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Chapter 295

The most fragile piece in Yu Muwan’s heart was stabbed in with a knife, painful.

She brushed the hair of her profile and shook her head: “I don’t know.”

Nangong Che was annoyed when she saw that she was moved by other men. He couldn’t wait to pinch her half to death, coldly hold back, and said coldly: “What kind of poison did that bastard put on Enxi? Hmm? Let her be here. She begged hard in front of her father. Once Cheng Yisheng dies, she will follow her to die. Whoever dares to touch the child in her stomach will bite her tongue and commit suicide!! She is accustomed to lawlessness!”

With a trembling tingling pain in her heart, Yu Muwan’s pale fingers gripped the seat belt beside her, and there was a desolate mist in her eyes.

The so-called daughter of the Nangong family, the pampered woman who has no worries about food and clothing, can also fight so bloodily for a man? They had already reached the point where “you die and I won’t live”, Yu Muwan, what’s your share in this?

The action of her avoiding the tears in her eyes deeply stimulated Nangong Che, and his arrogant and handsome face instantly turned pale.

“Distressed, don’t you?” Nangong Che’s anger burned, her big palm gripped her hair so hard that she was forced to raise her small face and approach proudly, “Yu Muwan, I warn you, since Cheng Yisheng is the death of Enxi Point, you can give me the farther away from this man, the better! If any of you irritates Eun-xi, you won’t have enough lives for you!”

Yu Muwan’s dissipated consciousness was awakened with excitement, and she looked at Nangong Che with full eyes. She had never felt that she was so depressed. The feelings that had persisted for five years turned out to be an absurd broken dream. She had to endure the pain for Xiaorou’s eyes. Let this man be humiliated.

Her pale lips trembled, and she said clearly: “Your sister is a human, and it won’t be irritated. My sister deserves to suffer. If you are upset, she won’t be able to come to the operating table. Nangong Che, don’t deceive people too much!!!”

The water eyes trembled, she was stubborn, and she did not give in!

Nangong Chejun flushed, his rage was approaching, and he shouted again: “What if I deceive people too much! You’d better remember my warning, otherwise you and Cheng Yisheng will die ugly, I don’t mind catching you again My sister’s fate!”

“Do you dare to touch her!” Yu Muwan’s tearful eyes carried heavy resentment and resistance, and shouted sharply, “If you dare to touch her hair, I will be very dead, and I will drag Nangong’en when I die. Hee goes to hell together!”

“Pop!” There was a fiery, crisp sound, sweeping across her face with a cruel palm!

Yu Muwan’s small white face turned sideways, blood-red palm prints slowly surfaced, and her scalp was also flushed by the big palms behind her head. This was not the first time she was beaten by him, and her mind buzzed. The sound came crashing with pain.

“Let me down…” Yu Muwan’s hot tears fell down, struggling desperately in the small passenger seat, almost collapsed and shouted, “Nangong Che, let me down!!”

Nangong Che hurriedly imprisoned her. Just now, his palm was so hot that it hurts. I don’t know how painful it would be to throw that slap on her face. He wanted to feel distressed, but was deterred by her little animal bite. Only by holding her hard can she stop her madness.

“Don’t make trouble…” He whispered and yelled coldly, “I’ll make trouble again, I will throw you off the viaduct!”

She is so considerate of her just by knowing the grievances and sourness in her heart. However, she doesn’t appreciate her at all, and the fierce struggle makes him all pained. This kind of woman… just has to deal with it!

“Okay!” Nangong Che frowned and yelled at the person in his arms, “Be careful I tied you to the company!”

When she really calmed down, Nangong Che still felt uneasy. He pulled the tissue in the car and threw it to her to wipe her tears. He frowned and continued driving without looking at her. When the car parked in his exclusive parking space in Lekyuan, she opened the door and walked down on her own as soon as the lock was opened. The parking lot was so far from the company gate, the back of her hand brushed her cheek, and her slender back was still straight.

