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Chapter 415

Nangong Che really wanted to be sent to the eighteenth hell—if he could atone for his sins.

In the good afternoon, it was hard to coax Xiao Ying to go to school. At the school gate, Xiao Ying beckoned to make Nangong Che lower her body.

Nangong Che was a little curious, but Xiaoying frowned and said in his ear: “Can you tell my mommy not to let me go to the first grade?”

Nangong Che’s elegant and charming appearance attracted too many eyes. His deep eyes were like transparent ocean diamonds, dazzling and dazzling. He stroked Xiao Ying’s head and smiled: “This, your mommy has the final say.”

Xiaoyingmo. Secretly clenched a fist, thinking, I really can’t help this bad uncle, otherwise he will only be at Mommy when the time comes!

“I’m going to class, and I will continue to see Mommy after school. You remember not to bully my Mommy anymore, or I will settle accounts with you!” Xiaoying didn’t forget to turn around and warn him before leaving.

Nangong Che patted his little shoulder and said in a magnetic voice: “I won’t bully your mom, but don’t come by yourself after school, I’ll pick you up.”

Xiaoying was surprised, staring at him, feeling a little strange.

Nangong Chejun kept grace and calm on his face, patted him on the back, and said softly, “Go.”

Xiaoying ran in with “Oh”, and looked back at Nangong Che from time to time strangely. That tall and strong body stood in place like a haven, staring at him motionlessly, as if forming a thick layer invisibly His net protected him, condensing a strong aura.

The kid next to him also ran into the school with him stepping on the ringtone. He grew up looking at the man behind him and asked, “Yu Qianying, is that your daddy??”

Xiaoying blushed without speaking, and there was confusion in her little head. She tightened the strap of her schoolbag and ran faster.

That’s bad uncle! Not Daddy!


Inside the hospital.

Yu Muwan had already woke up, and stretched out a hand to cover his forehead, feeling like a world away.

As soon as I raised my hand, I found the infusion tube in my hand, the white ceiling, and the sheets and bedding that smelled of disinfectant water.

She sat up quietly, feeling that she was wearing a thin patient gown.

The door was pushed open, and Nangong Che glanced at the bed faintly, then he stiffened and couldn’t move, dropped the key, and walked quickly to her. The wide palm touched her entire forehead, and asked in a low voice, “Why did you get up? Has the fever gone?”

He frowned slowly, feeling a little excited, unable to feel her temperature.

“You wait.” Nangong Che whispered, stroked her face, got up and shouted, “Doctor!”

The nurse outside rushed in.

“What’s the matter?” The nurse took out the notebook and pen, looked at Yu Muwan’s situation, “Are you awake?”

Before Yu Muwan could react, the thermometer in the nurse’s hand had already been pierced through her somewhat open neckline, pulled her arm away, and put it under her squeaky nest: “Now, hold it and show me the temperature. Good.”

Her snow-colored neckline opened a bit, and Nangong Che’s indifferent gaze was scorching, don’t open his eyes.

“Well, it should have been retired. It’s not easy,” the nurse complained, frowning at her. “How did you do it? When you sent it here, your whole body was terribly cold, so it’s possible that the window was frozen. At night? How can your body eat like this, you will definitely become weak.”

Yu Muwan also felt the bone pain all over her body, her face was pale, and she wanted to speak, but coughed.

Nangong Che quickly poured water over, took her hand and gave it to her.

There was a hint of surprise in Yu Muwan’s clear eyes, but he just let his big palm wrap his hand to hold the cup, and said nothing.

“Look at it, you have a cough? It’s not terrible to get cold. If you get the cold into your bones, then it will be troublesome. Now you don’t think it’s a problem when you are young. If you are old, you will know that you are wrong. Don’t do anything with yourself. Yeah.” The nurse continued frowning and complaining, turning his head to exhort while recording the situation on the bottle.

Yu Muwan lowered his eyes and said dumbly: “…I am not young anymore.”

The nurse said “Ah”, suddenly remembering something, and approached and asked: “That beautiful little boy in the morning, about four or five years old, is really your son?!”

This woman, who looks like at most in her early twenties, does she look like the mother of such a big child? !

Yu Muwan trembled: “Xiaoying is here?”

The nurse said in her heart, oh, it turned out to be Xiaoying.

Nangong Che frowned slightly, and his slender fingers slowly opened the nurse’s shoulders: “Are you finished? You take your temperature and go out to let her rest. She didn’t sleep well last night.”

The nurse’s eyes widened and pushed aside, watching the man occupy the best position by the bed.

The nurse shook his head, nowadays men…they hurt women one after another, but they hurt women just the same. Pouting, took out the thermometer from Yu Muwan’s armpit on the other side, and took a closer look.

