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Chapter 292

Naturally, Biden Lu wouldn’t pay attention to them, but Jenny Jing didn’t want to attract attention so as not to alert the snake, so he had to deal with them politely.

Just then, Mo Nan suddenly whispered, “She’s here.”

Jenny Jing’s heart was in awe, and when he looked up, he saw at the doorway, a lavishly dressed woman, accompanied by a man, walking in together.

The woman was wearing a wool coat, carrying the latest limited edition bag from a major brand, her hair was meticulously tousled, and her entire body exuded a sense of nobility and sophistication inside and out.

Yet she had a sad look on her face as she walked inside, listening to the man beside her.

Halfway there, she suddenly stopped, turned to the man beside her, and said a few words with an angry face.

Because they were too far apart, Jenny didn’t hear what they were saying.

Just look at both of them, they don’t look too good, so it’s probably not a pleasant word.

She whispered to Biden Lu, “Are we going over there now?”

Biden Lu’s face was slightly pale, “Wait, let’s take a look first.”

Jenny nodded.

After only a few minutes of arguing, the two men stopped arguing, and the man turned away, while Lu Lanzhi remained where he was, and they broke up unhappily.

Jenny Jing smiled, “It looks like these two have an unusual relationship, have you met them before?”

Biden Lu shook his head.

Jenny thought about it and turned to command Vicky.

“Sumeru, you go out and follow that man and check out his background and history.”

Vicky nodded in response and turned around.

The three of them continued to stand there, waiting for a while, only to see that Lucian seemed to have gathered himself and started to walk inside.

The three of them kept up, and it wasn’t long before they saw her find the man who had come over to talk to Biden Lu and the others when she had just entered, pulling out a whole bag of cash from her bag and giving it to the others.

Biden Lu’s face was slightly pale.

Lucian is negotiating with the other side.

“Here’s a hundred thousand, it’s not a lot of money, but that’s all I can come up with at the moment, you promised me before that you wouldn’t let me lose any money, and look what I’ve lost.I don’t care, you’re going to make me earn it back this time!I’m not done with you if I don’t make it back!”

The other party touched the note on his hand and smiled, “Why is Miss Lu so overbearing?In stone gambling, it’s all about luck. Besides, which of the original stones I introduced to you didn’t produce any jade?It’s just that you’re so greedy yourself, you have to make a big profit all at once, what can I do?”

At the mention of this, Lucian got angry.

“Isn’t that what you encouraged me to do?Saying that this batch is all the ones you’ve shown to the higher-ups, that they all have treasures in them, and that you’ll let me be a shareholder here if I buy a certain amount, I’ve taken you at your word, so how can you shirk your responsibility now?”

The other party smiled, “OK, I won’t say those useless words, the matter is over anyway, but Miss Lu, your measly 100,000 can’t really buy anything good in terms of this gambling meeting, you want to add more?”

Lu Lanzhi didn’t look good, “It’s not like you don’t know that I’m broke!”

The other tsked and shook his head.

“You’re kidding, you’re the daughter of the Lu family, and your brother and sister-in-law are dead, so at least half of this Lu family’s fortune must go into your pocket, right?If you’re going to say you don’t have the money, I don’t believe it.”

Lu Lanzhi swished and turned pale.

She glared angrily at the other and gritted her teeth, “I’m warning you, my business is my business and you don’t involve my brother and sister-in-law!”

The man shook his head.

“Okay, count me out for a slip of the tongue, but a hundred thousand dollars can’t even buy a stone the size of your finger, it’s really no use, if you don’t have the money, then how about next time?”

Lu Lanzhi said brashly, “Why should I come next time?How much money did I spend on you before?Hundreds of millions, right?Now you’re telling me this money is useless?Also, don’t I get a share of the dividend here?Why can’t I just buy these rocks cheaper?”

The other sighed with some headache.

“Auntie, dividends that’s only until the end of the quarter, or the end of the year, where am I going to give you dividends if you run out midway now and tell you you want them?”

