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Chapter 232

There was a strange aroma floating in the air that I didn’t notice when I first got into the car because it was too faint, but as time went on, it became more and more intense and even a little pungent.

She braced herself to grab the door, yet her hands couldn’t make half the effort to speak, her throat felt like a block of something.

Gradually, the head began to feel dizzy, and the eyelids grew heavy….

The last second that consciousness existed was to see the driver remove his mask and turn to her with a grim smile.



Jenny didn’t know how long he had been unconscious.

Waking up again, it was to a cold snap.

Confused open eyes, the eye is a simple operating room made of cement, iron-gray walls with a cold sheen, the head hanging an incandescent lamp, white light shaking her eyes a little stinging.

Where is this…where?

Consciousness drifted back to the memory of trying to take a taxi to the pottery museum, and then falling asleep as if she had smelled something in the car….

She snapped awake.

Turning around, I saw two rows of glass pillars with clear liquid around them, bubbling with a piece of an unknown animal’s body, and many odd things hanging on the walls.

The air smelled sickeningly of blood and formalin.

She, on the other hand, was now lying on the operating table in the middle of the room, her hands and feet secured to the table by iron rings, like a lamb to the slaughter.

Here, where is this?

Jenny’s face changed, she struggled twice, but she only felt her whole body soft, unable to make any effort at all, and didn’t know if she was injected with something.

There was dead silence now, and she was the only one in the entire room.

But the silence, like the calm before the storm, was all the more suffocating and panic-inducing.

What’s going on here?

Wasn’t she in the car?Why are you here?

What is this place?

And who kidnapped her?

Jenny’s insides were confused, and at that moment, the sound of footsteps was heard.


The sound of high heeled leather shoes on the plastered dirt floor was as chilling as a death knell from hell.

Jenny tensed up.

Are her kidnappers coming?

Footsteps sounded far and near, and soon a familiar face appeared above her.

“Jenny, we meet again.”

Jenny’s pupils tightened.


She was followed in by four burly men.

She still had that gentle, soft smile on her face, but it was just how it looked in this environment, and how it smelled weird.

“What?Surprised to see me?”

Jenny frowned, understanding something almost instantly.

She said coldly, “What do you mean?”

“What do you mean you don’t know?Jenny!Now you’re trying to play dumb with me!Having fun playing with me isn’t it!”

Afterwards, she hit her with a vicious elbow to her chest, and Jenny was so cold that her chest hurt.


Is this woman going crazy?

She gritted her teeth for a long moment before the pain eased, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but what you’re doing is considered kidnapping, and it’s against the law do you know that?”

“Heh!You think I’m afraid?”

Clara came over and squeezed her face, hating her, “If you die in a place like this without knowing, who else do you think will know?And who will be able to do you justice!”

Jenny’s heart thudded.

Before she could react, an icy cold front was plastered to her face.

“You know what I hate most about you?You’re the one who knows what a good-looking face you have, but you still pretend not to know!Pretending to be noble and cold in front of outsiders, but in reality, they’ll do anything to seduce a man!”

“Heh!Do you think that if I scratch your little face, will Brother Asawa still like you?Also, if you get trashed here today, do you think you won’t be eligible to marry Biden Lu in the future?”

Clara’s eyes glittered with excitement and malevolence, holding the knife and scratching at Jenny Jing’s face.

The blade slid across the skin, provoking an icy shudder.

Jenny gritted her teeth and stared at her.

To say that the heart is not afraid is a lie.

After all, I don’t know what this place is, it looks a bit like an abandoned hospital or something, and there’s probably no one around.

Although she didn’t think Clara would dare to kill anyone, it would be enough to stab her twice in the face!

She said in a deep voice, “Does Rovell know that you’re doing this?”

“Don’t you dare scare me with Brother Asawa!”

Clara let out a sardonic laugh, “Do you think that Brother Azawa truly likes you?He’s just trying to be fresh, and he’s more or less unhappy that his stuff has been taken away from him.

But that’s all, it’s like a pair of unwanted slippers that you can’t take to someone else even if you don’t want them and leave them in the trash, don’t you think?”

Jenny Jing tugged at the corners of his mouth in mockery.

“I don’t know if I am, but the fact that you can think that means that in your mind, you’re worth just as much as a pair of slippers.”


Clara suddenly sneered, “Fine, still daring to talk tough by now, don’t you know what will happen to you if you come to this place and still dare to talk tough?”

