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Chapter 322

Yu Muwan’s eyes widened, and he suddenly reacted to push him. As a result, his green fingers only touched a piece of thick sweat and his hot chest. Nangong Che’s lips had already blocked her lips!

“Um…” The fierce and fiery k*ss began to raging.

Nangong Che deliberately k*ssed her deeply and deeply, pouring her own taste into her mouth, turning the river and the sea, and conquering the city. Her fragrant tongue kept hiding, and her struggle became more and more intense!

“Nangong…uh… let go…” Yu Muwan flushed and struggled and it was useless. His small face was pinched and controlled by his big hands, and he couldn’t do anything. He could only turn his head up and be k*ssed by him, and breathed. They were all taken away, and his mouth was full of his taste. The masculine strength and sturdiness made her obedient!

Panting violently, Nangong Che let go of her, staring at her blushing face, with shiny eyes, and asked in a mute voice: “What tastes? Is it salty?” His sweaty body must have tasted when she was struggling desperately. Arrived.

Yu Muwan’s chest was ups and downs violently, his breathing was short, his confused eyes fixed on his face, and he wanted to slap him angrily!

“You let me go! Or I will fight you hard!” She called him with staring eyes, tears in her eyes.

Nangong Che wanted to laugh, but he frowned slowly when he saw the tears gathered from her, this woman! Are you so wronged even by him? !

The blue veins on her forehead slowly violently violently, Nangong Che pressed the anger in her chest and slowly rubbed her hair, and gently pressed against the tip of her nose and said: “Don’t cry…Well? I’m just making a deal with you. Do you think I really take advantage of you? You also know that I can get any woman I want. Now I want you, what are you doing?”

The ambiguous whispers also had a taste of arrogance and nobility. Yu Muwan raised his eyes, with hatred in his misty eyes, and trembled: “What is it like to be forced to do this kind of transaction! Nangong Che, I don’t I owe you, why do you want me, I must not resist and obey you! Why do you want me to be grateful for you! You are crazy!”

Nangong Che’s eyebrows slowly frowned.

“I finally know how bad your woman is!” Nangong Che cut his teeth and drank, slowly tightening her hair and suddenly applying force, Yu Muwan bit her lip painfully, but still stared at him with hatred.

“Does it hurt? Ask for mercy if it hurts!” Nangong Che was so angry that she must be forced to beg for mercy today!

“…” Yu Muwan looked pale, frowned and stared at him with tears, and said stubbornly, “No! I won’t beg you when I die!”

“You!” The blue veins on the back of Nangong Che’s hand were violent, and she was about to tear her scalp off, feeling that she would not be relieved after strangling her, and there was still a little bit of pain! With a sneer, he gritted his teeth and said, “Yu Muwan, don’t blame me for treating you like this!”

Yu Muwan tremblingly closed his eyes, ready to admit his fate, but he grabbed it and pulled it out of the gym.

She stumbled and followed him, and was thrown into the small sofa in the living room on the second floor, looking at him with fear in her eyes.

She didn’t know what this man wanted to do. She had touched the dragon’s beard many times. If he wanted to fix her, she couldn’t hide it!

With a “bang”, a cup of water was placed on the table. Yu Muwan was startled, staring blankly, and Nangong Che’s sullen voice came over his head: “Take medicine!”

Yu Muwan still did not react, until he saw the small pill in his palm, his heart was suddenly grasped!

She raised her head suddenly and stared at him: “You–“

“Eat first and I will settle the bill with you! Remember, you can’t run!” Nangong Che’s handsome face was cold and cold.

Yu Muwan slowly shook his head, enduring the huge waves in his heart, and resisted clearly every word: “You take this thing farther for me, I have eaten it yesterday!”

And he was forced to eat it, she remembered it clearly!

Nangong Che sneered: “How do I know how long the effect of that medicine lasts? You would be wrong if you want to get through it! Give it to me quickly, I don’t want to cause any more trouble, damn woman!”

Yu Muwan was trembling with anger, but he wanted to get up but he couldn’t move in the seat. She could only complain with tears: “What is the trouble? I stayed in the nursing home well yesterday, who asked you to bring me back! You! It’s nothing more than forcing people. You can’t even take protective measures. If you say you are a beast, are you a real beast?!”