“I don’t care, I’ll take these rocks today anyway!”

They were tearing apart when they suddenly heard someone behind them shout, “Auntie!”

Lu Lanzhi was shocked and quickly turned back to see Jenny Jing standing there with Biden Lu on her arm, and Mo Nan together.

She went white with a sudden swish of colour.

“Ah, Shen, Jenny, what are you guys doing here?”

Jenny Jing smiled, “Biden and I happen to be both off today, I heard that there is a stone gambling meeting over here, I was a bit curious so I came over to take a look, I didn’t expect to run into aunt here, is aunt also here to gamble?”

Lucian’s face was a little pale, and he shook his head.

“No, I’m not.”

“Oh?No, I just saw you give him money, and I thought you had already spotted which original stone you were going to buy!”

Jenny’s words, seemingly unintentional, actually hit the nail on the head.

Lucian was on the verge of tears.

“Oh, we went to high school together, we just happened to meet recently, and he’s been a little short on cash for the last couple of days, so he asked me to borrow some, and I came over to give him some money today.”

She said, and took a small step back, afraid that she might get involved with the other man again.

Jenny nodded abruptly.

“Oh, so that’s it.”

At this time, Vicky had also quickly sent someone to find out the details of the other party and sent the information to Biden Lu’s phone.

Biden Lu looked at the phone, followed by a sneer.

“When did Auntie have a Malaysian classmate?”

The crowd was stunned.

Lu Lanzhi’s heart was so tight, the whole thing stayed there, not knowing how to explain.

Biden Lu looked at the man and finally his eyes fell on Lu Lanzhi.

“The Malay jade merchant, who owns three mines in T, has always made a living from mining, and a few years ago opened this gambling club in Kyoto, which has been a booming business and has made a fortune.

Auntie you only met him last year, because the first time over here to spend a lot of money so they were targeted by each other, joint friends to do a bureau to cheat you into the game, put two hundred million promises to let you into the shares to give you dividends.

You listened to him in a moment of infatuation, did not think that he was also gradually addicted to gambling stones, not only will the cost of the two hundred million all gambling lost, but also a debt.

You came here today with so little money. You want to use it to turn over a new leaf?Four taels of gold or a blank canvas?Hmm?”

Lu Lanzhi didn’t expect him to move so quickly, it was only just in and he had already checked everything out.

Being told the truth of the matter by him in front of so many people, Lu Lanzhi’s face was a bit too much to hang on to at the moment.

She lowered her tiger face and said to Biden Lu, “Shen, what are you talking about?I… I didn’t lose that much.Auntie is just usually bored and doing it as a hobby to pass the time, it’s not as serious as you say.”

Chapter 293

She said as she kept her eyes flickering, clearly looking guilty.

Biden Lu was not willing to argue with her, anyway, the matter had been investigated and the scene arrested.

Lu Lanzhi was at least his elder, and he didn’t want to do too much in front of everyone.

So then he said, “I’ll leave this matter to my grandmother, take care of yourself.”

After saying that, he pulled Jenny and turned around.

Lu Lanzhi panicked as soon as she heard that he was going to tell Master Lu.

He even ran over to stop the two.

“Wait a minute, don’t you guys go yet!”

After chasing her until the door, it was hard to stop the person, but Biden Lu frowned and didn’t say anything, waiting for the rest of her story.

Lucian was panting after her, and it took a few seconds for that breath to ease off.

Even said, “Can’t tell your grandparents, Ah Shen, count on Auntie to beg you, you must help me hide this, if your grandparents know, I’ll be dead.”

Biden Lu said in a deep voice, “Before doing this, you should have thought that they would know sooner or later.”

Lu Lange was on the verge of tears.

“No. As long as you don’t say anything, and I don’t say anything, and neither of them say anything, how will your grandparents know?”

Biden Lu sneered.

“Oh?Is it?Even the jewels your grandmother gave you to sell, are you sure they’ll stay in the dark?”