Jenny snickered.

The eyes scowled at her, “Will you let me off the hook if I say a soft word or simply beg for mercy?”

“Of course not.”

“That’s not it?”

Clara stalled.

The heart was somehow fuzzy.

What does she deserve?

Why is it that when we’ve reached this point, people are still so calmly lying there and fighting with her?

Is she really not afraid?

Clara bit her teeth in hatred, and for a moment, suddenly smiled.

“You know what?I recently read that there is a maintenance recipe from overseas that uses other people’s faces to make wine to stay youthful forever, and the more beautiful the face, the better the results.

I have to say, I’ve seen so many people, but I’ve never had a face I liked as much as yours, and I knew back when I first met you at eighteen that you were prettier than I was.

So, you may never know how much I want it!Now that I happen to have this opportunity, do you think I should take advantage of it?”

She said, reaching up to caress her face.

The touch of cold fingers on skin was like a snake crawling, and it was overwhelmingly numbing.

Jenny Jing endured the rejection and impulse in his heart, tugged stiffly at the corners of his lips and said coldly, “Then it’s really an honor that you like me, am I supposed to feel honored?”

“Heh!You don’t have to talk tough with me, you know that, and now that you’re in my hands, I’m not going to let you off the hook.”

Chapter 233

“So what do you want to do?”

“Well, don’t worry, at least you’re my sister, I won’t really peel off your face and use it to make wine.”

She suddenly straightened up and took a step back, pointing to some men behind her.

“See?I prepared this especially for you, I just want to see if a man like Biden Lu is really that good and loyal to you.

I’m not going to kill you either, but I’m going to wait until you’ve been played and crippled and then throw you back, and then we’ll see if he’ll continue to feed you and spoil you.”

When Jing finished, he suddenly took a syringe from his pocket and drew a bottle of blue liquid from another bottle and injected it into her body.

Jenny struggled a bit, but it was no use.

She suddenly got a little flustered, “What are you doing?”

Clara snickered.

“Don’t worry, it’s not anything fatal, but it’s just something to make you stay more comfortable, after all, I’m going to let them play with your handicap, not play with your death, how not fun is it to die, don’t you think?”

Afterwards, she left with a smile and a pat on her face.

Jenny Jing’s face changed dramatically.

She wasn’t sure what exactly Clara had injected her with, but she figured it wouldn’t be anything good.

Those men saw Clara leave, which was why they all came this way.

Jenny stared at them dead in the eye and shook his head.

“Don’t, don’t come over.”

Her voice was a little weak, and the men, looking at her like this, all began to laugh wickedly.

“Baby, don’t be afraid, we’ll be gentle.”

“Come on, eon!”


Ten minutes later.

The whole basement was quiet.

Jenny was lying on the ground, no longer able to feel the pain from the wounds his wrists had worn out from the struggle, and his consciousness seemed to be pulling away from his body bit by bit….

My spine was a little cold, and my body felt like it was being soaked in an icy pool of water so cold that it was oozing chills out of my bones.

She knew that it was a phenomenon of vital signs passing away.

No, she can’t die!

The strong desire to survive made her bite her tongue hard, the clear pain summoning back some sense.

But not far from his feet, someone let out a muffled grunt of pain, struggling as if to get up.

She gritted her teeth and got up before the other party, then flew up and stepped on the other party’s spine seven inches away, and the pair conveniently went limp again and went quiet again.

She just breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

The last bit of strength was used up because of this kick.

She held onto the wall, trying very hard to get out.

But the further we go, the more fuzzy the consciousness becomes.

Willpower plainly made her want to try very hard to move her feet out of the way, yet her legs felt like they were filled with lead and she couldn’t move them.

She didn’t bob her head.

It was thought that the thing Clara had injected her with was supposed to be some kind of love aid.

Now, it’s probably not.

But whatever it was, it was just making her weak now.

She couldn’t continue to stay here any longer, or else she wouldn’t really be able to leave when Clara returned later.

Thinking this, she bit down on her teeth and continued her efforts to move out of the way.

I don’t know how long it took, but she finally saw some light.

She sped up and finally made it to the door.

As she had expected, this was an abandoned hospital on the outskirts of the city.

Presumably it was moved, leaving all the old equipment on this side, and the venue had no new owners coming in, so it was left to stay piled up.

Jenny tried to walk out, but just then, a footstep came from behind.

