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Chapter 259

Nangong Che glared at him with a fierce look, making people tremble with cold.

“This woman, don’t touch.” For a moment, after confirming that she had escaped his sphere of influence, Nangong Che stared at Luo Fanyu and uttered these words blankly.

“What?” Luo Fanyu was slightly surprised, watching Nangong Che slowly turn around and walk away, sitting down on the chair like an elegant noble, and taking out a cigarette indifferently, his tall and arrogant figure has a frightening aura.

“Heh… I said what’s the matter with you? Do you know I want to touch her?” Luo Fanyu smiled and followed along.

“Will I not see what you are thinking?”

“——!” Luo Fanyu frowned.

“Well, I admit that I am a bit fancy about this woman. I saw her at Enxi’s banquet that day. I thought she was a daughter who came back from studying abroad. I didn’t expect that she was just an ordinary little woman, ha ha… “Luo Fanyu tapped his fingers on the tabletop, narrowing his fascinating eyes, “That should be better.”

Nangong Che didn’t speak, but just remembered Yu Muwan’s stubborn and pungent appearance, and sneered “hum”.

“I don’t care if you really like her,” he dusted the soot. “Anyway, you better not touch this woman.”

“Ha…” Luo Fanyu thought it amused, “What do you mean! Wouldn’t you want to snatch it with me?!”

“She didn’t have freedom before she found Enxi.” Nangong Che’s face sank.

“That’s your business, okay? Does it affect me to chase her?” Luo Fanyu exclaimed, his unruly eyebrows frowned, and he carefully looked at the inexplicable arrogant young master before him.

Nangong Che glared at him with a cruel look, Luo Fanyu obediently shut up, holding back his words.

“Let’s go,” Nangong Che got up impatiently, “Your taste here is getting lower and lower, just like you look at women!”

Luo Fanyu also got up, “Don’t blame others if you are in a bad mood!”

Nangong Che’s heart was indeed stuffy, and his handsome face was frosty. He remembered the pain and maintenance in Yu Muwan’s eyes when Cheng Yisheng’s phone accidentally called. The courage of this little woman… is too big!


The night is slightly cool.

Yu Muwan trot to the stop sign, feeling a mess.

She wiped a handful of cold tears, hugged her shoulders and warmed her body so that her body no longer trembles, reinstalled the phone that was smashed in her palm, turned it on, and luckily it was still working, and opened the communication log. In that line, the name “Yisheng” falls on the top “Missed Call”.

She bit her lip, and a trace of pain filled her, stimulating her to wake up.

However, there is still no way to sober.

The busy days for a whole few days did not dilute her soreness. The moment she saw the word “Yisheng” burst out suddenly, and she couldn’t help it.

Enduring the soreness of his nose to ease his emotions, Yu Muwan took out his mobile phone, trembling slightly, and dialed the number again.

“Sorry, the phone you dialed is turned off…”

The sweet voice of the customer service slowly sounded in my ears

He turned off.

Yu Muwan stood desperately under the stars in the middle of the night, with a clean little face, all the resentment was gone.

She laughed self-deprecatingly, hung up her phone, but tears filled her eyes.

The car lights were bright, and he swept over here—it was the shuttle bus that came, and Yu Muwan was nervous again and ran over. Standing on the swaying car, she squeezed her hands firmly to make herself stand still, thinking about waiting to see Qian Rou, the sourness that she had just swallowed slowly rose again

Chapter 260

In the nursing home, blurred light flooded the ward.

“Xiaorou!” Yu Muwan walked into the ward anxiously, just to see a man in white slowly covering the girl on the bed with a quilt, thoughtful and gentle, she was slightly surprised, “Doctor Lan!”

It’s so late, I didn’t expect him to be here with Xiao Rou.

“Sister…” Qian Rou heard the familiar voice and looked over her face wrapped in thick gauze. It was also a small face with a slap, and the younger Qian Rou became more exquisite and weak.

“Mu Wan, you are here.” Doctor Lan breathed a sigh of relief and finally waited for her to come.

Yu Muwan nodded hurriedly, put the things down and ran to the hospital bed to see her sister: “I’m really sorry that I have something to do at night, otherwise I can come earlier, what do you think, Xiaorou?”

Qian Rou shook her head, bit her lip lightly and said, “Dr. Lan helped me to remove the gauze and tested the sensitivity…not very good.”

Yu Muwan felt tight and touched her hair: “Xiao Rou, be good, take a break first, I’ll go and talk to Doctor Lan, okay?”

“En,” Qian Rou nodded, groping for her hand, and said in a low voice, “Sister, your hands are so cold.”

With sore nose, Yu Muwan settled down her well-behaved sister. After cleaning up her emotions, she followed Doctor Lan to the outside.

“This cornea was found by my friends abroad. Now in Hong Kong, it will take a few days before I can get to City Z,” Dr. Lan said slowly in a low voice, her eyes hanging over the woman next to her, so she could hear her head sideways. More clearly, “If it is convenient, you can have an operation within a month. Qianrou has been blind for too long. Recently, some infections have worsened. If you don’t do it again, you may not be able to see the world again in your life.”