Lu Lanzhi’s face swished and turned completely pale at the news.

It took a few seconds before she moved her lips.

“You, you know all about it?”

Biden Lu didn’t answer with a cold face.

Jenny Jing explained, “Yesterday, Biden and I went to an auction and accidentally saw that set of jewellery, but don’t worry, Biden has already photographed it, so it won’t be passed on to Grandma and Grandpa yet.

But what’s going on in this matter, how did you end up in this situation, I think it’s necessary for you to make it clear to Biden, otherwise when the day really comes when the east window is revealed, even if we want to help you hide it, we won’t be able to hide it.”

It was only with slight relief that Lucian nodded his head.

“Yes, indeed, I should tell you that I don’t know who to turn to for help now but you.”

People came and went at the entrance of the venue, but it was not the place to talk after all.

Finally, Lucian suggested that there was a café nearby that had a decent environment, so the group moved over there to talk.

After all, it involved the internal affairs of the Lu family, Mo Nan was inconvenienced to listen, so he chose a sitting place on the ground floor for coffee.

Biden Lu, Jenny Jing, and Lu Lanzhi, on the other hand, went up to a private room on the first floor.

After sitting down, Jenny ordered coffee for all three of them, which was the only way to get to the point.

“It’s not impossible for you to want us to help you, Auntie, but please don’t have anything to hide, and be sure to tell us the truth, that’s so we can think about how we can help you.”

At this time, Lu Lanzhi was also less arrogant than when she had treated Jenny Jing.

Knowing that I had something to ask for, I also put my foot down, sighed, and said, “It’s a long story, and it started a year ago.”

A year ago, Lu Lanzhi and the old lady quarreled, and she was reluctant to say the exact reason for the fight, and Jenny and Biden Lu didn’t pursue it.

At that time, Biden Lu just happened to have left for Visterdem, so Lu Lanzhi moved back to the old house to accompany the two old ladies and the old man.

I can’t believe I just moved back in.

And then they moved away again because of a fight.

Not many people knew about this, not even Biden Lu.

After Lu Lanzhi moves out of the Lu mansion, the old lady breaks the financial chain for her in a fit of rage.

I don’t know what the reason was, but in short, the old lady wanted to use this to make her turn around and admit her mistake, but Lu Lanzhi was also a high-minded person and refused to bow.

Not only that, but he also thought of some ways to make money on his own, vowing to prove to the old lady that even if he leaves the Lu family, he can still make a good living and is just as capable of supporting himself.

Lu Lanzhi first with people speculating in stocks, as a thousand gold of the Lu family, more than people to sell her face, introduced her to many good stocks, Lu Lanzhi earned a pot of money.

Later, she began to learn business from people.

Unfortunately for her, a woman from an artistic background, she has never been exposed to this aspect herself, even though her family’s business is the number one in China.

Put in a lot of money and end up losing it all.

Lu Lanzhi was afraid of being ridiculed for this, and was even more determined to earn money on her own.

So, by chance, I met Peng Xianlin.

Peng Xianlin was the man they had seen earlier at the gambling stone fair.

The other man, a very successful Malay businessman, had courted Lu Lange when he first met her, only Lu Lange didn’t say yes.

Because of this, Lu Lanzhi felt that the other party must not be lying to her since she was the one pursuing want.

In the beginning, Peng Xianlin did take her along and gambled a few good raw stones out for a small profit.

Later, when Lu Lanzhi begins to be dissatisfied with the status quo, Peng Xianlin sees what she has in mind and suggests that she make a bigger bet at once.

On that occasion, Lu Lanzhi bought almost the entire half of the field of raw stones, not realizing that very few of them had recently opened up into good jade.

That one gave her a huge setback.

But that’s the way people are sometimes, but it’s frustration, and the more that frustration grows.

At Peng Xianlin’s urging, Lu Lanzhi made several more big purchases, each time by the dozen or so.

