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Chapter 217

Noila Mo’s pale face suddenly flushed to the base of her neck. What a shame! When the street was blood-stained trousers, it happened to be hit by the former boss!

Seeing Noila Mo’s embarrassment, Lin Yifeng suddenly reacted.

His white face also blushed. He took a step back and didn’t know how to deal with the situation.

It was summer, and both of them only wore a single piece of clothing. Lin Yifeng wanted to take off a coat to help Noila Mo block it.

There happened to be a small convenience store next to the coffee shop. Lin Yifeng looked at the convenience store and turned to Noila Mo and said, “Noila, wait for me.”

After that, he walked to the convenience store. The top priority now is to buy a pack of sanitary napkins for Noila Mo.

Let her borrow the toilet in the coffee shop, it should be a little better. Lin Yifeng was thinking about it, thinking of buying a sanitary napkin for Noila Mo, there was a sweet feeling in embarrassment.

Fortunately, parking is possible on this road. Noila Mo didn’t want to get in the car, for fear of staining the seat, and fear of being seen by passers-by of the blood stains on his pants, so he had to stand as close to the door as possible. With stomachache so dizzy, Noila Mo tried her best to support the body to make herself stand firm.

Just as Lin Yifeng left, Noila Mo’s cell phone rang.

She picked it up and saw that Allen Chu was calling.

Noila Mo answered the phone weakly: “Hello?” At this second, she really hated this man.

“Where? You forgot to return that paternity test to me.” Allen Chu’s voice was not even warm.

Only then did Noila Mo remember that the paternity test was indeed still with him. She frowned to hold back the pain, her voice colder than Allen Chu: “I’m at the entrance of the coffee shop, come and get it!”

Soon, Allen Chu’s car appeared far away at the intersection ahead.

He drove the car behind Lin Yifeng’s car, stopped the car and walked over to Xiang Hanwei.

Noila Mo leaned against the car door to prevent them from seeing her trousers. Pass the paternity test to Allen Chu: “Here you are.”

Seeing her pale and frowning, Allen Chu frowned imperceptibly. He took the paternity test, but didn’t rush away.

Xiang Hanwei was slightly upset, and pulled him back: “Let’s go!”

Lin Yifeng came over with a pack of sanitary napkins and saw Allen Chu and Xiang Hanwei standing next to his car. He was taken aback for a moment: “Chu, what a coincidence, why are you here?”

Allen Chu glanced at him, then at the sanitary napkin in his hand. The color of his eyes was as dark as night and dark as an ancient well: “Director Lin, are you?”

Seeing Allen Chu staring at the sanitary napkin in his hand, Lin Yifeng gave Noila Mo a little embarrassed: “I’ll help Noila buy something.”

Xiang Hanwei also saw the sanitary napkin, and felt sour.

What is the charm of Noila Mo? One or two men are wagging their tails around her! Director Lin is a talented person, white and tall, and even helped her buy sanitary napkins!

What a slut! It wasn’t enough to seduce a Allen Chu, and he went to seduce Dean Shen, and now he has trouble with Director Lin.

Buying sanitary napkins, isn’t this something a boyfriend can do? She didn’t believe that Noila Mo and Lin Yifeng had never slept with each other and killed her!

Noila Mo saw Xiang Hanwei’s unkind eyes and felt sick. She stretched out her hand to hold Lin Yifeng’s arm: “Yifeng, let’s go! Didn’t you say you want to invite me to the movie? If you don’t leave, you won’t be able to catch up! “

Regardless of whether the pants would stain the seat, she covered her buttocks with the bag in her hand, and got into the car gracefully. He didn’t even look at Allen Chu at all.

Lin Yifeng politely waved to Allen Chu and Xiang Hanwei: “I’m sorry, I’m not with you. Noila and I are leaving first.”

Che Juechen left, leaving Allen Chu with unpredictable expression on the side of the road and Xiang Hanwei with complicated eyes.

“Director Lin, I’m sorry…” Noila Mo bit her lip and apologized hard.