Chapter 296

The Liyuan Building was glowing with silver luster, and Nangong Che’s tall and tall figure exuded a gloomy walk in.

In the office building on the top floor, a petite figure is already waiting.

Seeing him approaching with a gloomy expression, the figure took a step back in fear, still standing still, and cautiously yelled: “Brother…”

Nangong Che’s attention was then taken back from Yu Muwan’s tearful face, and he frowned slowly, “Enxi? Why did you come here?”

Nangong Enxi’s beautiful and charming face was scared, and he backed his hands back and said, “I asked the servant. They said you were in Liyuan recently, so I came here to wait for you early,” hesitated and said in a low voice. “Dad is at home. It’s too scary. I don’t dare to go back. Yi Sheng has a house outside. I will go to him temporarily.”

Nangong Che narrowed his arrogant eyes, extremely cold.

This little sister didn’t even want such a comfortable environment at home, so she went to live in a rental room with a man! Damn, if this kind of ghost news is caught by the media, he would really want to kill!

Loosing his tie, Nangong Che sat on the swivel chair expressionlessly, tapped a few words on the keyboard with his slender fingers and asked the people below to bring coffee up, and said coldly: “What are you looking for? What can I do now? Rarely, I can’t do anything with you, do whatever you want, I can’t watch you just die like that, eh?”

He raised his head, his eyes cleared and swept across her face without any emotion.

Nangong Enxi’s eyes turned red all of a sudden, bit her lip to end her tears, choked up and said: “Brother, don’t you hurt me…”

Such a pitiful look reminded Nangong Che again of Yu Muwan’s face just now, the same beautiful and moving, that little woman would never learn to be so coquettish and subdued. As a man, he would be more or less gentle. In fact, He didn’t want to be rough to her either, he felt distressed a lot when she looked so painful.

Frowning, he tapped a few more words on the keyboard and called for Yu Muwan to send it up. Knowing that the little woman probably doesn’t want to see her now, but by the way, he wants to know how she is now.

“Okay, don’t cry…” Nangong Che let out a low sigh, the arrogant and tall figure got up and went around, lowered his eyes to soothe Nangong Enxi, and said lightly, “I’ll go out for a while, and you will sit for a while.”

Nangong Enxi nodded obediently. She actually came to beg her brother for help. My father was still angry. How dare she to persuade, but let her brother persuade her. God knows she lives in that kind of ordinary and simple house every day. Up!


When Yu Muwan brought the coffee up, the palm prints on her little white face were still very clear.

She loosened some of her hair and went down to cover it, and walked in neither humble nor overbearing, with unbeatable fighting spirit in her clear eyes.

But I didn’t expect that Nangong Che was not there. She was greeted by a petite woman who was shockingly beautiful. When she came, she saw that she was playing with her curly hair and flipping through the papers on Nangong Che’s desk. That beautiful face, Yu Mu Wan met at a private Nangong banquet more than a month ago.

Nangong Enxi.

Yu Muwan took a deep breath and overlapped the woman who had been with Cheng Yisheng to the death in his head. Without speaking, he walked over and put down the coffee and left quietly.

“Hey, wait!” Nangong Enxi caught her sensitively.

Yu Muwan stopped, an elegant chiffon skirt made her beautiful, and said softly, “Miss Nangong, what’s the matter?”

Nangong Enxi also didn’t expect to see her here, and there was a sudden jealousy in her eyes, thinking that Cheng Yisheng had been with her for five years and she felt uncomfortable, but can it be compared now? They live together, love each other, and there is Cheng Yisheng’s child in her slightly raised belly!

“You are Yu Muwan, right?” Nangong Enxi walked around and looked at her coffee, with dimples in her smile, “You actually work in my brother’s company. Why don’t you say hello if you recognize me? My brother How could there be a rude employee like you?”

Chapter 297

Yu Muwan sensitively heard the irony in her words.