I did not expect to buy more and more losses, invested several hundred million into it, did not see a good quality jade, and finally almost completely floated.

She couldn’t stand the shock, and didn’t understand why it didn’t work now when she had clearly been able to open a good original stone every time at first.

It wasn’t that Lu Lanzhi hadn’t suspected that Peng Xianlin was lying to her, but she had chosen the original stone every time, so even if people wanted to, they couldn’t fool her.

She didn’t understand, and now that the big head was all in, if she gave up on it, there was no way she could explain it back.

It had been a year, but between her and the old woman, it hadn’t quite died down.

Lucian was tempted to gamble again and decided to stop if he lost again, but he won this time.

So she got the capital again and gambled a few more times.

And so it went back and forth, and eventually she ran out of money, and borrowed a lot from people around her, and pawned her family’s valuables, all of which she put into this gambling den.

Today, Lu Lanzhi was aware that someone in the Lu family had already noticed her difference, and wanted to find Peng Xianlin to at least give her a few decent pieces first, so that she could return a bit of capital, and she could take it back and fool those people first.

But I never expected to meet Biden Lu and the others.

After listening to her narrative, both Biden Lu and Jenny Jing were somewhat speechless.

Jenny Jing didn’t quite understand why the Lu family, which looked like every single one of them was a human being, would give birth to simple-minded, impulsive characters like Lu Lanzhi.

Chapter 294

She didn’t mean to discriminate against the other party, it was just that the game was so obvious, so obvious that she, an outsider, could see that something was wrong, and Lu Lanzhi actually believed that that Peng Xianlin would help her.

I can’t believe they are being paid today to show themselves a few more pieces of the original stone.

This brain…is no one else’s!

She secretly slandered in her heart that these words were not spoken, but she also knew that this was what Biden Lu was thinking 80% of the time.

Biden Lu’s face wasn’t too good at this time, but after hearing the whole story, he at least had some general idea.

So then he asked in a quiet voice, “How much money must you have taken to pay him?”

Lu Lanzhi looked at him with a guilty glance, hesitant, “Probably… 700-800 million!”

Jenny: “……..”

Well, people are stupid and money is what they say it is!

Biden Lu was also quite speechless.

He thought about it and asked, “So, the reason you deliberately came to Maple Bridge Villa that day to find trouble with Jenny was actually to take those antiques back and sell them?And invest the money in that Pang?”

Lucian looked a little embarrassed.

“I’m just, I’m just borrowing it for a while, and when I make some money, won’t this be returned to you?”


Biden Lu and Jenny Jing, both of them, obviously wouldn’t believe her words.

Lu Lanzhi begged again, “Ah Shen, look, now that I’ve told you, can you just help me hide it and not tell your grandparents?I really don’t want them to know.”

Biden Lu said in a deep voice, “Then have you thought about what to do now?”

Lucian was a bit confused.

Haven’t understood yet what he means by processing.

Jenny Jing kindly reminded, “He’s obviously orbitalizing you, treating you like a wronged person, just trying to cheat you out of your money, you shouldn’t be able to see that by now, should you?”

Lucian was even more confused.

“This… can’t be!I volunteered to gamble, and I was afraid he would lie to me, so I chose the original stone every time and never let him interfere, there are so many original stones in that gambling hall, how does he know which one I’m going to choose?”

Jenny laughed.

Biden Lu said in a deep voice, “It’s very simple, just replace all the stones inside with inferior or ordinary ones, if others don’t open it, you can’t open it as well, won’t that do it?”

Lucian’s face changed.

But quickly, she hurriedly defended, “That’s impossible, I saw someone open up a superb imperial green with my own eyes, right next to the original stone I bought!”

Imperial green?

Good jade indeed!

Jenny Jing smiled, “This is not difficult, beforehand, put a stone that has been determined to have something good in it there, and then find one of your own people dressed as a guest to go over and buy it, and open it on the spot, afterwards, whether it is jade or money, all pocketed back into their own pockets, is not a difficult thing.”