Her eyes were hazy with tears, and she really cried when she said one more sentence. Nangong Che looked at her in a daze, and the next moment her heart hardened again. His handsome face blushed and said indifferently: “Don’t talk to me, it’s useless! It’s you! Or do I feed you?!”

A drop of tears fell heavily, and Yu Muwan stared at him for a long time, his voice trembling, and his anger seemed to be floating: “Do you know that this medicine is harmful? Nangong Che, you forced me to take it twice yesterday. You still have humanity. Is it my body? Nobody loves me, I will love myself! Take your troubles to me, don’t let me see you again, I hate you all my life, I hate you to death!!! !”

As she said, she struggled desperately, like a desperate trapped beast, wanting to escape this cage, wanting to escape this place where she can’t understand people at all, don’t stay here anymore, she will go crazy!

“Yu Muwan, be honest with me!” Nangong Che sensed her strength, and felt that she would escape completely if she loosened it a little bit, and couldn’t help but yell at her!

After violently gasping, Nangong Che’s eyes were in a daze. Of course he knew that such a thing was not good, but this woman just made him angry, and she wouldn’t be suffocated without a lesson!

“Listen, of course there will be women in this life who can conceive my child, but it’s not you! Yu Muwan, if you are acquainted, you can eat it for me, otherwise you don’t want to get out of Nangong’s door!” Nangong Che suppressed Her, hot breath sprayed on her face.

He also promised in his heart that this was the last time he touched her, and the last time he let her eat this kind of food!

This woman, he couldn’t help but touched her twice, never again! He, Nangong Che, shouldn’t be entangled by any woman, and no one should really make him take it seriously. 1

Her whole body was sore and sore that she couldn’t move a single move. Yu Muwan gasped for breath, and instantly felt that she had reached the end of the world. In this huge villa, everything so luxurious and noble could not resist this man beast. Inferior words, she can’t struggle, can’t escape the fate of being humiliated and bullied like this!

The lips were bitten and bleeding, and there was a hint of sweetness in his mouth. Yu Muwan’s tearful eyes stared at him and said dumbly: “Okay, I will eat… But Nangong Che, remember that you are today How to treat me, one day I will personally retaliate to let you taste this kind of taste, I Yu Muwan did what I said, as long as I am not dead, I will honor it!”

She finished speaking in a hoarse voice, removed her cold and icy eyes, grabbed the pill in his hand and swallowed it, then took the water glass and drank water, tears slid down the corners of her eyes to her neck, and it was cold.

Watching her movements, Nangong Che felt complicated colic in her heart.

I wanted to hold her in his arms to comfort her and said that this was the last time and never again, but in any case, he was blocked by dignity and face, unable to do it, he clenched his fist and released it, slowly getting up and saying : “I’ll wait for you downstairs, come down for breakfast.”

He was gone, and the world was quiet.

Yu Muwan kicked off his shoes and curled up on the sofa, wiped away tears with the back of his hands, and sat up startled.

She sat like this for half an hour. During this period, a servant came up several times and asked her to eat breakfast. She silently shook her head and refused. The servant tried to comfort her for some reason, but it didn’t work. Reply to Master.

Nangong Che’s face was terribly cold–no?

Humph, it’s best to starve her to death!

The servant came up for the last time and said, “Miss Yu, Master’s car is already waiting downstairs. Would you like to leave?”

There was a slight movement in Yu Muwan. She got up and put her shoes on, and walked downstairs without even washing her face. The black luxury car parked in front of the villa was still noble and elegant, with a smooth arc. She was in a daze and went away. When I got into the passenger seat, I didn’t even look at the man next to him.

Nangong Che had been waiting for her to speak but couldn’t wait for the slightest sound. For a while, he remembered how she irritated herself in the gym, thinking about how to teach her.

This woman, he must make her ask for mercy! Not every time she stared and shouted at him, “Nangong Che, you remember me that I will retaliate!” This feeling is simply terrible!

“Recently, Liyuan’s partner investigation is going to be conducted. Go back and find out the information. After finishing them one by one, you will sort them out and send them to me. If you can’t finish them, you are not allowed to go back!” Nangong Che thought for a while and ordered coldly.