Lin Yifeng turned the steering wheel and smiled softly: “It’s okay. I understand.”

“You know?” Noila Mo was a little strange, Lin Yifeng knew why she apologized?

“Of course I understand. You just used me as a guise just to anger Allen Chu, right?” Lin Yifeng was a bit bitter in his heart, and Allen Chu’s eyes were too clear for him.

He knew that the eyes that were extremely angry and jealous, but desperately suppressed, were both men.

He is jealous. But Noila Mo didn’t even notice it. Her actions simply added fuel to the fire.

Noila Mo was even more ashamed by Lin Yifeng’s words: “I’m really sorry, I was so gagged.”

Lin Yifeng glanced sideways at her: “It’s okay, I’m happy to be used by you.” He parked the car on the side of the road: “Go to KFC to deal with it!”

With that, he handed the sanitary napkin to Noila Mo.

So considerate, so careful. Noila Mo looked up at him, smiling awkwardly and gratefully: “Thank you!”

Noila Mo walked into KFC under her bag. Lin Yifeng looked at her back and sighed in his heart. Why can’t such a good girl be her own?

However, it now appears that Allen Chu has a girlfriend, and Noila Mo and him should have been broken. I still have a chance.

Chapter 218

Noila Mo escaped from Lin Yifeng’s car and returned to his home. He took off his soiled trousers, took two more painkillers, and took a hot bath, which made him feel more comfortable.

Just climbed into bed and got ready to sleep when the phone rang again.

On the screen, Allen Chu’s name flashed green. Noila Mo stared at the phone screen and hesitated for a long time before answering the call.

There is no sound on the other end of the phone.

“Hello?” Noila Mo prompted, but Allen Chu still had no voice.

What’s up? Wrong number? Noila Mo was about to hang up when he heard a heavy gasp on the phone.

She pressed the phone closer to her ear, indeed, she heard it right, it was Allen Chu’s heavy breathing. Seems to be trying to suppress something.

It’s really crazy, shouldn’t he be with Xiang Hanwei now? Why are you calling yourself? Come to show affection?

Noila Mo got angry and yelled at the phone: “Allen Chu, please don’t disturb me again!”

After speaking, no matter what his reaction, he hung up the phone and threw it on the bedside table, pulled the quilt and fell asleep.

What shit man, shit love! In the face of interests, it is all nonsense!

It was noon the next day when Noila Mo woke up. It was only 8 minutes from 12 noon.

After waking up slowly to wash, Noila Mo opened the notebook and prepared to try some more resumes.

Sit and eat Shankong, she will have no more food if she doesn’t look for a job.

In a large piece of recruitment information, the name of a company called HSK is particularly prominent. This is the TOP3 company in the industry, only slightly inferior to Jiaying.

For Noila Mo, it was still very attractive.

After finishing the resume a little bit, Noila Mo was about to send it out. Suddenly I remembered that I had heard Lin Yifeng talk about HSK before. He is very familiar with the boss of this company.

After thinking about it, Noila Mo still dialed Lin Yifeng’s phone. The situation is better than others. If Lin Yifeng can help her introduce it, she should be able to get twice the result with half the effort!

“Hello!” Lin Yifeng’s voice sounded hoarse, as if he was in a bad mood.

Noila Mo swallowed the words from her mouth and asked concerned: “Director Lin, is it inappropriate for me to call now? Are you busy now?”

Lin Yifeng smiled bitterly: “There is nothing inappropriate. I am not busy, I have been fired by the company. In the short term, I won’t be busy anymore.”

what? Director Lin was fired by Jiaying?

Noila Mo was so startled that she couldn’t close her mouth together: “This… how could Jiaying fire you?”

Director Lin has outstanding performance and is the most proud man of the company’s Vice President Wang. He is indispensable for outstanding employees every year. How could you suddenly fire him?

Lin Yifeng tidyed up the personal belongings on the desk while pondering the words: “Mr. Wang said that someone above put pressure on him. Jiaying must fire me, otherwise the company will lose a lot of money.”

put pressure on? Noila Mo was confused: “Mr. Lin, have you offended anyone?”

