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Chapter 64

This scene was clearly seen by Zhang Ma, who was standing by and cleaning the table, and she frowned in confusion. It seems that the relationship between Mr. Shen and Ms. Mo on TV is unusual, but why is she pregnant with the young master’s child again? Could it be…

Zhang Ma shivered with fright.

The door was gently opened, and Allen Chu came in with a big shopping bag.

“Master, you are here.” Zhang Ma’s voice interrupted Noila Mo’s thoughts, and when she looked up, Allen Chu was back. Raise your arm quickly and wipe your tears.

But it was too late, Allen Chu had already seen her tears. Putting down the shopping bag, frowning displeased, Allen Chu walked to Noila Mo and raised her chin: “Why are you crying? Are you feeling well?”

Noila Mo shook her head, bit her lip and refused to speak.

Allen Chu has become accustomed to Noila Mo’s stubborn temper. He stretched out a big hand and rudely wiped her tears away: “Is it bored? Stop crying, I bought your favorite sago pudding. Eat a little, and I will take you to the garden for a walk in a while.”

After that, I sat next to Noila Mo, opened the sago pudding, and fed it to Noila Mo like a child.

Noila Mo glanced at Ma Zhang, who was standing next to her with her hand down, and pushed Allen Chu’s hand embarrassedly: “Don’t feed it, I’ll do it myself.”

Allen Chu ignored her protests at all. He circled her in his arms, and bit her lip domineeringly: “Obey, don’t resist!”

Noila Mo’s face turned into a red peach in an instant with the intimate action. Zhang Ma hurriedly left the ward with interest.

As soon as Zhang Ma left, Allen Chu’s movements became even more presumptuous, and he stopped feeding the pudding, gently holding up Noila Mo’s small face.

“Well, it’s really sweet…” Allen Chu k*ssed Noila Mo’s lips, his low and magnetic voice was full of male allure.

Today, I went to the company to deal with some things, but at important meetings, I frequently lost my mind. I was full of this little woman.

It’s just not seen for most of the day, but it seems that more than half a year has passed.

As soon as the meeting was over, he refused the board reception, hurried to the supermarket to buy her favorite food, and drove back all the way.

Sure enough, her breath is still so sweet, exactly the same as he imagined on the board.

The big palm wandered all the way on her body, sucking on her lips without any relaxation, a little bit of tossing around.

In the pink dizziness, Noila Mo saw Salmon Shen’s face again, gentle, handsome, petting, and smiling. He said: “Noila, when you are eighteen, I will take you to see the sea. .”

Noila Mo rolled and screamed in the peach-colored whirlpool. She had never been so painful, and had never been so crazy.

Senior Shen! Senior Shen! Senior Shen! She desperately suppressed the scream that she was about to blurt out, her hands held Allen Chu’s waist tightly, but tears fell on her face…

Chapter 65

Allen Chu k*ssed Noila Mo hard, the little woman in his arms seemed to have incredible magic power, and could always easily burn the flames in his body.

Suddenly, Allen Chu tasted bitterness on the tip of his tongue. Reaching out, Noila Mo’s face was wet with tears.

Lifting his head, Allen Chu’s dark eyes fixedly looked at Noila Mo: “What are you crying for?”

Noila Mo was speechless. She can’t tell Allen Chu that she is missing another man, right? Blinking her eyes, she lied: “I’m not feeling well…”

Because she just cried, she had a little nasal sound, which made her voice a bit coquettish and flattering.

Allen Chu was in a good mood. He liked Noila Mo acting like a baby to him. As long as she is behaved, as long as she doesn’t hate him so much, resist her, even if she wants the moon in the sky, he can take it off and give it to her!

Rubbing her hair fondly, Allen Chu reluctantly k*ssed her face again: “Forget that you are still sick. Then you have a good rest and sleep for a while.”

Noila Mo nodded with a guilty conscience, closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

The room was quiet, so quiet that only each other’s breath was left.

Tired of crying, the lingering just now made her exhausted, Noila Mo only felt that her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. When she was almost falling asleep, she suddenly heard Allen Chu’s low, magnetic voice ringing in her ears.

“Noila Mo…”

Noila Mo ignored and continued to pretend to sleep. I’m afraid he will come to pester her again.

“Asleep?” Chu Tian poked her face with a finger. Noila Mo endured the pain, motionless, and continued to pretend to sleep.

Seeing Noila Mo asleep, Allen Chu murmured displeasedly: “What a pig, I fell asleep so soon.”

The big palm on her waist suddenly moved, and Noila Mo felt that she was being hugged away from Allen Chu’s embrace, and was gently hugged to the side of the big bed, with the quilt gently covering her shoulder.

Allen Chu got out of bed lightly.

Noila Mo was a little surprised. Allen Chu has always been arrogant and domineering, but the movement of getting out of bed is so light?

