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Chapter 220

Allen Chu twisted her chin, a pair of sharp eyes kept seeing the depths of her eyes, his tone was cold: “You are embarrassed, it really has nothing to do with me!”

With that said, she slammed Noila Mo away, and stepped on the brake: “Get off! Go and find your benefactor!”

Benefactor? Isn’t this a term used by prostitutes? Allen Chu actually insulted her like this! Noila Mo trembled with anger, pulled off the seat belt and got out of the car, slammed on the door, making a loud bang.

Allen Chu stared at her far away back, the small one, dirty coat, so humble and pitiful in the sun.

The anger in Allen Chu’s eyes faded, and a corner of his heart hurt. Without thinking about it, he picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number: “Help me check, what is the origin of the young woman making trouble in the lobby on the first floor of the HSK today, the sooner the better.”

Noila Mo returned home and found that the door had also been splashed with ink. The door was painted with blood-red fonts, “Snatch a husband, a b*tch!”

Noila Mo was really angry with liver, she didn’t even know that fat woman! Who knows who her husband is! It’s really bloody mold!

Originally, this job at HSK was still very promising, but as a result of such a mix, everything was over!

Noila Mo was in a terrible mood, and he was not in the mood to toss about work anymore, so two days passed in a muddle-headed manner.

At noon on the third day, a strange phone came in suddenly.

“Hello? Hello!” Noila Mo answered the phone listlessly.

There was silence on the other side for a while before a female voice said with difficulty: “Noila Mo, I was too impulsive to do something, so you stop, can we stop fighting?”

The voice seemed familiar, but Noila Mo didn’t understand what she was saying: “You…who are you?”

“I am Liang Nuanxin.”

Liang Nuanxin? Noila Mo is even more inexplicable, she and Liang Nuanxin have not had much intersection recently, right?

“Oh, hello. I didn’t understand what you said just now.” Noila Mo said, but there was something vaguely caught in his mind.

Liang Nuanxin seemed to be crying: “Noila Mo, you must think it is vicious for me to find someone to splash your ink and disturb your work? But you think about me from my perspective. Salmon took it five years. He was willing to marry me in. After only three months of marriage, he was revealed to be having a tryst with you in City C! I know he never forgot about you in his heart! But our son is already five years old! What is it for you to stab him like this? Why do women embarrass women?”

Ah… It turns out that Liang Nuanxin found the fat woman that day! Noila Mo really admired the fierceness of this woman. She was in City A, but she was able to investigate her upright!

Noila Mo took a breath: “You misunderstood. Senior Shen and I just met by chance. It’s nothing more than a tea to recount the past. I don’t know which newspaper reporter is so dirty that he used that kind of headline to spread rumors.”

As the victim, Noila Mo asked herself to have a gentle tone, but Liang Nuanxin felt like a blow: “Senior Shen! Noila Mo! Can you stop calling my husband like that! You are a 27-year-old leftover girl, Pretending to be innocent, pretending to be pure!”

The hysterical voice was full of despair and pain.

Noila Mo suddenly felt sorry for her. A word of love, let Liang Nuanxin be so gentle, without dignity!

She suppressed the depression in her heart and tried her best to speak well: “I’m just used to calling it like this. If it makes you uncomfortable, I will call him Salmon Shen in the future.”

Liang Nuanxin’s hostility has not yet been eliminated: “Noila Mo, I know, you are backed by Allen Chu, the gold master, and you have been in the C City! What shameless means did you use to make Two men are so devoted to you? Allen Chu sent someone to smash my office building, and threatened to pour sulfuric acid on my face if I didn’t apologize to you! How long did you sell your body to make it ruthless President Chu is so caring?”

In the end, she was already a little crazy, laughing and crying: “Noila Mo, you are cruel! Our family is in the political world, but you can’t play wild ways! I will accompany you today! Your elders are large, please help me beg for Allen Chu, let him let me go!”

Noila Mo’s hand holding the phone trembled slightly. Allen Chu, Allen Chu forced Liang Nuanxin to apologize…

That day, he insulted her like that in the car, turned around, and then stood up for her. How many hearts does he have? Which heart is true?

Seeing Noila Mo not speaking, Liang Nuan eagerly wanted to hang up the phone: “Noila Mo, if you don’t speak, you agree. From today on, our well will not be offended by the river. Don’t seduce my family Salmon, nor will I Move you again!”

After speaking, he hung up the phone.

Chapter 221

Noila Mo held the phone and listened to the hollow beep inside, a heart, ups and downs, sorrow and sorrow mixed with sweetness, when he recovered, he found that he had been standing by the window for almost half an hour.