Yu Muwan nodded simply: “Okay, I will finish today, regardless of my overtime pay.”

Nangong Che looked at her in the rearview mirror, mockingly said, “You are too beautiful to think about it!”

“Liyuan has hundreds of partners. If you don’t think beautifully, how can you let me do it in one day? Have you always been so visionary when you are a boss?!” Yu Muwan’s clear eyes were the same. With stern irony.

“You…” Nangong Che was choked with anger again.

“Okay, I’ll pay you overtime! If you don’t finish it, you will die!” He turned the car around and said cruelly.

This woman is like this, even if one or two soft words are unwilling to say, every time he has such a little pity, she is exhausted! How can there be such a stubborn woman in this world? !

Yu Muwan’s bushy long eyelashes drooped down, and he regretted it.

She also knows how difficult this work is. It is really exhausting to do it alone. Generally, this kind of work takes a team of three to four days to complete. What should she do by herself?

Biting her lip lightly, she realized that the lip flap had long been broken and it was a little painful. She had to hold it in her mouth to warm it, thinking about the way.

Can God give her a pair of wings? That way she can run away, stay away from this man.

Chapter 323

Until the company, Yu Muwan never said a word to Nangong Che again.

When she got out of the car, her mobile phone rang, her expression was gentle when she saw the caller ID, and her voice softened. Nangong Che looked a little annoyed and didn’t know which man she was talking to, and finally frowned slightly. Sincerely said “Lan Yu, thank you”. He was really hot for doing it.

“It seems that you have really found a backer. Why, how much did he pay to treat your sister, huh?” Nangong Che’s tall and straight body leaned on the seat, and his deep eyes swept across him coldly and beautifully in the sun. Little lady.

Yu Muwan’s clear face was full of worry and embarrassment. When she hung up the phone, she saw Nangong Che’s cold and arrogant expression, and her face suddenly sank.

“It’s none of your business! Also, don’t think of me with your nasty thoughts, it’s dirty!” Yu Muwan said with a frown, with a weak face full of seriousness, “I can find any man, as long as it is not you!”

After she had finished speaking, she turned around and left, letting Nangong Che narrow her eyes behind her, her fists slowly clenched with hatred.

All day long, the soreness of the body was no longer worth the sad cloud in Yu Muwan’s heart.

Originally, it didn’t matter if she was wronged or bullied in the future, as long as Qianrou’s things got better, Lan Yu had just called and said that she had contacted a foreign hospital. She wanted to relax, but there was still a funding problem.

With her white fingers on the landline, Yu Muwan wanted to call to ask questions, but she hesitated and stopped. She decided to wait until after get off work to ask questions by herself. Those people clearly said that there was no problem!

Besides, there is still a whole day of heavy work waiting for her.

Slender fingers rummaged through the information, filling them in carefully one by one, sorting them into documents, including previous cooperation cases, result analysis, difficulty analysis, and future prospects. Yu Muwan filled them in very seriously.

Taking a breath, Yu Muwan’s clear eyes swept across the full data cabinet, encouraging herself, come on, and I will be able to finish it today!

The phone on the table rang, and she picked it up: “Hello, this is Yu Muwan.”

“Mu Wan.” The familiar male voice came.

The voice was too familiar. Yu Muwan’s thick eyelashes trembled, and his face was cold and he wanted to hang up, but Cheng Yisheng said in a cold voice, “Don’t hang up, Muwan! Wait for me to finish!”

She put the phone on her ear and said nothing.

Cheng Yisheng’s voice was dull, as if he had drunk, full of sarcasm and hatred: “Mu Wan, do you know what you did? Did you spend time at Nangong’s house last night? You went to bed with Nangong Che again Isn’t it? You don’t have to deny it! I saw you coming out of his room!”

Yu Muwan’s face was slightly pale, she didn’t speak, but looked at the scenery outside through the window.

Large swaths of clouds floated as if they were getting farther and farther away. Everything flashed in her mind with this man for five years. The dream was just as unreal. Her eyelashes trembled, and a sad mist of water slowly rose up.