“Thirty-seven degrees and three, it’s still a low-grade fever, continue to observe, eat lightly and be careful to get angry, drink plenty of water, that’s it.” The nurse poked the notebook and explained, Chong Yu Muwan smiled and went out.

When Yu Muwan saw the nurse disappearing outside the door, she asked, “Where is Xiaoying? Where is he now?”

Her eyes were as clear as water, and she asked.

Nangong Che leaned down to take the empty cup in her hand, pulled the quilt up for her a bit, and said lightly: “I sent him to school. Don’t worry, I will pick him up after school at night.”

Yu Muwan was shocked by his sudden warmth, but only gave him a cold look and said indifferently: “Thank you.”

Nangong Che stiffened.

“This is what I should do, he is my son.”

“No, he can have me. I will leave the hospital after a rest. I didn’t ask for leave from the company.” Yu Muwan looked at him as if he were thousands of miles away.

Nangong Che clenched fists on both sides of her body, his fists clenched very tightly, and he didn’t know how to attack her again.

“Mu Wan, I’m sorry that I was wrong, I shouldn’t doubt you, I should ask you clearly what’s wrong, can I forgive me?” Nangong Che gently pressed her forehead and said.

Yu Muwan avoided without a trace, not facing him face to face.

“This is not a bad question. I have never been able to change what I look like in the hearts of others,” Yu Muwan looked at him with a detached look while guarding. “You think I am a person who can’t stand loneliness. I’m naturally slutty, thinking that I actively want to have sex with Pei Yuzhe. I can’t change these thoughts. If there is next time, you might still think so. So I don’t care anymore, whatever you want, anyway It has nothing to do with you, there is no need to guard you like a jade.”

Chapter 416

Nangong Che’s heart was severely stung.

He almost couldn’t control himself again.

“Mu Wan, don’t be angry,” Nangong Che’s eyes were painful, “I said that I love you, and you also said to give me the opportunity to pursue you again. Let’s not torture each other in this way, okay?”

“Do you love me?” Yu Muwan raised her eyes, her clear eyes were spotless, she wondered, wondering in sorrow, “Do you really love me?”

“Nangong Che, I have always felt that there are many ways to love someone. You put me in your heart and give me many other women who have no rights and exclusive rights, but among so many rights, is there not one that you are willing to believe in me? ?”

“Do you know what kind of person I am, what will I do, what kind of woman you own and love? Are you sure you know?”

Those eyes that are as transparent as water make all the dirty and guilt in people’s hearts nowhere to escape.

Nangong Che was stabbed in pain all over, stroking her face, fearing that her purity would be polluted.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Nangong Che said in a dumb voice, as if he was about to take out his heart from his chest and lungs to show her. He had never regretted it so much. He regretted it so much that he could not overthrow everything again. It wouldn’t be the case with her.

Yu Muwan slowly lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes falling like butterfly wings, with a tender and tender fragility.

“Don’t hurt me anymore and then come to apologize to me, I don’t want it.” Yu Muwan frowned, avoiding his warm breath.

She has received too much of this feeling.

“I promise there won’t be another time, I promise, can you?” Nangong Che seemed to be holding a piece of treasure, using all his patience to persuade her, for fear that she would never look back.

Yu Muwan didn’t want to listen, so she covered her ears with her hands, frowning her delicate eyebrows.

Nangong Che sighed in her heart. It’s great. She was willing to talk to him. She didn’t open her eyes as if he was a transparent person. This was a blessing in misfortune. It’s just that she was really in pain last night and she was so cold. In the long process, she must have hated him to death, wishing to tear his broken mouth, wishing to slash him a thousand times.

Nangong Che was not in a hurry, so he took out his mobile phone and called Director Zhang.

Yu Muwan originally covered his ears and didn’t listen to him, but he put his hands down when he was no longer entangled, but he didn’t expect to hear him and Director Zhang’s conversation. He was a little surprised and didn’t know what he wanted to do.

“She is unwell today and doesn’t want to go to work,” Nangong Che looked at Yu Muwan with a gentle gaze, and said to the phone with sexy thin lips, “You are not allowed to deduct her salary, have you heard?”

Yu Muwan’s face suddenly changed, and his eyes panicked.

“Well, well done, it’s better to put your year-end bonus and credit to her account, even better.” Nangong Che pulled a smile on his lips, preached evilly, and hung up the phone.

“I don’t need you to sympathize with me like this. A vacation is a vacation. If you give me privileges like this, I will resign directly.” Yu Muwan leaned on the hospital bed and looked up at him, and said seriously.

“I made you sick, and I want to make up for it.”

“No need.”

“I want to compensate.”

“I do not need!”

Nangong Che stared at her red lips that were re-active but could not be knocked open again like a shell. The deep eyes flashed with entangled light, he leaned over to embrace her, and asked softly: “Who gave you the medicine last night? , You know?”

Yu Muwan trembled all over.