My heart was so hollow, I swiped my finger on the phone screen, turned to Allen Chu’s phone, hesitated again and again, but never dared to dial the number.

After dialing the phone, what can she say? What about a thank you?

He is about to be engaged to Xiang Hanwei. On his emotional scale, she is inferior to Xiang Hanwei after all.

Why bother!

Noila Mo put away the phone sadly, his heart was as messy as it was overgrown with weeds, sitting on the sofa, with him on the sofa, walking into the kitchen, there was him in the kitchen, lying on the bed distractedly, there was him on the bed!

Allen Chu is everywhere, occupying all her thoughts.

Noila Mo hugged her head madly, she would really be crazy if this continues!

Noila Mo grabbed her bag and rushed out the door. She needed to breathe a little different air!

Outside the community is the bustling commercial street, and Noila Mo is going to eat something first.

The phone rang, Noila Mo’s heart jumped, and quickly opened the bag and took out the phone.

The phone number of Salmon Shen was displayed on the screen. Noila Mo was disappointed in her heart, but still smiled and answered the phone: “Senior Shen…Oh, no, Salmon, are you looking for me?”

“Noila, I’m on XX Road, C City, is it convenient for you to come and meet?”

In a restaurant on XX Road, Salmon Shen and Noila Mo sat opposite each other.

“Noila, I’m sorry. Heart-warming her… She is looking for someone to deal with you. I only found out this morning.” Salmon Shen pondered hard.

A pair of amber eyes, with a little bit of pain and embarrassment, avoided Noila Mo’s sight.

Noila Mo shook his head, but found that he didn’t know what to say.

After pondering for a long time, she gently asked, “Salmon, do you love her mother? Do you love Liang Nuanxin?”

Salmon Shen seemed to be scorched by the hot coals, and his eyes trembled: “Noila, you should know who I love.”

“Salmon, you…” Noila Mo was about to speak, and Salmon Shen waved her hand to stop her: “Noila, you listen to me and finish talking.”

He was silent for a moment before slowly speaking: “I have known Nuanxin for ten years, and she is the mother of my son again. If I say that I don’t love her, it’s too disrespectful to her. But I can’t deceive myself against my heart. , Saying that I do have the kind of love between men and women for her. My heart-warming love is the love between relatives.”

Noila Mo raised his eyes to look at Salmon Shen, eyes wet with tears. Her Senior Shen, always so gentle, so gentle, so affectionate, never let her down.

If he told Noila Mo that he did not love Liang Nuanxin, she would be very chilling.

“Salmon, I don’t know Liang Nuanxin, so I can’t tell what kind of person she is. But there is one thing I’m sure of. She loves you very much. She loves you very much.” Noila Mo held back her tears and smiled. Xiang Salmon Shen: “As a bystander, I have no standpoint to make irresponsible remarks about your feelings. I only have a heartfelt saying: cherish the people in front of you.”

Salmon Shen also looked at Noila Mo, with pain in his eyes: “Noila, what you mean. I understand.”

What she meant, he understood.

She can’t give him the love he wants. Her heart has never really stayed on him.

Noila Mo’s mouth raised a pretentiously relaxed smile: “Salmon, in the future, if it is not necessary, we still don’t want to meet. This way, it will be good for you and me.”

If he still has affection for her, she deliberately pretends to be ignorant and enjoys a man’s care and concern for her, she really can’t do it. That way, it would be unfair to Liang Nuanxin.

Salmon Shen’s eyes darkened, and he lowered his eyelashes in silence. After a long while, he raised his eyes and fixedly looked at Noila Mo: “Okay.”

It is better to forget each other in the arena.

If you can’t be a lover, you can’t be a friend. As long as he still loves her, he will never be able to say “We are friends.”

After eating a meal in silence, Noila Mo’s heart was severely congested. The two walked out of the restaurant and looked at the crowds on the street. Noila Mo’s eyes became sore again.

It’s time to say goodbye. Separating the two cities, there is no intersection between each other’s work, perhaps, this is the last side.

“Noila, I heard Warm Heart talk about Allen Chu.” Salmon Shen said suddenly.

Noila Mo quickly apologized: “I’m sorry, I really didn’t know he would treat her like that, and I didn’t know beforehand.”

Salmon Shen shook his head: “It was heart warming that was wrong first, and I don’t blame him. Noila, I repeat the old thing, just want to admit a fact. I was really wrong back then. I thought Allen Chu was only obsessed with you for a while. I just know. He treats you sincerely. Noila, you let me cherish the person in front of me. I will give you this sentence.”