The light eyelashes concealed the light in her eyes, and she whispered: “If he comes back, please tell him that the coffee is delivered, I will go out first, and Miss Nangong will sit down slowly.”

Seeing her white and slender figure about to leave, Nangong Enxi suddenly became annoyed: “You are so presumptuous! I didn’t let you go. What are you going to do! This is my brother’s office, don’t you know who he is? The president doesn’t even know what it’s called, what’s the use of subordinates like you!”

With a hand on the doorknob, Yu Muwan’s eyes flickered with fog, and Nangong Che’s ferocious growl and slap in the car still remained in her mind. The corners of her soft lips were bent, and she secretly mocked herself. It turned out that she was useless. Can’t please that kind of man.

Seeing her cold and arrogant figure, Nangong Enxi became more and more uncomfortable, frowning and said coldly: “I tell you Yu Muwan, you will be fired today! I will let my brother be fired when he comes back. you!”

The sonorous and powerful voice fell in Yu Muwan’s heart, and finally aroused the ripples of her grievance and resentment.

Taking a deep breath, Yu Muwan turned slightly, clear eyes with stubborn reluctance and said: “Miss Nangong, I have to forgive others and forgive others. I haven’t offended you in any way. Please don’t be so against me? Cheng Yisheng is yours now, I don’t want it! But do you need to deprive me of my only job right?”

This pair of brothers and sisters, with the same temperament and methods, are equally unbearable.

“You don’t want it?” Nangong Enxi’s beautiful eyes widened and she was angry. He didn’t want to mention this to her, but was deeply irritated. He walked up to her and gnashed his teeth and shouted, “Yu Muwan, you b*tch, Don’t think I don’t know, he went to find you the first day he eloped with me!! I slept with him, don’t you know? I have his child in my stomach, don’t you know?! How can you be cheap So shameless you are going to hook up with such a man!!”

At the mention of Cheng Yisheng, Nangong Enxi’s voice became hoarse and stared at her fiercely.

Yu Muwan’s body was trembling, and her clear eyes were filled with despair. Why should she endure such an insult for no reason?

Looking at Nangong Enxi indifferently, she turned around and wanted to go out.

“You stop me!” Nangong Enxi hates being ignored the most, pinching her arm and dragging her back, “I haven’t said enough about who will let you go! Did you hear me leaving Z City? You don’t If you leave, I have a way to get you out of the way!”

“Hi…” Yu Muwan didn’t expect her strength to be so strong, her arm was scratched alive, and several red marks were drawn.

With a pale little face full of pain, Yu Muwan resisted the humiliation, and finally gave a polite warning: “Miss Nangong, please don’t overdo it. I am an employee of Liyuan, yes, but I am not a servant of your villa, you think Do whatever you want!”

“If you are really a villain, you won’t be taken care of if I kill you, you think!” Nangong Enxi was taken away by jealousy, and said fiercely, “I have to teach you today, see if you dare Dare to seduce my husband!”

Yu Muwan was caught off guard and staggered, frowned and moaned.

Nangong Enxi picked up the hot coffee on the table and wanted to pour it on her face. Yu Muwan’s small face suddenly became pale, and she moved quickly to break away from her entanglement and retreated to the side, but she didn’t expect that she still couldn’t escape the hot coffee. Sliding across an arc and splashing on her shoulders, Nangong Enxi was also wailed by the cup.

“Ah!” Nangong Enxi smashed the cup with a “pop”, jumped with fright, and glared at Yu Muwan, “Do you want to murder? You want to kill me, you!”

The office door opened, and Nangong Che turned his head slightly to say something to his subordinates, his eyes swept across the room, and he was taken aback when he saw the two women confronting each other, and then he heard Nangong Enxi cry to the utmost in shock. sound.

“What’s the matter?” Nangong Che felt a pain in his heart and hurriedly walked towards her with a frown.

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