Lin Yifeng shook his head: “Should not? The company has been quiet recently, and I have no chance to offend anyone.” He said, “Unless, the person I offended is not Jiaying.”

The offending person is not Jiaying, and Tongtian’s skills can force Jiaying’s president to fire a good management employee.

Who will this person be?

Noila Mo’s heart beat, and Allen Chu’s jealous eyes suddenly appeared in her mind.

She shivered sharply. Is it Allen Chu?

Yesterday Lin Yifeng was with her and offended him, so he forced the president of Jiaying to fire Lin Yifeng?

A little bit of anger came out from deep inside. Allen Chu is a scumbag! He doesn’t cherish her, but he doesn’t allow other men to approach her!

He can’t give her love and respect, and he doesn’t allow other men to give her care and respect!

Is there any man in the world who is more domineering and selfish than him!

Noila Mo angrily dialed Allen Chu’s phone.

The phone was picked up soon. Allen Chu gave a feed, the background sound was loud, it seemed to be in a meeting, and there was the voice of a man speaking.

“Allen Chu! Lin Yifeng was fired, did you do it?” Noila Mo didn’t go around with him, and directly questioned him.

Allen Chu walked out of the meeting room and raised his eyebrows: “Yes. It’s me. Why, you want to fight for him?”

Noila Mo became a little incoherent: “You really make me sick! In addition to bullying others, what else do you do? But if you have a little money, can you bully people like this? What’s so great about having money? Don’t you have to rely on nepotism? Do business with a relationship, hold the thigh of the second generation official!”

Noila Mo said more and more angry: “I despise you! When I think that I still loved you, I can’t wait to strangle myself! Having been with you, this is the biggest failure of my life! The biggest stain!”

“Noila Mo! You’re looking for death!” Allen Chu forced a word from his teeth, Noila Mo cursed righteously, and was about to stab him a few more words, suddenly there was a loud noise in his ears.

Immediately, the phone fell silent.

Deserve it! You must be so angry that you dropped your phone! Noila Mo thought about it, wishing to reward herself with a smile, but her face became so stiff that she couldn’t laugh at all.

In the meeting room, the executives of the Chu family heard the loud noise outside the door.

Everyone looked at each other. While feeling nervous, Allen Chu strode in. His face was blue, his eyes breathed fire, and his handsome face was full of evil spirits, like a messenger from hell.

Allen Chu has always been calm and restrained. Although he is strong and domineering, he still controls his emotions very well. The executives of the Chu family had never seen him like this before, and they were terrified in their hearts.

“The meeting is over!” Allen Chu issued a gloomy command, but his tall body suddenly skewed and almost fell to the ground.

“Mr. Chu, what’s the matter with you?” The executives were taken aback and rushed up to help him.

Allen Chu furrowed his thick eyebrows, his face was gray, and waved his hands impatiently at the crowd: “It’s just a pain in the mouth, just sit for a while, let me go out!”

Chapter 219

After waiting for a week, Noila Mo finally received the HSK interview notice. After a day of careful preparation, Noila Mo embarked on the journey to HSK with full confidence.

According to international practice, first fill out the visitor form at the front desk, and Noila Mo put the resume in his hand on the table and began to fill it out seriously.

Just filled in a few lines, suddenly someone patted her on the shoulder.

Noila Mo looked back and saw that she was a plump young woman with curling hair.

“Are you Noila Mo?” The woman’s tone was aggressive, very rude.

Noila Mo resisted the displeasure in her heart and nodded: “Hello. I am. May I ask who you are?”

The young woman took out a bottle from her bag, unscrewed the cap, and splashed it on Noila Mo’s head and face! Noila Mo didn’t react to a dark mass of things, exuding a stench, she was thrown all over by her!

“Ah! What are you doing!” Noila Mo covered her face with her bag and touched her face with her hand. Fortunately, it was just ink.

If it was sulfuric acid, she would be disfigured!