She thought about this problem at the moment when she noticed that she was most drugged, and then she was controlled by the drug.

But, who on earth gave her the medicine?

It’s still this kind of… lust-stimulating drug…

“…I don’t know.” Yu Muwan bit her lip and said.

“I’ve been thinking about the purpose of the other party’s medicine for you. At that time, only Pei Yuzhe was by your side. Are you sure it wasn’t him?” Nangong Che asked in a low voice.

Upon hearing this, Yu Muwan coldly broke away from her embrace, looking at him with clear eyes.

“Don’t you doubt that people will die for a moment? I have been with Yuzhe for so many years. I know exactly who he is. Even if he does something wrong, he will admit it. He has never been mysterious! Why should you doubt it? He? Is it so difficult for you to trust others?!” Yu Muwan frowned.

Nangong Che suddenly squeezed her arms again and gently pressed her down, his eyes distressed and complicated: “I believe that you don’t mean that I will trust others too! Especially those who might hurt you, I will never let go of them. !”

When he said the last sentence, his eyes were harsh and chilling.

Yu Muwan stared at him with wide eyes, with an incredible light in his clear eyes. She was so angry that she asked wistfully, “What kind of man are you? When you get better, it’s damn good, but when it’s bad, I want to kill you…”

Nangong Che tightened her waist and smelled her breath, exhaling heat against the tip of her nose: “What about now? Do you think I am cute or hateful?”

Seeing that he couldn’t control the situation, Yu Muwan frowned and gently broke free of his imprisonment.

“I don’t know who gave me the medicine. In short, it’s not Yuzhe, I don’t think it is him.” She said softly.

“You trust people so easily, where does your trust in them come from?” Nangong Che asked in a dumb voice, brushing a strand of hair in her ear.

“What about you? Where does your distrust of others come from?” Yu Muwan raised her eyes and asked back.

Nangong Che stared at her lucid eyes without making a single glance.

“I will tell you something later,” Nangong Che’s voice was still dumb, turning the topic back, “Did you meet any suspicious person last night? Since when did you feel that something was wrong?”

Yu Muwan thought about it, and shook his head: “I don’t know, will it happen immediately after taking this medicine? I didn’t know anyone at the reception last night. I only knew Luo Qingwan, but I didn’t talk to her. sentence.”

Nangong Che slowly fell silent, thinking of the woman, the solemnity between his brows became deeper and deeper.

Knowing that Yu Muwan and Pei Yuzhe need to be drugged together, the purpose must be to get them to have a relationship. Who will this person be?

“You have a good rest, I will tell you the news.” Nangong Che stroked her hair and said softly.

Yu Muwan was wearing a white hospital gown, which made her small face more white and smooth. She leaned against the soft pillow, her eyes burst into light, and she said, “I also want to know who it is.”

Nangong Che raised his eyebrows: “What do you want to do?”

Yu Muwan’s face was righteous, and he said earnestly: “No matter what the other party’s purpose is, it is not a good person to be able to do things like administering drugs, such as three abuses, and should I deserve to suffer?”

Chapter 417

Nangong Che squinted her eyes and saw the stubborn hatred and determination to retaliate in her eyes.

“I want to hear what you will do after catching the real murderer…” Nangong Che suddenly wanted to tease her, “Digging his ancestral grave? Or would the grass-roots curse him?”

“You…” Yu Muwan flushed, almost reaching out to push him away.

Nangong Che laughed slightly, hugged her lightly, and said dumbly: “Mu Wan, I promise that no matter what you do or say in the future, I will believe that if I love you, I love your frankness, your stubbornness, even you Irritability, and your meticulousness to our children… you are a good mom.”

Yu Muwan’s face was slightly pale, she turned her face away in his generous palm, bit her lip and said, “But I don’t believe you anymore. You were nice to me the moment before, who knows what you will do to me next moment.”

“…” Nangong Che held her affectionate little face, feeling extremely distressed.

“I was wrong…I was wrong, okay?” He muttered, “You can give me any punishment, but don’t just say “we’re done” casually. I can’t stand it… How come we are over? I will never let you go in my life, if we are over, who else can I pester…”

Gasping more and more quickly, Nangong Che k*ssed her red lips, and the last few words were blurred.

Yu Muwan frowned and grabbed his wrist to get rid of his control.

Nangong Che was reluctant, and his big palm rubbed the place where her ears and neck intersect, and slowly rubbed and nudged her, leading her to lift her head and send the tender tongue to his mouth. He k*ssed her so unhappily that he provoked her. In the suffocation, there was a panting of shame and anger.

“…” Nangong Che patted the back of her head and embraced her lovingly, “I will soon dissolve the marriage contract and then marry you-rest assured, I will take care of everything.”