“Do you know Muwan? Before I came back, I always thought you were the purest angel… But I didn’t expect you to be so dirty too! So dirty!” Cheng Yisheng was drunk and muttered, “I didn’t Have you ever said that I can raise you? You can do whatever you want after I get married with Enxi, why do you want to sell yourself! You can be so unloved! Don’t you know that Nangong Che has a fiancé? You can be so shameless Be his mistress!”

A sharp pain struck her heart, Yu Muwan’s lips trembled, her hand propped on the table, and she took a deep breath and yelled angrily: “Cheng Yisheng, please let me sober up. The person who really shamelessly posted the Nangong family is you, not me! It was you who took away the money from my surgery for Qianrou and betrayed our love, and you made me have to send someone under the fence to be bullied. Why are you accusing me here?!” Tears flickered, Yu Muwan screamed There was a broken voice, “…get away, I don’t want to see you again!”

Yu Muwan was so humiliated by the man who had been in love for five years, Yu Muwan wanted to make herself suffocated, her hands still trembled violently, she hung up the phone and even pulled out the electric panel and threw it aside, panting quickly.

There was a slight pain in the abdomen, Yu Muwan subconsciously covered it, biting his lip to endure.

She didn’t know what was wrong with her, and she was so angry that her stomach hurts.

Sitting on the position holding her breath, she rested on her stomach for a long time without any relief. Yu Muwan’s delicate eyebrows slowly raised and tightened. She didn’t understand or why all she encountered Such a bastard man? !

A strong soreness lingers in the nose, thinking of the scene where Nangong Che forced herself to take medicine in the morning, she wanted to kill him, but now she suddenly has no strength at all, pressing her white fingers on her abdomen, she curled up in pain.

After Nangong Che walked to the office after the meeting, he caught a glimpse of this picture.

“Who allowed you to sleep here during working hours!” “Bah!” With a sound, a pile of documents fell on her desk, and Nangong Che’s arrogant figure slowly stretched out on both sides of her, and the cold voice brought a strong voice. Of oppression.

Yu Muwan trembled for a while, raised his head with horror and surprise in his eyes, and when he saw him, his eyes were full of resentment and disgust.

“I didn’t sleep, I just didn’t feel well. Let me lie down for a while.” Yu Muwan took a breath, her clear eyes flashed with stubborn light.

“Don’t make excuses for me!” Nangong Che’s body was lowered, with murderous eyes in his deep eyes, “Yu Muwan, if you dare to provoke me, you will dare to bear the consequences. If you can’t finish it today, you will die! “

Yu Muwan opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly there was a more severe colic in his abdomen! She hurriedly held it down with her hand, her pale little face lifted, and frowned, “Don’t worry, I will do what I say!”

“That’s the best!” Nangong Che ignored the weakness on her little face, and left with awe.

Yu Muwan turned his head, his body trembled.

As if it was just a moment, the pain in her abdomen became so intense, her forehead was full of thin sweat that she endured, and after Nangong Che left, she couldn’t wait to ran to pick up some hot water, and sat down on her seat to drink. .

However, it was useless.

Drinking three cups of hot water in a row was useless. Yu Muwan’s tender fingers were pale in pain, curled up in position, his brows frowned, and his eyes were dizzy.

Yes, she regretted it, she shouldn’t be so stubborn.

I don’t know what the pain is. She obviously hasn’t reached her menstrual period, but she feels as if she hasn’t had this pain in hundreds of years. Yu Muwan braced herself and summoned the courage to walk towards the president’s office.

After knocking on the door, twisting the handle gently, Yu Muwan’s quiet and snowy face was weak with sweat, steadying her voice and softly said: “Nangong Che, can I discuss something with you? I…” She was thick. The eyelashes were trembling and drooping, alleviating the pain, and then said, “I am really uncomfortable, can I do it again tomorrow? I promise to finish it. You won’t be in a hurry for these two days, right?”

Nangong Che’s ink-colored figure is like the Satan in the dark night, his cold eyes swept away, and it was full of freezing haze.

“Go back and finish it, or I don’t mind throwing you off the top floor!” he said elegantly, his melodious voice filled with bone-thirsty coldness.

