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Chapter 16

This little woman is so clear that she has all her thoughts written on her face!

Allen Chu’s eyes couldn’t help but smile a little. Raised her eyebrows: “Noila Mo, if you don’t come up again, you should be late!”

“Hey?” Noila Mo’s eyes widened suddenly! He, how does he know that she is almost late!

Noila Mo’s expression made Allen Chu feel good, he chuckled softly, stretched out his long arms, and directly dragged Noila Mo into the car.

“Hey, what are you doing! You let me go!” Noila Mo struggled desperately with fright.

“Hush!” Allen Chu couldn’t help but said that he buckled her seat belt, and when he stepped on the accelerator, the luxury car flew out like an arrow.

“You are crazy! You let me down!” Noila Mo flushed with anger, shouting bitterly!

Allen Chu shrugged relaxedly: “Aren’t you going to rush to class? I just dropped in to see you off.”

“Who is rare for you to send it! Quickly let me get out of the car, or I will jump off the car!” Noila Mo wanted to untie the seat belt, what is this man! Actually used her strong! She Noila Mo most despise men who bully women by brute force in her life!

But the damn seat belt! She couldn’t find the button!

Seeing Mo Yang frantic by Noila Mo, Allen Chu raised his lips: “Don’t do it in vain! I modified this car. No one can unlock the seat belt except me!”

“You…perverted!” Noila Mo didn’t bother to talk nonsense with you. Simply lean your body on the back of the large and comfortable chair. Since there are free drivers, since you can’t resist, it’s better to enjoy!

“Si Nan East Road, in front of T Daguanghua Building.” Noila Mo closed his eyes and directed Allen Chu. So tired, she had a night’s dream last night, her eyelids were so heavy.

“…” Allen Chu’s turn was speechless. This…this…, this little woman has changed too much, she just refused to ride in his car a while ago, and now she has begun to direct him as a driver!

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you say that you kindly sent me to school?” Noila Mo opened the left eye facing Allen Chu-she was really sleepy, she was too sleepy to open both eyes if she could open one eye.

“Haha…” Allen Chu finally couldn’t help laughing when he caught Noila Mo’s expression in the rearview mirror.

“Noila Mo, do you know that you are very embarrassed now?”

“Can’t understand? Then let me get out of the car!” Noila Mo immediately went back with her fangs.

“Motor lanes, no parking is allowed.” Allen Chu faintly shook off Noila Mo no longer. He will go to T University for class in a while, and he will go through the lecture in his mind.

There was silence in the car for a while.

The car drove smoothly, hardly feeling any vibration. Noila Mo closed her eyes, her eyelids were heavy, but she couldn’t sleep. Those chaotic dreams rushed into her mind one after another.

In the spring, on the playground, Salmon Shen wore the No. 3 jersey. After a beautiful three-pointer, he smiled at the passing Noila Mo. The world suddenly fell silent, leaving only the bright smiling face.

Salmon Shen walked from behind and patted her back briskly under the street lamp of evening self-study: “Noila, don’t be hunched!” Noila Mo used to be a little hunched, and since Salmon Shen reminded her, her back has always stood up. Straight. Even if her father’s company went bankrupt, she was despised and insulted by people wearing shabby clothes, her back would always be straight!

Senior Shen…The corners of Noila Mo’s eyes suddenly became sore, and she closed her eyes with force to prevent tears from flowing. Noila Mo tried so hard, and his heart ached.

Chapter 17

Perceiving the strangeness, Allen Chu turned to look at the little woman beside him.

Eyes were closed tightly, and there was a touch of painful despair on his pale little face. The snow-white teeth bite the pink lips, almost bleeding.

what happened? Why is her expression so sad? Allen Chu freed up a palm and poked Noila Mo’s pale face with his index finger.

“What are you doing! It hurts!” Noila Mo screamed when Allen Chu poked mercilessly. His eyes opened, and two heavy tears fell down his cheeks.

Noila Mo wiped away tears in a panic. I don’t want to be seen embarrassed by the men around me.

Allen Chu’s thick eyebrows curled up: “Why are you crying?”

“You can control it!” Noila Mo wiped away tears, turning his head to the right, pretending to be intently looking at the scenery outside the window.

Senior Shen is the deepest secret in her heart, and she doesn’t want to share this secret with anyone.

At the red light, Allen Chu stretched out a big hard palm, Noila Mo’s jaw was pinched, and his head was bluntly pulled down on Allen Chu’s side.

A pair of deep black eyes met her still red eyes.

“Say, why are you crying?”

“I have bad luck crying, and meeting someone so unreasonable like you! I am sad and sad! I feel my life is bitter!” Noila Mo sneered angrily. This violent force mad, who thinks he is!

Noila Mo’s words made Allen Chu angry. The big hands were about to increase their strength. Seeing Noila Mo’s teary face, he suddenly felt soft.