Noila Mo smiled bitterly and shook his head: “Me and him, there is no way to look back. He is going to be engaged to Xiang Hanwei.”

Salmon Shen’s tone was calm: “I’ve heard about this. Chu’s stock has fallen sharply a while ago, because of this incident, it has soared again. I guess there should be another secret behind the engagement. With Allen Chu There will be no such a buffer as an engagement for his personality. If he really loves Xiang Hanwei, he won’t be in love for three years before getting engaged.”

“What do you mean?” Noila Mo was silly, she needed confirmation from Salmon Shen’s mouth to soothe her confused heart.

Salmon Shen laughed a little self-deprecatingly: “After I met you that day, I collected various information about Allen Chu to study. He and Xiang Hanwei, as well as your relationship, I also have a certain understanding.”

Ah… Noila Mo’s eyes widened in surprise. Senior Shen, when was it so dark?

“Noila, I didn’t deliberately inquire about your privacy. But… I really can’t help but want to understand your current life.” Salmon Shen hurriedly explained: “Judging from the information I got, Allen Chu’s engagement should just be delayed. And a strategy to stabilize Xiang’s family. Allen Chu will not marry a woman he doesn’t love!”

Noila Mo looked at Salmon Shen, feeling moved.

This man really gave her all his heart. His heart is so pure and selfless, without a trace of dirt or dust.

Noila Mo stretched out her arm moved: “Senior Shen, I understand. Thank you!”

Just come for the last hug. This is the only memorial in this life and this world.

Salmon Shen hesitated, approached her and hugged her tightly. Tears fell from the corners of their eyes at the same time, light and heavy.

Chapter 222

After saying goodbye to Salmon Shen, Noila Mo walked forward blankly.

The world is so big, but she feels so lonely.

A family of three walked by the road. A beautiful little girl was holding her father in her left hand and her mother in her right hand, with a pink bow on her head, smiling innocently.

There is a mobile stall selling candied haws on the side of the road. The little girl stared at the big red candied haws with her big shiny eyes. The hand of the coquettish mother Yaoyao: “Mom, Mengmeng wants to eat candied haws!”

“No way! Too much sugar will break your teeth.” Mom speeded up, trying to pull the little girl forward.

The little girl turned her head to look at her father pitifully: “Daddy, is Mengmeng eating candied haws?”

The immature childish voice is so soft that people’s hearts are melted away.

Dad picked up the little daughter over his head and let her ride on his shoulders: “Okay. Dad buys candied haws for Mengmeng!”

The mother stopped helplessly, and said grotesquely: “Look at you, I’ve spoiled the child so lawless!”

Although it is grotesque, in his tone, it is full of happiness and warmth.

Noila Mo looked at the happy family of three, her eyes were slightly moist. If Sihan is really her son, how great! The sky is big, there is always a concern, a pair of small hands will hold her skirt, love her unreservedly, trust her.

There seemed to be a huge hollow in my heart, and when the wind blew, it was cold into the bones.

In June, Noila Mo couldn’t feel the temperature at all.

She walked aimlessly along the bustling street, lonely and deserted, and even the shadow was pitiful.

Just walking past the corner of the street, I inadvertently saw a black SUV with a license plate C**888. Noila Mo’s breath suffocated. There is only one in C city with such a windy license plate.

I want to walk away quickly, but my feet are rooted. There is a private club opened by Allen Chu nearby. His car is here, and he must be in the clubhouse.

I haven’t seen Allen Chu for several days, and there is no news from Sihan.

If it’s a chance encounter, can you just ask Sihan’s eyes by the way? Noila Mo used this excuse to convince herself that her deep desire to see Allen Chu became increasingly anxious.

She wanted to ask him, is what Senior Shen said true? Is his engagement with Xiang Hanwei really just a slow-down strategy?

Noila Mo hovered beside the car for a while, and had already attracted the attention of nearby security. The security guard stared at her intently, as if she was some car thief.

Noila Mo was very embarrassed by the security, there was a water right next to it, so she walked in and ordered a cup of fruit tea, and sat by the window to drink slowly.

Halfway through the fruit tea, a tall man walked out behind the palm tree opposite the clubhouse. Simple black T jeans, but he wore a star-like aura.

However, next to him, there was a beautiful woman who looked familiar, as if she had taken a certain shampoo advertisement.

The woman followed Allen Chu toward the car, her waist twisted in the stormy sea, and she was charming.

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