“You b*tch, tell you to seduce my husband! Tell you to make a molestation!” The young woman didn’t stop after splashing the ink, and rushed to Noila Mo to fight and fight.

“Are you sick? Who is your husband! I don’t even know!” Noila Mo’s defense was completely covered by the young woman’s roar. In the quiet hall, everyone looked over here.

The young woman didn’t stop, she took Noila Mo’s arm and cursed at the onlookers: “Look at it, everyone. This is the shameless fox who seduce my husband shamelessly. My son is five years old, and she keeps posting up. !”

Noila Mo was splashed with ink all over his face. He had been wiping his eyes just now, and had no time to fight back against the shrew. Now the ink on his eyes has been wiped clean, and his sight is clear. Hearing that the shrew was still spraying dung, he was immediately angry. Then, a high kick was fiercely, and it hit the woman’s waist violently, making her kick back several steps.

The young woman didn’t expect that Noila Mo, who looks thin and small, could actually do some punches and kicks. After two seconds of froze, she scolded even more dirty: “Look, everyone, Xiaobian B grabbed my husband and beat people!”

On the side of the hall, the golden elevator dinged sharply, and Allen Chu and a few men in suits and shoes walked out.

The tall figure was tall and arrogant, and frowned when he saw the chaos in the hall: “Mr. Li, your company’s public order needs to be strengthened?”

The man known as President Li also saw the scene of fighting in the hall, and shouted angrily to the security guard, and found that the security guard stretched his neck and looked vigorously, and his face suddenly turned pale.

What a price drop! It was easy to get on the line with the Chu family, but the contract had not been negotiated yet, and a fire broke out in the backyard!

In the middle of the crowd, a young woman with a full face and a long-haired woman with a face full of ink, words like “robbing my husband, shameful fox” floated in their ears, and Allen Chu frowned in disgust, and strode out of the building. go with.

His icy aura had its own aura, and the crowd of onlookers was also distracted, and spontaneously stepped aside.

Noila Mo and the young woman were in a stalemate, and they didn’t even see Allen Chu.

When Allen Chu hurried to the door, he suddenly heard a young woman with a face full of flesh yelling: “This cheap fox is called Noila Mo! Today is here for an HSK interview! You must see clearly! Don’t let this b*tch get into your company Up!”

Allen Chu’s footsteps paused. Turned his head and looked in the middle of the crowd.

The woman who was scolded as a mean fox had her hair drenched in ink and tangled into a mess, her little white suit was already dirty and her face was messy, but her big, clear eyes were so familiar.

Who is it if it’s not Noila Mo?

Like a telepathy, Noila Mo also recognized Allen Chu. After staying for two seconds, she turned around instinctively, not wanting him to see it.

Allen Chu saw such a shameful moment! She was so embarrassed and embarrassed that her tears almost fell.

Mr. Li woke up the security guard who watched the lively scene and was about to pull the two women together. Allen Chu suddenly strode over and pushed the fat woman away, dragging it past Noila Mo’s wrist. Go out!

President Li stared at Allen Chu dumbfounded, unable to fully understand what the scene was.

Allen Chu took Noila Mo’s wrist and dragged her out.

His hands were as hard as steel, and his strength was terrible. Noila Mo called out in pain, “Allen Chu! Let go! It hurts!”

Allen Chu’s face was stern, and he glared at her, without saying anything, dragging her all the way through the crowd to the underground garage, and forced her into the car.

Noila Mo bit her lip in embarrassment, trying in vain to wipe the ink on her face and hair.

“What’s the matter? Did you seduce that woman’s husband? Who is her husband? Noila Mo, I can’t tell, you still have this hobby! Robbing a husband! You are a good man! Shame on grandma’s house, if I were You, I will kill you!” Allen Chu’s words were as sharp as a knife, and his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

Noila Mo was embarrassed and embarrassed, but when he yelled at him so badly, the embarrassment in his heart faded, and his anger rose: “Which one of your eyes saw me stealing my husband? What about my embarrassment? With you Does it matter? Who are you? Why do you care about me?”

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