Her thin lips were pursed, and she pulled her hand back with suppressed anger, and slammed on the brakes. Allen Chu’s movements made Noila Mo’s heart unstable, and her head suddenly hit the car window, causing pain.

I didn’t know what button was pressed, the seat belt was automatically released, and the car door opened. Before Noila Mo could react, Allen Chu had already been thrown on the busy street.

Without a word, Allen Chu’s luxury car has already left.

Rubbing the red chin pinched by Allen Chu. “Insane!” Noila Mo muttered in her heart. This man is really convulsive, he has to send her off without saying anything, and now he throws her down without saying anything. The earth is driven by his family! She Noila Mo is not his pet! It’s really annoying.

Shaking his fist at the far away luxury car, Noila Mo checked the time on the phone. That’s it! She is really going to be late!

Noila Mo was panting, running to the point of breaking her leg, and rushed to the classroom before the class bell rang.

From a distance, I saw my friend Liang Lele waving to her from the seat.

“Noila, here!” Lele helped her reserve a seat, right in the middle of the front row. Both Noila Mo and Liang Lele are diligent and good students, and they are always serious in class.

“Lele, thank you!” Noila Mo smiled gratefully at Liang Lele. Thanks to Liang Lele, she would definitely not occupy such a good position.

“Noila, why are you running out of breath?” Noila Mo ran flushed with a small face, with fine beads of sweat on the tip of his nose. Liang Lele thoughtfully handed her a pack of tissues.

“Don’t mention it, it’s really unlucky today, I have a neurosis!”

The words did not fall, and the students around had already applauded. Professor Luo walked in with a tall man. This should be Professor Luo’s proud disciple, who was specially invited to teach them today.

Noila Mo looked at the man with admiration. At this look, she almost jumped out of her seat!

Chapter 18

A black suit, dark blue shirt, lake blue tie, thick hair, deep black eyes. Well, this is not Allen Chu!

Noila Mo stared at Allen Chu in surprise, unable to speak.

“Hey, Noila! Why are you in a daze? Can’t I move my eyes when I see the handsome guy?” Lele teased.

Professor Luo just raised his hand to signal the classmates to quiet down. The classroom was silent. Liang Lele’s voice was very loud in the silence, and everyone looked at Noila Mo.

Noila Mo desperately shrank her body under the desk to reduce her sense of existence. His eyes secretly looked at Allen Chu from the lowered bangs.

shit! Allen Chu’s eyes were staring at him with piercing eyes, and there was still a smile on his lips.

Forget it, now that he has recognized it, there is no need to hide it.

Noila Mo resignedly raised his head, raised his clear eyes, and looked at Allen Chu bravely. Who is afraid of whom!

Allen Chu’s lips smiled deeper when Noila Mo’s eyes looked like*. Noila Mo, we meet again!

What Allen Chu said on the podium, Noila Mo, who had always studied hard, didn’t hear a word.

It’s not the whisper of a nymph around: “Wow, this senior Chu is so handsome!” “Yes, he is so talented! He speaks well! He knows more than Professor Luo!”.

It was because, every time Allen Chu said a word, his eyes had to scan Noila Mo’s side. His eyes were terrifyingly sharp, even if he was sitting behind a desk a few meters away from him, Noila Mo could feel a huge pressure. It was simply the look in the eyes of the ferocious beast that found the delicious prey.

endure! I will endure! Noila Mo lowered his eyes and stopped confronting him head-on.

Holding a pen, she unconsciously scribbled on the paper. Suddenly, an idea jumped into my heart.

With a smirk at the corner of his mouth, Noila Mo drew a four-frame cartoon in his notebook.

A ferocious wolf wearing a black suit, dark blue shirt, and lake-blue tie was standing on the podium and talking. This wild wolf’s face is Allen Chu’s face.

Noila Mo has learned to paint, and Allen Chu’s unruly eyes are drawn very vividly by her, making people know that this wild wolf is Allen Chu.

The wild wolf’s face is serious, but the inner words written in the circle on his head are: Hmph, you ignorant little girls, are you fascinated by Lao Tzu’s handsome appearance? Haha, you never dreamed that I was actually a beast!

The most ridiculous thing is that Noila Mo painted a big pink bow on the tousled hair of the wild wolf. Noila Mo also put on a three-point swimsuit for the rebellious wild wolf, and the gesture of scratching his head was accompanied by that serious, ferocious face, how funny you look!

Noila Mo glanced at Allen Chu, who was talking on the stage, and then at the wild wolf full of mashup elements on the paper, and his belly was about to break with a secret smile. Allen Chu on the stage, saw Noila Mo look at him, laugh for a long time, look at him again, and laugh for a long time, looking uneasy, and muttering in his heart, what the hell is this girl doing? Is there something dirty on my face?

President Chu, who has always been so free and never put anyone in his eyes, was also a little flustered.

After class is over, I must ask this little girl to ask clearly! Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo, who was still grinning, and suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness.

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