Yu Muwan listened quietly, leaning on the railing with his slender hand, feeling the coolness sinking into his body along the palm.

“One month… it must be done, right?” She bit her words, speaking hard.

“This is of course the best,” Doctor Lan nodded, and paused after seeing the melancholy on her little face, and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong? Mu Wan, your complexion looks so bad.”

Yu Muwan was slightly startled, touched his face with the back of his hand, and shook his head: “No…I’m fine.”

“Doctor Lan, did you find this cornea for me, right? I know how many people are waiting for the cornea now. Situations like me and Qianrou can’t be waited for and can’t be drained at all, so I leave it to us. I can’t even think of such a good thing! Doctor Lan…I really don’t know how to thank you anymore.” Yu Muwan said sincerely.

Lan Yu smiled softly, “Didn’t I tell you? Don’t always call Doctor Lan, Doctor Lan, don’t say thank you for really helping me be a friend, but I heard something happened to you recently… Is it Sheng’s problem?”

Yu Muwan trembled at the mention of that name, don’t open his eyes.

“Sorry, did I say something wrong?” Lan Yu asked.

Yu Muwan shook her head quickly. She didn’t want to discuss Cheng Yisheng’s affairs with anyone. She didn’t want anyone to know about his betrayal and her pain.

“Dr. Lan, Qianrou’s operation should be arranged as soon as possible. I will find a way for the money problem and will not cancel it because of arrears like the last few times.” She took a deep breath, her eyes clear, and anxiously assured.

Lan Yu pursed her lips and looked at her, slightly distressed.

Since Qianrou went blind, she has worked hard for three years. It is not that she has had no chance or a proper cornea. It’s just that every time she gets stuck in the hospital because of money problems, she can only be robbed of the chance to recover. I remember this little woman’s always straight back, even if her eyes were red and her heart was painful and humiliating, she still insisted on not being afraid of being knocked down.

Chapter 261

“Mu Wan, I believe in you, but you also promised me that if you have any difficulties, just say it. Don’t think about the methods that are too dangerous or too hard, okay?” Lan Yu said softly.

Yu Muwan was slightly sour in her heart, but she smiled because of being moved and nodded.

No matter what, as long as Qian Rou can see again, she can do anything.

Night is night again. It seems that every reunion of hope and despair is in the dark night. She remembers the bright and luxurious banquet that day. She does not understand why Cheng Yisheng, who has always been low-key and gentle, would bring her to such a banquet. He only said that he was a friend. , Can bring her over to see what the upper world is like, she would rather believe, but did not expect that what she ushered in that late night was the most painful betrayal.

And everything after that, desperate, painful, earth-shaking, followed one after another.

Now, Qian Rou’s situation finally has hope. She will no longer be overthrown by those things. Even if there is no one behind her, she must stand firm on her own. Yu Muwan must let Xiao Rou see it. Come on!


The Liyuan Building in the early morning shone with dazzling light.

Yu Muwan arrived at the company early in the morning and was diligent and busy. She was a small clerk in the marketing department of this company. She also lived a simple life from 9 to 5. She wanted to work hard to collect such a large sum of money. How easy is it?

She bit her lip, dreaming about how to get the money as soon as possible, but she didn’t expect to be scalded by the boiling water from the cup.

“Hi…” She frowned and quickly turned off the water dispenser.

The hand hurts terribly, she ran to the pantry to rush, but was hit by a colleague passing by, frowning at her: “Mu Wan, why are you still here?”

Yu Muwan was slightly curious, and looked around for a while: “What’s the matter, what’s the matter?”

Raising his hand to look at his watch, his colleague said: “Hurry up, go to the lobby immediately after finishing. The boss will come to inspect today. You know, he doesn’t come very often in half a year, so prepare quickly!”

The colleague left after speaking. Yu Muwan was still stunned, but hurriedly took out a tissue and wiped his hand, tidyed up his clothes and went downstairs. She came to Liyuan for more than three months. She only heard about this mysterious and domineering boss from the crowd. He seems to have nothing special about him, but even if he doesn’t come to inspect for a few months, none of Liyuan’s employees Dare to slack off work, showing his prestige.

In the empty hall, employees in formal attire lined up in two rows with carpets in the middle.

Yu Muwan was slightly shocked in her heart, she didn’t dare to let out the atmosphere, followed the male colleague to the very end and stood obediently. She knew that this was just a walk, she just needed to pay attention to make no mistakes and bury her own.

Outside the company’s gate, the sound of brakes came, and the high-level personnel, dressed in solemn black and respectful faces, walked over. Someone opened the door, and a tall and strong figure came out with a cold and domineering face, showing a natural king. In the field, what the senior executives were saying in his ear, he ignored it, just opened his lips lightly, and left a sentence: “Just show me the quarterly report, no need to be wordy.”

“Yes, yes.” A thin layer of sweat on the forehead of the high-level executives quickly responded.

He walked fast, Yu Muwan was inconspicuous in the crowd, but the moment he saw him suddenly turned away from the face still attracted people’s attention, that action…too obvious!

Nangong Che’s fast pace slowed down, and he subconsciously glanced in an abnormal direction

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