Lucian looked incredulous.

“This, this is impossible!How did that happen?”

“There’s nothing impossible about it.”

Biden Lu directly punctured her last bit of fluke completely as well, “This is just the simplest way to set a trap in the market, so clumsy that An An won’t even fall for it, I didn’t think you would actually believe it, and all of a sudden you were set so deep, it seems that you really can’t blame others for being too ruthless, only yourself for being too stupid.”

Lucian squealed.

“Sham, how can you say that about me?I’m your aunt!”

“It is because you are my aunt that I am kind enough to remind you that you must deal with this matter as soon as possible, otherwise there might be some trouble later on, but of course, if you have to deal with it, it must be

It will alert the grandparents, and in this part of Kyoto, even if it’s me, any big noise will not escape their eyes.”

Lu Lanzhi’s momentum immediately declined at the news.

She was silent for a moment, then asked with extreme reluctance, “Do you have to tell them?”

Biden Lu nodded.

“Had to.”

“But…” she hesitated, then scratched her hair in annoyance.

“If I go back like this and lose my face, your grandparents will definitely scold me to death, and then what face will I have to go out?”

Jenny laughed.

“Auntie, although I don’t know, what is the reason why you fought with grandmother, but you are after all a family, family blood and bones, how can there be a feud overnight?And last time at home, grandmother was quite nice to you ah, also did not see angry with you, could it be that you are thinking too much?”

Lucian looked at her with some impatience.

“You don’t understand.”

Lu Jing sank deeper into his face.

“It’s up to you to decide whether to say it or not, I won’t hinder you or force you, but I’ll only give you two days, after two days, if you think of what to say, I’ll take you to see your grandmother, if you don’t say it, then you’ll bear the consequences yourself, the Lu family and I, won’t help you in the slightest.”

After he said that, he pulled Jenny to stand up.

Jenny was a little unbearable, but the words had been said to this point, in the end it was not good to say anything else, and left with Biden Lu.

On the way home, she was a little worried and asked Biden Lu.

“Do you really think you won’t help her if she does decide not to say anything?”

Biden Lu replied with a blank expression, “No help.”


“She’s my aunt, but she’s also an adult, and adults have the ability and responsibility to take responsibility for their own actions.It’s not that I don’t want to help her, it’s just that if she doesn’t want the landlubbers to get involved, then she has to take responsibility for her own choices.”

Jenny sighed.

“I always feel like there’s another reason why she’s so insistent, and it’s not like it’s just one reason like she said, like a pique with Grandma.”

Biden Lu looked at her.

Then reached up and rubbed her brow.

Jenny was stunned.

Turning his head, he saw that the man’s eyes were gentle, and there was still a touching glow in the depths of his eyes.

“Auntie hadn’t been very nice to you before, so why do you have to be so concerned for her?Look at that frown Kawaii.”

Jenny couldn’t help but laugh.

She grasped Biden Lu’s hand and smiled, “What are you talking about?Whether she treats me well or not, that’s her business, there’s no reason for me to force everyone to like me, and the reason I care about her is because she’s your family, so everything, it’s just a matter of seeking a clear conscience.”

Biden Lu shook fiercely.

What a clear conscience!

A simple four-letter word, easier said than done, but never so simple.

Biden Lu didn’t say another word, holding her hand tightly, and the car continued to drive towards the Maple Bridge Villa.

Two days later, Lu Lanzhi called Biden Lu and said she was willing to talk to the old lady.

Biden Lu knew that the reason she was willing to bow was probably the end of her poor life.

Although Lu Lanzhi was the daughter of the Lu family, she did not like business because she was a daughter and had always engaged in art, not entering the most central circle of power within the Lu family.

The character and not too reliable, usually outside the reputation is not too good, so even if her identity is noble, people may give her some face in ordinary trivial matters, but once it involves the major events that touch its muscles and bones, generally will not buy her account.

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