Yu Muwan was extremely tired, and his long eyelashes were slowly hanging down, perched in his warm and wide neck, smelling the familiar smell on his body, thinking of the disgusting faces in Nangong’s house, frowned slightly, feeling everything All so at a loss.


Late at night, Nangong’s house.

The dinner was postponed for two hours because of Nangong Che’s lateness.

After Nangong Che arrived, he discovered that the scale of the dinner was far less than what Nangong Ao said. It was already an open-air banquet. Friends from all walks of life from his father, even their distant relatives and brothers from all sides, had arrived.

Nangong Che got out of the car, his tall and dazzling figure attracted everyone’s attention.

“Ah, Che, why come here so late? I’m all waiting for you!” A woman greeted him, pounding his shoulder and complaining, “Look, everyone has accepted the invitation from the old man and we have seen it with our own eyes. Your fiancee is so pretty, haha!”

Nangong Che stared at the woman in front of him, faintly smiled: “Auntie Luo, sit down slowly.”

The woman laughed, took out the wine glass to clink with him before letting him go, Nangong Che still maintained a polite smile, took the hand of the waiter, raised the glass and touched her, and then got up and walked through. The open-air camp walked to the living room.

But the woman didn’t see it. The moment he turned around, his slender fingers loosened his tie, and there was already a cold breath in his eyes.

Strode into the living room.

Uncle Luo, Nangong Ao, a lot of business partners are already chatting in it.

Nangong Che ignored Nangong’s arrogant and cold expression, still maintaining business courtesy and clinking glasses with everyone. The wine glasses were empty and full, and after walking a full circle, Nangong Che’s deep eyes became more translucent and compelling.

“Uncle Luo, where is Qingwan?” Nangong Che asked quietly after drinking the last cup.

“Wan’er is talking to Enxi and their little sisters upstairs. You can go and have a look, but I guess they will be filled with alcohol again!” Uncle Luo smiled happily, and said to everyone like a treasure.” This little daughter of the Nangong family is very powerful, there is no one who can’t get it on the wine table…”

Nangongche glanced at them indifferently and walked upstairs.

Sure enough, the chirping voices of the girls came from upstairs. From a distance, Nangong Che saw Luo Qingwan talking with a few little sisters on the balcony railing. The high-profile voice was obviously from the roots of Nangong.

“Huh, what’s the matter with mistresses? Do those women who know how to be mistresses can’t hold their heads up forever?” Nangong Enxi said proudly to everyone in a tender pink dress.

“Ah, do you have experience?”

“Hehe, don’t inquire, who doesn’t know that Master Cheng is a well-known wife. He is still looking for a mistress?”


“Okay!” Nangong Enxi glared contemptuously at the talking little sister, “What are you laughing at? Don’t your men steal fishy? Don’t laugh if you want to hear experience. You laughed at me. You waited to sit in the corner. Are you crying?”

In one sentence, everyone was silent, and it was true. A group of women looked at Nangong Enxi eagerly, waiting for her to teach her experience.

Luo Qingwan had also listened quietly, suddenly felt a beam of gaze, and stared at that gaze.

“Che…” Luo Qingwan whispered.

A group of chirping women stopped yelling, looking in his direction, they were breathing air-conditioning frequently.

“Brother, we’ve been waiting for you hungry for a long time, why are you here now!” Nangong Enxi said, pouting with anger, “Sister Qingwan was so embarrassed to face so many guests alone. !”

Luo Qingwan pulled Nangong Enxi’s sleeve: “Enxi, just say a few words, he is very busy.”

“Hmph, he is busy, busy to show courtesy to other women,” Nangong Enxi said without paying any attention, “too busy even at home!”

Nangong Che’s cold eyes swept across Nangong Enxi, and said indifferently: “When you have time, go and discipline your own husband. What is the use of rectifying your mistress? Has your man returned to you? Or is he farther away from you?”

Nangong Enxi’s face suddenly blushed, “Brother! You…”

He was right. Cheng Yisheng used to go home to see more or less. Now unless it’s his daughter, he won’t even return home!

A group of little sisters were waiting silently for the good show. Luo Qingwan’s eyelids twitched, and she stepped forward and said softly, “Are you hungry? I’ll take you down for a walk. You don’t care about Enxi, she herself I know in my heart that Yi Sheng loves her so much, maybe because she has been too busy recently.”

Nangong Che looked at the woman who was already close to him, and the corner of his mouth was indifferent: “I’m busy, do you believe it?”

Luo Qingwan’s eyelashes dropped slowly, and she didn’t want to discuss their affairs in front of everyone.

“Of course I know what you are busy doing, but I have nothing to do,” Luo Qingwan said softly, “Like this dinner, parents come here to determine the wedding date, but I have no right to deny, or Said I was looking forward to it, so I was selfish again,” she raised her eyes and smiled softly, “You are going to be angry at me again, are you scolding me?”

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