She turned pale and knew without thinking that someone was coming.

Fortunately, the other party wasn’t coming straight this way, so they didn’t notice her.

Only, when she actually stepped out, she realized that she was in a location that seemed to be a beach?

Presumably it was a sanatorium in the mountains or something, but that didn’t matter, what mattered was that the basement where she was being held seemed to have only one exit.

It was out of her luck that she had just picked the dead-end one when choosing a direction in the hallway.

Now she was lying on the railing, with the endless ocean to her left and the hallway where someone had just passed to her right.

Wherever you go, it seems to be a dead end.

She didn’t think that if she went to the right and got caught by Clara again, she’d have the luck and strength to fu*k over a few strong men with her bare hands and escape again.

Finally, after weighing the pros and cons and looking at the deep sea to the right and left, I bit the bullet, flipped out over the railing, and jumped in.


On the other side, 10,000 kilometres away, the hotel of Lu’s overseas branch.

Biden Lu had slept uneasily all night and was inexplicably a little panicked.

He had a vague feeling of bad foreboding, but couldn’t figure out where that bad feeling was coming from.

So early in the morning, he crawled out of bed at five o’clock and ran a few laps along the hotel’s greenway, but the feeling of panic was still there, and it hadn’t abated in the slightest.

He returned to the room with a sunken, tightly locked brow.

Just then, the phone rang.

A series of encrypted numbers were displayed on the screen, and it was an incoming call from Mo Nan.

His eyelids fluttered, and that bad feeling suddenly had a home, and he turned around to pick up a smartwatch he’d taken off and put on the table before bed last night.

Only the tiny red dot that was normally always online on the screen of his watch had disappeared, and his pupils constricted sharply.

“What’s going on?”He answered the phone, his tone cold as hell.

Mo Nan was a little guilty and even on the phone, she felt the low pressure in his tone.

The heart is not dreadful, but as dreadful as it is, this matter cannot be delayed, it must be reported.

“President, Mrs. She’s…missing!”


“It’s all my fault, my wife originally agreed with me that we had plans, but then something went wrong in the middle…”

Mo Nan gave a quick rundown of what had happened.

Including the account Jenny had given her before.

After half a ring, she only felt the air pressure on the phone getting lower and lower, and she was also anxious, so she asked, “President, I’m sorry, I know I should take full responsibility for this, but can we just pursue it afterwards, the most important thing now is to find the wife.”

Lu Jing took a deep breath and said in a cold voice, “Where are you now?”

“I’m in the Land Garden.”

“Get all city surveillance immediately, I’ll be right back!”

Fortunately, Biden Lu’s itinerary is to fly to a certain country in East Asia first, and then fly to the US tomorrow after finishing his business, so he directly asked people to transfer a private jet to take off immediately to return home at this time, which is only three hours’ mileage.

Three and a half hours later, Biden Lu returned to the land garden.

Chapter 234

On the sofa in the living room, both Mo Nan and Aunt Liu were sitting there.

Mo Nan looked chagrined, how could she have never thought that Jenny Jing, who had planned the whole thing out with her before, could actually lose someone in the end.

And Aunt Liu just never thought that Jenny would have an accident?

The door to the living room was pushed open and a man with a handsome brow appeared in the doorway.



They stood up together immediately.

Biden Lu’s sharp gaze swept over them coldly, then walked right over.

“Where’s the surveillance?”

“President!Here’s the results of a surveillance check ten minutes ago, the wife should have been taken away in a grey taxi.

Now I’ve hacked into the city’s surveillance system, but there’s no sign of the car yet.”

Biden Lu received the iPad and took a look at it, his eyes were cold.

Mo Nan still wanted to say something, yet he suddenly got up and walked out.

Her eyelids fluttered to catch up.

“President, I’ll go with you.”

A few minutes later.

The car was speeding down the Anshan road.

In the car, Biden Lu took a map and showed the direction that the nearby car was likely to go, in a circle.

“Mo Nan, you lead people to the southeast, along the way, pay particular attention to the more isolated buildings, the other side of this kidnapping can not be carried out in a crowded area, it is easy to reveal the traces, so he must have a private and quiet place.

And, you remember!The other side is likely to change cars midway, and you’ll have to watch out for not only that car, but other cars along the way.

Also, call Dr. Lin and tell him to be ready to go, now that it’s been several hours since the disappearance, she’s likely to be injured.