“You…” Yu Muwan paled, trying to reason with him, but she didn’t have any strength.

What a cold-blooded man! She bit her lip and cursed and closed the door bitterly.


Almost in the evening, the pain in her abdomen made her more and more intolerable. She accidentally wrote a line wrong, rubbed it, and started again.

The hour hand was pointing to the hour, and the employees on the entire floor got off work one after another. Yu Muwan looked up and frowned slowly, feeling that the pain in her lower abdomen was getting worse and worse. She could still resist writing and thinking, but now I can’t do anything at all.

Putting down the pen, she was trembling with pain, and her thin chiffon skirt was wetted with sweat from her limbs.

A strand of hair on her side pressed against the skin, making Yu Muwan’s face paler and paler. She raised her wet eyelashes and moved the mouse to search the Internet, “What is the cause of the severe abdominal pain?” Menstrual cycle disorder or disorder. Fluid disorders? After searching for a long time to no avail, Yu Muwan glanced at the data cabinet, and most of the progress had not been completed yet.

What to do…

“Huh, I really admire your speed. Is this what you did?” The crisp sound of leather shoes made Yu Muwan wake up a bit from the pain, looking at Nangong, who did not know when he came to his table. Che, the heart tightened for a while.

“I said I’m sick, can I ask for leave? I don’t want to pay for overtime, can I help you do it tomorrow?” Yu Muwan opened her mouth to realize that her voice was hoarse and weak, and her slightly frowned eyebrows made her It looks pitiful.

Nangong Che sneered, leaned over to restrain her slender body, and cut her teeth coldly: “If you can’t finish it, just sit here until you finish it! Otherwise I will make you more uncomfortable!”

Yu Muwan trembled all over, regardless of the hoarse voice, raised his stubborn and resentful face and reasoned with him: “Nangong Che, don’t you have any brains? These materials are clearly on file and you didn’t give it to me. Why should I organize this by myself? Thousands of materials and they are all written by hand! If you want to fix it, I just say directly, don’t bully people like this!”

Throughout the day, the intense soreness and grievance made her almost cry, but she still resisted and stared at him bitterly.

A big hand stretched over to pinch her fragile neck, Yu Muwan’s fingers covering her abdomen quickly covered the back of his hand so that he would not be strangled to death. Nangong Che’s cold eyes swept the storm, staring at her with tears flickering He cut his teeth and said, “Listen to me, and you won’t be allowed to go back if you don’t finish it! If you dare to leave here, one step will make you look good!”

The imprisonment of the big palm made Yu Muwan on the verge of suffocation again. She was too familiar with this feeling, the feeling of being taken away from her breath, this man gave her too many times!

The tears flickered more intensely, Yu Muwan’s lips were pale, she was not subdued, she was unable to speak at all!

As soon as Nangong Che let go, she coughed desperately, her hands on the table, her face pale as paper.

With a cold snort, the man next to him has strode towards the elevator on the edge of the floor, locked the glass door with his fingerprints, and got on the elevator with a grudge. Does this damn woman think it’s all right to pretend to be pitiful? !

Yu Muwan really became nervous when she heard the subtle noise. She looked towards the glass door, and it was indeed locked.

God… Is she really unable to get out?

Enduring the severe pain in the abdomen, Yu Muwan got up to check the electronic lock on the door. She couldn’t open it with her employee card. After swiping it several times, it was a reminder of “no authority”. She bit her lip and stepped back. Looking at the tall and transparent glass door in one step, he was suddenly hopeless.

She can’t get out.

A trace of despair flashed on her pale face, Yu Muwan walked back, reinstalled the phone’s electric board, smoothed her hair and continued to work. She knew that she had to call Nangong Che after finishing it today before she could go out. Opportunity, no matter how painful, she didn’t want to spend the night alone in this cold and dark building.

The night is getting colder and colder.

There was no dinner to eat, and the water in the drinking fountain was about to be drunk by her. Yu Muwan was clutching his increasingly painful abdomen, laughing at herself as the body was really anxious and weaker, but in the next moment, she would lose her strength. I couldn’t laugh anymore, the colic became torn, starting from the uterus, and immediately swept through her limbs.

