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Chapter 984

Is not an outsider

Li Zhulan saw it, but also hurriedly followed in Ke Zhongtian’s footsteps. She knew that once she left Ke Zhongtian, she would really have nothing. She absolutely couldn’t Lost Ke Zhongtian.

Although Ke Zhongtian is not as rich and powerful as Sheldon, it is not a problem to let Li Zhulan eat and drink forever and lead a prosperous life.

Looking at Li Zhulan’s back, Sheldon also shook his head for a while. This is what a poor man must hate.

Li Zhulan does not deserve everyone’s sympathy.

A person who has no quality, no matter how much glory and wealth, is useless, he will be looked down upon after all.

In this regard, Sheldon did a good job.

Sheldon is very calm about people and things, and will not deliberately do anything, let alone play with his thoughts. This is why Sheldon can do Yaojiang Group so well and still receive The reason for the respect and love of so many people.

Some people succeed for a reason.

Fortunately, this episode of farce did not affect the mood of the three Sheldon.

Soon, the three of them rested again and resumed their happy mood and continued to play in the amusement park.

As a child, Lin Xueer, of course, quickly left these bad things behind.

Until late in the evening, Sheldonsan left the amusement park.

Lin Xueer was too tired to play, so she fell asleep in Zhou Nuo’s arms.

“Dong Chen, Xueer really had a great time today!”

Zhou Nuo glanced at Lin Xueer and said to Sheldon again.

Sheldon also nodded with a knowing smile.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen Cher smile as happy as today.”

Sheldon also agreed.

Although Lin Xueer usually smiles and yells when she sees herself, it is really the first time Sheldon has seen a smile like today, which shows that Lin Xueer is really carefree and worry-free today Playing.

“Dong Chen, thank you for taking me with you today. I haven’t been so happy for a long time.”

Zhou Nuo thanked Sheldon again.

“Zhou Nuo, you have followed me from the very beginning. In fact, I have always treated you as my relatives. Only with you can I have today.”

Sheldon also looked towards Zhou after hearing this. Nuo expressed his heartfelt gratitude.

Hearing what Sheldon said, Zhou Nuo felt as sweet as eating honey.

She did not expect that her position in Sheldon’s heart was so important, and she was really moved.

Although Zhou Nuo could not express her feelings for him with Sheldon, she felt that it was good to keep a sense of privacy in this way. At least as long as she could be by Sheldon’s side, that was enough, let Zhou Nuo Already very satisfied.

After returning to the villa, Sheldon asked Zhou Nuo to take Lin Xueer back to the room to rest.

Sheldon drove out again by himself. He was going to Tang Yuxin to see how Tang Yuxin’s mother Wang Yuehong was recovering. He also wanted to see if he could help.

After a ten-minute drive, Sheldon arrived at the villa where Tang Yuxin lived.

The place where Sheldon lives is not far from the villa where Tang Yuxin lives, and it only takes ten minutes to drive.

No, Sheldon just parked the car, and Tang Yuxin’s voice came from behind him.


Tang Yuxin shouted while standing at the door of the villa, looking at Sheldon.

After Sheldon heard it, he immediately turned his head and looked at Tang Yuxin, with an incredible expression on his face.

“Yuxin, why are you at the door?”

Sheldon asked Tang Yuxin curiously.

Tang Yuxin smiled and looked at Sheldon and replied, “I happened to go out and throw out the trash and saw you driving here.”

Sheldon also nodded to understand.

After speaking, Sheldon walked in with Tang Yuxin.

“Dad, Mom, Sheldon is here.”

Tang Yuxin reminded Tang De to Wang Yuehong who was sitting on the sofa in the living room after walking in.

Hearing Tang Yuxin’s words, Tang De immediately stood up.

Tang De and his wife also immediately looked at Sheldon.

“Little Chen is here!”

Tang De and his wife greeted excitedly at the same time.

“Yeah, uncles and aunts, how about I come to see you? Are you still used to living?”

Sheldon asked with a smile to Tang De and his wife.

“Oh, of course I am used to it. How could we be unaccustomed to living in such a good house, but you, so deliberate, come here to see us in person.”

Wang Yuehong immediately looked at Sheldon’s reply, not forgetting to praise Some Sheldon.

Sheldon gave everything they have in the Tang family, so of course they have to thank Sheldon well.

“That’s good, Auntie, how is your recovery?”

Then Sheldon asked Wang Yuehong again.

“I have recovered very well, now I can get out of bed and walk around.”

Wang Yuehong quickly replied.

Upon hearing this, Sheldon felt relieved.

But when Sheldon looked at Tang De, he found that Tang De’s expression was not particularly good, as if something was on his mind.

“Uncle, look at your complexion, are you encountering any difficulties? If you have any difficulties, you can tell me, I can help you as much as possible.”

Sheldon directly asked Tang De.

When Wang Yuehong heard this, he immediately gestured to Tang De.

“Old Tang, Xiao Chen is not an outsider, just tell him, maybe he can really help you.”

Tang De was also a little embarrassed and didn’t know how to speak.

“Senior, let me talk about it. This is the case. My dad quit his job because he moved. Now he is worrying about finding a job.”

Tang Yuxin couldn’t speak for a long time when he saw her father. So he told his father about Tang De’s troubles.

When Sheldon heard it, he thought it was a matter of greatness. It turned out to be just a matter of finding a job, which was just a small matter.

“Uncle, what kind of job do you probably want to find?”

Sheldon asked Tang De.

Tang De thought about it carefully, and then replied: “I didn’t have much education at first, but I am not afraid of hardship, not tired, and hard work is fine.”

This is really what Tang De said in his heart, he has no education. Second, if he has no skills, he only has strength, so he doesn’t dare to find what a good job, as long as he can support his family.

“That’s it, um… Uncle, I have a job over there, I don’t know if you are interested?”

Sheldon was stunned for a moment, and then asked Tang De.

Tang De immediately became interested when he heard it, and immediately cheered up and looked at Sheldon.

Wang Yuehong and Tang Yuxin on one side also showed joy.

“Yes, as long as you let me work, everything will do.”

Tang De immediately replied to Sheldon.

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