I’ll look southwest!Keep in touch with any news.”

Biden Lu calmly and quickly gave the order, Mo Nan nodded, then got out and drove another car to the southwest.

The phone rang, it was Auntie Liu.

Biden Lu frowned, suddenly a little impatient.


“Sir, that…should we call the police?”

He motioned.

“No police yet?”

“No, no!”

“Then report it!”


The phone hung up and the man sat in the seat of his chair, looking forward, his mouth curved in a harsh and cruel way.

Clara, you better pray it’s not you!

Otherwise, I’ll make sure you understand what it means to beg for your life and not to die!


When Jenny woke up, he realized he wasn’t dead.

Her heart rose in celebration, yet in the next second, when she saw the environment she was in, she burst out in a foul voice.

fu*k!What the hell is this place?

All I could see were material cliff walls all around her, and her whole body was hanging from a nearly broken branch, suspended in the air, with the raging sea below.

Apparently, she wasn’t killed by the fall, but she wasn’t far from it.

Such a thin branch had nearly snapped because of her weight, and if she moved one more time, the whole thing would fall off.

And the water splashed below, wetting her pant legs, and she could even smell the salty wetness of the seawater.


And I don’t know if it’s called stonewalling.

Had she known that Clara would do it so quickly, she should have asked Mo Nan to follow a little more closely.

And better than this.

Jenny sighed, feeling a little frustrated at his own missteps.

She looked around and didn’t see anything to land on.

The good news was that there was a rather large protruding pointy stone on it, she reached out to reach it and tried it, it was solid and should have no problem bearing her weight.

She then moved over carefully little by little, grasping the stone with both hands, and then her whole body left the branch and hung in the air.

The arm was pulled by a tremendous amount of force, producing a silky pain.

She gritted her teeth, good thing she had studied rock climbing abroad before and still had arm strength.

It was just unlikely to climb up to this place, and with her current strength, it wasn’t a good idea to do so.

Thinking so, she took a deep breath and looked around a bit more, and noticed a large rock not far to her left.

It looked like it would give her a break for a while, though.

But the rocks were too far for her to get past, which was unlikely.

When I thought about it, I grabbed the stone with one hand and quickly undid my belt with the other.

Fortunately, the dress she was wearing today had a matching leather belt.

Not only are they good quality and not afraid to break, but they are also long enough to fold together just enough to fit over rocks.

Jenny took a deep breath and blinked, pushing down the anxiety and panic in his heart.

Then a hard grip on the belt, hard, and a swing forward.

The tremendous force of the tear almost tore both her arms apart, but she managed to hold back, her body swinging slightly in midair.

Looking at the distance he was from the cliff, the force wasn’t enough.

The only way she could swing herself up the cliff now was to borrow the strength of her own waist.

As long as your feet land on the ground, there’s always a way to untie the rope and escape the hell out of this place so that you can actually survive.

Yet just then, the palm of my hand ached for no apparent reason.

It was like something had been torn apart and the pain was a little too much to bear.

Jenny paled and struggled to look upwards.

Only the sky overhead was blue, it was now early morning, and a thin layer of mist floated in the air.

And there were two shocking bloodstains on her hands, as if they had been cut out when she had just exerted herself.

She was slightly stunned, and only then did she notice that there was a buckle on the belt in her hand, and the edge of the buckle was very sharp, as it had a punk design style, so the metal used was something that reflected silver in the sunlight.

She gritted her teeth and tried to pull that buckle off.

But with her strength, how could she pull it off?

At this point, she couldn’t help but complain that the quality of these superlatives was so good that the buckles, which were obviously sewn on, looked like they were growing on top of each other and couldn’t get them off.

She sighed in frustration, never thinking that she would one day find herself in such a dilemma.

Do you choose to continue to save yourself, or stop and wait to be discovered?

Her mobile phone, bracelet all communication devices were missing and waiting for help was no doubt at her disposal.

She still had some strength left, and while it was dangerous to save herself, with luck and timely medical attention, she might not bleed to death.

But if she continued to wait here, not to mention whether her strength would hold out until then, who would think she was tied up here, just below the sheer cliffs that were a dozen feet high?

So, rather than leave it to fate, I’m going to take a chance.

Since God didn’t let her die in that chamber, he must not let her die here either.

Jenny had never been a person willing to wait, much less a person willing to sit back and wait for death.

So, once she figured it out, she powered up again and swung hard towards the cliff end.

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