Noila Mo still closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. Suddenly, the room became dark. Only a click was heard, the switch was gently turned off, and the dazzling light above his head disappeared. Then, Allen Chu’s arm exposed outside the quilt was gently put into the quilt, and the quilt on his body also became heavier, as if it was covered with something, and his cool body instantly warmed up.

Noila Mo secretly opened his eyes and looked at it. It turned out that Allen Chu helped her cover the quilt with a blanket.

Allen Chu turned around, and Noila Mo quickly closed his eyes. The bed beside him sank heavily, and Allen Chu lay back on the bed.

Noila Mo’s body was held back in his arms.

Allen Chu hugged Noila Mo tightly, with his hands clasped around her waist, like a child holding her most beloved doll…

Noila Mo turned her back to Allen Chu, her eyes gradually widening in surprise.

Allen Chu’s series of actions made her shocked, completely stunned.

She can’t tell how she feels now, shocked? accident? incredible? Or something else? There was a mess in his mind.

Allen Chu would actually help her turn off the lights and cover her quilt? Is the dazzling light making her sleep well? Are you afraid of her kicking the quilt and catching a cold?

No, definitely not.

Allen Chu has never respected everything she said and done, so how could she be so careful to do such trivial things for her?

Unable to figure out why Allen Chu wanted to do this, Noila Mo shook his head helplessly and decided not to think so much.

Allen Chu behind him was already asleep, breathing evenly. Noila Mo smiled inwardly: “Also said I am a lazy pig, I think you are the one! I fell asleep in a second!”

Gently moving Allen Chu’s hand away from him, Noila Mo turned over and lay flat, and soon fell asleep.

Chapter 66

Noila Mo had a long dream. In the dream, she seemed to be a carefree girl again. Her father’s company was still very good, and her mother did not die in a car accident. She was still the beautiful little princess who was held in the palm of her hand. Senior Shen, standing under the cherry tree, smiling at her. The smile is warmer than the spring breeze.

Suddenly awakened, Noila Mo heard Allen Chu next to him whispering. Thinking he was awake, Noila Mo turned over and looked at Allen Chu, and just wanted to ask him what he said, but saw that his eyes were still closed. Then I knew that he was talking in a dream.

Allen Chu’s eyes were closed tightly, and his thick eyelashes were shaking uneasyly. He shouted vaguely, and the expression on his face was full of fear and despair.

Noila Mo was shocked. She had never seen Allen Chu like this before. She looked so helpless and painful. He must be having nightmares.

He was about to shoot him to wake him up, but suddenly he heard the muttering words in his mouth, “Mummy, don’t… don’t… Mommy, Allen is very good, Allen will be obedient, don’t…”

With a low cry, Allen Chu’s eyes suddenly opened. He woke up from the nightmare.

Seeing Noila Mo looking at herself in surprise, Allen Chu’s thick eyebrows tightened suddenly.

The big palm held Noila Mo’s chin without warning, “What did you hear?”

Noila Mo was stunned by Allen Chu’s sudden movements, and said: “It seems like I have a nightmare to hear you.”

“Did you hear what I was calling?” Allen Chu’s expression became fiercer, and a sharp and cold light shot from his black eyes.

“Um, I, I didn’t catch it, I just woke up.” Noila Mo is not a fool, and it seems that Allen Chu is very reluctant to let others hear his dreams. She is not so stupid to tell the truth.

Allen Chu squeezed her chin and looked at her expression with sharp eyes. After watching for half a minute, Noila Mo suddenly let go. It seems that he believed what Noila Mo said.

Allen Chu turned over and got out of bed, lit a cigarette, and slowly smoked on the sofa.

Allen Chu rarely smokes. Seeing his frown, Noila Mo knew that he must be in a bad mood now.

Suddenly Allen Chu’s words in his dream sounded in his mind: “Mummy, don’t… Allen is very good, Allen will be obedient…” He shouted so pitifully, so sad, so desperate, and never heard him mention his family. . There is a lot of gossip about rich men in the newspapers, but there is never the Chu family.

The Chu family is really mysterious. Could it be that Allen Chu was abandoned by his mother? Why else would you shout like that?

There are countless whys in Noila Mo’s mind, but he doesn’t care about finding the answer. Because at this moment, Allen Chu’s expression made her heart hurt.

As arrogant as him, he has always appeared in the public eye with a cold, domineering and cruel image. Noila Mo has never seen him so helpless before.

The sharp and dark eyes in his eyes have now become deeply lost and confused. Allen Chu’s smoking posture is very elegant, but Noila Mo can see that he is simply using cigarettes to conceal his panic.

What is it that would cause Allen Chu so much damage? Will he let the cold-blooded and merciless him cry for help even in his sleep?

Noila Mo suddenly felt a little distressed. Her own mother died too early. She could understand the pain of losing her mother.

Walking slowly in front of Allen Chu, Noila Mo took the initiative to hug Allen Chu for the first time. And Allen Chu didn’t push her away with a bad temper, but quietly embraced Noila Mo and hugged her tightly, as if that was the only thing he could grasp.

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