In the huge office building, a petite figure curled up with a pale complexion, and the pen fell from her hand and fell to the ground in a black stain.

Yu Muwan raised her pale face, picked up the phone with trembling fingers and dialed Nangong Che’s number. This was the first time she called him. It was when she was too painful to stand it anymore, but the ringtone only rang three times. The sound was hung up.

He won’t answer.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t in the service area, nor was there no one to pick him up, but he clearly saw that it was her, but he just hung up.

Yu Muwan’s last hope was extinguished, her pale fingers tightly gripped the phone and she didn’t know who else to call, she curled up in her position and whispered: “Mom…I am about to die of pain… “

The relatives who have passed away many years ago are her only spiritual sustenance at this moment.

Yu Muwan stood up strong and decided to go to the electronic lock to copy the phone number of the company security guard, but when she stood up, she felt a fatal dizziness. She held on to the partition, but still couldn’t resist the overwhelming darkness. And the warm current that suddenly tore in the body…


It wasn’t until twelve o’clock at night that Nangong Che finished socializing.

He sent someone to send back the group of guests from the Philippines first. With his deep eyes still energetic, he grabbed the key and drove back to Liyuan alone.

He wanted to see if the dead woman Yu Muwan did her job, she would be dead if she didn’t finish it!

She knew now that she begged for mercy, where did the arrogant energy go when she provoked him? ! Nangong Che’s face was blue, as he drove loose his tie, annoyed at the thought of her trembling with pain and refused to give in to him.

No one should hurt such a woman!

Walking to the floor strode, it turned out to be quiet, there was no sound, Nangong Che’s face became colder, huh, he guessed right, this woman should have fallen asleep! See how he cleans her up!

Chapter 324

But as I got closer, I realized that there was no one in her position.

“Damn it!” Nangong Che cursed in a low voice, thinking that if she dared to run, she would make her suffer.

When she walked to the partition, she saw that there was no sign of her. Nangong Che’s face was gloomy like hell, and a bloodthirsty breath burst out of his deep eyes. He turned and walked back, but suddenly kicked something.

He looked down and was surprised to find that Yu Muwan fell to the ground crookedly, without a trace of anger.

The alarm in Nangong Che’s heart was overwhelming, his face turned pale, he pulled Yu Muwan on the ground and held it in his arms, and said coldly: “Yu Muwan, you wake me up!”

What happened to this damn woman? !

With the weak orange light on the workbench, he could vaguely see that Yu Muwan’s white chiffon skirt had long been stained with blood, and blood was constantly pouring from her slender legs, staining the ground scarlet. .

“Damn…what’s wrong with you?! Wake up!” Nangong Che frowned, eyes burning with scorching flames, holding her with distress and looking at her pale face, a pain in his heart!

Yu Muwan was awakened by the violent shaking, his sweaty eyelashes slowly opened, and he glanced at Nangong Che, his face paler.

She trembled slightly, trembling amidst the faint fainting and severe abdominal pain, “Will you not touch me… I’m already in pain… I got up by myself…” She was almost begging, just because she remembered Every time this man is rude and uncomfortable, she really can’t stand the slightest toss…

Nangong Che felt the pain of turning over the river to Haiti. He hugged the soft body in his arms, bowed his head and k*ssed her cold lips, burning anxious breath in the hot breath: “Don’t move! Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you!”

In the huge floor, Nangong Che hugged Yu Muwan horizontally and walked out quickly.


In the nearest municipal hospital, the smell of disinfectant water is slightly pungent.

When Yu Muwan opened her eyes, she saw a piece of whiteness, and she knew she had come to the hospital in a daze. A confused state appeared on her pale and beautiful face. She had suffered countless times and injured countless times. It seemed like the first time. Toss to the hospital.

The white hospital bed was very comfortable, and Yu Muwan was too tired to get up.

The curtain was pulled open, and the doctor’s serious face appeared in front of him. Yu Muwan curled up slightly with that cold look, and then he heard a cold questioning voice: “How many times have you eaten?”

Yu Muwan was startled, his face was weak, and after thinking about it, he realized what the doctor was asking.

