Lu, the one from Lu’s zaibatsu.”


Niu Li Li finally responded.

She couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked at Biden Lu, like she was seeing some kind of monster.

The Niu family was also in business, and the elders of the family had mentioned this character in their regular gossip.

But in Niu Lili’s heart, Biden Lu is a legendary figure, too far away from her, just like an unreachable star in the sky, not realistic at all.

So she never thought she’d actually run into him in real life.

Her eyes fell on the hands they were holding.

Lips moved, halfway to a sound.

“How, how is that possible?”

Chapter 66

“Why not?Why don’t you hurry up and apologize to Mr. Lu and Miss Jing?”

Oxley reacted.

Although she still felt reluctant, although she still hated Jenny with a passion, she understood that Biden Lu was not someone she could afford to offend.

So, reluctantly, I said, “I’m sorry Mr. Land.”

Biden Lu raised his eyebrows.

“I didn’t feel the sincerity of Miss Bull’s apology.”

Oxley clenched her fingers.

It was just as well to be so humiliated the first time you saw the legendary, remarkable man, but it was still in front of Jenny.

Intense reluctance and resentment surged deeply into his heart, yet after touching Biden Lu’s cold gaze, they were all suppressed.

She took a deep breath and said it all over again, “I’m sorry Mr. Land, I was wrong.”

“Sorry for who?”

“Lu… “Niu Lili reacted and gave Jenny a reluctant glance, “I’m sorry Miss Jing.”

Jenny quirked his lips.

“What did you just say?I didn’t hear it, so louder please.”

Lilly Niu: ….

Biden Lu held the corners of his lips in pleasure.

Holding Jenny’s hand, he looked agreeable, “Well, I think so.”

Lily Niu was helpless and dared not speak up, but eventually she had to raise her voice.

“I’m sorry Jenny, I was wrong, I apologize.”

Jenny laughed out in pleasure.

“That’s right!”

She touched her face, and although the right half of her face was still a little hot and painful compared to Oxley’s now highly swollen two cheeks, her heart was no longer angry.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Jenny held Biden Lu’s hand and said.

Lu Jing looked deeply into her eyes, “Just like that?”

“Well, a bite from a rabid dog and a beating is fine, but why bother with a dog for real?”

Biden Lu was amused by her words.

“Well, then, I’ll do as you wish.”

They walked out together, hand in hand.

Behind him, He Yuanhang watched the scene, slightly shocked.

Who didn’t know that Biden Lu had never had a woman by his side, and had never heard half a scandal about him over the years.

I can’t believe he’s actually with Jenny!

Lily Bull saw him keep staring at their backs and pushed his arm in discontent.

“What are you looking at?”

He Yuanhang came back to his senses.

“Oh, nothing.”

Niu Lili resigned, “I told you Jenny was a vixen!Back then, he charmed Rovell around, and now he’s climbing up to Lu Shao, this shameless b*tch!”

Hearing her curse from her mouth, He Yuanhang’s face changed.

When she looked at her again, there was more than a hint of disgust and impatience.

Lily Niu seemed to realize that she had been too disoriented today.

It was all because of that b*tch Jenny, if she hadn’t deliberately provoked herself, why would she show such a side in front of He Yuanhang?

She was busy showing a look of aggravation and pulled his sleeve petulantly.

“Yuanhang, my face hurts, take me to the hospital for treatment!I’m afraid I’ll ruin this face if I’m late.”

He Yuanhang said in a deep voice, “I have things to do in the evening, I don’t have time to accompany you to the hospital, take this card and go by yourself.”

He said, pulling a bank card out of his pocket and giving it to her, then he turned and walked away.

Niu Li Li froze, then became furious.

What does this He Yuan Hang mean?

Will she stay with him when he is the only child of the He family and the family is trying hard to set them up?

Now something happens and you just slip her a bank card and run away?

She stormed out in a rage, only to see that He Yuanhang had already gotten into the car and drove away without mercy.

She was so angry that she took the bank card right out of her hand

Throw it out.

“Get out!You’re a coward who can’t even say anything when his girlfriend gets beaten up!Get the hell out of my sight if you can, and never let me see you again!”


On the other side, Jenny Jing got into the car with Biden Lu.

“President, where to?”

In the meantime, Biden Lu looked at Jenny Jing’s face with a slight brow, “Go to the hospital first.”


Jenny was stunned and said, “No, I’m fine, I don’t need to go to the hospital.”

“No talking.”

Biden Lu did not have to say anything, Jenny Jing was so fierce that he had to keep his mouth shut.

The man took her face again and looked at it closely.

I saw that the face, which had been tender and fair, was now slightly swollen, and there were five clear fingerprints on it.

His eyes were much colder again.

“You did a good job today, but next time you run into one of these crazy dogs, don’t do it yourself and call me, eh?”

Jenny looked at him and tugged at the corner of her lips, “That person Niu Lili is just like that, when she was in high school, she liked to bully the other girls at school, I didn’t expect to run into her here today, sheesh-!”

The injury on her face was touched by Biden Lu’s fingers, and she hissed softly.

Biden Lu had to let go of her, so I heard her continue, “You’ve already avenged me just now, not to mention that she slapped me once and I slapped her back twice, so don’t be angry.”

Biden Lu sneered.

“What is she worth being angry about?I’m mad at you for not calling me first if something happens, and today was the day I arrived just in time, what if I’m late and that vase does fall on you?”

Jenny’s eyes flickered.

“No, I’ll be careful.”


Biden Lu didn’t say anything more.

Eyes turned to the bag next to him, seeing the black scarf inside, eyes deep.

“What’s this?”

“Oh, this one, for you.”

Jenny Jing said as she took out the scarf, “I originally wanted to secretly buy it and give it to you for Christmas, but now I can’t, it’s been ruined, so you’ll just have to accept it.”

Biden Lu looked at the well textured scarf in front of him.

He looked at Jenny, “Did you pick it out especially for me?”

Jenny nodded and looked at him with an expectant face, “How was it?Do you like it?”

The man hooked his lips, “Like.”

“Then I’ll put it on you!”


The man bent slightly, and Jenny put the scarf around his neck, and also made a circle shape that was very popular nowadays.

After putting it on, she took a closer look at it.

It just so happens that Biden Lu is wearing a knitted shirt and a black cashmere jacket, which is just perfect.

“Does it look good?”Biden Lu asked.

Jenny smiled and nodded, “Well, very handsome.”

“Thank you, wife.”

“You’re welcome.”

Up ahead, the driving Summers silently slandered.

It’s okay to spill dog food.

You really don’t feel bad about spreading dog food in bad conscience, CEO?

He had been with the president for so long, how could he not know that his lord president never wore turtlenecks or scarves?

Gee, sure enough, the power of love….

The car arrived at the hospital quickly.

Biden Lu handed Jenny Jing over to the doctor for medication, then walked out of the doctor’s office.

He stood in the hallway and made a phone call out.

“Within a week, I want the Niu family to disappear from Visterdem!”

When he said this, that handsome face no longer had the gentleness he had just had when he was with Jenny, there was just a face full of cruelty and coldness.

After giving the order, he hung up the phone.

Lowering his eyes, he looked at the scarf tied around his neck for a moment and smiled in satisfaction.

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