“Three times.” She had a dry mouth, and it was difficult for her chapped lips to open.

“Huh! You are ashamed to say!” The doctor snorted with anger, and pulled the curtain to its fullest position with a “wow” so that Yu Muwan could see the tall and arrogant man sitting on the opposite chair, “The little girl is just a few Are you old, ah? I don’t have any common sense? You take this medicine three times in two days, so you don’t want to die? You are already weak and you have to be so tossed. You just bleed so badly. Do you know that you will be infertile in the future? possible?!”

Yu Muwan’s thick long eyelashes trembled, thinking about the consequences of what the hospital had said, but when she closed her eyes, it was a desolation. She was pregnant, so far away from her. Where would she go to find a man worthy of her love and trust? He has a baby?

She laughed lightly, pale, her slender fingers falling on the bed sheet, quiet as petals.

The helplessness and ridicule in that smile hurt Nangong Che deeply.

His tall and sturdy figure walked over, full of guilt, bent over and gently hugged Yu Muwan, lightly k*ssed her profile, and asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Yu Muwan’s confused gaze swept across Nangong Che’s handsome face, staring into his eyes, and said with a small smile: “Did you hear it? Please be kind in the future. I am not someone who has not pursued it. I still want to The man I love has children, so you want to vent your desires to find another woman, okay?”

Nangong Che Junyi’s eyebrows were slowly frowned, and the strength to hold her gradually increased, and he murmured, “Yu Muwan, you dream!”

Yu Muwan just smiled, did not speak, and the water mist from the starting point appeared in his clear eyes, which made Nangong Che see a tearing pain in his heart. When he wanted to be rough with her, the guilt felt like a tide. Then, he frowned in pain, tried to slow down the strength of his hug, and gently pressed the tip of her nose hoarsely: “Okay, don’t be stubborn with me at this time, go back and rest well, I won’t hurt you.”

Perhaps the harm she suffered was not clear in a sentence or two. Nangong Che was so tortured by the entanglement in his heart that he was going crazy, so he only said such a comforting word, hugged her tightly and then let go.

Driving all the way to the Nangong Villa, Nangong Che pressed her sexy thin lips and said nothing, his face terribly cold.

Yu Muwan wanted to stop him from driving, but because he was too weak, he could only obey. Knowing that there was no way to change his decision, he simply gave up, quietly leaning in the passenger seat and closing his eyes.

When she arrived at the villa, she hadn’t woke up yet. Nangong Che took her out and sent her straight upstairs. Nangong Enxi came out of the room and saw this scene. She was shocked and quickly grabbed a servant: “Hey, wait. !”

The servant stopped quickly: “Miss Nangong.”

“Why did my brother bring this b*tch home again! I didn’t tell you to tell me if you see her come in, the villa of the Nangong family is not for such a shameless woman to stay, you are stupid, you!” Nangong Eun Hee shouted with staring eyes.

The servant lowered his head and said with a wince: “I’m sorry, Miss Nangong, the young master came back in a hurry and didn’t tell us in advance to clean up a guest room. We don’t know…”

“What?!” Nangong Enxi exclaimed, her delicate face flushed, “She wants to sleep in my brother’s room!!”

The servant was silent in fear.

Nangong Enxi was furious. If she didn’t stand her belly, she would rush up to ask for clarity, but the lesson last time made her dare not act rashly. After thinking about it, she swept upstairs with a sharp and vicious look: “Huh, I Let you stay one night, wait for me!”

After speaking, she coldly turned and went back to the room.


This was the first time he had spent the night peacefully in his room. Yu Muwan couldn’t sleep after waking up several times.

Nangong Che clasped his arms tightly, touched her forehead with a big palm, the temperature was normal, and her pale complexion had improved a lot. He lowered his eyes and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Muwan was about to suffocate in this embrace, enduring the discomfort and asked: “Can you not do this?”

“What?” Nangong Che raised his eyebrows, and there was a slight dissatisfaction in his deep eyes.

Yu Muwan took a breath, supported his chest with a hand, and swept his face with cold eyes: “I don’t need someone to hold me, I can sleep by myself. If you are worried about my trouble, you can send someone to send me back. I have I have my own bed in my own home.”

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